I Built A MANSION Out Of MUSHROOMS in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#51)

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Today I built a giant Mushroom Mansion in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore. I had to locate the super-rare Mushroom Island biome, build a mushroom block farm, and even transport Mooshrooms for over 10,000 blocks! This was a super fun build to do!

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6 Ago 2022



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Comentários 3 762
Farzy Mês atrás
I hope you all enjoyed this "smaller scale" project! Fun fact: I'm trying to mix in some small projects to this series too, so we aren't ALWAYS making a Mega-build! Those can be stressful sometimes haha!
Sara Smith-Skelton
Sara Smith-Skelton 4 dias atrás
Why do you hold your sword 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Sara Smith-Skelton
Sara Smith-Skelton 4 dias atrás
Sorry I couldn’t talk cause I didn’t have account 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Alicia Visser
Alicia Visser 21 dia atrás
Can you make a flower farm
cynthia mercer
cynthia mercer 24 dias atrás
Can u do a mooshroom Stable giving them proper names,3 blocks of hay,and a few mushrooms!Btw make ones name my name pls!(Autumn)I use my mums acoount!In the stable there can different rows,one for brown mooshrooms and one for red too.Shout out if possible!(Farzy I beg u!)
MaxlikesBananes Mês atrás
Build a zoo in Ure world
Normal subset
Normal subset Mês atrás
the mansion looks amazing
William Tran ayyy
William Tran ayyy 18 dias atrás
You build so good I’m speechless 😶 and I love your builds
I love how almost every episode he says "Oh no he despawn" great work farzy 👍 And for the second island Maybe a little mushroom village
Karman Taneja
Karman Taneja Mês atrás
Farzy your builds are as lovely as you, you always make my day and bring the joy in me 🙂♥💕
Minecraft drawer
Minecraft drawer Mês atrás
Farzy is the best builder I have ever seen in my life
Maxim Grødem Salte
I loved this video farzy❤️❤️❤️
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius! He built the mushroom mansion so gorgeous! I could never build that!
Govindaraju Teja
Govindaraju Teja Mês atrás
I started watching this series ever since it came out! Your a great builder and you deserve a lot more!
bn productions
bn productions Mês atrás
I love how the fact almost his every video he see's a wondering trader and when the trader disappoints him he kills it and say's oh no he despawned so tragic😂 liked it👍 thank farzy
Jayson Williams
Jayson Williams Mês atrás
i love your builds and your amazing!
Kylain Mbappé
Kylain Mbappé Mês atrás
Amazing video man you work so hard on your videos and it pays off (hopefully) Anyway keep it up and your sub count will grow and grow I wonder how many brown cows will fit on that island 🤔 Wow 2 likes
Kayode 24 dias atrás
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Mês atrás
YES I LOVE THIS! And omg! The totem looks so good! Farzy fan for life! :D
pridhzz Mês atrás
i reckon a mushroom homestead with villagers, farms and mooshroom barns would look great on the other island. mansion looks great too!
Suggestion: Maybe for the other island you could make a mushroom barn and store a bunch of mooshrooms? Great build and vid!
guobao weng
guobao weng Mês atrás
I can’t believe Farzy can do all this crazy buildings I tried doing just one simple little library and it was already very tough for me like WOW
kaycie robertson
kaycie robertson Mês atrás
my little brother showed me your channel and we love watching it together! love all the builds you do
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
I love how almost every episode he says "Oh no he despawn" great work farzy 👍 And for the second island Maybe a little mushroom village
Willlie Mês atrás
Willlie Mês atrás
""""""They're on Instagram and telegram,,,,,,,,
Willlie Mês atrás
I got my stuff's from online store they got Lsd, Mushroom, Xanax, extascy, chocolate bars and psychedelic products which they also deliver...?...?
Kids Kids
Kids Kids Mês atrás
Farzy The petrified oak slab it’s supposed to be like real petrified wood which is Wynnewood is fossilized and literally turns into stone so in survival mode the petrified ox lab is immune to fire and need a pickax to mine it basically being re-textured stone slab but it’s petrified wood instead
Ahana Mês atrás
the mushroom mansion looks amazing! You should make a mushroom village to go with it. Also... why don't you like mushrooms. mushrooms taste amazing!
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 27 dias atrás
Lol lies
Zoe Coller
Zoe Coller 27 dias atrás
They do I have them so much Lol
Doge Mês atrás
It looks so good! I would love if you would stream in your hardcore world again. Those were fun!
