I’m Sick of Your Excuses! 

Rick Beato
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23 Jul 2018



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@mysas5983 5 anos atrás
I started (serious) studying guitar at age 17. It was the only thing in my life i was really sure about. Two weeks before the entrance examination i got sick and had to rush into the hospital. I had to stay there for one month and on release, the diagnosis was a disaster (myelitis with a possibility of multiple sclerosis) - that meant, at any time in the future, in my 20ties or 30ties, i could loose the ability of movement and would end in paralysis. Altrought i couldnt study anymore (my shoulder was really damaged and i lost a lot of sensitivity in my fingers), i never stopped learning, went back to drums and later piano, til i was able to get my grip back. Now i teach (just the children in the town and some friends). Thanks to youtube teachers nowadays i am still constantly learning more and more, knowledge i wouldn't had access to otherwise. Moral of the story: Life is merciless and sometimes devastating. And 99% of us won't be "huge musicians", just people who make and teach music. But thats ok. Like almost everyone, in my youth I dreamed of a great musician career. Today, i'm just happy to be able to make music and i love it to be the boring guy in a small village teaching music to annoying little kids.
@SethNaugler 5 anos atrás
my sas -You’re a wise man. You “get it”.
@Hevvvyyy 5 anos atrás
You're a hero, my friend
@numanuma20 5 anos atrás
Oh my goodness. Great story.
@CorbCorbin 5 anos atrás
99.99% won't be, but you have changed many lives, as being able to play music can be magical. I can't imagine not being able to play guitar, I can play Hendrix, Page, Beck, etc. whenever I want, and still learn all the time.
@Kissfan96dr 3 anos atrás
my dad had a similar situation. Applied to master's school at Penn state and was rejected. got into UCLA, got his MBA. 7 years later, Penn state hired him to teach military history. His opening line to his class was, "Penn State doesn't think I'm smart enough to be a student here, but they do think I'm smart enough to be a teacher."
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
@fabianmartinez2390 2 anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👍👍👍👍
@joeybrazil2024 8 meses atrás
That's a great line.
@nomo9344 2 meses atrás
This experience must be more common than originally realized. I took an elective class from a college professor who advised me that my major was a complete waste of time and I would never get a job, blah blah blah. Not only did I recently retire from the supposed job I would never have, but I also was hired to teach the same class he taught (without the degree he thought I should have), and in the exact same classroom where he gave me such poor advice. Go figure.
@jonpaulsonbass1 4 anos atrás
one of the most impressive things he said, was how little his formal education got him to where he is, and how far is own curiosity and tenacity and drive and determination took him... some things you can't buy...
@blueheron5232 4 anos atrás
At some time in the last few hundred years, formal music education got lazy and lost the ability to teach how to improvise on the fly. That USED TO BE a required part of "Classical" music performance but now "Classical" is synonymous with stale museum pieces set in stone that one recites "correctly." Today the "Blues Nazis" comprised of people who've never played a gig are trying to do the same thing to that genre. It's the people who play live who keep music alive.
@siegfriedstark 4 anos atrás
Both comments above are GOLD! When you read about musical education in the XVIII century, late baroque and early classical periods, you see all those pratices of learning ALL the scales, the harmonic relations and realization of figured bass in a thousand of possible combinations by ROTE, the so called "partimento" realization of cyphered harmony and even FUGUE improvisation! To make music was to CREATE music in the craftiest way possible! A promethean amount of sweat and practice! It's read in many sources that Bach could improvise complex and well rounded fugues out of almost nothing and it usually impresses the modern reader. But improvising fugues, counterpoint structured choral preludes, sonata-form movements, "basso ostinato" forms and bass realizations of figured harmony was a requirement for ALL professional musicians applying for ANY position in those times! The average professional could think in a second about MANY possible solutions to the SIMPLEST melodic line they found in their ways! Beethoven, a musician trained in those parameters, was a GREAT master of music structure engineering, parting from trivial themes and figures, like the famous four note figure (for the 5th symphony and many other works from the same period) or the Diabelli Waltz, and building from them really complex and intellectually challenging works! He was the ripest fruit of the "improvising craft" way of music training from the XVIII hundreds!
@panameraboomin7925 4 anos atrás
You can’t teach drive and tenacity
@geogarcia4065 Anos atrás
@eldaremington341 Anos atrás
@@siegfriedstark uh 4
@gtr1487 4 anos atrás
The more I view this channel the more I’m realizing what I’ve stumbled into. A gold mine of knowledge and experience.
@tripzville7569 3 anos atrás
Agreed Mr Rick Beato has a beautiful approach to not only music but to this whole existence.
So True
@lindacosta8202 Anos atrás
Agree, agree, agree!
