How This Guy Builds Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculptures | Obsessed | WIRED 

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A self-taught artist with a background in physics, David C. Roy has been creating mesmerizing wooden kinetic sculptures for nearly 40 years. Powered solely through mechanical wind-up mechanisms, pieces can run up to 48 hours on a single wind.
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How This Guy Builds Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculptures | Obsessed | WIRED

Ciência e tecnologia

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8 Dez 2023



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Comentários : 4,5 mil   
@fonzi981 3 anos atrás
I love how he and his wife’s expertise complement each other well.
@johnarken1810 3 anos atrás
And were able to make a living out of it.
@taithangcong4704 3 anos atrás
@asterlyons8564 3 anos atrás
@@taithangcong4704 no, he used the right form of complement for what he meant.
@Emppu_T. 3 anos atrás
Couple goals
@alimahdi6379 3 anos atrás
My wife wouldn't even watch this video with me 😅
@cniknik9863 2 anos atrás
This is the kind of modern art that needs more recognition in the world. So much talent
@Tao_Tology Anos atrás
This is more than (just) 'art'.
@royk7712 Anos atrás
@@Tao_Tology math+art=marth
@fuzzydunlop7154 Anos atrás
@@royk7712 Kinetic motion + Math + Art = Kmart
Clockmaking? Thats so 1600s
@mch1594 Anos atrás
When science and art meet, it can be truly wonderful.
@geoarts Anos atrás
, very nice beautiful
@patgerrygee6799 Anos atrás
It's called Architecture
@Dave_en Anos atrás
Everything is a combination of science and arts if you look closely. Even in motor winding, calculation of coils and motor dimensions is science. Fitting the coils neatly and securely is the art part.
@Dave_en Anos atrás
Bonsai making is also science+art. Science tells you about cause and effect. Along with that we decide to give particular looks to the tree, thats arts.
@matthewxavier8067 20 dias atrás
Why cooking is my favorite hobby and will never be a job.
@eloletheltarsi1536 2 anos atrás
love that he uses wood as the main material. adds a kind of inviting softness that metal wouldn't have
@dianapennepacker6854 2 anos atrás
He should experiment with other materials or colors even. A 3d printed ones even. Yet this man is awesome.
@bradleylummus5931 2 anos atrás
love the organic quality of wood, too. it just feels natural &, as you said, soft. :)
What about trees that are cut
I love the wood, too. Metal would be cool if you had one outside though.
@samuelluria4744 Anos atrás
@@jaketherattlesnake2385 - What _ABOUT_ them??
@bequanis 2 anos atrás
I respect this man. He's like a classical old-school watchmaker.
@geoarts Anos atrás
Very nice beautiful how are you and black and white thank you
@g3rbl Anos atrás
I don't even know what to say, what an amazing craft. Probably the only piece of art I've ever seen that I know is out of my price range but would definitely purchase one of these if I could.
@christinebeames712 10 meses atrás
Hi look on eBay they ,China have copied this £25 , I hope he got some compensation for his designs of kinetic energy wheels
@rhythmkhattar2738 3 anos atrás
We NEED a 10 hour compilation of just these sculptures.
@apollo1573 3 anos atrás
For acid trips?
@brinckau 3 anos atrás
@@martin_dougiamas Thank you.
@HandyDan 3 anos atrás
Years ago in Colorado Springs Colorado on the south west part of town there was a house with very large metal sculptures that weighed thousands of pounds and would swing around with the tiniest breeze.
@maleficent7484 2 anos atrás
I am speechless. So amazing not just for the beauty but the level of thought taken to create such masterpieces.
@PradeepChakravarthyB 2 anos atrás
These are the kind of people who deserve the adjective 'cool'. What a fascinating hobby and beautiful art. He seems laid back but is constantly motivated. Great story.
