I’m Sick of Your Excuses!

Rick Beato
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23 Jul 2018



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QqQ 2 anos atrás
my dad had a similar situation. Applied to master's school at Penn state and was rejected. got into UCLA, got his MBA. 7 years later, Penn state hired him to teach military history. His opening line to his class was, "Penn State doesn't think I'm smart enough to be a student here, but they do think I'm smart enough to be a teacher."
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez Anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👍👍👍👍
Künstlerin-DAB1995 2 anos atrás
jason matias
jason matias Mês atrás
This man never gives up, always push forward despite his age, he is not embarassed for working. This man is incredible, good role model
Jon Paulson
Jon Paulson 3 anos atrás
one of the most impressive things he said, was how little his formal education got him to where he is, and how far is own curiosity and tenacity and drive and determination took him... some things you can't buy...
Elda Remington
Elda Remington Mês atrás
@Siegfried Stark uh 4
Geo Garcia
Geo Garcia 7 meses atrás
Panamera Boomin
Panamera Boomin 3 anos atrás
You can’t teach drive and tenacity
Siegfried Stark
Siegfried Stark 3 anos atrás
Both comments above are GOLD! When you read about musical education in the XVIII century, late baroque and early classical periods, you see all those pratices of learning ALL the scales, the harmonic relations and realization of figured bass in a thousand of possible combinations by ROTE, the so called "partimento" realization of cyphered harmony and even FUGUE improvisation! To make music was to CREATE music in the craftiest way possible! A promethean amount of sweat and practice! It's read in many sources that Bach could improvise complex and well rounded fugues out of almost nothing and it usually impresses the modern reader. But improvising fugues, counterpoint structured choral preludes, sonata-form movements, "basso ostinato" forms and bass realizations of figured harmony was a requirement for ALL professional musicians applying for ANY position in those times! The average professional could think in a second about MANY possible solutions to the SIMPLEST melodic line they found in their ways! Beethoven, a musician trained in those parameters, was a GREAT master of music structure engineering, parting from trivial themes and figures, like the famous four note figure (for the 5th symphony and many other works from the same period) or the Diabelli Waltz, and building from them really complex and intellectually challenging works! He was the ripest fruit of the "improvising craft" way of music training from the XVIII hundreds!
Blue Heron
Blue Heron 3 anos atrás
At some time in the last few hundred years, formal music education got lazy and lost the ability to teach how to improvise on the fly. That USED TO BE a required part of "Classical" music performance but now "Classical" is synonymous with stale museum pieces set in stone that one recites "correctly." Today the "Blues Nazis" comprised of people who've never played a gig are trying to do the same thing to that genre. It's the people who play live who keep music alive.
Axe Addict
Axe Addict 3 anos atrás
Man I really needed to hear this story. I been depressed and feeling sorry for myself and this made me realize I've just been lazy and in my own head thinking negatively.
Krzysztof Michalik
Krzysztof Michalik 10 meses atrás
We must be careful, depression is real not subjective feeling and nobody should blame himself in this case. One of the symptoms is "laziness" but it's not laziness. It happens eg. for ppl normally very active, hard working and suddenly they behave "lazy", no power to act... Depression is very "democratic" illness, no matter if you are a worker, a musician, a scientist or a clerk. Morover we must be very carefull cause depression is 1 of the most deadly/lethal illness (I mean suicides)! In a case of real depression no "positive thinking" or advices like "get a grip, get to work" - It doesn't work; a doctor's help is needed. I hope you are OK, I wish you this. Regards :)
SpaceSloth 11 meses atrás
I have same. Butt.I learnd something in life everyday is a new day. And you can start again sow iT means we are never to late. What ever people say. if say different They dont understand life carpe diem. 🙏☠️❤️🦋🌏🙏
chris kelly
chris kelly Anos atrás
Most of us whom are not where we thought we would be have the same issues I think. Rock on Murph, the universe doesn't work right unless we follow our bliss.
Axe Addict
Axe Addict Anos atrás
@Matheus Vieira well said man.
Matheus Vieira
Matheus Vieira Anos atrás
Being lazy because of depression is a symptom. Your laziness is not an excuse, rather, it's a serious mental and emotional condition. These moments of muddy feelings are important for self growth. We can't be great, productive and positive 100% of the time.
GTR 1 3 anos atrás
The more I view this channel the more I’m realizing what I’ve stumbled into. A gold mine of knowledge and experience.
Linda Costa
Linda Costa 3 meses atrás
Agree, agree, agree!
Marcelo Gabriel Tutoriales
So True
Tripzville 2 anos atrás
Agreed Mr Rick Beato has a beautiful approach to not only music but to this whole existence.
Dawn Adriana
Dawn Adriana 3 anos atrás
Dear Rick, when I was 9 years old, I wanted to play the piano more than anything in the world. I loved Grieg and dreamed of being able to play his concertos. Someone donated an old piano to me and had it delivered outside our house. My parents let it sit there for weeks until it got taken away. My grandmother took me to ballet class, and they said I could borrow a pair of shoes until my parents got me a pair. They never did, and I had to leave. I gave up on believing I could do anything I loved. So I listened to your video with tears streaming down my face for your honesty and bravery. I know this video is a year old, and probably things are better, but I want to support you by becoming a subscriber. You have brought back the songs I loved in my youth and given so much happiness to me. Thank you, and all my best to you and your family.
