How to Build a Foam Cosplay Helmet! (For Honor game)

Adam Savage’s Tested
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For his E3 costume builds, Frank worked with foam fabricator Evil Ted Smith to make three awesome cosplay helmets. Ted joins us this week to show how he turns sheets of cheap floor foam into shapely sci-fi and fantasy helms. It's not too difficult!
Find more of Evil Ted's work here!
Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks
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Simone Giertz
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13 Jul 2016



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Comentários 80
Adam Savage’s Tested
Find more of Evil Ted's work here!
Cornal Baker
Cornal Baker 8 meses atrás
@Andrew Long harbor freight sell it
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson Anos atrás
Website is down
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Anos atrás
Wheres the best place to bye foam
Carter Adams
Carter Adams 18 dias atrás
where are the templates
25hz's manager
25hz's manager 20 dias atrás
Thing is he didn't really explain how to make the model on the head (Sketch of the helmet on paper)
Yami Garam
Yami Garam 22 dias atrás
Can you please please kill monger black panther mask
the only kotal fan in existence
I only have cardboard and seven kilos of paper glue So yeah I'm just not going to try this
Aspen Animations
Aspen Animations 27 dias atrás
Imagine using this to make cayde-6's face I need to save this for when I'm older and can do this
chipotle games
chipotle games Mês atrás
i personally think that Regrettable Props on youtube's template is way easier and free. plus he has a lot more great templates, all for free
Liz Villegas
Liz Villegas Mês atrás
I'm attempting a helmet for the first time, glad I found this video. :D I love how encouraging Mr. Smith is and how the presenter asked such specific questions.
Splash Designworks
Splash Designworks Mês atrás
it would be helpful to put all the items he used in links or details below. barge cement? barrs cement? heat gun? what kind? where to get? etc.
ulises herrera
ulises herrera 2 meses atrás
I would give my left pinkie to just learn everything from these guys.
rarr_im_a_dinosour _grrr
Is that a voltron LD helmet?!? Edit: nope its not
Sypro Films GH
Sypro Films GH 2 meses atrás 👉🏽Hello Family Warcraft Hammer TUTORIAL is Ready on BRvid pls watch... Subscribe... Like... Comments and Share for more update🤝🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🙏🏼Thank you
Dino 2 meses atrás
I bought the patterns and they didn't line up and wouldn't match up at the seams, I could've been doing something wrong but I had to edit the edges a lot in order for the seams to match up.
Emilio X
Emilio X 3 meses atrás
Hello! I’m looking for some foam for my punch sensor metal plate i need some foam cushion to avoid injury the arm when punching it. Could you give me any suggestions of what types of foam I should experiment with? I was thinking to use some high density foam as the inner layer and some softer foam as outer layer would really appreciate any suggestions or tips. Thanks.
Nathchelle_06 3 meses atrás
What glue you use?
Jefferson Pineda
Jefferson Pineda 3 meses atrás
alguna persona que me regale las plantillas jeje
Bore: The Dark World
Bore: The Dark World 3 meses atrás
Nerve gear
Nick Burdick
Nick Burdick 4 meses atrás
What density and thickness foam was he using?
e1tv films
e1tv films 4 meses atrás
Can't Believe I Barely Discovered This Channel, I Love What You Guys Do! Thanks For All The Great Tips!! Somebody Like Me Really Appreciates The Advice You Gather! Keep'Em Coming
Chad Gautreau
Chad Gautreau 5 meses atrás
What if you don't have a heat gun?
dhclark76 6 meses atrás
Frank... you asked exactly all the questions I would be asking if I were there...which means I get to learn all the information that is usually lacking in other videos. That makes this video so much more useful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
dj jarvis gamer
dj jarvis gamer 6 meses atrás
What was the glue called
ORION PAX 6 meses atrás
What size sheet of paper did you use? I must know please
Александр Листратов
Очень познавательный канал.
iicustoms 7 meses atrás
Has anyone used this template on a 5mm and 6mm foam?
Crankbait Baron
Crankbait Baron 7 meses atrás
Im 6'3, 312lbs but not all muscle, what would be a great cosplay for me? Any character.
Tamim Quadir
Tamim Quadir 8 meses atrás
How sturdy is it?
Mustafa Rahim
Mustafa Rahim 8 meses atrás
Where do you get the blueprint?...
Mücke Mark
Mücke Mark 8 meses atrás
wie heißen diese matten? und wo beckommt man diese? wie heißt der kleber den?
