I Bought $100 "Cosplays"

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Today I tried on the worst cosplays that cost me a whopping $100. From shows like demon slayer, cowboy bebop and more.

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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 5 145
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Connor dressing up as Lady Dimitrescu is the single greatest thing he’s done on this channel
Chad South
Chad South 14 dias atrás
Why are you EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Jojo the man
Jojo the man 17 dias atrás
Its some guy
Gay for ur parents ;)
Gay for ur parents ;) 20 dias atrás
Nguyễn Phú Vinh
Nguyễn Phú Vinh 27 dias atrás
This guy just felt wrong and more wrong from times to times with his comments
S B 27 dias atrás
Shy Ortiz
Shy Ortiz Mês atrás
I feel like trying to improve "Connor wears cheap cosplays" is like trying to improve kitchen nightmares. It's perfectly formulaic as is lol.
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage 29 dias atrás
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Mês atrás
same room with a screen between so you can joke around with your competitor. You can even make themed episodes. Thanks Connor!
Sly Boi
Sly Boi Mês atrás
Connor: "I'm rocking diamond armor what are you rocking evan?" Evan: *"you've just mined your last craft"*
RescueRex70 Mês atrás
Even should've got a Netherite costume instead of a Diamond one
A tired Weeb
A tired Weeb Mês atrás
Evan just ride up to his tiny dirt shack with some giant redstone tnt launcher lmao
Incog 0
Incog 0 Mês atrás
I love how judgmental Emily is while Daidus is just waiting for Connor to walk out nude
gal zur
gal zur 8 dias atrás
Emily was also joking about looking at connors buldge lol they are both into him and I mean who can judge them
Just Some guy without Employment
@Blue Bell yessir
Muhamad Danial
Muhamad Danial 28 dias atrás
A real bro indeed
Blue Bell
Blue Bell 28 dias atrás
Daidus is a real bro
Muhamad Danial
Muhamad Danial Mês atrás
They're just being themselves...
Ghaith Mbarki
Ghaith Mbarki Mês atrás
Your content doesn't always have to get better every video, that's an unhealthy way of thinking Just keep making what you want to make and they'll naturally get better We love your videos
Random delivery guy
I don't think wanting to get better is unhealthy, but ofc there is a limit to it.
ShiroLoves bl
ShiroLoves bl Mês atrás
Diego Souza
Diego Souza Mês atrás
I don't think it always gets better but sometimes we just want more of the same. Can be comforting.
Alexander The First
Emily An Truth! just do you bro 😎 always a 10/10
Ian Taakalla
Ian Taakalla Mês atrás
Honestly, this concept works well enough and is content that works best as it is.
Levy Mcfox
Levy Mcfox Mês atrás
It would be fun to see someone else with you cosplaying like this, and then making it a competition, who has the best one with the same amount of money!
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage 29 dias atrás
ShiroLoves bl
ShiroLoves bl Mês atrás
random name for a random nerd
new trash taste special
Leah ig
Leah ig Mês atrás
Omg yes
koharu akane
koharu akane Mês atrás
great idea
RuneSeaks Mês atrás
Did not expect the Chuuya (Bungou Stray Dogs) cosplay; and, as someone who has cosplayed Chuuya, Connor's cosplay was beautiful. Top tier. 100% Definitely put the clothes on in the correct order and everything. 😂
Spirit Luni
Spirit Luni 20 dias atrás
Top Tier 100% not cursed
Mythyy 25 dias atrás
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Mês atrás
When Connor came out in the Faye costume and Daidus: "I mean, it's hot," Emily: "wha-"
Beersnark Unbleached
As someone who abides by the words “Taboo, Thicc, Older woman”, the Lady Demitrescu cosplay was 10/10
Emily An
Emily An Mês atrás
It would be fun to see someone else with you cosplaying like this, and then making it a competition, who has the best one with the same amount of money!
TheShotaShot Mês atrás
Honestly the worse the costumes are (low budget) I find the more hilarious the outcome. Cosplaying your friends' bargain bin wifus and husbandos made the sadist in me smile. You don't have to do bigger or better, we love you Connor for your positive and bright chaotic attitude.
