I Built A Massive Walking House in Survival Minecraft

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I Made a Walking House In Minecraft

Twitter: @TheRealCarvs

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This video is inspired by Wadzee and Luke TheNoteable Hardcore Minecraft Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. However, instead of it being Wadzee, Luke, Mumbo Jumbo or Grian, it's actually just Carvs. I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive. yes I stole this from sandiction.
Thanks to @Mythical Pingu for helping me build the walking base


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20 Jun 2022



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Comentários 2 658
TimeBucks Mês atrás
it probably took u quite a long time to build it but the result is super cool
Apiwat Nadoon
Apiwat Nadoon 28 dias atrás
I love you Carvs
Zalebplays youtube
Zalebplays youtube Mês atrás
Hamza Hamza
Hamza Hamza Mês atrás
Carvs u know this is a bot
Miss easy
Miss easy Mês atrás
just-tim! Mês atrás
I guess it isnt hardcore, but yeah, good job!
Alicorn Adams 👑🎗
@galaxyguy yeah!
galaxyguy Mês atrás
Um btw this is actually just survival cuz the hearts should have those angry faces on them but yh still good job!
Alicorn Adams 👑🎗
@tom shuo ok?
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
This is the coolest build i have ever seen on youtube!
Erfa Fafa
Erfa Fafa Mês atrás
Wow, I'm impressed and also thanks for all the effort you take in these vids keep up the good work ! and this wonderful
10K challenge with 0 video🥇
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on BRvid,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO.....
this guy
this guy 27 dias atrás
Hi im your 300 subscribers i hope that you can complete your challenge
JerryTheJanitor Mês atrás
Awesome video, all the building scenes were amazing, defenitely subscribing! Also sorry if this is wrong, but you could maybe try using barrels for the storage system? Keep uo the great work!
thi thi
thi thi Mês atrás
because yes • 69 years ago (edited)
​@Normal Waffle *laughs in bedrock*
Normal Waffle
Normal Waffle Mês atrás
They don’t actually (cause they’re tile entities, just like chests, all the types of furnaces, dispensers and droppers). In order to build a moving storage system one could only use lamas, mules, donkeys, foxes, boats with chests, minecarts with hoppers or minecarts with chests. The most efficient way are minecarts with chests.
Wenzo Mês atrás
I am speechless, This Is Insane!
ClxssicCxsey Mês atrás
Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson Mês atrás
Bob have u seen his bob
Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson Mês atrás
I'm dude
Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson Mês atrás
Same seeds did u dude see what I said
Aiden world gaming
Aiden world gaming Mês atrás
@mikeviny your actually 3rd
Itz_Pixelated Mês atrás
Man you are good at redstone and I thought I was good and I can't even make a walking house. If I could make it. It would a be a cool addition to my worlds. Your redstone skills are insane. Keep it up
aliss liou
aliss liou Mês atrás
sheesh, how much dedication can one person have?! keep up the good work,love ur videos
Hannah Shay
Hannah Shay 8 dias atrás
I kinda want to see the process of building the legs lol, I love the idea of a moving base but never figured out how to make a good one that actually worked and could be stopped.
ItsTehGamer Mês atrás
Reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle, great job
CookieGian Mês atrás
"I Built a massive walking house in hardcore minecraft" Hearts: Are we a joke to you?
giang truc
giang truc Mês atrás
galaxyguy Mês atrás
@MaskedButcher7 yeah true true
MaskedButcher7 Mês atrás
@Mr_Oof is Cooler than You the hearts doesn't looks like in hardcore
Harshaan Singh 8530
@Shiny Crimes yeah but you cant call that minecraft hardcore , because it quite literally isnt minecraft hardcore
Mr_Oof is Cooler than You
@CookieGian it’s “Minecraft Hardcore” according to the title
TanPlayz Mês atrás
This video is worth my time, so I subscribed. Because I want more epic creations like this.
Ranrqwe Mês atrás
To fix the mountain problem, I would add a huge tnt duping cannon to rip through mountains
Oscar Zhuang
Oscar Zhuang Mês atrás
I really love your hardworking I think you make this thing a lot of hours.
Rj Tj
Rj Tj Mês atrás
I'm speechless, only because I lost my breath while literally dying on the floor while watching you bring swag into the little cage XDDDDDDDDD
kim ngo
kim ngo Mês atrás
bobi miiu
bobi miiu Mês atrás
The time-lapse of placing is so satisfying
Xxlittle5gamerxX Mês atrás
When you need the base upgrade make a flying base so you can have a basement to be a villager trading hall (I also wanna see you show us how to build it)
biuor su
biuor su Mês atrás
The time-lapse of placing is so satisfying
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Mês atrás
Awesome content keep up the amazing work 👍
Drago Mês atrás
Dude, did you just got around 100k+ subs in just 12 days??, Awesome. Also this build id massive and it's very impressive!