Ethan Schafer
Ethan Schafer 2 anos atrás
Dawn Adriana Dawn, please if you are able, go get a keyboard and chase that dream!
my sas
my sas 4 anos atrás
I started (serious) studying guitar at age 17. It was the only thing in my life i was really sure about. Two weeks before the entrance examination i got sick and had to rush into the hospital. I had to stay there for one month and on release, the diagnosis was a disaster (myelitis with a possibility of multiple sclerosis) - that meant, at any time in the future, in my 20ties or 30ties, i could loose the ability of movement and would end in paralysis. Altrought i couldnt study anymore (my shoulder was really damaged and i lost a lot of sensitivity in my fingers), i never stopped learning, went back to drums and later piano, til i was able to get my grip back. Now i teach (just the children in the town and some friends). Thanks to youtube teachers nowadays i am still constantly learning more and more, knowledge i wouldn't had access to otherwise. Moral of the story: Life is merciless and sometimes devastating. And 99% of us won't be "huge musicians", just people who make and teach music. But thats ok. Like almost everyone, in my youth I dreamed of a great musician career. Today, i'm just happy to be able to make music and i love it to be the boring guy in a small village teaching music to annoying little kids.
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez Anos atrás
Sometimes, just being able to play anything is more than enough and who knows maybe you are teaching future stars or just some people to enjoy music, either way just have fun 🎶
Mark Stedman
Mark Stedman 2 anos atrás
Hey "boring guy" good on ya 😊
Nite Fox
Nite Fox 2 anos atrás
Djanjo Reinhardt 3 finger lightening...Played guitar with 3 fingers after burned. Sometime people figure out how to do what gives life meaning regardless. Good vibes.
Rick Lewis
Rick Lewis 2 anos atrás
Tony Jones A man with no arms plays the guitar with his feet. He came to my mom’s church. Unfortunately I missed his performance.
Stella Q
Stella Q 2 anos atrás
Andrew Ryder Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. Legendary 🤘😝🤘
Suzanne McMaken
Suzanne McMaken Mês atrás
What an inspirational, motivational, and encouraging life story, Mr. Beato.
Brian Wagner
Brian Wagner 14 dias atrás
I watched this today and could not be more pleased! I am a true believer in doing the work and not bitching, making excuses etc. work hard to be great and put yourself in a position to get the gig. I am not the greatest bass player in the world but my work ethic beats anyone I come in contact with. The hang and attitude is also super important. 54 years and still playing all the time. Rick you are always a true inspiration to me. TYVM!!!! Brian…
Eru Vásquez
Eru Vásquez 15 dias atrás
I'm 28 and listening that record deal history is just inspiring. Society makes most of the people feel like they must have their lives figured out at 25-30 years old and it's hard not to feel like that some times.
Cursed Bernard
Cursed Bernard Anos atrás
Failed auditions, failed partnerships, failed projects, carpal tunnel, broken bones, untimely vocal issues, financial problems, mental health struggles, and this goddamn pandemic. None of this has ever made me think of giving up. Every time you fail, get back up and try something fresh. Every time you don't have the skills, find a way to learn them. Every time someone goes their own way, find someone else. After more than a decade of this, I'm finally at the beginnings of full time musicianship. Keep learning, keep trying new things. Don't give up.
Donny Thompson
Donny Thompson 2 anos atrás
There have been times where, as a performing musician, I’ve been frustrated (from a little to a lot) by people who have said to me, “it must be wonderful to have such a god-given talent, to be able to play and sing so well... and how great it must be to make a living working only a few hours a day!” Most of the time, I politely thank them, but a part of me always bristles at those kinds of comments, because these people - who mean well - have no earthly idea of just how hard pro musicians work to get where they are. They can’t conceive of how we’ve all worked our asses off, to reach a level of being just acceptably “good”. The sacrifices, the discipline, the feast or famine months, the years spent on the road playing gigs, driving through the worst weather imaginable to get to the gig, showing up for load-in at noon to do a show that night at 9, and then loading out at 2 a.m., driving the rest of the night to get to the next city... I’m not suggesting that there isn’t such a thing as having a “natural” talent for certain things, and music wouldn’t be an exception to that. Some are born with a natural sense of pitch and rhythm. But mostly, it all comes down to hard work, dedication, and practice, practice, practice... and not for months, but for YEARS that determines your skill. It’s having your friends stop by on a Friday evening when you’re 18, while you’re practicing your instrument, trying to get an exercise right, playing it over and over, while they’re urging you to go out with them that evening, and saying, “Sorry guys, I’m gonna pass, I need to practice.” It’s sacrificing personal relationships, because you aren’t ever home, working for months out on the road; it’s going through times when you can’t afford to eat; it’s searching out those other musicians who are far better than you, just so you can learn something from them; and it’s times where you’re forced to take any gig that comes your way... and ultimately, it’s making a conscious decision to commit yourself fully to an occupation that most non-musicians (I refer to them as “civilians”) look upon as being “lazy” and “easy”... Over the 4-plus decades that I’ve been a working musician, I’ve found that it’s not talent (or at least not talent alone) that makes you a good musician... it’s the level of commitment you decide to dedicate yourself to. IMHO, of course.
Dutch Eagle
Dutch Eagle Anos atrás
@Vortigan07 The same story goes for many people working in health care. (except that they don't need to practice that much, they just need a practice) I'm not supernatural gifted as a musician nor as a medic, I'm working my butt off to do what I love: Both! And yes: sex and drugs and rock and roll: so funny- how comes you'll always end up empty handed? Plug it in, or give me a diagnosis....
Vortigan07 2 anos atrás
Totally relate to this!! People so often seem to think that you just turn up, plug in and play!! They don't see the hours of practice and rehearsal that you put in so as to make sure that you're a memorable part of their night. They don't see the many huddles that two guitar players go off into in order to try and work out harmony passages etc. And (speaking as a bass player) they don't see the infuriating frustration of having to try and work with an ostentatious drummer who suddenly doesn't appear to speak or understand English when you say things like, "No, leave a bar and half of space there"! And I know we don't do this for the money, God knows we don't do this for the money!! But the number of times people think they can negotiate you down to peanuts because again, they seem to think that you just turn up, plug in and play!!