Luiz Jr.
Luiz Jr. Mês atrás
This series is really fun to watch, it'd be sad if it ended. Maybe getting less cosplays could be a way to invest in higher quality ones. Like, three per video. It'd also result in shorter videos, so it'd be less time consuming. You could also get your friends to cosplay and you'd be the judge for a change. Even a cosplay competition maybe? Who knows
AuroraChiyoCosplay Mês atrás
Just a suggestion: What about making this into a competition series like the crane games? Both people get $100-$200 and are told to buy X amount of cosplays. Change in the same room with a screen between so you can joke around with your competitor. You can even make themed episodes. Thanks Connor!
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage
Tronoan Kira Yoshikage 29 dias atrás
آشپزی(Rozien) Mês atrás
Zachary Roden
Zachary Roden Mês atrás
Was about to make a comment saying this! A competitions would be great.m, and opens up a lot of options like themes and stuff
Vokubiii Mês atrás
Your brain is massive
Austin Duncan
Austin Duncan Mês atrás
Fantastic Idea.
Sweet Archangel
Sweet Archangel Mês atrás
Either get your friends and or Patreons to pick out cosplays for you. Love this series. Daughter and I recognised Chuuya pretty much right away. If the clothes were ther right size and you had a better wig, it would have looked heaps better.
آشپزی(Rozien) Mês atrás
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Mês atrás
same room with a screen between so you can joke around with your competitor. You can even make themed episodes. Thanks Connor!
GingerDaemon Mês atrás
connor you dont need to escalate the series every time, i just love watching you wear bad cosplays and sometimes thats enough, like you doing the impressions, critiquing the cosplay are all amusing and i have watched every single one of them LOL
Nightshade Citystead
I agree with everyone else. You really don't need to constantly make "better" content. Keep doing what you like to do. If you, yourself, are tired of the cosplay videos, just don't do them, but if that reason is because you don't think you can make them "better," then maybe you should sit down and make a list of pros and cons, and use that to decide if you should keep doing them. But your audience loves these videos and we think you should keep doing them.
Raven Neck 103
Raven Neck 103 Mês atrás
To take this series further, I think a cosplay competition could be fun, where you get multiple people all with the same outfit and accessories, and see who can pull it off the best with a set amount of setup time. It would also be cool to see you creating a cosplay from scratch, but that also seems super time consuming.
Evanit0 Mês atrás
Like this video so Connor doesn't fire me. Even if it may be the last Cosplay video ever, this was the most fun I ever had 🥺
Danthiel Mês atrás
Haha 😂 Evan
tityanya Mês atrás
I love you as editor, Evan!
399-CY Mês atrás
EVAN!! The edit was amazing and I love seeing the bits you do :D
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Mês atrás
Ahh it's been so long
AndyJapandy Mês atrás
I just love that you put in the old CDawgVA intro! I missed it!
I feel like you could continue the series by doing themed cosplays like 'shonen anime protagonists', 'cosplaying anime characters that are British', 'lolita cosplay'
Hangry Mês atrás
You know, I just bought my male friend a pink frilly maid outfit for $25, and after watching this video I no longer feel like a disappointment. 10/10.
RedTempest Mês atrás
Hey connor I love this series, so I'm happy to try and help. Here are some of my ideas for this series: - Costume battles with other people (like, who bought the best costume, who wears it the best, and who looks the most like the person). You can also do a lot of different themes and battles, like price points, specific anime series, etc etc - Costume switching, kind of like the previous idea but you prepare the cosplay for the other person! - Wearing Cosplays in public, like in fun places then doing something there. Something like wearing a ghost outfit in an abandoned factor, and then playing hide and seek. Or wearing a kimono and trying out Nichibu dancing (it's a bit of combo of other stuff you already do).
