HunterXHunter: What Happens After the Anime? 

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What happens in Hunter X Hunter after the anime ends? Well this video will cover the basics for you.
This is a quick run through of the Hunter X Hunter story after the anime, looking at the Dark Continent and the Succession War. As well as some of the other things going on like Beyond Netero, the 5 threats, Chrollo vs Hisoka, and some of the other juicy bits of worldbuilding Togashi spills in these chapters. For context, these are chapters 338 - 390; from anime end to current hiatus start.
Intro - 0:00
Outline of the arcs - 0:19
The Zodiaks and Hunter Association - 2:50
The Dark Continent - 4:16
Succession War - 6:04
Phantam Troupe and Hisoka - 6:47
Outro - 7:24
Other Links:
More information on the Dark Continent:
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Actually he took a look at the Nanika thing as well:
• The Truth of Nanika | ...
Some speculation on the future of HxH:
• Hunter x Hunter - Dark...
Cheer, Cheer.


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30 Set 2023



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jenbamin Anos atrás
I would give anything to see HxH reach its conclusion
Fauzi Beak
Fauzi Beak Anos atrás
I once heard that if the author ever dies (I just want to make it clear i do not wish for his death, in fact i want him to be healthy af so he can keep writing the story), his wife will take his place and continue the manga. He already taught him how he drows and the storyline,etc. On a more personal note tho, i used to wish that hxh will keep going and that one day we will reach a satisfying ending, like i really REALLY want that to happen. But the sad truth is that the chance of that happening is rather slim. Thats why i and many other fans is just slowly trying to accept the fact that this manga will never get finished, because its really good the way it is now. So many interesting new characters, plot point, backstory,etc. I'd legit be mad if they fuvked up Pariston's backstory somehow and make it so generic and predictable. So yea, just slowly tryna accept that this manga will never be finished. Pain.
omarha Anos atrás
@Fauzi Beak can u explain why people arent expecting it to finish tho
Vetch emh2
Vetch emh2 Anos atrás
@omarha because Togashi has had a history of illness and back problems I believe and this is the longest hiatus in the history of the series. So it's not looking great 😭
pickled Paula
pickled Paula Anos atrás
@omarha its been over 1000 days since the last chapter.. i dont think hxh is in his priorities
Malfeasance Anos atrás
cries in berserk
3L2L Anos atrás
This just made realize just how well structured and big this arc really is. It's pretty much the second act of Hunter x Hunter with characters and groups introduced in the past arcs all coming together to explore the Grand Line of the HXH world. Truly unfortunate Togashi will most likely never finish it because of his health problems. Edit: He's back
SeaGee Anos atrás
Yeah it does really feel like the start of a whole new era for where HunterXHunter was going. Really hope Togashi will get a chance to continue it
theater girl
theater girl Anos atrás
@SeaGee he's kind of stubborn, he could just hire an assitant or his wife (creator of sailor moon) to draw for him but he has said countless times he doesn't want to but what if worst comes to worst?? it will be a waste to see this series go unfinished...
Yustev Anos atrás
@theater girl He actually has been showing his wife how to draw in his style so that if worse comes to worse she can continue the story in his place
theater girl
theater girl Anos atrás
@Yustev that shouldn't even be an option, we all want him to finish his series while he is still alive :(
landarr Anos atrás
@theater girl What if he continued to write the story instead which will serve as the backbone of the whole story? Similar to a light novel...
j2tronic Anos atrás
It’s kinda crazy how insanely fascinating the mystery behind the Dark Continent is. There is just so much potential and unknown about it that can’t be put into words.
SeaGee Anos atrás
Its that thrill of the unknown. I think Togashi's done a great job making it as intruiging to the reader as it is to the characters in the story
Got it
Got it Anos atrás
@SeaGee also the fan base having crippling Blu balls. I'd do crazy things for more hxh
Sacred Banana
Sacred Banana Anos atrás
agreed the intrigue is insane
Matheus Cruz
Matheus Cruz Anos atrás
Could be easily the biggest arc in the manga, and Togashi adds another arc INSIDE that arc
G Anos atrás
@SeaGee I also think that’s the issue. He made the story too complicated and had basically expanded the universe to the a similar scale as one piece. And not every author has the drive to flush out a world that deep and complicated like oda. Also his health but also his laziness.
Comiccort Anos atrás
Maaaaan this sounds so awesome, I can’t believe I haven’t continued the series after watching the anime. Togashi must love this series to stick with it for over 20 something years. I just hope his health is good because I heard takes a lot of hiatus’s nowadays
SeaGee Anos atrás
Out of all the things us fans want to see in the series, the top one is Togashi returning to good health
Demon Timing
Demon Timing Anos atrás
It is, you gotta read it
YourJamaicanChief Anos atrás
This man has yet to come back fam
Tyler Hood
Tyler Hood Anos atrás
Believe me your not missing too much the hiatus is killer. Once you start you'll catch up faster than Togashi.
