How To Make a Zombie Shark In a Swimming pool Diorama / Polymer Clay / Epoxy resin

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I made a zombie shark in a pool Diorama

I hope you guys enjoy!

Tools: Polymer clay, Epoxy Resin, UV Resin

Thanks for watching!

I hope see you next video!

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22 Abr 2021



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Tirta tob
Tirta tob 57 segundos atrás
bhavani ram
bhavani ram 2 horas atrás
To all the people who put the thumbs down….. what more do you want. Does this not speak for itself?
bhavani ram
bhavani ram 2 horas atrás
What are you???!!!!!. You are brilliant and God has blessed you to the max. Wish you all the luck in the planet!!!!
Daniel Reis
Daniel Reis 4 horas atrás
yoga Adi Saputra
yoga Adi Saputra 4 horas atrás
Roger Rivas
Roger Rivas 5 horas atrás
Where can I press buy one?
quicksilver8122 7 horas atrás
i love this even though sharks don't have ribs. but i still want it.
Kaesar Rurien Obed
Kaesar Rurien Obed 50 minutos atrás
HAHAHA you're right, lets just see it as its gill arch
Bruno Micael
Bruno Micael 8 horas atrás
Rapep :D
Rapep :D 11 horas atrás
I give 10000/10
TRO LLER 13 horas atrás
Fan fact i watch this with 240p resulotion And the resolution of this video its like 480p
Ykepex 13 horas atrás
Is so fucking beautiful!. But a simply observation, Sharks don't have bones!
joe gaming
joe gaming 14 horas atrás
Are you an architect or this is just a hobby?
*NAPY OMPAY* 15 horas atrás
please, make monster clown fish✌
المهدي المنتظر
Keep going❤😲
Dominick Timothy Calzadilla
Si yo hago eso duro como 5 años xd
Giuseppe Mauceri
Giuseppe Mauceri 20 horas atrás
Much relaxing #5:23
らむねゲームズ 21 hora atrás
Dorceshter 21 hora atrás
idk why, this cinematic make me sleepy
TALENTMAN 22 horas atrás
Ah. Pranto
Ah. Pranto 23 horas atrás
Just incredible 👍
Rovic Bancud
Rovic Bancud 23 horas atrás
I bet you're a shark lover
Zobia Abid
Zobia Abid Dia atrás
Bro are you a member of Illuminati?
Elías Mcfly
Elías Mcfly Dia atrás
Alguien sabe cómo se llama eso que representa al agua en el tanque ?
Mczilla Dia atrás
what kind of tape did you use on the outside of the acrylic panels
Ayana Maaghop
Ayana Maaghop Dia atrás
I think the shark is rotting in the pool.... I kinda feel bad for the shark like bruh🦈🏝
Sam L Edmunds
Sam L Edmunds Dia atrás
dude you're friking amazing
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Dia atrás
Love the the designing out of clay instead of 3D printing. So much detail and by hand. Amazing work! Major kudos.
Ryad Kadiri Taai
Ryad Kadiri Taai Dia atrás
hungry shark vibes
หมoตูo Lwsาะสูตslฮีe
Quy Le
Quy Le Dia atrás
Breno Uchôa
Breno Uchôa Dia atrás
Cê tá louco.. muito impressionante.. parabéns 👏👏👏
Shannon Cairns
Shannon Cairns Dia atrás
I appreciate your eye for detail & pursuit of perfection , sweet stuff man !
Her Lis
Her Lis Dia atrás
Woww. Give to me pls 😂
Stevie Steve
Stevie Steve 2 dias atrás
Those detail look like i real zombie shark
김현상 2 dias atrás
멋지다 ~
Nearfox yt thewolf prime
Cómo se llama el líquido que parece el agua y se endurese alguien sabe
Ethan Cox
Ethan Cox 2 dias atrás
You are so good at this!
Víctor Contreras
Víctor Contreras 2 dias atrás
Amazing, congratulations!!!
Sam D. Smith
Sam D. Smith 2 dias atrás
Me at 8:32: Why haven't I liked this yet?
Fazar RR TV
Fazar RR TV 2 dias atrás
Anjay duit semua ini channel
ÂN Nguyễn
ÂN Nguyễn 2 dias atrás
It's cool
Mr. X
Mr. X 2 dias atrás
Um artista nato👍👍👍
Saiful Idham
Saiful Idham 2 dias atrás
It's realy nice I love it so much🤩🤩
С М 2 dias atrás
Прикольно получилось , но есть одна проблема . Акулы хрящевые рыбы . Это значит что у них не такой же скелет как у других рыб
xKIMI :)
xKIMI :) 3 dias atrás
Hiu Zombie
Anime is the best
Anime is the best 3 dias atrás
I think you should have made the inside of the pool like the walls more beat up because like it is a shark with chains the background should have been more beat up
Илья Тепляков
Сделай пожалуйста акулу у которой есть способность льда
