"I can't breathe!": Minneapolis man dies after police confrontation

CBS News
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The FBI is looking into the death of a black man after he was stopped by police in Minneapolis. Video of the confrontation shows a white officer with his knee pinning down the man's neck. CBS News chief justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues joined CBSN with more.
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26 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Mzima Springs
Mzima Springs 4 horas atrás
1:09 & afterwards its inciting hatred by defining it purely in black & white. Narrator can you do the same with This is similar but worse as not given even a chance to say i cant breathe!! Where was BLM why no rioting why no looting?? See for your self why BLM is nothing much to do with black lives!
scudthemud 15 horas atrás
Don’t do drugs and use counterfeit money
Manolo Munroe
Manolo Munroe 5 dias atrás
Just google for rapid views and you will see how easy it is to get subs and views!!
Troy Osterwyk
Troy Osterwyk 8 dias atrás
So sad
BlueFoxl Vlog
BlueFoxl Vlog 9 dias atrás
One of the men were out and a Karen on TikTok was just terrible just let the man shop
Berkay Altun
Berkay Altun 10 dias atrás
Fak the politie
KandieLove Jay
KandieLove Jay 10 dias atrás
That's so sad
恶霸提莫 11 dias atrás
Laura Dansereau
Laura Dansereau 11 dias atrás
Why did the officer do that 😂
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 11 dias atrás
that is just f up BALCK LIVES MATTER TO
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 11 dias atrás
toadette_xd 12 dias atrás
Cops can be F****ng animals sometimes.
Garden Snake
Garden Snake 14 dias atrás
Let’s just get it down to the facts if George Floyd wouldn’t have committed the crime he wouldn’t have died there we go he is not a hero he is a criminal, a democrat will do anything for one extra vote by giving George Floyd’s parents a flag that you give real hero’s who die for this country
Pain 14 dias atrás
Where are the people that always try to defend the cops? I don't see them this time.
215478 green
215478 green 14 dias atrás
one of the three cops that got arested said to the one that was choke holding george said you should not do that but when you look in the vid thered no proof that he didd it
Bristol Wilson
Bristol Wilson 15 dias atrás
Did george floyd deserve to die no but his family was presented a folded up American flag he was not a hero he did nothing to help this country he didnt serve our country either
Famous Tiktoks
Famous Tiktoks 17 dias atrás
I cryed
TINA YOUNG 17 dias atrás
Is that going happing to me I’m black waaa I don’t want to die
aTexan777 18 dias atrás
Damian Gandia
Damian Gandia 18 dias atrás
May: This is a bit unsettling June: This is the worst thing the police have ever done.
Larisa Terzan
Larisa Terzan 19 dias atrás
😭😭😭😭 Police
Tori otu
Tori otu 19 dias atrás
Its very disturbing how the Cop's partner had no problem with this
Tori otu
Tori otu 19 dias atrás
According to the reporter, there were many onlookers there. I wished they had physically done something instead of only telling the cops to stop.
Cute Unicorn
Cute Unicorn 20 dias atrás
The cop next to him could of stopped him 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠 blm🖤🖤🖤🖤
what i do not understand is why is such thing a race! black white we are all humans living on the same planet! just this planet has a race! just like many religions to.. can't the world be at peace and instead of having a race, can't we all just be humans! we are all a race.. and that is one race.. and that race is.. we are all humans... we bleed the same colour! just live as one race,, the human race...
Liam Powell
Liam Powell 22 dias atrás
#I can't breathe #black lives matter to
ItseeveegamerYT 22 dias atrás
Who felt like if you were there to kick that police in the face and maybe stomp on him not caring if they go to jail its still bas
ItseeveegamerYT 22 dias atrás
He cried for his mom crying out loud for gods sake
Soh Ricky
Soh Ricky 22 dias atrás
The killer had his hand in his pocket while doing his killing.... .
Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade 23 dias atrás
"I can't Breathe" -George Floyd
Behind You
Behind You 23 dias atrás
Nothing made this racist but it I severe abuse of a cop and police brutality
onni chaan
onni chaan 23 dias atrás
rip, George, you are an amazing being, took down by a stupid old police you will be missed, RIP
Cato Comos
Cato Comos 23 dias atrás
I'm from Lithuania. But if i been on that moment. I not been afraid f*ckn punch in that dumb officer face. With a huge force to knock out teeths.
Destiny Allen
Destiny Allen 24 dias atrás
MR1000101 24 dias atrás
And since when do Police officers just have "Police" on their license plates.
MR1000101 24 dias atrás
That asian cops badge isnt real is it?
abhishek rajvanshi
abhishek rajvanshi 25 dias atrás
Shame america shame
Chromulous 25 dias atrás
where were the 4 million views about dylan Lemp
Ashton Long
Ashton Long 25 dias atrás
Can't breathe
Mercedes Quintanal Diaz
KARMA IS WATCHING 26 dias atrás
Paid leave?? Wtf?? Gtfoh.