Rah Sheen
Rah Sheen Anos atrás
It’s been over 1000 days since a new chapter has come out. Us HxH are suffering, but at the end of day, it’s Togashi’s story and I wish him well in his health and his endeavors because that’s way more important than pleasing fans
Kanome! Anos atrás
there's a reason why they called chimera ants, ants. indeed, in Dark Continent, those are just mere ants compared to the other gigantic, horrifying, and deadly creatures. there's so so so much things going on right now, but it's unfortunate that we're not going to see it end. togashi, please make a story draft instead so that your assistants can continue your work.
J G Anos atrás
i mean they called them ants because they rapidly evolved from...ants, but yeah it could also mean what you said
Sid Citris
Sid Citris Anos atrás
But why couldn't the chimera ants evolve in the dark content, it literally took eating a couple meals over a few weeks to turn them into almost god's just feasting on humans. If they ate creatures on the dark continent couldn't they have evolved into even more absurd levels in a short time. I am one of the few that didn't like the chimera ant arc because how easy it was to power up in such a short time that it never felt earned. Just eat a hunter, have a baby, and it'll be super Saiyan in 2 weeks time
Rodrigo Calero Barrenechea
@Sid Citris they couldnt evolve because they were just ants... the other creatures of the dark continent were too much for the ants, and they could only evolve becasue they had a big queen who apparently had human descendance
Clasher Anos atrás
@Sid Citris they were probably too weak to eat any of the powerful creatures to constantly evolve and not have their evolution be stagnant
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc Anos atrás
@Rodrigo Calero Barrenechea Right one. The Dark Continent is just that powerful. Even if a Queen ends up eating one of those unknown but incredible creatures, and gets a King stronger than herself (and significantly stronger than even Meruem), chances are he’ll just get killed very quickly, not fast enough to be considered a sizeable force in that place Plus, there are multiple Chimera Ant Queens, that was implied in how their biology was explained in the Arc
Thăng Long Nguyễn Vũ
I personally find it hilarious how Togashi made the chimera ants an absolute world threat, only then quickly made them just the human world's child's play by introducing the Dark Continent.
black Man
black Man Anos atrás
It's something he loves doing, make a problem so later the characters solve it. Just so they could realize it was all for nothing
Travis Anos atrás
Kinda like any and all animes huh
YUNI Anos atrás
@Travis reminds me of SDS when we thought that that the holy nights was like really strong group and gilthunder one of the strongest characters but turns out that he was just a bug compared to the actual villains.
TonPariston Anos atrás
Actually it was a threat to humanity just like the other 5 brought back from the dc. If they weren't stopped, whole humanity would've been pigs. Killua, Gon and the rest of the crew stopped a big threat.
name Anos atrás
Isn't it implied that the ants come from the dark continent if not just outright told they do
Northern Wind
Northern Wind 2 anos atrás
It's perfectly build up for an insanely great conflict and conclusion, there's a lot of parties involved so it reminds me of Game of Thrones. The Hisoka vs Phantom Troup was probably the best part in the manga, but it's all carefully though out and I really love it. It's sad how it's probably not going to finish any time soon, or maybe at all. I think it's also about the time we meet Ilumi and explore him well.
SeaGee 2 anos atrás
I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll get to see a conclusion one day. I'll hold on to hope!
whatsyournovember 2 anos atrás
my hope is that togashi overcorrects and does a year time jump to where the colony has been established and they’ve been on the continent for 4 months. kurapika is blind now for an unknown reason. tserriednich and beyond are working together towards some end. hisoka, jing, pariston, melody and bisky are midbattle and fighting something in the dark in a cavern. all that’s left of the spiders is machi and nobunaga, and they want to find and kill hisoka and ging for taking out chrollo. but they’re in the process of building a defensible fort with what’s left of the nen users and civilians. cut to whale island, gon and the old sea captin are titled back in lounge chairs smoking an L while surrounded by an unreasonable amount of smoke shows on the boat. fade to black. fade back in, satotz enters the zoldyck butler house, he’s revealed to have filled gotohs position. he walks down the hall to his room, enters the bathroom and looks at the razor sitting next to the sink. so much tensions. he looks in the mirror, picks up the razor and he shaves off his mustache to reveal a tiny tiny mouth that was under there the whole time. he smiles.