Prakhar Chaturvedi
Prakhar Chaturvedi Mês atrás
Hey farzy! Absolutely loving your videos just a suggestion you should build a big and fast super smelter in your world❤️
MIxie56 Mês atrás
Farzy is such a a great builder keep the good work!
Kaiser Jek
Kaiser Jek Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius :)
GlitterHorsey 17 dias atrás
Farzy is a building genius 👏 🙌 😎
david barlyak
david barlyak Mês atrás
Farzy is such a great builder
Marc Craig
Marc Craig 12 dias atrás
He is not a good builder
steel and flesh guy!
steel and flesh guy! 12 dias atrás
Yeah agreed
N Perm
N Perm Mês atrás
ye p
Gaming with liban
Gaming with liban Mês atrás
david barlyak
david barlyak Mês atrás
@Michalis Tsiattalos they’re both good builders
Cloud Wing
Cloud Wing Mês atrás
12:42 Farzy finally admits 12:07 Attempted murder Also Farzy is a building genius
Leo! Mês atrás
Frazy you can use ummm.. the dripstone as palm trees cause it goes from wide to thin!
Logan’s Pen of Mystery LPM
Farzy is a building genius And bro, I really wish sometimes that I could build as good at you. I built a library inspired by YOUR library, and it didn’t look anywhere near yours. And you should build a garage for fancy cars on the other island. It can maintain the theme, while still being a great build.
Sharon Blakley
Sharon Blakley Mês atrás
You should make merch that says “Oh no he despawned!” It would be really cool
random gamer
random gamer Mês atrás
You're so good at building! I like seeing your new videos too if there's a new video I would immediately watch it thank you for the good content farzy!
Ji CW Mês atrás
Farzy pls make a mushroom overgrown structure(of ur choice) so it looks like the mushrooms have taken over the structure doesn’t that sound cool? ;)
Itz_ JJ
Itz_ JJ Mês atrás
I know I might be a little late, but I've been trying to decide on the next build as you said, and I thought maybe a Mushroom Village. (Oh, by the way, your videos are awesomely inspiring.)
Flupy_Projectile Mês atrás
Farzy is a wonderful BRvidr. watching farzy is really fun but... these days he barely uploads videos. So please upload every 3 or 4 days if possible. Thank You.
Learning as we on a farm in Italy
your builds are awesome i like the planet's and i would like more and i like the fact that you said you would make a solar system 👍
binkyisame009 Mês atrás
Keep up the hard work you're doing good
Madilynn Martin-Felix
I think a mushroom village would be amazing 🍄 😃
Warren's Wonderful World
Farzy to wandering trader: I'm feeling good today so you can live..... I MEAN NOT DESPAWN. Farzy I love your builds and channel.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
I started watching this series ever since it came out! Your a great builder and you deserve a lot more!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
Maybe a mushroom farm
Klara Christensen
Klara Christensen Mês atrás
All ur vids are so good! I can’t stop watching them
Dave Cook
Dave Cook Mês atrás
I love how almost every episode he says "Oh no he despawn" great work farzy 👍 And for the second island Maybe a little mushroom village
Dave Cook
Dave Cook 14 dias atrás
♥️Hello Everyone♥️
• Lia Does Gacha • ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ
Rip, you ate a mushroom
Muhammad Atta ur Rehman
Great idea
Ji CW Mês atrás
That’s what I said! A few days ago
Lola Burles
Lola Burles Mês atrás
@EverythngIsAhsim lol idk if he's gonna do it he probably not
Δημητρης Κουλουμπρακης
Farzy to distinguish the buildings you have built on the map you can take a banner and after naming it on the anvil as a building you will put it. In chestroom, for example, you would name the chestroom banner and then right click with the map
-insanely august-
-insanely august- Mês atrás
Hi farzy I know you won’t see this but You inspired me so much I’m getting so good at building because of you! You are so funny and sweet! I love ur vids but If you do know this you are the best youtuber!
Ji CW Mês atrás
Ur so creative I love ur builds
Lala Mês atrás
4 words U. Are. The. Best. No but seriously I started watching ur vids 1-2 years ago and ur vids just make my day Every time u post I just bounce up and click on the video with so much excitement Thanks.