Addie Marie
Addie Marie 26 dias atrás
man these white people rude man
Leslie Barlieu
Leslie Barlieu 26 dias atrás
Non mais qu'est-ce que vous vous dit parler en anglais aller là-bas j'avais quoi 😒🤔👎😈😷😹🚓🚲🚘🚓🚔🚕🚒🚓🚛🚍🚓🚌
Maria Weaver
Maria Weaver 26 dias atrás
I couldn't watch this video without crying! ❤🥺😭
Nina Ross
Nina Ross 26 dias atrás
Vibing Out
Vibing Out 26 dias atrás
Well if he can’t breathe he can’t breathe these police people these days are doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do this needs to stop like NOW!!!
Vibing Out
Vibing Out 26 dias atrás
Guys this is stupid i don’t even know what happened to the world after coronavirus outbreak people been making rumors making the store run out of stuff um, protesting stealing racist people like..I can’t even think right I hate this..WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR WORLD
الزمن ﻻيعود
الزمن ﻻيعود 26 dias atrás
يوميا مئات الشباب في العراق يموتون ابشع من هذه الميته وبالمئمات نشيع الجثث وكلهم من الشباب
الزمن ﻻيعود
الزمن ﻻيعود 26 dias atrás
المسكين فطس خطيه ربي يرحمه
Wiko Des
Wiko Des 26 dias atrás
Ovo je dokaz da je amerika kurac od ovce !
Depressed Steve
Depressed Steve 26 dias atrás
Was I suppost to feel bad or watch memes
͔ 26 dias atrás
Cøøkie 26 dias atrás
R. I. P 😔😔
Bella Allen
Bella Allen 26 dias atrás
The hair grows like he’s not bad I think that was there
Theodore Tucker
Theodore Tucker 26 dias atrás
Caleb TheSchmuck
Caleb TheSchmuck 26 dias atrás
Corrupt exe
Corrupt exe 26 dias atrás
Yo if I was there I’d push that dude off trying to save a brotha.
Dawn Farren
Dawn Farren 26 dias atrás
He is so scared
Sasha Elysee
Sasha Elysee 26 dias atrás
nathaniel paul
nathaniel paul 26 dias atrás
So sad
Starlight Canaan
Starlight Canaan 26 dias atrás
DO NOT GO AFTER ME PLS. this dude tried to pay with fake money and was super high. he did not deserve to get killed like that. he already was a criminal. DO NOT FLIP OUt.
Kayla Anderson
Kayla Anderson 26 dias atrás
I hate that
Kayla Anderson
Kayla Anderson 26 dias atrás
I'm so sorry and that's rude and I'm so scared because me and my dad are black i mean I'm mixed and my dad is black
a sss
a sss 26 dias atrás
Emilie Perry
Emilie Perry 26 dias atrás
I feel so bad and he died at a yong age
Pp Poopoo
Pp Poopoo 26 dias atrás
Bad pig oops I mean cop
Falco Vladimir
Falco Vladimir 26 dias atrás
Even the camera man didn’t do anything like fr 😔
Ray Tom
Ray Tom 26 dias atrás
What do you want the camera man to do?
Jacob Burras
Jacob Burras 26 dias atrás
- Ally-
- Ally- 26 dias atrás
Wow he’s so desperate🥺
Grady Richie
Grady Richie 26 dias atrás
Dino Boi
Dino Boi 26 dias atrás
Tay Liggins
Tay Liggins 26 dias atrás
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia 26 dias atrás
R.i.p George Floyd
Jhenè Bush
Jhenè Bush 26 dias atrás
George Floyd was a good man he didn't do anything he called for his mother he said please you said officer I can't breathe his whole body was hurting he did nothing wrong
Ray Tom
Ray Tom 26 dias atrás
I agree that what the officer did was disgusting but your statement is incorrect. He was arrested for using counterfeit currency.
zapterYT 26 dias atrás
This is disgusting no human should ever die like this rest in peace to a well man
Kaulan Frazier
Kaulan Frazier 26 dias atrás
CoolSimasGuy 26 dias atrás
The cop that kneeled on his neck, murdering him with no mercy is one of the biggest reasons why America has changed. 2020 has been nothing but a god damn joke.
Samuela Vicar
Samuela Vicar 24 dias atrás
Your like count is a god damn joke.
FELIX GARCIA III 26 dias atrás
I am just surprised that this was not blamed on corona virus hoax too! Just fuel to distract from #Agenda21 and start Marshall Law with riots all bait to start riots .
Me ELMO 26 dias atrás
I... e.. elmo cant... ELMO IS AT HIS HOUSE
FELIX GARCIA III 26 dias atrás
Daniel Castellano
Daniel Castellano 26 dias atrás
Daniel Castellano
Daniel Castellano 26 dias atrás
Karen Zulay Sanchez Curipoma
Alguien Español :v No Nadie... :''v (Auto Like Pa' No Desaparecer :'3)
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 26 dias atrás
Racist Cop..I'm about to end my life because of people being so Cruel
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