Sergio Fonseca
Sergio Fonseca 2 anos atrás
@Ken Havens Musical skills are innate, it just takes practice. It's the unlucky few who may have physical or cognitive disabilities. But musicians are just being human, I've spent thirty years of my life thinking I had no talent and... well I still have no talent, but I play and somehow they cheer...
Ken Havens
Ken Havens 2 anos atrás
To be fair while you can learn to play a instrument , you may not be great and just is very difficult to sing well. You are either born with a great singing voice or you can't hold a tune. A lucky few can use their vocal strangeness and become successful.
Edward Gucker
Edward Gucker 2 anos atrás
Most ultimately successful bands had very humble beginnings where they eeked out a living until they produced something brilliant and/or get noticed by the right person. It's usually the absolute commitment you speak of; they simply refuse to give up because it's the only thing they want to do. Stories of bands like Iron Maiden and Aerosmith are good examples. (sharing a studio apartment together or living in their cars while performing as bar-bands right out of high school). I played in bars for a year after high school, but I couldn't support myself, so I accepted reality and went to college.
David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio 4 anos atrás
You're a great storyteller. I love listening to all of your stories. Inspiring stuff.
Lydell Anos atrás
@Anthraxbees It's usually people who are in a shitty headspace who randomly bring people down like that, for no real reason.
Johnny Moraes Guitar
Johnny Moraes Guitar 4 anos atrás
Thought that too!!!
?? 4 anos atrás
David DiMuzio you must be easily amused. Lol
Bud Surtees
Bud Surtees Anos atrás
Your story is instructive and inspirational. What makes you appealing and interesting is your passion for what you do, and the years of struggle, knowledge and experience that underpin that passion. It gives your words weight and substance, and your viewers easily empathize with you. Early in this episode you mention a teacher/instructor laughing at you... such people are not deserving of being called teachers. Teachers instruct, criticize, correct, encourage and a whole lot of other things, but ridiculing and deriding is not what a real teacher does. Cheers.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 2 anos atrás
So refreshing to hear your no-nonsense approach. Yes, everyone faces hardships, but we can’t let those determine our life.
Künstlerin-DAB1995 2 anos atrás
Learning that right now.
jim bob
jim bob 3 anos atrás
This guy has so much enthusiasm and energy. He would be a great person to have in your life
simon duncan
simon duncan 8 meses atrás
We all do.
Sean Lowry
Sean Lowry 3 anos atrás
Thank you for making this video. So many people dont understand success takes alot of hard work, dedication and sometimes requires us to swallow our pride. This translates to so much more then just music. It pertains to life. Way to many people think they deserve success without putting their lumps in.
DrummerJohn Anos atrás
Love you Rick and what you do. I am a two bit drummer who never did anything big, but I love the way music healed and makes me feel. You explain so many aspects of production, equipment and just your guitar playing is like going to college! Berkeley school of music, but Beato school of music!
ZosoHacker 4 anos atrás
You taught me Norwegian Wood in one of your videos. I played it live and sang it last week. Big moment for me. Thanks Rick
Ticonderous1 3 anos atrás
Kick ass brother .. great job ...
Silva Shreds
Silva Shreds 3 anos atrás
Silva Shreds
Silva Shreds 3 anos atrás
ZosoHacker fuck yeah!
AG Drummer
AG Drummer 3 anos atrás
That really is awesome! Congrats brother!
Carl Henry
Carl Henry Anos atrás
Just watched this video, No Excuses has been a motto of mine for awhile I coached my son’s football team for four years and preached that to my team! I am now 57 and I have also written a song called No Excuses!
Mitch Kent
Mitch Kent Anos atrás
Your stories are inspiring and gives us the hope to keep chasing our goals.
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 2 anos atrás
Your stories like this give us underlings hope. Someone with your musical intelligence was beaten down repeatedly, but you stuck to it! This inspires me!
Richard Kamimura
Richard Kamimura Anos atrás
Hmmm… what I got out of this is: It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s your journey that creates your own unique story. Thank you for sharing your story 😸
Kimbalay Strattick
Kimbalay Strattick 2 anos atrás
You are a really good man Rick.You're so harmless, clear, truthful, determined yet most of all you're genuine. I really wish I had a bunch of money to surprise you with by buying 500 coffee cups for an entire school. Or ???? I believe in you Rick, you're doing one he'll of a job.
Marc Scordato
Marc Scordato 4 anos atrás
I taught myself guitar at 40 years of age. With a wife 2 kids and 2 jobs I didn’t have hours to practice so I’m not a high level musician but as a self taught hack I’ve done fairly well. I so admire high level musicians like Rick, love his insight and understanding .
Evil Sean
Evil Sean 3 anos atrás
nobody is born with the ability to play an instrument ... some people have an affinity with a given instrument ... i can do strings .. i cant do woods or brass .. i started on brass ... fail ... woods ... fail ... meanwhile i was toying with strings all the time and liking it and now 40 years later im at the other end of my career as a bass player and just bought myself an upright bass to have fun with
Jack Allen
Jack Allen 3 anos atrás
I worked with 3 people that were very good guitarists, two rhythm players, and a lead player. It just never clicked with me. I practiced until my calluses had calluses, lol. I really have a deep respect for anyone that can play even moderately well (I knew a 15 year old kid that could pick up a song from the radio in like 10 to 20 minutes the same song I struggled with for like a week of 2 hour sessions a day) I am mostly tone deaf and really can not tell if a note is too high or too low when I get close to it. Feel blessed if you can do this. I now work on gear as a tube amp tech, I love the gear and that I am good at! We all have our place I guess.
Pat Gannon
Pat Gannon 4 anos atrás
Hey Marc, good for you! I hope you inspire your kids if they are so inclined.
Dean Porter
Dean Porter 2 anos atrás
I'm starting to study Harmonica seriously, and came across your channel and love your cpntent. It's great so we a informed youtuber who has experience to back up what you are saying and give informative opinions.