WinterPheonix_9723 Mês atrás
I like the mushroom mansion it looks so cool✨
Dave Cook
Dave Cook 14 dias atrás
Looc os skool ti noisnam moorhsum eht ekil i✨
Enzo Donati
Enzo Donati Mês atrás
your builds are fantastic . I recommend putting a mushroom village on the other island . Edit Ty for likes
Ji CW Mês atrás
Nice idea!
Choy Hailey
Choy Hailey Mês atrás
Farzy, when you needed bone, you had the wither skeleton farm to get coal, wither skeleton skulls and bones. You should have thought of that. but, still, your videos are amazing!
RHN Network
RHN Network Mês atrás
I love your building and this series you one of my favorite Minecraft BRvidrs
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Mês atrás
Dude your builds are always so creative and random! i love the variety u use and the time and effort u put into ur videos! thx so much for the amazing content!!!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Mês atrás
Idea trap every mob and all varients
Ara Nanakaly
Ara Nanakaly Mês atrás
farzy is a building genius i love this channel farzy your the best !
Haqimy Hafizullah
Haqimy Hafizullah Mês atrás
I really like your builds in your hardcore series
Dakshin Mês atrás
Build a mushroom village on the other side. It will be awesome 😊
Britton Howell
Britton Howell Mês atrás
Farzy that was a great video and you asked what you should make on the second island, and I think you should make a mooshroom statue out of ores.
SHWETHA P 26 dias atrás
Farzy is a building genius Also farzy I think everyone appreciates how much work you put in your vids
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Mês atrás
Farzy, I just started watching you, and ur energy and positivitey in awesome! You earned a sub!
Indrani Ganguly
Indrani Ganguly Mês atrás
@Farzy No problem its true ur positive even when a thunderstorm shows up! And alot of energy to build everything so its true no need to thank us!💙
Indrani Ganguly
Indrani Ganguly Mês atrás
@bb Idk about tht but I its impressive tht he's survived almost more than 2,000 days in tht world so ya he is kinda better then dream! And happy International Cat Day!🐈🐱
Sir2jack3 Mês atrás
Ya you are the best I just start watching to
bb Mês atrás
@Farzy you are better than dream
Farzy Mês atrás
OldChina Mês atrás
You rock at building it really inspires me to do my own builds😊👌🐈
Pear Pie
Pear Pie Mês atrás
Farzy I love your builds they are amazing so are you. Pls make more videos plsssssssss!
dave weltman
dave weltman Mês atrás
Hi Farzy - great episode! what about building a house in a end city ?
oof boof
oof boof Mês atrás
Your builds are all awesome and look beautiful
Laurie Flinders
Laurie Flinders Mês atrás
love this build so much, might just be the best biome-themed mansion I've seen.
MasterH Mês atrás
Make mushroom Houses ,and bring villagers to the mushroom houses
Chandra Ranasinghe
Chandra Ranasinghe 22 dias atrás
This mansion is soo cool ( love your videos )😊
Fortunex Gamer
Fortunex Gamer Mês atrás
This is a question to Farzy himself How do you get so small hotbar items? Is it a pack? And if it is, can you mention it on your discord or somewhere. Thanks!
Underfell Mês atrás
Ok we can still see the mushroom house but I love how it came out (also I like mushrooms )
Art life
Art life Mês atrás
Farzy: Look how big brain I am lights under trapdoor no mobs here Me: Wait do mobs spawn in mooshroom Islands? Anyway great video I like your creativity and content keep going
Lexter Mabilin
Lexter Mabilin Mês atrás
No because no mobs can spawn on and underneath the island and if you wall it of it's gonna be the safest biome ever
Saif Mahyoub
Saif Mahyoub Mês atrás
Me to
°Wazzup Lexi°
°Wazzup Lexi° Mês atrás
No hostile mobs can spawn in the mushroom island, just had to answer xd
Video idea!:Build a mushroom light house beacause ur in the middle of nowhere! and you also have a light house at spawn! I hope Farzy notice this!🤩
Junie Lynell Colendres
Wow I love your vids Farzy keep recording :)
Rohini Sonawane
Rohini Sonawane Mês atrás
Well your builds are hats off Hats off to you You survived 2000 + days in your hardcore world 😁😊☺️🥳
Zeike_V Mês atrás
"No mobs are spawning in here" Visual pain, he is in a mushroom biome
TotalThomasMan Mês atrás
Farzy is a big genius! And the mansion looks awesome! I've never seen anything like it!
AxoGamerlover Ch.
