How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes) 

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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)
So here i have compiled a bunch of common mistakes i've seen people do with minecraft building. Hopefully these will help you if you are struggling!
Let me know what you think of the new style too!
Thank you so much to CFlolia for the art :3
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27 Mai 2023



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PhantomGaming Anos atrás
"Don't defy the laws of physics" Grian says as he casually walks on thin air.
Trla Anos atrás
Yeah doing this type of houses is a pain to me,
Happy_girlbff1 Anos atrás
@Trla Same to me. Just, put some logs and it'll look much better!
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk Anos atrás
Lol that is so true
stary gaming
stary gaming Anos atrás
dreary22 Anos atrás
when its true
Living Murphy's Law
This is what's great about Grian. He doesn't give a block by block tutorial. He teaches you how to build. Inspires you to go on and build your own creations. Shows you methods to use, not builds to duplicate. Exactly what we need to learn.
Jovia Nguyen
Jovia Nguyen Anos atrás
I agree with you He doesn’t just give us an easy way to do it by just watching him build, he actually teaches us how to build and what we can learn about it
Chom Chi
Chom Chi Anos atrás
Ayooo 2021 gang?
Darcc Anos atrás
He's like the Bob Ross of building
ikesh32 Anos atrás
@Chom Chi 2021 is old. 2022 IS NOW THE BEST >:)
marlinlord-_- 2 anos atrás
Moral of the video: Grian roasts 7 years old kids for 12 minutes straight
35subsplzhelp Anos atrás
Ah- eh-oh...
Suba Wuba
Suba Wuba Anos atrás
300 like is mine
HappyCetacean Anos atrás
모두기본: Default
Ukulele Productions
I know this video is 6 years old, but as someone who just discovers the international Minecraft community, I just have to say: This video is of amazing quality! It is absolutly clear why you are as successful as you are, putting that much effort, into such a simple video! Respect!
Milas Sayin
Milas Sayin 11 meses atrás
Why do you have 61 likes and 1 comment.
GetKnukkled 11 meses atrás
@Milas Sayin I guess it’s because it’s an old video and a new comment
Milas Sayin
Milas Sayin 10 meses atrás
@GetKnukkled okay
Lucas Tung
Lucas Tung Mês atrás
More like respect plus
Mr. Mcgamgam
Mr. Mcgamgam Anos atrás
"Oh this seems nice!" Grian:"OVERDETAILING" "Yuck what a horrible build"
Dekokiri Anos atrás
Yeah its actually true it hurts my eyes for some reason
Brayden Borden
Brayden Borden Anos atrás
Yeah exactly just got over detailing its just detailing is much as you want
xRAKU Anos atrás
it looks like someone threw up blocks all over the house
Caleb Show
Caleb Show Anos atrás
@Dekokiri same
ツSmileツ Anos atrás
This is litterally me
SweetLemons Mês atrás
This video aged like fine wine. Sure, there are new blocks to build with now, but the tips apply to all of them. This is the only true building tutorial.
Kelly Phillips
Kelly Phillips 2 anos atrás
How to build a house: Step one: find a hole in a mountain Step two: decorate hole There is no step three
MCopulos 2 anos atrás
good idea bro but even better How to build a house 2.0 1. find a random dirt patch 2. DIG 3. decorate dirt patch there is no step four
Chicken 2 anos atrás
thats what i did and i still do it its an affordable cozy way to get a house
Platon Belyalov
Platon Belyalov 2 anos atrás
Decorate?! you mean place a crafting table a bed and furnace nice decorations man! Yea I never decorate survival houses
I'll explain
I'll explain 2 anos atrás
Hobbit hole
hijinksii♡ 2 anos atrás
Bazzie Anos atrás
I remember thinking those emerald diamond houses looked good and now that I look back they look like toothpaste.
Misa Misa
Misa Misa 11 meses atrás
My real problem is how do you even start? Where do you go at the beginning? Like how do people like envision what they're trying to build from the start when there's nothing? Or even with the foundation already made, how do you effectively plan out what to make of it all?
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 5 meses atrás
Some advice from me I just randomly make base and start building according to base style like modern,medivial etc once the base is done new ideas will start coming out on their own .
Spinalice might be a cat
lmao i have no idea, I just spurt out nonsense and see if adding a block here and there makes it look cool
BLAH 2.0
BLAH 2.0 Mês atrás
Well in my case if its a small build like a starter house or something first you should think what style your house is, then just make random shapes that fit the idea and style of your build and,then I think about the block pallete this usually takes barely any time as I usually already have a vision in my head of what the build is gonna look like but if your taking a while then maybe you should look at the creative inventory and just scroll down and think of what blocks to use for your build and what would fit your building style, for example if its modern maybe you should use blocks like concrete, quartz and glass, if its medieval then maybe you should use blocks like cobblestone, wood and stone bricks, if its a fantasy style the use colorful blocks like terracota, wood, concrete and these are just examples there are many building styles and possible block palletes so just pick the blocks you like and start
Curtis Wankerstein
Curtis Wankerstein Mês atrás
Personally I make a bunch of boxes on the floor for a basic shape and an idea for how big it's going to be. After that, I will start making my frame (Mostly out of wood logs) and after thats done, step back and look at it, see if it has the potential for extra stories or just leave it a single level house. After you decided and built your frame, start with the outline of the floor and try to work your wall in between the frame and the floor's outline
Hello there hi
Hello there hi Anos atrás
“And he decorated it, very Minimalisticly” Me: right. MINIMALISTICLY.