Jake Davis
Jake Davis 2 anos atrás
So many people (myself included) not only appreciate the heck out of you for everything you’ve done, and continue to do, but needed to hear this. Thank you for all the knowledge, advice, and inspiration.
Joe Schaefer
Joe Schaefer 2 anos atrás
Rick!! Inspiring stuff!! I'm 43 and honestly I'm more committed to getting better as a player, and writer than ever. My only real failure was having a plan B. BUT NO QUITTING IS PERMITTED!!!!
David Young
David Young 10 meses atrás
This is why I really enjoy your positive get on with it no nonsense attitude! You've been there and lived it, up down and all around the world! Keep up the great work Rick, youve inspired me to pick up my old yamaha beginners classical guitar and practice/start reading music again!
ponchotran 5 meses atrás
This is the third time hearing this story. I heard the two later versions first. It is very inspiring. I don't know anything about music - I am an electrical engineer. But it does cause me to reflect on "failures" in the past.
Doc_Bizzle 4 anos atrás
Someone in live chat said "Rick was a late developer". I disagree. Hearing this I'm convinced that Rick is a "Constant Developer"... always learning, growing, and pressing forward with no excuses.
WhoWouldWantThisName 3 anos atrás
Those that find an early path that's rather easy may be cheated out on a lot more that life may have otherwise offered them. Rick didn't take a long time to find his path, his path was this whole journey to here. none of his history was wasted. It all lead to him becoming who he is and what he has to offer us all now. Yes, this is also yet another chapter in his story, The BRvid years. At least that's how I perceive things.
Patty Jeddy
Patty Jeddy 4 anos atrás
Rick didn't fit into the box that the University setting had created.
Jason Gravely
Jason Gravely 4 anos atrás
Love that! "constant developer" the best always are
Richard Hoogstad
Richard Hoogstad 2 anos atrás
Such an inspiring story, if only more people had your spirit. This gives hope
A Mack Classic
A Mack Classic 3 anos atrás
This is so inspiring. I've had classical piano lessons since I was 8 yrs old. When I got older I joined the Army when I was 19 to escape drug addiction and to have enough money to buy my first Mbox and Pro Tools rig. I got chaptered out for medical and got a job at a mom and pop music store where I learned about the music industry first hand. I met a friend and started a recording studio in town. My gf at that time was moving to California so I called studios in LA asking if I could work for them, and got a job at an indie label. They moved me out and let me stay at a house for free and I helped them bring high value clientele into the studio. I'm 33 now, decided to move home to PA about a year ago and bought my first guitar. Not long after that I subscribed to your channel, Rick and have been thinking about starting a band. I literally teared up when you said Shinedown happened in your late 30's. I totally understand feeling sick of their excuses. You can do anything if you REALLY put your mind to something. Thank you so much for making a youtube channel. Thank you for this video.
Back Country Pastimes
Back Country Pastimes 3 anos atrás
Rick, you have an incredible life story. I honestly think you should write an autobiography (if you haven’t done already) because it’s fascinating and also inspiring for me as a musician and ‘freshman’ music student. You put in so much effort and you never gave up, no matter what the problem or issue, you persevered and I respect that.
Mark Lignell
Mark Lignell 2 anos atrás
Dear Rick, This Video " Im sick of your excuses " was very inspiring. I'm a drummer. Like you I auditioned for a scholarship to go to college. I got the scholarship but then dropped out of college. Your a breath of fresh air. I want to join your club.
mark orrick
mark orrick 10 meses atrás
Thank you man for your Love of Music , your knowledge of Music and your perseverance without which we would never had known of you. Thank you !
Heavy Metal Heroes Official
We worked with Rick as another band. Learned a lot from this guy. He is one of the nicest and honest people you will meet.
Jacque Lamont Harenberg
There is no easy way. It takes hard work and a deep desire. If you are not willing to work hard, then you need to step back and take a hard look at yourself. Love and respect to you Rick.
Schaun Drab
Schaun Drab Anos atrás
Its ironic that you began to make excuses when starting your BRvid venture, but u figured it out like ur past, I really appreciate you sharing your life story, its my lifeline, at almost 50, to continue to press on! Thank you so much!
Mr Nelsonius
Mr Nelsonius 2 anos atrás
I toured internationally at age 18. Lasted about five years, came close to making it big but crashed and burned HARD. I ended up with late stage alcoholism at 24. Went to jail, the works. For years I kept at music while working construction, then high end dining, then being an executive assistant in NYC. Making good money. Then..finally had a band start to break big, charting on alternative radio unsigned. Got a deal, went BROKE AF to chase it for years. In my 30s. This pandemic is the first time I’ve been off tour in 6 years. Making a living as a musician full-time. To the young ones out there: you can do it you just have to push no matter what. Now I’ve got a wife and kids and if you think it’s hard to do it in your early 20s I’ve got news for you: it gets WAY harder once you’re married and the kids come. Like WAY harder. But people are doing it. So go do it. I’m still not rich by the way, my wife makes more as a nurse!! But that is part of it. Keep pushing to be great, it’s what musicians do
Künstlerin-DAB1995 2 anos atrás
Wow, that's amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 3 anos atrás
Great rant Rick! . . . a good kick in the pants can be good for anyone anytime no matter if the goal is music or not! PS: Congratulations on living a life on your own terms. That's real success.
acatnamedharmony 2 anos atrás
Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to share your story. It was just the inspiration I needed today
pixelatedparcel 4 anos atrás
During the 90's, I was in my thirties and basically a bum. I went from living in a tent, to a van, to a bus and worked seasonally picking fruit, tree-planting, tree-spacing, etc. in British-Columbia. I met my wife at 37, got a steady job for a few years and went back to school at 40, working nights the first year before becoming a research assistant which saved my life as by this time I had three young children at home and would have a total of 4 kids, five years old and younger, by the time I got my law degree. Fast forward to 2018, the modest house we bought while I was in school is bought and paid for and our 4 kids are all sight-reading multi-instrumentalists...I am an average joe who had the good fortune to meet a good woman and enough sense to stop, although belatedly, self-destructing before it killed me. So, it is never too late as long as you believe in yourself, aren't afraid of a lot of hard work and sacrifice and have someone in your corner rooting for you. As a final note, I started playing guitar seriously about 2 years ago and cannot believe the amount of time and dedication it has taken me to play at a "campfire" level: I have never been more in awe of serious musicians than I am today and am amazed at the level of dedication required by even very talented and gifted people to become well-rounded musicians. Thanks for the inspirational rant, Rick.