Eggie Sama
Eggie Sama Mês atrás
I love how connor uses quotation marks for "Cosplays" when they cost 100 dollars, more than what most cosplays spend on one actual outfit
KaggyFilms (Alejandro Saab)
Make a competition with friends. 3 dress up. 2 judges. Judges pick a winner of the round. Winner at the end gets... uh... SOMETHING. Set price limitations and rules. If two folks cosplay the same character, the third gets the point. And then eventually, do a discord cosplay competition, where you judge fans, and then you give the winner of that a prize. IDK! Good video!!
inscribed Mês atrás
@Barium Selenided budget is a must. Maybe they pick characters blindly out of a hat too
Barium Selenided
Barium Selenided Mês atrás
Competitors could be given a budget, a time limit, or both. They can buy either a knock off or materials to make it themselves
Pandas Should Be Angrier
a cosplay version of their figurine videos would actually be hilarious
johnny elkins
johnny elkins Mês atrás
@-Jess Teague- mate my "Friends" would bring a pair of thongs and say here is your cosplay. So then i would shave my legs grab a sword next to me and say "By the power of Greyskull"
-Jess Teague-
-Jess Teague- Mês atrás
Maybe ask your friends to chose your cosplay for you? Then you don't know what you've ordered and it up to them to decide if it's good?
Kia 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
The chaos, the banter, and the constant ripping of ill-fitted cosplays. This is absolutely fabulous lol
c m
c m Mês atrás
@OP - 💀
OP Mês atrás
The bots are developing thoughts and tastes. Great Heavens!
KT G Mês atrás
If he gets Emily to be a judge again he should get a Genshin cosplay 😂
FatCats Mês atrás
The ripping of every small cosplay will always be hilarious to me, I love how in every cosplay video his ass doesn't fit any pair of pants he buys. Maybe that's why he likes skirts😂😂😂
Wazxan Mês atrás
Emily: “that wig is disgusting” Connor: **silent af** Emily & Daidus: **staring at Connor with a slight smile**
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
You don’t have to make it funnier we love to see you suffer so much 🥰
Seohn Aranys
Seohn Aranys 27 dias atrás
Each new costume is its own improvement. What you do in this series works as is. Seeing what costume is next is what makes it great. If you did want to add to it. Perhaps toss in the extremely obscure background or one-off comedy skit characters but don't tell who it is in the video. Let people try to figure it out or guess who it is or put the answer in the description.
Tsuki Hime
Tsuki Hime Mês atrás
Suggestion for the next "Connor buys cheap cosplays" could be "cheap vs expensive cosplays" the guest judges could try to guess which is the cheap and which is the expensive one
John Bluefi
John Bluefi Mês atrás
I died of laughter when I realized that Connor doesn't actually know how to use suspenders 🤣
jd fmkd
jd fmkd 19 dias atrás
Za6 de la la de
Zebraxell Mês atrás
LizardQueen 27
LizardQueen 27 Mês atrás
I feel like Emily is the friend who be really harsh because they want you to keep from doing stupid shit, and Daidus is the friend who will keep encouraging you to see how far you're willing to take stupid shit.
Ballowax 2002
Ballowax 2002 Mês atrás
That's why they're dating:D
Belckroz Mês atrás
@Mi it's a smart bot it's learning
big ol’ mEss
big ol’ mEss Mês atrás
ong ☠️☠️
Mi Mês atrás
@The Templeton yea I guess but the “fr” is throwing me off
The Templeton
The Templeton Mês atrás
@Mi nah man it ain't a virus it's just a bot
Efreeti 28 dias atrás
The last one was actually my favourite one. I think it looked the most faithful to the character.
theSketchisthb 7 dias atrás
This is the series that got me watching your channel! You can't improve perfection! The only thing I could suggest was that someone else buys the cosplay and you have to guess what it is? They are absolutely always worth the wait.
Lydia1223 Mês atrás
Please keep making more of these, they are amazing. This CAN'T be the last one.
