Hurricane Ian strengthens into major Category 3: When will it make landfall in Florida?

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The FOX 35 Storm Team has the latest on Hurricane Ian as it makes its way toward Florida.

Get your tropical weather forecast each day during hurricane season from the FOX 35 Storm Team. We'll issue a new hurricane update each day, and more frequently when needed.

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26 Set 2022



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Comentários 824
Nicky Borrill
We just got back to the UK from Florida, thoughts are with all the wonderful people there who make our vacations so magical, their families, their friends, and everyone else in the state. Please take care and look after yourselves now! I really will be keeping my fingers crossed that this does not turn out as bad as it looks.
My friend left Tampa bay last night, he just moved there almost a week ago. I can’t imagine how he feels right now after having a category 3 hurricane hitting his new home town. God bless everyone that is in this hurricane.
Stefany Hyer
I was 7 months pregnant with my first child when hurricane harvey hit and I lost everything. It felt like the rain would never stop, and it was the most awful feeling being flooded and trapped. You cannot get in or out and no one is coming to save you, so please leave early and you can always go back. Everything is replaceable but people and animals are not. Take all of your important documents and some pictures if possible and put them in a plastic bin in case they still get wet. Expect no power for 1-2 weeks. We were doing quick rinsing off and I just remember feeling so gross without power. Just help each other and take it serious. Get chargers, phones, laptops, tablets, flashlights, clothes blankets and pillows. Sleep in your car if you have to and don’t forget your animals. Praying for you all! Try to fill up on gas and stay full. Hopefully you all have food and water. I have a terrible feeling about this storm. 🙏🏽💙💙💙
Carol Davidson
Please know that the whole of Florida and the continuous track of Ian are in our hearts and prayers. NC doesn't get as many as you do, but they still break our hearts
Isabella Weiss 🎄
This is honestly so horrible. I can’t imagine how those people feel. But I have been seeing people from other states telling people they can stay with them in there RV which is really nice, so I’m glad people are helping them. God bless everyone in that horrid situation.
Prayers for all in the path of this storm be safe people !
I'm in Seminole county. I'm hoping everyone stays safe through this. 🙏
loiny zen
We flew out of Tampa on Sunday after only 2 days of our week vacation. Praying for safety and that the storm will greatly dissipate! In Jesus name!
As a New Orleanean, I am WELL aware of what the Floridians are about to deal with. Speaking from EXPERIENCE (Katrina), if you are in an area that is even "recommended" to evacuate, pack your bags with clothing for at least a week, bring any insurance info, important papers (marriage, birth, death certificates), family photos, and any other irreplaceable items with you. Bring your pets, don't leave them behind. Remember to bring phone, tablets, computer chargers, etc. Even if you can't find a hotel, leave anyway. You can always sleep in your car at a state patrolled rest area with security if necessary (I did for two nights until I found a hotel). The important thing to remember is if you lose your house, you can rebuild or get another one. You can't get another life. I pray for all of your safety.
My parents are in St. Pete ( I grew up there). They are in their 80's, so I'm worried. Thankfully my son and his family moved to NC 8 weeks ago, they were in Tampa.
Shayne Baca
Be safe to the people of Florida. Be smart and evacuate if needed!
kadi jomi
Get to safety everyone please. If you have to leave for a couple of days do it. Please also don't forget your pets. Prayers to you all.
Carlene Primus
This storm looks like it will be traveling up the east coast. Praying for safety for everyone in the path of this storm.
Ms PoppyCats
amanda lidey
Wow, 125mph wind is a very intense speed of wind. Be safe everyone. 🌀
Free Indeed
We flew out of Tampa on Sunday after only 2 days of our week vacation. Praying for safety and that the storm will greatly dissipate! In Jesus name!
Gerald Herd
Lessons from Hurricane Michael, 2018
Praying for Florida, from Katy Texas, survived Harvey and Ike. Life is precious. Evacuate.
Glenn Little
Be safe Florida 🙏
Lisa Moore
Hope everyone stays safe.
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