How To Make Proper Croissants Completely By Hand

Joshua Weissman
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This Croissant recipe is about as minimal equipment as you can get in a recipe. It's a no machine, as well as a no knead recipe. All it requires is some focus, and a little bit of patience. Oh, and a rolling pin helps too. Then you end up with beautifully flakey and buttery croissants that have a glossy crispy exterior, and a soft and rich inside. Nothing beats homemade.

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5 Nov 2018



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Comentários 7 759
new move
new move 22 horas atrás
Great job!! They came out so cute😊🥐❤️
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante Dia atrás
That thumbnail kinda sus ngl
publius ovidius
publius ovidius Dia atrás
Disappointed there was no clear shot of the cross-section of the baked croissant to see if you achieved the open alveolar honeycomb crumb. That shows how successful the lamination was.
Anet Cornelisse
Anet Cornelisse 2 dias atrás
How many grams of butter did he use
Gina Bisaillon
Gina Bisaillon 2 dias atrás
Why the egg yolk?
Vivian Kang
Vivian Kang 3 dias atrás
Just wondering, does the dough has to be in the fridge overnight? Is it possible to use it the same day? Thanks a lot!
True Sighted
True Sighted 3 dias atrás
How many croissants can one person eat? Finally a challenge I would love to undertake, in order to find out. In the interests of science of course. Lol😋
Jane Ormrod
Jane Ormrod 3 dias atrás
These turned out very well, despite the fact that (due to my error and the high fat content of the Turkish butter that I used) they were rather malformed. The taste was perfect! I don't know why North American bakeries are not willing to do this. I would quite happily leave the labour to someone else. However, I am glad that I've learned how to do it. Next time, I will use European butter,. Apparently, I cannot get croissants like this in my neighborhood unless I make them myself.
MrWildHam 3 dias atrás
This is a different josh than I’ve been watching
Kathryn Oliver
Kathryn Oliver 4 dias atrás
Can confirm this recipe is great 👌 but honestly I keep coming back for the comments 😂
Nkangi Akram Ssaava kulumba
Dia what went wrong mine turned up like bread
Mourad Shemais
Mourad Shemais 5 dias atrás
I had a dream about croissants
J 5 dias atrás
holy shit. my life may be changed by the wax paper trick wow
mocha bear
mocha bear 7 dias atrás
I like the voice over style here much more than the recent ones.
Mister Win
Mister Win 8 dias atrás
PROTIP: Do NOT go out and buy a kitchen scale... The one you use for your weed IS a kitchen scale, just use that 😁👍 But clean it off before you cook... and after
Spoiled Sushi
Spoiled Sushi 8 dias atrás
Came here for your face, stayed for the croissant instructions, subscribed when I realized I was indulging in croissants AND Nujabes.
Jessica Belda
Jessica Belda 9 dias atrás
No wonder they taste so good, that’s a lot of effort!
John Peacock
John Peacock 10 dias atrás
why does no one ever use dark muscavado sugar instead of ghastly white sugar?
asiful haque
asiful haque 12 dias atrás
Kye Tay
Kye Tay 14 dias atrás
So much work!!! Croissants are so worth it now that i’ve watched this video 😂 i won’t complaint of the price anymore!
maria lamprou
maria lamprou 14 dias atrás
How many degrees have to be the butter?
Calix Caleb Yap
Calix Caleb Yap 15 dias atrás
Havoksdeadly 16 dias atrás
Hear me out 🤤 y’all see that thumbnail????
yuritard 16 dias atrás
Oui oui baguette
Sharon Roberts
Sharon Roberts 17 dias atrás
I totally expected a shot of the croissant to be cut in half to see the honeycomb crumb. There was no b-roll at all in the end. I suppose this is the only recipe that didn't turn out like he wanted.
Kaya Di Maria
Kaya Di Maria 17 dias atrás
Avery Digeraas
Avery Digeraas 17 dias atrás
I have set a dough, and we will see tomorrow how it all will come together. At 10:33 will the dough be ready for the butter. Wish me luck!
Niklas Herberger
Niklas Herberger 18 dias atrás
Josephine Koh
Josephine Koh 18 dias atrás
May I know how much instant yeast to use if I don’t hv active dry yeast!l ? Thank u.
Martyn S
Martyn S 18 dias atrás
I enjoyed the video very much; I'm even inspired to take a week off work and make some. Just a little irritated that Joshua didn't learn how to say the word, 'Croissant' properly before saying it about 40 times so that is sounded like Chris Ant. Sounded more like a Walt Disney Movie Character than a French word for Crescent! (Or I might just buy some of those frozen ones from the local shop!)
