I Beat Fundy's NEW "IMPOSSIBLE" Difficulty in Minecraft (first try)

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I Beat Fundy's NEW IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft on my first try! Fundy's Impossible Mode is too easy! About a week ago I made a video "I Beat Minecraft on Impossible Difficulty", the new difficulty in Minecraft created by Fundy. Since then Fundy has created a NEW Impossible++ difficulty for minecraft and claims it is ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! However I managed to beat it first try! That's right wadzee beat the impossible difficulty in minecraft AGAIN!

This is a plugin that makes minecraft EVEN HARDER! Today I decided to take on fundy's challenge AGAIN and beat the "impossible" once again!! If you guys want to see more impossible minecraft challenge videos make sure to subscribe!

Fundy's Minecraft Impossible++ Difficulty:

Check out the video above to find out how to try Fundy's Minecraft Impossible Difficulty Mod for yourself!

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30 Jun 2020



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Comentários 18 198
WadZee Anos atrás
I lose game sound about half way through the video, my apologies, at least my voice is still there!
Mexican Dream
Mexican Dream 6 dias atrás
@Eric Ng ur not
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson 7 dias atrás
What about the vegetarian thing
Laura 7 dias atrás
I’m just imagining if Wadzee gets added to the dsmp and him and Fundy just immediately have a rivalry. So much shenanigans would ensue 😈
Iris Iris
Iris Iris 8 dias atrás
didn't even notice it!
еитiту 10 dias atrás
@Eric Ng wrong
Nancy Cardenas
Nancy Cardenas 10 minutos atrás
this is like a dream speedrun
FAchicken 3 horas atrás
Pro tip: when you need lava to make a portal, there is a lot of lava in the nether. (This is a joke btw)
Alma Roque
Alma Roque 9 horas atrás
Its bc you are so used to hardcore thats why
Jackson Nault
Jackson Nault 14 horas atrás
How did he slip on moss in the nether
Lord ShadowT
Lord ShadowT 16 horas atrás
Helpful Hint for trading: If you wanna trade alot of items, you don't need to click the Trade everytime. You can select the Trade with the Tab Key (The one with 2 Arrows pointing in different directions on the left side of your Keyboard), press Space to trade, shift the Emeralds (or whatever you wanna get) in your Inventory, press Space again to trade and so on. It's way easier than clicking the Trade. (You can press Space too, if you're holding Shift, so that's no problem) Hope, i can save some time for you while trading alot of sticks.
GPSN CBRO 17 horas atrás
I know how to make end fight even harder. To damage the dragon with a bow, u need the piercing enchantment which will also give a lot of debuffs and u need to find a book for it to get the enchantment 🙃
D K 21 hora atrás
yoo that riff when you got the flint & steel, what is that song? sounded pretty sick
Just4 Fun
Just4 Fun 22 horas atrás
You can't call it impossible if its beatable
Shiela Mae Quieta
Why dont you try the cursed difficulty from mysticat
Scratzee Dia atrás
Funny why don’t u just make to u walk u die
MR. Durp
MR. Durp Dia atrás
Pause this video and get water Me: n o
Shek Dia atrás
K I’m back, why is he at 3m instead of 100k
Sean SANto
Sean SANto Dia atrás
Is this the real fundy's difficulty ++ world?
janko feimann
janko feimann Dia atrás
but in the difficulty was much more of things
MOTOIN Wolf 2 dias atrás
14:23 just imagine your going to a Halloween party and then……
Vishal K
Vishal K 2 dias atrás
R u an Australian mate
Noodle_typhoon 2 dias atrás
Are mob generations in hardcore not like way worse. And maybe other things idk. So didn't he make it easier for himself by doing it in normal mode. I might be wrong, but I think that's called cheating. Plz correct me if I am wrong.
Midnight Ricochet
Midnight Ricochet 2 dias atrás
This is just Minecraft slowly getting more realistic Everytime wadzee beats the ender dragon and starts a new world (despite the pig thing)
