I Became A Criminal But Was Suddenly Caught

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This is Fred. He will tell you a story about crime and punishment. He is actually a good boy, but once he became a criminal and he is not proud of it.
At school he made friends with a group of very cool guys. There were four of them, they all made friends since early childhood and he trusted them blindly. At some point as they were growing life didn’t seem thrilling enough anymore. They were trying to invent themselves some dangerous activities - from parkour to extreme acrobatics but it wasn’t what they needed. After some thought they came out with a brilliant idea - shoplifting! This thing is really dangerous if you get caught and as they read in the internet can even make an antiglobal statement which is kind of cool.
They started with small things like stealing a chocolate bar or a coke bottle. They did it in a group trying various schemes - someone always distracting supermarket staff and other stealing. They browsed specialized forums and found out there was an entire shoplifters’ community with elaborate techniques of stealing more expensive stuff. It was more like a sport. Thus their actions became more elaborate. They didn’t do it for money - they had enough pocket money from their parents. They did it for fun and adrenaline.
In a couple of months they became professionals sometimes carrying out kilograms of expensive food and drinks from big supermarkets of their city. Fred will not explain the whole technology to you - it isn’t right. But point is that you can do it successfully only if you are sure that your back is fully covered by your mates and you work as a team. They were quite successful but the rule of life is that sooner or later you would be caught anyway. They didn’t realize it at the time.
That day came unexpectedly. They were at a supermarket at a big mall. It was Fred’s turn to get the food while his friends distracted the security. Till now Fred is not sure what he did wrong; point is that he was noticed. He put all the stolen products into his big jacket and accompanied by his team went towards the exit where he was stopped by a security guard who asked him to unzip his jacket. Fred felt thunderstruck… and all his feeling of safety went away as he saw all three of his friends running away from him as far as they could.
Fred is not sure what he would do if he were them but probably he would remain because he still believes in collective responsibility. He was standing in front of the guard, unzipping his jacket and feeling that everybody was looking at him. He was ready to melt into the ground of shame. The security took Fred into his back office and asked him, why he stole food, if he was in need or hungry. All of a sudden Fred understood that shoplifting wasn’t cool at all in it was enough extreme for him for the time being.He just fell into tears instead of answering.
The security guy was very nice and agreed not to call the police if Fred promised to give up. He had to call Fred’s parents though who came there absolutely furious and dragged Fred home. It took some time to convince them he was really sorry and that he learned his lesson. The sad part was that he understood that he couldn’t hang out with his friends anymore as he couldn’t forget their turning their backs on him and leaving him alone. He never spoke to them ever since. So his advice to anyone is to think twice before you are going to do something illegal for cheap thrills - it can backfire horribly.

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Joel Miranda
Joel Miranda 4 dias atrás
patel deepak
patel deepak 7 dias atrás
That is so shamafulllllll
Brian Custodio
Brian Custodio 23 dias atrás
I was stealing from school but one day when I was in the cafeteria I had my jacket on when no one was looking I stuffed a bag of chips in my jacket when I was ready to sit down the cashier spotted the chips and I got detention
Saeed Elhage
Saeed Elhage 23 dias atrás
I stole a water boter dit not get caught so many in 1518
Siham Abdi
Siham Abdi 25 dias atrás
ACTUALLY HAPPENED don't Be a Catfish
Low Boying
Low Boying 4 horas atrás
In my experience I forgot I was holding a candy bar in my hand until I got home and just realize it so I came back to the store and paid for its only 10 minute walk 20 minute total in coming and leaving
Cayleigh Victoria
Cayleigh Victoria 4 horas atrás
wait how i got my first period a little earlier than I though age of 10
Suvra Sarker
Suvra Sarker 5 horas atrás
I actually almost shoplifted but guess what stopped me ? My mum
Aj Alea
Aj Alea 8 horas atrás
Do you really have a black freind
Mengjiao Chen
Mengjiao Chen 9 horas atrás
2:22 is me when the dude next to me farts and 3:15 is me doing the hype
Fazbear Fright Fan
Fazbear Fright Fan 9 horas atrás
I took a bouncy ball from a family restaurant. It was on the floor under a bouncy ball machine.
morning works
morning works 9 horas atrás
I got hit I'm the face then went to then the teacher said that I was fakeing
electro spider
electro spider 10 horas atrás
wassted sound
Raman 12 horas atrás
if i was the security guard or police officer (btw im gonna be police officer when im 18) i would arrest him
Raman 12 horas atrás
if i was the security guard or police officer (btw im gonna be police officer when im 18) i would arrest him
Rex The alligator
Rex The alligator 12 horas atrás
2:12 I would have ran to
Rex The alligator
Rex The alligator 12 horas atrás
TURTLE MAN 13 horas atrás
I stole a toy from my book fair and felt like a professional
Jedi Killer
Jedi Killer 13 horas atrás
Oh yes of course shoplifting is a great idea
Nathaniel Capitano
Nathaniel Capitano 14 horas atrás
Thieves guild
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez 14 horas atrás
I like selling I might go do it right now
Official_Veuna G
Official_Veuna G 15 horas atrás
That’s just bad I hope the boy really Learned his lesson.
