How Qatar Became the World's Most OP Country

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29 Nov 2022



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RealLifeLore Mês atrás
I worked really, really hard this past month on the latest episode in Modern Conflicts dealing with the terrible civil war in Yemen. It also marks the 20th episode I have published in this series, with more than 7 hours of additional combined content on other 21st-century conflicts. The best way to watch them is through the CuriosityStream/Nebula bundle deal, and they're currently running an amazing holiday sale that makes it just $11.59 for the entire year to both sites here:
lettuce ha
lettuce ha 14 dias atrás
@Lucrumillogical and other geological facts that set us apart from every other country but i mean they both are over powered if thats what op means
Lucrumillogical 15 dias atrás
I could have sworn that you recently did a video claiming the US to be the most OP country because of it's water infrastructure.
Karma Sakal
Karma Sakal 17 dias atrás
I accidentially bought a yearly curiositystream subscription for nebula, can you help ? Because the link was still working.
lettuce ha
lettuce ha 25 dias atrás
@Mcky McObvious nnot a single person blamed these migrant workers u havent heard? they were all oppressed with kafala which is modern day slavery qatar is getting so much hate for this the oligarchs are being blamed
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 26 dias atrás
@lettuce ha blaming or 'othering' migrant workers (or any minority with very little power) is a great way to promote supremacy. it's happened over and over again in the last century. maybe the real problem is oligarchs, maybe the profit motive, at the end of the day does it _really make sense_ to blame vulnerable demographics instead of rich people? does it really make sense to vote for the GOP? if you think it does, PLEASE explain why. I don't understand.
jevicci Mês atrás
The amount of work that went into putting this video together is truly impressive.
Elade Mês atrás
@Zoli Farkas True I just started content creation and trust me it’s not as easy as I thought it was. Check out my content tho support.
Elade Mês atrás
Yeah he did put in the work😂 I made a video on Qatar as well but summarized. Check it out Thanks 💯
Chris Mês atrás
@Tacos de Cabeza 💀😂
Jacopo R
Jacopo R Mês atrás
I think it's a very good video BUT they should've put some sources.
Zoli Farkas
Zoli Farkas Mês atrás
@jevicci First: this is his job. Or at least, I assume it should be, after millions of followers. Second: don't worry, he will get his money for it... Trust me on this one, You would do the same for the amount of money people get these days, from making BRvid content. And Third: He usually uploads like 5-6 videos a month, which means (if we count with 6), he has 5 whole days to make one. If He only works for about 4 hours a day, He still only worked for 20 hours, which doesn't look stressed compared to a 9-17 job where you even have to care about transport and not being late as well. So yeah, do not think this is the real life kinda thing :) btw. I like his videos too, so I'm not saying He is lazy or anything, I'm just telling you the sad and grumpy truth.
Les Dickson
Les Dickson Mês atrás
As a UK resident, I knew about them owning Harrods but I had no idea how deeply invested the wealthy Qataris in London, especially Canary Wharf's buildings where most investment banks are situated, & Heathrow Airport. Love the presentation of the data, and the use of maps to help me understand the geopolitical aspect better!
lila 11 dias atrás
Fun fact! My close friends grandfather , Mohammed al fayed previously owned harrods!!
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 13 dias atrás
Qatar's QIA also has a stake in Singapore's historic Raffles Hotel (which was also founded by Armenians)
bradley halfacre
bradley halfacre 18 dias atrás
UK is Muslim now ,the immigrants are taken over, your PM is Indian , correct?
dirygehayu 20 dias atrás
@Kevin Colt Europe will be muslim inshallah
lux 21 dia atrás
@Daniel V absolutely no clue, we dont think about those towns over here in london.....
Jason Ross
Jason Ross Mês atrás
Having lived in Qatar for over 10 years, the transformation of the country is truly incredible. To dig deeper into what the Qatari's have diversified their wealth into, just look up information on the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). A very large operation that hires executives from the likes of Goldman Sachs and other leading financial institutions from around the world. Their sole mission is to diversify the Qatari sovereign wealth fund across the entire world. They are the entity who has facilitated purchasing UK property across London and other assets around the world.
dizzy rjl
dizzy rjl Mês atrás
The economy isn't as diversified as the UAE though, I believe. I think the World Cup was an investment to promote UAE type tourism in the coming years.