monkeyboy1328 2 dias atrás
Dream be terrified right now
dimogorgos 2 dias atrás
Ruža Perkunić
Ruža Perkunić 2 dias atrás
I think WadZee cheatwd becouse inthe start when he said if i can just find village that will be perfect and then he was silent becouse he was climbing little mountain thing he just waited to see village and then he started talking(btw i really like WadZee and no hate but i just wanted to point it out)5:30
Ruža Perkunić
Ruža Perkunić 2 dias atrás
5:25 sorry mistake
ZED_OIX_YT 2 dias atrás
bro start a hardcore 100 days vedio with the impossible +++ 😊😎
Sebastian Pro Gaming
Sebastian Pro Gaming 2 dias atrás
TB 3 dias atrás
Impossible more like extra possible
the gamer
the gamer 3 dias atrás
Old wadzee i want him back
Qwzl 3 dias atrás
Fundy 1 week later be like: Minecraft but the ender dragons health covers your screen
Aeolian 3 dias atrás
5:03 that shipwreck...
Yeet Forever
Yeet Forever 3 dias atrás
The thing is no dimonds only iron and first try
Flamziro 4 dias atrás
assassins creed 2 music. ezio is a legend
Flamziro 4 dias atrás
on that water break he was not even drinking water look at his neck
AMOGUS 4 dias atrás
Dude you fricking killed him
Kiel Mallari
Kiel Mallari 4 dias atrás
WAIT A SECOND AT THAT LAST PART WHEN U KILL THE ENDER DRAGON IS THAT TAXI SIMULATOR 2 ROBLOX MUSIC Name is Fire_op432 I can send you tell you the name of the game u say oh u just drive and deliver customers and only upgrade is has so much more than that SO MUCH THAT I CANT SAY IT
#da boys Evan McEwan
#da boys Evan McEwan 4 dias atrás
Wait 3:10 am????!!!!!!
Ayden Harell
Ayden Harell 4 dias atrás
This is just real life
mistery 4 dias atrás
You cheated 7:15
what 4 dias atrás
What he cheated in
The PTFS Red Arrows
The PTFS Red Arrows 4 dias atrás
Its 3 am for me im not drinking water sry
Aidengines 4 dias atrás
You won another impossible difficulty? Prepare for disaster!
Ana Maria Ostermyer
Ana Maria Ostermyer 4 dias atrás
Stick Buildz
Stick Buildz 5 dias atrás
Ples shout out
big c minecraft
big c minecraft 5 dias atrás
i got soda not water is that ok?
Nobody 5 dias atrás
Fundy but it is controlled by dance moves? do it plz if you can get the mod or game mode and camera thing? If you don't want to do a body-cam with it you can just do the mincraft world?
Gogi Poggers
Gogi Poggers 5 dias atrás
Fundy: Here's the new imposibble+++Ultra Max Wadzee: Ez
Red 6 dias atrás
Next he should add dont eat raw food and that pets dog kill you and that when you touch cobbelstone you slip and drop all items
Max Imum
Max Imum 6 dias atrás
GG easy
Barbara Pfeil
Barbara Pfeil 6 dias atrás
CircleTheFloppa 6 dias atrás
7:59 bruh the gravel
RemiBuster17 6 dias atrás
Now there a new difficulty !!try it
DrHypnos 6 dias atrás
It’s just real life in Minecraft
meo meo
meo meo 6 dias atrás
I'm also sure that Wadzee is very good at Minecraft and he can beat this difficulty prove he is very good. But I'm kinda suspicious cuz at the start he want to do it inf lives but then he turns out want to beat it first try so he didn't change his heart to hardcore cuz he already create it and can't change it to hardcore anymore, so he still can die and then get the stuffs back and then cut it out of the video like nothing just happen. But he would lie for us for nothing and even if he beat it with inf lives it's still hard to beat so even IF he cheat, again, he's still very good cause he is able to win the game.
R Farrukh
R Farrukh 6 dias atrás
Wow you are god
Hades 7 dias atrás
How long you think this comment will exist for? A year 10 years A better question… how long will this comment be known and remembered for? How long will it take for this comment to be removed from your mind A minute 5 minutes Half an hour… How long will it take for a dumb comment to persist in your ever expanding mind?
Tik Tok Hub
Tik Tok Hub 7 dias atrás
*if your name contains the letter A appreciate the comment*
Blaze 7 dias atrás
Just press the bell, just press it-wadzee 2020
Acdc Trixer
Acdc Trixer 7 dias atrás
