I ate at every Rainforest Cafe in the Country

Eddy Burback
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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 19 782
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Mês atrás
Please follow Ted to see his video on the trip tomorrow! -
JayDot. Dia atrás
Now you gotta go to every McDonald’s in the country 🙃
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt 7 dias atrás
@keetonplace Nice Galveston is epic
keetonplace 7 dias atrás
@Alex Berndt When you said Galveston, my heart melted. Had a beach house there since the 80's. My sweet second home. As a teenager, use lay on that beach and toast our skin in that sun.
Ervgotti1985 18 dias atrás
The descent into madness was fascinating.
a t
a t 23 dias atrás
@Jonathan A. huhhhuuuuuuhuuuûuuuuuu
TrueUnderDawgGaming 29 dias atrás
I feel really bad for the employees. Just imagine hearing that thunderstorm every 20 minutes...8 hours each day...
INHALE MY A$S 20 dias atrás
So.. living in Florida....? Pretty much what it does every damn day. thunderstorms roll in hit hard and fast and then gone.
Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins 22 dias atrás
As a safari guide at RFC I can say you tune it out, also it gives you a break from talking to tables if you’re in the weeds because you know they are entertained, also you can’t hear the guest or us servers while it’s happening so we use that time to catch up in the back with food running, or printing checks, etc. Edit: it’s not 8 hours it’s more like 12, or 4, there’s no in-between
hep the great
hep the great 22 dias atrás
You block it out. Used to work in a theme park. Sponge bob singing is 10x worse than any thunderstorm.
Ice Flame
Ice Flame 22 dias atrás
I work the kids train that's next to the Cafe at the grapevine location and honestly it's not too horrible. You just more get use to it lol
Sally Oldford
Sally Oldford 22 dias atrás
I LOVE the thunderstorms, I can only see it being hard to hear customers over
XxCoolGuyxX327 23 dias atrás
I am horrified that my local mall, The Mall of America, is home to the original Rainforest Café. I walk by that thing every once in a while, never daring to step foot in it. The crocodile in the water pool outside the menance stared at my soul when I was a child, so I always threw him a nickle or a penny that was orginally my mother's. It was the sacrafice to keep him from haunting my nights. I will never forget the roars he made. A crocodile doesn't roar. But he did.
Pinksnowbirdie Dia atrás
@Tucker Bloom Well, it's the truth. Sure it's the largest mall in the United states and second in the continent but eh cooler things to do that you'd have to either be from there to know about or do some deeper digging since mall of america is just about the only thing people not from Minnesota seem to know about for cool things to do in Minnesota lol but when you actually go you realize. it's just a mall. a very big mall. When there was Best Buy there it used to be a lot cooler, I don't have many memories of camp snoopy since I was born in 2000 and wasn't much into amusement parks but that seemed cooler than the current Nickelodeon universe they have because my favorite ride as a kid was the log chute. I live in North Alabama currently, I kinda miss Minnesota but for the most part I like this place a bit better though maybe Wisconsin or Kentucky or Nevada would be better.
InvertedBox Dia atrás
Fuken same dude
Tucker Bloom
Tucker Bloom 2 dias atrás
I like that you referred to the Mall of America as a 'local mall'. Kinda underselling it.
Pinksnowbirdie 9 dias atrás
Fuckin same dude.
Navajas 10 dias atrás
fucking same dude
Michelle Godwin
Michelle Godwin 16 dias atrás
I feel Eddy is gonna walk into a mall 8 years from now, see a Rainforest Cafe, and completely snap.
Jeremy Dia atrás
Malls and Rainforrest Cafes in 2030. Seems optimistic.
maneatingcheeze 2 dias atrás
That's if malls are still a thing in 2030.
Katichu :3
Katichu :3 8 dias atrás
Grant Boyd
Grant Boyd 10 dias atrás
Just start freaking out and making monkey/ storm noises
Random Person on the internet
I love the difference between Eddy’s horror intro and just how awful it was… and then there’s Ted who’s video shows just pure nostalgia and bliss
jliller 19 dias atrás
The crazy part wasn't taking a three-week trip just to eat at Rainforest Cafes; it was driving 8,000 miles in a pickup truck instead of a car. (And I say this as a Tacoma owner.)
Kardash Auto repair
Kardash Auto repair 4 dias atrás
Was thinking this as well. Especially a old rusted out one. If exhaust is popping off and the spring breaking , it’s pretty worn out and risky to take on such a trip
Iosis6 4 dias atrás
@jguerra0117 Sounds like every freakin Kia rental I have had the misfortune of getting.
jguerra0117 9 dias atrás
I had a 2017 rental for work and used it for 2 hours. Rode great, but the seats felt like park benches.
Steven S
Steven S 11 dias atrás
Thought the same thing. I love my pickup, but that's a helluva drive in a Tacoma.