Aeronaut 29 dias atrás
I lived there during the 80s and early 90s (Until the first Gulf War), I was around 14yrs old. There were no skyscrapers then. The tallest building was the National Bank (4-6 stories, I honestly can't remember), the only Supermarket was aptly named "The Center" and it was pretty modern even then. The kiosk in the car park served the best lamb kebabs that I have ever had in my life, (I can still taste them if I close my eyes). The Falcon Club was just over the road from where I lived, and it's where I spent most of my time. It's all gone now, and replaced by sky scrapers and sports stadiums. Even as a Brit, they were some of the best times of my life. My friend (who had a wooden miniramp in his front garden) and I must have been the only skateboarders in the whole country, or so we thought until we bumped into a bunch of Norwegian kids one day who had built their own quarter pipe in their school yard. Good times.
lux 21 dia atrás
that’s amazing!! what a great experience you have lived through
Aeronaut 21 dia atrás
@Sari Great news! does the Centre still have the same logo? green and white if I remember correctly.
Sari 23 dias atrás
The centre and the kiosk is still here :)
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It’s so heartbreaking to hear about the Yemeni civil war, but I appreciate that you still decided to cover it. Great work!
Elade Mês atrás
I put hard work in my videos as well would you mind giving me some feedback? ❤
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Thank you for watching and dropping a comment 📝📩 message me right for more information.
Poison Empress
Poison Empress Mês atrás
Thank you for explaining the situation in a way that is easy to follow, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into producing these videos.
bacon Mês atrás
not you
?? Mês atrás
This is what's so good about reallifelore. He explains things fairly and objectively. I Never knew Qatar fought for Democracy.
George Moore
George Moore Mês atrás
Thanks for this one. It was very informative. I had no idea how it happened that Qatar became what it is today. Thanks again for the excellent review.
P Mês atrás
There are also good podcasts, but in French, on how they plan to be sort of the middlemen for all sort of things, to avoid being isolated militarily or economically. A very good strategy
Ibukun Sokeye
Ibukun Sokeye Mês atrás
This is a book on Qatar. The title of the book could be "The Wealth and The People of Qatar". A lot research went into this piece. I am impressed. Thumbs up!👍👍👌👌
lettuce ha
lettuce ha Mês atrás
yeah this dude puts in a lot of work
bushibayushi Mês atrás
I love the companion animations you put in your videos, the maps tremendously help me understand the geopolitical aspect of those issues
Elade Mês atrás
I made a video on Qatar it’s quick as well would u mind giving me feedback
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Mês atrás
I'm so proud of you guys!!! =D keep up the good work guys!!
Al Qwer
Al Qwer Mês atrás
Your content is amazing! So much analysis and data! Thank you so much!
Nab N
Nab N Mês atrás
That was a very informative video, beautifully constructed and scripted. I constantly watch a lot of videos regarding Qatar, but your was filled with an ocean of information in my opinion. Kudos to that! Thank you.
Nab N
Nab N Mês atrás
@Elade sure, send me the link or youtube title and I'll watch and review
Elade Mês atrás
I made a vid on Qatar as well would u mind watching and giving me feedback?
Khalid Henriques
Khalid Henriques Mês atrás
I don't know intricate details of the war happening in Yemen. I am from NY. The only thing I hear about it is from the guys inside of the bodegas. Watching the suffering going on out there literally brought tears to my eyes. While the world is focused on Ukraine and ending that conflict, what is to happen with Yemen? 🤷‍♀️
Василий Сардина
I think they have a ceasefire
Avery the Cuban-American
In regards to Al Jazeera's coverage of the Bahraini uprising, it wasn't actually all that generous. Only the English version covered the uprising. The Arabic coverage, the coverage that mattered most, not so much. Despite being banned in Egypt, Al Jazeera went to great lengths to provide non-stop live coverage of events. That wasn't the case in Bahrain. In fact, some staff actually LEFT their Beirut office because of their coverage, like how they refused to show violence in Bahrain. They also avoided inviting critics of the Bahraini regime on-air. Egyptian media on the other hand has criticized Al Jazeera for refusing to show protests in Qatar over a controversial electoral law that limited the voting rights of a Bedouin tribe back in 2021
omar kotb
omar kotb 7 dias atrás
@someone _ ikr, like i expected him to at least mention how the egyptian media is not honest at times because of it being controlled and funded by the sisi regime, but nope, he completely ignored that and solely talked about qatar, as if he's attacking the country on purpose, even if what he said is true. he didn't regard the media of egypt being skewed, both countries goverments are at fault.
dirygehayu 20 dias atrás
Whaddup spiggoty
someone _
someone _ Mês atrás
We found the sisi supporter 💀
burjalmadre Mês atrás
LOL, goes to show you, none of those 'news' outlets in the GULF give a flying shit about actually reporting unbiased, research based, objective NEWS, they just want to peddle propaganda, narratives and its all sinfully censored and controlled by the state. Its pathetic, all of it. No better than any of the sensationalized bullshit news outlets in the west that do the same thing; no objective, honest, investigative journalism to speak of 🤣
Abdallah Mês atrás
​@SM Tausif they said "a" tribe
pmw84 Mês atrás
amazing video thanks for educating us! hope you can create a video about Iranian resources too, especially in Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea! Looking forward to see that one day
Lekurishkun Mês atrás
yet another amazing episode! Didn't knew they are a natural gas backed economy not oil!
