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Comentários 80
Felix Guitar
Felix Guitar 10 dias atrás
I’m only 12 and I already want to go there
D O D I 10 dias atrás
How much does Berklee cost?
ErinCM TheMC
ErinCM TheMC 28 dias atrás
5:30 to see a nifty drawing of a tooth extraction. That's how much it's going to hurt when you don't get accepted.
Olaedo Handel
Olaedo Handel Mês atrás
I enjoyed watching this. Bravo
jjin Mês atrás
I don't play any instruments I make beats can I still go or is this school even for me
David DiPietro
David DiPietro Mês atrás
I had a very very different experience. There were two guys that were there. The guy that was the main judge played piano rather than the guitar which made it very different imo. They were not as warm and welcoming as other experiences I have read about including this video. They even stopped halfway through my prepared piece (Lenny by SRV) for some reason. I didn’t even get to complete it, very strange, they did compliment that it was very good and that I played it well though. The one judge even said “Oh that’s a great tune!” When they asked what piece I had prepared. I did play it perfectly mind you and they definitely gave me positive feedback with most aspects except sight reading. The sight reading I totally bombed however I was able to identify the notes as I know how to read music. Even played some of the chords that were on the paper. Was able to play all of the 7 chords just fine. They asked how I learned Lenny and told them the main motif was taught by my teacher , but leaned the rest by ear which is the truth. Very very different experience. The improv went very well and they told me I was able to adapt to the random key changes well etc. During ear training the guy played phrases on the piano and I had to play them back, couldn’t get every note 100% and was then asked if I could sing them which I was able to do perfectly. The whole audition seemed very very rushed and almost as if the musicians were bothering them being there. This might have been because I auditioned in Philly as I don’t live close to Boston. If I don’t get accepted I will try again in Boston no doubt. I in no way expected this to be easy by any means whatsoever but from what I’ve gathered from other people I had a very different experience. They complimented my influences and said it was cool to see a guitarist mention Eddie hazel as they’ve never heard a guitarist mention his name. Also said I had a very good passionate bluesy sound/style and that the whole ear training thing can definitely be developed and taught to me no problem so I don’t know what to make of the whole thing. The interview was amazing and definitely felt like more of a conversation than interrogation, very nice experience. They also had a fender frontman as an amp which was strange because I play through a SF super reverb but that was no problem to play through. Have heard of people having the option of a few different amps that are close to what they own.
Mitch Kahle
Mitch Kahle Mês atrás
Pay the fee.
ZomBeats Mês atrás
This was very helpful and encouraging, thank you. I'm auditioning this Saturday on Alto Saxophone as my main instrument and Piano as secondary. It's exciting but also nerve wracking. Wish me luck!
Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple 2 meses atrás
Would you say I would have to be good at playing complicated chords (example: 13th chords or maj7#11) with tricky rhythm as a guitarist? (I still have time to improve my skills with complex chords but just wondering )
Jojo V. Jordet
Jojo V. Jordet 2 meses atrás
Im twelve years old and i already think about going to Berklee
mark shustove
mark shustove 2 meses atrás
it makes me so happy to hear this information i was so scared that it would be a requirement for me to actually have high grades to get in. thank god other musicians can be sympathetic for applicants
charron 2 meses atrás
160K for perfecting an instrument??? No, Thank you.
Bharath R Pandalam
Bharath R Pandalam 3 meses atrás
Metal_323 3 meses atrás
I am so much worse than any1 else in my GCSE music class and it destroys my small ego I feel wont fit in a music school
mamonpret 4 meses atrás
I want it
Dizzy Gamers
Dizzy Gamers 4 meses atrás
If you're the best one in your class it means that you're in the wrong class
Tito Castaneda
Tito Castaneda 5 meses atrás
Usually guys don’t have good handwriting and I’m one of those guys who don’t, but his handwriting is really nice thanks for the information by the way.
Wilson From Castaway
Wilson From Castaway 5 meses atrás
This was the final kick I needed to decide I want to go to Berklee
JAM Guitars
JAM Guitars 5 meses atrás
I played The Clap by Yes for my prepared piece.
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 5 meses atrás
Wait so I can bomb my SAt and get in??? He’ll yeah I have a good GPA so hopefully that helps
Jeffrey 5 meses atrás
It would be interesting to see a list of famous guitarists or singer/ songwriter guitarists that graduated from Berklee. Not just attended, but graduated.