Jeremiah Fields
Jeremiah Fields 17 horas atrás
That's true when u start early u end up being a big one
Gamer HHB
Gamer HHB 18 horas atrás
Never steal!!!! That's a bad thing. And please never play with your life!
Sarah Mercer 66 (STUDENT)
These videos are so addicting!!
SnakesORshakes _stks
That gta Sound effect xD
Jshshdkqjj Iskfifuiss
GTA 5 in real life
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Dia atrás
*Mission Failed*
feli gomanto
feli gomanto Dia atrás
- X
- X Dia atrás
Shoplifting isn’t a crime, it’s a misdemeanor and not really “ dangerous “
Handsome Birb Potato
*_where did you disapper?_*
Red Roses
Red Roses Dia atrás
Better believe it
Handsome Birb Potato
are we gonna ignore the fact that the officer looks like The Rock?
Pikmin Bros
Pikmin Bros Dia atrás
Is it natural to feel like you have nothing left to do in life
Video Games
Video Games Dia atrás
They only left because you got caught and why should they get caught because you got caught
Jazi Soza
Jazi Soza Dia atrás
Each like I'll add a shopping bag 🛍
CheyKat Galaxy
CheyKat Galaxy Dia atrás
Once I ate a 5¢ piece of gum from 5 below...
Michelle Oconnor
Michelle Oconnor Dia atrás
1:59 Fred: I'm not sure what I did wrong 2:03 Me : hmmmmm, I wonder what(sarcasm)
Gabrielius Kačinskas
0:12 is that Franklin from GTA V?
Pixie Fru Fru
Pixie Fru Fru Dia atrás
" *once i was a good boy* "
TheChenus Dia atrás
For everylike I will add a 🐶
ZIKman Gt
ZIKman Gt Dia atrás
My friend stole 23 chocolate bars and we told my teacher HE GOT BUSTED
Fernanda Cervantes
I got caught by stealing my mom's makeup...
Rigo  Jr
Rigo Jr Dia atrás
He shouldn't be mad at his friends he's the one who decided to shoplift his friends didn't force him to do it
Issy Dia atrás
Dumbass, u go in the store looking normal and walked out looking 3x the size u came It’s good u got caught tbh that’s so obviously I’m surprised u didn’t even think of it
Sophie GreenWald
Sophie GreenWald Dia atrás
My english is so bad, sorry, I don't speak English. Actually, I had a friend who liked to steal things. That friend wasn't a boy, it was a girl. And everyday when we went outside to the lake, the place where my group like to go in summer, she asked everyone if they are hungry or things like that. My friends told her everytime that they want something and that girl made a list with things and go to the mall to bring those things. For a month I didn't ate anything at home. All the time I ate outside with my friends a lot of snack like: Starbucks, sandwiches, chocolate, energy drinks, lollipops....but, one day in August, that girl went to the mall with one of my best friends. That girl, logic, got a lot of energy drinks and even a audio speaker from a expensive brand in her backpack. But when that girl and my friend tried to get out a security guard caught them. I remember that was a very complicated day, because they need money to buy the things they stolen but they didn't have. It was hard. But when they finally get out, the security guard didn't called they parents, that girl started to cry and shout mean things because she was nervous because she was caught. But my best friend started to cry too, even if she didn't steal anything, just because she was so scared. And, seeing how they react I realised that there are so my tipes of people in the world.
Ammar Arshad
Ammar Arshad Dia atrás
I shoplifted an entire shop Then i woke up :C
Your mum finna gay
Your mum finna gay 2 dias atrás
We used to go to backstreets and search through bins until we found needles and drugs. We'd then take them.
Juno Okubo
Juno Okubo 2 dias atrás
This looks suspiciously like Storybooth’s art style.
Gabriella Garcia
Gabriella Garcia 2 dias atrás
I done this before I stole a small candy but I did not get caught and I never done it again I did it when I was 9 tho
Just Aizel
Just Aizel 2 dias atrás
Yes you are right we Will get caught IM stealing money from my family and I Got caught
kelvin Mentos
kelvin Mentos 2 dias atrás
i used to be the baddest kid inshcool i started fights and riots and almost got suspended so I stoped being bad.
ethan pelletier
ethan pelletier 2 dias atrás
i stole a pack of gummy bears and i dint get caught
Keurlock 2 dias atrás
We came out with a *BRilLIaNt iDeA* Fred: *SHoPliFtInG* 😀
Keurlock 2 dias atrás
I made friends with a group of *VeRy COol gUys*
Jahseh Forever
Jahseh Forever 2 dias atrás
Each like I will add a family member. (Lets make a big happy family)-👶
Alphys 2 dias atrás
My ex boyfriend shoplift and i broke up with him on the spot.
The Blue Rifle 2k6
The Blue Rifle 2k6 2 dias atrás
0:29 marcus + franklin =
ImNoobyAndIAm -Gaming
ImNoobyAndIAm -Gaming 2 dias atrás
kurtandre.sitchon Protocol
Idk why the guy is blushing on the thumbnail.
