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In this crash course I will cram as much about HTML that I can. This is meant for absolute beginners. If you are interested in learning HTML but know nothing, then you are in the right place. We will be creating a cheat sheet with all of the common HTML5 tags, attributes, semantic markup, etc. We will not be focusing on CSS in this video. The CSS crash course will be released shortly after
21 Hour HTML & CSS Course:
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17 Jul 2017



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FriskFryse FrossetFrugt
*Timestamps* _Intro_ 0:00-0:43 ----- Intro 0:43-2:48 ----- Before We Begin 2:48-4:47 ----- What is HTML? 4:47-6:08 ----- What We Need To Start 6:08-7:30 ----- Installing Sublime Text 7:30-11:14 --- Creating an HTML file 11:14-12:32 - Tag Syntax 12:32-13:21 - HTML Page Structure 13:21-14:11 - Page Structure Examlples _Tags And Elements_ 14:11-17:00 - Hello World 17:00-19:13 - Headings 19:13-25:35 - Paragraphs 25:35-26:36 - Tag Attributes 26:36-29:10 - Lists 29:10-32:57 - Tables 32:57-42:00 - Forms 42:00-42:56 - Buttons 42:56-46:59 - Images 46:59-49:23 - Quotations _HTML5 Semantic Tags_ 49:24-50:18 - Info 50:19-51:50 - blog.html 51:50-53:59 - Articles 53:59-55:10 - Sidebar/aside/nav 55:10-56:18 - Footer 56:18-57:54 - Simple Styling with CSS 57:54-59:14 - Meta-tags/SSO 59:14-1:00:06 Internal links 1:00:06 -------- Outro
R P 7 dias atrás
@B H thanks
B H 10 dias atrás
Never mind I found it. Took me 45 min but one of the first things you went over. Sorry never done this ever before !
B H 10 dias atrás
Hey great tutorial so far except when I open with chrome it does not change my tab title. Something small I’m sure I’ve triple checked all. Lines still nothing
Noel Valencia
Noel Valencia 13 dias atrás
Thank You so much❤️
Janet Eyre
Janet Eyre 17 dias atrás
I was about requesting him to create timestamps but I saw a legend
Dork Gyoza
Dork Gyoza 39 minutos atrás
I'm following this tutorial on mac and I'm stuck because I don't know how to make a new text document in my Html cheat sheet folder ... I right click and it doesn't give me the option to make a new text document. i am noob as hell so please help
Maximus Gigantos
Maximus Gigantos 51 minuto atrás
Juan Bravo
Juan Bravo 12 horas atrás
Trpt Ayar
Trpt Ayar 14 horas atrás
Thanks for such a great video, i learn a lot from this video, ur amzing, i like your teaching
MASK Dia atrás
Good work
reyad almamun
reyad almamun Dia atrás
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Dia atrás
I'm taking the next big step in my career as a designer tomorrow and this video is going to help me do so. Thank you.
Dziad Zielony
Dziad Zielony Dia atrás
Why margin-top:500px gave margin at the bottom?
ELCheatos 2 dias atrás
"Just to be politically correct we'll go ahead and do an other"🤣
Joseph Burgess
Joseph Burgess 2 dias atrás
Subscribed! I'm trying to take it slow when learning HTML/CSS.(I'm already a slow learner anyway). I've been reading books and watching course videos for a little while. Doing these multiple things help with everything falling into the blanks in areas that I don't quite "get" yet. I got more from your 1 hour crash course video than from other channels I have watched. Great teaching!
Lewis Vye
Lewis Vye 2 dias atrás
Great video, so helpful! Thank you
Bee Kay
Bee Kay 3 dias atrás
Fantastic tutorial. Thank you!
Not CaptainMax
Not CaptainMax 3 dias atrás
Great Video!
SeeGeL cG ALz
SeeGeL cG ALz 4 dias atrás
Awesome effort and very precious informations 🧸
Guru murthy c l
Guru murthy c l 4 dias atrás
Traversy Media you made my day today. Thank you for this awesome video. I learnt a lot today... I owe you... Thank you...
Bob Bach
Bob Bach 4 dias atrás
thank you for this! It expands my awareness beyond..."html? it has something to do with web pages" :)
Aicha B
Aicha B 4 dias atrás
Merci beaucoup, je passe au cour suivant :)
Tactical Potato
Tactical Potato 4 dias atrás
I on iPad
Mohamed Taher
Mohamed Taher 4 dias atrás
This would be the super HTML course I have ever attended, Hats up
nicolas eldemire
nicolas eldemire 4 dias atrás
Great video, cant say I didnt learn a bunch of things. I have watched this 3 times so far and others from this page. So much stuff to remember and practice.
Everyday Spanish
Everyday Spanish 4 dias atrás
Thanks a lot for this and for focusing on HTML mostly!