SeaGee 2 anos atrás
Oh man, now I want this too! I hadn't considered a timeskip but heck that'd be interesting to read. I'd vote your version over a long trip to the dark continent Also hahahaha the Satotz bit
whatsyournovember 2 anos atrás
if you caught any of the eva rebuilds, they're a good case study for the value of time skips in story telling. angus truskett, one of the hosts of heyfam pod, mentioned that the pov character and the viewer both being completely in the dark while the whole world has moved on puts the viewer in a really receptive state and allows for much more interesting explorations of the non pov characters. in the case of a massive and long-lived franchise like eva, i think it helps to move the emphasis of the story from the lore/mythos/mystery box intrigue to focusing on the characters and the themes and message that the author wants to explore. also, functionally it allows the author to either streamline or redirect some of the story elements/character relationships that they may have otherwise played out to uninteresting ends. I think a time skip would do much of the same for hxh. gon's story from chapter one is wrapped up. leorio wasn't set up on a very meaningful character arc. if togashi were to get real spicy, you could honestly just have a standalone series where he is solving hunter medical issues a la dr. stone or something along those lines. kurapika seems pretty stagnant as a character, and i think an interesting turn would be to let grandfather time take him out. the most compelling story i can see out of him is inadvertently building a new "kurta clan" out of melody and the rest of the side characters and have them carry out his justice. looking back on the series, the one character that has actually gone through significant changes is killua. i noticed this especially in the ant arc. him deciding to clear out the civilians was working against his past instincts, and it ended up being the best thing that could have been done. also with him and ikalgo. i know there's some friction about how fast they both help each other, but i think it's a cool turn to see that without the needle in his forehead, killua is able to emulate some of gon's best traits. for that reason it's kind of ass that he's out of the main plot of the series right now. the time skip would allow for new pov characters and deeper explorations of their motivations and how they react to challenges. i was super stoked for the dark continent arc, but with all of the time in between, i don't see how it can be very compelling from a artistic standpoint. it's just like netero said, there weren't any people to fight there, just death itself. for that reason i think it's good that there are enough people on the boat that we can see a full on naruto style army v army situation. but the continent itself seems like kind of a dead end. at least that's where i'm at now. i don't know if you've ever read toriko, but it also has a "dark continent arc" that takes up the full second half of the series. it's really similar to hxh in that the habitable area of the world is very small, and the lead in to the "gormet world" is the intrusion of higher level creatures. the gourmet world is insanely dangerous, and each area has unique hazards that the characters have to learn to adapt to. like one of them is this mountain that has immense gravity and they have to learn how to use it to learn monkey martial arts so they can fight the monkey king in order to collect his testicles to use for a mythical gourmet dish (yes it is ridiculous and also very heartfelt and fun). the difference here is that the four main characters are essentially like four dios/ four supermans/ four kenpachis with unique powers and good personalities. and every time they eat one of the mythical dishes, it powers up their "gourmet cells" which continually ramps up their power. hxh is way less hyperbolic and nen is very specific and hard to adapt so it seems that the continent's challenges will be completely out of reach, so the character/mental conflicts have to really take center stage. all of that to say, the only fight i'm really looking forward to is giro and the 5000 ant hybrids vs satotz, ging, kite, and the greed island squad. also i highly recommend toriko. the manga not the anime, even though the manga gets real rushed at the end. *content warning* it's a great series but the author was arrested for child prostitution in japan in the early 2000s. i personally think that term is a little abstracted it should be for r****g a child, but w/e. *content warning end* thanks for the response, sorry for the essay, love your content and your analysis. if you want to read a super chill manga that is hella heart warming, read bartender. if you have addiction problems, avoid it. but it's about a slice of life manga about the best bartender in the world that makes people drinks that are so good that they help them resolve their personal/interpersonal conflicts. it's not like getting hammered, they have one drink and they're like "oh ! the god of the glass ! i forgive my sister!" pretty cute
SeaGee 2 anos atrás
Don't apologize! Love long comments. I'm actually working on the big 20th Century Boys video atm which is full of time skips so good to get more perspectives. I liked your original idea of having Kurapika be blind after the timeskip. Give him a blindfold so we're not sure if he still has his eyes under there. I think there's ways to keep him interesting there. I think it's a tough thing to land, jumping into a new plot with new main characters. Keeping Kurapika out after giving his this development makes us want to see him more than anything else. Again a great reason for a timeskip to get him back into the story. I'm honestly expecting some sort of MacGuffin in the dark continent. Some "thing" that everyone wants to get to first that'll kick off all the tension. but who knows if we'll even get there anyway. I was thinking of Toriko too! I've only read it through once a while ago now but I was feeling the similarities between the two. Particularly when one of the examiners in the hunters exam is a "gourmet hunter". That stuff about the author has been the main reason I'm hesitant to pick it up again. I remember enjoying a lot of the start though yeah some of those ending reveals and pacing are super rushed. Particularly that final power up for Toriko. Ill add Bartender to my to-read list! Could use a nice chill manga to read after all this 20th Century Boys
Jibbs 27
Jibbs 27 Anos atrás
I desperately hope the manga can continue. It’s so amazing and the world building and storytelling is top tier
Harvey Price
Harvey Price Anos atrás
Are Gon or Killua in the new arcs?
Jibbs 27
Jibbs 27 Anos atrás
@Harvey Price I think their story has more or less finished until the big ending
Moonwalker Anos atrás
@Jibbs 27 sadly
Kamil Anos atrás
It’s back
T Wrecked
T Wrecked Anos atrás
HxH is the anime that, at 33 years old, finally got me to appreciate anime beyond things like Akira, Berserk, and Cowboy Bebop. Since then I've binged SO much stuff from so many different genres and whilst there's been some incredible shows, none have hit me like HxH did.
SeaGee Anos atrás
I love this. I had the same thing happen to me when I went through Monster for the first time. Ever since, Its been a series that's been hard to beat for me
lebaw Anos atrás
Same man. Was big into cowboy bebop/dbz/Gundam, most intro animes. Since I watched HxH i have binged countless more anime hoping to fill the void HxH has left since the last episode of HxH..not a big manga fan but i may just have to start reading lol
Redapple Anos atrás
Nothing will fill that void. Bu Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist might fill some, to some extent these 2 animes are masterpieces too.
