How Technology might be about to Kill us.

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Welcome to a theory about where technology might lead us in the future, through the evolution of the smartphone and the human need to constantly reach the next stage. This isn't guaranteed to happen, of course, but it's certainly a possibility, one we should be quite careful of....

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Ciência e tecnologia

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25 Jan 2020



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Comentários 14 370
Mrwhosetheboss Anos atrás
This video has been a LONG time in the making, and I think all the pieces start to fit together towards the end. If you do watch the whole thing (Thank you by the way), then let me know what you think - Terrifying, or incredible?
Destruction Forever
It also took me a long time to watch this cuz it was so boring
BeastSapro 688
BeastSapro 688 Mês atrás
it is very terrifying . this is like the starting stage of terminator 2 movie in which the war between the robots and humans
Ty Mês atrás
Just show us where you live
R-TECK Mês atrás
MKLO GAMER Mês atrás
Danny THE Dog
Danny THE Dog 13 minutos atrás
1) The best technical straightforward analysis of human condition to date. Even 1y later, no, we're not smarter in general. Bravo! 2) Cringe -(or pedantic nerd)- alert! A $ bill, or any other paper, has never been 1mm thick. That's thicker than a credit card, for all the imperially raised. I just can't let that pass, as millions of possible future viewers, who imperially couldn't give a fugg about SI units, will possibly take that as an example for the most frequently used metric measure in today's engineering. For a precision machinist it's just heresy. Sorry, but a mm is the king of blueprints. I assume that Aaron, as a british guy uses inches, however the maths done on 1T 1 dollar bills were done (probably not by him) right, if everything is rounded up, and assumed height of ISS is 400km. In reality 1T 1$ would stack to real height of ISS and back would rather be 119 times, as an average height above Earth is 420km(418-422). A dollar is cited to be 0,1mm thick, but in precision i'm used to - it's a bit more, so the final stack could be shorter. Or not, if you count the compression by the sheer mass of that lovely pile. Anyways, when you finally have them $$$ Aaron, please do the stacking near my house. That amount would be exactly 30X my countrie's GDP, wich would come in handy. 3)There must be a glitch in YT algorithm (unless the glitch was in my vision), as it's supposed to know what i'll click first by now. Showing this in recommendations a year after release is just ridiculous. Gives me hope, that AI will not forcefully enslave all of us - at least in my lifetime.
The Dilo 234
The Dilo 234 2 dias atrás
the_truth_seeker 4 dias atrás
The same genetic technology that threatened many gave us the vaccine for covid 19. The same technology that destroyed two cities in Japan is now powering our houses. It's not the technology that's at fault. It's the humans not using their powers responsibly. It's happening all over the history. When man made iron and steel, he used it to build strong swords not strong wheels.
the_truth_seeker 4 dias atrás
I'm sorry mate. But your point on evolution is wrong. For the technology to improve, humans has to be more intelligent than the previous gen. It's a misconception that everyone has. But the scientific study proves otherwise. Every generation the children are becoming more intelligent than the previous generation. We don't need to worry about doing astronomical calculations anymore. The computers will take care of that. We humans can now focus on even bigger scientific challenges like understanding what the fundamental forces are, etc.. which were not even a dream during the previous generation. Some of the greatest breakthroughs in science happened just during the last decade.
Daniel Griffiths
Daniel Griffiths 6 dias atrás
I disagree that robots will replace humans in extreme sports. Sure, they will have a fanbase. However, the human factor makes a lot of what it is today. A competition of those with the same limits. There will be limits, such as limits to what is at the time engineering. I am changing my view, that maybe we will ‘be the robot’ though I think this would be very expensive, damaging what will become cheaper, but still a fortune. With CGI being comparable to high end video recording, I don't see how a robot will be any different to a computer-generated video game. This will be far cheaper and more sustainable. We already have esports in some parts of the world and watched in others. I think the biggest part is getting VR to be as realistic as possible: visually, sensory, and the software being as realistic as possible, or altered for fun, like zero gravity, etc. Though, you would need something more advanced than a simple omni-treadmill.
Vencat Bellem
Vencat Bellem 7 dias atrás
we should totally not let our parents see that😂😂😂😂🤣
bunny the bunny
bunny the bunny 7 dias atrás
Yes we finally become monkeh
Furo Living
Furo Living 7 dias atrás
It’s a nice video,I can pretty much say I’ve watched most of your video,and this is one of the best so far
Ppl Mazda
Ppl Mazda 8 dias atrás
Your production quality is great, that goes without saying but I have been subbed on a couple of accounts and watched a lot of your videos. I don't agree that robots will take the place in extreme sports though.. the very point of the sport being extreme is that there is a factor of risk in it that is empathetically felt among people. If anything I could see the assistance of tech in extreme sports evolving to new heights but definitely not taking the place of.