Sumi’s Cooking Passion
Wow too much perfectly u said I want to prepare croissant for my channel thanks😊😊☺️☺️
Maryam AlBalochi
Maryam AlBalochi 19 dias atrás
How many croissants one can eat ... he has only 6 ... come
L'ours floral
L'ours floral 19 dias atrás
Nearly the entire video is about making a Pâte feuilletée. It's the type of dough with many layers, this the long part but you cut the "fridge time" a lot, the difference at the end is little. Much respect for you precision Joshua !
Norman Rass
Norman Rass 20 dias atrás
Joshua your recepi is so yum i buy and try like you say And your is more yummy and so easy thank you!!
Hannah 21 dia atrás
i could easily eat 6 croissants in one sitting
K F 21 dia atrás
6 is definitely not enough. I have a whole carton of costco croissants and came here because I'm going to need more than this carton. 😂
MadamBaterflaj 21 dia atrás
Dear Joshua, Everything went fine except for the dough that didn't proof enough, despite it standing outside before baking for almost 3 hours. What's the catch? Should I have proofed the dough after the initial kneading, BEFORE putting it to the fridge? Another question: after the dough spends the entire night in the fridge, and let's say I'm at work the whole day tomorrow... what do I do? Do I let it stay in the fridge the entire day until I refold the dough in the evening? Was that maybe the cause of my flat dough in the end? I went with the 3-day recipe btw. Otherwise, the taste and lamination were great, but the texture was just too soggy and greasy in the end because the butter had leaked out. I'd love to have another go, but I'd appreciate if you have some definite no-no's for me that I missed in your video. Tnx.
Kit bonga
Kit bonga 21 dia atrás
I just can't believe how much energy and chaos is in future Papa compared to past Papa 🤣😂. That or this recipe is not for the faint of heart
Markus401 22 dias atrás
It's so nice to see a calm and professional Joshua Weissman. I like this Video so much and the recipe is just perfect.
kat g
kat g 22 dias atrás
"how many croissants can one person eat?" Don't test me. I can gobble all those up.HAHAHAHAHA
pinche pendejo
pinche pendejo 22 dias atrás
damn that thumbnail boutta make me act up 😩😩
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes 22 dias atrás
I Just don't get it. you took something so simple and complicate it. Really 3 days is bull shit. 24 hours Is all you need. Make the Dough, let it rest chilled for 24 hours. Add butter and incase in dough, it just needs to be rolled and folded correctly 3 times to get the correct layers needed. Then Cut into the classic triangle shape. Roll into a Croissant and baked. Its not that Hard Joshua
Jacek Woda
Jacek Woda 22 dias atrás
There should be no yeast in croisants....
Travis Garcia
Travis Garcia 23 dias atrás
This shit takes way too long to make, just buy it from a baker.
Huyền Đỗ
Huyền Đỗ 23 dias atrás
can i know butter's brand you use?
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres 24 dias atrás
Give me enough cheese and ham and I can smash all them puppies in one sitting.
Thømas Pr.
Thømas Pr. 25 dias atrás
I am making this right now, just put it in the fridge after folding it. So far so good to be honest. I'll be updating how it turned out! 🥐 Ps: They're done , unfortunately mine didn't rise well , need to figure out why , but they're very very delicious! Failure is not an option!
Shahenda Mousa
Shahenda Mousa 25 dias atrás
After 100years croissant is ready
valeria espinoza
valeria espinoza 25 dias atrás
I made this yesterday!!! Just bake them few minutes ago. They resulted absolutely beautiful, crunchy, flaky, sooo delicious!! Thank you sooo much for the recipe. I’m a home baker and never would imagine that I’d make my very own croissants! It’s incredible! I’m so happy! I already made a bunch of your bread recipes and always get great results but I was afraid of making croissants. That’s why I’m so trilled with the result. You are a great teacher! Thanks thanks thanks!! I’m sending you a big hug from Lima, Perú. I’m such a fan! ♥️ (sorry if my English isn’t perfect😬)
Jessica Landi
Jessica Landi 25 dias atrás
If the croissants are even half as good as the witty comments on this thread, they're going to be awesome - when I get around to making them.
sarna.official 25 dias atrás
I love the fact that 90% of butters here (Germany) have 80 and more % of
O Oglethorpe
O Oglethorpe 25 dias atrás
This tutorial mixed with a Viennoiserie recipe have really unlocked an excellent product. Thank you so much for the hacks
Marfle Bark
Marfle Bark 26 dias atrás
can someone post the recipe in U.S. Imperial?
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 27 dias atrás
“How many croissants can one person eat?” Blasphemy!! The answer is an infinite amount.
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 27 dias atrás
Me: I want to make croissants 🥐 Video: origami dough and butter Me: 😑
Jaymi 27 dias atrás
I wish you showed off the final product more
Antonio Moratiu
Antonio Moratiu 27 dias atrás
Hurry up with my damn croissants
M Dąbrowski
M Dąbrowski 28 dias atrás
It's really not the best idea at 11 pm. Greetings from the kitchen, I'm done with today's night 🙃
Louise Claire Gutierrez
Can I use instant dry yeast?
squarepusher13z 29 dias atrás
How to make crossiants - go to a bakery and buy some made with economy of scale is ok ng industrial equipment.
