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Hey guys! Today I decided to film how I do my acrylic nails/fake nails at home under $30, you'll be shocked at how easy and affordable this is, so it's perfect for beginners! Hope you enjoy!
SNAPCHAT: @tutorialsbytina
Acrylic Nails: (Coffin Shape)
Nail Clipper:
Nail Glue:
OPI White Nail Polish:
Nail Polish Top Coat:

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6 Dez 2017



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Tina Halada
Tina Halada 2 anos atrás
🗣🗣I changed the title after hundreds of comments saying that these aren't acrylic (which I'm aware of). This video was requested by my supporters who asked how I do them after mentioning in a previous video that I do my nails at home. This is how I do them and they look like acrylics, feel like acrylics, and last as long as acrylics. Why go the extra mile and do the acrylic version with powder just for the sake of it being authentic when you can do it the easier and faster way? Also keep in mind, for the everyday person, this requires much less technique and money than getting acrylics done at the salon where mine cost around $100 and take 2 hours in my city. :)
Jay's Corner
Jay's Corner Mês atrás
@Xx rossaa xX you shower..the only nails I've had come off in the shower were press-ons 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Jay's Corner
Jay's Corner Mês atrás
@onion time lol relatable😂 I'm 10 and I get normal adult size nails to glue on my natural nail all the time but some are a bit big and also it may just be because I have fat fingers🤧😂
Jay's Corner
Jay's Corner Mês atrás
@Melissa Jarosak can you spell?
Jay's Corner
Jay's Corner Mês atrás
@ghosteneul can y' She said in HER city..NOT WHERE YALL LIVE!!
Louise qdggffSundermeyer
Louise qdggffSundermeyer 20 horas atrás
Hi I am watching this FY
Martina Spangenberg
Martina Spangenberg 3 dias atrás
“Not with a lot of makeuupp” GURL HOW U SO PRETTY
R R 3 dias atrás
Tried this have all different brands including this one and the same issue. It just won’t stay glued! I tried all different glues and I got so tired of trying that I have tons of nails stashed in a box somewhere. Just gave up.
Anusha Gurung
Anusha Gurung 4 dias atrás
How much is the cost
Liseth Ramos
Liseth Ramos 5 dias atrás
And im only 9 years old
Christine Martin
Christine Martin 10 dias atrás
Good job
Queen bee
Queen bee 12 dias atrás
Your a bitch
Xoxo art
Xoxo art 13 dias atrás
Ai think I’m gonna bite them to much
Mayo Johnson
Mayo Johnson 13 dias atrás
Can you do my nails for me
Kashaf Fatmah Umar Asif
how much money
It’s Roblox Adventures
I had the same nails just today
Yashaswi Rathor
Yashaswi Rathor 14 dias atrás
2020 ?
Mariel이에요나 16 dias atrás
how to prep nails please
AS technical Bhaijaan
AS technical Bhaijaan 16 dias atrás
Video started on 2:10
ky pa
ky pa 17 dias atrás
Omg i have the same ones and mine are white omg i love it
Adama Bangura
Adama Bangura 19 dias atrás
Walking too much
XBugahLovahX 21 dia atrás
Where do I buy the bags with the nails in?
Mohammed Farooq
Mohammed Farooq 22 dias atrás
Ashleyyy Lopez
Ashleyyy Lopez 24 dias atrás
Anyone here 2020??
COAT BOY 25 dias atrás
Where can I buy that ? Someone plz tellllllll meeee
D Moore
D Moore 27 dias atrás
As a guy, I think the nails look perfect and I appreciate all the time and effort you ladies take in trying to improve the beauty that you already have.
Eneva NailArtist
Eneva NailArtist 29 dias atrás
I am sorry to say that but not all the products we use are not safe to use at home especially when you are not a nail technician and you have no idea what are the things you use ! The glue for example is toxic !
X X 15 dias atrás
Eneva NailArtist It id nail glue made for nails..