OrangeBoiiiiiii 9 meses atrás
very VERY minimalistically
Bugsnax Gamer07
Bugsnax Gamer07 9 meses atrás
I’m still building box houses... in creative... I don’t understand how people build like that
Cloak Main
Cloak Main 5 meses atrás
@Bugsnax Gamer07 use more slabs and stairs is all i can tell you
Aldo Ringo
Aldo Ringo 2 anos atrás
Me : *wakes up* Grian : No, no, you're doing it wrong.
Andy Anos atrás
dang you got the whole squad laughing 😐
7e7e7e Anos atrás
@Andy ratio
Craxial Anos atrás
ZZZTripleZZZ Anos atrás
@Andy yes, he did. Look at the likes.
Andy Anos atrás
@ZZZTripleZZZ thats what im saying bruv hes so funny 😐
MagnustheValiant 5 meses atrás
The dude has a point though. Yes, there is some somewhat harsh bits, but really, I agree. It would be nicer like that. This is my own opinion and you all are fully entitled to yours.
nice 4 meses atrás
Harsh bits? What do u mean lol
Taylord Mês atrás
Grain: *calmly * “it’s not that hard guys.” This guy: “ *HARSH* “
Poke Dud
Poke Dud 3 anos atrás
Look man, once the crafting table is placed next to the furnace, it’s the perfect home
Zollo De la paz
Zollo De la paz 3 anos atrás
Crafting table beside a chest and the chest beside the furnace is how i do it
Deez.appointment 3 anos atrás
It's so true though
SOME D00D 3 anos atrás
Tiberius Magnificus Caeser
I always put my furnace at the foot of my bed so that my feet will be warm when I’m sleeping
Jon Snowman
Jon Snowman Anos atrás
Grian is literally gordon ramsay but in minecraft and without swearing
OrangeBoiiiiiii 9 meses atrás
Giraffe Guy
Giraffe Guy 7 meses atrás
And without screaming
Araben 606
Araben 606 Mês atrás
Well, then he is not
Mr Joe
Mr Joe Anos atrás
This video is just solid architectural and landscaping advice. Much of it are things that should be applied to real world projects
NiTeHaWKnz Anos atrás
The "defying the laws of physics" thing is a thing in modern architecture. It's called a "cantilever" where the frame extends into the building and the weight of the rest of the building keeps it in place. But yes, a cantilever that big does look odd.
-DinoDoom- 2 anos atrás
I agree with grian, overdetailing kinda hurts my eyes. Literally and figuratively.
seel Anos atrás
stary gaming
stary gaming Anos atrás
Cloak Main
Cloak Main 5 meses atrás
Yeah looking at overdetailes houses makes me feel like my braim fell off
Tryxxx 4 meses atrás
It is really dificult to build trees because the leaves has to be so random, messy and still look natural. It is difficult to make something random and still make sure that it looks great or just good/fine.
Enlightning Airieon
Enlightning Airieon 3 anos atrás
Me: (Digs a hole in a mountain and calls it home.) Grian: *So you have chosen, Death.*
•Quit• 3 anos atrás
T. Kiikka
T. Kiikka 3 anos atrás
It's Moria all again!
Lindalva Aquino
Lindalva Aquino 3 anos atrás
I love my hobbit hole
stardust 3 anos atrás
I love my rabbit hole.. and I will.
stardust 3 anos atrás
@Lindalva Aquino our comments look similar
KoalaTooth Anos atrás
grian helped me improve so much in minecraft building i swear, i first saw this video years ago, and these techniques are basically instinct to me. thank you grian!
Amaury Pierret
Amaury Pierret Anos atrás
I CANNOT believe the detail and quality of these EXEMPLARY builds. This man is a genius. P.S: thank you for the part about square builds this is going to help me a ton.
william thomas
william thomas 4 meses atrás
I agree honestly.
hybrid doggo
hybrid doggo 4 meses atrás
9:28 in my opinion. if your gonna build something with a flat roof you should make it a completely different colour. stone usually works best. and add some details like vents, small chimneys or skylights, this design usually works good when building post-war British houses or tower blocks. if you make a bunch of houses that are conjoined into a row of terraces. then you get the top and the sides of the wall that separates each house. make the wall a different colour, preferably a darker colour, then make it stick out from the rest of the building and add a stone or different coloured slab on top. do it to the end of the last house as well as it doesn't look normal if you don't and most houses after the war have a different colour on the end. slightly slanted roofs work well for post-war architecture. make sure that the shape isn't super complicated as most buildings of that time are mostly square with maybe one or two parts of the building sticking out. this goes for most post-war office buildings or flats. I wouldn't doe this kind of building tho if your trying to show off your building skills as it is really simple to do and doesn't have that mush detail as it's mainly curved roofs and unique shapes that make a building look complicated.