Chris Riehl
Chris Riehl Mês atrás
6. The answer is one person can eat 6
Dhara Trivedi
Dhara Trivedi Mês atrás
Hi there!! I liked your crosso recipe it’s amazing,I also want to know if I want to make these crosso with whole wheat flour what is the process for that??can u please share??
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali Mês atrás
Why this video has no B roll 🥲
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali Mês atrás
Why this video has no B roll 🥲
Kevin Kirk
Kevin Kirk Mês atrás
Joshuaaaa almost 5M
Judeth Fenton
Judeth Fenton Mês atrás
If using instant yeast do I have to bloom it first or is it essential for the recipe to succeed to use active yeast?
nomadpiloting Mês atrás
seriously? all this effort and i pay 26c from my local baker for a croissant? talk about non profitable AT ALL
Alexander Heubel
Alexander Heubel Mês atrás
27 layers is a bit dishonest. You count layers by how many layers of butter there are after the folds. This is only 12 layers
Alexander Heubel
Alexander Heubel Mês atrás
First turn is actually what you call the fold after the lock in. But since you didn’t fold it during the lock in, the first turn refers to the second series of folds
The Shadow
The Shadow Mês atrás
write the grammars please
Feggz Mês atrás
This dude’s cooking with a ruler, crazy how much effort this is
Håkon Caspari
Håkon Caspari Mês atrás
Dough envelope and not Doughm :( The dad joke that got away
sumsen0013 Mês atrás
It’s probably easier to learn French haha definitely gonna try this for Christmas
maxx1991 Mês atrás
The Croissants don't come from France but Croatia
Popeye Mês atrás
croissan"t" "T" is silent MY GOD!!! Don't say it :)
Kaya Di Maria
Kaya Di Maria 17 dias atrás
The hard r makes me feel weird after living in Quebec for 2 years
meddle man
meddle man Mês atrás
your hair is so fuckin hot
roblox masse spill og greier
One direction:)
Wtf didn’t see the finish product.. 😑
Dakota P
Dakota P Mês atrás
Can see why the actual incorporating dough part by hand was edited out. Not knead for ten minutes. Funny
adolfoiam Mês atrás
You didn’t opened them asshole
adolfoiam Mês atrás
Jk ily. But next time open them!
Al C
Al C Mês atrás
I will never complain about the price of croissants again
Zoel Amp
Zoel Amp Mês atrás
There's no way I'm gonna do this lmao
Zeena Gupta
Zeena Gupta Mês atrás
I loved those wax paper tricks/techniques.♥️
No Mês atrás
is it 78 degrees celsius or farenheit for the proofing after you cut them and roll them out? I've never seen a modern oven go under 150 degrees F so I'm rly confused on this part. even my conventional ovens don't go below 200 degrees F so I just stuck the hoes outside to proof bc it's a 78 degree day. lmao.
No 17 dias atrás
oh i forgot to come back for an update...leaving it outside in 78 degree weather worked. 😂😂 they came out great texture-wise but far too eggy for me after two separate egg washes so next time I'm going to just try it once. love the recipe though!
N J Mês atrás
Isaac C
Isaac C Mês atrás
130 grams of water WHATT how
Nick Shadow
Nick Shadow Mês atrás
I have handled a lot of dough in my day. Anyone who thinks this is easy, is kidding themselves. All of his cautions are critical, couple of wrong moves and, well you have a mess.
akhilah s
akhilah s Mês atrás
Made it and it was perfect 😊thank u
Sigilfredo Galeano
Sigilfredo Galeano Mês atrás
I love the comments 🤣
K Ju
K Ju Mês atrás
Aggrrrrr 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Is this possible with plain gluten free flour?
Ani Millsi
Ani Millsi Mês atrás
No B-roll? Whaaaaaaat???
Pete Nathan
Pete Nathan Mês atrás
Are you Canadian Sir?
REVIL_ AMV Mês atrás
Josh without beard seems like not josh if that makes sense 😅
tyler mccarthy
tyler mccarthy Mês atrás
If you guys want to see this get more complicated go watch Alex french guy cooking (I think his channel is just called Alex now) and watch his croissant series.
samah fatima
samah fatima Mês atrás
Why didn’t he show the end result? 🤦‍♀️
Waheeda Rauff
Waheeda Rauff Mês atrás
HELP! I made the dough, added the butter slab. Problem is the butter didn't incorporate into the dough, its like hard pieces of butter still very visible, is there still hope or should I throw it out ?
artist Mês atrás
327 layers
aulia hammidah
aulia hammidah Mês atrás
Does anyone know why my dough grow so big when i rest them??? Like its not that solid like Joshua’s😔😔
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