@johnk5398 9 meses atrás
Its so sweet that the care he has for his wife shows in that he literally adopted her passions and incorporated them into his own. I couldnt help but see the photo of them at their old word works stand and think I was seeing a marriage out of a Wes Anderson movie.
@gregmezera6571 2 anos atrás
This is pretty awesome. Props on the physics degree too. He clearly studied dynamical systems and chaos.
@brucewalters8635 11 meses atrás
Watching this was incredibly uplifting! I admire his abilities but especially his ability to conquer is frustrations and doubts in order to manifest his vision accurately. That pretty much describes the road to creating anything.
@kingxxxgamer 3 anos atrás
i hope he's teaching others his skills this needs to be continued for the future
@lalruata8024 3 anos atrás
Exactly....he could teach students in college or something and could have continued his skill and knowledge.
@anb1142 3 anos atrás
I don't think miracles can be taught
@katsura2605 3 anos atrás
@@anb1142 you consider this a miracle..
@mahmoodnasim65 3 anos atrás
@afrabros 3 anos atrás
Gotta be kiddding me , Right? it's ART for art sake
@davidgallegos5666 2 anos atrás
David's works are not only amazing, but just plain wonderful
It would be really interesting to see him incorporate the “magic lever” style mechanical watch wondering system in one of his pendulum designs. The mechanism allows watch’s to autowind with a counter weight no matter the direction the weight swings. His double pendulum design would be a good experimental starting point for implementation. I’ve seen some of these before and they’re absolutely beautiful.
@josefkay5013 11 meses atrás
Incorporating chaos into his pieces opens up a whole new vista. Can't wait to see how far he takes it. He could just mount a camera in front of his sculptures, record 4 hour videos, and have his own much beloved BRvid channel easily. Instead of music, he could just encourage people to post links in the Comments to music they think works, with his candidates in the Description.
@MegaAppleMan12 2 anos atrás
I remember seeing one of this guys works in a hotel years ago, glad hes seeing more recognition. Wonderful art!
@Robert-xp4ii Anos atrás
Impressive artwork. It's fascinating.
@kalebrooks6833 2 anos atrás
this guy is earning money doing something he truly love, and he’s doing it with his significant other, for DECADES??? he’s blessed for sure
@rdean150 2 anos atrás
I wonder how much these sculptures sell for
@skeletalforce9673 2 anos atrás
@@rdean150 art either sells for way too little or a lot, and because hes still doing it I guess a lot
@mindhunter8772 2 anos atrás
He's not making any kind of money thats enough to pay the bills
@phaedruslykos3249 2 anos atrás
@@mindhunter8772 Each is about 4k and I saw about 7 on the wall.
@macdeep8523 2 anos atrás
He is focused and not money minded , mostly ppl chase money and end up.mediocre
@Songwryt1 Anos atrás
I absolutely love watching the videos of his sculptures moving. If I owned one I'd never get anything done. The random, asymmetrical movement is so natural.
@daquanbenson549 Anos atrás
I'm so fascinated with this that this is definetly something i'd have in my house. I'd make my entire house a maze or just some kind of mind bending house puzzle
@stevebrucken1944 Anos atrás
I think those are absolutely fascinating, what I think would be really interesting is seeing if there is a way to attach something to give it a harmonic balance using either magnetics or a low electrical voltage
@Billytomtom18 Mês atrás
Hello David I truly appreciate that you are usually thinking outside the box, we need more curious minds to keep making Art like Yours 👍
@dorf297 Anos atrás
I am completely mesmerised in love with these things good job Rory keep making them I wish I could afford one.
@DanteYewToob 3 anos atrás
Wow. This is amazing, he should make a BRvid channel where he films them in action in real time. I'd put it on my TV in the background all day! A 48hr video to watch when I do laundry or cook, or a relaxing video to watch in bed while I go to sleep! These could be amazing for people with anxiety or mentally disabled people who need certain stimuli to keep calm... these are more than art! They are mechanical medicine for the mind! Edit: He has a channel; David C. Roy where he has a few of his sculptures filmed. It's pretty cool. More I'm depth than this, but I still wish he would film more of them for longer! He could probably make decent money off of views if he did, but I understand that he might not be interested in doing that. I can respect that. I hope to buy one one day!