Law Anos atrás
@Redapple have you read OP?
Mister Monologue
Mister Monologue Anos atrás
If you enjoy those you would love Beet the vandal warrior. I'm like you, those were hard favorites and I just started pushing my thirties haha. Claymore is more series but I enjoyed the stories/power scaling.
Hurusii Anos atrás
Zigg zoldyk, killuas great grandfather, was on of the 3 survivors and he most likely brought back Ai and gave it to Alluka. How he escaped the disease we don’t know. Probably from some kind of nen condition where his bloodline had to pay the price.
Siapa Aja
Siapa Aja Anos atrás
HxH definitely has a lot of potential and one of the best written story unlike any other anime who only fight stronger enemy and then the MC also get stronger. I hope Togashi well and can continue the HxH manga series.
Dadedo Anos atrás
Samsung Smart Fridge
You haven't watched good anime then
You decide what my name is
@Samsung Smart Fridge any you'd like to recommend?
Samsung Smart Fridge
@You decide what my name is well first of all I would like to make it clear that I am not saying that these anime are better than hxh. In fact, I think hxh is better than most of these. I was simply commenting on op's slightly exaggerated statement that makes it seem like there are no other good anime other than hxh. Now, the anime I would recommend are- Monster, Attack on titan, Legend of the galactic heroes, Higurashi (2006), Vinland Saga, Fma: Brotherhood, Banana Fish, Jojo's bizarre adventure and this relatively new political mecha anime called "86".
You decide what my name is
@Samsung Smart Fridge interesting. I may consider watching some of these. Thank you.
TotzkieGG Anos atrás
So happy that HXH will be continued! Now watching this, thanks SeaGee!
Basit Naruto
Basit Naruto Anos atrás
The new season is gna break the internet, 8 flipping years we’ve waited🔥
@Basit Naruto yes ❤
Mystic Anos atrás
@Basit Naruto there is no reason
Toutoudles Anos atrás
Mehmed Cavas
Mehmed Cavas Anos atrás
this is such a master piece. building a story with lots of parallel stories is incredible
Drivero Anos atrás
Port Anos atrás
What are them parallel stories? I only have seen Gon/Meruem, at times also feels like Gon and Killua/Ging and Kite, Killua/Pouf and Gon/Killua.
Michael IZKOOL
Michael IZKOOL Anos atrás
I just finished this anime after putting off watching it for years. It's so much better than I ever imagined and I can't believe that it's not going to have a conclusion. It has potential to be one of the best anime/manga ever!
Haiden McDonald
Haiden McDonald Anos atrás
Wow, HxH feels so unfinished. I feel like if the creator wanted to come back and continue it would be great
SeaGee Anos atrás
Hopefully his health picks up so he can do just that
Kamil Anos atrás
He’s back !
Adityaroop Mohanty
Adityaroop Mohanty Anos atrás
Well guess what 😂
NotoriouZ Anos atrás
I was born in the year the anime first started. And I have been diligently following it ever since being introduced to the series by one of my older brothers. I really wish Togashi can finish because he poured so much into it so far. All wishes for the health of the author.
Kamil Anos atrás
He’s back
Joshua Joseph Distura
Joshua Joseph Distura 2 anos atrás
Keep up the great work SeaGee! I also super appreciate any content that takes place after the anime because it feels like the world just opened up a lot more.
SeaGee 2 anos atrás
Thanks! There's certainly a lot more world building in these arcs which is great, I love this sorta stuff
Nick Anos atrás
It is basically confirmed nanika is ai. There is a panel where she says "i am from the dark continent". She says "ai" constantly and her great grandpa is one of the survivors of the dark continent.
Johny The Pvp God
Johny The Pvp God Anos atrás
And nanika looks like ai too
uncultured white trash
Isn't it a boy??
Gallaxter Anos atrás
If togashi required us to pay a certain amount to get production started on animating these arcs and finishing them, I would gladly take part and donate as much as I could
Alexander Anos atrás
If they'll animated DC and SW, it's mostly on respect on Togashi. Anime industry is still an industry about money. DC and SW is technically set up arcs to a bigger arc we should've gotten that we didn't get hence animating it will not produce that much money.
CamoGang Anos atrás
Damn. It's crazy that I watched HxH (2011) as it released weekly, and over 10 years after that version came out I'm still so interested in this world. I hope Togashi comes back to the manga before it's too late. Great video!
Robert Friedmann
Robert Friedmann Anos atrás
The explaining of the v5 and kakin is done so well and easy to understand here compared to other videos. I would love to see you dissect further into hisoka vs. chrollo and the logistics of that battle with this ease.
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! I am planning to do a follow up video to this one so I'll try and add that in
DojoReporter Anos atrás
honestly, I think that Togashi has been working in secret on hunter x hunter to make this arc the best arc in all of the anime without a died line, and honestly, it's just a matter of time before hunter x hunter is back there is no way that he hasn't worked on something all this time. he said hxh is like his kid nobody leaves their kid unless it's my dad that went to get the milk and never came back
DojoReporter Anos atrás
and im trolling on the last part
Sunil Choudhuri
Sunil Choudhuri Anos atrás
He gets in so much pain that he can't get up to go to the hospital. I don't think he's working during this hiatus.
