How Was THIS Movie In The Netflix Spotlight? (Secret Obsession Review)

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I'm reviewing Secret Obsession starring Brenda Song.
...Please bring me back to the Suite Life.
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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 6 781
Brooke Trotter
Brooke Trotter 29 minutos atrás
The tattoo scene was my favourite nonsensical part of this movie.
IzzyMarrie 2 horas atrás
That beginning is also painful because why not drive to an actual police station? Or uh, toll booth manned by a person? Or, I dunno, just find a way to drive erratically (maybe not too fast, but just, enough to grab a cop's attention). Pulling over to use a payphone when you're in imminent danger? LOL
jimmy shark
jimmy shark 3 horas atrás
The worst movie i´ve watched..... ^^
Desiree Almaraz
Desiree Almaraz 4 horas atrás
Not everyone reacts the same way to different situations.. Brenda's character (Jen) clearly was blindsided and thought she could trust Russell at first. Why? because of his warm and welcoming presence he had at first and also cause she thought he was quite attractive. So, she fell for him and trusted him and didn't once questioned it till later on. Which then made her realize how manipulative he really is. She didn't trust her gut.. People react/deal to situations differently. It's easy to point people faults out first.
Desiree Almaraz
Desiree Almaraz 4 horas atrás
Oh! it also showed the backstory of Russell and his obsession with Jen when she was with her actually husband.. He probably had this all planned out from awhile back. Due to the fact that he was jealous of them together. All this built up anger and jealousy resulted him in doing this.. I was confused in some parts as well to the point where I chose to do more research about the story, the characters, and the scenes as well. I agree they could've done so much better..
Desiree Almaraz
Desiree Almaraz 5 horas atrás
Btw... if you re-watch the clips she does ask Russell about the internet. He then claims that he will get her a new phone however, it doesn't make a difference because the connection is cut off..
Desiree Almaraz
Desiree Almaraz 5 horas atrás
The photoshopping skills nearly cracked me up too
Desiree Almaraz
Desiree Almaraz 5 horas atrás
Thank god I wasn't the only one who was confused about that "Concerned Party" guy.. Towards the end of the movie I was thinking so.. who was he after all?.
3xcallen 8 horas atrás
Thanks that was hysterical!!! Now do Kidnapping Stella please. Lol
A Person
A Person 9 horas atrás
19:40 I don’t know why but I lost it at this part!!
Amy Trevaskis
Amy Trevaskis 10 horas atrás
I mean it wasn't a good movie but it was like a cross between a 90's thriller and a lifetime movie that I found very mcdonalds
The Sauce
The Sauce 10 horas atrás
The All State guy? Nah, I'll always remember him as President Palmer from 24!
Kokfesk 12 horas atrás
You got ballhair on your chin.
Player One
Player One 13 horas atrás
No one here has seen the Matrix, ey ;)
Armando Lopez Jr.
Armando Lopez Jr. 13 horas atrás
So, let's not sleep on the greatest segway to a sponsorship ever put on BRvid 😂👏👏
Draconis The Wyvern
Draconis The Wyvern 14 horas atrás
I think you're being a little unfair with the amnesia thing.
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa 14 horas atrás
It seems that the creator's didn't really care much for it 😔
Brianna Collins
Brianna Collins 17 horas atrás
But how did you feel about Jennifer as a character?
Lynxs 18 horas atrás
i love you *forever* today
Fresh Spence
Fresh Spence 20 horas atrás
Are we gonna talk about how that handgun sounded like a 12G shotgun in an echoed small room. Lmao
Atlas Always Wins
19:32 subscribing for this.
Ulvis Dia atrás
plot twist movie is bad
Jimin's Jawline
Jimin's Jawline Dia atrás
Watching her fall down the stairs gives me flashbacks to the Wii bowling vine
Jimin's Jawline
Jimin's Jawline Dia atrás
That’s my favorite Mountain Dew commercial
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Dia atrás
When you said that you wanted to see him violent and enraged, I wanted to see him calm and violent. As he would be far more intimidating if he caused harm and never broke composure.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill 21 hora atrás
@TheKpa11 Sounds about right and honestly it world be more terrifying if he acted like drugs from Misery. I was more thinking of how actual psychopaths act under stress or when caught in a lie, they double down an never seem stressed unless you push them to their absolute breaking point. If this guy acted that way as is deluded to the point where harm was justified by the idea keeping her would be a bit better and explain his motivation. But in the end he was just poorly written like everyone else. What we are talking about is a fleshed out character that seems to think which none of them really are/do.
TheKpa11 22 horas atrás
Granted, his acting makes him sleazy regardless so it doesn't work either way. But if I had a choice I guess I would have him be the way you described more and THAN his breaking point had him being violent. Granted I think I'm just describing Steven King's Book/movie "Misery" right?
TrappedGamer Dia atrás
When he said he was just an hour in I felt that.
Alex V
Alex V Dia atrás
"all state should be with the almighty" LMAOOOO
siyabonga junior
siyabonga junior Dia atrás
That asian chick is so hot😭
Awkward Athena
Awkward Athena Dia atrás
This is just a small nitpick: He had been holding her captive before the hospital for an undisclosed amount of time and had been obsessed with her/stalking her for years so it’s plausible for him to have made his little scrapbook. It’s a stupid movie but it’s the type of stupid that you watch just to turn your brain off; it’s a bad movie that doesn’t make sense but at least it helped my insomnia.