Joost Verplancke
Joost Verplancke Mês atrás
Now I understand why Qatar is so friendly towards Iran and towards Shia governments more in general, and why Saoudi Arabia is so paranoid about this fact. Thank you for that insight.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 13 dias atrás
Heard a reason why Saudi Arabia lifted its blockade on Qatar was also fear that the latter would the pushed even closer to Iran. However I thought Qatar has an absolute monarchy too, so its support of the Arab Spring might thus seem a bit less expected
positoniX Mês atrás
23:04 made me laugh so hard 😭 How are you gonna hate a country so much and want to isolate it so mucu that you want to literally alter its physical geography and turn it into a literal island, thats hilarious regardless of who you support
David Robertson
David Robertson Mês atrás
Lol if you think that’s funny, SA was originally going to line the trench with nuclear waste - they may have actually done that, not sure.
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad Mês atrás
So much appreciation for covering the crisis of Yemen!
Eric Herbert
Eric Herbert Mês atrás
This is such an unbiased analytical video, birds eye view no bullshit. lovely to see someone valuing their work like a professional (or unlike most professionals?) so much so, i might have to get nebula.... shyyyt i'm poor though. however i'm sold, cya there legend
Brock zao
Brock zao Mês atrás
i wouldnt say that
burjalmadre Mês atrás
lol, unlike the actual biased, bullshit, censored, propaganda news that comes out of Qatar, its allies, and its enemies 😅
ORYX Mês atrás
He still missed up hugely about the 6500 worker deaths which has bern proven wrong and just hate propaganda
Earthling Mês atrás
I understand streaming wars are expensive but it's $12 per year for both Curiosity stream and Nebula which I think is a complete steal 👍
φεγγάρι Mês atrás
This is a very biased video that just shows western hypocrisy, first of all 6500 is the number all death of foreign workers in qatar that weren’t even related to the world , only 3 people have died while working on the world cup statpdiums and infrastructure which is still sas but nowhere near the number shown, saying that saudi arabia is occupied yemen and having a war there when they’re supporting the yemeni government and protecting thier country from iran backed houthi terrorist group is the most biased thing ever.
Diplo D
Diplo D Mês atrás
Very Inforamative and SUPER WELL PUT TOGETHER ! Awesome Narration! Love stuff like this!
C R Mês atrás
Lived in Qatar as an expat for 4 years. Much of the foreign labor are single males from places like Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia. Many are also domestic workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. The economy is growing so quickly it's mind blowing. You can see it literally daily. But Qatar nationals tend to buy property in places like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, etc. They buy up property to vacation ,and to move to once global warming makes the country uninhabitable. They know they won't be able to live there in 100 years. All the richest are deeply invested elsewhere.
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan 15 dias atrás
@blacklite911 all businesses must be owned atleast 50% by a Qatari, there are thousands of side shops, malls, cafes etc and they’re all atleast half owned by Qataris so mostly they own businesses and chill
yoyojoseph 20 dias atrás
@dirygehayu i personally dislike "colonialist" 'cause libtards use it to victimize themselves. But calling me a snowflake when you literally need to call yourself "expat" to make yourself feel better is simply ironic; be a man and call a spade a spade, pusillanimous.
dirygehayu 20 dias atrás
@yoyojoseph i personally prefer the word colonialist, snowflake.
dirygehayu 20 dias atrás
@RussiaInvades Ukraine the life
Premier CC Guy MMXVI 🇺🇦
Rich people taking advantage of the working class (sarcastically) man I just love Capitalism 🙄
Eugene Rozov
Eugene Rozov Mês atrás
It is interesting, why in this really great video the author marks occupied Crimea as a Russian territory, while whole the world except North Korea and several other backwater countries do not agree with this annexation.
Earthling Mês atrás
Wow, I can't believe that this guy uploads a full length modern conflict series video on Nebula alongside each major video.
Muhammad Fakhruddin
Qatar is doing great. i am glad they start to diversify the economy.