Loren Lloyd Pingal
Loren Lloyd Pingal Anos atrás
Unless togashi is Ging and want to adventure into some new things
8bitmagic Anos atrás
@Sunil Choudhuri Togashi said even when he isn't directly drawing panels he's ALWAYS working on the story. He also said the back thing in a comment in the back of a released volume, and it was not the last volume. I don't want Togashi to push himself too far, and if he ends up not being able to finish it I will still have nothing but admiration for the man...but stockpile theory is still possible, just don't hang your hat on it.
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc Anos atrás
@8bitmagic Does he hire artists ? Does he not want to, in some way ? His net worth is in the low dozens of millions
CB Dupbap
CB Dupbap Anos atrás
Great overview. The only thing i wish you mentioned was that Netaro, Zig Zodlik, and Adoble were the 3 survives and that is why Netaro gave the book by Don Freecs to Gin and how the Zoldiks have Nanika.
The dark continet if continued is definetly the climax of the series.
kagsaki Anos atrás
it would be so cool tho like omg rmmr those large birds they saw in the east, imagine how the creatures would look animated on the west
TheSageSpartan Anos atrás
Idk it doesn’t feel like it, realistically yeah but he could do so much with it
ImJungle Anos atrás
Yeah, right. Until he decides to include an alien invasion after the dark continent arc.
Daily Fight Videos
Daily Fight Videos Anos atrás
What about Gyro? 😞
Amiracle Anos atrás
I feel like I’ve heard things about the dark continent having an interdimensional portal tho
star girl
star girl Anos atrás
This arc is absolutely insane. Sad it probably won't be finished, since to me it's kinda like the grand finale.. without a finale, that is
Joshua Jacobsmeyer
Joshua Jacobsmeyer Anos atrás
this was insanely helpful, I was thinking about getting the whole mange set but I didn't know if it was worth it since I've watched the whole series and am now, currently caught up on the manga as well. I might just wait and let time decide for me whether I get the manga.
Ocelotl Anos atrás
How likely is the Hisoka v Chrollo fight to get animated? It would be awesome
SeaGee Anos atrás
I've got my fingers crossed some YT animator will decide to give it a go 🤞
Ansar Anos atrás
it would be amazing if the old studio decided to animate the whole fight even if the manga never continues. would be cool as an anniversary OVA or something
Matteo Anos atrás
You just reminded me that dark continent was setting itself up to be the most bonkers amazing part of one of the most bonkers amazing manga ever written. Honestly at this point I’m content with the state of HxH, I’ve kind of soft accepted that it will remain where it is right now, but if it does comeback one day and lives up to its premises I would be so so happy
Epi Start er
Epi Start er Anos atrás
Man I'm really hoping Togashi manages to complete this manga, I assume he would have some sort of storyboard for future parts of the manga his wife can take of just in case. That aside the thumbnail for the succession war arc faintly reminds me of obata's (death note) art like the left guy really reminds me of kira
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon Anos atrás
I hope Togashi gets better. Even if he's unable to do it himself... I hope he lays back on his chair and narrates the story while his assistants write it down and his wife draws the manga
Table For3
Table For3 Anos atrás
This is like a history lesson awesome video, I rememeber I didn't think the Chimera ant arc could be topped until I started reading this arc it has so much potential just sad I doubt we'll ever see it be finished properly theres so much to go on it
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! Yeah it does suck to think that it'll probably never be finished. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for new chapters one day
shubham umare
shubham umare Anos atrás
I thought the show was about gon being the main protagonist but there is not even a single mention about him in these arcs , just love hxh and i really want it to return
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist Anos atrás
This might be the most hyped ark in Manga/Anime history, the complexity and thought behind the setup is breathtaking.
mangageek king
mangageek king Anos atrás
A couple years back I carried on in the manga where the anime ended and it was so interesting but there was waaaaaay too much reading to do so I kinda stopped but the way you described it makes me want to go back and read it again
Zoomer-Doomer Anos atrás
I want to see Gon from ep 131 (fight with Pitou) so badly... I hope if manga will continue, at some point will be huge time skip where we will see Gon as an adult. Just imagine the plot: Ging and Gon went to the dark continent and Ging died from the veeeery powerful creature to protect Gon. Gon goes back, realise he is weak and starts training like Netero use to, but even more intense, and then timeskip happens... Oh i have chills imagining that
Law TralfalgRae
Law TralfalgRae Anos atrás
Such a shame we will never see a conclusion of this incredible story.
Dizzy Dial
Dizzy Dial Anos atrás
My biggest problem with HunterXHunter is it feels a lot of really big plots weren't intended at first. Nen abilities is basically magic and regular people witness others fighting each other in blood sports using Nen yet somehow it's a secret part of the hunters exam. Something like Nen seems like it would be common knowledge with how often regular people see its effects. Then the entire idea of hunters hunting certain things is completely forgotten and abandoned for new world discovery. We don't really see the characters become hunters for something except Kurapica with his scarlet eyes. It's a fun story, but I liked the idea of them dedicating themselves to a hunt.
