How We Made The Viral “Sleeping Beauty” Proposal

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This is the fairytale proposal that everyone dreams about.
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Comentários 80
#JustRemixing 4 dias atrás
PeePee PooPoo
PeePee PooPoo 7 dias atrás
Imagine if she forwarded the mail to someone else instead of Lee. Lmao
EngPMgt 10 dias atrás
She is beautiful and has lovely smile 😃
my happiness
my happiness 15 dias atrás
The best proposal I have ever seen
Patricia 21 dia atrás
Why i'm SoOooOoo Single
Oddyssey 23 dias atrás
So awesome! I loved watching the original proposal video! Thanks for giving this "behind the scenes" video!
Julie Durby
Julie Durby 23 dias atrás
Of course they used to be theater kids
Phouxmieh's Room
Phouxmieh's Room 24 dias atrás
This story is absolutely amazing 😭😭😭😭😍
Wolf Up
Wolf Up 25 dias atrás
Me at the first part of the video be like:- *"Wait a minute, I know this guys!"*
see2saw 26 dias atrás
Keralite From Hyderabad, India🙋🙋just so u know its resonated here as well..
Praveena Mohan
Praveena Mohan 26 dias atrás
He is the perfect boyfriend material.. I always have only dreams of having one.
anymatix 26 dias atrás
How the hell every Indian girl is dark brown in buzzfeed video
Maui Sanchez
Maui Sanchez 26 dias atrás
What a great guy. Going to such lengths to create a special moment to propose to your partner is incredible.
***Dee** *
***Dee** * 27 dias atrás
Stuthi you are a lucky girl!.. why do I feel so jealous
Monbebedelight 27 dias atrás
Watching their proposal made me so happy I'm glad they are getting married
zuzukittygirl566 27 dias atrás
This guy is going places
mskrisnarini 28 dias atrás
I'm from Indonesia and I totally get what Lee meant at the end of the video! Thank you for sharing your story with the world
Breezii 28 dias atrás
I remember seeing the original post on Reddit! dope to see them get recognition
Juliana Mariano
Juliana Mariano 28 dias atrás
She's stunning 😍😍😍😍
gt3wells 28 dias atrás
💕💕💕💕 Best proposal EvEr!!!!💕💕💕💕
H Y 29 dias atrás
Sweet but I also wanted to see more of the work the artist has put in :(
ItsAmy 29 dias atrás
*plot twist* She ACTUALLY was Sleeping in all the movie
JoJoSoda 29 dias atrás
Foco Creativo
Foco Creativo 29 dias atrás
I love his intelligence ✨👌 they're look sweet together
sewing thread gem
sewing thread gem Mês atrás
Disney needs to hire her
can you Sk8
can you Sk8 Mês atrás
this is so precious and wholesome
Munchin' Panda
Munchin' Panda Mês atrás
Carmen Meza
Carmen Meza Mês atrás
The fact that the first time they met was by randomly dancing just like in sleeping beauty makes it more perfect too 🥺✨🤍
Brazen Brunette
Brazen Brunette Mês atrás
God bless
Tessa T
Tessa T Mês atrás
My husband goes by the same name (Lee is an abbreviation of his name). I'm going to have to concur that getting to spend the rest of your life with Lee is the BEST part!
Juliana Sanguanini
Juliana Sanguanini Mês atrás
Kara Roberts
Kara Roberts Mês atrás
I saw the video of the proposal, youtube was suggesting to me and I was like oh seems like an interesting proposal. And then I saw it... It was BEAUTIFUL and surprising. It felt truly genuine like, even romantic movies don't convey that feeling. And I felt that, yeah true and beautiful love stories really exist and there are people out there having such moments. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I wish you guys a very happy ever after
Allison Mallory
Allison Mallory Mês atrás
This man probably feels like he is winning at life rn and he 100% should
Shubhangi Misra
Shubhangi Misra Mês atrás
This is so cute!!
Sophie Jocelyn
Sophie Jocelyn Mês atrás
I can remember seeing this, this video doesn’t even do it justice how cute it is! 😍
Skele Flow
Skele Flow Mês atrás
I can only say AWWWWWWWW
Charis Alexander
Charis Alexander Mês atrás
"He just always wore all black, he looked really sad" I'm done 🤣🤣🤣
jan muriel navarro
jan muriel navarro Mês atrás
sekawan398 Mês atrás
As a big fans of Disney Princesses, esp Rapunzel, this guy set the standard bar tooooo high bcs I WOULD LOVE TO BE PROPOSE THIS OMGGG😭😭😭❤️
Yellowcicii Mês atrás
So cute!!!
jo an mae
jo an mae Mês atrás
i love you guys...thnks mr.lee for your replied in my from the Philippines
How I Do It
How I Do It Mês atrás
It's super amazing. This was the best proposal
zoro roronoa
zoro roronoa Mês atrás
I wake up with a stick and cold water thrown on me every day
maxine li
maxine li Mês atrás
I wanna see what if the proposal no work movie clip!
g l a c i u s
g l a c i u s Mês atrás
This proposal was the best one I have ever seen! My future husband is truly fucked because he needs to pull of something similar to that XD
The Royal Life
The Royal Life Mês atrás
Him: my told friend told me :have you never met a girl , friends and family should be there !Me: Am I the only girl who doesn’t want friends and family to be involved in the proposal??? I’d literally say no if the one who’s proposing did this to me !