Kylewk 29 dias atrás
the fact that i’ve spent 30 minutes watching a guy go insane only to go to teds channel to watch another 30 minutes of a guy enjoying himself touring the country with a guy going insane next to him is so funny
AverageMug_Music 15 horas atrás
It was only 30 minutes!?
Master C
Master C 4 dias atrás
So there’s two sides to this story
kindauncool 7 dias atrás
+​@Kim Cass same here
Bob Fancisco
Bob Fancisco 12 dias atrás
@BluWolf098 y
Ryan S
Ryan S 12 dias atrás
They both couldn't make the same video.
sofiQ 22 dias atrás
my favorite thing about the Disney Springs rainforest Cafe is it's like a 2 min walk from t-rex Cafe, which is literally the same concept but with Dinosaurs. Instead of a thunder storm every 20 minutes it's a meteor shower.
Lee Barbs
Lee Barbs 18 horas atrás
Man meteor showers seem in bad taste for those poor dinosaurs working there
Basically Dead Books
Basically Dead Books 23 horas atrás
@Fae-Ray Anthem There are space themed restaurants in the US! Planet Hollywood! Some locations are shaped like the earth and it has an observatory/planetary vibe :)
Brandon U.
Brandon U. Dia atrás
They're both owned by the same person according to Wikipedia
Sophia Morgan
Sophia Morgan 2 dias atrás
i have never heard of t-rex cafe but now I want to see it in person. I prob would have loved it when i was like 10 because i was a major dinosaur and dragon kid
SgtPeppercorn 4 dias atrás
It’s a shame no dinosaurs are around to say a meteor shower as a cheap gimmick to impress kids is in poor taste. Like, here just let me demonstrate the genocide of my people.
Kayla Heard
Kayla Heard 21 dia atrás
Imagine working at Rainforest Cafe and having to hear thunder sounds… everyone 20 minutes… for every 4 to 8 hours of your shift
Snuggly Pichu
Snuggly Pichu 7 horas atrás
Imagine working in a kitchen with a paper printer. You want to drown that sound out but you can't
Lee Barbs
Lee Barbs 18 horas atrás
100p when you work in repetitively loud environments you tune that stuff out with the quickness, ask anyone working in a Margaritaville lol otherwise they'd lose their minds with all that Jimmy Buffet lol
Monique Edwards
Monique Edwards 4 dias atrás
You drown in out unless you’re talking
Audra Wood
Audra Wood 8 dias atrás
@Ellis Dee underrated comment omg this is making me HOWL
Ellis Dee
Ellis Dee 13 dias atrás
It’s actually a hypnosis cue… keeps them working
ttru 22 dias atrás
This is one of the most unique travel experiences I've ever seen. Traveling to compare Rainforest Cafes seems strange, but honestly I wish I could have that experience. There used to be a Rainforest Cafe almost everywhere across the country. Then one by one they closed down some of the restaurants. I don't have a Rainforest Cafe near me anymore. If I could visit one again, my inner child would be happy.
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven 7 dias atrás
The fact that they've been closing stores should tell you how terribly medicore they are. Maybe if more of them were like Galveston or the one at Niagra in Canada they wouldn't be struggling. I live near the one in Phoenix (technically Tempe) and I haven't been in many years nor have any desire to.
The Crows Nest
The Crows Nest 11 dias atrás
I’ve never been in one, thought about it and all those fake plants made me think the place was full of dust…not appetizing or appealing to me at all. Lol
Tom McGrew
Tom McGrew 23 dias atrás
Making a decision to repeatedly subject yourself to food that aggressively mediocre suggests a capacity for self-loathing that I never thought possible. I applaud you, sir.
CZsWorld Mês atrás
I like the part where he goes to Rainforest Cafe
Austin PVP
Austin PVP 3 dias atrás
yo no way CZs lol. i’m just watching videos and see your comment on here. Love the vids!!
Coaster Platypus
Coaster Platypus 4 dias atrás
@CZsWorld ahh good point good point. Maxx Force definitely wouldn’t feel very good to ride after having a plate of safari fries.
CZsWorld 4 dias atrás
@Coaster Platypus Yes, pretty big missed op, but then again Raging Bull after only eating Rainforest Cafe for weeks might be a recipe for disaster.
Coaster Platypus
Coaster Platypus 4 dias atrás
I cant believe Eddy went to Gurnee Illinois and Mall Of America but didn't bother to go to SF Great America OR Nickelodeon Universe!! Don't you agree??
JOSE MARTIANS 7 dias atrás
@CZsWorld it’s dope seeing u here bro
Christian DaCosta
Christian DaCosta 23 dias atrás
This might possibly be the best video I’ve every watched. When they were designing the internet in a garage somewhere 30 years ago, this is the type of content they didn’t imagine could be created. I pray that today you take 37 minutes to watch this, and allow the stupidity of the internet wash over you, and be cleansed by the pure originality that this video is. It’s perfect. In every way, it’s perfect.
chandler bernasconi
chandler bernasconi 4 dias atrás
Stop doing crack it’s bad 4 u
George N
George N 22 dias atrás
For some reason the fact that the nearest Rainforest Cafe to me is unanimously considered the worst one fills me with pride.
