How to be a Computer Hacker

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This tutorial will instruct you on how to be a computer hacker- both visually, and professionally.
It's useful for impressing your friends, family, and many more! Not only does it make you look more intelligent, but trust me, you will have people constantly asking to bro out with you because they know you're such a cool guy.
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1 Ago 2011



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Comentários 80
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream 13 horas atrás
Honesty what your doing isn't even close to what a hackers pc looks like, pro tip we don't use windows to hack we use a different OS specifically for pentesting, Exploiting, etc only, OS like ubuntu or kali linux which are debian based. Hope this helps you get the idea
yoeung punnlok
yoeung punnlok Dia atrás
Hello, I want to be hacker like you,
The Diamond Fish
The Diamond Fish 2 dias atrás
*Why is the FBI here?*
Darknonymes 3 dias atrás
Nice vid keap it up
GAMING NETHUVH 4 dias atrás
please suport my channel
Rodriguez Almanda
Rodriguez Almanda 5 dias atrás
Contact @titanic_hackers on instagram for all kinds of hacking services. They are fast, reliable and trusted
Tips&tricksGod 6 dias atrás
to become a hacker you have to learn you don't have to have a wallpaper or numbers running down your computer screen learn python, java, and or c# c++ and learn how to crack passwords learn how to use linux
ice and fire pheonix
ice and fire pheonix 9 dias atrás
i want to try my first hack into someones computer im not going to mess with there stuff i just wnana try can u help me out ?
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black 10 dias atrás
I did it
macknet hack bad wars
macknet hack bad wars 10 dias atrás
Yes feke ahahahahahhahhahaha STUPID u You
TTV_TOXICツ 11 dias atrás
FBI open up
Angela Budla
Angela Budla 12 dias atrás
This is what quarantine got me doing
InServeOfGod 12 dias atrás
You idiot! I can't believe this video watched 6.000.000 times! You are just a kid who thinks himself hacker. No you are just a fucking lamer! You only need to remove this video and shut the fuck up! no one is a hacker who types "ping" Oh fuck that! ping command is really so dangerous if you ping a website that has malicious code this might bring problems to you... You are typing the command "tree" . Really? you think you are very cool with that. You only list your directories and files using that command! Don't be an idiot like this!
vihara thisarani
vihara thisarani 15 dias atrás
What is this joke really???😖😖😖😖😖😤😤😤😡😡😡😡
ROBLOX GO 18 dias atrás
your a pussy
hilario Ramírez
hilario Ramírez 20 dias atrás
Moonlight123 Light
Moonlight123 Light 20 dias atrás
did you say q or t?
Tom Mccormack
Tom Mccormack 21 dia atrás
I spend hours a day actually studying computer science and this is just a insult to me
Tom Mccormack
Tom Mccormack 21 dia atrás
I bet this dude doesn’t know what brute force is
Doxy 95 {FireFoxLegend}
trawożerny wieloryb
trawożerny wieloryb 22 dias atrás
You can type dir/s instead of tree
Kelsey Ward
Kelsey Ward 24 dias atrás
I tried this it didn't work i did what he asked but it didn't work
Corona Slams
Corona Slams 26 dias atrás
ooh shit scary typing in tree in a cmd ooh scary sorry for booting you scary hacker that pinged ooh shit a am so sorry
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith 27 dias atrás
He is the best in phone cloning services.i got to view deleted chats mail
Mark 57
Mark 57 28 dias atrás
Anyone during this while being dead in quarantine 🧟🥴😵😈👿
sara h
sara h 29 dias atrás
dude you're video says how to be a computer hacker but all u do is talk bout how to look like one
Cluelesss 29 dias atrás
It’s a joke idiot stop trying to hack for real
poseidon Mês atrás
Atmaad Said
Atmaad Said Mês atrás
today i hack lesbiayna
hacking -krypton-
hacking -krypton- Mês atrás
Das ist kein hacking
Daniyal MuGHal
Daniyal MuGHal Mês atrás
Very childish!
Urska Pirnar
Urska Pirnar Mês atrás
mom: Nick, why is LCPD here? why it's your screen full of green words?? me: sssssh, mom!!!! i want to hack under the my teacher's pants!!
Greenland Ball MP5K
I can hack gacha life and delete all the gacha life videos so that everyone can be safe.
joku randomi
joku randomi Mês atrás
Xxxvideos oh no
Timur the_Hacker
Timur the_Hacker Mês atrás
protutorialsYT evolves to a super dumb and fuckin douchbag
Kris Schmïtż
Kris Schmïtż Mês atrás
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Tarun_47 Kurukula
Tarun_47 Kurukula Mês atrás
Piece of shit video
krishna kavin rao
krishna kavin rao Mês atrás
How to hack games to buy games
mihir batra
mihir batra Mês atrás
5 mint waste successfully
Adam Deeb
Adam Deeb Mês atrás
Thanks man. Your soo Cool. 😎
Marcos Ramos
Marcos Ramos Mês atrás
Květoslav Lízlořech
How to pretend that ur smart and talented and your not playing PC games in front of your mum ....
