How to write a satire

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Learn how to write a satire. Topics include the difference between irony and sarcasm, ways to know when an author is being ironic, as well as what is and isn't appropriate subject matter for satire.
I'm a public high school teacher near Seattle. I welcome comments and suggestions.
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31 Jul 2011



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Comentários 68
Janet Reed
Janet Reed 8 dias atrás
This isn't funny
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 9 dias atrás
This is really good, I feel like I actually understand what your trying to teach us here. Nicely explained
mistersato411 5 dias atrás
Glad to hear that!
Suraya Abdalla
Suraya Abdalla 2 meses atrás
We have to a satire headline or cartoon on our topics in English and mine is Anne Frank and I have no idea what to do.
Emma Fielder
Emma Fielder 6 meses atrás
can someone do it for me
Gabriel Martz
Gabriel Martz 7 meses atrás
Gavs anyone?
jelly.rollish 7 meses atrás
i gotta write a 20 page satire story in cursive due tomorrow. thanks
Dark Sev.
Dark Sev. 8 meses atrás
ali philbert
ali philbert 8 meses atrás
literally doing my essay for ap lang due in four hours on the last example because i died laugh at the way he said why experience life with all the bumps and inconviences when you can PRETEND to live life on your new techno gadget ? 😂😭
BODO BODO 10 meses atrás
One of the best materials on you tube on this subject, clean, straight forward and on point.
Revolution Insignia
Revolution Insignia 10 meses atrás
Satire is so difficult because it requires a few brain cells extra than the current status quo
Trans in The Wait
Trans in The Wait Anos atrás
I can't use satire on my principal? Sorry, but that is one rule I can't follow.
Moist Knees
Moist Knees Anos atrás
Thank you for making this, literally has helped me more than my teacher ever has.
Trevguy Anos atrás
anyone else find this video on their own and not because they need it for school
pBen Anos atrás
all youtube employees need to watch this
Kishalay Sinha
Kishalay Sinha Anos atrás
I am infinitely grateful to incomparable BRvid. - G
Beckham Anos atrás
I do this 24/7 😂 My mom: “Yo you should do chores more” Me: “Ok” Also me: “Chores are great cause you know you won’t do them” 😂🖕🏻
pop2art Anos atrás
*cough* I love South Park
Jake Milad
Jake Milad Anos atrás
ANYONE ELSE HERE FROM MS CAMPBELLS CLASS LOL XD!!!!!!! like if you can relate.
pop2art Anos atrás
This is #relatable if I do have to say so myself
22Chris Alvarez
22Chris Alvarez Anos atrás
haha!! love this video especially the TV example. I hope all teachers could make learning this fun and motivating. Thank you for this :)
chris beyer
chris beyer Anos atrás
Isn’t irony to expect one thing but to be met with the opposite result?
chris beyer
chris beyer Anos atrás
mistersato411 Oh! I get it. Thanks for helping me understand
mistersato411 Anos atrás
That's situational irony. Here, I'm talking about verbal irony. I talk in a bit more detail about irony in my figurative language vid.
Kishalay Sinha
Kishalay Sinha Anos atrás
Adam = Krishna / Ram / Hari / Ishwar/ Allah / Bhagawan hippies NL (Michaelangelo/Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus Christ, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon, Napoleon Hill etc.) and PF (Leonardo da Vinci/Michaelangelo, Peter, Tolstoy, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander, "Isaac Asimov" etc.) = sons of Adam/Krishna WF = John = CLONE of Adam/Krishna (There are many good clones and evil clones of the above.) Satan = f. Amit. Bach. K.S. = God Kishalay Sinha [G]
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell Anos atrás
What the hell?
urusmomus gayus
urusmomus gayus Anos atrás
Nice video, but it didnt tell me how to write satire
Rahul Gomes
Rahul Gomes Anos atrás
my high school English teachers love you
mistersato411 Anos atrás
It's not them, it's me.
mistersato411 Anos atrás
Please tell them I'd just like to be friends.
halavana1 2 anos atrás
really liking the reaction of my students when they hear someone else saying pretty much the same things I do.
Potater Tots
Potater Tots 2 anos atrás
anyone else doing this for ap lang
Edwin Cedillo
Edwin Cedillo 2 meses atrás
Bruh I’m doing this in CP
kh 3 meses atrás
fuck ap lang, all my homies hate ap lang 😡
ali philbert
ali philbert 8 meses atrás
Giselle PenA
Giselle PenA 2 anos atrás
Potater Tots me 😭😭
Lesson K
Lesson K 2 anos atrás
Thank you! Thanks to you, I think I can finish my homework in no time. Thanks
Cynical Trash
Cynical Trash 3 anos atrás
Most of my humor is satire but a lot of people don't seem to notice, is there a way I can improve delivery without watering down my content?
Jesse Dilport
Jesse Dilport 3 anos atrás
That's pretty good!
Calvin Brad
Calvin Brad 4 anos atrás
Why did dillon the hacker liked this?
