How the Robert Chambers Trial Captivated NYC in 1986

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In 1986, New York City logged more than 1,500 homicides, but the media was fixated on just one. In August, 18-year-old Jennifer Levin's partially nude body was found in Central Park. The prime suspect was 20-year-old Robert Chambers. His physical appearance and private school upbringing garnered him the nickname ‘The Preppy Killer.’ But it wasn't just the suspect's good looks that made this case so sensational. Claims of rough sex and a shocking video had the public on the edge of their seats.

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10 Nov 2019



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Comentários 342
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner 7 dias atrás
Trump did this, all murders in 1986 were by Epstein and Trump. Edit: I'm joking Trumps trash but this entitled Ahole deserved real time.
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi 7 dias atrás
Gorgeous Psychopath/Sociopath...I can not believe those girls hanging with him after he was being prosecuted for murder.
L.O.V.E Drive
L.O.V.E Drive 10 dias atrás
He looks like Jake paul
Spenser T
Spenser T 16 dias atrás
Pro Bono. With Sal Bono. Sounds better, no?
Joe Gallo
Joe Gallo 16 dias atrás
Can you do joe gallo
E K 17 dias atrás
I wonder why DT had no dog in this race? Young white woman, brutally raped and murdered. A likely suspect identified and admitted that hr did it. No headlines calling for the return of the death penalty, no calling the suspect horrible names...nothing...I wonder why?
Carlos Jaimes
Carlos Jaimes 17 dias atrás
@@@@@@@@@@@@€aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was the time to you you Aaaaq aaaa AjaeaLly
franchescaahhh 17 dias atrás
why am I getting bryce walker vibes? rich preppy boy ?
Victory Morningstar
Victory Morningstar 17 dias atrás
Robert Pattinson?
• Gacha Hearts •
• Gacha Hearts • 17 dias atrás
Why do all the good looking guys turn out to be murders :((. (Jk)
ya whatever putas rami
ya whatever putas rami 18 dias atrás
People on tik tok be like “but mama I’m in love with a criminal”.
shamus 20 dias atrás
crack came out in 86.. but the term crackhead became popular in 2019.. 33 years later
Micah Franklin
Micah Franklin 20 dias atrás
He low key looks hecky hot 🥵like I’m I right😂😭😂🤣🤣
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 21 dia atrás
Superman chin lookin ass
Super Weird girl
Super Weird girl 21 dia atrás
He looks likes the dolan twins O_O
Angry Pingu
Angry Pingu 22 dias atrás
Wearing one earbud and im getting earraped with only a bit of volume
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones 22 dias atrás
He didnt spend much time in jail. Lucky him.
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones 22 dias atrás
Lmao a man stating a woman sexed him without his CONSENT!! The biggest farce I've ever heard! He sounded so ridiculous.
eileen perez
eileen perez 21 dia atrás
Nikki Jones - true but it can happen. Look at this big stallion of a guy. They did go into the park. And as the song goes “the freaks come out at night!”
Jen TheReader
Jen TheReader 23 dias atrás
Wait ... so selling some drugs gets longer jail time than killing an innocent lady...
eileen perez
eileen perez 21 dia atrás
Jen TheReader - yes because the law looks for intent within every crime and with “killing a lady” you have to prove that your intent was to murder her. If you can’t prove that 100 percent then you don’t get the murder sentence for that person. And with drugs, after a certain amount, it’s obvious you’re intent was to sell it and so you’ll clearly be charged with possession with intent to distribute which carries its own sentence. It’s all about intention and planning in criminal law when it comes to killings and murders and accidents.
Rosie W
Rosie W 24 dias atrás
A beautiful man and a wasted life. He obviously needed help with his drug addiction.
eileen perez
eileen perez 21 dia atrás
Rosie W - facts!
Chips Ahoy
Chips Ahoy 24 dias atrás
But if it was a black person they would be facing life or death penalty
Christopher C
Christopher C 17 dias atrás
Fact: both the prosecution attorney and the detective on the Chambers/Levin case were also part of the Central Park Five case. I don't think plea deals were made there.
Edie Koller
Edie Koller 25 dias atrás
Not a good looking guy. What does he mean "I think I killed her".. He is 53 yrs old now and he probally looks ugly now.
Jack Chambers
Jack Chambers 25 dias atrás
My dad is called Robert chambers too
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 25 dias atrás
Kinda proves that societies porbs,,,, begin in the home.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 25 dias atrás
Good looks👎🏻
iinicxle 26 dias atrás
*but mama i’m in love with a criminal and this type of love isn’t rational, it’s physical* JOKES
eileen perez
eileen perez 21 dia atrás
This is why she died. It was purely physical.
My’Isha Hodge
My’Isha Hodge 22 dias atrás
iinicxle yes by Britney Spears
Drew Hendley
Drew Hendley 26 dias atrás
If looks could kill
brina 26 dias atrás
Good looks couldn't save him anymore
BAY 8TH 718
BAY 8TH 718 27 dias atrás
I'm surprised he is still breathing someone should have stuck a shiv up his ass a long time ago.
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters 27 dias atrás
⚖️ Thank You!
Lolly Kim
Lolly Kim 29 dias atrás
Crime Junkie did a podcast espisode on this! Look for preppy murder espisode.
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 29 dias atrás
Did I miss the good looks part?
Juan Delacruz
Juan Delacruz 29 dias atrás
Wow, he has spent more of his life inside prison than he did outside. Watch the movie "Shot caller" guys, it'll give you a clue on why he went back inside for the 2nd time, he's now too deep into the rabbit hole and they won't just let him off the hook that easy. Yeah and he probably listens to Gun's and Roses before he was jailed where Axel Rose was still looking like a hot chic, when he gets out in 2024 Axel will be (already) looking like that hot chic's grandpa.
The Bulletz Gotti Show
The Bulletz Gotti Show 29 dias atrás
His story was sad man he was freed then rearrested for drug dealing that drug dealing charges he got was foul
Am rose
Am rose Mês atrás
Yeh i remember this case. So sad it was portrayed that she was aggressive one that night he had to kill her to get her to stop. He just has a cold stare, yeh private school kids being wild in NYC.
Pain-life123 Yt
Pain-life123 Yt Mês atrás
Waoo is crazy how waste time and somebody like this guy, everithing for nathing.
SpongeBob NiggaPants
Imagine if the crack epidemic never happened and didn’t hit the hoods
Nnhgfnkhfj Yuy
Nnhgfnkhfj Yuy Mês atrás
Genesis Ansbro
Genesis Ansbro Mês atrás
American Psycho the movie seems to be based off of this guy.
Christopher C
Christopher C 17 dias atrás
Not quite. That movie was based on a published novel of the same name.
Marvin Laureles
Marvin Laureles Mês atrás
A beautiful wealthy lady killed by a loser drug addict
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