Areeb Khan
Areeb Khan 5 dias atrás
how do i get sublime text to work on mac with text editor, What i mean is : how do i get my sublime text, words to automatically refresh into chrome, I am struggling with this, as i cannot create a text file on mac, like you did on windows in the beginning
Jayanth Venkat
Jayanth Venkat 5 dias atrás
Enjoyed this
Sarat Sarkar
Sarat Sarkar 5 dias atrás
You are the best teacher. I learnt 90% of what you taught in my first view itself. I'll watch it 5 more times and it will fit 100% in my brain. Thanks.
UnIqUe SIBLINGS Jedi 5 dias atrás
too long and abusive language
Trojan Bitcoinminer
Trojan Bitcoinminer 5 dias atrás
nice, thanks :)
Sahan Eakanayaka
Sahan Eakanayaka 5 dias atrás
What a way to start HTML, thank you lot man, amazing......,no words to explain
Unknown Rules
Unknown Rules 5 dias atrás
Learnd Alot on this video thank you!
Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan 6 dias atrás
for some reason, when i make the .txt document, it only shows up as a text document and doesn't work edit:nvm i got it working thanks for the awesome video
Thomas Eriksen
Thomas Eriksen 6 dias atrás
Great stuff, Traversy!
Jerome Honeyghan
Jerome Honeyghan 6 dias atrás
Appreciate the help from this video. Taught me way more than I've been reading or learning in class
Michael Mgbeojirikwe
Michael Mgbeojirikwe 6 dias atrás
Vampazilla 7 dias atrás
I sat through the entire lesson. THANK YOU! I definitely learned a lot today! Great Tutorial.
Kai Liu
Kai Liu 7 dias atrás
Very thank you for making this kind of video for us like me (beginner)🙏🙏🙏
ibrahim's channel
ibrahim's channel 7 dias atrás
If you need HTML for beginners tutorial in Urdu or Hindi. check my video now:
Respect Knuckles
Respect Knuckles 7 dias atrás
favio ar
favio ar 7 dias atrás
It's an excellent class, thank you very much!
norman busby
norman busby 8 dias atrás
Am a retired IT programing professional with no WEB design experience. Because of my background I have been asked to assist the newly appointed webmaster (also no prior WEB experience) with the maintenance of our associations already up and running web page. While searching through BRvid for videos dealing with beginner level HTML & CSS I came across Traversy Medias crash course dealing with the topics. These videos explain HTML and CSS in a condensed, logical, clearly written, and easily understood format. I especially liked the split screen demo showing the syntax used to produce the page, and the saved page displaying the output allowing the designer to see the affect the syntax has on the viewable document by a visitor. I cannot tell you how helpful these videos were. Am purchasing the more in depth course offered through their website.
Carol Pack
Carol Pack 8 dias atrás
be honest, comp. 1 for DUMMIES!
Sufian Mehmood Soomro
Sufian Mehmood Soomro 8 dias atrás
KenJohnson 8 dias atrás
Other is not correct in anyway.
Lokanath Sahoo
Lokanath Sahoo 8 dias atrás
doing great work sir.your videos are a lot helpful.keep doing this
Bjarnesen92 9 dias atrás
John Zeets
John Zeets 10 dias atrás
First Stopped Watching At 17:04
Ansu ceesay
Ansu ceesay 10 dias atrás
Oh gosh thank you bro:)
Christopher Stephens
Christopher Stephens 10 dias atrás
Awesome! I've learned so much!
ade putri
ade putri 10 dias atrás
ps : this is the easiest way to learn about a website content. not necessarily being a programmer lol.. I meant for the people who thinks they became a programmer after knowing about html not for this vid ✌
Medo Miller
Medo Miller 10 dias atrás
Sk Jaoata Afnan
Sk Jaoata Afnan 11 dias atrás
Lena 11 dias atrás
can someone help me, I am using Mac to create the html cheat cheat but its not saving, any tips?
Niel Rossouw
Niel Rossouw 11 dias atrás
YT showing me Wix advertisements while I'm trying to learn HTML, the irony!
Jake Framstaitfurm
Jake Framstaitfurm 11 dias atrás
are u from Boston?
Ean Myers
Ean Myers 11 dias atrás
As an absolute newbie to this, I found this more helpful than the year I spent in college trying to learn C++. I left this video feeling ready to explore and learn more.
Junaid Unar
Junaid Unar 12 dias atrás
Thank you for the tutorial man, I want to be a professional web developer. Already liked and subbed sometime ago.
Orlando Mark Ayeras
Orlando Mark Ayeras 12 dias atrás
Thank you for this mate!! New subscriber and actually I don't care if the ads are too long like 10mins and up because you own it and deserve it mate, cheers! Btw, our curriculum is wayyyyy too old like 90's era lol (seriously not related) Yeah! Keep it up!
Jnana Srija
Jnana Srija 12 dias atrás
i can't open it in chrome even though i've chrome as my default browser
Qader Hadan
Qader Hadan 11 dias atrás
Same her
Qader Hadan
Qader Hadan 11 dias atrás
Same here
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 12 dias atrás
Thank you sir, that was a great tutorial!
Sk Jaoata Afnan
Sk Jaoata Afnan 13 dias atrás
TheConservative411 13 dias atrás
Amazing intro for beginners!
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