Kaybe Mês atrás
Thank you for shedding light on the ongoing wat in Yemen.
zither zon
zither zon Mês atrás
12:00 Love to see how all the ships to and from Asia must go through the narrow Malacca Strait. Red China's true Achilles' Heel.
Tom John
Tom John Mês atrás
Another well made interesting video, putting issues into perspective, of course no one ever think why there so much oil, and gas I’m the Middle East, it hard to imagine that the middle East was once heavenly forested and as the climate changed, and civilization cut down all their forests, desertification turned the Middle East into part of the Sahara desert, which in time, after all the fossil fuel have been depleted, the Sahara will swallow up these civilizations like those that came before, and in time, all these conflicts will be forgotten, their fate is already written upon the wind, thank you !
Ashlin Mario
Ashlin Mario Mês atrás
The saudis and UAE tried to tank the Qatari currency (and their stock market) as well during the early days of the blockade. It worked for a few days but Qatar had equally deep pockets.
Gary Ferrão
Gary Ferrão Mês atrás
I am amused about how the North Field is south of the South Field.
KENthePOLYMATH Mês atrás
I've discovered this channel a monet ago, after Johny Harrris mentioned it in his latest video. After watching this documentary, I already love it. Can't wait to watch the rest.
B E Mês atrás
KENthePOLYMATH Mês atrás
For sure! It's a great time in history to be alive, @B E.
B E Mês atrás
Me too, I discovered this video and channel just today through Johny Harris indirectly. I watched two of J Harris videos today, and on the right side where the suggestion feed of the next videos I saw this.
Mr Bad
Mr Bad Mês atrás
They had oil but they knew how to use it productively and most importantly their rulers were not corrupt . If you compare Qatar to my country, Algeria, which has oil, vast areas, an excellent strategic location, climatic and topographic diversity, and a strong demographic power , A historical civilization, however, when the corrupt rose to power, Algeria did not achieve anything . The same applies to any country . Government corruption paralyzes any civilization, no matter how powerful it is and no matter what resources it has. If the Gulf countries succeed in something, it is giving power to those who deserve it and who knows how to use it .
Gilang Mentari Hamidy
Thank you for also mentioning Yemen (and many other unpopular news like Uyghur, etc, in your Nebula channel). It is definitely the most overlooked situation just because it happens in the Middle East, in the Muslim world, and not related to any Western countries. You are one of the few creators who actually try to bring balance to the world.
Nicolas Janssens
Nicolas Janssens Mês atrás
A ten second research can prove it is covered by western media
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Gilang Mentari Hamidy
@Emilio Rodriguez BRvid can delist/demonetize war-related content. I also paid Nebula and it is extremely cheap for the vast content they provide. I even only watch occasionally but it is still worth it.
Kun88 Mês atrás
@GothicGolem29 you make it sound like it's a free for all in Yemen the biggest population of Yemenis outside of Yemen is in Saudi, it baffles me how people are disingenuous on the situation actually i feel like people are playing stupid on the situation
Emilio Rodriguez
Emilio Rodriguez Mês atrás
Am I the only one who thinks he could perfectly post the video about yemen on this channel? The excuse under why he exclusively posts that on Nebula is just weird
JulliaStark Mês atrás
Theses videos are just too good. I find myself binge watching them in meal breaks quite often 😯
ibrahim kabir
ibrahim kabir Mês atrás
@Monolith fr I bet it’s a discord mod dude
Galaxy4Pug RM
Galaxy4Pug RM Mês atrás
@Edgy Anole ah noted
Edgy Anole
Edgy Anole Mês atrás
@Galaxy4Pug RM it's a bot
Brokkrep Mês atrás
@Monolith Works very well
Brokkrep Mês atrás
How long are your meal breaks, if you can binge-watch 30min videos?
saad ben benabslam
saad ben benabslam Mês atrás
My friend I've been a fan watched lots of Ur videos and u do tremendous research . But you have a massive oversight here . The article with the 6500 was an evil wording which extremely misleading : 6500 worker died during that period in total not the ones building the infra. Those of natural reasons etc... Actually there has only been three cases related to onsite working accidents . 3 . Western media ...
Juan Haver
Juan Haver Mês atrás
It's such an odd reality that we live in that a micro nation with nearly non existent military can be so powerful, in most of history a stronger military would just take this country trivially
Juan Haver
Juan Haver Mês atrás
@A2Kaid yes but several empires actually tried to take Venice and failed due to the terrain In the current situation I think even a minor power would have very little trouble taking Qatar if no other country intervened and leading world powers could easily carve it up if they decided to
A2Kaid Mês atrás
There have been countries like that in the past. Case in point Venice in 1300-1600s.