Scott Wyllie
Scott Wyllie 9 dias atrás
It fills me with the same pride brother.
Vin T.K
Vin T.K 9 dias atrás
It'd be funny if the rainforest cafe saw this video and sent them a gift certificate for a free rainforest burger and safari fries to commemorate their accomplishment!
Let Me Explain Studios
Let Me Explain Studios 17 dias atrás
Makes me very proud you liked my city’s Rainforest Cafe. San Antonio, baby! ❤️
Grant Boyd
Grant Boyd 10 dias atrás
Gurnee Mills was way better
The Rat man
The Rat man 15 dias atrás
Truly an amazing place
Evan Edinger
Evan Edinger Mês atrás
I really loved how you got to meet up with family and friends along the way. Makes it worth all the safari fries
Bre Mue
Bre Mue 20 dias atrás
Maybe the real safari fries were the friends we met along the way
ACE Mês atrás
hello evan :D love your channel dude, very excited seeing you in this comment section
Damara Dayton
Damara Dayton Mês atrás
@Gabriela Blatezky nm 1
Gabriela Blatezky
Gabriela Blatezky Mês atrás
Hi evan♡
Samantha Laurier
Samantha Laurier 10 dias atrás
I just love "It's actually a cool spot to eat? That doesn't really make sense to me, I'm supposed to be in a mall and depressed"
Nikita 22 dias atrás
Watching this one second is so funny because seeing just how miserable you really were while Ted was having the time of his life is fascinating.
Mari The squid
Mari The squid 20 dias atrás
Imagine walking into a generic mall and seeing the Cheesecake Factory as you enter and cross the hallway into a rainforest cafe
Fluffy P
Fluffy P 20 dias atrás
Someone mail this guy a $100 rainforest cafe gift card, MAKE HIM GO BACK!
RichaadEB Mês atrás
not sure what would compel someone to actually follow through with this ambitious but profoundly stupid plan, but i applaud the joint effort nonetheless
Kitty Kitties
Kitty Kitties Mês atrás
@Austin Miller It's an extremely expensive trip, but it's worth it in the end. This video was on the trending page! I've only seen Eddy in a few videos (back when he was someone else's roommate, forgot the guy's name). But now that I've seen this video, I want to check out more stuff from him. He's going to get new viewers, new ad revenue, new people buying his merch. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they did this JUST for the money. But I doubt they would've gone through with it if it it would've actively hurt their bank accounts. In the end, it was still more work than vacation. They didn't get to actually relax because they had to be sure they were filming everything. But I hope it was a good experience and that they had fun despite the frustrations.
Austin Miller
Austin Miller Mês atrás
@Kitty Kitties I wonder what the profit is for a video like this. Sounds like a pretty expensive trip.
Kitty Kitties
Kitty Kitties Mês atrás
It's content. They went through with it because it earns them money.
R.0. B.
R.0. B. Mês atrás
Oh snap it’s that guy who makes sounds, I’m glad to see you’re alive noise boy.
IAmZero798 Mês atrás
You mean the roadtrip or starting a chain of rainforest themed restaurants?
Brandon Roffina
Brandon Roffina 23 dias atrás
You made me chuckle. Can't believe you actually went to every rainforest cafe. In the same mall as the one in Nashville, theres a restaurant called Aquarium which has a very rainforest cafe vibe, but it's of course ocean themed.
Qui Le
Qui Le 4 dias atrás
Fun fact it’s owned/managed by the same company
Madi Hearts
Madi Hearts 22 dias atrás
I worked at the Grapevine Mills location for a solid 2 weeks about 8 years ago. They make you memorize and take a test on all the animatronics, their names, and what their favorite food is.🫠 If you fail the test you are still a trainee and have to retest. They also get crazy busy. The Grapevine Mills one is right by the airport so a lot of people go to that mall on layovers. I’ve heard from people who worked at the Disney Springs location that it’s absolutely filthy and they would never eat there. Also sad you didn’t go to the T-Rex Cafe at Disney too lol.
patronxsaint 12 dias atrás
as someone who has never been to a rainforest cafe in my entire life, after watching this & ted's video i can't decide if i really want to go to a rainforest cafe or not lmfao
Gabby E
Gabby E 5 dias atrás
It’s ok food that’s really expensive
Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves 24 dias atrás
So happy you got to experience the World's Largest Definitely Real Pistachio during your travels. Also the scene where Eddy stares at the bathroom tiger was legitimately unnerving.
Ev. Mês atrás
So in the bathrooms, the murals look painted and not like wallpaper or whatever, and they look very similar in style which leads me to believe that a long time ago one sad mural artist had a similar experience traveling across these United States to paint every rainforest cafe bathroom in the country
Fun With Minerals
More likely they painted panels in a wharehoue.
