I AM BLIND! 24 Hours Blindfolded Hide & Seek Challenge Searching for Missing PZ9 Hacker Friend

Chad Wild Clay
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After Chad Wild Clay made MY BEST FRIEND IS A HACKER? We Reveal if PZ9 is Justin on Clue Scavenger Hunt for 24 Hours Challenge, Vy Qwaint created IS MY HACKER FRIEND GOOD OR EVIL? 24 Hour Scavenger Hunt Challenge for Missing PZ9 Trapped in Tunnel and Daniel uploaded MISSING HACKER STILL ALIVE? Is PZ9 our Best Friend Justin Spending 24 Hours in Hide & Seek Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo BRvid channel, Chad, Vy and hacker girl, PZ4 Regina followed Daniel into the abandoned desert so he could attend a top secret undercover meeting with the hackers as a double agent. They are searching for evidence that PZ9 is best friend Justin! Clues found by Jelly in fortnite and minecraft reveal yes! Justin used to film fruit ninja videos with the Spy Ninjas so this would be a huge betrayal of their trust! What is the truth? Is Justin Lying? Who is PZ9? They need to do an unmasking challenge and face reveal! Chad did a $10,000 mystery box unboxing but there was a white light that made him blind! For 24 hours Chad is blindfolded and must adventure back to his friends without Project Zorgo tricking him, playing hide and seek, or challenging him to a battle royale in real life! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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15 Jun 2019



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Comentários 25 491
Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 5 meses atrás
I cannot see so I need your help Spy Ninjas! Comment below anything you can see that I cannot.
Dub City
Dub City 4 dias atrás
Chad Wild Clay Chair watch out
Ronald Wren
Ronald Wren 18 dias atrás
Trix 19 dias atrás
Someone typed it for him...
Asha Hussien
Asha Hussien 19 dias atrás
Alyssa Chavez
Alyssa Chavez 21 dia atrás
Chad there is a hacker behind you
Pooch Cabia
Pooch Cabia 52 minutos atrás
the hacker is following you he I can talk tagalog
Pooch Cabia
Pooch Cabia Hora atrás
there's a hacker
muskaan Love Ali
muskaan Love Ali 12 horas atrás
He sees you
muskaan Love Ali
muskaan Love Ali 12 horas atrás
When you were talking to vy a hack was behind you
Shakira Turonova
Shakira Turonova 18 horas atrás
There was a hacker don't follow the sidles and the voice like this Chad Iam here Your hacker recorded the voice
MrPatch987 20 horas atrás
There's a haker behind u
Suha Ahmed
Suha Ahmed 21 hora atrás
DeAjha Smith
DeAjha Smith Dia atrás
I don't know
Lizbeth Cruz
Lizbeth Cruz Dia atrás
Pz9 is not Justin
Lizbeth Cruz
Lizbeth Cruz Dia atrás
Don’t walk anymore food or else you fill
Cherry Lay
Cherry Lay Dia atrás
There is a hacker
Cherry Lay
Cherry Lay Dia atrás
There is a hackee
Laurie De Vos
Laurie De Vos Dia atrás
Dont jump off Chad!
Mell Vassallo
Mell Vassallo Dia atrás
At 7 26 a hacker was behind you
Whitney Jackson
Whitney Jackson Dia atrás
chad wild clay you should all ways look be hind you and vy rg d
Annalise Madero
Annalise Madero Dia atrás
There's a hacker
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Dia atrás
Behind you
Jordano Naaldijk
Jordano Naaldijk Dia atrás
À hacker chad
helen tobin
helen tobin Dia atrás
Pz9 is flowing you watch out
helen tobin
helen tobin Dia atrás
Pz9 behind you
Gilbert likobo
Gilbert likobo 2 dias atrás
A hacker is following you and leading a trail of skittles
Top 3
Top 3 2 dias atrás
Chad a hacker is behind you
Emilly Emilly
Emilly Emilly 2 dias atrás
There is a hacker whacking you
Hailey Lavigne
Hailey Lavigne 2 dias atrás
No n
SALSAL68 2 dias atrás
There is a hacker behind you👷🏻
Jumana Said
Jumana Said 2 dias atrás
There is a hacker chad so you shod be smert
HARIRI chad your awesome Hariri
Chad there is a hacker
Cheska De La Cruz
Cheska De La Cruz 2 dias atrás
I see a hacker
john stat
john stat 2 dias atrás
I see a hacker and the hacker is trailing you to a block thing and you are following it
Liam Caldwell Ramos
Liam Caldwell Ramos 3 dias atrás
There a hacker chad watch out he see u
Shea Glaves
Shea Glaves 3 dias atrás
Shea Glaves
Shea Glaves 3 dias atrás
Please coming dawn blow
Apriñ Ortozsossosssososs
There is a hacker he is putting the m&ms on the ground
Larissa Lopes
Larissa Lopes 3 dias atrás
Peezy you can see the PC nine is right on the middle of you
Bethany Coleman
Bethany Coleman 3 dias atrás
Sion FHH
Sion FHH 3 dias atrás
There was skittels and a hacker did it
Alicia Cruz
Alicia Cruz 4 dias atrás
A hacker!!!!!
Jason Verde
Jason Verde 4 dias atrás
There is a there is a hacker behind you watch out
Florence Jepchirchir
Florence Jepchirchir 4 dias atrás
i see. Hakcer
Tina Turbiasz
Tina Turbiasz 4 dias atrás
No don’t do that is so high like it’s really high with you like I think
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