@frankszmalc9921 4 anos atrás
Should rename this video: What makes Rick Beato great. You are the real deal
@markstrain8989 3 anos atrás
@AlDunbar 3 anos atrás
Or call it what makes Rick's old complaining friend "grate" on the nerves
@dawnadriana1764 4 anos atrás
Dear Rick, when I was 9 years old, I wanted to play the piano more than anything in the world. I loved Grieg and dreamed of being able to play his concertos. Someone donated an old piano to me and had it delivered outside our house. My parents let it sit there for weeks until it got taken away. My grandmother took me to ballet class, and they said I could borrow a pair of shoes until my parents got me a pair. They never did, and I had to leave. I gave up on believing I could do anything I loved. So I listened to your video with tears streaming down my face for your honesty and bravery. I know this video is a year old, and probably things are better, but I want to support you by becoming a subscriber. You have brought back the songs I loved in my youth and given so much happiness to me. Thank you, and all my best to you and your family.
@ethanschafer4684 3 anos atrás
Dawn Adriana Dawn, please if you are able, go get a keyboard and chase that dream!
@lifeinlimbo2186 10 dias atrás
I sacrificed my whole youth and most of my adult life honing my skills and becoming and entertainer. I have skills. I have fresh new great music that the few fans I've showed love and wonder why I don't play live. I get ignored by every musician and band i work for all these decades so I just gave up. I feel you and even more sorrow for you and my heart hurts for you. I truly wish I could buy you what you wanted,but,I can't and it hurts me to know I can't help you. I feel for you so much that to be honest,your story brought me to tears and broke my heart which I haven't felt for so long. I'm so sorry dear fellow musician.
@ZosoHacker 5 anos atrás
You taught me Norwegian Wood in one of your videos. I played it live and sang it last week. Big moment for me. Thanks Rick
@agdrummer2610 4 anos atrás
That really is awesome! Congrats brother!
@silvashreds4561 4 anos atrás
ZosoHacker fuck yeah!
@silvashreds4561 4 anos atrás
@Ticonderous1 4 anos atrás
Kick ass brother .. great job ...
@cje9553 3 anos atrás
“The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse” John Mason
@delvoniaquasbex5902 3 anos atrás
"Kids you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is - never try" - Homer Simpson. 😂😂😂
@sharonsobolewski3707 3 anos atrás
yup don't try! dooooooooooo!!!!!!
@mistersooty 3 anos atrás
"If something is hard, it's not worth doing". (also Homer)
@axe-addict 4 anos atrás
Man I really needed to hear this story. I been depressed and feeling sorry for myself and this made me realize I've just been lazy and in my own head thinking negatively.
@tristanwright9733 4 anos atrás
Same. Lets change our lives dude. Time to kick lifes ass. Not the other way around
@alpaca_x 3 anos atrás
Same here..
@Main_Villain1 3 anos atrás
Trying very hard to join in as well
@AKAtAGG 3 anos atrás
I talk to you as a man who has suffered for many years with depression, ptsd, and psychosis. It's not always possible to make your brain start thinking positively, and if you have depression, without help it's almost impossible. There's a difference between being lazy and having depression. One of them is your fault.
@stellaq3306 3 anos atrás
sticky7435 Hey sticky, I can relate to what you’re saying - totally. I’m 52 & music kept me going thru very dark times. The only way around this is to do the most & best you can on your ‘good’ days. This should, in turn, give you more good days. It’s a cycle - take charge. Sleep & eat well. All the very best. 🤗
@donnythompson408 3 anos atrás
There have been times where, as a performing musician, I’ve been frustrated (from a little to a lot) by people who have said to me, “it must be wonderful to have such a god-given talent, to be able to play and sing so well... and how great it must be to make a living working only a few hours a day!” Most of the time, I politely thank them, but a part of me always bristles at those kinds of comments, because these people - who mean well - have no earthly idea of just how hard pro musicians work to get where they are. They can’t conceive of how we’ve all worked our asses off, to reach a level of being just acceptably “good”. The sacrifices, the discipline, the feast or famine months, the years spent on the road playing gigs, driving through the worst weather imaginable to get to the gig, showing up for load-in at noon to do a show that night at 9, and then loading out at 2 a.m., driving the rest of the night to get to the next city... I’m not suggesting that there isn’t such a thing as having a “natural” talent for certain things, and music wouldn’t be an exception to that. Some are born with a natural sense of pitch and rhythm. But mostly, it all comes down to hard work, dedication, and practice, practice, practice... and not for months, but for YEARS that determines your skill. It’s having your friends stop by on a Friday evening when you’re 18, while you’re practicing your instrument, trying to get an exercise right, playing it over and over, while they’re urging you to go out with them that evening, and saying, “Sorry guys, I’m gonna pass, I need to practice.” It’s sacrificing personal relationships, because you aren’t ever home, working for months out on the road; it’s going through times when you can’t afford to eat; it’s searching out those other musicians who are far better than you, just so you can learn something from them; and it’s times where you’re forced to take any gig that comes your way... and ultimately, it’s making a conscious decision to commit yourself fully to an occupation that most non-musicians (I refer to them as “civilians”) look upon as being “lazy” and “easy”... Over the 4-plus decades that I’ve been a working musician, I’ve found that it’s not talent (or at least not talent alone) that makes you a good musician... it’s the level of commitment you decide to dedicate yourself to. IMHO, of course.