Stan 3 anos atrás
im sorry to say this but dillon the hacker's videos is satire and this video made him the satire god
DvD_ TheGenkiKat
DvD_ TheGenkiKat 4 anos atrás
DvD_ TheGenkiKat
DvD_ TheGenkiKat 4 anos atrás
for the same reason he has fake teeth
jiraiya night
jiraiya night 4 anos atrás
im here because of him too
AdventuresnTyland 4 anos atrás
I have a few piece on my channel, by a character I made Phony Montana titled "I got errthang" feel free to check it out
InTheNameOfJustice 4 anos atrás
The BBC denied today that the reason they fired Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the world famous Top Gear car show program, is because he refused to sexually abuse children. A spokesperson for the BBC said in a statement, "The BBC has a vast array of sexual abusers working for them. The idea that we would need any more to join the ranks of our talented paedophiles is, ludicrous." Tony and Julie Wadsworth, the latest BBC employees to be charged over abusing little boys, said that Clarkson did not have what it takes to be a BBC child abuser. "Frankly, said Ms Wadsworth, allegedly, Clarkson failed to attend any of the courses on child abusing at the BBC and refused to read any of the guidelines authored by the late Jimmy Saville. It is clear that he never was child abuser material and the BBC would never consider him to be in our league. The allegations that he was sacked for something he was unqualified to do are ridiculous. In any case, he is not as gay as James May and that means young boys would be safe around him. To suggest otherwise would be homophobic.” 195 words.
Shining Gaming
Shining Gaming 4 anos atrás
So this is why Dillon the Hacker became a satire
Shining Gaming
Shining Gaming 4 anos atrás
Anyway good presentation video ;)
Michael Chambers
Michael Chambers 4 anos atrás
I showed this to my English 12 class following our reading of Ogden Nash's poem "Will Consider Situation".
Tanner Thomas
Tanner Thomas 4 anos atrás
I added this to one of my cherished playlists. :) Thanks
Vandini Sharma
Vandini Sharma 4 anos atrás
YOU ARE A BRILLIANT TEACHER SIR! Thank you so much. Half an hour of surfing online didn't get me as much as this video did.
Emi Garo
Emi Garo Anos atrás
I see what you did there
CAUTION ! Anos atrás
@Oriental Adventurer calm down, the comment is 2 years old, so don't expect a reply or anything
PheonixWolf 4 anos atrás
I have to write a satire for my English class, and have been struggling to get started. This video helped immensely!
Meme Bump
Meme Bump 4 anos atrás
I think Adult Swims Black Dynamite is satirical.
Rob Moore
Rob Moore 5 anos atrás
lights are on in room; girl friend asks if all the power is on, on the main switch board, I say; ' no dear, of course not, I mean who needs electricity for the lights to be on that you see, it must surely be god who's bought light to our bulbs because he wants to save us money on our energy bills'. Girlfriend; 'so they aren't on then?' - sarcasm is present here, as well as a dumb girlfriend.
Zack Augustus
Zack Augustus 4 anos atrás
+Rob Moore when answering a question it seems a bit ruder
Rob Moore
Rob Moore 5 anos atrás
if a boy is driving his dad down the motor way (highway for usa) and he undercuts a car, then his dad yells at him to not under-cut because it's illegal and he could get a police ticket and 3 points on his license, then the next day his dad is driving down the motor way and he's pissed off with the guy in front on the fast lane driving like a snail then looks back for cops, don't see a cop then undertakes the snail driver but gets pulled by a cop in an unmarked police car, then has to explain to his wife that he got a ticket and 3 points on his license for 'under taking' and the son walks in the room and hears this then says to his dad; 'practice what you preach dad, now who's the kid behind the wheel?'. That is an ironic and funny yet predictable scenario in a comedy sketch.
Chip Rockefeller
Chip Rockefeller 5 anos atrás
"...or a handicapped classmate" LOL
Cynical Trash
Cynical Trash 3 anos atrás
Chip Rockefeller Make a satire about people making satire about a handicapped classmate.
Social Elitist
Social Elitist 5 anos atrás
a satire of the Harry Potter fanbase :P
Matt Life
Matt Life 5 anos atrás
Satire example: The warhawk Americans and their Japanese puppets continue to spread lies about the glorious DPRK after their humiliating defeat in the great Fatherland Liberation War! The DPRK, under the leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un has been able to support itself with trade between all of the great socialist nations of the world including the USSR and PRC! Even under the constant rain of slander and lies by imperialist America, the DPRK shall continue to grow and prosper under the ideals of Juche laid forth by Eternal President Kim Il Sung and expanded upon by Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un!
isabella gregory
isabella gregory 5 anos atrás
I love this! Thanks so much, really helped me out!!!! :) :) Thanks Mr. Sato
Kung Blao
Kung Blao 6 anos atrás
This is brilliant
Madeleine Howard-Frank
My teacher should have shone this to his class.
PheonixWolf 4 anos atrás
I get what you're trying to say.
