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Hi, I am Daniel Davis. I am a certified computer expert and tech guru. Along with having one of the top tech channels on youtube, my work has also been featured in textbooks, software guides, and hundreds of popular tech blogs. And today I am going to be talking to you about HTML. Computers use language to communicate just like people do and the way computers communicate with the internet is through a computer language called Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. Hypertext is the process of linking objects to each other so that when one object is clicked the linking object can be viewed and the Hyper Text Markup Language was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 so that the hyper text could be used through the internet. Making webpages doesn't make you a programmer. Instead the hyper text markup language contains a series of markup tags that are used to classify and group elements in a webpage. A web browser then reads these markup tags and translates them into what we visibly recognize as a website. Most web browsers allow you to view the HTML code for any webpage. For instance, in Firefox you can hit CTR U on Windows or command U on Mac to bring up the webpage source. You'll probably notice some words surrounded by angled brackets. These are the markup tags. All webpages must consist of certain markup tags before they can be legitimately considered webpages. These are the HTML tag which tells the web browser that its reading an HTML page. The head tag, which contains scripts, the page title, and meta information for search engines and the body tag which contains the visible webpage content. For the most part each tag has a corresponding closing tag so that the web browser knows when to stop reading the tag. Tags can also have attributes that add extra parameters to the element--like styling attributes such as color, alignment and things like that. These are generally denoted by having the attribute name, and equals sign and the the attribute value in quotations marks. There are many options out there for creating websites. Some are free and some are very expensive. Programs such as Dreamweaver allow you to drag and drop what you want where you want it without ever having to see an ounce of code. These editors are called "WYSIWYG" or "what you see is what you get" editors. But to code websites from scratch all you need is a text editor such as notepad for Windows or text edit from Mac and a web browser, and that's it. So that's pretty much the basics of what HTML is all about.

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prayankagm 8 dias atrás
You can also learn - Learn What is HTML? and learn HTML for free
iymanbek anarov
iymanbek anarov 2 meses atrás
hello, who can help me about HTML)) THANKS
Ahmad Wajihuddin
Ahmad Wajihuddin 2 meses atrás
Oluwatad Masunda
Oluwatad Masunda 2 meses atrás
didnt lean anting unuseful
Oluwatad Masunda
Oluwatad Masunda 2 meses atrás
so ded
Harrison Wallace
Harrison Wallace 10 meses atrás
awesome thanks
Carter Gladden
Carter Gladden 10 meses atrás
All I heard was language and something about the internet
Sayani Mallick
Sayani Mallick Anos atrás
Akhlesh Tiwari
Akhlesh Tiwari Anos atrás
I hope nice v🤔🤔🤔🤔
Power of Praise Network
How can I go in and stop the redirects on youtube...I have a christian website and at the end of my videos a gang of stuff pops up thats offensive to my viewers...please help
MG Wishes
MG Wishes Anos atrás
Thank you, this video as some helpful.
Daniel Marquez
Daniel Marquez Anos atrás
Thank you I got an a on my project
suck on banana
Sudhir Shirbhate
Sudhir Shirbhate Anos atrás
can u plz make the video in hindi
Venkatesa Suhin
Venkatesa Suhin Anos atrás
this is not something in your market...Hindi guys like tech guruji are the worst.We from south india cant understand anything
Sandeep Yadav
Sandeep Yadav Anos atrás
Dear brother
Venkataraju Joka
Venkataraju Joka Anos atrás
i didnt learn anything but your teaching well
Nagaraj Baradwad
Nagaraj Baradwad Anos atrás
ಕನ್ನಡ ದಲ್ಲಿ ಹೇಳಿ
Sana khan Saha
Sana khan Saha Anos atrás
Hi I am rozina agar app kisiko piyar karte ho yeh appkese ganege ke I love him and thanks to you very hart touching vidio
emila kamoth
emila kamoth Anos atrás
Gaming_64 Anos atrás
Hmmmm, good to note even tho I am a kid and I am smart with tech and want to get a good job with tech,/ make video games. also I am bad at spelling also also I subed
Mobo Tech
Mobo Tech Anos atrás
you are 3 mintes video took
Rvec Icane
Rvec Icane Anos atrás
I got my notepad and sometimes when I copy paste some text which I wrote in my NP, there's always showing like hello you're
Preeti Anos atrás
Jay Sample
Jay Sample Anos atrás
saraswati sasamal
saraswati sasamal Anos atrás
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Naineko Anos atrás
woah so helpful!! im learning so much about coding/HTML/CSS! tysm! :D I EVEN HAVE A NOTEBOOK ABOUT IT I WRITE SO MUCHHHHHH
Ali Rn
Ali Rn Anos atrás
Stephen harden
Stephen harden Anos atrás
Thx, this is informative. I now know what the angled brackets mean. Cool.