AxoGamerlover Ch. Mês atrás
Petrified oak slabs are basically retextured stone slabs :)
Merriam kuykendall
Merriam kuykendall 14 dias atrás
You know that's slab that you found in minecraft when you first landed into the mushroom biome, it's actually fire resistant so he can actually make fire resistant wood in Minecraft but you cannot craft it that's a tip have a great day!
Jangeline farrah Ching
i think for the other island will be an good place to have an farm of wheat so if you wanna repopulate the mushroom cow barn.
CosmicStumbleGuy Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius :)
Ld Summer
Ld Summer Mês atrás
Funny Farzy back again with his amazing videos and builds🤩
Jae Eun
Jae Eun Mês atrás
Can you make a mansion made out of new blocks from Mangrove Swamp?
Princess Jade Azelederaj
I really love all your videos... i hope you make More ✨✨✨✨✨
john rose
john rose Mês atrás
I just built my dream mushroom 🍄 house today 😂
Jen Frey
Jen Frey 19 dias atrás
This is amazing. Great work farzy. I think sb737 has a mushroom cow.
Minecraft 2.9
Minecraft 2.9 Mês atrás
Love your videos Farzy! They always inspire me to build huge things in minecraft!
Whitehandblackfur Mês atrás
I actually like mushrooms but if they were raw then no but the way my parents cooks it then amazing 😻
PH Mês atrás
Super Fun Farzy! A little suggestion for your next build. It would be super cool if you make something like a treehouse but with living space for villagers, creatures, and players. Long story short a treehouse village!
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Jad Obied
Jad Obied Mês atrás
Btw petrified oak slabs are basically fire proof oak slabs.
Presley Teshak
Presley Teshak 7 dias atrás
Farzy is a building genius
Έλενα Καρκατσελιου
I love this mansion!! You inspire me to make huge builds in my hardcore. You're the best builder ever!!! I've subbed to your new channel!
Kassandra Mês atrás
According to Google, "it is a stone slab with a wooden texture, that cannot burn. For this reason, it can be used as a non-flammable wood in creative building. It is only available in the creative inventory." 😊
Ronald Mejia
Ronald Mejia Mês atrás
Also I think if u use the warden block stuff I think the stuff with wood will turn petrified
Ronald Mejia
Ronald Mejia Mês atrás
that's nice I can use that in Minecraft thanks!
Schlomo Mês atrás
''farzy is a building genius''
Art with Henry
Art with Henry Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius. Also can you do a tour of your old survival world.
Madeline wilson
Madeline wilson Mês atrás
I have an idea,I think making a tree out of something from the ancient city would be Cool
Drewspores on Instagram
Check out,☝️☝️☝️for mush edibles,chocolate bars, shrooms and other psychedelic products.
Jax Mês atrás
I love Farzy’s hardcore series, all 51 of his videos are the best. Farzy is a building genius …but really I am subbed and really do love his videos
MIxie56 Mês atrás
I know right?
AAxJ Mês atrás
@Hangin’ with the kids I think he is talking about this series not all videos in total
Hangin’ with the kids
He has more than 51 videos
Ji CW Mês atrás
I love the parts when farzy pretends the wandering trader despawns but he actually killed it
paty_spores on Insta Sells 🍄🔌
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jamie mondor
jamie mondor Mês atrás
Love ur videos there epic!!! And how about u build a muahroom village and bring villagers
//Golden 3\\
//Golden 3\\ Mês atrás
You should make a giant mushroom! Or a statue of a mushroom cow!🍄
Grayson Person
Grayson Person Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius!
Lisa Welsh
Lisa Welsh Mês atrás
Keep up the awesome work
Anjana Ghosh
Anjana Ghosh Mês atrás
Out of all your videos, the tagline "Oh no he despawned" was the best. What a beautiful sense of creativity, building a mansion with mushroom blocks is not an easy task 🙂😍🍄. And of course, Farzy is a building genius
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Mês atrás
I saw it too
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Mês atrás
I love how the fact almost his every video he see's a wondering trader and when the trader disappoints him he kills it and say's oh no he despawned so tragic liked it thank fa
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Mês atrás
That pink sheep is very rare
Jakub M Countdown
Jakub M Countdown Mês atrás
Farzy is a building genius!
Patricia Hokanson
Patricia Hokanson Mês atrás
I don't care much for small builds but they are okay, + I also love applesauce
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