Ahmad Shamiyy
Ahmad Shamiyy 3 dias atrás
Amazing bro...i Like bro🍌
Bob Smudger
Bob Smudger 3 dias atrás
This is outstanding! Have a sub 👍
Ber DDH 3 dias atrás
What do you pour to make water? give me the name of the product please
Duy nguyễn
Duy nguyễn 3 dias atrás
Ubaidillah Faqih
Ubaidillah Faqih 3 dias atrás
Doctor Of The Odd
Doctor Of The Odd 5 dias atrás
The amount of DETAIL this man puts into these creations is truly incredible.
Chelsea Waight
Chelsea Waight 5 dias atrás
Nice work keep it up 👍
Doni Spider
Doni Spider 5 dias atrás
Hi there! Just passing by, here are ZOMBIE SHARK stickers for you! Amazing video! Thanks for the space!
Cotorrango Castillo
Cotorrango Castillo 6 dias atrás
Love videos
Pingulol 12321
Pingulol 12321 6 dias atrás
Sharks with bones:
chadra kala devdaen
chadra kala devdaen 6 dias atrás
Zombie megalodon
Michelle Brito I Sacadas do Canva para Produtores
Qual nome da massa que usa? DUREPOX ?
Amber DeYuliis
Amber DeYuliis 8 dias atrás
I dunno why but I can see the zombie shark pool being owned by like someone who caused or benefited from a zombie apocalypse
Riean Amper
Riean Amper 8 dias atrás
Amazing keep up the great work
Настя Жукова
Amazing! 👏
Emmuz alvez
Emmuz alvez 8 dias atrás
Muy chingón diseño y todo pero hay que saber un poco de biología o investigar la fisiológica del tiburón ya que no tienen costillas
THE LOST s 10 dias atrás
Very nicw
Layla Creven
Layla Creven 10 dias atrás
Oh that’s look really amazing! ❤️
Landon Roberts
Landon Roberts 11 dias atrás
So cool
Landon Roberts
Landon Roberts 11 dias atrás
How do you make that stuff
Karina Mesias
Karina Mesias 11 dias atrás
Timothy McHugh
Timothy McHugh 11 dias atrás
I have always wondered, “How can I make a Zombie Shark Tank?” Now I know and can die a fulfilled man. All joking aside, nice work!
Роман !
Роман ! 12 dias atrás
send to me something ))
Black Ovni Works
Black Ovni Works 12 dias atrás
Amazing textures. Great job! Check us out if you can.. :)
Leon Lungu
Leon Lungu 13 dias atrás
Блин прикольная штука 🌀
Neil Lord Snooty Haw Haw
Drift 215
Drift 215 14 dias atrás
Do you sell these
Alejandro Cortes
Alejandro Cortes 15 dias atrás
Viva el porno!!!!!
CaptainRufus 15 dias atrás
Absolutely amazing.
Zac Johnston
Zac Johnston 16 dias atrás
Ap Ph
Ap Ph 16 dias atrás
Kang somay
Kang somay 16 dias atrás
Take a look at the link below. This link shares decorations or miniatures
Skarlet Rose
Skarlet Rose 17 dias atrás
Could you do mermaid?
sam spence
sam spence 17 dias atrás
Id be willing to pay at least $150 for that
Davyion Chaney
Davyion Chaney 17 dias atrás
Where can you buy it ?
r3dem10n 17 dias atrás
Someone’s been fired from Disney 😂
Trần Hoàng Minh
Trần Hoàng Minh 17 dias atrás
please give me shopee link. uae, i really want to buy this product.
xGolden x Viper
xGolden x Viper 17 dias atrás
I wish I had this level of skill its looks so sick
Nv pandaaa06
Nv pandaaa06 18 dias atrás
Gilaaa, ini sih keren banget parah👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️😍😭
AnnaK 18 dias atrás
Every bit of this piece is incredible! Definitely my favorite so far!!! 👍
drmaddi09 18 dias atrás
Hey mate, you probably already know but someone is plagiarizing your work.
Mateo posligua
Mateo posligua 19 dias atrás
Como lo ase
Mateo posligua
Mateo posligua 19 dias atrás
Como se
山陽 19 dias atrás
BangShall Bungsu
BangShall Bungsu 20 dias atrás
So cooollll
Nhung Tuyet
Nhung Tuyet 20 dias atrás
Imagine when u fall in there U :This doesnt seen nature
aurora marquez
aurora marquez 21 dia atrás
Me podrías regalar la piscina y con la lámpara y el tivuron
minu bora
minu bora 21 dia atrás
Please make a venom
Roy von Third
Roy von Third 21 dia atrás
Is this even legal?
fabian jimenez
fabian jimenez 22 dias atrás
Cono se yama el material
Erwin It's Hand Fu*k
Erwin It's Hand Fu*k 22 dias atrás
Epic 👍😻👍 I Like This Zombie Shark 🦈 a 2015 Movie 😄👍 American 🇺🇸
De Doni
De Doni 22 dias atrás
I see shark from Man Eater here😁
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