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 5 anos atrás
@mistersato411 Sounds like somebody's teacher didn't do their job.
mistersato411 5 anos atrás
@Dion Beals "Should've have?"
DJ 5 anos atrás
He should've have also "shone" you how to spell "shown"
Kancho 6 anos atrás
I disagree with his distinctions between irony and sarcasm. Irony has to be unintentional and/or unfortunate. Whether describing something that is not true but should be, or saying something that *you* should not say - is ironic. For example, passing a law that infringes on gay rights, only to discover that your son is gay - that is irony. Paris Hilton arguing for higher inheritance tax without realizing it will hurt her personally - that is delicious irony. "Poetic justice" also fits that category.
kh 3 meses atrás
HumbleKami there’s a thing called “perception”, you should look into it
Joan Campbell Luley
Joan Campbell Luley 2 anos atrás
Thank you for making that clarificatinon. This is exactly what I was thinking.
Kancho 4 anos atrás
@mistersato411 OOhhh ! Very nice. Thx
mistersato411 4 anos atrás
+Kancho There are at least 3 kinds of irony: verbal (the one I'm talking about), situational (the one you're talking about), and dramatic (where you know something the characters don't -- like Romeo thinking Juliet is dead).
Richard Dybowski
Richard Dybowski 4 anos atrás
+Kancho - Irony is like the truck that decided to break the height limit last year in Mamaroneck, New York, and crashed into a bridge, on the side of his truck the slogan was "On the road to success, there are no shortcuts". That is Irony
Mimi Rogers
Mimi Rogers 6 anos atrás
Very helpful! Thank you!
Reeree Zwolak
Reeree Zwolak 7 anos atrás
Lil wayne steals everything doesn't he ;-;
Hakeem Ali
Hakeem Ali 7 anos atrás
Thank you, very informative
Undyingsquirrel 7 anos atrás
I don't know why, but this reminded me of a meme of annoying Facebook girl
Naomi Lesley
Naomi Lesley 7 anos atrás
Satire is the hardest comedy genre ..
davidofchinkov41 7 anos atrás
You should be introduced to British satire more - 3- So dark, yet hilarious
No Wife Happy Life
No Wife Happy Life 7 anos atrás
This was good. It's a good starting off point for those trying to get a grasp on what constitutes satire. Now I can move on to more in depth sources.
Sludgehammerz 7 anos atrás
Alisa Mckinney
Alisa Mckinney 7 anos atrás
I was having trouble grasping the idea about a satire. I searched at the library, read all of my teachers handouts, but nothing seemed to work! I finally found your video, thanks for posting it. The video cleared up several blank spots I had about writing a satire. I think I finally have a grasp on what I need to do!!
Raymond van Zyl
Raymond van Zyl 8 anos atrás
1 person does'nt have a keyboard
cronknews 8 anos atrás
I'm overjoyed to find this! Many of our aspiring writers could use your video to better understand the delicate art of ridicule. My unhelpful editorial suggestions of "You're being too nice" or "You're being too mean" are nothing compared to this succinct how-to. MisterSato411, I tip my hat. ~Leah Wescott
The Magician's OUT
The Magician's OUT 8 anos atrás
Hi, there. Wonderful video!! Is it at all possible to get a copy emailed to me for my classroom? My students are studying satrical works right now, and their final project is to create their own satire. Please let me know when you have time. Thanks so much, Angela
Jacqui Carroll
Jacqui Carroll 8 anos atrás
GREAT job! Your video has helped me so much in the development of MY FIRST (fake) UNIT PLAN ever! I am still a student, so hopefully I will be able to use it one day.
Rafaelia Handoko
Rafaelia Handoko 8 anos atrás
thank you! that's really help. You're better than my teacher! She makes me more confuse to understand about satire.
stargirlsusan 8 anos atrás
mistersato411@ well, the essay is not written in satire form, it's pretty conventional, and I added a little humour at the end which I am a bit scared to keep because it changes the whole tone of the essay. Is it a good idea to mix this two things? And if so, how would one introduce the humour and not let the reader confused.
mistersato411 8 anos atrás
@stargirlsusan Check with your teacher, but in a literary essay, many teachers like one or two sentences at the end that explore how your essay's main ideas can be relevant in the real world. This can sometimes be more personal in tone than the rest. In a satire, on the other hand, you can be pretty colorful in every line.
mistersato411 8 anos atrás
@stargirlsusan Check with your teacher, but it depends on what you mean by color. Because of the use of humor, irony and sarcasm, every line of a satire should be pretty colorful, not just the conclusion.
stargirlsusan 8 anos atrás
I want to know if it's a bad idea to write a sentence or two a the end of a serious essay just to add some color? Plz help
TheRayvon4 8 anos atrás
mariabug115 8 anos atrás
Thanks so much for making this video. I have a satire due in a few days and this really helped a lot.
OmniScythe56 8 anos atrás
this video was so helpful thank you!!!
Jlongtors0 8 anos atrás
Sir, your video keeps stopping at 1:07 .
S M Mês atrás
Jlongtors0 that’s ur internet
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