Raul Franco
Raul Franco Mês atrás
You’re a great reporter… everything was said here is unbiased ❤❤❤❤
Freediver Rob - Spearfishing
You teach me so much. Thank you for doing what you do.
Aaryavrat Mês atrás
Great video as usual One fact that amazes me is how conveniently all western countries mispronounce Qatar! I haven't come across a single American who even tries to pronounce Qatar correctly Anyway good job here
Aaryavrat Mês atrás
@Sean Williams it's K'ter
Sean Williams
Sean Williams Mês atrás
"conveniently"?? It might help if it was spelled phonetically!
saeklin Mês atrás
I might be able to explain. English doesn't have the sound the Q here makes, so we pronounce it with a hard K. As for how the ending "-ar" is pronounced, well there's contention in our vocabulary between the "ahr" and "er" sound. Three-letter words ending with "-ar" are all pronounced "ahr", not "er": tar, mar, car, bar, far. Guitar and star are pronounced with "ahr". Dollar, molar, and altar are pronounced with "er". But notice very common words ending in "-tar" pronounce it "ahr", so that's what most people will guess. Along with all that, the T is not doubled. You might hear "kway-tar" or "kay-tar", because a vowel-consonant-vowel combo generally makes the first vowel sound long. To spell Qatar so that Americans pronounce it correctly, I'd probably spell it "Khott'r" (which is hopefully not some offensive word I didn't know of). The "kh" is the closest you'll get for that throaty Q sound. The missing vowel between tt and r is intended to de-emphasize the second syllable. So yeah, Americans pronounce it Kuh-tahr because of how its spelled, not because of some habit passed from person to person.
Aaryavrat Mês atrás
trenton Mês atrás
It's pronounced almost like "cutter" or "kahter", right?
Mujaffa El-Achmed Al'Shariff
Mr RealLifeLore, you make good content! Thanks for a good and informative video. I will point out a spelling error you made, on the graph showing Qatar's GPD growth (at 13:09), it is written "Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capital". It is not meassured in capitals, but inhabitants, which is "Per Capita". It is a common error, so do not beat yourself up for it, I just wanted to inform you. Have a good day
Band Of Brothers
Band Of Brothers 11 dias atrás
I think it was a typo. He said capita but wrote capital.
Cat Johnson
Cat Johnson Mês atrás
I was captivated by this video. Great job.
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Mês atrás
Wow, ya Qatar is insanely OP! I can't imagine even with all those immigrants how they could run Aljazeera, Qatar airways, FC Barcelona, their massive gas fields and build so much too! My Phillipino friend here in Canada said that she made more money working for a lawyer here in Canada then she did working for a prince in Qatar! So I guess the wealth remains pretty concentrated there. The prince lived in a palace
Darryn D'Souza
Darryn D'Souza Mês atrás
@Houd Boucetta if you'd ask my personal opinion then it's wrong on a lot of accounts. No equal pay for equal work. That's outright discrimination based of background. But if you ask economically what's wrong.. Then nothing. Because basically it just works on demand and supply. So it depends on you whether you want to see it ethically or economically.
Houd Boucetta
Houd Boucetta Mês atrás
@Darryn D'Souza yeah what's wrong with that Darrryn
Darryn D'Souza
Darryn D'Souza Mês atrás
Pay in Gulf countries depend on nationality. An immigrant from South Asian countries would never be paid much. It would be a little better than what they would earn at home but not as much as those from 1st world counties.
Houd Boucetta
Houd Boucetta Mês atrás
They run PSG not Barcelona
burjalmadre Mês atrás
Of course the wealth remains super concentrated in Qatar... The laborers that come from mostly South Asia, like Pakistan, India, Nepal, etc are treated basically like modern day slaves, the government or locals dont give a shit about the wellbeing of those poor people, they want them to come work for peanuts, under horrible labor conditions, and in fact remove their freedom and prerogative to leave the country if they dont want to stay and work in those conditions - employers regularly hold the poorer laborers passports, forbidding them from leaving, or even complaining about not getting paid, something they would never DREAM of doing to the more wealthy, intelligent western expats! Its disgusting, Qatar, like most Gulf nations there, are dark, seedy, hypocritical nation states that dont care about any real human progress except for their own image of opulence and superiority.