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 29 dias atrás
I love DIY❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️
Drongn Dreams
Drongn Dreams Mês atrás
Lies it is 35$ to 60$
Amelielady Mês atrás
this is not acrylic nails. you're doing it all wrong
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez Mês atrás
Were you crying? Your eyes look sad... 😔
Anne Gleason
Anne Gleason Mês atrás
How do you do anything with those nails?
wat Mês atrás
I mean once you use long nails you’ll get used to it
Natural Breezy18
Natural Breezy18 Mês atrás
I Love How Extra You Are With This Girl!! 😂😭😭 They Look Amazing!
Briella Sublett
Briella Sublett Mês atrás
Catch that she said eBay
RAE RAE Mês atrás
I luv the white .... Looks good 👍
charlotte hammond
charlotte hammond Mês atrás
They aitn acrylics
Isabela Aguilar
Isabela Aguilar Mês atrás
Thank you Tina for making this video, I just ordered my nails yesterday since I finished waterpolo season and I can finally do my nails again!!!
Ari S
Ari S Mês atrás
In my opinion I really don’t think you need makeup at all
Alexandra Rodriguez
your voice annoys me
Al Yous
Al Yous Mês atrás
how do you fill in the nails
Dude 777777
Dude 777777 Mês atrás
you only have one earring in
mm hey
mm hey Mês atrás
How ling does it last before it starts chipping off
Julia Peric
Julia Peric Mês atrás
Ordered my nails plus the nail clipper and they will come today. I'm so excited. Love this Video❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nastassja Kowalski
Nastassja Kowalski Mês atrás
I bought those nail tips and that glue, my nails look amazing but my 2 middle fingernails did pop off super quick but I just glued them back on. I will post an update if anyone wants to know
Gardenia E.
Gardenia E. Mês atrás
Please update 😫🙏🙏💓
April Mês atrás
How long did they last you
tanishka from YouTube
Too talkative
gaRfdoEsforniTe Mês atrás
That’s ur barely any makeup?? Oh god I don’t want to see her in a lot of makeup
seema books hji
seema books hji Mês atrás
this is cute iat iam going to try my best to do my nails. your the best
Piper Rockelle
Piper Rockelle Mês atrás
I know how to i dont have the money to go tothe dollar store and buy it
Katy _21
Katy _21 Mês atrás
babygirl is zooted lmao
Crystal’s Corner
Crystal’s Corner Mês atrás
Video starts at 1:49
Bramble Watt xx
Bramble Watt xx Mês atrás
i love this video! 🤩
Michelle Cornejo
Michelle Cornejo Mês atrás
hey girl nice job!
Eneva NailArtist
Eneva NailArtist Mês atrás
You shouldn't do nails at home when you don't know and you don't have the education! The things we use are toxic in many ways !
Eneva NailArtist
Eneva NailArtist Mês atrás
Especially the glue !!!!
Top Comment
Top Comment Mês atrás
That bit where it sticks out is where the holder was pulled off 😂
Nicolle Morales
Nicolle Morales Mês atrás
Those are stupid
Ileana Matheu
Ileana Matheu Mês atrás
I would suggest this because the nails are super thin and could brake easily
Shimona Gefferie
Shimona Gefferie Mês atrás
You sucks 😐
Nicole Mês atrás
ur rlly pretty
Carrie Morgan
Carrie Morgan Mês atrás
Try a base gel instead of glue and you’ll have them in for weeks!🎉🎉
Brittney Jackson
Brittney Jackson Mês atrás
What would you do if they are to long to you? Wouldn't this mess the nails up you buy trying to cut them?
Sahara Bueno
Sahara Bueno Mês atrás
Noor Abubaker
Noor Abubaker Mês atrás
Its really helpfull thx
brisa and friends
brisa and friends Mês atrás
did she say she was gonna use makeup remover to remove the white polish off her cuticles. 😭
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