Khamazon Anos atrás
After Gon and Killua master their nen they for the most part only interact with other nen users so it's very possible it could be a pretty well kept secret among general society. In the anime after the tournament arc they continue on to do york new city which is a personal vendetta for the characters so it makes sense they wouldn't be doing any hunting, after this we see the greed island arc which is another personal journey for Gon so it makes sense he wouldn't be worried about hunting during this period, and after that we see the Chimera Ant arc which is completely dedicated to hunting. I don't really understand your point of "them didicating themselves to a hunt" the entirety of the ant arc is Gon dedicating himself to hunting Pitou, and the rest of the hunter society is dedicated to hunting every ant to stop them from taking over the world.
Daniel Brodt
Daniel Brodt Anos atrás
@Khamazon straight facts
Dizzy Dial
Dizzy Dial Anos atrás
@Khamazon So, instead of really hunting, the story is focused on other things? That's kind of my major gripe with it. Why even call it HunterXHunter if hunting isn't even the main focus anymore? We can only speculate on the future of this series but the point is hunting or being a hunter has taken a back seat in favor of other elements. It could be a setup for something but so far, it's as I said. And general society wouldn't know about nen? Please. The tournaments are televised. Someone is bound to put the pieces together for the general public to understand. Either that or explain nen some other way (magic, martial arts techniques, etc. would still explain whats happening without really knowing it's nen).
Khamazon Anos atrás
@Dizzy Dial What is your definition of hunting? Because if an entire arc dedicated to destroying a group of monsters isn’t hunting then idk what is. And it’s very possible that people don’t know what nen is. Something you have to remember is that you can’t actually see the nen abilities if you are not a nen user yourself. The most they would see is people being weirdly strong/fast/durable
Ernest Gil アーネスト・ギル
@Khamazon true, I believe it was stated in the manga, that Gentruu(the bomber in greed island arc) was considered a terrorist in real world, when he blows up things there were no traces cause it's entirely made of aura.
Grassei Anos atrás
Although, I would love to see this story finished, Togashi's health is the number one priority. We all wish him the best
Saint Marcus Johnson Mars
I would love for Togashi to either finish this story or pass it on to someone else with them helping him, but I understand he has back issues so I’ll just enjoy all the content he has already made.
SkuldXHimura Anos atrás
I need to read this this sounds crazy! I can't wait to read Hisoka's situation 💕
cripnikka86 Anos atrás
I hope the HxH's author gets well soon and continue his work.
Rhett Reisman
Rhett Reisman Anos atrás
Hunter X Hunter is so good. Too bad we’ll never see the ending :/
Greed Anos atrás
We will😭😭😭
TheSageSpartan Anos atrás
Too well made of a video! Thank you! Simple visually and straight to the point
SeaGee Anos atrás
Cheers! I really appreciate that
shivam kumar
shivam kumar Anos atrás
@SeaGee any news about Gon's mother in the manga?
SeaGee Anos atrás
Nothing about the mother yet sadly
Wolfamongman Anos atrás
Can't wait for the new season to come out! hopefully it wont be too many more years :D
nothing Anos atrás
Gosh it’s SO GENUIS how he brought EVERYONE TOGETHER but they’re all cot-angled in their own little plot Phantom tripié hunting hisoka Kirapika hunting the eyes, NOT KNOWING THE TROUPE IS THERE the princes and king murder war AHHH ITS SOO GOOD even after retiring Killua and Gon ahhhh one day this will get completed
Uchoo Anos atrás
its kind of sad that gon and killua retired, i would love to see them getting stronger lol
xoshnax Anos atrás
Why did gon and killua retire
Patrick Soto
Patrick Soto Anos atrás
It's a massive build up for the dark continent arc. Damn! hopefully the manga and anime return anytime soon also I'm crazy enough to believe that Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho coexist in the same world although after seeing how the dark continent is described I don't see how Yusuke and company can live in such a peaceful city among all that madness.
ToliePoley Anos atrás
Great video!! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the amount of dialogue put into these chapters is so much information at once that I get so confused during the read. This video was much needed for a better understanding
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! And don't worry, it's not just you. There's a heck of a lot of dialogue in these chapters. I needed to make this video to put it all together myself!
RaykinaØBreaker Anos atrás
you doing a good job explaining about Dark Continent, V5, Kakin, Beyond Netero including succession war arc in 7 minute. This video deserve more like.
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks so much! Glad to hear that it all came together well
inscrutable Anos atrás
Can he not write out his ideas and have other people draw it out? Heck, even just talk out your ideas and record that for a team This is the best show ever and it feels like its just getting started
Rizqon Said
Rizqon Said Anos atrás
Togashi is a stuborn person
nmking Anos atrás
The world building of HxH has so much potential. Come on, Togashi, you can do it! Revive this blessing of a series!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Anos atrás
Damn I actually understood everything that's happening now. Amazing video my guy! Legit the best explanation, simplified and straight to the point.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Anos atrás
AND? Youre nen-type? ?