@edwardgucker5790 3 anos atrás
Most ultimately successful bands had very humble beginnings where they eeked out a living until they produced something brilliant and/or get noticed by the right person. It's usually the absolute commitment you speak of; they simply refuse to give up because it's the only thing they want to do. Stories of bands like Iron Maiden and Aerosmith are good examples. (sharing a studio apartment together or living in their cars while performing as bar-bands right out of high school). I played in bars for a year after high school, but I couldn't support myself, so I accepted reality and went to college.
@Bradgilliswhammyman 3 anos atrás
To be fair while you can learn to play a instrument , you may not be great and just is very difficult to sing well. You are either born with a great singing voice or you can't hold a tune. A lucky few can use their vocal strangeness and become successful.
@surgeeo1406 3 anos atrás
@@Bradgilliswhammyman Musical skills are innate, it just takes practice. It's the unlucky few who may have physical or cognitive disabilities. But musicians are just being human, I've spent thirty years of my life thinking I had no talent and... well I still have no talent, but I play and somehow they cheer...
@Vortigan07 3 anos atrás
Totally relate to this!! People so often seem to think that you just turn up, plug in and play!! They don't see the hours of practice and rehearsal that you put in so as to make sure that you're a memorable part of their night. They don't see the many huddles that two guitar players go off into in order to try and work out harmony passages etc. And (speaking as a bass player) they don't see the infuriating frustration of having to try and work with an ostentatious drummer who suddenly doesn't appear to speak or understand English when you say things like, "No, leave a bar and half of space there"! And I know we don't do this for the money, God knows we don't do this for the money!! But the number of times people think they can negotiate you down to peanuts because again, they seem to think that you just turn up, plug in and play!!
@1AvW1 2 anos atrás
@@Vortigan07 The same story goes for many people working in health care. (except that they don't need to practice that much, they just need a practice) I'm not supernatural gifted as a musician nor as a medic, I'm working my butt off to do what I love: Both! And yes: sex and drugs and rock and roll: so funny- how comes you'll always end up empty handed? Plug it in, or give me a diagnosis....
@gnomids 4 anos atrás
BRvid needs more white haired men with massive (and soooooo relevant) experience.
@Kaffimusic 4 anos atrás
@CapriciousBlackBox 4 anos atrás
Not according to the social justice warriors out there. I say this not to be snyde....there's a real loss taking place with the current rejection of "old, white, CIS men" in the service of "diversity and inclusion" narratives. There is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that will quietly be lost if we allow this rejection of once-revered valuables to be sidelined by intersectional SJW's and feminists. Consider this a warning. ⚠️
@zoogboog106 4 anos atrás
Ok whatever keyboard warrior
@CapriciousBlackBox 4 anos atrás
Zoog Boog well, that’s ironic.
@reneortega5248 4 anos atrás
@@CapriciousBlackBox Your point is interesting because Rick is complaining about a fellow "old, white, CIS" man making excuses and acting like a little bitch. It's spelled "snide" btw.
We worked with Rick as another band. Learned a lot from this guy. He is one of the nicest and honest people you will meet.
@jasonmatias2597 Anos atrás
This man never gives up, always push forward despite his age, he is not embarassed for working. This man is incredible, good role model
@seanwelch71 3 anos atrás
I’m almost fifty and for the last three years I’ve been changing my workflow decisions, shedding my preconceptions about my own abilities, staying out of the “no” zone, and making the best art of my life.
@jimbob1427 4 anos atrás
This guy has so much enthusiasm and energy. He would be a great person to have in your life
@simonduncan3738 Anos atrás
We all do.
@mariahc.crawley884 3 anos atrás
@donna3465 4 anos atrás
Every high school senior in America needs to hear this.
@DavidDiMuzio 5 anos atrás
You're a great storyteller. I love listening to all of your stories. Inspiring stuff.
@user-kf7kg3lf9w 5 anos atrás
David DiMuzio you must be easily amused. Lol
@johnnymoraes23 5 anos atrás
Thought that too!!!
@PattyJeddyfun 5 anos atrás
@KC You don't know what self awareness means. WTF?
@Anthraxbees 5 anos atrás
@KC You seem very argumentative for no real reason. Why do you care if people like him? Opinions are like assholes.
@Lultschful 2 anos atrás
@@Anthraxbees It's usually people who are in a shitty headspace who randomly bring people down like that, for no real reason.
What an inspirational, motivational, and encouraging life story, Mr. Beato.
I love hearing stories like this. Mr. Beato truly deserves the success he's had in his life. More young people early in their career should watch this.