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 8 meses atrás
I have a project that I am wanting to work on over the next year or two. I am wanting to design a modular suit of armor out of foam. Use a mini Metal Foundry to heat up smelt aluminum cans and use the modular foam pieces as casts for the metal armor. With that being said here is where my question comes in. Question for Adam Savage: Do you know if the foam used in this video works well for casting? Have you ever attempted to cast one of these foam helmets? Would you be willing and or interested in making a video where you cast one of the basic helmet designs? One of my intuitive concern is that the foam may be to thick for practical purposes of actually wearing the armor and it would be incredibly heavy. With that being said, I had thought about possibly sanding down the foam first and making it thinner. Then once armor is in place see how it feels and possibly place foam inserts inside to help make the armor a bit more comfortable. Second question for Adam Savage: What are your thoughts on this kind of process for designing armor? Thanks for the time and effort you have put into making these videos. They have really given me a few good ideas to start with.
Trojan McCoy
Trojan McCoy 8 meses atrás
Ugh, Norm... Just...just...assume that most people interested in this sort of thing understand English and how accomplished the craftspeople involved know how to 'hear words and follow instructions' I'm sure the intention isn't to presuppose viewers are mentally deficient, but then again, I doubt that that's your call, buddy and the whims of 'higher ups'. You seem like a good guy, but I see a whole lot of "Here's some super-simple instructions from so many expert people" and let's lay the exact same things out - AS IF YOU'RE APPEALING TO PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T - FRANKLY - HAVE ACCESS TO SOLVENTS, KNIVES AND POWER TOOLS. We have eyes. We have ears. You're a lucky bugger landing such a sweet job. And relax your shoulders. Your posture elicits undesirable folk to have a go at you. I realise the almost hypocritical nature of this comment, but I mean no malevolence. Pip pip cheerio 🙂
Сашка Белый
Сашка Белый 8 meses atrás
What the glue at 9:47?
onerian 8 meses atrás
ive tried barge in a squeeze bottle but it melts the bottles ive used.
STIR FRY 8 meses atrás
Well it was drop in the bottle in the video
Lee Darin Jr
Lee Darin Jr 8 meses atrás
How about a Roman Soldier helmet?
Alan Reed
Alan Reed 8 meses atrás
"the have to be chiral" ^_^ nice org chem word drop
Matteo Bizzi
Matteo Bizzi 8 meses atrás
That is a weird looking Adam
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 8 meses atrás
could you use paper mache to cover it?
Matt Stew
Matt Stew 9 meses atrás
" get 4 pieces and that's plenty to make a costume" i made a batman costume and 16 pieces barely cut it
Николай Вершинин
I thought it was a Magneto helmet from an x-man 😄
Turnish Watson
Turnish Watson 9 meses atrás
I'm going to be cosplaying a character w a helmet soon and I can't find it online anywhere to purchase so I decided I'll make it. This is so helpful!! I'm excited to start working on it now I've never made my own cosplays
TheUnstoppableForce 9 meses atrás
Ok, I love it, but where the HELL do you get a pack of foam like that for $9.99????
Becket Newsome
Becket Newsome Mês atrás
Harbor Freight tools, my dude.
Demon warrior
Demon warrior 9 meses atrás
Ted: i love sharing Also ted: template is 5$
MrDangerous Mês atrás
Well, $7, now lol
Some Guardsman
Some Guardsman 4 meses atrás
At least he made it something that you could have access to. It's a fair price for a template like this, the foam itself that you work with costs more.
Demon warrior
Demon warrior 8 meses atrás
@STIR FRY i guess
STIR FRY 8 meses atrás
Gotta support his hobby somehow
Beard and Gains
Beard and Gains 9 meses atrás
what kind of glue did he use?
Mark Chupp
Mark Chupp 9 meses atrás
If you were to make this for a child, is it better to scale down the helmet, or add more foam filler to the inside
Lombardo j Robert
Lombardo j Robert 9 meses atrás
I have been following Adam for 15 years and I’m no stalker. I’m 62 and believe Adams talent has a higher calling. Adam reminds me of a shop teacher I had in the 1960. Adams greatest give would be a school vo tec teacher to teach young minds how to think and solve problems by looking threw a project and completing it. Adam your a great talent and talent like yours needs to reinvest into this world and teach young minds.