Jamie Anos atrás
the fact that 20 new chapters are in the works… so much is going to happen in the world of hxh togashi remains the goat 😭
cRoach 8 meses atrás
Your channel is amazing, nice good editing and writing. Sub earned
Kiba the Fang
Kiba the Fang Anos atrás
Being Hunter x Hunter in name, and in the first part it tells you being a hunter is being adventurous, then this arc would make the most sense to be continued.
drewguardo Anos atrás
We will never see the end of this arc :(
Hurusii Anos atrás
Very nice synopsis. There’s also other mafia families. Crazy nen abilities and nen beasts. Togashi I am beginning you get healthy and give us more story. The manga is getting super interesting.
Brant Deleon
Brant Deleon Anos atrás
i was so upset when i heard they aren't going to extend the series... but its been years now and i'm okay with it
Carver Kain
Carver Kain Anos atrás
I was kinda surprised to hear about the Dark Continent in a show like HxH but then I remembered Togashi made Yu Yu Hakusho, so yeah he’s more than capable
Trevane Fraser
Trevane Fraser Anos atrás
I love the way you explained this and its like you didn't even spoil it. If anything I really want to read the manga now.
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! I'd recommend checking it out. Some of those latter chapters get really wordy but still worth the read I'd say
marlon john
marlon john Anos atrás
I still hope to see all of Feitan's powers before Hisoka kills him, if he chooses to kill him.
the sparks
the sparks Anos atrás
So THIS is the detour Ging was talking about. I'm happy Togashi is still working on it.😭
imran ahmad
imran ahmad Anos atrás
is he though? i'm starting to lose hope
defseb Anos atrás
@imran ahmad same
The Thinker
The Thinker Anos atrás
Don't give up hope
Demon Timing
Demon Timing Anos atrás
@The Thinker dude it’s been years, if he ain’t better by now then he may never be as he is getting older so it may be getting worse who knows
Omi vNr
Omi vNr Anos atrás
@Demon Timing wait does he take these long breaks and then comes back with chapters or does start making chapters from when he gets back to ?
E Anos atrás
Really hope the author starts feeling better so we can get some more anime of this great manga soon.
Rudhra Anos atrás
Just caught up to the final episode of hxh but damn I hope they animate more of the story. Madhouse now gone so I only see Mappa or studio bones taking the job
Akatsuki Mi
Akatsuki Mi Anos atrás
Imagine if we could be sure that all this can continue, along with a new animated series.
Grant Barbour
Grant Barbour Anos atrás
Man what a cliff hanger. I haven't read Hunter because I know there is no conclusion, and had I read up to there and it ended I would have been extremely unsatisfied. Thanks for this video
Ronald Nixon
Ronald Nixon Anos atrás
If HXH was continued, it would be in my top 5. Along with one piece, one punch man, attack on titan and black clover
Liam Laz
Liam Laz Anos atrás
That Hisoka vs Chrollo fight is gonna be legendary if n when it hits anime.
Caylum Favel
Caylum Favel Anos atrás
There’s also a cool theory that basically boils down to the illumi that’s on the black whale is actually hisoka pretending to be illumi to get a chance at killing more troupe members
SeaGee Anos atrás
Ooo I'd be keen for that. That would explain why we haven't seen Hisoka at all on the dark continent voyage
Raphael de Paula
Raphael de Paula Anos atrás
I don't think we'll ever get to the end of Hiatus X Hiatus. Sad. Togashi could hire another mangaka to draw and just direct the story, but personally I think he doesn't care anymore. All the pandemic to rest/heal/fix/whatever his back and we hear nothing new? I think it's dead. Such a shame, one of the best power systems in shonen, great characters and an interesting story.
Ridham H
Ridham H Anos atrás
top Monger
top Monger Anos atrás
This arc is going to be crazyyyy good
EnterTheGooniverse Anos atrás
That video was great. I hope this all gets animated
zepp Anos atrás
the best part was left out, the prince number 4, he is the biggest threat on that boat and it's pbly gonna be a big part of the story's future, on the boat at least with kurapika, and I think he is the one that will kill kurapika, leaving killua and gon to avange him... oh boy if this happens it will be crazy... and hisoka... both stories and ging... omg, someone pls fix togashi's back, ffs
Floris Bos
Floris Bos Anos atrás
Actually amazing description and editing to visualize it better, hope you make more hxh vids
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks so much, really appreciate it
A theGodofAnime
A theGodofAnime Anos atrás
Great video!! Keep up the great work!!
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks so much!
This is exactly what I looking for. Thank you.
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Anos atrás
I wonder if HXH will actually return. I wish the creator would hire someone to help with the drawing.
 necron gaming the first
amazing video! havent read the manga, i dont really like to read so this was very helpfull in understanding what happens after the anime, will probably read it eventually.
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! Some forewarning for when you get to reading: these chapters get very wordy, especially the Succ War ones. But still worth the read imo
Heavenly_Haori Anos atrás
I would’ve been contempt with HxH anime ending and endless hiatus if they Togashi never introduced the dark continent which is the biggest blue balling ever. For real it’s insane how many questions I have.