I started proper lessons in 1977. I was on stage for the first time in 1980. Gigged from then until 1991. Then back at it in 1995. During the 80s me and my bandmates gigged almost every weekend. 4 sets a night. Great club circuit. All those clubs are gone. I feel bad for young guys getting the chance to play. The clubs just arent there. Thats how you get good -playing in front of people. On the side I was playing weddings, bar mitzvahs etc....Play live any chance you get.
@Murry_in_Arizona Anos atrás
For yucks I checked here in Phoenix to see how many places are still in business from late 1970's. From "Clubs" to neighborhood bars and taverns 75% are gone and the remaining places that had live music had converted to "sports bar's" decades ago. The only places in North and west Phoenix offering live music today are universally mexican specializing in mariachi or ranchero music.
@mikedriessen5702 2 anos atrás
I grew up in Rick's town and went to school with one of his older brothers. They lived in a little house right near American Can Co. The man speaks the truth..
@lescorlett4133 4 anos atrás
I'm 53 and you've inspired me to get back to mixing and doing the thing I love. Thanks mate and all the best.
@Slynell1 4 anos atrás
Good luck les.
@MyTube4Utoo 4 anos atrás
*My Favorite Excuse:* "I couldn't practice, my dog ate my guitar."
@keishasteinberg4307 4 anos atrás
and he's very good at both!
@HocusPocus6969 4 anos atrás
or "My cat keeps pooping in the sound hole"
@markf226 4 anos atrás
Sounds like the second part could be the name of a Frank Zappa song.
@delvoniaquasbex5902 3 anos atrás
Sell the dog and buy a new guitar with the money. Or teach the dog to sing and make a fortune.
@svansy 3 anos atrás
now imagine if this actually happens and you weren't home to record it.
@markorrick7558 Anos atrás
Thank you man for your Love of Music , your knowledge of Music and your perseverance without which we would never had known of you. Thank you !
@Bradgilliswhammyman 3 anos atrás
I agree with some of this but honestly becoming famous is extremely difficult and requires a lot of luck. You need to be at the right place, the right time and society has to be ready for your music. Not talking about cover bands, I"m talking about becoming famous for original music.
@brucecall1595 3 anos atrás
Your testimony just inspired me,as a singer songwriter, who got saved. Now the Lord has called me to lead worship. So there it is. Forgetting all my secular songs ,and playing only in the spirit (improv).to you secular guys. I'm ready after hearing you rick. I'm 56. So it's not to late✝️
@gregparker8349 3 anos atrás
I have been watching your videos religiously, thank you for being who you are Rick. The world needs more friends, dads, musicians, sons Etc. Like YOU. Thank you Rick.
@Geezer-yf8hv 3 anos atrás
Your stories like this give us underlings hope. Someone with your musical intelligence was beaten down repeatedly, but you stuck to it! This inspires me!
@dominionmike 5 anos atrás
I'm 50. This an inspiration to me. I took care of my Dad 24/7 from 2008 til he passed on New Year's Eve. So, I put off my goals in life. I am going to start a business. I started a hobby website. And, I want to make music to put on BRvid. I may vlog too. But, after watching you, I feel my age will not get in my way.
@naiyalexic 5 anos atrás
I'm 55, and I'm right there with you. DO IT. :) You have many years left. Make this your second career, and make it all you do.
@xxxxyz854 4 anos atrás
Lostboy, you are a hero. Anyone that has been a care giver for a loved one can do anything. Your story is inspiring. My best to you!
@hanreality.7266 4 anos atrás
It won’t get in your way! You are ace.
@Soapygeri 4 anos atrás
A guy who would take care of his dad for 10 years is sensitive, strong and has enough HEART to absolutely succeed at expressing the music inside and get it across to the people he cares about. Thanks for honoring us with your story.
@Soapygeri 4 anos atrás
Im 49, getting back into drumming and this time seriously, after disrespecting my talent for 25 years, and finding every time I practice or get involved with drums and music that i ABSOLUTELY have needed this, and I'm going the right way. You're stronger for your efforts with your dad, more blessed and capable of finding your music inside and getting it out. You have another 20-something years to do music, dream big because you CAN. I think you can do anything you can dream; there's a way if it came into your head and heart.