@TheCyanSqueegee 3 anos atrás
I can't help you with him filming more of them, but if you wanted to lengthen the videos you could always loop them by right clicking and selecting loop. It might not be a perfect loop though, but may be better than nothing!
@wjspade 3 anos atrás
danteelite those would make an amazing screen saver!
@libertyjo6238 3 anos atrás
Thanks. I'm glad to know he has a channel. It would be amazing to own one of his wind and watch whenever one wants! Lol. New goal.
@klj2382 2 anos atrás
I like how he makes it clear these are not perpetual machines, which is impossible
@NiqSyazz 2 anos atrás
I like how you makes it it clear that that perpetual motion machine is impossible despite him making it clear that it's impossible
@davemiller6055 2 anos atrás
@@NiqSyazz I'm impossibly amused by you making it clear that Kevin2382 makes it clear that a perpetual motion machine is impossible after the builder made it clear that it's impossible, because it is, in fact, impossible. Unless it IS possible and we just don't yet know that it is possible. But I don't know if that's possible. But even if perpetual motion IS possible, these sculptures are definitely NOT perpetual motion machines because for them to be perpetual motion machines is impossible. Have I made myself clear?
@jasonzool323 2 anos atrás
@@NiqSyazz actually is possible ...time crystals
@JayDee-xj9lu Anos atrás
I built a electric quad bike, and someone asked. Why can't you put a generator on the wheel and charge your battery. It was hard to explain that perpetual motion is impossible. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
@GeminiDolly52951 2 anos atrás
Your ideas are super - I could watch them for hours - It is like "poetry in motion" - Thanks for posting this.
@SuperRama666 2 anos atrás
Absolutely mesmerising I could just sit and watch these forever love all his works amazing artist
@nadinemakinson1934 2 anos atrás
Mesmerizing! 💜 I could watch any one of them, for hours, no thinking required.
@wn8022 2 anos atrás
This guy is a genius ! Counter weights implanted individually into all needed moving pieces. Wow.
@BN-fi9wi 3 anos atrás
I love how science took art to another level.
@BJSepuku 3 anos atrás
Science has been a huge influence on art since the start of recorded history.
@CrafterVSWild 3 anos atrás
You need science in art, in fact you need science in everything as it composes the universe around us
@sitalingandu2560 3 anos atrás
It goes both ways science is art and art is science sometimes we find things that show us the hidden threads that connects everything
@joniskates 3 anos atrás
@@BJSepuku actually almost all great masters of the Renaissance were interested in all aspects of life, they were trying to understand what they were painting. The mindset of an artist and the mindset of a scientist are very similar, they view the world through the same, curious eyes. And this guy in the video isn' t the first artist to take the aspects of motion, balance and mechanics as part of his artworks. Alexander Calder also takes these aspects as a subject for his artworks, as well as Fischli&Weiss ("the way things go f.e., you can find it on BRvid I think)
@caramelcoffees 3 anos atrás
it's a symbiotic relationship
Człowiek pozytywnie zakręcony. To sztuka lepsza niż jakiś obrazek w muzeum.
@logicman7028 8 meses atrás
I'm absolutely speechless. He should be awarded a Lifetime Achievement award.
@octagontowers4267 2 anos atrás
Ok, I'm not mesmerized by the sculptures (though they are hypnotizingly fabulous). I'm mesmerized by the fact that all of those things happen in his brain first. What a genius!
@jso19801980 2 anos atrás
i love how he just does what he loves, doesn't try to go where the money is, doesnt follow hype etc
Now, THIS is what I would call modern art. Something truly unique and fascinating to look at.