Anna Maria G
Anna Maria G Mês atrás
Thats so cute
Shubhangi Pandey
Shubhangi Pandey Mês atrás
Why is he wearing the same sweater?
Kitty Jam
Kitty Jam Mês atrás
This is my favorite movie and princess of all time, and Disney art is my favorite art style from the classics I miss it so much. Pls bring it back im 12!
Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra Mês atrás
Whoa Stuthi got all that Indian beauty 🌟☘
tomasz Mês atrás
They both could do so much better.
Linh Gia Nguyen
Linh Gia Nguyen Mês atrás
But who thought sleeping beauty would still be available in theaters? I know it’s all cute and stuff but I don’t understand.
TheMinecraftSkillz Mês atrás
Omg yes
ella Døvvd
ella Døvvd Mês atrás
When saw the proposal video..I CRIED!!! sleeping beauty is also my favorite Disney movie! I thought that was the reason why I cried. But now I see that the fact that this amazing man put all that together in order to propose to his girlfriend.. I think that is what made me cry!!! He is such a wonderful man!!! I wish my husband proposed to me that way lol I don't think I will ever see another proposal that will top this one, Good job!!!! You made every woman in the world wish our husbands were as thoughtful as you!! Bless you!
Ellen Yang
Ellen Yang Mês atrás
its so cool seeing this on buzzfeed bc they did it at a theatre i grew up going to and is super close!
KT LoveBTS Mês atrás
The video was so cute but their story is even cuter omg 🤧🤍 to get proposed LIEK that !! Just the thought and effort that went into it is so adorable
Bahia .M
Bahia .M Mês atrás
From Algeria (north Africa )I adore it
Cats Cats
Cats Cats Mês atrás
She's so pretty!!!
France Dy
France Dy Mês atrás
Now it's the woman's turn to surprise him on the wedding day
Vero H.Marin
Vero H.Marin Mês atrás
“If you look carefully at the video you’ll see that in the frame where we’re dancing together, my character has a little rose in his mouth as an homage to that moment.” Why am I crying already?
Casey Finnegan
Casey Finnegan Mês atrás
I am screaming!!! 😍💕
Gemita Bae
Gemita Bae Mês atrás
They've been to the big bean in Chicago. It showed in one of the pictures
miu -
miu - Mês atrás
He kinda look like Loki
Elsa Aita
Elsa Aita Mês atrás
I would love to see a follow up on their wedding.
Maricar Laysico
Maricar Laysico Mês atrás
Love this!
Julia Tamara
Julia Tamara Mês atrás
sleeping beauty girl is 😍 and also they’re so cute together, the proposal is a genius and the animator is even more of a genius
radhikapatil1986 Mês atrás
But seriously though now every other proposal story is gonna be lame compared to this.
Grace Echauz
Grace Echauz Mês atrás
The illustration is amazing! It actually resembles his animated version and and the girl too. She is pretty btw. And this whole thing is just so sweet.
Girl with flaws
Girl with flaws Mês atrás
She is the luckiest girl in the world
viv rey
viv rey Mês atrás
Get you a man whose willing to animate himself into a Disney movie for you!
R V Mês atrás
I’ve known Stuthi for years, this is crazy it’s so viral lol
Rhea More
Rhea More Mês atrás
Wow really? How are you related to her?
Ibe Ameh
Ibe Ameh Mês atrás
He is so thoughtful 😊 honeslty that's what counts
Galadriel S
Galadriel S Mês atrás
I wish them so much happiness 🖤 but if it doesn't work out I'm next 😂
Sanyogita Gupta
Sanyogita Gupta Mês atrás
My dream proposal 😍
msminmichigan Mês atrás
Nice pull, bro. She's gorgeous.
Aiswarya Venugopal
Aiswarya Venugopal Mês atrás
Do they do this for gay proposals?
magnus faelan
magnus faelan Mês atrás
Such a beautiful relationship, it's clear they adore each other.
Cynelle Khent Ann Vasquez
Came down to the comment sections to look for men complaining how this dude set the bar too high 😂
downthispath Mês atrás
I love it when after all the talk of how amazing the proposal was, she says, "The best part is that I get to spend the rest of my life with Lee." That's a sign of a truly wonderful relationship!
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