@brianwagner5008 11 meses atrás
I watched this today and could not be more pleased! I am a true believer in doing the work and not bitching, making excuses etc. work hard to be great and put yourself in a position to get the gig. I am not the greatest bass player in the world but my work ethic beats anyone I come in contact with. The hang and attitude is also super important. 54 years and still playing all the time. Rick you are always a true inspiration to me. TYVM!!!! Brian…
@amackclassic6737 4 anos atrás
This is so inspiring. I've had classical piano lessons since I was 8 yrs old. When I got older I joined the Army when I was 19 to escape drug addiction and to have enough money to buy my first Mbox and Pro Tools rig. I got chaptered out for medical and got a job at a mom and pop music store where I learned about the music industry first hand. I met a friend and started a recording studio in town. My gf at that time was moving to California so I called studios in LA asking if I could work for them, and got a job at an indie label. They moved me out and let me stay at a house for free and I helped them bring high value clientele into the studio. I'm 33 now, decided to move home to PA about a year ago and bought my first guitar. Not long after that I subscribed to your channel, Rick and have been thinking about starting a band. I literally teared up when you said Shinedown happened in your late 30's. I totally understand feeling sick of their excuses. You can do anything if you REALLY put your mind to something. Thank you so much for making a youtube channel. Thank you for this video.
@MrAlbertIII 4 anos atrás
Wow!! This video really encouraged me as a musician and person. It just reassured me that no matter how old you are you still have time to be great and fulfill your dreams. God bless you my man!!!
@MatthewPMariani 4 anos atrás
Leave a whisper was my favorite SD record. What a killer collection of tunes and tones. This video has great philosphies too! Rick thank you for your immense contributions to modern music. Hats off to you sir.
@davidyoung5830 Anos atrás
This is why I really enjoy your positive get on with it no nonsense attitude! You've been there and lived it, up down and all around the world! Keep up the great work Rick, youve inspired me to pick up my old yamaha beginners classical guitar and practice/start reading music again!
@marcscordato4385 5 anos atrás
I taught myself guitar at 40 years of age. With a wife 2 kids and 2 jobs I didn’t have hours to practice so I’m not a high level musician but as a self taught hack I’ve done fairly well. I so admire high level musicians like Rick, love his insight and understanding .
@Herehear49 4 anos atrás
Hey Marc, good for you! I hope you inspire your kids if they are so inclined.
@jackallen6261 4 anos atrás
I worked with 3 people that were very good guitarists, two rhythm players, and a lead player. It just never clicked with me. I practiced until my calluses had calluses, lol. I really have a deep respect for anyone that can play even moderately well (I knew a 15 year old kid that could pick up a song from the radio in like 10 to 20 minutes the same song I struggled with for like a week of 2 hour sessions a day) I am mostly tone deaf and really can not tell if a note is too high or too low when I get close to it. Feel blessed if you can do this. I now work on gear as a tube amp tech, I love the gear and that I am good at! We all have our place I guess.
@EvilSean62 4 anos atrás
nobody is born with the ability to play an instrument ... some people have an affinity with a given instrument ... i can do strings .. i cant do woods or brass .. i started on brass ... fail ... woods ... fail ... meanwhile i was toying with strings all the time and liking it and now 40 years later im at the other end of my career as a bass player and just bought myself an upright bass to have fun with
@mauser8515 4 anos atrás
Preach it brother. Grit, determination, and lots of practice.
@titus2120 2 anos atrás
I agree and applaud you, Mr. Beato. I've been listening to you for quite a few years and this is the toughest clip I've ever watched. And it a great wake up call. Tnks for this...
@hunt3r36 4 anos atrás
AN AMAZING STORY RICK! I've come away with new-found respect for you. I wish I had known you years ago to inspire me with your "get up and do it " attitude. I write classical concert pieces and am almost 80 years old. God bless you Rick and much continued success and good health!
@nepstar1962 4 anos atrás
Nice job, Rick!!! Very inspirational. Thank you a lot. By the way, I was born in 1962 too...
@twodux77 4 anos atrás
Rick, this is the most valuable video you have ever made. Every kid starting out in life need to hear this message. Effort can overcome talent in most cases. I have seen too many people with tons of talent and potential fall to the wayside because they give up too easily or they don't focus. I wish I had learned this lesson when I was young. I had to learn the hard way though. That works too, but takes longer. lol
@xil.sanctified 5 anos atrás
Rick - subbed the second I heard "well screw it, let them demonetize it -- this is the stuff that needs to be taught on here, and I don't care. I'm going to take a chance..." -- I completely agree, and look forward to helping support your efforts here through the methods you've made available.
@ericmohler5609 3 anos atrás
Powerful story!! Every kid who coasted to the off ramp because they heard a discouraging word needs to hear this. Pick up a habit worth pursuing and keep at it...and keep at it. Love your videos. The Beato Book is the Bible. Well organized and massive. Perfect shutin COVID reading. Thank you so much man. You’re on the right track.
@cajuncrackerranch7990 10 meses atrás
You are amazing too Rick. Thank for all you do on your channel. Much appreciated.
@mikeridesbikesplaces 4 anos atrás
Rick - You have to be the best you can be in the music industry Johnny Ramone - That's right these 3 chords arent gonna play themselves!
@synthogd808 3 anos atrás
Screw excuses I finally got an ssl 4056 g+ console 64 channel. I never knew how I was gonna make it happen but I said however long whatever it takes and it’s finally happens it will be my mixing console and drum recording unit. I have a full pro tools setup with great pre’s and mics plus I just got my ns 10s. To sum up the only way you get what you want is hard work there are no short cuts.! If you are a doer you too busy to talk.