Künstlerin-DAB1995 2 anos atrás
Wow, good for you. Guess Proverbs is right: "He who finds a wife has found a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord."
Spacemen 2
Spacemen 2 3 anos atrás
thank you for the inspiring story
CaliKid 2 anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your life's trials and challenges. It goes to show that one can be a good and classy guy yet still succeed despite various disappointments. It takes persistence and self-belief. I'm a subscriber for life.
Rex Strother
Rex Strother Anos atrás
Late to watching this video - but so glad I did. I wasn't familiar with the back story you shared here. And it's amazing and just a testament to your genuine love of music that you are the success today that you are.
Jamie Of All Trades
Jamie Of All Trades 2 anos atrás
You are such an inspirational person, and a real down to earth person; I could listen to you tell stories all day long. You deserve every ounce of success that you have. Like you said, "you are either a doer, or a talker." You obviously went after what you wanted, thanks for sharing!
Ken Havens
Ken Havens 2 anos atrás
I agree with some of this but honestly becoming famous is extremely difficult and requires a lot of luck. You need to be at the right place, the right time and society has to be ready for your music. Not talking about cover bands, I"m talking about becoming famous for original music.
GG Speedruns and Gaming
Wow dude our story is so similar from the start . I'm 29 right now I've had 1 publishing deal and 1 record deal only left me broke and starting over and I can say I'll never give up because there's too many musicians who have given up out there
Paul-Singh Gurth
Paul-Singh Gurth 4 anos atrás
I studied music with Dick Grove when I was 18. Up until that point, I practiced 10 or more hours a day. I had a roommate while at Grove that had that "music theory and practice ruins feeling" approach. I call it lazy. Wed sit and jam, and I was rapidly improving, yet he couldn't even handle a 1 4 5 progression that wasn't in E or A. I moved back to my home state. I continued to practice pretty intensively, and study the material I learned at Grove more. I concentrated on improv, chord scale relationship and Holdsworth, my hero. I began playing out. I was shocked at people's response to my playing, because to me I was just this cat that liked to play. But I was getting recognized on the streets as "the guy with the blue guitar". I was getting gigs simply by word of mouth that I could play over anything. I had many requests for lessons, so I took on some students. I recorded several CDs with bandsbi was in, getting the nickname "one take" because I would often nail things in one take. Life was way groovy. Fast forward years: My roommate in college still can't improvise, and doesn't even know basic theory. I taught myself to compose orchestral music, and began to venture down the road of scoring film and video games. Then my relationship of 10 years ended under much pain. I ended up homeless. I lost everything. I had to sell everything to live. Then just as I got my life back together, I lost the vision in my left eye, and got gangrene in my left leg. My leg was amputated at the knee. I persevered, with relentless and unstoppable forward motion. I got a.$45 dollar Rogue acoustic and my dad's friend gave me his old Washburn electric. Both are blue. They are all I have right now. I don't even have an amp. But I won't stop. I have no excuses, and whining isn't in my vocabulary. I think of my heroes that I have met, and talked to, especially Holdsworth. He told me to find my voice. My voice. Not my version of his. I practice, study and got my chops back. I have one leg, one eye, and two cheapo guitars and no amp. Yet I am happier and have a sense of purpose greater than most people I know. Why? Its because of something that I don't have, and never will: Excuses.
Marcin Anos atrás
My hat off Sir, what a story, what a lesson to all of us, thank you.
Perry Born
Perry Born 2 anos atrás
Damn, that's a hell of a story. I'm glad you've got your outlook in the right place! Keep on rocking man, best wishes
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate 3 anos atrás
We're all doomed We'll never make it
Pat Gannon
Pat Gannon 4 anos atrás
A.H. is one of my musician heroes too. You have revealed the secret of secrets to playing and composing well: study and practice. Your story reveals how up and down life takes us but more so how much you love music in spite of challenging circumstances.
Gold Schlagger
Gold Schlagger 4 anos atrás
High Zenburgh standing ovation for your fighting spirit. Be well brother
Jose Luis Braga Salgueiro
You are a true example of musicianship and perseverance
Sean Christopher Synthesizers
I love hearing stories like this. Mr. Beato truly deserves the success he's had in his life. More young people early in their career should watch this.
peanutbutterisfu Anos atrás
Rick you’re stories are truly inspiring! You really busted ur ass to get where ur at. When something didn’t work out you didn’t take no for an answer! You hopped in ur car and drove around the country to network and play with other musicians and also went to different countries. I was in my music scene for some years and you know most of us gave up because it’s so hard living broke. You figured it out, you weren’t willing to take no for an answer and I really commend you for that. I really wish I would have not given up but I also am from Rochester New York and I just didn’t have it in me to move away again haha. You are a great story teller I really enjoy listening to your life’s stories I can’t get enough
Bob Anos atrás
One of the best guitarists I ever met was teaching students - he had got married and had kids to feed, so he did what he had to, as you did. He still teaches and plays with the Milwaukee Symphony when they need a guitar part played.
Kurt Richards TV
Kurt Richards TV 2 anos atrás
You are a wonderful inspiring person and I love your videos. Thank You Rick for everything!
