How Well Do You Know the Rev? (part 2)

Garrett Gagnon
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There are 8 clips! None from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. See if you've got your A7X drum parts internalized enough to identify them. This video (just like the first video) was created to honor the Rev, who inspired me to really get into drumming. The first video can be found here:
It has been four years since the first video, and I've wanted to make a part two for some time now. I don't have my drums at my apartment, so the hardest part about it was how rusty my feet were. I apologize for the somewhat loose rhythm the double bass sometimes has.
I realize that the pattern before the fill in clip 4 is supposed to have the snare on the beat instead of the kick.

Kick: Audix D6 (inside port)
Snare: Audix i5 (top) and SM57 (bottom)
Toms hi-low: Beta 58a, Peavey PVM 325, Beta 52a, SM57
Overheads: CAD m179 x2
Hi hat: MXL 991
Ride: SM57
Rooms: MXL 990 x2



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Comentários 15
roseo 5679
roseo 5679 Anos atrás
He dosen't know the rev cuz Mike is the one who plays god hates us
Conrad Anos atrás
that spinning knob on the bass drum tho
Garrett Gagnon
Garrett Gagnon Anos atrás
it's the perfect spot for a drum key and it provides entertainment as well!
Adham Hamed
Adham Hamed Anos atrás
1: Unbound: The Wild Ride 2: Unholy Confessions 3: God Hates Us 4: Almost Easy (Syn's Solo but slow it down until the end, that was perfect) 5: Bat Country (solo) 6: Dancing Dead 7: Sidewinder 8: Unholy Confessions (when Syn and Zacky bend the strings to produce the low notes [around the end])
Xrz 2 anos atrás
1: Unbound 2: Unholy confessions 3: God hates us (Which he didn't even play in) 4: Demons 5: Bat country 6: Dancing dead 7: Sidewinder 8: Unholy confessions
Logienaru 11 meses atrás
he may not have played god hates us, but he did write it.
Slippy Jones
Slippy Jones 2 anos atrás
#1 Jimmy NEVER played on God Hates Us. That was a song that written after he passed. #2, What are you EVEN playing??? The only songs I recognized were from "City of Evil".
Reda Lhioui
Reda Lhioui Anos atrás
@Adrian FM are you retarded? Nightmare album was fully done and demoed by the time Rev died. Portnoy didn't write anything, his style is intricate and different, Mike just took it from there and added some of his spin, you see it's like building the blueprint for a house and then someone decorates it
Adrian Fadhil Melandri
@Reda Lhioui does that mean he also played the drum just because he's credited on every song? no, right? Wake up, just because you love the band, you can't ignore anything that goes against your band. Don't be blind to see what's the most objective thing. Mike Portnoy might be an inspiration for the rev, but there are huge differences between the rev's playing and Mike Portnoy's. I know Dream Theater for years or any other albums that Mike has played with, and I can tell how's Mike drumming just by hearing it. That summed up the whole case about Nightmare album that the fans thought it was all the rev's work, when in fact some of the drummings are Mike Portnoy's trademark. The Rev did indeed write Nightmare, Fiction, Buried Alive, but the others were not by him. Do hear Save Me, and you can heard Hi-Hat thing with Ride, or with Splash & Stax cymbal. The Rev never played something like that. That's Mike Portnoy.
Reda Lhioui
Reda Lhioui 2 anos atrás
Slippy Jones What are you talking about? He wrote all the drums on Nightmare, read the booklets, he is credited on every song
Slippy Jones
Slippy Jones 2 anos atrás