@iCarlyfan4534 3 anos atrás
i love this guy he actually knows what hes talking about and so sweet very wholesome
@shinjitobe8297 3 anos atrás
Unlike most American TV hosts.
@uhjeff3651 3 anos atrás
Reminds me of chefs talking about meaningless science when they teach how to cook to make themselves sound less boring
@shinjitobe8297 3 anos atrás
Nomad Sage I don’t need to. Because I too was shocked.
@kennethwilliams6916 3 anos atrás
You know he has tripped ball's at some point!
@Alex-cw3rz 3 anos atrás
tututuims ieijebdo if you were a watch maker you could, in fact you'd be in a better position than he was.
@crgaillee 9 meses atrás
Thank you for posting this, Its quite intriguing. Imagine if your wife's sculpture had been shown to the carpenters or metalworkers 5k years ago. How far technologically would we be today?
@dripdrop28 2 anos atrás
What can I say. Just brilliant, what a amazing guy. This needs more recognition 👍👍
@razzo8525 2 meses atrás
Your working art brings a glow to my conceptual soul and inspires me ,thanks i think i need one in my life for me it makes me more aware of time and space and the beauty of motion
I was really amazed by the math and engineering you designed. It is a beautiful modern novelty. Some of your sculptures can be really technologically advanced buildings.
@DH-gk8vh 2 anos atrás
Incredibly beautiful. I would love to have one.
@mangarang 3 anos atrás
I’d love to see him attempt a series of biomimetic sculptures like the motion of a bird’s wings or a snake’s sinusoidal gate.
@JAZR0 3 anos atrás
@mjjjuly 3 anos atrás
Similar to the Strandbeest sculptures
@guestiestguest4048 3 anos atrás
These are fantastic works of art! 👌
@iga279 Anos atrás
what a fantastic man and brilliant ideas; there's still hope for mankind with guys like David;
@lauragarnham77 Anos atrás
I adore these. They are so elegant, relaxing and mesmerising.
@ivanangeli Anos atrás
this is one of the most interesting things I have watched on this platform for some time :) Love it, especially the science tone of it
@yogipool Anos atrás
I appreciate works such as kinetic sculpture because they’re probably inspiring mechanical and civil engineers to be more efficient 👍🧘‍♀️
@electromigue 3 anos atrás
I love the sculptures. It would be awesome if David could make youtube videos teaching his learnings. If you ever read this David, you can run the abandonware software in a virtual machine in any new computer. If you ever need help with tech i'm sure there's plenty of us willing to help you! Keep it up!
@RaymondHng 3 anos atrás
He has an old version of Working Model 2D that runs on PowerPC-based Macs, not Intel-based Macs. Most virtual machine software virtualize an Intel x86 machine, not a PowerPC machine. That is why he has to find old hardware.
@kaikart123 3 anos atrás
@@RaymondHng you can run it with virtualbox in an IBM cloud powerpc server
@RaymondHng 3 anos atrás
@@kaikart123 Again, VirtualBox virtualizes an _Intel x86_ processor, not a PowerPC processor. The host machine (in your case the IBM Cloud PowerPC) is irreverent. The virtual machine, not the host machine, must emulate a PowerPC.
@kaikart123 3 anos atrás
@@RaymondHng whoops yeah you are correct I forgot about that. You can use qemu though to run PPC software
@spirit.canada 2 anos atrás
This is amazing, thank you for inspiring me - I will now design my own kinetic sculpture.
@CatalinaThePirate 2 anos atrás
😃 I've loved this man's sculptures for years! 😺 Thanks for the vid! 😁💕
@Alex-vc5dr Anos atrás
OMG 😳. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I would love to add these in my big projects. I need to get in touch with Roy.
@BabaLoochi 2 anos atrás
I dont think a lot of you quite grasp how rare this human is. Amazing
@Andreas-yy8uk 2 anos atrás
@TainaElisabeth 2 anos atrás
your view of humanity is quite depressing
@nebo7944 2 anos atrás
These are so unbelievably cool! Bravo, Mr. Roy.