Lostboyrocks 4 anos atrás
I'm 50. This an inspiration to me. I took care of my Dad 24/7 from 2008 til he passed on New Year's Eve. So, I put off my goals in life. I am going to start a business. I started a hobby website. And, I want to make music to put on BRvid. I may vlog too. But, after watching you, I feel my age will not get in my way.
X Anos atrás
@Lostboyrocks Your Dad did alot for you and your future. You have all of those years of pent up creativity simmering like a tightly wound spring in a WD40 vat. You must have a huge heart full of giving, loving enegy. Care givers are the solid rocks that make our reality because we are all going to need help eventually. You have a special voice that everyone can relate to. Listen to Old Friends by Simon and Garfunkel and tap into that energy for awhile. Sounds like you are on your way FOUND MAN. God bless you young man.
Lostboyrocks Anos atrás
@X that helps a lot. Yeah, I will get a note book to write some ideas down. I need to pick up my guitar too. Bought some new pedals, and found a pedal my Dad bought me in the 1990's. Thanks for the inspiration
X Anos atrás
@Lostboyrocks Check out Rick Beato he has some vids that tell you how to make money in music also. If you put in 1/2 of the effort and emotional care that you deployed helping Dad you will be known by many for your work in music. It might not be where you think but if you throw out your effort ir BREAD it will come back to you. You will become what you focus on. It seems like a lot of hokus pocus and woo woo but that is how it goes. It's a lot of work of a different kind. You have been proven under fire. Keep notebooks and journals of the feelings and flip them into observations tha haven't been done before. Record stuff and follow it to the completion. It's in the chord progressions, the frame to put the muscle on. Let it come to you and go get when it doesn't. Love you BRO. PEACE AND LOVE! FOUND BOY! Maybe that is a song title for you! YAP YAP FOUND BOY... Became a man by being lost......🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🔬
Lostboyrocks Anos atrás
@X thanks, that helps 🤘😎🤘
X 2 anos atrás
@Lostboyrocks Creating music is like any progressive idea, you put one note after another, learn some melody popular ideas throw those in and then record your versions of them. Keep improving on the sound until it's better and better. Some songs happen immediately and others can take a few years. McCartney had some childhood songs that made it on The White Album. So did Lennon on earlier stuff. I learned that some very popular songs have note jumps like Some Where Over The Rainbow. That is an important fact to know. I think you are Foundboy bro.
Mike Anos atrás
It’s important to realize if you aren’t happy, successful, where you want to be. You have to change it. I can’t stand idol expecting success. I can’t put it off until tomorrow. Work today, tomorrow might not come. Just do it! 10 hours practice a day only happens when you practice. Rejected, try until you stop failing. This video just taught me how to become successful. Amazing video!
Jeff Goddard
Jeff Goddard 2 anos atrás
Great video on an important subject. I have a great respect for what you do today and where you come from, perhaps because there are so many parallels to my own life. These are important lessons for others to hear - thank you!
Skip Bauchmam
Skip Bauchmam 3 anos atrás
What an incredible no frills journey. This is a serious discussion on what can or will happen when you venture out in life trying to build a carrier in the entertainment industry.
EnoshimaUke 2 anos atrás
As a musical moron, I deeply appreciate your attention to details that is helping me to scratch and claw my way out of ignorance at age 55! I'm struggling to learn guitar, but making progress thanks to the inspiration you give. I love your enthusiasm. Keep on keeping on!
Kevin jay intong
Kevin jay intong 3 anos atrás
Love you sir. You inspire me not to give up. I live in a 3rd world country where instruments are hard to acquire. But with passion i will not give up.
Dougsie 4 anos atrás
You're truly one in a billion Rick. Much respect to you and your perseverance to succeed through the muck and foggy darkness of the music industry. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You change lives.
Svavar Knutur
Svavar Knutur 3 anos atrás
Dougsie what Dougsie said :-)
1Rockstok 2 meses atrás
Love this story. Been watching your videos since I stumbled on them. I’ve been playing in cover bands, on guitar, bass, drums keyboards and vocals in several styles for 50 years. I’ve been recording since the 70s, and deconstruct cover songs for the fun of it and to use as backing tracks for my solo and duo acts. About a hundred of these are on my BRvid channel. I have produced original acts. I’ve made “albums” recording them in my studio but have never had the interest or skill to write my own songs. I had a moderately successful career in investments for 35 years but never really loved it the way I love music and recording. I’m inspired to hear your story.
M Ángel G C
M Ángel G C 3 anos atrás
Rick, recién descubrí tus vídeos porque estaba buscando cómo internalizar al fin los modos "griegos". Me fascinó la manera en que los expones en tus vídeos. Y ahora que veo tu historia, no cabe duda... cada quien selecciona sus propios límites. Felicidades por tu excelente trabajo!
RJ21 7 meses atrás
You're one of the greatest story tellers! Very inspiring.
nettlecider 2 anos atrás
Ooof it's such a relief to hear someone I consider successful put things in perspective.. age 32 and being back at parent's home.. I'm 30 now, grateful to still be in a band but all we have is a recorded EP which stalled in mixing stage, unfinished music video + our vocalist just bounced. The rest of the band just wants to go full instrumental mode and that horiffies me. Plus, we're in Eastern efin Europe, there are no 'contacts' to be made, we know no producers, there is pretty much no music industry here at all, just same 5 faces that control everything regardless of the media or genre. Buuuuut we still go on. As long as I want to hold on to my bass, as long as there's 3 people that would want to hear it, I'm doing this. And you should too ,)
Alex of the way
Alex of the way 2 anos atrás
It's great to hear about your experiances. I stumbled upon your vidios, mainly through looking up about music theory to try and learn a thing or three. You know, you just see random things, like I assumed that you're just this successful American guy, but telling it as it is has been priceless because it gives everything context! You've worked hard, it didn't just fall into your lap! It's great to hear. Somtimes things just don't seem to happen and it's hard work, this helps us realise that perseverance and failures are not uncommon to others who've achieved somthing! Thanks Rick!