@synthogd808 3 anos atrás
I just put on my channel I totally can understand. I’ve been producing for15 years. I just decided to put one up and do a somewhat similar approach talk about how to record and mix and be able to show people in my ssl 4056 and also put up videos of me playing songs doing all the instruments and vocals and using pro tools and so on
@starcloud4959 3 anos atrás
Anyone can play 3 chords, what's the big deal about Johny Ramone? The Ramones are so fkn' boring , even a child could come up with their chord progressions, all their 1min. songs sound the same too and with nihilistic lyrics like "jenny's a punk rocker..blah blah blah" Talk about mindless repetition ad nauseam. Just WHAT is the big deal?
@Swampster70 3 anos atrás
But you have to get on stage and play the 3 chords and do it with a unique style.
@johncollins5552 3 anos atrás
@@starcloud4959 Clearly you don't get it. That's ok, that happens, everyone is different. Millions bought Garth Brooks, Milli Vanilli, Ted Nugent and Scooter😃 It's the emotion, the feeling and the energy you put into music that has to Connect and stir the emotions and feelings of the listener.
@robertflores8234 4 anos atrás
"NO EXCUSES!" Thank you again Mr. Beato.
@JohnRotonto-ql9ds 6 meses atrás
Rick, You are the man! You have a vast array of knowledge that you don't mind passing on and sharing with others. A true gift! 👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😎😎😎😎😎
@pixelatedparcel 5 anos atrás
During the 90's, I was in my thirties and basically a bum. I went from living in a tent, to a van, to a bus and worked seasonally picking fruit, tree-planting, tree-spacing, etc. in British-Columbia. I met my wife at 37, got a steady job for a few years and went back to school at 40, working nights the first year before becoming a research assistant which saved my life as by this time I had three young children at home and would have a total of 4 kids, five years old and younger, by the time I got my law degree. Fast forward to 2018, the modest house we bought while I was in school is bought and paid for and our 4 kids are all sight-reading multi-instrumentalists...I am an average joe who had the good fortune to meet a good woman and enough sense to stop, although belatedly, self-destructing before it killed me. So, it is never too late as long as you believe in yourself, aren't afraid of a lot of hard work and sacrifice and have someone in your corner rooting for you. As a final note, I started playing guitar seriously about 2 years ago and cannot believe the amount of time and dedication it has taken me to play at a "campfire" level: I have never been more in awe of serious musicians than I am today and am amazed at the level of dedication required by even very talented and gifted people to become well-rounded musicians. Thanks for the inspirational rant, Rick.
@spacemen2629 4 anos atrás
thank you for the inspiring story
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
Wow, good for you. Guess Proverbs is right: "He who finds a wife has found a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord."
@jopappas5090 3 anos atrás
This testimony is epic Rick, really inspiring--->> explains so much about your tenacity & excellence. Thank you!
@mitchkent68 2 anos atrás
Your stories are inspiring and gives us the hope to keep chasing our goals.
@dmntuba 4 anos atrás
Great story...thanks for sharing. The reason you've been successful is that you aren't afraid to put yourself out there, do the hard work, and you're real. Keep on hitting it!👍
@jimave 4 anos atrás
I loved your rant! Your story reminds me of Angela Duckworth's Grit theory. She teaches about the difference between those who are successful and those who are not. Those who do not give up and try harder when they fail, are more successful because they have determination, drive, and what she calls grit.
@michaelmcmorrow5166 3 anos atrás
Sometimes resentment is a powerful motivator! Good for you Rick! Love this story...and the Rant! Class of '74 and living room musician who enjoys your videos
@highorions1938 5 anos atrás
63 years old on the downswing of my career. My whole life I kept saying to myself, one of these days your going to learn guitar (speaking to myself is common these days). There's only one reason I didn't learn, me! I was a talker. Pretty cliche. Last year I finally bought an acoustical and electric guitar. Every day since, I have picked up one or the other or both. Today, I am still a beginner, have no visions of grandeur but can say, I can play guitar. Watching your videos over the last several months has amped me up even more and am now enjoying when I play. Thank you for your enthusiasm and unending knowledge about music and the music business. It has helped re-kindle a beautiful fire. Take care and keep sharing.
@nicbrownable 4 anos atrás
Francis Murdock Playing guitar takes a lifetime to learn. Picking it up at 63 just means that it takes a whole lot less time to learn compared with somebody who started in their teens! Live the dream.
@jamesrogers2963 4 anos atrás
@@nicbrownable Rolling on the carpet, laughing! In my mid-seventies, it will take even less time. Livin' that dream, I am...
@irchristo 4 anos atrás
"Take care and keep sharing. " . . . and you keep going Francis. You and I are kindred spirits.
