How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!
Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:
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4 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Soviet YunYun
Soviet YunYun 25 minutos atrás
People with HD camera made Wallpaper: Sunrise makes my phone crashing! me who has an Anime wallpaper: ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
Galaxy Kawaii UwU
Galaxy Kawaii UwU Hora atrás
Amazon users: now what tf do i do now?
yvonne foo
yvonne foo Hora atrás
Just to clarify, it doesn’t affect iPhones ?😅
Endarus Hora atrás
Android: ah yes all these pixels are fi- *sees ONE. SINGLE. PIXEL.* Android: *S e I z u r e*
A.K. aq
A.K. aq Hora atrás
You are so good in explaining,english is not my first language I'm impressed
charlie h
charlie h 2 horas atrás
great job working that out
Hashure Hashiri
Hashure Hashiri 2 horas atrás
Man i swear on my mother i thought the colors and shit are too high quality not to brag but im kinda of a scientist myself Edit: nvm its because of a pixel
Does it affect iPad?
ItzBunni Playz
ItzBunni Playz 3 horas atrás
*You fool, you showed us your password pattern!*
Unknown_Hades 3 horas atrás
Thank You!!.....You Explain it really neat!
Sachin Naicker
Sachin Naicker 4 horas atrás
I applied it nothing happened duh
TwistCraft6 4 horas atrás
ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT 🔥
Deniz, Cumali Gultekin
Deniz, Cumali Gultekin 4 horas atrás
2:13 pretty sure Google reverse image search has been around for almost 10 years..
Leo Hultqvist
Leo Hultqvist 5 horas atrás
I used to be a working phone like you but then I took a wall paper to my background If you didn't get the reference it's a reference to skyrim I used to be an adventurer like you but then I took a narrow tot he knee
MINECRAFT PE CRAFT 7 horas atrás
thanks for the tip👍
AMplayz 15
AMplayz 15 8 horas atrás
That fotographer is like my photo was to god for Your phone
strxberry_ milk
strxberry_ milk 8 horas atrás
ios dont think your better
meuttsy 8 horas atrás
I just wish on my iphone its safe
Zanie 8 horas atrás
When you don't know what is a wallpaper
AlmondzThatzMe !!!
AlmondzThatzMe !!! 9 horas atrás
ok but just recolor the *1* pixel *big* *brein*
5argeTech /\
5argeTech /\ 9 horas atrás
I do not have any wallpaper.. I like the look of the original iPhone.. Black background with only icons!
BatHell 9 horas atrás
I feel so NERD 🤓 because i understand the problem right from the beginning 😅😅 Thanks for the explanation it was very bright and informative 👍👍
Sad Emoji
Sad Emoji 9 horas atrás
wallpaper: I can crash your phone muwehehehe Nokia: *aM I a jOkE tO yOu?*
Ashik Aman
Ashik Aman 10 horas atrás
Don't reply in my comment...danger for ur phone...
Laura Smilesッ
Laura Smilesッ 10 horas atrás
Who else saw those phones in the beck😳
BURN GAMING 10 horas atrás
That moment when one pixel can destroy your whole phone
PurpleNoodle 10 horas atrás
Ngl this is actually great for kiddos to learn
nerogers 10 horas atrás
Ironic it's called a Google Pixel
crea the chi boi
crea the chi boi 11 horas atrás
“Don’t do it” Ah, so people did the usual idiotic thing and took it as a dare
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
The phone Change da world my final message goodbye Me oh no Me Well i can i biy a new phone
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
If you put 24 like for part four
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
Part 4 has the wallpaper
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
Coming soon
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
24 likes i will put part 4
Donna Filio
Donna Filio 11 horas atrás
The phone 👿👿Pew :shots the new phone Me Ahhhhh The neighbors ... The end .....
400 and 300 hundred roux
400 and 300 hundred roux 12 horas atrás
I set this wallpaper in the phone of my enemis and now I has Glory : -- )
Daniel Nidetch
Daniel Nidetch 12 horas atrás
Does it work on the better phone (cough cough IPhone)
Hetal Kumar
Hetal Kumar 13 horas atrás
How this is possible???
Chilly Dilly
Chilly Dilly 13 horas atrás
Now I want to put on the wallpaper.
The Lost Starbounder
The Lost Starbounder 14 horas atrás
Every time I get crappy results on search, I also google "Google is retarded". Well, this was just proven to be true. I'm asking my boss for more money lol I'm better than Google's employees.
Reaction First
Reaction First 14 horas atrás
How can I get it
Ichigo 765
Ichigo 765 15 horas atrás
I like how he compared him losing his phone to losing his family member
Sk6pe C3ntr9l
Sk6pe C3ntr9l 15 horas atrás
Does this damage iPhone?