Fauzi Beak
Fauzi Beak Anos atrás
A theory that i have is that, us compared to the dark continent is like ant compared to human. Just imagine a small patch of dirt on a country. Ofc theres things such as "if dark continent tree so big then why no see". I think someone or some people made a barrier around our world so that in a way we re protected from the dark continent, this would explain why we need guides to go to the dark continent because these things can open a part of the barrier i guess. Still doesnt explain how if the world biggest tree is just a sapling compared to darks continent trees then why are we not blocked from the sun tho
Kooler Anos atrás
@Fauzi Beak cuz the earth isn’t flat lol
Fauzi Beak
Fauzi Beak Anos atrás
@Kooler i know, but what can a man do but theorize at this point
Nooraksi Anos atrás
HxH last season was empty honestly.... and had too many story lines to continue!!! It was just a Gon healing quest and pointless (if its a last season) chairman election!!! We didn't even see Leorio full abilities and Kurapica and triple spiders just disappeared... so many cool story lines and possibilities! Especially after Chimea ants cool arc last chapters were kind a empty.... not to mention Gon and others never even went to unique places where only hunters can as was advertised during hunter exam...
Heavenly_Haori Anos atrás
@Fauzi Beak I think the trees grow in sparsity from the sheer size, trees compete for nutrients in the soil and sunlight stunting the growth of other trees which might explain why there isn’t a forest as tall as the atmosphere blocking the sun.
Cookie_ eater9000
Cookie_ eater9000 Anos atrás
It's really sad that we haven't had a chapter for so long that we had a 3 year anniversary for the last chapter
Meow Meow 🐈‍⬛
Crazy how much this reflects the real world 🗺 Same exact way
Durval Lacerda
Durval Lacerda Anos atrás
Imagine if Hunter x Hunter pre-Dark Continent is just the intro and setup for the real saga and the Dark Continent arc is actually where it all begins.
Loturzel Restaurant
Want some Nen-Secrets? Thats my Term for 'Info Nuggets i found by scouring the Manga over and over again.
Lewis Brannigan
Lewis Brannigan Anos atrás
I wanttt them to bring out more so badly!!!
Fariston T
Fariston T Anos atrás
Damn this channel underrated af. quick and easy to understand. getting out all the main points while wasting no time
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! Glad the pacing of the video worked!
Kaustubh Mishra
Kaustubh Mishra Anos atrás
Best crash course on hunter x hunter, still waiting for togashi to return 🥲🥲🥲🥲, hope he gets well soon enough!
DeVonte Kuykendall
DeVonte Kuykendall Anos atrás
The succession war is so convoluted I love it
That Nigga Tomioka
That Nigga Tomioka Anos atrás
This was the perfect post-catching up to the manga-summary video for me
Beepboopbeep Anos atrás
If the show ever does return rip Leorio's voice actor
C U Anos atrás
Well, to think Toriko took that idea and ran with it before sad. We want to see yours Togashi!
aspasiz Anos atrás
I miss having chapters to read, like yes some of them have been like reading a novel, but it's still so good
SeaGee Anos atrás
Yeah those latter chapters get very text heavy. It did make them all feel a lot longer though which was nice. It just felt like there was more content
David Yacobian
David Yacobian Anos atrás
All the succession war stuff made me stop reading it tbh, the story became so convoluted and the long texts just droned on and on. It’s nice to just get the cliff notes from BRvid channels lol
aspasiz Anos atrás
@David Yacobian I almost gave up too, idk if writing the inner monologues of so many characters was worth it or not. However, I really loved the parts with with Tserriednich. Those parts made it worth it for me.
bobbyboo22 Anos atrás
I feel like the internet will break if there ever is more manga or another season I really hope there is
zskayrr Anos atrás
It's back
arash mokhtari
arash mokhtari Anos atrás
​@zskayrr don't give me hope 😂
zskayrr Anos atrás
@arash mokhtari wish I could have given it to you sooner 👀
Cesar Gamboa
Cesar Gamboa Anos atrás
Just imagine this manga continued how good it would have been
Christina Anos atrás
hxh has SOO MUCH potential mann, wishing the author a healthy recovery
Diogitalk Anos atrás
Amazing vid, thank you for the explanation
Marc1899ツ Anos atrás
OMG thank you!!! i do not have the time to read the whole dark continent arc and the succesion war arc. this summary was very good. keep it up👍🙏
SeaGee Anos atrás
Thanks! Really appreciate that!
Suyog Budhathoki
Suyog Budhathoki Anos atrás
That was a good summary but It's best to read the manga...kurapika's psychology war to save the 14th prince is gold.
Yuri Bezmenov stan account
This is One Piece level world building from Togashi. I hope it gets animated.
SeaGee Anos atrás
You and me both! I need that Hisoka fight animated
Ali AL luaibi
Ali AL luaibi Anos atrás
God, that Dark Continat arc is the definition of blue balling the audience !
billionaireboys Anos atrás
any update on kite? wondering if we get to see any of his other weapons after his rebirth
JToaster Anos atrás
I wish I could read Dons book. Hope so bad HxH returns it’s one of the greatest of all time :(
Shubham Shreyashkr
Shubham Shreyashkr Anos atrás
Common man somehow this masterpiece reaches its desired conclusion✌️
Loturzel Restaurant
Want some Nen-Secrets? Thats my Term for 'Info Nuggets i found by scouring the Manga over and over again.
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