C H S 2 dias atrás
His misery lives on through this video this video will spread out the monkey curse more people will do this trip that the sad artist took beware for you are cursed
Hartlei's Vanity
Hartlei's Vanity 8 dias atrás
Its got to be wallpaper bc that definitely didn't happen lol also the monkey that was coincidentally a cyclops bc of the mirror? No muralist would do that, so.
Grant Boyd
Grant Boyd 10 dias atrás
What if they traveled and the same roads.... What if they're related!?
Alexandra Wolf
Alexandra Wolf 24 dias atrás
They just have like print outs to trace for independent artists.
Nobody 6.0
Nobody 6.0 23 dias atrás
Not only did it make me so happy to see Eddy go to the rainforest cafe I went to as a child, but the EXACT SAME safeway gas station I used to use and Tailgaters I used to go to. Amazing
Saint Zachariah
Saint Zachariah 22 dias atrás
It's a damn shame the Michigan rainforest cafe was only a footnote, I go there every year for my birthday, which I had one today, so my disappointment is only matched by the fear induced by the all-knowing youtube algorithm.
QUINCHO 5 dias atrás
I enjoy going to the one in Great Lakes crossing it’s always a treat
I Eat Plastic
I Eat Plastic 15 dias atrás
@flander747 thanks!
flander747 15 dias atrás
@I Eat Plastic 29:43
I Eat Plastic
I Eat Plastic 15 dias atrás
Time stamp of where it was?
Lv99WhiteMage 17 dias atrás
Justice for MI
Audrey Young
Audrey Young 9 horas atrás
23:23 La relajación es importante, 18KISSX.Uno los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer 15:55 Setacy: ''Hyper'' 11:12 Sun: ''Hotter'' 11:12 Hopi: ''Sweeter'' 00:18 Joonie: ''Cooler'' 18:00 Yoongi: ''Butter'' 15:55 Amoy: ''Monks'' 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤 Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá
Jade Star
Jade Star 2 dias atrás
Hermosa elección 18KISSX.UNO de los mejores conciertos ❤ 2:30 Ariana Marie 3:40 Brenna Sparks 3:50 Natalia Starr 4:45 Keisha Grey 4:53 Aria Michaels azls 6:10 Mia Martinez 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se la Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial. 6:40 Carmen Valentina 6:50 Riley Reid 22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤 15:51 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Amanda Voth
Amanda Voth Mês atrás
This documented the American experience in the most accurate way. How far apart everything is, the random giant things everywhere. The rain forest cafes. Saving Private Ryan playing at full volume in a Texas Midas. Incredible documentary
Nice Stories: Not the real Stories
You know he probably drove past my town to get to Niagara Falls.
Ietje Siobhán
Ietje Siobhán 6 dias atrás
As a European, I’ve decided instead of ever visiting the US, I will just keep watching increasingly bizarre videos like these, and that will suffice sjsjs
Shanna Farley
Shanna Farley 11 dias atrás
Dont forget the fact they are driving a huge gas guzzling truck across the country.
Jon Rochford
Jon Rochford 12 dias atrás
@spi wolf its gory & sad but on purpose to showcase why war is shit and horrible for everyone
Literary Loser
Literary Loser 10 dias atrás
It's funny to think that while these two are seeing all the Rainforest Cafes across the continent, the people in these towns probably have only seen the one they live near. The people in Galveston probably think that every RC has a water ride or is that high quality, some people who live near the shitty mall RCs probably think they're all like that (which they wouldn't be entirely wrong). I've lived near the Disney Springs one my whole life, it's not the greatest, but it's cool. I thought they'd only be near amusement parks or like Las Vegas and NYC, it's sad to see the shitty mall ones, basically left to rot along with the rest of the mall.
Alfonso ST
Alfonso ST 6 dias atrás
I would've loved to see a tier list of the food you tried.
nina 9 dias atrás
i didn’t really know anything about ted before this video, now i’m a fan and love Chuckle Sandwich! also, super fun seeing how different both of their videos were, and i loved them both so much
pioxia !
pioxia ! Dia atrás
Liiz S
Liiz S 18 dias atrás
So having grown up near Niagara Falls, Canada, I had never seen, or heard of another Rainforest Cafe, other than the one there. Therefore, I grew up believing that the Canadian one was the only Rainforest Cafe in the world
Brometheus Guitar n' Gamin
for the longest time i thought the one at disneyland was the only one in the world.
RedRiotRoss Mês atrás
Incredible dedication to the bit 👏 hope you don't have recurring thunderstorm nightmares 😀
Funni Mês atrás
Whenever it rains where he lives, he spends the whole day crying in the fetal position
Bill Mês atrás
Dedication to a bit 😭
Existential Dread
Existential Dread Mês atrás
I have recurring “One Love” nightmares.