NiNi Monae
NiNi Monae Dia atrás
😂😂 omg this video was amazing
storms fan
storms fan Dia atrás
Can we appreciate how the girl has makeup on after every horrible event
Rn Spurgn
Rn Spurgn Dia atrás
Some retards in my class were talking about this movie and how “amazing” and “scary” it was. Like my gosh damn left ass cheek you aborted chromosomes.
Matt Long
Matt Long Dia atrás
He was the All-State guy, and He was President Palmer before that. Unfortunately, I think he was assassinated because people didn't trust Jack Bauer when he didn't have enough time to explain.
Curley Q Reviews
Curley Q Reviews Dia atrás
I just figured out how they could have changed the man in the leather jacket. Change the opening kill girl to someone else and have them be killed by the man in the leather jacket. He'll be off in the woods and he sees the husband run over Jennifer and speed off. Ambulance comes and its the perfect distraction to leave but he can't because the ambulance is blocking the way. He doesn't want to be seen so he goes a little ways so he can get to the car from behind. Leather jacket sees the car and the husband in his car waiting to follow tge ambulance out of sight. Leather jacket man gets to his car and follows the ambulance to the hospital too. Buys flowers at the gift shop and sees this man claim to be her husband. The man is rushes back and leather jacket man comes to the desk and asks about Jennifer so he won't look suspicious, leaves a note in the flowers saying "I know what you did" with the intention to blackmail him. Then show him wondering the grounds looking for more evidence until he is caught.
Matthew Wahl
Matthew Wahl Dia atrás
The payphone receiver wasnt even plugged in LOL
a20000211 2 dias atrás
Did i mention i hate Jennifer as a character too??
a20000211 2 dias atrás
"Let me make this very clear: Fuck you movie!" LOOOOOL
BAD ROBOT 2 dias atrás
Bro, can you PLEASE review Deviant Love???
xKDxx 2 dias atrás
Brenda is an amazing actor but damn this movie is a Trainwreck
johnny quest
johnny quest 2 dias atrás
A Terror In The Woods is better than this
Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
Dr. A.I. Kryptanical 2 dias atrás
If I hear one more ad for shadow-legends i'm gonna code an algorithm to blur it and mute it everytime it comes onto a BRvid video that i'm watching!
ohstevoh 2 dias atrás
Legit. I feel like if we knew each other, we would be good friends. Shit even after typing this out it feels creepy. Well making a connection with your audience is the whole point so.... good job?
Blitz Gundam
Blitz Gundam 2 dias atrás
i found your review more entertaining than the actual movie! Hahahah
Corpus Crispy
Corpus Crispy 2 dias atrás
is that the girl from zack and cody?
JJ Stuart on Writing
JJ Stuart on Writing 2 dias atrás
The movie was shit and my wife kicked me out of the room because I was ruining the movie for her.
I Am Leese
I Am Leese 2 dias atrás
"look at these cute ass hands" im weaaaaak
Tame Naz
Tame Naz 2 dias atrás
Netflix Spotlights are actually bad. Infact all of netflix movies are bad.
Let's Daze
Let's Daze 2 dias atrás
Marco Ibarra
Marco Ibarra 2 dias atrás
I'm stopping the video at 7:00. I've never seen this movie but I can already tell the whole story ...
whimsydearest 2 dias atrás
Was this entire movie one big, long All State commercial?
Sweet T
Sweet T 2 dias atrás
Lol it does look like a mountain dew commercial! I'm dead😂☠
Hope Goldberg
Hope Goldberg 2 dias atrás
@mista GG its not monetized anymore oof
Revolver Snake
Revolver Snake 3 dias atrás
A great movie twist is in the godfather 2, i guess it's more like a reveal but still that was done so fucking well
Kylemag113 3 dias atrás
What’s the name of the song playing at 6:36
Blood Market
Blood Market 3 dias atrás
Omg they should of started with just her waking in the room withthe amnesia. The stalker could of been a really good close past friend before the incident (so he has believable pictures and possible story), that became more creepy as time went on that purposely causes the accident to make her loose her memory and pretend to be her fiance. She wants to believe him, but throughout the movie she gets the increasing feeling that something isnt right. He will always be with her 24/7, that creepy tough guy could of been a truck driver that was accidentally involved with the car crash came to visit her to apologize as much as he can and becomes close to her because he feels guilty and thinks its all his fault, the crazy fake stalker offs the truck driver out of jealousy, and the pictures the fake shares becomes progressively more eeire
TheDollFairy 3 dias atrás
Watching this review made up for having to sit through that awful movie!
see you space cowboy
see you space cowboy 3 dias atrás
bro did they really just make a bad rip off of that song from sicario for the dude's 'villain theme' .... 7:43 we love originality 😩
F J 3 dias atrás
Anyone out here?? Hello??
Vero Pag
Vero Pag 4 dias atrás
when she ran to the phone, she left her car door open.. why was it shut when she ran back?
Hannah 4 dias atrás
Never mind the fact he did all this KNOWING she would have very convenient selective amnesia that would make his plan easy to employ. Guy's a clairvoyant.
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