@allyourcode 3 anos atrás
How we know this guy is an engineer at heart: one of the steps in his production is stress testing.
@EpilepticNinja24 2 anos atrás
Hats off to the guy... For real I can't imagine the dedication needed for this.
I once came across a study involving two researchers who managed to minimize friction to the extent that it was imperceptible even with their highly sensitive instruments. If I recall correctly, they employed benzene as an intermediary substance between gold and Teflon, successfully reducing the refractive index for friction by half. Evidently, this approach nearly eliminated friction altogether.
@InAHollowTree 6 dias atrás
“I would like for people to be a little bit amazed…” A little bit? Nah; my mind is actually blown! Kinetic sculpture is absolutely amazing.🤯🤯
@docreyaz2370 Anos atrás
I love this man for doing something that might not be making a sort of sense for others yet he makes it sensible for earning a living 👍
@ClickClack_Bam 2 anos atrás
Would be awesome to have him make a picture with say animals moving & other things moving with a wooden background behind them that you can also remove to show the working gears etc. You could have it displayed either way if you designed it the right way which I'll bet he could do. The one piece looked like a bird flying up & down & got me thinking of this. Funny how another person can set off an idea of your own that instantly has you thinking about another creation. That's what makes this all beautiful.
@Dantick09 3 anos atrás
That is art I would actually pay for to get on my wall, amazing stuff
@SnekNyx 3 anos atrás
Lowest one is about 2k-3k.
@fzproject6462 3 anos atrás
@@SnekNyx ikr, he wasn't charge that much
@rohanjarande 3 anos atrás
@@SnekNyx Worth it.
@damncat2793 3 anos atrás
@@SnekNyx 😳
@kevinim300 Anos atrás
Absolutely wonderful to watch. Immediately mesmerized and love it.
@Anthony-hd4ik 2 anos atrás
I like how he makes it seem like its complicated but in reality it really is not u just gotta know what ur doing
@MrPrintman1 5 meses atrás
WOW, imagine trying to pass on this type of knowledge & skill to a new generation in this day & age. Amazing stuff
@banudi2 2 anos atrás
It was one word; beautiful. I only wish I could actually learn his thought process and calculations when finding the motion of the design.
@jima1971y Anos atrás
This, to me, is what a genius is. Absolutely astounding.
@cyber_cunt2077 3 anos atrás
i love his idea, it also shows how closely related science and art truly are.
@pennyoflaherty1345 2 anos atrás
Couldn’t Agree more with your statement !!!🤓
@MikeDyson3k 2 anos atrás
Sacred Geometry has entered the chat.
@mrsprite399 Anos atrás
My two favorite subjects
@christinealdret1209 2 anos atrás
I really find these sculptures so beautiful 😍
@mikeslavin4256 Anos atrás
Wood, energy, balance, movement, all producing visual beauty. There's an innate sense of perfection and bliss here.
@DCFresh 2 anos atrás
Absolutely stunning. Science in art 👏🏾
@broadlover69 2 anos atrás
Amazing creative works 🙏❤️
@timlewis9286 Anos atrás
My parents got one of his sculptures years ago and it’s hung on their wall and then on my sisters wall since my mother died, I love this thing!
@jrr851 3 anos atrás
I'm 32 now, my parents bought several of these in the 90s and we even visited his studio in Connecticut. I remember playing games on his Mac as a six year old while my parents discussed making a custom piece. They have 3 of them mounted above their mantle and they're still super cool.
@2PacPRNDL 3 anos atrás
Lol did he have cool games
@scottsanderson8420 3 anos atrás
What's the name of his company?
@jeffreyge1 3 anos atrás
@@dootu Dunno about the company, but his website is woodthatworks.
@Colt-pe3dq 3 anos atrás
@rzella8022 3 anos atrás
Aw lucky you! Those are just so cool!