Shaun Walsh
Shaun Walsh 8 dias atrás
I feel like the ceo and board of this presumably failing company have frantically studied this video numerous times
maneoj46 2 dias atrás
Stocks for the restaurant have boosted since then
mikeb 17 dias atrás
My biggest takeaway from this video is that the Towson, MD Rainforest Cafe does not exist anymore. I drive past the mall it was in fairly regularly and never realized. I just looked into it and it's been closed since 2009. Shows how observant I am. And how much I cared about the Rainforest Cafe.
Froggy Child98
Froggy Child98 21 dia atrás
Fun fact: I was in Disney world, staying at the Saratoga springs hotel while y’all were eating there. Biggest flex in my life so far.
Johnny Mars
Johnny Mars 12 dias atrás
That smile as Eddy walked out of the Vegas Rainforest Cafe was the most genuine smile of all time.
Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison Mês atrás
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of Safari Fries
Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins 22 dias atrás
I saw that you were at table 30 at the phoenix location 😂 I wonder if I was working that day 🤔
VirtuallyAccurate Mês atrás
now do it again but you go to every rainforest cafe in order by the year it opened
The Missocki
The Missocki Mês atrás
And when you want to remember it all, you can just take a sip out of your cups. Sweet memories.
G.O. Perks
G.O. Perks Mês atrás
OMG same
S O U P S Mês atrás
got that #RFCgang pride
diamondove 16 dias atrás
the fact that this guy went to grapevine mills of his own free will really shows his dedication
quietrioter 10 horas atrás
The only thing worth going to Grapevine Mills was Games Workshop.....and that doesn't even exist in there anymore
diamondove 6 dias atrás
@maya’s mixtape i’m sorry
maya’s mixtape
maya’s mixtape 13 dias atrás
I used to live near there 😭
Mikey Fox
Mikey Fox 14 dias atrás
Know you're doing a good job when I watched this entire 30+min video, and then watched the other guy's entire 30+min video, and I have never heard of either channel. 👍👍
jerk jerk
jerk jerk 23 dias atrás
They should make a TV show out of this. It should be called,”Ted & Edd’s rainforest adventure”
Noel 18 dias atrás
This whole video was funny, but I absolutely lost it at “I don’t mean to be crass, but can I see your mud flaps?” I’ve never heard that phrase before but now I’m afraid I might use it in everyday conversation from now on
Cheryl Wayte_
Cheryl Wayte_ Mês atrás
You and Ted are single-handedly keeping Rainforest Café financially afloat.
melas pink
melas pink Mês atrás
@MJ Bridges okay but it still means you're taking it too seriously like a bozo. just bcs it's not funny to you doesn't mean it's not a joke
Nightwing84 Mês atrás
Right? I paused and look at the menu and it's like $20 per person!!
blase correa
blase correa Mês atrás
Sales went up by 25% this quarter just because of them
Doug Neon
Doug Neon Mês atrás
@MJ Bridges you are astoundingly unfun. Do you expect him to cater his jokes to every living soul?
Blue Collar Men Productions
@MJ Bridges yes it does lol
Maddie 20 dias atrás
Came to see Eddy slowly descend into madness, imagine my surprise to see Maya from the tiny mic series making a cameo too!
duck telepathy
duck telepathy 24 dias atrás
This is absolutely blowing my mind because I guess I have always just lived in the exact places that Rainforest Cafes exist. I legit thought every single mall had one because from AZ to TX to MI to MN, every place I’ve lived the mall has had one 😂
Razzy Fo
Razzy Fo 6 dias atrás
As I kid I simultaneously loved the Rainforest Cafe and feared it. I used to get physically ill during thunderstorms and I assume it had to do with the thunder being very loud and scaring me. And once while at the Rainforest Cafe the thunder sound was so loud I immediately got sick--right into my mom's hands 🙃 Fortunately I no longer get sick at the sound of thunder and it's now a comfort sound, but I miss the strange ambiance of a Rainforest Cafe.
Joshua Elam
Joshua Elam 22 dias atrás
These are honestly my favorite kind of BRvid videos. I don't know why, but they're just absolutely perfect and speak to me.
Mista GG
Mista GG Mês atrás
the thought of you actually just pivoting into a full on review of 1995's jumanji is hilarious
Kiki Mês atrás
@Miror B is the best Pokemon rival bruh 😂😂
Logan Penland
Logan Penland Mês atrás
Mista GG the goat
Jack Mês atrás
Yeah but like.. Why was there no Saving Private Ryan synopsis!
You just lost the game
Hey it's GG!
Michelle Smutko
Michelle Smutko 7 dias atrás
I loved you and teds videos! They were amazing and funny! And for my birthday I am going to my closest rainforest cafe! Thank you for making my day a little better!