My life is a meme
My life is a meme 3 dias atrás
1:45 wasted
saiba adnan
saiba adnan 3 dias atrás
He looks like clay
spy glass
spy glass 3 dias atrás
I was at a mall here in dubai…… that time I was only 6 or 7....I was obsessed with makeup and fashion was my favourite..I never had any at that time...….so my mom was in the dress section looking for some outfits..while I sneaked from her to the WORLD OF MAKEUP AT THAT STORE they had a huuuuuggggee collection...they also had some kept open so the buyers can try...…...I tried on a loooot of products(actually the makeup staff standing there did 4 me)and then this staff there was looking at the mirror there styling her face....where I was stealing products...I could see her at the corner of my eye..and I sneaked 3 lipcolours 1 illume powder...I never knew what those stuff was...any ways I have those stuff still untouched now...………………………..
Cra xis
Cra xis 3 dias atrás
Criminal means when you kill someone. He didn't killed no one lol
Santiago Maldonado
Santiago Maldonado 3 dias atrás
My story is I pooped my pants and my mom was mad at me and ran away now I’m adopted
Carmen Licea
Carmen Licea 3 dias atrás
PIXEL GUN 3D PRO 3 dias atrás
One time I stole a free salt packet
V1rtu4ll / Virtual
V1rtu4ll / Virtual 3 dias atrás
where did you disapper 0:58
TheNatuGuy 100
TheNatuGuy 100 3 dias atrás
"Where did you dissaper?"
Honey Kakes
Honey Kakes 3 dias atrás
Your a good kid, Fred. Stay that way.😇
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez 4 dias atrás
I got couht one time
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez 4 dias atrás
Your not cool you nigga and a fuccin wite boy
Renaldo Belugino
Renaldo Belugino 4 dias atrás
2:18 there's a fable called 'the two travelers and the bear's the two travelers were walking in the forest. A bear was coming. one traveler climbed a tree. the other couden't climb so layed flat on the ground pretending to be dead. the bear sniffed the traveler that was on the ground and went on the the traveler came down from the tree. he asked him jokingly "did the bear whisper anything to u"?"yes, he said to never travel with somebody who leaves U in danger
iiFrozen Maxii
iiFrozen Maxii 4 dias atrás
2:45 that man is making me dead laugh
Kain Weir
Kain Weir 4 dias atrás
What’s the community of shoplifters website? Uh... for a friend
monster 45678
monster 45678 4 dias atrás
Dont press
XxGuest 1278xX XD Pleb
I stole a BALL where Im 3
Cassie Stephenson
Cassie Stephenson 5 dias atrás
I got caught stealing. I gave up the last object I stole and still walked out with over $100 worth of stuff. I never done it since.
Irreleventboy Playz
Irreleventboy Playz 5 dias atrás
If I steal snacks from my school lunch does it count as shoplifting 🤔
TarantulaAJ 5 dias atrás
I'm a bad kid
Yasira Delgado
Yasira Delgado 5 dias atrás
This story remindme of a story of a book (at the end)
Julissa Adam
Julissa Adam 5 dias atrás
I shoplifted once at my school canteen
Amalio 5 dias atrás
When kids play too much GTA
Mat Broadcast
Mat Broadcast 5 dias atrás
Seriously big supermarket
Sarah Abbas
Sarah Abbas 5 dias atrás
real friends help you
I like memes
I like memes 6 dias atrás
If you want adrenaline.... *jump off the second step from the ground*
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez 6 dias atrás
Koi's Kandy Review
Koi's Kandy Review 6 dias atrás
Dem double chins ON POINT!
over900Aayan 6 dias atrás
FIRST name LAST name
FIRST name LAST name 6 dias atrás
Payday 3 looks promising
dalussioun austin
dalussioun austin 6 dias atrás
Well you got caught to times because a cop is watching
MeGrandmAWasHere 6 dias atrás
Next video: I ate food, AND I HAD TO BITE DOWN!
lilywann smooth criminal
How did you not feel bad about it when u were doin it
Legendary Youtuber
Legendary Youtuber 6 dias atrás
1:59 shoplift
YOAN 6 dias atrás
Lol u did the GTA V meme????
Homie Playtime The hater slayer
Your creepy
Rio Ferdinan
Rio Ferdinan 7 dias atrás
If you to much to stealing you gonna get realy much SINS
BTS! Got7 Twice Blckpink Kpop!!
I Shoplifted A Bar Of Chocolate Once And I FELT **DEVASTATED** FOR THE GREAT SIN I HAVE DONE
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Dia atrás
Soooo Did u get caugt yep
Mirela Kinney
Mirela Kinney 7 dias atrás
I'd punch yo face I'd make u homeless
Mirela Kinney
Mirela Kinney 7 dias atrás
music girl
music girl 7 dias atrás
If you like this comment I'll add a 😊
Tomato Dude
Tomato Dude 7 dias atrás
I Is I
This Guy
This Guy 8 dias atrás
People sometimes though doing bad things is cool. Well, it is not.
[__SUMKEK__] 8 dias atrás
R/ shoplifting:D
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