How Rediscovering Rock Music Led Me Here - A 24 Year Overnight Success

Rick Beato
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This a story that like the one in "Fortunes of Hard Work" most people even my close friends don't know about me. It is the story of how I rediscovered Rock Music in my late 20's and how the journey took me to creating this channel. This is my 24 year overnight success story.

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22 Fev 2017



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Comentários 2 363
Sean Manton
Sean Manton 4 anos atrás
I was one of your students at Ithaca College in the fall of 1989. I was a film major but was starting to play guitar. I totally sucked. I wanted something more rock-n-roll or even blues, but the only course available at the time was to take jazz guitar with you. I still have my chord charts and scales and modes with your handwriting on them! Although I never ended up playing jazz, thanks to you I still enjoy playing guitar thirty years later. I remember those classes with you at Ithaca so fondly. I am proud that you are still teaching and still inspiring people. But now, instead of just Ithaca kids, you are reaching people all over the world. Keep up the great work Rick! I am grateful that you filled me with just enough knowledge and enthusiasm to keep going. I honestly think if I hadn't taken that class with you, I probably would have been too discouraged by my shitty playing to continue. So, a sincere THANK YOU! ~ Sean Manton
O.o 2 anos atrás
Leon Mohan
Leon Mohan 2 anos atrás
I just read your amazing comment. If you have not had contact with Rick yet, go to his instagram. He is much more responsive there. This video was already 2yrs old when you posted your comment so I doubt he would see it now. Hope this helps if you needed it!
Manila Martin
Manila Martin 3 anos atrás
Yes. I live in Philippines and enjoy these videos. Its amazing
Tim 67
Tim 67 3 anos atrás
Awesome man.
A Hernández
A Hernández 3 anos atrás
Just now reading and responding to your message of a great memory; 11 months before Beato.
g o
g o 3 anos atrás
The most important part of this is when he admitted that he was a proficient guitarist who couldn’t write tunes anyone wanted to hear. It’s a very unique and rare gift and has little to do with musicianship.
Richard Anos atrás
I'm remembering Elton John on Inside The Actor's Studio talking about his writing most songs within 5 minutes or giving up then picking up Peer Gynt or something and setting it to music on stage off the cuff and beautifully. It's a gift.
digiface 2 anos atrás
roxoto and those who can’t teach, teach gym.
Brian McKinny
Brian McKinny 2 anos atrás
roxoto Amen to that! :)
Eric Cohen
Eric Cohen 2 anos atrás
Rick, You are as talented at storytelling as you are at music. Storytelling is a lost art form that entertained people for thousands of years. It's incredibly refreshing to know someone still sees the fascination of telling a great story. Thank you and keep the stories flowing.
Walter Pavlik II
Walter Pavlik II 3 anos atrás
Just goes to show there is no such thing as "Overnight success". You worked hard trying to find your niche in the music world. Hearing that you were in 4 bands at one time PLUS bartending to afford to live and you never really gave up. I love these videos.
Randy Badour
Randy Badour 4 meses atrás
I have met or talked to so few folks I feel like really live and die for their music / or career. I can't tell you how much I appreciate these stories and info you drop here. Thank you for taking the time to help the next generation of musicians. Greatly appreciated.
M Wess
M Wess 3 anos atrás
This is THE QUINTESSENTIAL 90's story. I absolutely love it. I don't know what it's like to be young today, but, I feel like the 90's was the last time a kid could be truly free. Free to fail without the consequences being life destroying.
One Man 1970
One Man 1970 5 anos atrás
You know a man has come to terms with himself when he can admit openly, that despite his best efforts, he didn't quite have "what it takes" in that elusive world of hit song writing, and yet, with the help of family and friends, make a successful turn, and still make a solid, productive contribution to the lives of others...well done sir, well done. 👊
peanutbutterisfu Anos atrás
It’s not that he didn’t have what it takes he just never got to the right place at the right time but he’s happy with how his life has become and that’s all that matters
Rich John
Rich John 2 anos atrás
@Jeremiah really!? Well done you .... maybe more details than "better" would have been more use. :) ha!
polara01 2 anos atrás
Janos, might take away from this great story which has many great tangents is that he was willing to be out of his comfort zone constantly throughout his life to achieve his goals I c cuz many great tensions is that he was willing to be out of his Comfort zone constantly throughout his life to achieve is goals I could never just be a vagabond like he did I am too much of a homebody so I admire that in him and anybody who can be like that and I think that is one of his secrets to success that is not paying focused on but is a parent to socuz many great tensions is that he was willing to be out of his comfort zone constantly throughout his life to achieve his goals I could never just be a vagabond like he did I am too much of a homebody so I admire that in him very much!
Todd Anos atrás an inspiring story. I am a former professional guitar player and software developer. I find your stories and your musical wisdom fascinating. You have so much encouragement and inspiration to give people. I am sorry about your mom passing...mine did too. Our moms were both very encouraging to us. I look forward to many more stories to learn from from you. God bless Rick.
Mark Waldron
Mark Waldron 9 meses atrás
A belated comment posted a few years after you made this video, Rick, but I still want to thank you. As a guy in my early 50s who just recently realized what disastrous decisions I made many years ago and how they derailed my life and dreams for literally decades, this video gives me hope that one can indeed start over in life. And mine involved Nashville and music as well. I only discovered this channel within the past few weeks but it really is one of the most awesome channels on BRvid.