C. A. G.
C. A. G. 4 anos atrás
Great story Rick. I went to Berkeley in '79 to audition for the music dept. after a couple years gigging on Long Island and knowing that Simon & Garfunkel were not going to get me into the major. So I, also, took some classical guitar lessons (Sor etudes, etc.) to have at least SOME kind of 'legitimate' ax as my instrument. I got through the dictation and harmony phase and when I completed the musicianship/sight-singing part, successfully, I waited, tremblingly, to be called to play my 'instrument.' But, to my surprise, their question was not, 'What do you have to play for us?' It was, 'So, do you already have a teacher, or are you going to want to study with someone here in the department?' 'Huh?' I said, or words to that effect. 'You're a singer, right?' they asked. 'I'm a singer...oh, yea...right, yea, of course, sure, yea, I'm a singer, right, that's it.' Or words to that effect. Seems they were impressed enough with my so-fa vocalizing that they decided they didn't need to hear any more. (Too bad for the money wasted on learning Bourré!) The short story: I went on to sing with the San Francisco Opera; had a vocal career of a couple decades and now work with the music publishing industry; very happy to have made it. And it just sort of fell in my lap. Moral: Amazing how clueless we are when we are young, but somehow we progress nonetheless. Keep making music, Rick!
Nate Sassoon
Nate Sassoon 3 anos atrás
that's an incredible story!
JohnnyArt Pavlou
JohnnyArt Pavlou 4 anos atrás
C. A. G., lovely story.❤️
Andy Rhodes
Andy Rhodes 3 anos atrás
Thank you for this inspirational video and pep talk, Rick. I needed to hear something like it today.
Deane Cote
Deane Cote 2 anos atrás
Absolute perseverance. You have fought for and earned every last ounce of your success. What a story.
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad Anos atrás
One of the things I love about Rick channel is all of the comments that telling an inspiring stories that really helpful, you guys are amazing ✌
Kathryn Wanke
Kathryn Wanke 3 anos atrás
you are inspirational!!! NO EXCUSES!!! Just keep learning and applying what you have learned!
James Romeyn
James Romeyn 3 anos atrás
Another of Rick's many great videos. If you liked Rick's story, get Steve Lukather's book. Steve auditioned for lead guitarist in rank Zappa's band. Zappa purposely humiliated Steve in a room filled with pro guitarists. Steve swore to himself that would never happen again. I highly recommend Steve's autobiography. Rick should start his bio if he has not already.
Greg Mccurry
Greg Mccurry Anos atrás
I got it on audible
xilsanctified 4 anos atrás
Rick - subbed the second I heard "well screw it, let them demonetize it -- this is the stuff that needs to be taught on here, and I don't care. I'm going to take a chance..." -- I completely agree, and look forward to helping support your efforts here through the methods you've made available.
Dom Xem
Dom Xem 2 anos atrás
I know this vid is two years old but I wanted to say your story was beautiful and you deserve everything good life can give you
jude mascarenhas
jude mascarenhas 2 anos atrás
Hey Rick..... This is probably the best video you've ever made....I am an economics teacher and at 55 I have a classic rock band with 19 year old band mates.... You have given me the inspiration to go for it...
GlenDeanII 3 anos atrás
I'm glad you stuck with it, Rick. I had a similar experience with school... well, sorta... It was actually a Music Appreciation class in high school. I was on the rough side the spectrum in school, and the music teacher didn't care for losers, I guess. He had a chance to help a kid in trouble, but he decided to sh*t on me every chance he got. I dropped out in 9th grade so I could play the bar scene around town... he once stated, "I don't consider some kid whose been fiddling around with a guitar for a couple years to be a musician...." Looking back I guess he was right... he was still an azz hat though....
Robert James
Robert James 2 anos atrás
I never heard this story before. My respect for you just went up even higher bro. I appreciated your knowledge before but after hearing what you went through over the years and your determination just speaks volumes. Thank you so much for sharing.
MTL Montana
MTL Montana 3 anos atrás
I'm 54. Been playing guitar since 1979. I've played in some bluegrass bands but never got as serious about it as you. It's a hobby and I love learning about all styles of music, which is why love your channel Rick!
Highorions19 4 anos atrás
63 years old on the downswing of my career. My whole life I kept saying to myself, one of these days your going to learn guitar (speaking to myself is common these days). There's only one reason I didn't learn, me! I was a talker. Pretty cliche. Last year I finally bought an acoustical and electric guitar. Every day since, I have picked up one or the other or both. Today, I am still a beginner, have no visions of grandeur but can say, I can play guitar. Watching your videos over the last several months has amped me up even more and am now enjoying when I play. Thank you for your enthusiasm and unending knowledge about music and the music business. It has helped re-kindle a beautiful fire. Take care and keep sharing.
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 3 anos atrás
"Take care and keep sharing. " . . . and you keep going Francis. You and I are kindred spirits.
James Rogers
James Rogers 3 anos atrás
@Nic Brown Rolling on the carpet, laughing! In my mid-seventies, it will take even less time. Livin' that dream, I am...
Nic Brown
Nic Brown 3 anos atrás
Francis Murdock Playing guitar takes a lifetime to learn. Picking it up at 63 just means that it takes a whole lot less time to learn compared with somebody who started in their teens! Live the dream.
Sean Welch
Sean Welch 2 anos atrás
I’m almost fifty and for the last three years I’ve been changing my workflow decisions, shedding my preconceptions about my own abilities, staying out of the “no” zone, and making the best art of my life.
Wir und Gesellschaft by John Furst
Love your passion !! And, yes, great story telling !!
