How This Guy Cleaned A Lake!

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18 Jun 2021



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NunoKanas 2 horas atrás
All the dirty lakes. Finnish people: umm
T h o t .・✫・゜・。.
Marino sounds like marine, so his name was perfect for what he did. ✨
sonzai 6 horas atrás
" Not all heroes wearing capes " Some heroes wearing glasses
rajesh ravori
rajesh ravori 6 horas atrás
Need the formula to create the solution
Mateus Macedo
Mateus Macedo 8 horas atrás
Cel Cleo
Cel Cleo 9 horas atrás
Baka ma save nya ilog pasig,
Mohamad Nasser
Mohamad Nasser 9 horas atrás
Lol this kind of things needed in India has dirty waters alot ..and some villages can't find water to drink
auostic musicians
auostic musicians 9 horas atrás
Can I know what he used in solution?? Please reply
Polly 10 horas atrás
Yea i think only 80% will be like marino,i seen alot of people just putting waste in the rivers and oceans and many other things with water they even throw their garbage in the sewers!
el wey del cyber
el wey del cyber 13 horas atrás
Peru es pais mas facha xd
J Dalton
J Dalton 15 horas atrás
He is right we need more people like Marino
mohammed fakhruddin
mohammed fakhruddin 16 horas atrás
Gabriel Bales
Gabriel Bales 17 horas atrás
This is epic.
Mely Huerta
Mely Huerta 17 horas atrás
Wow 😄🙂😮😮😮😮👏🏼🎉
mApLe Dia atrás
his solution looks like the spices that you put in noodle cups
Thanks for introducing underrated peoples
Edwin Thomas
Edwin Thomas Dia atrás
India needs someone like him to clean dirty ganges.
MangleX TheAnimator
So what we gonna do about the particles on the top?
Chillin yo
Chillin yo Dia atrás
Gonna make drink with that solution.
katelyn sorensen
katelyn sorensen Dia atrás
I LOVE SEA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rudra Somasundara
Can we clean Ganga with this?
Shibi Jomi
Shibi Jomi Dia atrás
His solution is so organic that you can eat it... Me: O God please noooo...
Minoli Weerasinghe
What is it
Is that oat meal 😍💖💅
Soulless studio
Soulless studio Dia atrás
Shut up and take my money 💴
Pihu Bagdi
Pihu Bagdi Dia atrás
Their is a person in india who cleaned 160km long river without goverment help
Handsome Saitama
Handsome Saitama Dia atrás
That's the most ugliest swimming I've ever seen in my life
Mae Bello
Mae Bello Dia atrás
°· angry octopus ·°
I love how he introduced himself lol
DARK Dia atrás
eeedt Dia atrás
Its like he was named that way for this
Petar Rubic
Petar Rubic 2 dias atrás
PrincessEmily 2 dias atrás
Ty for saving the world
Hiruni #97F
Hiruni #97F 2 dias atrás
What a great invention 😯👌
Sascha Alexander
Sascha Alexander 2 dias atrás
A good guy
A Muslim,
A Muslim, 2 dias atrás
Henry Seippel
Henry Seippel 2 dias atrás
Don’t be that fat lazy kid on the couch!! BE MARINO
O Pasquali
O Pasquali 2 dias atrás
No offense but this stuff already exists Its called floculant/coagulant powder
Hola alguien pude confirmar si es verdad este video o uno más de " fake NEWS " ?? Si es verdad este es el invento del siglo a este hombre se le debe eregir estatuas en todos los países del mundo y reverenciar su conocimiento que alguien nos de más información sobre este invento
Anime lover💕😍🔥(TK)
Omg 🤐😰
flavia marcela Diaz
flavia marcela Diaz 2 dias atrás
Imagine if after eating it in some hours you vomit all the stuff things
diane9247 2 dias atrás
Let's get Marino busy!
Okpara Chizitere
Okpara Chizitere 2 dias atrás
Too bad it can't dissolve plastic
Tsukki Swiss Cheese
Tsukki Swiss Cheese 3 dias atrás
Government should see this
Its_Clxxdy 3 dias atrás
It's not the same make do I look stupid
Shabbir Jewel
Shabbir Jewel 3 dias atrás
I am curious what was the solution. World should acknowledge his dedication.
MrDB Rainbow
MrDB Rainbow 3 dias atrás
Ok tho but how do you take out the solution after its done like in the cup thr dirty stuff was still above the water
Devansh Shukla
Devansh Shukla 3 dias atrás
Marino Supremacy !!