@nancycole-auguste6614 2 meses atrás
I love what he loves! Opens the brain to science, physics, truth, precision, beauty, AND mysticism.
@openureyes 7 meses atrás
Omg I absolutely love these this man and woman are gifted beyond words
@kirra7406 2 anos atrás
I think if I visited your workshop I would never leave. So wonderful. 😃
@queensrule4450 2 anos atrás
A beautiful combination of science and art.
@MikeYeary Anos atrás
When he says that the frustration makes the joy he gets when it's finished, so much better. Yes! I wish my friends and family understood this. When I'm working on a song or trying to create or learn something new, I like to gripe about it when I get frustrated with it. Friends and family will say, "Oh my gosh! Will you just take a break already?" No, I may be super frustrated now, but when I finally get it worked out, my satisfaction is going to be huge. 🤣
@jsb7225 3 anos atrás
You are both artistically and intellectually gifted and the artwork is just mesmerizing.
@joaobeloferreira9823 9 meses atrás
Finalmente arte de verdade.
@cryptocat7119 2 anos atrás
these sculptures are amazing ✨💗
@fdw2900 Anos atrás
You been doing this for 40 years and we come to know about this today how unfortunate we are. Its awesome and most beautiful piece of physical art ever
@TheSuaveSavant Anos atrás
I need this man's website information. I must have a few of these for my living room wall. I love physics. And this would be great to have as a center piece.
@anttam117 3 anos atrás
Too bad all of these amazing videos are called "How this guy..." This "guy" has a name and a life story. He is not just a "guy", he's a creative person with an amazing talent. Give them all the respect they deserve.
@puppydoghqgaming140 2 anos atrás
This guys is a legend! And also he builds insane stuff!
@dianafoskey4129 2 anos atrás
These look awesome and complicated all at same time and i love every piece.
@billmackay3171 11 meses atrás
I bought one of his kinetic sculpture in the early Nineties. It's still working well!
@updownstate 2 anos atrás
The world that works the world. I'm fascinated by wind spinners and their rate of speed. I never dreamed of anything human driven. I wish I had found this channel a long time ago. Thank you for showing us.
Just brilliant. Well done.... keep it up. So original!
@PabloGreg 3 anos atrás
Loved this piece! Great topic, very good production, edition, directing, ideas... this guy is a truly a great artisan! A master and an engineer. Thank you for such a great piece of inspiration.
@nanotriker 2 anos atrás
Very interesting - just a pitty that one almost only sees relatively short glimses of details - why not show all the artworks in full and and keep in the viewfield for some time so one has a chance to enjoy these awsome creations...
@randomgirlxrulz Anos atrás
Omg please tell me David has an apprentice or is training someone in how to create these incredible pieces!! They are magnificent!
@roguebuddha Anos atrás
Wonder, aesthetic, motion, nature, technology. THIS is art.
@mikethomasfabulous 2 anos atrás
This is wonderful stuff, how small a solar cell could you have to make one independent of winding?
@davidburns1753 2 meses atrás
Being a copper artisan myself, I hope you will be honored to learn that you gave me new inspiration. I HAVE to make at least one of these items using copper ... Thank You!!!!!
@zenmindstate110 3 anos atrás
I wish I could afford one of these. Maybe one day. Amazing art.
@SnekNyx 3 anos atrás
Lowest one is 2.2k so you could if you want to save up and buy one.
@pmcccar 3 anos atrás
sneky snek still too much, how much for half?
@mahado31 3 anos atrás
PMAC that’ll get you a pretty cheap but still *cool* things
@palmer_c1377 Anos atrás
This is amazing! So cool, keep it up!
@theonlyregito1169 Anos atrás
Ordered one for a buddy that was in the Army with me. Tbh, it is completely mind blowing in person. Simply amazing.
@housdrmoon Anos atrás
His works is the reason I fell in love with kinetic art. :)
@subratadas8408 2 anos atrás
Thanks that you are there to create such unthinkable things 👍👍
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