Only1BladeTitan 7 dias atrás
This gave me back a memory from when my sister was getting married, and i was 13. We had gone shopping for bridesmaids dresses and there was a Rainforest Cafe in the mall (they actually visited the one in my state, but went into a different entrance than we did). We went into T.G.I.Fridays instead, but I always wondered what it was like inside… There was a freaky ape statue that scared the shit out of me right in front of the café. I wish we would’ve gone into The Rainforest Café, as it’s the only thing I remember about that day at all.
amwfan88 22 dias atrás
Eddy, this is the first video of yours I've ever seen, and I'm glad I picked this one to start!! You're braver than me for trying something like this. I've been to the Rainforest Cafe exactly once (it was the Gurnee Mills location) and I don't remember anything about it except that I was afraid of thunderstorms at the time (I want to say I was about 8) and I wasn't a fan of the thunder. The food looks way overpriced but my morbid curiosity kind of makes me want to go back up to Gurnee Mills to try it again.
Ali Janssen
Ali Janssen 22 dias atrás
i live in minnesota and grew up going to the rainforest cafe at moa, since we went up to moa probably once a month. it traumatized me as a child because when the thunderstorm comes all of the animals start screaming. anyways i had no clue it was the first rainforest cafe so that’s neat
CorruptedUnicorn Mês atrás
I do enjoy Ted keeping his "Golden Retreiver at a suprise party" level of excitement/optimism, all while Eddie just slowly descends into rainforest induced madness
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
@Elena Fackler Eddy Burback and Ted Nivison collaborating on a video? What is this, a crossover episode?
Carly Combs
Carly Combs Mês atrás
@Oscar Gerber if you’re surprised you must have never been to rainforest cafe, it’s nothing short of disappointing
Davi Clemons
Davi Clemons Mês atrás
@Oscar Gerber Not like it was a short comment either. You went all the way.
sea otter
sea otter Mês atrás
One must imagine Sisyphus happy
Dankrupt 5 dias atrás
I really like the idea of Rainforest Cafe. I have great memories of it from when i was a kid. Themed restaurants arent really a thing anymore unfortunately, except for at theme parks like Disney and Universal... It's such a "90s" thing.
Dankrupt 3 dias atrás
@Anjolie Barrios ahhh okay. There's another one called Bubba Gumps (based off the movie Forest Gump) but it's themed as like Northeastern america coast-ish. But I bet Islands would be more popular in an area like mid-america where peopled dont experience beaches/surfing that often
Anjolie Barrios
Anjolie Barrios 3 dias atrás
@Dankrupt I just looked it up. Unfortunately it only has locations in California, but it's a tropical-island/ surfing themed restaurant. The tables are (kinda) shaped like surfboards and some of the TVs play surfing channels. The theming isn't as consistent as the Rainforest Cafe and has no animatronics, but at the Burbank location has decorations of plants and foliage and palm tree decor.
Anjolie Barrios
Anjolie Barrios 3 dias atrás
@Dankrupt I just looked it up. Unfortunately it only has locations in California, but it's a tropical-island/ surfing themed restaurant. The tables are (kinda) shaped like surfboards and some of the TVs play surfing channels. The theming isn't as consistent as the Rainforest Cafe and has no animatronics, but at the Burbank location has decorations of plants and foliage and palm tree decor.
Dankrupt 3 dias atrás
@Anjolie Barrios Islands? Never heard of it tbh
Anjolie Barrios
Anjolie Barrios 3 dias atrás
Have you ever been to an Islands before?
The Horrible Bright
The Horrible Bright 18 dias atrás
As a hardcore Terry Pratchett fan, I get mild to severe stress sweats every time you call an ape a monkey.
MuteMusicalMorgan 22 dias atrás
As someone from the Twin Cities, I apologize that we unleashed this curse upon the world. But also, the coconut shrimp is amazing.
Rob K (S Quest)
Rob K (S Quest) 12 dias atrás
My family did the Niagara Falls one every year while my dad attended some farmer conference. I'm glad to see the shark is still around, and I feel some sense of arbitrary unearned pride that it was one of the best locations
Chaschuky999 Mês atrás
The dichotomy between Ted's seemingly unending, growing positivity and Eddy's spiral into a mad man talking to the bathroom monkeys is incredible.
mrdinger 16 dias atrás
Planes, trains and rainforest cafe
not ok
not ok Mês atrás
I read this comment right at 22:41
UwU Mês atrás
Reminds me of National Lampoon's Vacation
Alexandra Injeski
Alexandra Injeski 22 dias atrás
Watching Ted’s video first then coming here to see Eddy’s descent into madness from his own perspective is so fucking funny
null1023 21 dia atrás
When I watched this video, I wondered, how could this be? How could you not enjoy a whirlwind trip around America, punctuated by visits to a neat theme restaurant? I was taking Ted's side, and that feeling doubled down after watching his video. So, I went to a Rainforest Cafe this week (the South Florida one) with a buddy of mine, just because of these videos! and like, I think, I will never go back lmao It wasn't even bad! It tasted alright, and it was a fun experience. HOWEVER -- my buddy and I spent $80 combined, and if I'm spending that kind of money, it better taste more than just "alright". Laying down good money, knowing that you could be somewhere better for that price, and travelling for hours just to do it all again, has to be a bit soul-crushing lmao. I could go to a steakhouse for the money I spent on a burger, appetizer, and a soda (buddy got some booze) here. Also, is it just me, or is there added sugar in the Safari Fries? Is that why they're... "safari"?