Secret Logic
Secret Logic Anos atrás
Subscribe me for Secret Logic programming and bright future
Doriclish M. Marak
Doriclish M. Marak Anos atrás
thanks bro
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma Anos atrás
its a waste of time
Tik Tok Ka a Dhamaka
I like html.
AaMiR ShAhZaD 2 anos atrás
A great inro...
Ravikansyakar Kumar
Ravikansyakar Kumar 2 anos atrás
HTML project me logo ya pic Kaise add kren?
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 2 anos atrás
U J 2 anos atrás how to make this type off Video For Birthday oR Anniversary Sir Plz Reply
great fire
great fire 2 anos atrás
simple javascript tutorial
SAJJDUL PARVEZ 2 anos atrás
helpful thanks
《Electric Dragon》
《Electric Dragon》 2 anos atrás
Do you know about the x code? As in ? I havent be able to finish it.....
yassine zeroual
yassine zeroual 2 anos atrás
St.Gopal Public School Shyamon Agra
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd videooooooooooooooooooooo
babydoll 2 anos atrás Nice one
Mohammad Ali Badifar
Mohammad Ali Badifar 2 anos atrás
Dhiraj Mohapatra
Dhiraj Mohapatra 2 anos atrás
which software use for video editing
Broken Beakers
Broken Beakers 2 anos atrás
Dhiraj Mohapatra if you are asking which software to use for video editing I'd suggest narrowing your search down to a specific company, I suggest Adobe. Once there try looking up some of there software like Adobe after effects and see which one got a the types of videos you make. If you are not asking which software to use then you just wasted a bit of time reading this, sorry for not being of any help if that is the case.
Madshahuhu in Da House
aku tak paham apo2 laaaaa
KP Updates
KP Updates 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the beauti info:)
Sm  Møheðür Rãhmãŋ
Geometry dash Plays
Geometry dash Plays 2 anos atrás
loGical 2 anos atrás
Gaming_64 Anos atrás
that is.. mean evan for me a kid who is bad at spelling, and has seen many things... why?!
Salariaboys 2 anos atrás
Kenjiツ 2 anos atrás
Geometry dash Plays Honestly can't tell if it's sarcasm or you were just born retarded, in that case I guess it can't be helped.
Geometry dash Plays
Geometry dash Plays 2 anos atrás
you spelt it wrong bud, lol its "Cool" not "Kool". dummy
Bob Catz
Bob Catz 2 anos atrás
Hi great info but need modo help! How do you or can you change a video Im trying to download that comes with an html document to mp4 video???
M.Abdullah AwanTech
M.Abdullah AwanTech 2 anos atrás
I do not understand anything
arend de jong
arend de jong 9 meses atrás
hahahaha you quit???
Rodrigo .Santos
Rodrigo .Santos 3 anos atrás
HTML is gay. love, MrSloppy69420
Silent Seeker
Silent Seeker 3 anos atrás
Very concise,pretty understandable for the beginners..High graphics as well x3 helped alot
Lanky Giraffe
Lanky Giraffe 3 anos atrás
0:15 "I'm also the most modest person on the internet"
Salariaboys 2 anos atrás
Jack B
Jack B 3 anos atrás
why do you play music while you are talking? Do one or the other but not both at the same time
Kemar Walker
Kemar Walker Anos atrás
Salariaboys 2 anos atrás
Jordan Briones
Jordan Briones 4 anos atrás
Why you bullshitin fam. You can't drag and drop.
Paul Wiest
Paul Wiest 4 anos atrás
+Jordan Briones word.
I didnt learn anything lol ._.
Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry Anos atrás
Ali Rn
Ali Rn Anos atrás
Salariaboys 2 anos atrás
Umid Makhmudov
Umid Makhmudov 2 anos atrás
if you really like to learn. There is a website called
badro antiworld20xx
badro antiworld20xx 4 anos atrás
ty :)
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