dilik mli
dilik mli Mês atrás
Yo Carvs this is easily your best video bro this was insane keep up the great work good job
Sirius ish
Sirius ish Mês atrás
Omg this reminds me of my fav Howl Moving Castle!! Love your builts and hardwork
ObviousMelancholy Mês atrás
I thought the same too!
Fox Gaming
Fox Gaming Mês atrás
Ah yes, I want that in my world. Make a tutorial but super simple for me the newb please.
Wunba Mês atrás
Crazy idea! It’s time to contact Mumbo Jumbo! XD and the fact that you did all of it in hardcore is insane!
RepDep Mês atrás
@Chiyson Yam the hearts are not hardcore
W-JellyBacon-W Mês atrás
@Chiyson Yam ok then he died 1 time and respawned so its not hardcore
Lamarck Leland
Lamarck Leland Mês atrás
@a demon in vr And, unlike Mumbe, he doesn't even show the house actually walking either.
Chiyson Yam
Chiyson Yam Mês atrás
@a demon in vr It is, it says it in the title
a demon in vr
a demon in vr Mês atrás
Wunba this isn't hardcore
ExCaLibruh Mês atrás
the way the grass block is updating because of the pistons and changing its shade depending on the biome is awesome
ShipGamez Mês atrás
If you want to fix the problem of the mountain in the way then install some tnt cannons
Brody Mês atrás
Literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Minecraft
ImaginePlayz Mês atrás
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛
aaa aaa
aaa aaa Mês atrás
@Rose Brown no like mythic pingu's version is like exactly the same go check it out
Rose Brown
Rose Brown Mês atrás
@aaa aaa did he do it before or after mumbo jumbo? bc I think mumbo was the first
👆👆Congratulations you have been selected among my few shortlisted giveaway winners telegram me for more information...
aaa aaa
aaa aaa Mês atrás
it is stolen from mythic pingu
FCFootball Mês atrás
Carvs your building is amazing!
I love how he used the mlg water bucket LOL and i love how the design of the land of the house 9943/20
The Pika Show
The Pika Show Mês atrás
Congratulations on this house 🏡
Jonathan Nicolas
Jonathan Nicolas Mês atrás
Best and coolest Redstone build ever!!
An ant
An ant Mês atrás
I realized that his “hardcore” hearts weren’t actually hearts from the hardcore mode
Shooboofoo Mês atrás
Yo 200k in 7 months and 5 vids is insane keep up the good work man! がんばれ!
oreo&cheez-it Mês atrás
Lol I laughed my head off when the villager just fell off the edge
shadowdragon Mês atrás
I love red stone videos like this keep it up.
Emmanuel Mês atrás
I appreciate how much time went into making that house. Thanks a bunch for your content!
lanatsif 22 dias atrás
A bit more footage of the house walking would have been nice ngl, i feel blue balled
NomjaBlOxO Mês atrás
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life bro !! I just subbed ;)
Kais Laoudji
Kais Laoudji Mês atrás
It's the moving castle from howl's moving castle. Even the legs are the same design
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Mês atrás
1:01 Legend has it that the leg still is going till this day
Not_Carson 🔥
Not_Carson 🔥 Mês atrás
Wow Carvs!! You’re dedication to entertain us is so inspiring and kind!
thi tran
thi tran Mês atrás
cookie’z  Gamez
cookie’z Gamez Mês atrás
he is so cool
Formula Eight
Formula Eight Mês atrás
Izar2030 Mês atrás
Can you move barrels? It’s like the same thing as chests.
Konstantin Tzadimas
It would be so cool if you make the machine destroys everything in this way like a cannon because if it hits a mountain or something else it will stop and I think its a problem. Good job.
your TV
your TV Mês atrás
Have fun on your advanture around the world with your friend Bob!
EnergyMelon Mês atrás
This, my friend, ist called a master piece
יועב טבעי
יועב טבעי Mês atrás
sheesh, how much dedication can one person have?! keep up the good work,love ur videos
Finley Mackenzie
Finley Mackenzie Mês atrás
20kFaded Mês atrás
I can't believe he build all of that in survival but amazing build though 😀😀😀😀
imlaggy Mês atrás
the real question is... can your house turn?
Galactic Studio’s
Galactic Studio’s 27 dias atrás
6:59 if you are wondering why he’s so mad it’s because you punched the villager.
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
I realized that his “hardcore” hearts weren’t actually hearts from the hardcore mode
Zeina 🔥 21 y.0 -check My V!deo
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!
Aiden world gaming
Aiden world gaming Mês atrás
@Alyssia B no
AplxGaming TV
AplxGaming TV Mês atrás
Alyssia B
Alyssia B Mês atrás
You a bot?
Bennett Horbenko
Bennett Horbenko Mês atrás
That thing was so cool I wish I had that😢 great video as always 😂❤
LIUJEEL PH Mês atrás
Coolest minecraft house/base ever i have seen in my entire life!!!
Andrea Castelli
Andrea Castelli Mês atrás
LGOplayz 20 dias atrás
Carvs I absolutely love your vids and content I think it is amazing and I you inspirted me to play Minecraft more but I think you should upload a little more often because ur last video was 5 months ago but love the vids keep it up 👍
Cip Mc
Cip Mc Mês atrás
Finally another upload! Carvs never fails to entertain us
Cip Mc
Cip Mc Mês atrás