Joves Coves
Joves Coves 3 dias atrás
This is so wild to me. I had only ever gone to the rainforest cafe in Tennessee (despite living in both Houston & Galveston). So clearly I am going to make the 3 hour drive to the Galveston one this weekend, I am far too excited for this.
nightMARE 21 dia atrás
I spent my childhood at rainforest cafe living just outside of atlantic city, we would eat there casually, every birthday I went there, fond memories. Random but i actually have probably the best and most vivid memory of my grandpa from my birthday at rainforest cafe, it’ll be sad when that location closes down but i’m pretty sure it’ll happen soon.
Shade Mês atrás
Absolutely losing it at Eddy's slow descent into madness juxtaposed with Ted's unfailing chipper attitude. It's like live action Pinkie and the Brain. Delightful.
Pinky and the Brain except Pinky is the evil one
Failure Xtreme
Failure Xtreme Mês atrás
The bit where he's wondering if he could pay rainforest cafe to dunk Teddie in the tank and leave him there reminds me of me and my own friends. We are the type of people who would do this stupid plan and by day number 4 I'd be ready to kill them.
Jen L
Jen L Mês atrás
What are we are we going to do tonight, Brain? The same thing we always do, Pinky…never eat in another Rainforest Cafe again!
kaguuki googi
kaguuki googi Mês atrás
@Chompy the Beast that is also true 🤔🤔
aezidoubleu Mês atrás
DontStealMyRice 7 dias atrás
damn that food looks really good. I hope they open some in other countries that aren't the US
Ninjakid565 9 dias atrás
This video is so damn funny man. The Saving private Ryan part had me literally rolling. Great stuff Eddy Burback!
Shelby Miller
Shelby Miller 23 dias atrás
I live near the Ontario Mills Rainforest Cafe, the fish were removed because they kept getting sick for some reason. They got rid of them about 10 years ago.
Christopher Allcock
Christopher Allcock 22 dias atrás
Can't believe I watched the whole thing. This was well done.
ItsJim Mês atrás
My earliest memory is leaving that Nashville, Tennessee Rainforest Cafe with my uncle sometime in 2004. I live in michigan and never thought I would see that again. Thank you eddy.
Tech Support
Tech Support Mês atrás
@Hannah Hanson that sounds cool!
cattysplat Mês atrás
@Toria Giro They grow up so fast...and you're not a young cool thang anymore. You're old to them. Damn.
Hannah Hanson
Hannah Hanson Mês atrás
@Tech Support I'm there all the time, i stick my hand in the rainforest water wall everytime i walk past it on the way to the food court, its basically tradition now lmao
Tech Support
Tech Support Mês atrás
@Hannah Hanson yes that one! I haven’t been there in years haha
David Brewer
David Brewer Mês atrás
I’ve been to this one as well! It’s kinda tucked away in the back corner of the mall
Silent Jack M.D
Silent Jack M.D 22 dias atrás
I love watching both of these videos back to back for the perspective for one man it's a glorious never-ending ride of fun, for the other it's a complete hell and torture that a man must endure as he slowly delves into insanity
Ookey Bookey
Ookey Bookey 5 dias atrás
It’s a little ironic that most of the items on the menu are threatening the health of rainforests and the environment worldwide 😬
dino 10 dias atrás
As a young child, I always thought my rainforest cafe (at the MOA) was the best in the world. I am now sad to see how A Canadian rainforest cafe and a texan rainforest cafe can now ruin my childhood pride.
Stephen Viterbo
Stephen Viterbo 14 dias atrás
Eddy's experience compared to Ted's is like the hard mode campaign you unlock after beating the main story
Price Rowland
Price Rowland Mês atrás
The more Eddy suffers, the more powerful Ted becomes. We need his side of the story where he describes it as the best 3 weeks of his life.
Nac Nud
Nac Nud Mês atrás Ted's video
boomeronet Mês atrás
@Asriel Dreemurr you can just search ted nivison lmao
ben_mitchell 23 dias atrás
what an emotional journey. never before has a youtube video warranted a genuine smile and applause. we laughed, we cried, we screamed. wow, what a moment. we've witnessed youtube history.
Ginger Holiday
Ginger Holiday 17 dias atrás
Aaaahhh Galveston is my home! And yes, it’s not just great bc of the rainforest cafe. I grew up going to Galveston that I finally moved there. Hope you enjoyed your stay. And also honestly, this trip, rainforest cafe or not is a really great route idea. I’ve lived in a few of the cities you visited and this would be a fun trip around the best parts of the country
Pete White
Pete White 5 dias atrás
The way he tried to say "galv-ston" got me lmfao. I live up in DFW and hearing people say names wrong you've only heard one way your whole life is.... well it's shookening. Makes me wonder how many place names I'm potentially pronouncing wrong. I love Galveston I wish I lived there too ❤️
Kettle corn 💖
Kettle corn 💖 9 dias atrás
I recently just went to the one in Ontario Mills and it was so freaking nostalgic it was glorious lmfao *btw I got the quesadilla and it slapped so-*
DemonzSlayer49 14 dias atrás
I like how eddie becomes more and more insane as the video goes on
James_th3Trash_Lord 28 dias atrás
I love how for Ted the trip was like a religious pilgrimage, but Eddie basically just had a three week long mental breakdown.
