How to Install Top Hats on a Mathews Bow
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In this video, we change out top hats on a TRX-38 in order to achieve proper arrow flight.


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6 Jan 2019



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Comentários 6
Oldmate Huntsalot
Oldmate Huntsalot 2 meses atrás
Would you do the same with a right hand bow and those right tears?
Daniel Crowe
Daniel Crowe 3 meses atrás
Thanks for this video! It's a godsend 3 meses atrás
Daniel Crowe glad it helped you. Check out that new app that we came out with also. The Bow Shop Bible. Has a ton of great info in it.
jayonez 13
jayonez 13 Anos atrás
OK guys! So the number one question for me is, would be why would you have to do this? Wouldn’t this just come from Mathews factory With this already done. I shoot a Mathews Triax right now And it shoots perfect bullet holes (after fine tuning) Without messing with the top hats. I’ve been shooting archery and bow hunting for many years. I’ve never heard of this nor have I ever had a problem Paper tuning. I’m so confused
jayonez 13
jayonez 13 Anos atrás Thanks buddy Anos atrás
You can set the string/power stroke to work perfect with your arrows dynamic spine. Unless you build your arrows with a cut and trim method, you may have to mess with the top hats. You can have 3 different kinds of arrows and have to kinds shoot perfect holes but the third requires a different top hat setup. This is just really changing the lateral nock travel or demand on the arrow. Also, not every archer torques the bow the exact same so the top hats can be a great option to dial in a poor shooting arrow. The physics behind why this is needed is pretty damn deep but we will attempt to explain it with illustrations in the near future.
Paul Evans
Paul Evans Anos atrás
Wouldn't it be easier to just move your arrow rest Anos atrás
That’s a great question. The engineers recommend moving the rest as a last resort. The bows are designed to push the arrow through the recommended center shot of the bow (in this case 13/16th off the riser). In the case of the top hats, you should be able to get it really close; a perfect or almost a perfect bareshaft bullet hole. THEN, you can fine tune with a slight left/right adjustment of the rest. Most higher end bow techs don’t like to go more than 1/16” off the recommended centershot. That being said, I’ve worked on bows in which there weren’t any options left on the table and it was either change the dynamic spine of the arrow or move the arrow rest drastically. Depending on the situation, you have to do what you have to do. Hope this helped.
curalaba Anos atrás
Did you change topmast on both cams? Anos atrás
TooLucky406 Anos atrás
So are those top hats sold separately?....I was inform you could swap the original top hats around. This leads to a follow up, how do you know the right combination for size of top hats? Great video by the way!
PRIMAL ARCHERY 11 meses atrás
never any top hats over .75
Seth Niebaum
Seth Niebaum Anos atrás
@Michael J. Rovnyak you need a tophat kit if you already have the smaller tophat on the left side of the cam and you're getting a left tear.
Michael J. Rovnyak
Michael J. Rovnyak Anos atrás
I have a right hand Triax. Getting a left tear. It has the smaller spacer on the left and larger on the right both top and bottom. Not the real thin and wide ones you showed. Moved rest to the right but does not seam to help. Should I swap top hats?
TooLucky406 Anos atrás Make senses! Appreciate the detail info. Your videos by far are the best on BRvid! Anos atrás
The top hats are sold in a top hat kit. They have bands around them in 3 places: top, middle, and bottom. Those bands make a pair. if the bands are in the middle of the top hat shaft, one will have one ring and its counterpart will have two bands. This goes for the top hats that have the bands at the top and bottom of the shaft as well. When you take any pair and press the "shim" part of the top hat together and measure the total thickness, all pairs (3) will end up with the same total thickness. By giving you 3 pairs, Mathews allows you to finely move that cam from extreme left to extreme right in the smallest of increments. As far as your original statement.. yes you can exchange your original top hats to opposite sides and move the cams a bit. If that doesn't quite do it though, you may need the other ones offered in the kit. Lancaster sells the kit by the way. Good luck and as always, thanks for subscribing.
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