Binary Mês atrás
your local trixie ♡
Tuvshinbayar Mandakh
Mumbo is so proud of you.
quixz Mês atrás
Carvs: chest can't be pushed by pistons Bedrock edition: im about to ruin this man's whole career.
Slender_ Luck
Slender_ Luck Mês atrás
I am nonstop laughing after seeing swag get trapped and what your choice was
Harshaan Singh 8530
Pingu did a really good job man , he is insane slimestone god
Memezxt Mês atrás
I always dreamed of building a base like that! Amazing!
enkvadrat Mês atrás
Pingu is soo skilled
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong Mês atrás
tam nguyen
tam nguyen Mês atrás
Dandil Mês atrás
That amazing! Probably took forever!
Elmo Mês atrás
Man this is so underrated you deserve better
dark rl
dark rl Mês atrás
im never seen this kind of minecraft smp videos its so unique
ilikecats Mês atrás
Ah yes hardcore minecraft at its finest
Raphael Temple
Raphael Temple Mês atrás
OMG super cool and the fact that u did it in hardcore is 100 times cooler!!!!
Jay Llagono
Jay Llagono Mês atrás
You're a pro bro In good building good building skills and good redstone a natural pro
XXXRyan_GamerXXX Mês atrás
How the villager just drove off the platform 😂 Watch here: 7:00
puffin Mês atrás
Wait a minute, are you using a texture pack to remove the hardcore hearts or are you just not in hardcore?
Estreem Mês atrás
Wow this video must have taken forever but the result is sick Keep up the great work and the cool shots! Also how did swag escape his cage? LOL
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
this was the coolest ideas i ever seen in my life to this on the smp.Keep up the good work
Aventinus Mês atrás
That sheep one was sneaky 🤣
Relatable Man
Relatable Man Mês atrás
this is the definition of a portable house
tekxy 18 dias atrás
love ur videos keep the good work up
Ants 27 dias atrás
I would put some Obsidian on the legs with pistons so the front to brake trew whatever is on the bottom.
RyanOfficialYT Mês atrás
The time-lapse of placing is so satisfying
Yo Mês atrás
You could've used barrels for storage.
MCGamer576 Mês atrás
Awesome video Carvs!
Diosdado Abelo
Diosdado Abelo Mês atrás
Thats so cool hes genius bc he came up in that herself and didn't watch tutorial
U r a genius 👏 hats of for u man u r the first player who make a moving house I mean some have make moving house but not cooler like u did
CELENA-K Mês atrás
This is insaneeeeeee 🤯❤️‍🔥
Savdy Hour
Savdy Hour Mês atrás
Dude just made my imagination came true
N1ghtmar3 Mês atrás
Redstone master looks sooooo goood!
Amara Dietrich
Amara Dietrich Mês atrás
It was so funny when he asked swag tk come over then put him in a cage to dance 😂😂😂
?cøøl¿ Mês atrás
To be honest best build I have ever seen probably
michelle mcleod
michelle mcleod Mês atrás
Wow impressive I could not do that at all!
Bee_unic playz
Bee_unic playz Mês atrás
Carvs: chest can't be pushed with pistons: Bedrock players: are you sure about that?
Stephanie Roberts
Stephanie Roberts Mês atrás
You should invite some really good redstone makers and have them to wear you can actually control your moving base and have them like help you build it to make it so we can control it like from in the house and make it so you can you can like turn Right or left so you can make it And then press your friends of more because The price of
Truther77 Mês atrás
Yo Carvs this is easily your best video bro this was insane keep up the great work good job
MeksWish Mês atrás
Your content maid me laugh so Hard LMAOO The shulker tho
Maddox Koster
Maddox Koster Mês atrás
I watched all your vids and they are so entertaining
EnderKing949 YT
EnderKing949 YT Mês atrás
Wow the build is awesome
Cloud Mês atrás
i wish i was with him having fun bc the finished part the song was amazing :( btw whats the song name when u end the video
Mystery ?
Mystery ? Mês atrás
mad respect for you putting so much effort and time for this video, amazing video 🔥
Joshua Stiles
Joshua Stiles Mês atrás
This gives me "Howls moving Castle" vibes
HB1995 Mês atrás
this was a super impressive build, but hopefully you actually build this in hardcore ._.
Creig List
Creig List Mês atrás
It would be so cool instead of grass if u made smth that looked like howls moving castle if that’s possible I’m not good at redstone
Jay Llagono
Jay Llagono Mês atrás
Wow that is insane row goodwin i think you are the martis of redstone lighting
anonymouse Mês atrás
you should make it look like the tank from Mandalorian, maybe add a tnt cannons in the front so you can destroy mountains that are on the way
Retro Beans24
Retro Beans24 Mês atrás
U mean the AT-AT from like every Star Wars
Masongopow Mês atrás
Nikola Georgiev
Nikola Georgiev Mês atrás
You dont realize that he had his own life and this is probably almost impossible to do so he wont be able to waste another month or two on a tank that probably wont work
giang kim
giang kim Mês atrás
Weng翁佳明 Mês atrás
cxtsclxb Mês atrás
Waiting for Mumbo Jumbo to materialize out of nowhere in the comments and say something like “YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME?”
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