GeraldC? 3 anos atrás
Pretty amazing how you managed to keep my attention through that entire 35 minutes.... Really really great story.
Richard Anos atrás
@Florian Stumpf The thing about Rick is he's just so darned likeable. I sit and just listen and listen to him.
Florian Stumpf
Florian Stumpf 2 anos atrás
To be honest, I could have listended another hour or two, hands down!
9avedon 3 anos atrás
And What a story, Just finished watching it again, this time Thumbs Up !
Lukasz Frankowski
Lukasz Frankowski 3 anos atrás
Rick, I don't usually post comments. Thank you for sharing this. I've had a horrendous year and your story has really moved me and had given me hope. Thank you and thank you for all the videos.
Adventure and Family
Adventure and Family 3 anos atrás
Luke F Hope is always there, you just need someone or something to spark it off sometimes... never sink below the problem, face it head on and hope will let you rise above it, and grind it into the dust. 🤞👍🏻
750nut 3 anos atrás
Luke F Creativity is a double edged knife. I know how you feel. It’s been a rotten year for me too. Taking risks and exploring comes with rewards and peril alike. I’m still not sure if it’s bravery or a stubborn spirit.. but for some folks well, we just can’t truly live any other way.
Ryan West
Ryan West 3 anos atrás
When someone says they "hate hearing people life stories" aren't listening to the right life stories.
RPelli1 Anos atrás
@track1219 k
Richard Anos atrás
WOW! What a genius does for fun. LOL! The thing about Rick is he's just so darned likeable. I sit and just listen and listen to him.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 2 anos atrás
This is the Real Deal.
Birdie 2 anos atrás
Ryan, you are soooo right!!!!!!
Scottrick LaRoque
Scottrick LaRoque 3 anos atrás
Rick could probably tell you about going to pick up some batteries at Walmart and make it interesting. Just like I used to say about Roger Waters (After seeing Pros and cons of Hitchhiking live with Sanborn on sax and Clapton) I said Roger could write a concept album about changing a flat tire and make you cry.
Brendan Fisher
Brendan Fisher 5 anos atrás
Incredible story. I did not intend on sticking around for 35 minutes, but I was hooked instantly! Inspiring.
Oldman099 3 anos atrás
Love the story still a pretty good music scene here in Chapel Hill Cats Cradle still doing its thing if you head our way let me know.
Cqwet Dbdfte
Cqwet Dbdfte 3 anos atrás
Me 2, I love his biography. Rick is a great guy. I know nothing about music other than what sounds good to my ears. His analysis of music is interesting. Defining music is hard. I would think music is based on the spoken language, and is most commonly structured by the length of a human breath, except J S Bach. The emotional side of music is what gets you and the hardest to explain.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez 3 anos atrás
Same here...and now it´s 3 am... Rick had a good story to tell, and I listened.
Steve McNamara
Steve McNamara 4 anos atrás
This, exactly. Even around halfway I thought, well I'll watch just a couple more minutes. I'm glad I stayed to the end.
Christopher Bessette
Christopher Bessette 3 anos atrás
This is a great story about persistence. It seemed like you knew there was something more that you needed to find and didn't stop until you did. Inspiration for all. Overnight successes that last take years to build a foundation like you did. That's the type of overnight success that stays. Congratulations and thanks for your great channel! (For anyone reading this, look up Chinese Bamboo Tree. The 5 years that seems like nothing is happening after planting it couldn't be further from the truth. In those years it is building a massive root structure to support its incredible growth.)
CHUCKWAGON 2 meses atrás
WHAT A STORY!!!!! Enjoyed every second of it! Not only a great musician but a natural storyteller! Blessings to you and the family, Rick!
Richard Coffey
Richard Coffey 3 anos atrás
Fantastic story! I couldn't get enough! I wanted to travel in a band but had given up that dream. I Joined the Army to do my traveling. Ironically, while in Germany, a Commander heard me singing in the shower, popped his head around the corner and ask me where I had learned to sing like that. I told church is where I started. He told me to get dressed and follow him. He took me to the Recreation center on post. I didn't know it at the time but the USO was trying to put an all G.I. band together. There were these Soldiers in Uniform, playing Brown Sugar by the Stones. The commander walks up and says, here is your singer. For three years I traveled from Post to Post on a Bus Provided by the USO. Friday nights we played country, Saturday nights rock. We played in Battle Of The Bands against European bands. Played Beer Fest, Family events for the Military. So you just never know how your dreams and wishes will come true. At 60, I'm still singing Country and Rock-n-Roll. Two shows every week.
Perry Born
Perry Born 2 anos atrás
That's an awesome story man! I'm glad you got to pursue your passion!
Duane Parrish
Duane Parrish 3 anos atrás
@yurolson OMG I can't believe I see a reference to Patrick Henry Village. I spent a couple years there as an "Army Brat" in the late 60's early 70's before retrning to the States. Brings back some good'ol memories. Thanks!
Spiral Flash
Spiral Flash 3 anos atrás
Weren't you on The Voice?
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan 3 anos atrás
Richard, I too did the same as you. I joined the Navy to get to Nashville as a writer. It didn’t really pan out, but while I was in, I was asked to sing cadence, and everyone said they loved me voice. I’ve always been a guitar player, and writer. But that experience gave me the confidence to stick to put music out on my own dime. I now feel free to write and release as I have time. It’s cool how things just work out.