NRVYash Plays!
NRVYash Plays! 8 dias atrás
I just don't know man only time can tell. The only way to do it is to prepare before or if that happens. Since we will be artificially intelligent too so we can think like them and perform a strategy
Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice 10 dias atrás
You can it strongly in USA how people are stupid. The music for example .... TERRIBLE MEANINGLESS CRAP . The "gods" of new society are Kartrashians .... tell me more.
Mount Hope
Mount Hope 13 dias atrás
Remya Manoharan
Remya Manoharan 13 dias atrás
THis has made me realise so many things. thank you so much. i wish my parents would watch this but they wouldnt
MidnightHedgehog365 13 dias atrás
Just being a devil's advocate here. Who says our brains are working less than they did before? Just because we arent filling them up with our relative's phone numbers and map directions doesnt mean were using our brains "less". We are just processibg different information now. Sure skills of the past will be forelorn but who says thats a bad thing. Lots of people dont know how to use a hotcomb because we have flat irons. We just developed a new skill to replace the old one. On the topic of running fast. Humans arent built to run fast anyway. We're built for endurance. I would like to see a comparison of cross country runners or marathon runners not sprinters. I feel like that would be more applicable to how humans are no longer able to do something they're really good at as humans have never been really good at running. Most other species with legs are faster. I also dont think robots will take humanity's place in extreme sports as i believe people will always be interested in the extent of human capability. It's all about the thrill and the innate understanding of how hard/impressive something is because the viewer is human too. Try imagining American Ninja Warior but with robots. Doesn't sound as interesting to me. Not to mention athletes are role models to children that give them that determination to do their best by leading by example. (i do think the racing car thing is a valid sport that could be replaced by automation though. Racing can fall into this trap of people watching it for the cars and not the people. Peoplr want to see cool cars go fast first and foremost) The rest of your points are really cool and interesting. Definitely something to ponder.
desihaha 14 dias atrás
Hey, someone like human would need to continue and maintain the existence of technology, isn’t it? Of course, unless biological creation occur. But than again that is how life is in this universe isn’t it?
BasilRefaey80 15 dias atrás
WTF >>>>> AN AI GET MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS??? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN this is maddness but this shows how dumb humans are to follow an AI>>> crazy
Traves Senior
Traves Senior 15 dias atrás
I am really concerned too
steel united111
steel united111 15 dias atrás
But yet we don't have a cure for cancer
Justin Walker
Justin Walker 15 dias atrás
“You wouldnt have to call them you could just think and communicate with them” Ill pass that would be worse then butt dialing
Buddy Robles
Buddy Robles 16 dias atrás
Are what if you're hack be an ivance planted or buy a enemy want to take over the world like hitter
Buddy Robles
Buddy Robles 16 dias atrás
What if you're dream call someone aND brake up with you're girlfriend, or something even worse
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner 16 dias atrás
The technology available to the general public will always be a few generations behind that used by the military.
Channel F Studios
Channel F Studios 17 dias atrás
Great video. Very well said. Many times I've thought the same thing...when we know where these things will potentially lead, WHY do we continue down this path? As you put it, "We are just being human" When I was about 4 or 5 I reached out and pressed my hand on a red hot electric burner my mom had just taken a tea kettle off of. I knew I shouldn't. I knew what it was. I knew it was hot. It's hard to quantify because I was so young but I think I just wanted to see exactly what was going to happen, if it would match what I PREDICTED would happen, to actually experience it. Maybe as smart and as advanced as we get, at some level we still view the world through the eyes of a child. Incidentally, I would up with second degree burns so...I could just be a moron :)
Going Infinity
Going Infinity 17 dias atrás
Im a programer and why dont just do "if not dead then add to mind"?
Augustino Ita
Augustino Ita 17 dias atrás
Leaving the house without the 📱 is a relief
Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid 18 dias atrás
What you are saying is true. Imagine, years ago you had to do calculations with your brain now, you just place the numbers in a calculator and wham, the answer is there.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies 18 dias atrás
Humans: the bi-product of technology.
Debra Cursaro
Debra Cursaro 19 dias atrás
It would probably also control the ability to have children. Just a thought to consider 🧐
Sathyavathi Subramani
Sathyavathi Subramani 19 dias atrás
Arun, did you get to read my technology footprints ? Messages, calls, chats, browsing histories on the internet ? Relationship with people in real life ? I am just like you.
jus64 19 dias atrás
Titel Talks about killing Technology. What they are Talking about: Robots take. Over Jobs and phones make und dumb
Elias K
Elias K 19 dias atrás
Did I just see a rat with a USB port on its head?