Laura Hamm
Laura Hamm Mês atrás
$100 is a pretty good cap. I really enjoyed this series over the years and am okay if you think it's time to finish it. I also thought Chuuya was Ron until you added the hat 😆
Teah Peterson
Teah Peterson Mês atrás
It’s so weird matching Emily and Daidus’s voices to their faces 😆 I’m so used to just the voice with the animation
Alpha Zion
Alpha Zion Mês atrás
This is my favorite video series hands down. I would personally love to see you not only try to do really good cosplay like the Shinji one but maybe choose a character and do a few different levels of cosplay for the one character. There are so many fun opportunities. You can try to make yourself look more like the character with makeup or maybe you can take one of these cosplays out for a spin around town or at a con. The options are endless but either way I hope to see more!
Spicy GamerTag93
Spicy GamerTag93 Mês atrás
These cosplay videos consistently make my day, even if I rewatch old ones, I hope you make more and bring the series back. Amazing video :)
Queen Penguin56
Queen Penguin56 Mês atrás
This is a great series keep it going! Maybe as an idea let your patrons or friends order things for you so that even you are absolutely surprised on what you will be trying on.
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 29 dias atrás
I'm so happy you finally did a Chuuya cosplay!!! I love Chuuya. Bungou Stray Dogs is one of my favourite anime!!!
Deth (HoloEn's 1st Apostle and Protector)
These cosplay vids is good as it is, its honestly one of my favorites. You dont have to make it better its already so entertaining
Tammy Mckeown
Tammy Mckeown Mês atrás
Hi Connor, just letting you know. Please keep doing continue this series. It so funny, and it's actually fun. I like you give your best. So please don't end it. It's the best series in your channel.
Sarvika Singh
Sarvika Singh Mês atrás
I really love your videos like this. It's funny watching you struggle to put on your cosplay outfits. 🤣 I think maybe you (CDawg) should do a who wears the cosplay the best using the same amount of money. It will be funny to see if someone else can wear these cosplay better than you Connor.
jim kef
jim kef Mês atrás
i've got an idea, let your guests order the cosplays without telling you what they are, there's a good chance they'll just order a bunch of monkey costumes but it might be fun
penelope hamato
penelope hamato Mês atrás
Ok but hat cld b fun too; just lke a whole episode of the best monkey costume and someone makes him dress as diddy kong
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Mês atrás
That could be pretty fun XD
Xiara Gonzalez
Xiara Gonzalez Mês atrás
Personally I love these videos 🖤I really hope you continue to make them , if not it was a really fun series :))) i would say to improve them maybe try making skits with the cosplays like short skits with friends
Kristine T
Kristine T Mês atrás
Love this series! I like it because its so cringe but lowkey what everyone wants to do when going to anime events. New ideas 1) Read iconic lines from the anime/character + have judges do the script too 2) Do reviews from certain cosplay websites 3) Do fan upvoted cosplays!
Deborah Cheong
Deborah Cheong Mês atrás
what about getting professional cosplayers as guests, giving them a cheap cosplay, and within a certain time limit and their own personal resources, see how well they can transform it? or alternatively, let professional cosplayers go through all your cheap cosplays, let them mix and match certain pieces to make a better costume?
Owls_Queen Mês atrás
We all love the cosplay videos just like they are!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Richard Landgraf
Richard Landgraf Mês atrás
Turn this series into a competition. You and a guest are given a list of the same 10 characters and a budget of $1000, you both order cosplays separately and can prioritize more of the budget to different characters. You're then judged as the same character simultaneously. Whoever gets the most points wins. Sudden death tie could be determined by a diy cosplay made from your entire collection.
آشپزی(Rozien) Mês atrás
SuperXY Mês atrás
Good Idea
Robert John Pecayo
Robert John Pecayo Mês atrás
gigabrain idea
eddy zagan
eddy zagan Mês atrás
yeah good idea
Volvagia´s Blaze
Volvagia´s Blaze Mês atrás
i'd love to see him doing a variation of this with Kson. because she can sew and does cosplay stuff all the time he can get the $1000 dollar budget and she gets $100.
TheThrill007 Mês atrás
I forgot how much I love this series. Keep it coming!