Gloria A
Gloria A 3 anos atrás
Wow, I like hearing your story. How amazing!
moonbeanification Anos atrás
Howard Thompson ! He's the musical director on my favorite radio station, 89.5FM WPKN (Bridgeport, CT). Fun to hear more about him, and the many twists and turns of your epic journey. But what really strikes me is what a fantastic family you have. So supportive and loving, the wind beneath your wings. What a blessing. ♥♥♥
Andrew M
Andrew M 3 anos atrás
"The idea of the simplicity of writing a melody that was so stripped down to its basic elements, that writing something that people could relate to, millions of people, that I realized, instead of scoffing, I realized how difficult it is to write something that's memorable that people want to listen to over and over."
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson 3 anos atrás
One of the best examples of this, I think, is Hank Williams' "Jambalaya". They say that country music consists of "three chords and the truth". Well, ol' Hank wrote Jambalaya with only two chords (& the truth). How 'bout that eh!!??(please forgive my Canadian accent, eh). I find Rick Beato's story very reassuring as I have a 29 year-old son who is a talented musician/artist but who still hasn't quite found his way. I like to think there is still hope!!
ironymatt 3 anos atrás
@yurolson "Amazing Grace" has an amazing story behind it
yurolson 3 anos atrás
A song say - like - amazing grace?
Peter Jowett
Peter Jowett 3 anos atrás
There is so much encapsulated in that statement. I'm going to remember that for awhile.
Antoine Fafard
Antoine Fafard 6 anos atrás
Great story... and great story teller! Thanks for sharing!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 6 anos atrás
Antoine Fafard Thanks!!
Craig Burner
Craig Burner 3 anos atrás
25 years as an indie rock sound man, 7 cross continent tours, 3 recording studios, we can trade stories man. Thanks for sharing and being Rick. I find your channel very enlightening and satisfying.
Neal Jones
Neal Jones 3 anos atrás
Thank you for your story. It just proves anything can happen. I, myself, am 68. been a merchant mariner and a closet songwriter all my life and , after a couple of chance meetings with bands in the Philippines where I hang out everyone wants to play my music. Whether it goes anywhere, who can say , but I am running down that same road and I don't care about the money or the fame, I just want to justify my existence and I think I already have , just by the recognition of people much younger than I am that say "Hey, these are good songs" So God Bless, although I don't believe in God, and maybe one day we can get together
Forest Greenman
Forest Greenman 3 anos atrás
This whole video should be expanded into a full fledged movie. Reminds me a bit of "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac. Totally cool story.
Jack Allen
Jack Allen 3 anos atrás
Yeah, except without the drugs, lol. Kerouac was an interesting character but John Holmes book Go I thought was better and more relatable.
Eric Schlotzer
Eric Schlotzer 2 anos atrás
Rick. Totally agree, anything is possible. Beyond believing in yourself and sticking with it, your journey also takes a certain type of personality and attitude. Listening to this story, you guide us through your tale of soul searching and traveling to find out who really are and where you belonged within the music community. It's extremely personal for me, having spent the majority of my 20's and 30's on a similar path making music and engineering records in Chicago and New York as well as testing the waters in many places in between (Austin, New Orleans, to name a few). What you don't say, but is conveyed by how well you are received by past acquaintances and new people alike, is that you are always up for trying new things, accepting opportunities (even when they are outside your comfort zone) and you don't burn bridges. We've all known enormously talented, "visionary" type musicians who, given the right circumstances, could have become famous rock stars... Yet these types always hold their cards too close to the chest, are inflexible, moody, depressed, possibly dealing with addiction issues and never seem to get that "break." These musicians end up begging, borrowing and stealing their way across the country- not showing up for gigs, stiffing studios and landlords and leaving a wake of bad blood with bands, venues and even entire cities. While things were different in the 90's and early 2000's, there is a lot to be learned about networking here. I think it would be very helpful to do an entire show on basic people skills and attitude. I'm not sure if you monitor your comments have gone into more detail on this elsewhere in your vast catalog of videos, but there is a great deal here to be said about leaving doors open when you move on. If you stay in this community and business long enough (as you are well aware) it's amazing how small it becomes and how many times you will cross paths with the same people. The right person can turn every one of those "chance" encounters into a great opportunity. Well done.
Jerry Rigged Wrenching
You know, I’m currently 32, a dad, a few kids, own my own home in the middle of nowhere. I usually watch your videos on Sunday in my kitchen. I’m pretty happy with where I am, but when I was a teenager and my early 20’s all I wanted to do was travel and play music. I can’t say I regret my decisions but I tend to think “what if” a lot. You’re inspiring. I still jam from time to time. You make me want to be better. Thank you.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 2 anos atrás
@Colin Willems Be patient. It;ll come back and even more besides. Enjoy your children while you may.
Colin Willems
Colin Willems 2 anos atrás
Oh man this is me to a Tee - I have an awesome daughter and she’s just about to turn 4 bless her good heart (and say what you want) but I do regret having her. I’m a totally selfish human being but I want my life back.
Andy's Happy Place (TV)
Jerry Rigged I never made it as a lot of things; musician, engineer, golfer and a whole lot more beside. I did travel though and did well at a few things that I didn’t expect ; teacher, author, speaker. But one thing that I found harder than just about anything and wanted to quit so many times: being a dad. I stuck at it and looking back it is the most rewarding thing I’ve done. A few years ago I was doing some really rewarding work in Nairobi, Kenya and an Indian colleague, who I’d only just met told me “ you find your destiny down the road you take to avoid it”. I’ve had a crazy mad life, failing more than most yet when I look at how my kids turned out. I couldn’t be happier. Overnight success? Nah it takes a lifetime.