David DiPietro
David DiPietro 5 meses atrás
I plan on attending next fall semester, thank you so much for this video. Been watching your videos for awhile as well, fantastic teacher. This really put things in perspective for me and gave me a major confidence boost, thank you again sir.
Swany 2 meses atrás
Me as well, my decision should be posted tonight at midnight and I’m so nervous
TomoFujitaMusic 5 meses atrás
You have been working very hard!! I am so proud of YOU!!
K Y L E 5 meses atrás
Well, guess my entire high school career is about to be about music, because that is the only thing that really makes me happy. I just got to figure out what I’m going to do with the knowledge I learn.
Karrington Hill
Karrington Hill 6 meses atrás
Man how do I pay for this.That’s the ONLY problem I have. My commitment and love for drumming is there and will never be questionable, it’s just THE PAY
Apam Merlo
Apam Merlo 6 meses atrás
is it possible to just do a professional music diploma? I don't want a degree.
Kemi 7 meses atrás
What about drummers? How would the audition be like for drummers?
Moises Ventura
Moises Ventura 8 meses atrás
I graduated nursing school a year ago. In high school I felt such a tug gravitating towards music, but due to many reasons, I chose nursing. After years of trying to fit elsewhere, being afraid, I have come to the conclusion that above all else, taking care of myself needs to be priority. While I am still on that journey, I have fallen in love once again with music, and I have felt the same tug towards going to Berklee. I think it may take a couple years, but I want to try. Discouraged but never dictated.
Chris L
Chris L 9 meses atrás
Very cool vid Tyler! Wish they had it like they do now back when I came up thru the ranks through the 70's...I ended up going the Bass route as there were so many guitarists out there...I had a good friend tell me, "you ought to switch to bass, you'd be working ALL the time!" Man am I glad I listened!!! I loved guitar, but fell head over heels for the bass! Anyway, thanks much for your vids!
Troy D Arsewhooper
Troy D Arsewhooper 9 meses atrás
What would Berklee teach that couldnt just be found in most books? Especially in regards to theory composition.
Nguyen Ba Tan
Nguyen Ba Tan 9 meses atrás
How about auditioning as a pianist rather than a guitarist
Tyler Vande Mark
Tyler Vande Mark 9 meses atrás
So it’s ok if I failed high school? I think my gpa is like 1.5
Doobie Doo
Doobie Doo 9 meses atrás
Well I'm too shit at guitar
Sm Tv
Sm Tv 10 meses atrás
I really need and like to get in but am in Tanzania how can I get chance to study music in that college
ワカマンWAKAMAN 10 meses atrás
Attention all guitarists Choose Smoke on the Water for your audition piece
SiRobin 4 meses atrás
no shit bro thanks
Tushar Jhawar
Tushar Jhawar 10 meses atrás
this guy tries so hard to be cool,but he's not
Emi Lürig
Emi Lürig 10 meses atrás
Emi Lürig
Emi Lürig 10 meses atrás
Dope switches
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 11 meses atrás
Alright this was a great video. I have a challenge for you though. I own a saxophone. I would love to learn jazz. Please help.
Bruno Cunha
Bruno Cunha 11 meses atrás
Thanks for the video! Could someone tell me how much does it cost per year to study there?
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
you suck ass at guitar lol. waste of fucking money. lol I’m dying
Switchfam girl
Switchfam girl Anos atrás
Is there still an auditioning process for people who want to study music business..?
דוד מרדכי שלזינגר
I luvvvv geetar and I want to dideceta me live to it Maybe I should improve my spelling skills first
Terran Hill
Terran Hill Anos atrás
So I’m 15 and I just started playing guitar and piano and I would like to pursue music in anyway possible. I’m not the best at piano or guitar but I’m falling in love with both of them and I want to further my music education. I just need any types of tips you all can give me. Anything that you can give me tips about will help. Thanks.
Martin Vivekananda
Martin Vivekananda Anos atrás
Which "course" did you get into? I saw different ones on the website like Music Business, Songwriting, Music Production etc so this audition/ear training/prepared piece audition applies to which course? Which one did you do?
Vivek Aranke
Vivek Aranke Anos atrás
Why such institutes are not in india😭😭
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez Anos atrás
Dude you Litteraly made me have hope when you said well if you stayed to the end of the course 😭
Sam Downing
Sam Downing Anos atrás
what if you want to go for rhythm guitar? or song writing? is it all the same audition?