Virág 8 dias atrás
Would love to see more of this series. Would be interesting to see $ 200 cosplay and then compare them with commisioned ones, like from people who already make cosplays and maybe who don't make cosplays, but do make commisioned pieces. : )
diddely squat
diddely squat Mês atrás
11:33 Connor being exhausted from trying on cosplays is me at any minor clothing inconvenience 🤣
toms grexit
toms grexit Mês atrás
These are amazing and never fail to make me smile, so I'd say you've got a good thing going!!
TJ Toons
TJ Toons Mês atrás
Even tho it’s not perfect, I always enjoyed watching you put your humor into all the character impressions u did while wearing the cosplay. Perhaps you could do the cosplay videos in a similar format as your crane game videos - like a competition. So how it would look like is you’d still have judges and u’d be going against any willing participants you’d be equally down to put on cheap cosplays, and maybe add a bit of voice acting spice into it and really tap into the character acting part. At the end u can ask who the viewers thought should have won. Hope this helps!
Judah Ltd
Judah Ltd Mês atrás
I'd love to see that! We can see Sydney bring on some of her budget cosplays and aki doing more "terrible" budget cosplays!
AVA Art Mês atrás
That is a great idea
mikachu_thunder Mês atrás
Hey TJ :D
Alejandro Mês atrás
Yeah that’s what I was thinking. They both buy the cosplays and then see who fits it better
Tea Mr
Tea Mr Mês atrás
Why are you here tj🤪
AmboraStalis Mês atrás
Wonderful video. Some moments were so unexpected that they made me choke on my water instead of comedically spittaking it. My floor is now soaked. Nearly ended up throwing up on my computer from all the liquid in my lungs, which I think is a sign of just how high quality your content is! Thanks, Connor!
YT HaremKing
YT HaremKing Mês atrás
Plz don’t end this series I absolutely love it and it gives me a good laugh man😂
Faz Mês atrás
It'd be awesome to see this turned into like a competition, where you and a friend choose a character and a budget and try to find the best cosplays you can, and then invite a few friends to judge. It'd be funny to have Mouse judge your cosplays-
pastel angel
pastel angel Mês atrás
you look awesome conner. Keep it up, you bring laughter to my everyday life
cpMetis Mês atrás
PROPOSAL FOR SERIES FINALE: One cosplay at each cost, but you don't reveal which is which cost. Make it a "gameshow" with all your guests trying to figure it out for points.
Kurtis Mês atrás Finally it's here. *Yes*
Kusukusu Monster
Kusukusu Monster Mês atrás
What if, to keep the series going and to make it more interesting, you also have to go and do your best to photo shoot your cosplay and make it look as well done as you possibly can. Especially since this might be something that you aren't super used to doing and have a new thing to improve and get better on as you go down the line.
sukuna ryumen
sukuna ryumen Mês atrás
Please keep making more of these Don't let this series die
DeltaFrost117 Dia atrás
Actually quite impressed with the dedication of Evan to go out and buy that minecraft outfit for a 2 second (if that) joke in this video that's not even on his channel.
Gigits27 21 dia atrás
I'd love to see a cheap cosplay contest with the TT crew. Judged by like Syd and Aki or something.
Smallgremlin Gremlin
We can never have enough Evan cameos! If he comes to Japan some day Connor needs to do a video with him
Joar Mês atrás
Evan is the man!
Nour Muhsen
Nour Muhsen Mês atrás
Yeah Evan is such an essential part of these videos. Though Connor forgot to add him in the description lol.
Kurtis Mês atrás Finally its here. *Yes*
Rory wants cookies
Rory wants cookies Mês atrás
These videos always reminds me of why I make all of my cosplays myself. The time u got the real professionals do the cosplay for you was entertaining so maybe u could do those more🤔
Fred the Fish
Fred the Fish Mês atrás
Gotta say, I think I like Evan's editing style more.
spreest Mês atrás
I don't think perfection can be improved, Connor. This series is so funny as is and trying to figure out the character as you're getting dressed is a fun little game. Evan's editing is always on point too.