Prostee Mês atrás
the idea of qatar being like a glitch exploiter in an mmo that everyone loathes to death is lowkey kinda funny
nasser abdulla
nasser abdulla Mês atrás
MoeMoe599 Mês atrás
Good job on the research. The first real unbiased research about Qatar. One mistake you made on this video which is no fault of yours is “Labour deaths” .. unfortunately the country has been under attack by the western media covering this topic. The number of deaths that have been going around is the (Total number of ALL immigrants in Qatar between the start of building the stadiums until today) when you combine the number of deaths of a whole nation and contribute it to one project .. you alter the truth to hurt the image of the country. Secondly all countries and governments of the west and the nations of south Asia have not formally acknowledge that statement which indicates that the rumors have been made by non government agencies for personal gain. Never the less, it is tragic and people in Qatar are acknowledging that and are working toward better reforms. Not to minimize the problem but I am sure that the death rates when compared properly to the whole country .. you would find that it is not as substantial as what the media have been promoting. Other than that, good job on collecting the information and putting the whole thing together. It is impressive coming from a Qatari haha. If you ever need any help on a topic related to Qatar or the region hit me up. There is a lot of info that cant be found online lol
Sayfway Mês atrás
Small correction: At 22:46 not all the countries you mentioned completely severed ties. Many severed but countries like Jordan and Djibouti only downgraded their relations, yet maintained diplomatic ties.
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Lone Forest
Lone Forest Mês atrás
Thanks for the hardwork for this informative video💪💪💪
QC QC Mês atrás
thanks for the great content. btw, still a newbie question: what does 'OP' stands for , in your caption? thanks in advance.
Top Gammar
Top Gammar Mês atrás
@hafid lho Ops!
Rameez Iqbal
Rameez Iqbal Mês atrás
@hafid lho Cringy senseless slang. Why not stick with proper English that makes sense.
hafid lho
hafid lho Mês atrás
Over Powered
Houssein Barkallah
Houssein Barkallah Mês atrás
What an amazing video; I literally didn't notice it was 30min long ! Bravo
Alan Mês atrás
Man I love these videos!!! Thank you so much! I'm really considering subscribing to curiosity stream and nebula... thanks!
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Bonga Rozani
Bonga Rozani Mês atrás
If only we can have dedicated leaders to prosper our economies like this in Sub Saharan Africa.
Syed Mês atrás
This was an incredible video. Thank you for providing such great education
Eli Tettelbach
Eli Tettelbach Mês atrás
This is a really informative video!
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis Mês atrás
Also important to note that pretty much all of that wealth is in the hands of those 300k citizens, so the average Qatari citizen basically brings home $700k annually
Krumpus Plunk
Krumpus Plunk Mês atrás
crazy to see a history video about what feels like yesterday
Dave O’Dell
Dave O’Dell Mês atrás
Agree 100%. Power resides where we believe it resides. It will be great when the world gets off fossil fuels.
Yalok Iy
Yalok Iy Mês atrás
One important correction though, it's the Russia who cut the export of natural gas to EU, not the European countries that cut the import of it.
Anonymous Mês atrás
Your videos are so much better than local geopolitical channels in my country..
ᵂ ᴴ ᴬ ᵀ ˢ ᴬ ᴾ ᴾ +¹(⁸ ⁶ ³)⁸ ⁸ ⁸-¹ ² ⁹ ⁴
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ishmyboy Mês atrás
One of the Qatar'i prince's used to go to a private school near me in the UK. he owned the worlds largest variant of the 747 jumbojet and used to just fly to a small airport and back very often.
MA HUNCHO Mês atrás
Was his name a.a.k ?
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Mês atrás
@ishmyboy wait so you live in oakley cus thats the nearest neighbourhood to canford
SilverReviews Mês atrás
@Most Valuable Dog good, just wanted to gauge that
Most Valuable Dog
Most Valuable Dog Mês atrás
@SilverReviews i feel the same way about any rich person who primarily uses a private jet
SilverReviews Mês atrás
@Most Valuable Dogim sure you feel the same way about elon musk, right?
365 Mês atrás
Awesome video well done 👏🏼
Raven Black
Raven Black Mês atrás
Great video! Sadly I want to watch the stuff you upload on nebula because those are the ones that interest me, but I cannot buy it. My country is going through an economical crisis and 1 usd is almost 19 tl, making the price a lot for me. I cannot buy a streaming platform subscription while I can use that money to simply buy food. This is why youtube will never go out. I'd like to watch those stuff, but there's nothing I can do.
The Netherfield Way
Great video, can't help but wonder about the weird bird in some shots. Is it an easter egg?
Vakhtang Nodadze
Vakhtang Nodadze Mês atrás
Thank you for making these videos.