GeoLace 7 dias atrás
Big John's Breakfast Log
So, the plot of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles".
Matthew Barnette
Matthew Barnette 20 dias atrás
One could say they both started as pilgrims and one grew to love their god more and the other became atheist by the end.
Picachki 19 dias atrás
I’ve never been to a rainforest cafe and was curious what’s ours in Chicago was like. It got 2 seconds of airtime… I’m sorry you lost your mind my friend. Thanks for the entertainment!
Angie Barr
Angie Barr 8 dias atrás
I have to say I am ecstatic that our rainforest cafe here in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada was one of the better experiences that you had. I wish I had known you were coming I would have shown you around even if it was only for 30 seconds. Lol. ❤️🇨🇦
Metakarp 23 dias atrás
Omg, the pan to the Galveston one literally made my jaw drop! That huge waterfall building looks absolutely amazing!
enviousEnnui 8 dias atrás
God this reminds me when i first went to a Rainforest afe in London. It was part of a school trip, where we went to theme parks and saw shows ect, but one of our dinner bookings was at the cafe. We had to order in advance from a limited menu (liturally either brocolli pasta or a burger), thiugh i had booked to have a burger at the previous place so I chose the pasta. Everyone else besides me and maybe two other people ordered the burger. Every single burger? Pink. Uncooked pink. Pretty much everyone on the trip was sick and I'm so glad I dodged a bullet there. I'm sure it's because it was a family trip, as I've not had a bad experience at any rainforest cafe since.
Jabroney Mês atrás
As a native Houstonian, congratulations Eddy on being the first person to ever enjoy Galveston. People talk more smack on that poor little island than any other place in the state, lol.
brittanyleighbarnett 28 dias atrás
@kawthar ami as a dallasite I appreciate the very justifiable hatred towards Houston.
K4P Mês atrás
Idk man Houstonian hate Dallas with a passion.
Taylor Mês atrás
Galveston doesn’t have crystal clear beaches sure, but it does have that fun small island town feel. I’ve lived in the Houston area for 30 years and appreciate Galveston very much. Although Florida is prettier, & even south Padre, Galveston has a special place in my heart.
MrBananas 24 dias atrás
The amount of work put into this video is amazing!
Tony Flores
Tony Flores 24 dias atrás
You're an incredible storyteller!
L. Brady
L. Brady 4 dias atrás
This was honestly your best video yet and one of my favorites in BRvid. Really entertaining.
Alex Bergen
Alex Bergen 19 dias atrás
While the video itself is gold, I have been laughing hysterically at the Saving Private Ryan in the Midas part of the video for at least ten minutes now. What an ABSURD movie to play at a car repair shop, omg.
Jacob Kealohi
Jacob Kealohi Mês atrás
Ted's increasing excitement accompanied by Eddy's slow descent into madness every RFC they go to is just perfect.
pvic Mês atrás
18:12 the moment he began to lose it LOL
CookieMastah Mês atrás
Ted's reaction is more understandable. Eddie acts like someone forced him to do this xd
Luke J
Luke J 5 dias atrás
This whole trip is what I imagine a bad mushroom trip feels like
Marginally Muted
Marginally Muted 21 dia atrás
The only rainforest Cafe I've ever been to was the one in Niagra, so I had no idea that the quality of the restaurants was like that in the states!
JOEY! 13 dias atrás
Well there’s only one thing left to do. We need to speedrun this!
Grace Collins
Grace Collins 17 dias atrás
This might be my favorite BRvid video I’ve ever watched. Definitely my favorite one in the last two years.
Bee Mês atrás
i love rainforest cafe. i just wish they actually drenched you in water when the thunderstorms happen. it would make for a more realistic dining experience.
Cody Mês atrás
@Antonio Diavolo balsanaro liked this comment
OMNICAT Mês atrás
this whole thread is legendary. while were at it, why not put live animals in there to maul you while you try to enjoy your volcano cake
SunniSideUpPLZ Mês atrás
Ooh! Maybe they could use those misters that they have in grocery stores?
Crabe05 5 dias atrás
This might be my favourite video of the year 2022, or at least one of the thing that made me laugh the most in the past one or two years
Varsity 1
Varsity 1 4 dias atrás
In my mind I was thinking “what are the chances he’s going to go to the one in Ontario Mills?” And it’s the first one Thank you for visiting my first and only rainforest cafe location :)
nibot ykztawas
nibot ykztawas 19 dias atrás
Great video Eddy! 10/10! Thank you for this I love it!
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