Muse California
Muse California 3 anos atrás
You’re young dude - you’re not old. go on a good adventure as soon as you can get away for a while! You’ll love it
Travis Scheerer
Travis Scheerer 4 anos atrás
Oh my God Rick you are speaking my language. I too was a failed musician from the 90s who toured for 2 years. My band was also a 3 piece. We opened for 7 Mary Three, Kid Rock and others. I was in my twenties at the time. Very long story short, I am now 43 years old living in a room at my mom's house and will be graduating in December 2019 with a B.S. in Psychology, then moving on to my M.S. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and later Lupus, luckily through treatment it became benign, but it can never be removed. I was severely depressed and had no idea what to do with my life. On a random trip to Target I met an older gentlemen, somehow I ended up telling him about my health troubles and how I had no idea what to do with my life. He said the most amazing thing to me that turned everything around, "Your days are going to come and go regardless. It is up to you how you chose to fill them. You have nothing to lose, pick something you've always wanted to do and make it happen." This was May of 2015 and that August I was beginning school. It's weird how life pairs you up with people at just the right moments. Love the videos!
Bernadette Sutherland
Bernadette Sutherland 3 anos atrás
@Blackstream Security Jim Dandy to the rescue.
Blackstream Security
Blackstream Security 3 anos atrás
I can relate only twenty years earlier. Started in the seventies and got to open for Black Oak Arkansas and played the same stage as Black Sabbath where they auditioned Tony Martin the next weekend. I was a singer and Hey Rick, I can write songs like a machine.
innovationsurvival 3 anos atrás
Stay strong, stay strong.
Roxy Moser
Roxy Moser 3 anos atrás
Your story also filled my heart. God bless you. Life is short. Never miss a moment.
Damaged Provider Module
Travis Scheerer that seems really cool. Obviously not that it didn't work out but that you got to have the experience.
Robert Cheney
Robert Cheney 2 anos atrás
You can pinpoint the four days that changed your life. My old film colleague made a film with Sydney Pollack called “Sliding Doors” based on those “what if” moments in your life. I like your story better. If I were still in the business I’d get a script going on this one yesterday. Anyways you are a gold mine of life’s lessons and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos 👍🏻🥂
Tom Collins
Tom Collins 3 anos atrás
This is a great biography of your plight through the music industry. I have a son who graduated from a College in London Ontario Canada called Fanshawe where a number of rock bands have recorded in a studio there and the instructors at Fanshawe were the producers . I can relate to your story just from what my son is going through to gain a foothold in the industry. Interesting and captivating story.
Jeff Sloane
Jeff Sloane 3 anos atrás
This video should be shown to all high school seniors and should have 300 million views. Great story about life Rick! Thank you for sharing.
Liam Phelan
Liam Phelan 3 anos atrás
I listen to your channel because I love music. I am not a musician but your video spoke to me on so many levels. Anybody who is interested in a creative pursuit or is trying to do something non mainstream would benefit from such an honest personal history. People are led to believe that life is so linear and that any deviation is disastrous. Its not easy by any means but you don't have to end up in the river like the prodigy. Life is so complex that nothing is written, anything is possible. Never give up. Rick, keep on rocking in the free world man.
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert 3 anos atrás
Rick, your enthusiasm is as infectious as your musical knowledge is vast. Thanks man, you understand the power of positive thinking. I think a lot of us are cut from the same cloth with a similar story. Never say die, something good is always going to happen.
Mark S C
Mark S C 5 anos atrás
...i don't get the dislikes ....Ricks the most interesting , sincere guy / knowledgeable story teller on you tube ....I think the best way to describe Rick is jst musically , he gets it ...and non judgemental towards any flavor of music....can't wait to get his book
coco conlin
coco conlin 4 anos atrás
Oh. is that how that works. Thx.
titmusspaultpaul5 5 anos atrás
Mark C some people are just negative.... and dickheads. He is a great muso and a great story teller. Thumbs up....
Rambladesman Moe
Rambladesman Moe 3 anos atrás
What a story. I truly hope one or both of your parents were around to witness your success. I’m certain they are very proud. I told my son when he was growing up to find something he loves to do and try to make a living at it. It was a struggle but he is now a PGA pro with two extremely proud parents. Love your videos Rick
BigBobfromTO 2 anos atrás
I am so glad that your path has taken you to a place that I have crossed. I grew up in a musical household but I wasn't gifted like my brothers and Dad. Fear held both of my brothers back. I wish they had heard your story sooner.
Mike Boyle
Mike Boyle 3 anos atrás
So many beautiful things in this story. Your honesty and willingness to share failures. Your intuition and passion. A loving nonjudgemental family to help you get back up again. And a payoff that took longer and came in a different form that you had initially desired. And now you get to pass your lessons on to your son and daughter...and fans! Thank you so much for sharing. Truly inspirational and it changed the way I thought about you.
Christopher Debenham
Christopher Debenham 3 anos atrás
Super fun listening to Rick’s story! I am no PhD in music, but I had a bit of a similar experience with being in the jazz or classical music “coma”. I took classical piano lessons growing up and became obsessed with musical geniuses like Stevie Wonder. Eventually though, I realized there can be beauty and talent in making music that is energizing, invigorating, and memorable even though it may appear simple. That realization opened me to enjoying a much wider variety of styles including electronic music. Anyway, love your work Rick-keep it up!
