I Built a Beacon Using Every Full Block in Minecraft Hardcore

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I built a beacon using every full block in minecraft hardcore.
In this video, I collect 362 different blocks, including the new 1.19 blocks, to build a beacon. This is Episode 3 of my Hardcore Series. In episode 1 I survived 100 days and in episode 2, I transformed the end into the deep dark.

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Video Inspired by Sandiction
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Loony, NotNotBrock, Sandiction

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30 Jul 2022



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Comentários 2 197
The yeet player
This is exactly the minecraft content youtube should have! Some jokes, not too many. No clickbait, no screaming into the camera, and legit content!
Idea for a next episode: Build an ancient city above ground.
The editing and sound quality of this video were incredible, I really expected you to have like 5 million subscribers, one day I think you will
I love how the commentary is so relaxed. So many youtubers just sound like they are kids on a rollercoaster, but this stands out in a very good way. Nice work!
Jesus Christ this editing is so good for a person under 100k subs! People who started this idea just had clips and their voice but these types of videos have Timelapses, replay mod, massive projects. The time and effort with the editing and the tasks you do in the videos are astronomical for someone like you. Keep up this amazing work!
Ieva Lileikytė
I'm so confused how this youtuber is so underrated I swear I enjoy watching them so much, it's so interesting
Charlee Roberts
Honestly amazing content! Yesterday you popped up in my recommended and I saw that you had 28K ( You deserve WAYYY more)
Imagine how much editing this would’ve taken you have earned my subscription
miha šala
OMG your editing is so good to the music. Was in shock when i saw you only have this little subscribers. You deserve more.
Alan Rie
This is such a high quality content for a channel with an audience of only 15k people
You’re gonna grow huge I already know it you’re editing is so good as well and when you’re making a build you always time the beats and blocks right it’s so good
If you look in the description you'll see Aust had 1.7k subs at the release of this video. Now Aust has about 30k. Thats roughly 15k subs per week. This is incredible and I just want to congratulate him as he is such a great BRvid :)
The joke text of “he did not head back now” and the little you in the corner underwater with the scuba gear with added underwater voice was my favorite part of the video actually. You edit so pleasingly and I agree with everyone that you are so underrated and uniquely amusing to watch. I am so gonna subscribe, and I hope you get more popular in the near future. 😎👍👍
Tech Arts
That’s some clean editing right there. You make the type of content that I like so…subbed
Sub ;)
Hey Aust I am loving this series! You have inspired me to start BRvid! And that beacon is insane. Wasn't expecting the frog lights at the end.
I just discovered your channel and already love it so much!
international dumbass
You’re so underrated! Your editing is so good and you always make my eyes glued to the screen. You deserve more subs. :)
Even I don't play and watch Minecraft too much, I really liked this video. You have amazing talent and skills with editing and the details you put there are just perfect. I am actually surprised that you have just 30k subscribers. I think you should have way more than just that :D
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