Jonathan Wiggill
Jonathan Wiggill 9 meses atrás
Ted, What a great guy. Encouraging Tutorial. Thank You.
a rratata_99
a rratata_99 10 meses atrás
I want to build a rabbit helmet where is like a fursuit head but it’s made of helmet material. What do I do?
Headmk Gaming
Headmk Gaming 10 meses atrás
Anyone has the link for the blueprint download? (:
creator Space
creator Space 10 meses atrás
It's done well.
Casio Molina
Casio Molina 10 meses atrás
Captn Crook
Captn Crook 10 meses atrás
Looks like magnetos helmet
dylan102902 11 meses atrás
Loving the array of artists that are thrilled to share with others the tricks they learned the hard way. Beautiful as opposed to someone hell bent on keeping trade secrets secret.
Joel Merino
Joel Merino 11 meses atrás
Can you make a Magneto HELMET
Dia Del Arquero
Dia Del Arquero 11 meses atrás
que goma usan??
King Zonkey Jong
King Zonkey Jong 11 meses atrás
This is like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
Henrik Nielsen
Henrik Nielsen Anos atrás
Attention! Many of those mats can release toxic fumes when getting warmed up with a heat gun! i am not saying that the one used here dose, but be aware before you buy. alot of hobby stores have "Eva foam" which is perfect for tasks like the one in the video :) if you use a mat like in the video i would recommend warming it up outside and if possible then wear a mask.
Julian P
Julian P Anos atrás
great to watch these skills
Iris Van Alen
Iris Van Alen Anos atrás
What do you think about doing a worbla helmet? Would it work well?
jublywubly Anos atrás
The foam is called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). The specific density that most gym mats are made from is known as EVA 75 in metric (75kg per cubic metre). I'm not sure how that translates to imperial. I presume it would be something like EVA 150 (150 pounds per cubic yard).
scott mclean
scott mclean Anos atrás
How do you paint it, what type of pint please
LouLou Anos atrás
NerdAlert!!! I love being a creative nerdist type person!! Great tips and information for a prop and costume maker like myself! Thanx bunches!!😆😄😀
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown Anos atrás
Thank you so much!! This is game changing information for my business!!
Hey Boss
Hey Boss 2 meses atrás
Fuck your business
Wang Isabelle
Wang Isabelle Anos atrás
Adam: makes everything so easy
Wang Isabelle
Wang Isabelle Anos atrás
Why is Adam so talented... he’s practically the god of crafting and experiment designing...
Andy Torrealba
Andy Torrealba Anos atrás
Hermoso trabajo compadre, lo felicito pero hubiera sido mejor hacerlo en metal ;)...
TECHNICAL invention technology
Wow cool
WOW ZAPATA87 Anos atrás
How Do I get the template for the helmet
Tails Oblong
Tails Oblong Anos atrás
If you could answer my question or be of any help I would love you forever. Lbvs. I started on a cardboard transformer car. Then after three attempts I Finally worked out all issues, except one, I made it out of cardboard. 😭😭😭 this was my biggest mistake bc it’s still flimsy. I have bought bondo which is great but so hard to sand and get that nice smooth surface. I’ve also tried plaster but with my luck it’s cracking. Any ideas on helping to possibly make the card board stronger And durable? Or are there any other materials I can get other then cardboard? What can I use to help sculpt the corners to give them more of a round edge? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Wilson Ko
Wilson Ko Anos atrás
What is the foam that you are using? can i simply use matts?
Imran Iftikar
Imran Iftikar Anos atrás
Zakary DeLaura
Zakary DeLaura Anos atrás
So the guy thats heating up the puzzle mat will die soon cuz thats toxic to heat up and breathe in
dodong janjan
dodong janjan Anos atrás
Whre can i download it
Eleven Anos atrás
It is free, but you have to give billing info for the free stuff. Bullshit.
ricci armand martin
Hi ted may i know whats the exact measurement of the helmet of loki
Pamfilo Abion Jr
Pamfilo Abion Jr Anos atrás
You're awesome sir!, thank you so much for sharing this to us=)
Andrea Benedetti
Andrea Benedetti Anos atrás
where i can find the card templates?
H3NRIQU3 JR-BR Anos atrás
Capa este do PUBG
Arroway2357 Anos atrás
Some men just want to watch the world learn.
haikon knigth
haikon knigth Anos atrás
Now I can make my own goblin slayer helmet!!! :D
Banda Mundo Mix
Banda Mundo Mix Anos atrás
oi Como faço pra baixar o arquivo?
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