Marie Sabado
Marie Sabado 17 horas atrás
Press "F" to pay respect
Kitty likes Olives
Kitty likes Olives 17 horas atrás
Cat guy:Guys please don’t put this at my wallpaper! Everyone else:Dogs are better.GUYS BACK UP!START BREAKING YOUR PHONES!
Don Patrick Joshua O Garingan
0:55 'listen to the cat people cats never lie' Me: yes sir but i havent know this yet
heXa 18 horas atrás
That wallpaper works just fine with my Redmi K20..
Guillermo Oyola
Guillermo Oyola 18 horas atrás
when never asked :) just kidding im not trying to crash my computer by doing this actually no ily
Ren Ren
Ren Ren 18 horas atrás
1 phone will break this wall paper
Табуретка TV
Табуретка TV 19 horas atrás
Oops, i lost my data, but i had an antivirus. |facepalm| Antivirus is not enough, u need protegent, world's only antivirus with data recovery software
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 19 horas atrás
so grateful I am now in a position to cover all my needs all thanks to the help of this here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
THE ADAM 19 horas atrás
Im ten and this is so complicated
Mikka Fauzi
Mikka Fauzi 20 horas atrás
How about an iPhone with this wallpaper?
Brian The Bacon
Brian The Bacon 22 horas atrás
my phone never break i set it as wallpaper 🙄🙄 fake
Sonic Mania Fan
Sonic Mania Fan 22 horas atrás
*The pixel broke the pixel* *-Pixel Thanos*
Raymond Velasco
Raymond Velasco 23 horas atrás
amazing video. Very informative
Jessline Art
Jessline Art Dia atrás
Most easiest way to get rid of this problem: Don’t install any wallpaper.
Mr Troll
Mr Troll Dia atrás
I told my freind to apply this lol he was mad
Miraenda Dia atrás
So a pixel killed Pixel.
Pûcca Dia atrás
Wait, so in 04:07 I actually cant see all colors of these diagram because my phone can only show the colors in the triangle?
joku tyyppi
joku tyyppi Dia atrás
〖Steven Universe potato〗 C':
Can somebody link a safe version of the photo cause it’s really pretty
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy Dia atrás
Funnily enough, I made a picture similar to this. Perhaps it's the 4k x 4k resolution, maybe it's that it had weird PNG settings. But I think it was the color profile: Instead of 8-bit, it was painted in 16-bit profile on Krita. It worked fine everywhere, although being a bit slow to open and zoom in. But the moment I tried to set it as my background: Borked
Jayden Lee
Jayden Lee Dia atrás
That ONE pixel.... that killer pixel...
Samara Irvine
Samara Irvine Dia atrás
that poor little robot in all those phones.... also someone was bound to say this.... so im going to what if this was an FBI trick just to hack our phones and get all our data????
Heavenisreal777 Studios
Literally bc one person's faulty code (not checking for RBG over 255) has caused this madness xD
Anu Kc
Anu Kc Dia atrás
Style Dia atrás
Isaiah Ception
Isaiah Ception Dia atrás
Me with an iPhone: ha
lovely_ liss
lovely_ liss Dia atrás
OK so somebody please explain me why did I understand everything that he said why does he explain better than my teachers combined just explain me that please
ink Dia atrás
Put this background on your Nokia 3310. The background will begin to crumble instead of the phone shutting down.
Createiva ғx
Createiva ғx Dia atrás
I hope a Karen uses that wallpaper
cazylocks gg
cazylocks gg Dia atrás
That's an alsome photo
cazylocks gg
cazylocks gg Dia atrás
I enjoyed that actually so will it work on 2019 design
carpediem Dia atrás
good job. good explanation!
Jantoy Jipos
Jantoy Jipos Dia atrás
Unspekable on hes minecraft chanell:WHAT THE FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Animallover2053 Dia atrás
Imagine the person who made this video watching this 0___0
Martha Morris
Martha Morris Dia atrás
What about iOS
Noob_19 Dia atrás
doesnt work on ios
Oindrila Sinha Class 7 C roll 57
When I started the video , my laptop was doing Bad behavior
I hAtE sNaKeu
I hAtE sNaKeu Dia atrás
i *really* wanna try this but also-
luella qin
luella qin Dia atrás
Sent the wallpaper to someone that use android you hate Thanks me later
Meko Dia atrás
Anyone wondering how did your device display the colors he said it can't display
Minecraft Call of duty
How about an iPad pro 11 inch 2020 128GB
MegaMOUNDS Dia atrás
Skip to 3:58 if you want to watch him actually talk how it kills the phone.
CedcedPlayzPH GAMING
Hehehe i picture my light and then boom crash cant open wu thx fixxed bruh
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