Bryan Hoolahan
Bryan Hoolahan 3 anos atrás
What a trip......I don’t know you Rick except for watching some of your videos but I just found myself listening to you for 35min telling stories from you life like I was listening to an old friend....that is a gift. I was hypnotised by your adventures and the amount of amazing people willing help out a stranger who was broke and homeless. It just goes to show music is a common language and can take you anywhere
Steve Waite
Steve Waite 5 anos atrás
Rick - I think you need to consider writing an autobiography that highlights experiences and lessons learned along the way. You've got some wonderful stories and a terrific, refreshing attitude to boot. The book would probably write itself. Food for thought!
coco conlin
coco conlin 4 anos atrás
That's a good idea. It's been done with cooking, why not music?
Steven Lindstrom
Steven Lindstrom 3 anos atrás
Amazed to hear Howard Thompson's name here. In a much smaller (but very similar way) he had a huge effect on my belief in myself as a songwriter. Hats off to him...and to you as well Rick.
Abel Bou Mayorgas
Abel Bou Mayorgas Anos atrás
Man this was one of the most inspiring stories I've heard in my life.
Llewellyn Daniel
Llewellyn Daniel 2 anos atrás
This video was very touching and very relevant for me today. Thank you for sharing the personal setbacks and less romantic moments that led to where you are now. I've just turned 31, and have picked up music again in the last 6 months, after my guitar had mostly been languishing in the back room for most of my twenties. To think that you consider 32 to have been but the start of this chapter, reminds me that I have plenty of time yet to express myself and make up for the years without a creative outlet. Music heals the soul, and your channel has made me fall deeper in love with it. I don't need to tell you what a gift that is.
R&D Laminations
R&D Laminations 3 anos atrás
Great story - just a reminder to everyone that nothing good will happen in your life if you don't keep trying new things,productive things & learning new things . I was a high school dropout at 17 who joined the marines,then broke my right shoulder a year later . The black sheep of the family,but I kept working hard and leaning anything and everything I could. I was able to start my own company in 1999( with my own money ),and now i'm a multimillionaire . I started playing drums in 1984 to rehab my shoulder ,which lead to playing bands,which lead to DJing ,which lead to making a lot of money on the side,which taught me about running a company . I still play all the time,but i'm a much better factory owner then a musician ..... at least that's what my bank account says . If you are good at something - success will find you .
V4D2 3 anos atrás
Great story, REAL story, good story telling. That’s what a BRvid channel is all about. Sure there are loads of things, spontaneous things, like calling up friends and crashing at their places.. that don’t happen much anymore, in this generation of bedroom-music-making... but there are other great things..... And getting in front of a camera, telling one of our life’s central stories..and sharing it with the one of them, hands down. Congrats on your life.. congrats on your will, and congrats on the ppl that surrounded you, namely your family ;) .
Jorgie WTF
Jorgie WTF 5 anos atrás
You know Rick, this story just made me feel really great about where I am in my life. I’m an Army combat veteran who served in Iraq, I’m also a Full Sail grad and I worked at Circle House Studios as an engineer and did pretty well. I then quit all that at the age of 31 to move to LA to follow my dreams of a rock n’ Roll career. I’m 37 now and it’s not easy but I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I’m a pretty smart guy (I was a high-school chess state champ) and I know I can do many other things very well but if it’s what I wanna do, then it’s not a life at all no matter how much money I’m making. I know our stories are very different but seeing how successful you’ve been in music and influential you’ve been to so many, I just gotta hang in there! Thank you!
David DeLouise
David DeLouise 3 anos atrás
This is a great story. I made a cd it gives me hope
safenders 4 anos atrás
@Rich Robinson awesome
Rich Robinson
Rich Robinson 4 anos atrás
Yes Jorgie! I walked away from music for two years after a combination of several revenue streams evaporating (through no fault of my own), health issues and a brutal breakup all happening at once. I managed to hold down a couple of regular jobs for a while but I was miserable. I felt like I was not living my life... just existing, with no real purpose. I came back to audiontwo years ago and despite my ongoing health struggles and not always having work, I am so much happier working with music and doing what I do best. I’ll never walk away from it again.
screaming eagles
screaming eagles 2 anos atrás
Music is a powerful thing. The love of music is next level. Music can be a time machine. What a great story Rick. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Andrew 3 anos atrás
Rick, You sure can tell a story. Must have been great to live that out. I've followed your work for 1+ yrs but hadn't seen this backstory before. Good on you for bring your passion to us through your channel. It's been a musical inspiration for me in a lot of ways. Andrew
Nilo Faria
Nilo Faria 2 anos atrás
Amazing life story, Rick. You are a real winner! And it's amazing how you guys in US just leave and try things out in different places. Here in Brazil, this is not usual. It's kind of hard to settle in a different city just like you did back in 90's. Congrats for life story, man!
Brent Crude
Brent Crude 3 anos atrás
What?!! I didn't even realise this video was 35 mins long until it ended! That's a clear sign of your innate talent as a teacher -- you had me captivated with your story from start to finish. The same talent that, as you said, led you to find your true calling and succeed as a producer.
Lucinda Iris
Lucinda Iris 3 anos atrás
Great story Rick Beato. It’s so good when music is made this way, it’s like the life you lead establishes the music one makes and writes. It’s so good to hear. Many Thanks
Guitar Memoir
Guitar Memoir 5 anos atrás
Kid tours the country, comes home in abject poverty and his mom is just glad to have him home. lol What a sweetheart.
yurolson 3 anos atrás
@j freed God bless you - and her!!!
j freed
j freed 3 anos atrás
I had a great Mom, she adopted me in 1975 and she died 10 months ago. She was so much to me!
valvenator 3 anos atrás
Ben Hackett Yeah, the prodigal son returns and the family welcomes him back with open arms. I wish everyone had a family like that.
Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughan 3 anos atrás
Rick, I love hearing your stories of real human struggles and discovery. Very relatable (including living with parents as a supposedly successful adult)! Much love to you. Btw, my dad was from buffalo and went to Cornell. (He enjoyed listening to classical music but was otherwise entirely unmusical.) Your videos are among my favorites on BRvid (along with Tiffany Poon and David Bruce).
Dorrian Stone
Dorrian Stone 3 anos atrás
Rick, you’re fortunate depression was brief for you. Depression pretty much ended my musical career.
Paul O'Dowd
Paul O'Dowd 3 anos atrás
An absolutely fascinating story - I spent my late teens through to my late 20's chasing the elusive dream during the 1980's and early 90's of landing a record deal and making a living out of music. I played hundreds of gigs in various bands across the country (the UK) - one band got as far as having some interest from a couple of labels, but it never materialised into anything more substantial and eventually I had to concede that it was never going to be, but I am still massively into music, still play in a band for fun and enjoyment and have a pretty decent home studio set up that I enjoy using. Music is still a great thing to do, whether playing covers or recording your own music. If you can make a living from it as well that's great, but if not just take pleasure from being able to do it.
Bim Scutney
Bim Scutney 3 anos atrás
Wow! Awesome story. Good to be reminded how much hard work and persistence is required to make a living in music. Even when you’re as knowledgeable and talented as Rick.
RC Andrews
RC Andrews 3 anos atrás
With every episode I watch I gain more and more respect. This one is so open and honest and well told. 🍺
Richard Boyer
Richard Boyer 6 anos atrás
Love you Rick it resembles my journey But I started at 15 quit baands at 23 Got a job and for 25 years I played in my room.. Only.. at 50 years old I married and my wife and I played in restaurant for 4 years. Now at 67 I compose for fun and its FUN FUN FUN and its fine If nobody like's it or not
aka.Mr.French 4 anos atrás
similar here. Started playing guitar around age 13; played with friends, bands evolved, the best one of the lot crashed when I was 23, and I moved on with life... only to end up involved with other musicians a few years later until those bands dead-ended, and for personal reasons I stopped playing for over 25 years and eventually sold all my equipment a decade ago... 'til another life event a few years ago got me back to playing once again. For now, it's just for me; it simply feels good to make music, and to know I can still grow, even at this age. Rock on, brothers.
mazely 3 anos atrás
Not only a great musician but also a brilliant storyteller.
WhenItSucksItBlows Anos atrás
Rick is the greatest human on BRvid...real, honest and fantastic to listen to!!
Vin Man
Vin Man 3 anos atrás
By immersing your son in eclectic and challenging types of music, you allowed him to develop Perfect Pitch. Well, by you going all about, experiencing different people, different sounds, challenging yourself, seeing how things are to and not be done, etc. you developed your Life Perfect Pitch.
integral 2 anos atrás
Love this, Rick. My attention span is terrible for most things and most times but I sat here and listened for over half an hour. Inspirational, and thank you.
Dave Bliss
Dave Bliss 3 anos atrás
Rick it is a fascinating story. Shows just how tenacity gets you through the hard times. I am happy you finally made your life a success. Great education on what life is about. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Charles Tourneur
Charles Tourneur 4 anos atrás
As a songwriter myself, its great to hear someone say that its not about music complexity, its about a melody that people will remember and enjoy.
Erik Honnila
Erik Honnila 2 anos atrás
Great story! So glad I listened!!! As a wannabe musician, I have followed along with a lot of what you've done, but I had the luck of working in a travelling sales job so I was able to experience a lot of music around the US and even Europe and Mexico. My passion for music never ends. Now I sit and convince my girls to never surrender their passions for music.
Dickran Marsupial
Dickran Marsupial 2 anos atrás
Wow. Never thought I would spend 35 minutes or more listening to a story like this. I just couldn't stop listening! Great video. Cheers, Dickran
Edmund Isanski
Edmund Isanski 3 anos atrás
Thanks Rick for an engaging and truly inspirational video! I was enthralled by your story and it played in my head like a movie. I am at something of a crossroads in my life at the moment too. Your message that 'anything is possible' carries so much more weight because you are not just talking the talk but you really did walk the walk! I feel much more optimistic about just going out there and trying something new after hearing your story. Thank you Rick!
Caper. here
Caper. here 2 anos atrás
Rick, you’re a wonderful storyteller. With audiobooks today, you could write an autobiography with music in it. PS. That must have been a great car, lol.