Maurice Roberts
Maurice Roberts Anos atrás
How do you feel about Berklee Online versus actually attending the college? I currently do voice over work as a freelancer but have had a love of music for basically as long as I've been alive. My dream is to open a multi-faceted studio that involves voice over work, as well as mixing & mastering, etc. Do you think that the online courses for music production will provide a good foundation for that?
Noah Gathers
Noah Gathers Anos atrás
What should I put as my supplemental material
Nicolás Moreno
Nicolás Moreno Anos atrás
5.55 - 5:58 sounds like a rap hahaha
Kaye Chan
Kaye Chan Anos atrás
I wanna compose?
Jonas Page
Jonas Page Anos atrás
You should make a video on how to pay those fucking fees.
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee Anos atrás
Loved. Good tips.
dasha chess
dasha chess Anos atrás
I want to get cert in guitar at Berklee.. but idk what kind of job it would get me? I want to master my favorite instrument.. Your main instrument is guitar, what was your dream job on the matter?
GuitarGodSam 69
GuitarGodSam 69 Anos atrás
Hey I’m in high school and this shit is whack. If I’m fucking up pretty bad grade wise I can still get into Berkeley music college right?
Miss B
Miss B Anos atrás
The video cuts are very distracting
The Traveller
The Traveller Anos atrás
Bro you just motivated the hell out of me... Thanks for the great video man...
Salomé SC
Salomé SC Anos atrás
Even tho I'm not a guitarist, I think it's very great to hear the thoughts of someone who has already been there and has like a more objective point of view about it. Thanks;)
Swift Runner
Swift Runner Anos atrás
What should be the difficulty of the piece u are preparing for?
Aditya Bisht
Aditya Bisht Anos atrás
Do they teach Djent?
Ryan T. Faison
Ryan T. Faison Anos atrás
Aditya Bisht yea I’m going there rn and I’m a diner guitarist here ;)
guitar guy
guitar guy Anos atrás
Im not even in highschool yet but i really want to go to that college
Layman MUSIC
Layman MUSIC Anos atrás
How many times you've tried to get into berklee
blank pallet2
blank pallet2 Anos atrás
your a very naive person when I went to music college very kid in my class was pretty wealthy or had great jobs or some type of funding and they didnt have to worry about anything thats why they practiced all day and jammed at clubs at night , tat was my experience and none of them cared if they ever made money from music because they didnt have to
Isabah Films
Isabah Films Anos atrás
What about for music production? How is the auditioning system?
Swrjilo Daimary Dords
does this college provide
Blazingtank 220
Blazingtank 220 9 meses atrás
Eric N
Eric N Anos atrás
Welp I hope I get in next year , self taught myself to play moonlight sonata on the piano
I want to go there Soo bad
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng Anos atrás
Berklee is good but it's sooooooooo expensive. You should keep your options open
Jayden Hammer
Jayden Hammer Anos atrás
Didn't get accepted for the September 2018 semester (absolutely CHOKED during the live audition), trying again for January 2019 semester:) This video helps a lot, thank you.
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng Anos atrás
Hey it's OK!! I got in but since it's too expensive for me I've decided not to go. Check out other schools too.
toys104 Anos atrás
I failed 3 of my classes this year (junior year), due to health reasons. Can I still get in? Do they care about grades?
Mike L
Mike L Anos atrás
messi lionel
messi lionel Anos atrás
hey how can I apply from india...?
Daniel San
Daniel San Anos atrás
I just wanted to know how good must you be to get into it. In matter of actually playing
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng Anos atrás
I got into Berklee a few weeks ago! But I've decided not to go because it was too EXPENSIVE!!
Andrea Valencia
Andrea Valencia Anos atrás
Hey everyone! Thanks for posting the video! Is there a certain GPA requirement needed to go to Berkeley? Let me know please!
1000instruments Girl
1000instruments Girl 2 anos atrás
Hey, congrats on your video! Question number one: what about the audition online for you people overseas? Question number two: what can I do to get a scholarship? Thanks!!!
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng 2 anos atrás
I got accepted a few days ago!!! So thrilled
IM³ Institut für Musik-Multimedia-Marketing
I do love your videos and appreciate every information in it. And there´s a lot of it!
Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House
We win or learn never lose! Not something I believe you can graduate from!
Paras Mento
Paras Mento 2 anos atrás
I made it to the end because I was drinking a raspberry-banana smoothie, not cause I want to waste my life playing guitar. So you guessed wrong..
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