Mipo. 3 dias atrás
Marino is a legend🤩
Matthias Hulen
Matthias Hulen 3 dias atrás
Md Ibrahim Khalil
Md Ibrahim Khalil 3 dias atrás
playz Aaron
playz Aaron 3 dias atrás
his lake?
Ferdane Hajriza
Ferdane Hajriza 3 dias atrás
Rohan Madanayake
Rohan Madanayake 3 dias atrás
Keep going and good luck
Rohan Madanayake
Rohan Madanayake 3 dias atrás
Good job 👍
kian karimi gamer
kian karimi gamer 3 dias atrás
Hi Very interesting👍 Could you please share more information about the Marino's solution? Is it commercial now?
Marino the best
Arooshfatima G
Arooshfatima G 3 dias atrás
Little bit clean No Little bit clean full clean
Ms. Chauhan
Ms. Chauhan 3 dias atrás
Marino need to sale this mixture to every country so we can clean our lakes , rivers , and sea shores too
iamthatiam 3 dias atrás
This gut is so smart 😁😁
cr1pt1c456 3 dias atrás
How does it taste
Suzie Marie
Suzie Marie 3 dias atrás
Please make this happen everywhere including the Gaza in india
Gaurav Ganure
Gaurav Ganure 3 dias atrás
Marino forever 😂
Shamir Basheer
Shamir Basheer 3 dias atrás
I was a little scared when he ate that 😬
☕︎︎Non binary Frog☕︎︎
We do 🙂
Lina Mekaoui
Lina Mekaoui 3 dias atrás
POV: at the end u thought he putted the “spoon glasses”
Kunwar Malik
Kunwar Malik 3 dias atrás
Elsa_13UwU Lovely
Elsa_13UwU Lovely 3 dias atrás
Turle 3 dias atrás
Link to buyyyy
2018 Lada
2018 Lada 3 dias atrás
Marino come to serbis there is a river called morava
Ryan King
Ryan King 3 dias atrás
This man is a fucking genius
COCODIYGAMER 3 dias atrás
Good job Marino this planet🌍🌎🌏 need more smart people like Marino 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Woofking 3 dias atrás
His name is marino that's a cool coincidence
Gamer's Guide For Everyone
*drinks dirty water and eats solution*
Arif Traders Int’l.
Arif Traders Int’l. 4 dias atrás
BRAVEIO 4 dias atrás
Peruano What do you expect bro?
zaky akbar
zaky akbar 4 dias atrás
Please marino!! Come to Indonesia
☕︎ᴛᴀᴇ ᴛᴀᴇ ʏ/ɴ
Marino... he's parents knew he will do good fir the marine since/ before birth.
Hafiz Roslan
Hafiz Roslan 4 dias atrás
Can eat, because 100% organic 10 min later in the toilet= ahhh so many fats and parasite came out from my asshole
AmberxDropxDead 4 dias atrás
I love it I really want to try and do it but I'm eating a cupcake
Usha Khare
Usha Khare 4 dias atrás
Legends Never Die This guy Is a True legend
Matt Croswell
Matt Croswell 4 dias atrás
Guy fixes lake His name is Marino Coincidence? *I THINK NOT!*
Level 3 Dispenser
Level 3 Dispenser 4 dias atrás
Didn’t.. someone already make this?
Abiphysio Porteamedical
Hey you that's sounds to good to listen this That's 1minute see you tomorrow very nice man
Nelly 4 dias atrás
Maybe he should sell some to India
Arul Moli
Arul Moli 4 dias atrás
How can i order this !!🤔
Oona K
Oona K 4 dias atrás
Kavindu Chamith
Kavindu Chamith 4 dias atrás
Respect ❤️
RobloxMaster 4 dias atrás
lol I thought the lake l at the beginning was grass
Uma Maheswar
Uma Maheswar 4 dias atrás
Uma Maheswar
Uma Maheswar 4 dias atrás
But what was that material?
Foxfurr 108
Foxfurr 108 4 dias atrás
What is it tho…
AB Burton
AB Burton 4 dias atrás
Kuzu Leon  ✔︎
Kuzu Leon ✔︎ 4 dias atrás
Ah my normal meal water cleaner
Rindra Puffpuff
Rindra Puffpuff 4 dias atrás
"We need more people like Marino" do we cleaned it?
rovick trono
rovick trono 4 dias atrás
Philippines need this kind of guy.. jeezz almost all of our lakes are dirty because of improper garbage disposable and improper waste disposal.
soy shadow 29
soy shadow 29 4 dias atrás
With? Con?
Konnor Stapleton
Konnor Stapleton 4 dias atrás
My family’s from peru
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