WhoWouldWantThisName 3 anos atrás
What an amazing life you have had, already. You''re/We're still young and as you said "anything is possible". Unlike you, I'm still very lost as to what my own life mission and journey are. You're story is a very moving one nonetheless and I thank you VERY much for sharing it with me. I just discovered your channel tonight and now I am going to be very busy binge watching it. This little journey started with your "What's So Great About This Song?: More Than A Feeling", which happens to be the most memorable song from my childhood and still one of my favorites, if not THE favorite song of my youth. I could go on but I already did over at that video.:)
Ctrl-Alt-Del-U 4 anos atrás
This just makes me sad that music enthusiasts don't quite work that way anymore. Everyone makes music in their bedroom, nobody knows anyone, the spontaneity seems to be gone for good. The idea of calling up a random acquaintance and them being eager to let me stay at their place (and instantly asking me to start a band with them) is just so alien to me, probably because I was still just a toddler back in '94 so I didn't really care about the music scene until all these changes happened. Getting a record deal where the agent will just throw fat wads of cash at the band so they can do their thing as opposed to the bands having to spend enormous amounts of their own money for anyone to even notice that they exist? Inconceivable. I think the internet (and the resulting cultural globalisation) is one of the main culprits here. Nobody except for your mum has a reason to care about your local band if they can find hundreds of thousands of other (possibly better) bands online. But what can you do.
Jacob Huggins
Jacob Huggins 3 anos atrás
be better
Marc Telesha
Marc Telesha 4 anos atrás
They are still opportunities. I think the Indie Scene is the healthiest it has been for years. People who were doing to or three jobs now just work on music full time. Now you can make money through a ton of different platforms. Gone are the days of spending $2,000 on a recording and printing CD for $3,000 and then drive to every gig to sell your cds. End of the national tour you end up with $5,000 per person and you go back to work to save up for next summer's tour to repeat. I had a tiny record studio (About $20,000 invested) I had two bands make it "BIG" on MTV and tours USA and Europe and they made like $7,000 for the year per member of the band (Early 2000s). They make a Go Fund Me in 2012 and they got $45,000 to make an album.
Felix G
Felix G 3 anos atrás
You really never know where life is going to take you. Effort and sacrifices usually pay off later. And when you're there you look back and realize it wasn't so bad and you have a lifetime of stories and another lifetime to tell them while you're adding to them.
Justin Thyme
Justin Thyme 3 anos atrás
I was 16years old in 1956 and ELVIS Presley entered my life it changed everything for millions of other kids around the world. I'm still rocking (mainly in my chair) 79years old and still loving this music till the day I die 😎😎😎😎FROM AUSTRALIA....
John MacAllar
John MacAllar 3 anos atrás
Great story Rick! I enjoy your youtube posts! Sounds like you had great parents! I love the process of songwriting! It's a great way to pass time!
cutl00senc 3 anos atrás
Having grown up in chapel hill, this story has special significance because that town was peppered with young, talented musicians willing to take the same risks and journey. I was truly blessed to have lived there...and didn’t realize it till much later in life. It really is the southern part of heaven...😊
trilingual 3 anos atrás
This is a great history! I hadn't thought I would hear the whole thing, but this was very cool and pulled me in. It's almost a mini-history (an epic, sweeping mini-history!) of pop music and the music business. Thank you!!
TheBigwheels11 5 anos atrás
Great story. The music scene is so random and fickle. You couldve ended up world famous. So much luck is involved as far as bands go. What helped your success is that you are a nice guy and have friends all over and actually spent quality time with them face to face. What i want to know is how did you go back and learn what you missed in the 80's? Such an awesome music era...they still had musicians in the 80's.
FoesFly 3 anos atrás
That was incredibly interesting. I'm so glad you shared it. As a guy who has vocational and economically played life pretty safe, I am fascinated by people who have lived so boldly.
Rich Stiltner
Rich Stiltner 3 anos atrás
That was a beautiful story Rick. The more I watch you guys on BRvid the more we learn,grow and deal with everyday bullshit and just surviving, But some of us learn to rise again and again never to be held down anyway very inspiring.
Greg Myers
Greg Myers 3 anos atrás
Gee, man. You really went through the hero's journey there. Great story. It goes to show that being a talented cool dude eventually pays off. Hello from Brazil again!
Michael Ronneseth
Michael Ronneseth 3 anos atrás
Great story Rick. I love music but never got into it that deep except I really look for meaningful lyrics. Your channel and my 9 year old sons journey in music has really made me look deeper. You found your calling that's for sure and your channel is amazing. I have shared it with my wife, who in turn shared it with her vocal coach at her school and also with my sons piano teacher and many others. You have one of the best channels in my list for sure, super interesting and relatable.
Zachary Baranek
Zachary Baranek 3 anos atrás
Incredible story, Rick. Inspirational for another.. you aren't old, old is a state of mind that you do not have! Everyone is aging, hating on someone for their age is nothing different than hating on yourself... just imo
jay nazario
jay nazario 6 anos atrás
Wow, thank you for sharing your awesome story, im going through a lot right now in music and i came across with this video, just inspiring to hear those words "ANYTHING IS POSIBLE" the best 35 mins of my life thanks.
GPC Music
GPC Music 4 anos atrás
I agree jay - I really enjoyed Ricks story. Thank you Rick for sharing!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 6 anos atrás
jay kronos Thanks Jay!
charlie mcintire
charlie mcintire 3 anos atrás
Hi Rick. I am an amateur guitarist\singer who is not a young guy (still have a rock and roll heart). I have some strengths, but have so much more to learn. Mainly about theory. I definitely am committed. It seems like that's all I do is practice. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do . I wish I knew one-tenth of what you do. I have learned a lot from you. I really enjoyed your story also. Gives me faith. Thanks again
Paul Davies
Paul Davies 2 anos atrás
Just a case of working out what your true calling was. Yes you are clearly a wonderful musician yourself but your skill is channelling the raw talents of others and helping them realise their dreams and that combination of teacher/musician is rare. Its that teacher in you that is also behind the success of this wonderful channel. Keep on rocking.