@jamieofalltrades536 3 anos atrás
You are such an inspirational person, and a real down to earth person; I could listen to you tell stories all day long. You deserve every ounce of success that you have. Like you said, "you are either a doer, or a talker." You obviously went after what you wanted, thanks for sharing!
Im 61 and agree with your philosophy.. Very inspiring story.. love all your work...
@markrogers6833 3 anos atrás should be a preacher !! You just rocked my world...loved the quote and your history !!
@AlexGarcia-lo9hx 3 anos atrás
So refreshing to hear your no-nonsense approach. Yes, everyone faces hardships, but we can’t let those determine our life.
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
Learning that right now.
@kkjj4508 10 meses atrás
Your honesty is very important and helpful thank you R. B.
@John_Head 5 anos atrás
In Italy "Beato" means "blessed"... Well, God bless you! 😇 Thanks for making great videos every week!
@TWDEColtBlooded 4 anos atrás
Beato blessed god all that guy can do these days is watch. Dont give god beatos credit for beatos work. Selfish isnt a sin
@acatnamedharmony5671 3 anos atrás
Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to share your story. It was just the inspiration I needed today
@semajzarrello 3 anos atrás
Great speech! You have the gift of encouragement, Rick!
@AlexIsASeraphim 3 anos atrás
Been watching for a while now Rick. Gotta say, you're one of life's good guys. Many thanx.
@mrsmithorginals 4 anos atrás
Thanks to great guys like Rick and others sharing such useful information I am finally starting to get a handle on music after many years. Thank you very much.
@chroniclesofbap6170 3 anos atrás
You are truly inspirational. Thank you, brother. My life has been a stream of excuses. Time to change.
@DocBizzle 5 anos atrás
Someone in live chat said "Rick was a late developer". I disagree. Hearing this I'm convinced that Rick is a "Constant Developer"... always learning, growing, and pressing forward with no excuses.
@jasongravely7217 5 anos atrás
Love that! "constant developer" the best always are
@PattyJeddyfun 5 anos atrás
Rick didn't fit into the box that the University setting had created.
@WhoWouldWantThisName 4 anos atrás
Those that find an early path that's rather easy may be cheated out on a lot more that life may have otherwise offered them. Rick didn't take a long time to find his path, his path was this whole journey to here. none of his history was wasted. It all lead to him becoming who he is and what he has to offer us all now. Yes, this is also yet another chapter in his story, The BRvid years. At least that's how I perceive things.
@angelosanti 4 anos atrás
This is very inspiring Rick. Thank you so much for sharing.
@CoenBijpost 3 anos atrás
Bought the Beato club yesterday and became a club member just now! Basic, but still, I’m happy to be part of this. You rock, Rick!
@jamesdeschenes8307 4 anos atrás
Thank you Rick. This is very important testimony. I will share it w/my son & daughter and my HS students. (Wow, we are about the same age, and I can relate to so much of what you are saying.) Thank you for taking the time to share your talent and videos w/us!
@tzvisandberg 4 anos atrás
Terrific. Hard work and practice win the day! Great message! And I love the passion.
@DrummerJohn 2 anos atrás
Love you Rick and what you do. I am a two bit drummer who never did anything big, but I love the way music healed and makes me feel. You explain so many aspects of production, equipment and just your guitar playing is like going to college! Berkeley school of music, but Beato school of music!
@Stuart.Branson. 4 anos atrás
I only started studying music production in February 2018. 7 days per week, 8 to 16 hours per day. It's going very well and I appreciate the helpful vids on BRvid. I am 48 years old.
@darchendon7926 3 anos atrás
"Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel; you can't always see light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving you will come to a better place." -Iroh
@thundergate4438 Anos atrás
Oh my god Shinedown! I'm from the era of mid 90s - early naughties Knoxville TN. My bands were fairly well known at the time in the area and I remember Dreve getting pulled apart by some record deal or another. I suppose that is where Shinedown came from. They will know me - hahaha. Love what you do here Rick and maybe I should start telling my decades of insane stories on BRvid about musical journeys. Yours is awesome. - what we all learn is when you do it because you have to and you LOVE it - the work is the reward and you will land on your feet if the passion keeps you going. Keep Rocking.
@shakedydogshake 2 anos atrás
In my absolute current state of unresolve, this is theee EXACT video/message, that I Stephen G. Of Minneapolis,MN needed to hear TODAY 11-8-21!!! Thank you thank you thank you Rick. Yes, I have some health issues. I’m done being a slave to them, to the point of being in disabililitating despair! Damnit! I’m done with this bullshit woe is me bullshit!!!! I’m sooooo overdue!!!
@pvdguitars2951 4 anos atrás
It’s actually my 23 year old son who advised me to check out Rick’s BRvid channel. So happy I found him (same age as Rick, but not his skills).
@LewdCustomer 4 anos atrás
Tired of my excuses? But I have some new ones you haven't heard!
