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Mark Ronson
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Mark Ronson is the music producer who redefined popular music; from his Grammy-award-winning collaborations with Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars, to his recent work on the Oscar-winning film A Star Is Born. This documentary follows Mark’s creative process, from the studio to DJ’ing and shooting film; with exclusive insights from the man himself. This is combined with archive footage alongside new interviews with the artists and collaborators that Mark has worked with, including Q-Tip, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
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12 Out 2019



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Razzles819 22 horas atrás
This was great, I loved getting to know more about Mark. What an incredible artist and person. I didn't know a ton about him or all of the songs hes produced and created, especiallyfrom his earlier years, so this was such a treat to watch. Huge fan of his and cant wait to see what he does next!
Vincent Treglia
Vincent Treglia 4 dias atrás
You're a legend, Mark! Thanks for inspiring me for years and years.
Jane Qian
Jane Qian 7 dias atrás
Miguel ordu
Miguel ordu 11 dias atrás
Your documentary is so inspiring. thank u🙏🙌❤
Michelle G. Dunn
Michelle G. Dunn 14 dias atrás
This is nice, we love you in Vegas. Each time I go skating at Crystal Palace they play Uptown Funk and Riedell has created the Uptown Artistic Rhythm Skate. I'm with you the Muppets are stellar. Take care ♥ Stay sweet
Julian Torres
Julian Torres 19 dias atrás
Great documentary. Loved to hear his parents so similar to mines , 7 pm kids were in bed in my house too.
Walter Paz
Walter Paz 19 dias atrás
I love you Mark Ronson! and I love Lady Gaga too :D
tdmm drknr
tdmm drknr 20 dias atrás
Such an honest, humble, clever also beautiful guy.. From this video he looks to me as a great natural talent.. So lucky are all those musicians and all his his co-workers, close associates to have him. He brings the best out of the musicians. Thanks for the upload.
Mattaio 21 dia atrás
why tf has this doc made me cry like 3 times
Zsa Zsa Gaboré Sidibe
Zsa Zsa Gaboré Sidibe 18 dias atrás
My tissue box is half empty 😥 .......or should I say, half full 😙
SO-SO 21 dia atrás
Bacio Global
Bacio Global 22 dias atrás
He's so full of himself...
Paola Ruffini
Paola Ruffini 22 dias atrás
The snoop
The snoop 23 dias atrás
So in love with this dude and his music....
Hans C
Hans C 23 dias atrás
Ok i see who F*ck mark ronson
sumit saurabh singh
sumit saurabh singh 23 dias atrás
Nothing breaks like a heart
Bera Mora
Bera Mora 24 dias atrás
Gonna be honest, i have never ever heard of this guy. It's a bit out there to call him one of the best musicians when half of youtube doesn't know of his existance.
Muna Almtowaq
Muna Almtowaq 26 dias atrás
Mark Ronson is..... hot, there I said it
Muna Almtowaq
Muna Almtowaq 26 dias atrás
also a lot cooler than ill ever be
Jenn Ortega
Jenn Ortega 26 dias atrás
twenty6s 27 dias atrás
This is the first time I heard him speak... He sounds so much like an English Kumail Nanjiani...
Arturo Ariel
Arturo Ariel 28 dias atrás
Dicen que es el mejor productor del mundo pero para mí, y por la cantidad de éxitos que llegaron a ser sus producciones, el mejor productor del mundo (vivo) es Max Martin.
Meghan Hiltz
Meghan Hiltz Mês atrás
This isn’t how you should be teaching your fans. Teach them to think for themselves and be their own person. This is the most narcissistic shit I’ve ever seen and it’s disgusting
Beth Snyder
Beth Snyder Mês atrás
Gorgeous genius
Ghost Mês atrás
Is he supposed to be popular or?
i liked how this ‘real world’ personalized overview of such artist’s life, struggles, talent, progress & coping ways (along with some of the others included in the footage) with his varied gifts, strengths, sorrows, hopes, weaknesses, self-doubts &/or instinctual confidence, so naturally & satisfactorily DEMYSTIFIES the pixelated dust-shine of illusory stardom IMPRESSION their very own productions & the show industry give to the public at large. I think it’s only fair & honest of them to be like, “besides the rewarding recognitions for these songs, movies, etc, i’m just/we’re just/ like everyone else: thirsty hearts & souls with all the same questions about life, relationships, and why we do it” i think that, in the end, their work isn’t so much about themselves, but rather to use their talents to share & give others, the public at large, some affordable ways to identify, feel, and express these very sentiments. And that’s also why i love good heartfelt black gospel songs: it gets you to express these feelings to God Himself who is ALWAYS listening & noticing any true & sincere expression of one’s heart ❤️ In my experience and that of MANY others, God’s love, compassion, mercy, grace & Spirit really ARE the ultimate answers to all of our very legitimate wonderings, sighings and longings... they truly are.
Chakra Docta
Chakra Docta Mês atrás
so inspiring Thanks!