first u have to do is typing "/effect" "legit"
Aether 7 dias atrás
Aimbot skeles what was changed
Matt's Party
Matt's Party 8 dias atrás
I can’t believe that the first baby zombie wadzee sawhas a diamond chesplate
AnAloneGoose 7 dias atrás
Fundy made it so baby zombies spawn with armor, bit don't drop it
Sight Ultra
Sight Ultra 8 dias atrás
Wadzee 2050: i beat fundy's new Unbeatable×⁵⁰⁰ Difficulty
Chaos_Bright 8 dias atrás
Fundy's definition of impossible is very flawed.
XD Higgs
XD Higgs 8 dias atrás
The fact he didn’t even get diamond in any way
XD Higgs
XD Higgs 8 dias atrás
Did anyone else think the fire he edited was an effect
GalaxyGaming 8 dias atrás
Fundy : if you touch grass sand or stone you die
jlukauskis 8 dias atrás
if you cant break bedrock 2 times then you are noob lol
Glitchy HD
Glitchy HD 8 dias atrás
OMG! He is doing it ^•^
Soham Agarwal
Soham Agarwal 9 dias atrás
title is wrong it should be - 'I Beat Fundy's NEW "IMPOSSIBLE++" Difficulty in Minecraft (first try)
Lou Mot
Lou Mot 9 dias atrás
Thank u for the water check point
Birday Plays
Birday Plays 9 dias atrás
I love how he put water in the nether
Ahmet Halit Tekkoyun
Ahmet Halit Tekkoyun 9 dias atrás
Actually pigs are used to fuel
ron mcfart
ron mcfart 9 dias atrás
the ultimate " ez " flex
Pboy Gaming!
Pboy Gaming! 10 dias atrás
This is something I couldn't do if my life depended on it.
johnthan pepper
johnthan pepper 10 dias atrás
why no face cam when playing
johnthan pepper
johnthan pepper 10 dias atrás
villagers are creepy 6:54
woj woj play z
woj woj play z 11 dias atrás
Hey we got some sheeps
AGuyHere 11 dias atrás
its been 1 year and its still on my recommended page
tomzomatto 11 dias atrás
making pigs disappear is like chasing pigeons as a 4 year old also look at that face 21:10
Laponapo1 11 dias atrás
5:04 Is there a shipwreak?
Gamer Sharky
Gamer Sharky 12 dias atrás
Wadzee: beats minecraft in impossible++, me: dies in creative
AnAloneGoose 7 dias atrás
Kyle Spradlin
Kyle Spradlin 12 dias atrás
The final difficulty
Kyle Spradlin
Kyle Spradlin 12 dias atrás
You've activated Asian mode
Titan Dantdm
Titan Dantdm 12 dias atrás
i honestly thought this was a new one. FCK THE ALGORITHM
Daniel Hahn Conradsen
Daniel Hahn Conradsen 12 dias atrás
You can just see fundy becoming more and more desperate to make the impossible difficulty
Sanne van Vuuren
Sanne van Vuuren 12 dias atrás
Wow i am so dumb, i just realise... SYSTEMZEE AND WADZEE are the same haha
Abdelrahman Mohammed
Abdelrahman Mohammed 12 dias atrás
Weedzee no way beats mincraft biween lands
Abdelrahman Mohammed
Abdelrahman Mohammed 12 dias atrás
No way
Cristina Krupka
Cristina Krupka 13 dias atrás
1:51 "you won't regret it" Indeed. I don't regret even after almost 2 years!
Hina_Nomory 13 dias atrás
Uhhhm... Is it just me or aren't there a lot of stuff missing?
Michal Masár
Michal Masár 13 dias atrás
# team trees xd
Rafael Pereira Gomes
Rafael Pereira Gomes 13 dias atrás
9:32 I like this music. But can someone please tell me it's name?
R Royal Gaming
R Royal Gaming 13 dias atrás
Fundy ke fundy
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv
Just remove the crafting recipe for ender eyes, then its impossible Fundy
Netr 13 dias atrás
Why he wrote Fungi
Polynesian_Spa_Man 13 dias atrás
Why didn’t it drop raw iron? You didn’t have silk touch
Tania Dunn
Tania Dunn 13 dias atrás
Can we just acknowledge that he’s out here at 4:00 am on a Sunday on Twitter? Now that’s commitment
NotNipNeb 13 dias atrás
In hardcore I’m sure that it makes things even stronger along with one life
Joshua Farrell
Joshua Farrell 14 dias atrás
Has anyone realised that Donnie pigmen are pigs
Schippers Familie
Schippers Familie 14 dias atrás
khrister 15 dias atrás
do a speedrun on this?
Stevelocks100 15 dias atrás
I can hear fundy laughing maniacally.
Fabian Sandu
Fabian Sandu 15 dias atrás
Fundy after seeing this: BRUH
bacon team
bacon team 16 dias atrás
Fundy will make an imposible++++++++++++ i think
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