S L 19 dias atrás
Enjoyed it # this is massive 💋✨💫
Gladys Free
Gladys Free 20 dias atrás
I so appreciate smart men.thank you sir.
nishant modak
nishant modak 21 dia atrás
Quintessential video on rising use of technology
Michael molina
Michael molina 21 dia atrás
i did enjoy it pls nmake another video like this thx
Anna Vickery
Anna Vickery 22 dias atrás
Who’s watching in 2050 thinking OMG HE LIED
BoopityBoop 24 dias atrás
The red AI guys exploiting a "bug" in the environment to complete their task was the most poignant example of how unpredictable and dangerous AI can be.
Life as Kaela
Life as Kaela 24 dias atrás
That's it! I'm throwing away my phone, removing myself from modern society, and moving away to the woods in the middle of nowhere, where they are no people for hundreds of miles, and will live by myself in a cottage with a dog and a fat cat. I am that paranoid.
Orlando Kelly
Orlando Kelly 24 dias atrás
This guy's scary stories are the best
Bryce Wert
Bryce Wert 24 dias atrás
Its true im on my phone way to much i should probably get of
Chii Suigintou
Chii Suigintou 25 dias atrás
Depends, one can grow AI similar to SAO in a sort of MMO, or you can teach them similar chobits.,. Perhaps you should try watching more anime. For example Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is about a war between AI and humans, with the main character looking a lot like Hatsune Miku.,.
elmo mangwato
elmo mangwato 25 dias atrás
incredibly terrifying
Mr. Mr
Mr. Mr 25 dias atrás
How To Overclock Your Brain! (2095 WORKING)
Victor-Marius Pîrvan
Victor-Marius Pîrvan 25 dias atrás
This reminds of the movie series "The 100"
carter sandilands
carter sandilands 26 dias atrás
i am sad now
The wishful Thinker
The wishful Thinker 26 dias atrás
Will the knowledge link be a part of Amazon kindle subscription? Stop paying your bill and you’re dumb as a rock.
AMIRUL HAQE 26 dias atrás
ransom virus in brain ! that would be the worst 🤕
Ivan Kandzhikov
Ivan Kandzhikov 26 dias atrás
The video is interesting, just 1 correction mate - Musk is not the founder of Neuralink, other peo people are. He just became a majority share holder long after the company started.
Extundo 26 dias atrás
so this is why a 14 year old working at a grocery store 90 hours a week is child abuse.
J19 Vlogger74
J19 Vlogger74 26 dias atrás
i am scared
NoMalintent 27 dias atrás
I’ve started playing Detroit: become human and I think it demonstrates these kinds of ideas perfectly
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 27 dias atrás
And until then iPhones will still have the notch lmao But for real now, the AI doesn't need to be regulated, it just needs to be PREVENTED
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 27 dias atrás
This makes me wanna rewatch ghost in the shell
Savannah Clipper Hairstyles
Zika Lazic
Zika Lazic 28 dias atrás
After I inplant dat chips and prostecics I gonna change my name to Adam Jensen
Roblox adventures
Roblox adventures 28 dias atrás
Someone From Somewhere
Someone From Somewhere 28 dias atrás
if everyone is going to be artificially intelligent, no one is going to be the best at doing something, everyone will have the same capabilities. The world is going to be so ducking boring. i really like the video by the way
PiggyOfficialYT 28 dias atrás
I'm scared of the fact that language barriers will stop, because we will not have our differences with language.
Corner 🎗️techno support 🎗️
I've never been so terrified and so amazed-
Qu’est-ce que c’est ton visage
Thank you Arun, really helped me to build my English presentation.
Diana Lindeman
Diana Lindeman 28 dias atrás
These chips are the Mark of the Beast tech!
Ollie Pascoe
Ollie Pascoe 28 dias atrás
I enjoyed this vidio
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 28 dias atrás
I see 'The Age of Ultron' being born …
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 28 dias atrás
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 28 dias atrás
Well I see schools being no more because everybody will be smart and out performing themselves … hence, no more competition … OMG
Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini 28 dias atrás
This meta verse thing coming up is basically a death wish …
xiaoburst1 29 dias atrás
after this video i will be terrified for the next year humans are stupid
Probably Being Sarcastic
As an Epileptic I would most certianly be one to do it. I already have an RNS machine in my brain so I mean whats the big difference? Haha, I would be down to see what it would be like to have it in my head. I'm sure people would look at me weird but it'd be cool. But yeah I guess it'd be bad if I had that I could go see other humans who won't merge as bad for some reason? Like you always see the younger generation dislike the older generation or the reverse cause the older generation wont adapt. But idk personally idc if they dont want to....but like what if like I dont control that? What if I can no longer control that cause of the AI????