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Mês atrás
This is clickbait....
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Mês atrás
My crush accepted me
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Mês atrás
0:35 does he say CLS
Luan Rexhepi
Luan Rexhepi Mês atrás
i have three years that i have seen this video now im looking it again
Gandalf Din Berceni
It is what it is
codename: gassy snake
For my wallpaper i went with a pic of defalt from watch dogs. He is my favorite hacker.
Aadam yaghy
Aadam yaghy Mês atrás
this harm my laptop??????
Supreme 69
Supreme 69 Mês atrás
Thx bro
Jonathan Grabban
Jonathan Grabban Mês atrás
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ColdSZN Mês atrás
This helped me a lot Thank you so much
rat is pro
rat is pro Mês atrás
i hack you your name is alex
J MEDIA Mês atrás
അണ്ടി എണീറ്റു പോടാ മൈരെ
Peter North
Peter North Mês atrás
othman kayi
othman kayi Mês atrás
Expert Hacker was here "OTHMANE K"
John Fergus
John Fergus Mês atrás
I was able to track her location without knowing. I have full gps tracking program along with her text messages revealed on my cell phone 📱 to monitor everything and everyone she talk to. If you need Spy 🕵️‍♀️ program like mine. I will direct you to contact ( WhatsApp number ( +1 678- 960-8905) I promise to share his information ℹ️ everywhere because of his 👏
Adrian Margolis
Adrian Margolis Mês atrás
that makes you LOOK like a hacker the title sais how to BE one
elena andrela
elena andrela Mês atrás
I’m so happy I met his so good and legit tested and trusted hackers he can hack whatever you want him to The most amazing part was that he also recovered my stolen funds Thank you peter for recommending him to me call him on +12138027691 or text him on email
elena andrela
elena andrela Mês atrás
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elena andrela
elena andrela Mês atrás
Thanks so much to stanton for helping me hack into my School Database to change all my poor grades from F"s and D"s to A"s and B"s, when its seems i had given up that i would not be graduating when am supposed to along with my friends, stanton the database expert did it, first they removed the hold, attendance, boost my GPA, you have doubts check out the reviews below of anyone that ever contacted him after seeing this review. If you are also interested in any sort of hack job, you can thank me later. Contact call him on +12138027691 or text him on email
Hoppy The Creator
Hoppy The Creator Mês atrás
This is just a tutorial on how to get easily arrested.
FBI Mês atrás
You sick fuck
Brutal Remix
Brutal Remix Mês atrás
My family : Why cop here? Me : Let me hack my house to invisible
RaNGo Playz
RaNGo Playz 17 dias atrás
me:fails OH SH**
Nate Como
Nate Como 20 dias atrás
that’s not funny u sound fucking stupid
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Mês atrás
Hyper Ezzat the coffin meme is getting more famous than why are you running
Brutal Remix
Brutal Remix Mês atrás
@New.viliot NV LOL Hahahaha
New.viliot NV
New.viliot NV Mês atrás
your profile image is explaned my face motions XD
Astro Gaming
Astro Gaming Mês atrás
What did he say paint or pink??
gudQQ 2 meses atrás
Enes Tarık Eslemez
Enes Tarık Eslemez 2 meses atrás
Treee is a wrong cod stupid. Tree can show your comp.
Peter Matnick
Peter Matnick 2 meses atrás
Iam have a hcking channale, please support
Samet Selim Nuri
Samet Selim Nuri 2 meses atrás
This codes bull shit man
Spray Made
Spray Made 2 meses atrás
Corona Slams
Corona Slams 2 meses atrás
Me: ahaha get hacked google why is the fbi here
Alexmakwolf 2 meses atrás
use : color and put the letter or number here 0 = Black 8 = Grey 1 = Blue 9 = Light blue 2 = Green A = Light green 3 = Blue-Grey B = Cyan 4 = Red C = Lyght red 5 = Indigo D = Light Indigo 6 = Yellow E = Light yellow 7 = White F =Lightning white example: color A color B color C color D color 1 color 8 And here we go... Please sub to my channel and you will get 100 years of luck ( and of entertainment in my channel XD)
Alexmakwolf 2 meses atrás
Jogos Unlimited
Jogos Unlimited 2 meses atrás
iiSnipe_Tony 3558
iiSnipe_Tony 3558 2 meses atrás
A true hacker knows not to hack on windows lol Windows 99
Airee Joyee
Airee Joyee 2 meses atrás
Hello jelly
Nurudeen Aladji
Nurudeen Aladji 2 meses atrás
Pleas chan jou help me with hacking becash Im not a hacker
it's Andres Perozo
it's Andres Perozo 2 meses atrás
i am a real hacker
😬 Get some life man !!
Decoy Gale
Decoy Gale 2 meses atrás
I unironically followed this tutorial when I was in third grade. *_fuckin shameful._*
TrickyTaco 11
TrickyTaco 11 2 meses atrás
How do u do it on mac OSX
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