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube Mês atrás
I watched this before suddenly feeling really dizzy and then getting a fever dream where Qatar was present, so I thought this video wasn't real
MJ Burgess
MJ Burgess Mês atrás
I think me watching the world cup lead the algorithms to put this video on my feed. This was a very informative video! Wow. Thanks alot. I will be checking out Nebula. Never heard of it.
LeFeï XaRager
LeFeï XaRager Mês atrás
Indira Devi
Indira Devi Mês atrás
Hey, Would You do a Video on Why India's Geography is So Important?
Fribz Mês atrás
Great video. One correction though. The 6500 deaths figure is not workers dying from building stadiums in poor conditions. It’s any migrant that died from any cause In other words, a pretty proportional figure over 10 years considering the millions of migrants they have
Daniel V
Daniel V 25 dias atrás
Underrated comment. These numbers are deaths for any reason, even say an automobile accident, over a decade. Considering the country is 80% foreigners, probably not an outsized number.
Wilhelm Bittrich
Wilhelm Bittrich 29 dias atrás
Had to watch this video for a good five minutes before I could find out what OP means
keita salmon
keita salmon Mês atrás
this was amazingly informative
Protozactly Mês atrás
That blew my mind, thankyou. You make the world make sense.
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tarazan Mês atrás
This was one of the golf countries that spent the most on financing the war that destroyed Syria (like hundreds of Billions of dollars) ... . The plan was to pass a gas pipeline from the golf through Syria and which would go either to Turkey and than to Europe or to the eastern Mediterranean (either Syria or Tripoli Lebanon) and than under the sea in a pipeline to Europe. Europe wanted to not be dependent on Russian gas... instead they ended up with millions of refugees w/ majority coming from very conservative/religious rural Syria (i.e. potentially hard to integrate...)
David vdHurk
David vdHurk Mês atrás
This explains the war in Ukraine and the World Cup in Qatar perferctly. It shows the power of money and the corruption that it has spread throughout this world, incliding the media who where supposed to protect us from this. Thanks!
Brock zao
Brock zao Mês atrás
many information are skewed and seem one sided which makes me question the other parts of the video because you seem a bit bais. first, saddam had no interest in irani nor kuwaity oil especially Iraq had and has so much oil on their land to even want more. you can read how rich Iraq in oil. the reasons were more political and historical. so this part I know is very very WRONG Second, saudies and qataries also UAE had conflict of interest and not that saudies were "victims" of qataries propaganda. all of these countries wanted control over egypt and libia and they all have differences on which ideologies they support and this caused the problem. trust me saudies and UAE were far from victims. and as of yemen its not "could eventually" it already is controlled and funded by itan. huthies used to be some tribes who had no real power until Iran trained them funded them and gave the weapons so they can control that part of the world. they do the same in Lebanon, syria and Iraq you seem to give information based on your personal opinion or havely affected by what you hear and not based on actual facts
Sylvester Odwa
Sylvester Odwa Mês atrás
Anyway, I think it is the country punching above it's natural weight the most, not really Over powered to Egypt level because power does not really come from just money or guns I don't think Qatar can survive a real economic blockade like the way countries like Russia, Zimbambwe Uganda, North Korea can and Egypt is an AU cutting end meaning it controls probably >20% of all natural resources indirectly... And Egypt has been trading with countries allover the world for at least a thousand years, Sudan would back them up like hell the way they do against Ethopia, So the Nile can always give them a lifeline On paper they are unstoppable but in real life... Would be like their world cup campaign, So many immigrants, to little to fall back to
Nuno Pires
Nuno Pires Mês atrás
Thanks, great job!
Eugenio Fernandez
Eugenio Fernandez Mês atrás
Great video. Why on earth a country like England would allow foreigners to own their stuff???
Dark 54
Dark 54 Mês atrás
Same with France actually bc they don't have enough money to invest in their own buisness simple as that, they need foreign investisment to keep alive some of their activities, in Paris for Example you would be shocked by the amount of thing Qatar buyed in the last 15 years, they owned the Champs Elyse for example.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Legend. Making a well detailed and researched about a super power rise into the world stage while also letting us know the darker side as well instead of the roses and peach side only. 10/10
Feifei Mês atrás
Qatar is far far from a "super Power"🤣😂
Mohammed KH
Mohammed KH Mês atrás
@Can't comment anymore cos JewTube will delete me by drunk Christians 😂
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@Justin Y With Mustache Access Doing God's work out here
Justin Y With Mustache Access
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Can't comment anymore cos JewTube will delete me
@Tri Ilman A. F by Muslims/immigrants
Azzan Qais AL-Kindy
The amount of work put in this video is staggering..