@michaelbray2488 5 anos atrás
Thank you Rick!! You are a mentor to thousands, and I consider myself lucky to have found your channel and be one of your students. Beato University!!
@spiritlevelup1036 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed, at 29 I keep thinking it might be too late to move to a new town and start a new thing. I know it's never too late but I always have that gnawing doubt. This helped a lot thank you.
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
At 25, I am having a career (or lack thereof) crisis. My advice: pack up and go. Don't do what I did: wait until you have run into a brick wall before acting.
@RobertJamesAU 3 anos atrás
I never heard this story before. My respect for you just went up even higher bro. I appreciated your knowledge before but after hearing what you went through over the years and your determination just speaks volumes. Thank you so much for sharing.
@alexvaviloff5934 4 anos atrás
This is very inspiring!!! Im 38 years old and sometimes I start to think, maybe its too late and bla bla bla. But I realize,that its all about how you motivated, age doesnt matter..
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
Too late? Looks like ageism is one of the most danaging forms of bigotry.
@markwaldron8954 Anos atrás
This is one of the best motivational videos I've ever seen, not just for musicians but for anyone. Thank you for posting this. You've really done a public service by sharing your story.
@ramphotography7825 3 anos atrás
Love your channel. Your passion shows on all you do. This is the first video that I've seen that shows how you got here....great story.
Behind the music, with Rick Beato. I loved hearing your story!
@KurtRichards 3 anos atrás
You are a wonderful inspiring person and I love your videos. Thank You Rick for everything!
@armenflintstone 4 anos atrás
I completely agree with this, and it isn’t just about music.
@mistersooty 3 anos atrás
I'm sick of my excuses too! Self doubt is the silent killer.
@jamesromeyn8165 4 anos atrás
Another of Rick's many great videos. If you liked Rick's story, get Steve Lukather's book. Steve auditioned for lead guitarist in rank Zappa's band. Zappa purposely humiliated Steve in a room filled with pro guitarists. Steve swore to himself that would never happen again. I highly recommend Steve's autobiography. Rick should start his bio if he has not already.
@gregmccurry5619 2 anos atrás
I got it on audible
@ravendon Anos atrás
The best channel for learning music is this one. I haven’t seen a better one on BRvid. And I came across it only as a random suggestion.
@americanpancakelive 5 anos atrás
work ethic is everything and never think you have to be an expert to do something. just do it!
@betsybarnicle8016 4 anos atrás
Half of succeeding is just showing up. (meaning, get off your but and get out there)
@woodrowwwilson9540 4 anos atrás
Yes thank you, if you think you have to master every technique and understand every bit of theory you won’t get anywhere, learn as you go and just try to make Music!
@blueheron5232 4 anos atrás
We can also include simple Confidence, not braggadocio or arrogant Trumpian bullshitting but genuine quiet confidence, the kind that comes with the courage and wisdom to humble yourself to the Learning Process.
@paulmadrid2388 4 anos atrás
@@blueheron5232 l
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
Finding this out the hard way.
@mbw6785 4 anos atrás
Thank you so much for posting this Rick! Very encouraging!
@heygtc 3 anos atrás
I love this guy. Anyone who has the heart to teach is a treasure!
@shammaproblamma5333 4 anos atrás
In the history of rants, Beato’s has to be the best. Great story without any of the pretentious bullshit that usually accompanies a rant... just a cool ass story about life, from a fellow Upstate New Yorker.
Rick. I really appreciate your story. Thank you.
@eddalbey2731 4 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your story, Rick! A reminder to chase our dreams, put in the work, and good things will happen. Keep the music alive!
@RWulff007 5 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing. Inspirational. Aspiring guitarist, 41yrs old 😅
@Newzchspy 5 anos atrás
RatWolf don't quit your day job!!
@allankuria9923 5 anos atrás
Word dude!
@mcflyboarder9537 4 anos atrás
Dude, I’ve been playing guitar badly since I was 16. Now at 42 I’ve starter learning the bass. I still suck but I jam once a week with some of the kids I teach at school. They’re so talented and play better than I ever will, but they love jamming with me and it’s the highlight of my week. Moral of the story, just play.
@coreyjohnston4673 4 anos atrás
@@Newzchspy why do say that, cuz he's old??
@antonioduarte437 4 anos atrás
Rick, thanks for the video. It was a huge mental boost . I was needing it. A big hug from other white haired guy :).
@gmf2112 3 anos atrás
Love the video and the message of quit whining and get moving!!! Our country needs this now more than ever, with so many people thinking they are entitled! We're not entitled to squat!! Great job Rick!
@Tudorminator 4 anos atrás
Thank you Rick! Great story, you are truly an inspiration. I wish I were as determined as you in my youth, but unfortunately I have let a lot of boats sail from under me...
@Musicienne-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
Don't worry: so have I. 25 right now and I have made a complete mess of my career. Have to start all over again.
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