Helen Morales
Helen Morales Mês atrás
I just love this series, it’s really fun to watch
omfgBlondie Mês atrás
I did not realize how much I had missed Evan's self-inserts.
Dinir Nertan
Dinir Nertan Mês atrás
It was a great MC cosplay to rival with
just i c e
just i c e Mês atrás
just i c e
just i c e Mês atrás Finally it's here. *Yes*
Zarsas Mês atrás
i just currently found your channel and am binge watching it ever since :D love your content, keep up the good work!
Rae Mês atrás
Nooo don't end the series! I love watching you put on bad cosplays of fan-favorite characters, it's so fun to watch! I already think this series is perfect the way it is, but I've seen some great suggestions from other commenters, so I'm hoping some of them will inspire you to continue your cosplay journey!
Hal Nyx
Hal Nyx Mês atrás
Oh tbh I still get a kick when you do these kind of videos. 😂 The more authentic your reaction is the better. And I think maybe you should try to focus this type of series as a means of helping people in a way; specifically those who cosplay or are looking to cosplay in the future. Maybe you should compare certain places like professional cosplay providers vs. Small but professional/new independent shops (i.e. Etsy, Shopify stores, etc.) vs. cheap knock offs (i.e. Wish, eBay, etc.). You'd be helping people wanting to get a good deal online, AND helping new small businesses gain a following of buyers because of your channel. And perhaps you could add more props, as I'm sure people are wanting to get a hold of those; particularly because there are multiple rules, regulations, and such that they want to pass during con seasons.
火星イスクラ Mês atrás
First of all! THIS WAS SO TOTALY WORTH IT :) Thank you. How to improve...really the reactions from your friends help a lot. So get different guests? Also maybe colab with people that would know about the the last cosplay, maybe contact a professional fashion historian. Find a gothic lolita expert for Misa's costume. I think the juxtaposition of how it would be done well vs the online stuff would be very interesting. Plus I'd love to see how Bernadette Banner would put you in a well made historical accurate corset.
Matt Mês atrás
I love these videos, please keep doing them they are hilarious!
Bennie Grundlingh
Bennie Grundlingh 26 dias atrás
To keep the series alive the judges need to pick an outfit you take out into public!
Old Man Sin
Old Man Sin Mês atrás
It's entertaining in the nature of it; it's a react series, really, and the subsequent interactions with those reacting. Doing this with Ironmouse, Nyanners, Aethel, etc. would be good, especially if instead of going for specific price targets you found cheap VTuber cosplays. Also, having a react with Kaho and another professional cosplayer so they can see some of the things being sold as cosplays could be a different avenue.
Sarge890 Mês atrás
Does the series really have to improve much more if it is already so good? I like the idea that as all your other content across your channels changes over time, this remains consistent and really doesn't need to improve or be anything else :)
Grave Tiger
Grave Tiger Mês atrás
NOOOOO don't end the series!!! These are my favorite!!!!! You don't have to 'up it' or anything because most of the fun are the cosplays themselves!! Chuuya was so good and so bad and it was fantastic XD If you really want to do something a little different, you could try '$30 at the thrift shore' versions
dragonslayr01 Mês atrás
Emily An
Emily An Mês atrás
I don’t know how to feel about one of my favorite characters finally getting cosplayed by Connor, but it was a bit of a beauty to witness when he dressed as Chuuya
Poke-talia Mês atrás
I enjoy these videos as is with them showing up every now and then. It's like a treat, lol. I can understand your concerns about how to improve them if you were to continue. But if you decide to do another one, it could be interesting if you got cosplays of characters from lesser known series. For example, I would love to see you cosplay as Hans Humpty or really any of the characters from Rokka No Yuusha. (Braves of the Six Flowers)
Teenskater Mês atrás
Please continue making these, they are so funny! You don't need to improve anything.