MatteraTest Mês atrás
I'm pretty sure this video should be about Daptone (Sharon Jones, Gabe Roth, Neal Sugarman, etc.). Not even one mention. You would not be where you are without that house.
ابن ال فهد
ابن ال فهد Mês atrás
شتركو بربكم
Thiago Santos
Thiago Santos Mês atrás
*just perfect*
N2 D
N2 D Mês atrás
Privileged yidla that was juiced in the game by his fellow tribe...sorry but no one wants to be that. His sister is worse..
GUiTERMaN N. Int Mês atrás
48:40 Glad to hear how they record Boy George's interview in stereo 😂
GUiTERMaN N. Int Mês atrás
Can't thanks enough for this for-free inspiration. But anybody knows what's more on the director's cut? Maybe I'm about to considering premium 😂
Dave LeBlanc
Dave LeBlanc Mês atrás
Ok, he's a good producer but hardly "redefined popular music". Where do they come up with this shit?
Teupola Veitala
Teupola Veitala Mês atrás
all the best popular famous stars from old skool 2 new skool and very good old memories from those popularity famous... love them .💙💙💙💙 💚💚💙💚💚
NaG Bozo
NaG Bozo Mês atrás
It's crazy how much I dont care
YaBoiiiCris 06
YaBoiiiCris 06 Mês atrás
It’s can’t
Joshua Leonard
Joshua Leonard Mês atrás
What if I don’t want to be Mark Ronson
FINE China
FINE China Mês atrás
A dreamers dream to work with him,the goddamn connections you have to have.
Carol Elizabeth Mattis
Your strong. Good & talented.
amin syah
amin syah Mês atrás
He is the one that played Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman
period Pooh sky ;-; Joseph
I love ❤️ it
Dianna Nunez
Dianna Nunez Mês atrás
Little monster Mark Ronson
JENNY JAY Mês atrás
A W E S O M E 💜💚💙
Kororia Knight
Kororia Knight Mês atrás
He looks and sounds high asf at the sound
Benjamin premer
Benjamin premer Mês atrás
It shows how horrible music has gotten. If hes the greatest producer for today I'm glad I stopped listening to modern music. I'm just going to rip of parliament, stevie wonder. Earth wind in fire. Not an original bone in his body.
Griffey Mcelroy
Griffey Mcelroy Mês atrás
How old is your cat
P V Mês atrás
omg omg omg omg brilliant upload omg omg omg omg mark ronson docu......wooowwww omg omg omg omg
Resonance Beyond
Resonance Beyond Mês atrás
How to be: Elon Musk
genius lady
genius lady Mês atrás
*No thanks I’ll just be myself*
Jonathan Still
Jonathan Still Mês atrás
How to be better than Marc Ronson, which shouldn't be all that hard. Why settle for less than the very best....BE YOU ! P. S. You haven't even seen Marc Ronson yet twerking in his 3 day old briefs while dry -humping an American flag enthusiastically like Donnie Trump in his, either !
Lisa Park
Lisa Park Mês atrás
I like your channel! 🙂🙂👍👍👏. I subscribed for you and the 🔔 on.
Amanda D
Amanda D Mês atrás
That was absolutely beautiful. What a amazingly talented man.
Kelly Ross
Kelly Ross Mês atrás
Oh please how to be Mark Rawson he should learn how to become ( ME )
Amber Williams
Amber Williams Mês atrás
Ive been over mainstream till now. Why ....well it's the same thing u hear all the time. But his work is that dope azzSHYT THAT IS ABOVE MAIN STREAM .ITS SONGS THAT WILL LAST 4ever in our minds and hearts.even if im tired of what's on the radio u can't deny the stuff he does is always ok to hear over and over. Plus he works with artist that sound superb that def have talent above the more mainstreamers and headliners. Like any artist mainstream or not that Caleb's with him has really had or will have there spirtul awaking. Stages in our lives come and go but how it plays in our minds and how it feels all over us should last 4ever.
Caio Reinhardt
Caio Reinhardt Mês atrás
What an amazing artist, an amazing time for music! Still dreaming of a music influenced by Marcos Valle, Tim Maia and Wilson Simonal, produced by Mark! A colaboration with Jamiroquai or Daft Punk or Giorgio Moroder would be ultra rad also hehe
MEHRDAD M Mês atrás
They are not artist ,they are just lucky
Garrett McKenzie
Garrett McKenzie Mês atrás
Is that Kelly Clarkson at the 32.33 mark or did she eat her
How to be Mick Ronson you mean.
J Webster Smith II
J Webster Smith II Mês atrás
I need to join you MI6/CIA trillionaires. How does one?
Marjorie Julissa Evans Arana
I see the vid and I say me: ooo how to be Mark Ronson I wanna be like him. I click the video and I'm like let's see how long the video is okaay 1:15:44! Me : Nevermind I'll be myself
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Mês atrás
Whooooaaa...what a great music producer that can easily create great beats and sounds...
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