How to grow cucumbers to produce a lot of fruit in soil Bags at home

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Cucumber is very good for the body, it reduces fat, provides antioxidants, prevents cancer, beautifies the skin...
Cucumber is a food that every family needs.
In the video I show you how to grow cucumbers with seeds in soil bags, suitable for small gardens that do not have much space.
Cucumbers grow very well in the sunny season, after 1 month of growth, cucumbers have started to bear fruit.
I use wire to weave them into a trellis so that the cucumbers are on top to grow. You should sow seeds in pots for seedlings to grow, after 1 week, put them in soil bags.
When cucumbers are 20 days old, you remove the flowers on the 6th branch or less, and trim the branches for better growth. You can pollinate cucumbers by hand to make them produce more fruit.
How to grow this is very simple at home, you should try to grow it.
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DIY Garden Ideas
What do you think of this growing method ?
Idéias Marcantes
Que ideia incrível, parabéns o resultado é maravilhoso, obrigada por compartilhar a técnica!
Claire Chapin
You could stagger the plantings for a longer growing season. Love this idea. Great way to grow for disabled or small spaces. Planting vertically is great.
Ilka maria Mello
Que ideia incrível! Parabéns
Narration 101
You show big effort in the vedio, thank for the vedio
Sandra Maria
Perfeito! Gratidão pelo altruísmo, pelos ensinamentos e pelo respeito demonstrado pelo lindo e abnegado Reino Vegetal! Namastê!
Sônia Aparecida Da Silveira Santos
Estou fazendo também, muito bom, gratidão.
samuel kassaye
This video was beyond helpful and informative with each step by step and I'm really excited to start growing these at home. Thank you so much .
Dilma Santana
Me emociono quando vejo pessoas inspiradas e com tanto amor a natureza .,que fazem da acricultura uma arte é um respeito a vida .
Marcia Ferreira
Angela Elmore
As a nurse I think the IV lines as drip tubing is genius and a great way you recycle ♻️.
Anna Pedrosa
Simplesmente maravilhoso ❣️
The Vagabond Witch in the Woods
This works very well for larger seeds such as these. When trying to germinate really small seeds on paper towels, those minuscule root hairs get terribly tangled in the paper fibers and you’ll end up ripping them out. Echinacea is about the smallest seed I’ve hd luck with on paper.
Sybil Defense
Awesome video. Why did you remove the 6th row leaves and flowers on day 30, vs removing the 4th row on day 25 (for example). Did you want the primary stem to mature so it would be thick enough to support the secondary shoots (so those cucumbers have enough food/water to grow to proper size)?
Sammantha Avilez
What climate /zone are you growing this in? I'm curious if it'll be that fast in my zone 9a or 9b
I'm def gonna try this method. Everything seems simple enough to plant, thanks for the video
Isabelle Le fort
J' adore votre façon de travailler avec des idées simples et pratiques. Vous êtes un genie!
Jamal Hassan
Beautiful! The part about removing flowers (and leaves?) above the 6th branch is not clear. Could you post a clear answer here? What should we do? Remove flowers? flowers and leaves? Cut the plant off above the 6th branch?
John Kruk
Simple & easy steps to follow for the novice gardeners thank you for sharing I love your presentation
Hortensia Molina
Muchas gracias. La dedicación y buena técnica es importante. Este año no me dieron mucho los míos.pense que sería por falta de agua.
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