Soiled Cinder
Soiled Cinder 3 anos atrás
Congrats on your Million subscribers. I think I am 1,000,003 Inspiring story, and I'm glad you listened to your assistant or whoever you said it was that suggested you do BRvid videos. It's funny you didnt think you were cut out for it at first
Jellybert de Lattiba
Jellybert de Lattiba 2 anos atrás
Beside the knowledge you give us, ( be aware, j'm French, j'm gonna make some mistakes ! ) j just love the way you tell us your stories ! J had, in my younger days, an history teacher kind of captivating, like you ! It makes learning fun ! Thanx !
albert bussey
albert bussey 3 anos atrás
Wow!! This video really encouraged me as a musician and person. It just reassured me that no matter how old you are you still have time to be great and fulfill your dreams. God bless you my man!!!
Michael Bray
Michael Bray 4 anos atrás
Thank you Rick!! You are a mentor to thousands, and I consider myself lucky to have found your channel and be one of your students. Beato University!!
MBW 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much for posting this Rick! Very encouraging!
Gonçalo Abreu
Gonçalo Abreu 23 dias atrás
Rick you are an inspiration and a life example, we are lucky to have you share your heart and soul with us. I don’t know you but would be happy to call you a friend. Take care brother.
Lostjoy IX
Lostjoy IX 3 anos atrás
Rick, I am 20 years old on the dot and I needed to hear this. I work 40 hours a week and always kept making excuses about "I'm too tired" or "I don't have time" but enough is enough. If you can get a record deal even at 35 and learn how to produce music without the internet and through magazines then I can do it too if I put in work. The internet is one of the best resources and yet here I am making excuses about "I don't know how to write pop songs and I don't have time to learn" but it's just a lie I'm telling myself so I can continue feeling lazy and like I'm done everything in my own power to chase my dreams when in reality I'm just making a fool of myself. This video saved me Rick, you may not see this comment but I will, it is to remind myself that the only person stopping me is myself. I have it good, and I am wasting it by not doing anything.
James Farrington
James Farrington 3 meses atrás
I started proper lessons in 1977. I was on stage for the first time in 1980. Gigged from then until 1991. Then back at it in 1995. During the 80s me and my bandmates gigged almost every weekend. 4 sets a night. Great club circuit. All those clubs are gone. I feel bad for young guys getting the chance to play. The clubs just arent there. Thats how you get good -playing in front of people. On the side I was playing weddings, bar mitzvahs etc....Play live any chance you get.
Murry In Arizona
Murry In Arizona 3 meses atrás
For yucks I checked here in Phoenix to see how many places are still in business from late 1970's. From "Clubs" to neighborhood bars and taverns 75% are gone and the remaining places that had live music had converted to "sports bar's" decades ago. The only places in North and west Phoenix offering live music today are universally mexican specializing in mariachi or ranchero music.
Greg Parker
Greg Parker 2 anos atrás
I have been watching your videos religiously, thank you for being who you are Rick. The world needs more friends, dads, musicians, sons Etc. Like YOU. Thank you Rick.
Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas 4 anos atrás
Thoroughly enjoyed the background story (first time hearing it) and the shear honesty of it. Pure unfiltered honesty. Love it. As I type this I'm a 66 year old songwriter who hasn't had one song accepted by someone in the music industry. Doesn't matter. I carry on as if I own a gold record. I'm going to write and play my guitar until I no longer can. Nice inspirational message Rick! I appreciate it.
JohnnyArt Pavlou
JohnnyArt Pavlou 4 anos atrás
Steve Douglas, Live it! 🔥🔥🔥🤘
TheMixtape11 2 anos atrás
Hi Rick and crew. I know this is an older video but I just saw it yesterday. I have been thinking about your story and your challenge a lot. I think one of the empowering ways to frame your idea is that by taking responsibility for your own actions, errors and past you actually give the power to change back to yourself. Anyways I wanted to thank you for sharing and let you know that it helped me get real with interval training. Also your videos on perfect pitch and intervals/song writing are paying dividends for me. Understanding how nature vs nurture regarding how we hear and construct music and images in our heads is really useful in getting past some issues I have had with my imperfect hearing. Oddly one thing I discovered was that I hear better within my own singing compass and I hear a lot outside of my range as of it were inside of those roughly two octaves. I will have to explore that more.
JessWhittamStudio 6 meses atrás
I went to Fredonia, visual art though. The music program seemed snarky but ultimately, I think that any artist needs to be able to move through those experiences like you did. It seems like that's one of the most important qualities.
WKRP 3 anos atrás
I subscribed after watching a few of his videos. Now this video pushed me to join the Beato Club. I enjoy these stories and guitar playing but especially the multi-tracks analysis. Why can't they be made available to the public? I'd buy my favorite albums again.
Mark Waldron
Mark Waldron 9 meses atrás
This is one of the best motivational videos I've ever seen, not just for musicians but for anyone. Thank you for posting this. You've really done a public service by sharing your story.
twodux77 3 anos atrás
Rick, this is the most valuable video you have ever made. Every kid starting out in life need to hear this message. Effort can overcome talent in most cases. I have seen too many people with tons of talent and potential fall to the wayside because they give up too easily or they don't focus. I wish I had learned this lesson when I was young. I had to learn the hard way though. That works too, but takes longer. lol
Stuart Branson - Theme Composer
I only started studying music production in February 2018. 7 days per week, 8 to 16 hours per day. It's going very well and I appreciate the helpful vids on BRvid. I am 48 years old.
lukkyhandz 2 anos atrás
Love the video. Great message. Continue to do what you do, you're an inspiration
Jo Pappas
Jo Pappas 2 anos atrás
This testimony is epic Rick, really inspiring--->> explains so much about your tenacity & excellence. Thank you!
Christopher Van Der Westhuizen
Thank you for the video Rick! I'm not a musician, but the story of passionate, hard work is applicable to everyone regardless of their chosen vocation. It's incredibly inspiring and it's the wake up call I need to not be so complacent in my work.
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