X 3 anos atrás
Great story Rick. What a winding trail you were on. The best part is that you were perpetually broke. Money and happiness are not necessarily related. They can be but it's not a huge problem if there is no money. Thanks for your story. I saw Tim Buckley Jeff's father at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit in 1967; Cream, Arthur Brown, Amboy Dukes and many other great bands played there.
William Harris VI
William Harris VI 2 anos atrás
DUDE I freaking love listening to you talk. You're just so intelligent and well versed. Its honestly calming
Len Jennings
Len Jennings 3 anos atrás
What a story! Incredible. Just goes to show, if you really want something bad enough...sometimes the road to success goes through NEVER QUIT!
Dylan ApIvor
Dylan ApIvor 5 anos atrás
Your stories are every bit as instructive as music theory - you're sharing music life theory
Xavier Massot
Xavier Massot 2 anos atrás
There's so much to unpack in this beautifully told story! Thanks Rick
X S 2 anos atrás
You have no idea how inspiring these stories are. What really blows my mind is that all this kind of stuff happened before cell phones, or even answering machines. How did we do it? I do remember some siting around by the phone waiting for it to ring, but now I don't even walk out to my car and back without a phone. And all those pivotal moments managed to come together without a phone strapped to your hip. Amazing.
Borabosal 3 anos atrás
Super cool story - thank you for sharing this. Very inspiring. An aside - I’m friends with the two guys who managed Buckley and his band. It’s so cool to hear the little points and to see how connected the industry is. Can’t wait to mention to them that you used to go see Jeff play in the East Village to them.
Happy Honey Big Bear
Happy Honey Big Bear 3 anos atrás
Fantastic story! Thanks, Rick! I was active in the Cologne Germany music scene in the early nineties at that time playing all kinds of crazy stuff including metal, rockabilly, Psychobilly, and also stuck in cover band hell for awhile LOL thanks for the inspiration, Man! You took me back to that special pre-internet time. ❤✌😎
G W 3 anos atrás
Great life story Rick,as humble as you are talented,,,I did an album on RCA in 1988 in a band called Shine,,we were based in Scotland UK,,sadly we never set the world on fire ,same as you,,locked in a deal,,wrote far better second album demos but could do nothing with them,,,takes a long time to rediscover what you loved in the first place,,the MUSIC itself,,your videos have helped me feel feel like I did as a teenager staring at my HiFi in amazement!!! .Your a lovely guy mate,thanks.
Robert Cox
Robert Cox 6 anos atrás
What a wonderful story! I'm sure your drive and dedication, from the beginning of your love of music, coupled with your talents, education and and eclectic tastes have served you well. Thank you for sharing all of these with us. Your sincerity shines through each video episode!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 6 anos atrás
Robert Cox Thanks so much Robert!
Enrico Carducci
Enrico Carducci 3 anos atrás
Rick thanks for sharing this very openly, it’s been very interesting to hear your story, the journey, successes and failure and the fact that you never gave up believing your life belonged to music and nothing else! Super inspiring and uplifting!!! What’s the song you co-wrote and became a #1 hit? ✌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Marvin Forte
Marvin Forte 3 anos atrás
Such a relatable story. Don't you just love the randomness of life and those forks in the road? My three-piece band moved from New Jersey to Chapel Hill, NC in 1988. We'd spent some time trying to decide which music scene was right for us and had looked at Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Hoboken, etc. With bands like the Let's Active, The Connells and the dBs hailing from NC, we figured why not? I had some relatives there and the scene did have some fine bands. While I was there, Ben Folds, Superchunk and others emerged. I moved away in 1995 but still miss that place and time.
In The Wild
In The Wild 3 anos atrás
An important thing to take away from this is sometimes you have to know when to say when. Rick can play, and that’s why he was able to travel the world and record with different bands and start a new life in a new city. One can look back on one’s life and see how the pieces fell into place. For Rick, those pieces were part of a greater musical journey that seems obvious now, although I’m sure it wasn’t at the time. Now, if I stuck with my “dream” of playing music full time, I’d be washing dishes in an Applebee’s in Ohio somewhere. Great story, Rick, by the way.
TD12KX 3 anos atrás
What an interesting story. You’re a good storyteller, Rick.👍
Mark Clemons
Mark Clemons 3 anos atrás
Enjoyed the story. I never practiced enough to be a musician, but it is great to hear about the lives of those who do. You are and inspiration.
NuncNuncNuncNunc 4 anos atrás
You totally nailed the requirements for making a scene - radio support, venues, cheap rehearsal space, and affordable housing.
Lucinda Iris
Lucinda Iris 3 anos atrás
You are so lucky having parents like that, 1994 year was similar only was the partner of a rhythm guitarist. We split up because of this kind of turmoil. We have remained peaceful harmonious. His story a bit tragic. I hope he makes his health challenge through. I loved him when I left him and he says the same to my bother, 1995 was a disco journey and DJ. I actually started earning good money from music and it took time to get used to certain tunes. It was so exciting. Still mixed with bands in my new job and role at the night club.
Neil Virgo
Neil Virgo 3 anos atrás
Great video Rick. It explains how someone can know so much about music and play loads of instruments like yourself - the story is like a road movie. excellent.
Dennis Alvarez
Dennis Alvarez 3 anos atrás
I wanted to say the same thing Brendan Fisher said. Yeah Rick, it's funny how each and every little decision we make can have such a profound effect on our lives and careers even though we may not know it at the time.
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