Antonio Inoa
Antonio Inoa Mês atrás
This video perfectly illustrate how Venezuela became the failed state that it is without even realizing it.... Diversifying the economy was the best thing the Qataris did something Venezuela.
Gabriel P.
Gabriel P. Mês atrás
I am really amazed by the quality on this chanel.
Yamz Mês atrás
Love your videos but it took 3 mins into the whole clip for me to understand what the title meant OP
Rameez Iqbal
Rameez Iqbal Mês atrás
Yeah, stupid word. Another word they often use is 'nerfed'. Senseless word.
ryteps Mês atrás
my respect for RLL after him calling it football: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Robert Colby
Robert Colby Mês atrás
Spectacular documentary! 🎥 🎞️
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Mês atrás
Can you please explain Myanmar civil war? Also on Nebula? No one is talking about this
Gh Gh
Gh Gh Mês atrás
2022 love Qatar from brothers in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Ali Ridwan
Ali Ridwan Mês atrás
The amount of time and research on making this video should be appreciated. Keep up the great work guys.
Sharry Sosa
Sharry Sosa Mês atrás
OP stands for “over powered”.
Adam Madi
Adam Madi Mês atrás
I love when Qatar said "It's Economing time" and Natural Gas'd all over the place. Truly one of the moments in history.
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 15 horas atrás
How can you not love an Arab prince who would stage a coup against his own father ? Hershel Walker's kids probably want to do the same thing. WRZ 2023-01-26
Qthetar 5 dias atrás
Cry hard 😂
TheKingMapper 9 dias atrás
Wtf lolol
ruf ruf
ruf ruf 19 dias atrás
​@theEndurance how did you get out because it seemed like you have experienced it. Other wise how would you know
Simon McNeilly
Simon McNeilly Mês atrás
Everyone working in Qatar gets on a plane and goes there willingly. To get paid 10x what they can earn at home. If that’s slavery, sign me up.
King Solomon II
King Solomon II Mês atrás
Correction 14:33 Al Jazeera does NOT mean peninsula in Arabic it means Island.
Alaa Hijazi
Alaa Hijazi Mês atrás
Migrant workers actually get paid pretty good, but they usually send back 80% of their income to their families back home and live on 20% of the income in an already pretty expensive country
thimothi albani
thimothi albani Mês atrás
King tamim have soft power from east to west... He is extra ordinary🔥
Spaida Mês atrás
You have to teach us how to edit like you! You just earned a follower and I will look into your other paid videos!
Captain Cameron
Captain Cameron Mês atrás
Love how the northern side of the Persian gas field is called south field and the southern is the north field 🗿 Edit: Thanks for all the likes ☺️
SethMethCS Mês atrás
@Tjibbe Ettema they're referring to where it is inside the border of their own respective countries. These nations fought for their container boundaries with their lives, and use every opportunity to reinforce the perception this area is there's.
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Rafal Mês atrás
for qatar its in the north for iran its in the south
Charlie 000
Charlie 000 Mês atrás
It actually makes sense, the south field belongs to Iran and its location is south of Iran and the north field is in the North of Qatar
Jonas Davies
Jonas Davies Mês atrás
Greenland and Iceland
FinEcon Mês atrás
Slava Qatar ❤❤❤
Reverend Boaz
Reverend Boaz Mês atrás
Slava Dubai 👋
blacklite911 Mês atrás
I have Nebula for the sole purpose of seeing Real Life Lore videos. But it’s baffling to me that this channel is rarely on its featured page when new videos are up. Every time I wanna watch a new real life lore video on nebula, I have to search for it. Lame
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👆👆 I wont toy with you on this Inbox me you won't regret it
David Dawson
David Dawson Mês atrás
Love your video, learned a lot here, but what is OP? “Most OP country”, “OP status”?? I don’t know what OP means. Help.
Visvesh Venkatesan
Visvesh Venkatesan Mês atrás
Over powered
Dawood Khan
Dawood Khan Mês atrás
Also a much needed video on US war crimes killing millions in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. More importantly, a video to audience on US’s plundering and pillaging Of Syria’s oil.
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner Mês atrás
Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It’s so heartbreaking to hear about the Yemeni civil war, but I appreciate that you still decided to cover it. Great work!
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Relationship Tips
Relationship Tips Mês atrás
Western multinational companies, & Western colonization of non Western colonies has also exploited workers for centuries. Western colonization has resulted in slavery. Qatar & rich other Middle Eastern countries are not alone in exploitation of workers, Western countries have been doing it for centuries.
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