He played on all of the songs off "Diamonds In The Rough". That was released in 2008. He only did the drum arrangements on "Nightmare", "Buried Alive" and "Fiction" for the "Nightmare" album. That album was supposed to be a concept album like "City of Evil" but the band scrapped the idea when Jimmy passed.
Chosen Death 12
Chosen Death 12 2 anos atrás
7 is beast and he harlot
Xrz 2 anos atrás
Its sidewinder
Jónatan Thomsen
Jónatan Thomsen 3 anos atrás
1. unbound (the wild ride) 2. unholy confessions 3. ??? 4. demons 5. bat country 6. dancing dead 7. sindwinder 8. unholy confessions
Jónatan Thomsen
Jónatan Thomsen 3 anos atrás
Oh number 3 was god hates us, pfft i knew that
MonsterZombies 3 anos atrás
Pretty sure God Hates Us didn't have Rev drums on it...
Swampy 11 meses atrás
Slippy Jones thats not entirely true either. Watch the breakdown of save me. The rev wrote parts of that too
CR7TheGunner Anos atrás
Mike Portnoy recorded the drums, but The Rev wrote the drum parts.
bùďàķ ķàpóķ
@Plop Top almost song in a nightmare album was demos by the rev...and final track was record by mike portnoy
Lyendith 2 anos atrás
The guys made it pretty clear that the album was pretty much completely written by the time The Rev died. Only thing left was the recording. They mostly rewrote the lyrics, not the music, and Portnoy played based off the demos left by The Rev while adding his own little touches here and there. And the booklet says "all songs written by Sanders, Haner, Baker, Seward, Sullivan".
Slippy Jones
Slippy Jones 2 anos atrás
WRONG AGAIN!!!! You'd think if they wrote it in 2009, Jimmy would've had a hand in writing, he did not. He co-wrote 3 of the 11 songs on "Nightmare" which means, a lot of it was written after he died. And if really shows it too.. though. It's a really sad album.
John Saunders
John Saunders 3 anos atrás
what heads do you use
uwique 4 anos atrás
rev was a crap drummer.
CornDogsGaming Anos atrás
uwique I hope you burn in hell you fucking scumbag, you are a peasant compared to the rev, his skeleton could beat you in a drum off
Reda Lhioui
Reda Lhioui 2 anos atrás
How could you say that man? The Rev was very young and extremely talented for his age, if he was like 50 years old he would literally be the god of drums
KiwiBee 2 anos atrás
uwique you just angered every fan of Avenged Sevenfold.
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 2 anos atrás
He passed away show some respect man he still ended up winning an award for best drummer
Digital Element
Digital Element 2 anos atrás
He was a god! how can you say that?! like you can play better than him or play at all.
Broadening The Daylight
1. Unbound 2. Unholy Confessions 3. God Hates Us 4. Demons 5. Bat Country 6. Dancing Dead 7. Sidewinder (I think?) 8. Unholy Confessions (again)
Tom Whaley
Tom Whaley 5 anos atrás
1. Unbound 2. Unholy Confessions 3. God Hates Us 4. Almost Easy (guitar solo) 5. Bat Country 6. 7. 8. Unholy Confessions If it's anything off of "Diamonds in the Rough," I would honestly be stumped. Don't think I've listened to that since it came out haha
SL Francisco Drums
SL Francisco Drums 5 anos atrás
1: Unbound (The Wild Ride) 2: unholy confessions 3: God hates us 4: Demons 5: Bat country 6: dancing dead 7: ? 8: Unholy confessions (again)
Ollie Bonugli
Ollie Bonugli 5 anos atrás
2:16 - 2:24 what cymbal is that? A Sabian AA 18" Crash?
Garrett Gagnon
Garrett Gagnon 5 anos atrás
You got it!
Keenan Descartin
Keenan Descartin 5 anos atrás
1. Unbound (The Wild Ride) 2. Unholy Confessions 3. God Hates Us 4. Demons 5. Bat Country 6. Dancing Dead 7. Sidewinder 8. Unholy Confessions
Reda Lhioui
Reda Lhioui 2 anos atrás
4 is Almost Easy I think
Wind Barreto
Wind Barreto 2 anos atrás
God Hates Us is Mike Portnoy
Garrett Gagnon
Garrett Gagnon 5 anos atrás
No STST, yes DITR. Actually, both that you missed are from DITR.
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