Ema Carvalho
Ema Carvalho Mês atrás
Remember Data, the android from Star Trek? He had emotions. The kid on AI the movie had emotions. So who are we to say AI will be able to have emotions too? Thanks for doing these videos because it’s my favorite subject.
Gamer Boy LTK
Gamer Boy LTK Mês atrás
×would u rather go 1000 years in the past stay in present or go 1000 years in the future
sam mills
sam mills Mês atrás
Brilliant, best AI video I have seen so far, well done.
oktc68 Mês atrás
That will be brilliant for the handful of people who get it. They will quickly grasp that as things stand we're doomed and promptly exterminate the obsolete humans. Doh!
YourAverageSoldat Mês atrás
And so I said, Lungs? I barely know er-'! Wait hold up dude, my phone is ringing. *Yeah hello?* I AM DEATH. *Okay.* *CALL ENDED*
Pandas World
Pandas World Mês atrás
Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️
Shrikeshav Mohan
Shrikeshav Mohan Mês atrás
The Maxtrix :o
baymax bizarre adventure
if you watch marvel what if... computer virus is pretty good
Scotaland Mês atrás
Thank you so much for your video
a me
a me Mês atrás
i meannn... that brain implant kinda sounds like the mark of the beast, doesn't it? slightly joking, i, lol anyways, good riddance humanity!
Timothy Swift
Timothy Swift Mês atrás
Hey Arron,,, that’s some heavy stuff! But I think how ever much more advanced we will be come,, it will not even be considered a drop in the bucket compared to the knowledge of GOD! And the good thing is he alone is in control.
Prof. Dr. Mike Hawk
Stick to reviews.
Glitched Mês atrás
JESUS i think we will become more intelligent but artificially just let nature evolve
FBI Mês atrás
8:32 This is some cyberpunk sh*t but hopefully with less bugs
Braxton Hood
Braxton Hood Mês atrás
News: Arun is the one that's going to be alive when AI are using us like google Me: he's got like a million phones probably with GPS enabled (;
Braxton Hood
Braxton Hood Mês atrás
Arun: The world is going to end cos of Phones Also Arun: buying every phone then exposing them on BRvid made by Google
Doctor Doornail
Doctor Doornail Mês atrás
they brought a new definition to USB computer mouse
Tolkay Eymen
Tolkay Eymen Mês atrás
The technology made me learn English for some reason
PG03 Mês atrás
Imagine u comment hate on an AI's account and get a robot killing u in your house next day
Captain Ballistic
Captain Ballistic Mês atrás
Casually calling death
Kazzio Brown 8-7
Kazzio Brown 8-7 Mês atrás
0:16 y'all see that 666 on the building 🤦🏽‍♂️
Karnik Saxena
Karnik Saxena Mês atrás
Pls make videos like this .... And u never read comments so why u ask to comment 💔😒
Beast The Nephew Senior
If they don’t have emotions that mean they r not intelligent enough to understand emotions that means they are not intelligent that means they are artificial but not intelligent 😏😏😏😏😏
Terrane Mês atrás
Some weirdo is gonna use that map at the start to find his house
Priyanka Ghosh
Priyanka Ghosh Mês atrás
As someone directly working in bio technology field working closely with AI and also avid sci-fi and dystopian reader, these thoughts still haunts me where we a headed to
James Daniel
James Daniel Mês atrás
My only question is what happens when the AI becomes sentient. Examples when the Geth from Mass Effect ask if they have a soul or when Jen Luc Picard had to defend CMDR Data. Will we accept them as a new species? Will we bring about our own destruction by trying to destroying "it" and force them to defend themselves? Detroit: Become Human is also a wonderous scenario.
K. K. Slider
K. K. Slider Mês atrás
Mrwhosetheboss:Technology is bad. Thetalentlesswriter:It is making the world a better place
aaaaa1957 Mês atrás
I enjoy this video. On the matter of enhancing intelligent my fear is the government. As we are witnessing now with the flu shot that the government will make it mandatory so that those in charge can monitor its citizens. Who know they ( government ) may require everyone to have an off switch ( something to put us to sleep ) embedded with whatever they put in our heads, kind of like the chips in our phones or the spyware Apple want to put in the IPhones now. I don’t feel Secure in the direction we are heading.
stephen Mês atrás
about are brains getting weaker that's not true were evolving
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt Mês atrás
I cant wait to end up in the matrix with neuralink and end up as neo Edit: Man I just realized with I will be able to speak any language ever
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Mês atrás
I don't think that chip will work because rats don't think like humans and don't have too many language barriers 😕
Why AI will probably kill us all.
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