Here is a human
Here is a human Mês atrás
I doubt you'll see this, but I wanted to say you look great. Obviously what matters the most is how YOU feel about your own body. I just know it's nice to hear sometimes, especially when you're feeling a little down or embarrassed. Everyone gets at least a little extra chub sometimes (Myself, I get it all the time lol). It's nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't make you ugly. You're a very handsome fellow and not working out for a bit won't change that ^^
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Connor: Dresses as Lady Dimitrescu You either love the mommies or you live long enough to become the mommies...
crescent coop
crescent coop Mês atrás
two ideas to help this series: 1) have your friends pick out the cosplays/they give you a character archetype to cosplay as 2) make it a challenge- everyone has a budget and free range of walmart, target, party city, other stores, and you have a week or so to make a budget cosplay. there could be challenges and consequences if they lose
Scorpionstrike7 Mês atrás
I love that second idea
Just Ya Boi Connor
Just Ya Boi Connor Mês atrás
I was thinking the first one but that second one is Noice I approve of this 👌
Zen Pie
Zen Pie Mês atrás
I’d also see someone partner up to „fix“ the cosplay with make up and some work on the wig in like half an hour.
eric23443219091 Mês atrás
GBMoD Mês atrás
its all fun and games till he invites someone like KSON to make their own cosplay
Joey Mangan
Joey Mangan Mês atrás
Always one of the best series for its down to earth and less polished nature. Continue doing what you feel creatively moved to do tho bro
foxotic Mês atrás
thank you for making this educational content. I learned where to not spend my money. you've saved me hundreds
A T.
A T. Mês atrás
Noooooo you don’t need to do more or better! I LOVE your cosplay series, (and your Yaoi reading btw) just you fighting everything and really going for it, makes me laugh so much! You’re already amazing, I really hope you won’t end this series
Cr0wd Mês atrás
I don't know what you mean. I laughed my ass off. I really had a great time watching this video. So thank you. Unfortunetely I don't have any ideas on how to make this format better.
SaffronRice 19 dias atrás
YOOO dude I asked for a Chuuya cosplay MONTHS ago and somehow he’s done one now! That was priceless, they couldn’t even tell who the character was lol.
jasmyn martinez
jasmyn martinez 16 dias atrás
My favorite was the demon slayer one just because I burst out laughing when I saw the wig. Video idea for the cosplay videos this is honestly my favorite series you do I’m always laughing but an idea I’m going to pitch is maybe try and do a diy cosplay with a budget/ what you have to see how close you could get to the characters your going for.
Emily An
Emily An Mês atrás
I always love thinking about how funny it is they are sitting just one room over and they can hear Connor commenting on his costume before he shows it to them. 😂
JaL Mês atrás
keep doing these cosplay videos please. they are so entertaining
Tenshi Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate the editor for being such an amazing editor and making a amazing bit
Emily An
Emily An Mês atrás
lack of wigs 🤭. Thank you for making my day Connor! 🤗
KanameYuki Mês atrás
My favorite cosplay was Lady Dimitrescu! It was a fun surprise! Please do more cosplay videos, Connor!!! They are my favorite!
Oriana Mês atrás
I would like another one of these videos bc theyre somehow very entertaining. Maybe you should try doing actual good cosplay, or having guests cosplay with you. Or you could have a quiz where you dress up in cosplay and people have to guess what character you were or maybe other people order cosplay for you and you guess how much it costed etc.
Mario Brothers Fan 2
We’re just in the territory of “ *actually pretty damn decent* ” cosplays now
Stephanie Roland
Stephanie Roland Mês atrás
I love the edited dynamic between Connor and Evan.
Lina Mês atrás
Conner: “close your eyes” Emily: “believe me I would keep them closed if I could”
gyummii3 Mês atrás
I read this as she said it💀
Caramell Dansen
Caramell Dansen Mês atrás
Anime Kitty
Anime Kitty Mês atrás
Always love this series and in my opinion U don't even have to try to be funny Ur energy is enough to brighten anyone's day
DJ Humphrys
DJ Humphrys Mês atrás
There is no need for improvement, this series is perfection, I could watch a channel dedicated to this beauty
Shanella James
Shanella James Mês atrás
Thank you. This made my day and your commentary was lovely
history of the entire world, i guess
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