Luigi/MR L Gaming
Luigi/MR L Gaming Mês atrás
Do you expect anyone in this comment section to have an architecture degree?
Melecie Anos atrás
sad that this omits the final rule: "break the rules if you know what you're doing". a part of my build style has square buildings with overdetailed interiors, but that works for me as my style focuses on tiny, detailed builds
BleacH 8 meses atrás
That's an unspoken rule
noctysapra 5 meses atrás
I make detailed houses now but the first houses you built in this vid, I made in middle school and I thought they looked good 😂 so glad I changed the way I build now. I just finished a wizard's tower in my minecraft realm and I love detailing like that
Lord scott of the Rios
Minecraft: here’s a game that’s in your complete control, no rules just be happy. Grian: there’s rules, follow.
UZIxCARTI 🤤 3 anos atrás
there's rules in Minecraft
No Name
No Name 3 anos atrás
Dont dig straight down
icedwavvy 3 anos atrás
Daffa I well no in the loading screen when you go into a world it sometimes says DONT LEAVE TREES FLOATING or DONT DIG STRAIGHT DOWN
Jack Kokir
Jack Kokir 3 anos atrás
This is a really good idea and I agree 💯
Pansycacke 3 anos atrás
Yes, Minecraft it's a game about doing whatever you want. But unless you are a 4 year old (no offense indeed) or you are just fooling around, placing blocks just because, you will want to make a design that is pleasant to look at. And to achieve this, you'll have to follow some rules about design. And that's the point of this video.
I remember making a large wooden hotel that has no details at all in a ripoff game of Minecraft. It was on one of the public servers, but after my mom's tablet broke I never could download the app again I was so super proud of it, so I hope that whomever owns it after me takes good care of 'The Wooden Hotel by OneOddKid' (my naming skills have always been bad lmao)
321B Productions
321B Productions Anos atrás
Grian: _”Do not make box houses.”_ Noobs: that’s all I can do
HCFES 6 meses atrás
Heh that’s funny 😆
Lu Mês atrás
Karthik 999 X - Narrow One
Now that’s what I call a “Building Tutorial” even though it is about how not to build, it teaches everything. Thank You, Grian! Actually overdetailing is similar to organised detailing. The difference is, the normal detailing is mostly symmetrycal, it is concentrated in the corners and edges the max, overdetailing is the same but the detailation is not that symmetrical and is spread almost randomly on the build with no precise manner.
ZeeRabbit88 7 meses atrás
Man, old Grian videos are a vibe. This is my childhood, right here.
Karma Lotto
Karma Lotto 2 meses atrás
What I struggle with the most is making odd shapes work - like I'll have a "palette" and style selected, but I don't know how to neatly apply it to the shape.
Qwnntm 3 anos atrás
"He detailed it very minimalisticly" *shows house more detailed than any I've ever built*
Bali Raynor
Bali Raynor 3 anos atrás
hey i can barley make a small little box in survival
Catzie_ 3 anos atrás
"It's not a very difficult move"
Nicolás Palladino
Nicolás Palladino 3 anos atrás
A few years ago I was building a small town with my cousin and I decided I would spend some hours making the best house I could. I ended up making a mansion of two symmetric giant parts with 5 floors, 8 beds, a heck lot of space and chests and stuff, a "common backyard" with some decorative stuff and more. That "minimalistic" house had 100 times the details of my entire mansion.
Drasel Productions
Drasel Productions 3 anos atrás
Ashez 3 anos atrás
Hey we had the same idea lol i made this comment to
Summer's Timely Cringe
Summer's Timely Cringe 11 meses atrás
It is now my goal to make all of these mistakes in a single build
Medal O' Silver
Medal O' Silver Anos atrás
Grian's videos like this inspire me. Thank you Grian
zoidberg the baby jesus
My first house in any world is a 10 by 10 two block tall chest n' furnace filled abomination with local wood floors and a mine staircase in the corner. It's been like this for years and that won't change because ever since I first started playing my friends would waste resources on fancy builds and end up doing hour long gathering sessions while I strip mine for diamond knowing that I can live at the bottom of the village well and be happy 😊
FireCode125 11 meses atrás
About the over detailing, I think it really looks more intimidating than good looking. I would say that a base meant to keep away foes should be overdetailed.
Lifetime 2 meses atrás
After a few years of playing I got bored of my builds, this really helps
kkuaiii 2 anos atrás
grian: “it’s not that difficult” me: *sweats profusely trying to stop myself from making a shoe box house*
Egar Enterprises Inc.
Egar Enterprises Inc. 2 anos atrás
Mumbo Memes
Hell2op 2 anos atrás
Bedrock Player
Bedrock Player 2 anos atrás
Well he's had a lot of experience with it! I used to suck at building too, but the more I actually considered the tips in the video, the better at building I got. But I get that building isn't for everyone :)
Theresa Price
Theresa Price 2 anos atrás
Honestly that’s me every time I try to make a roof it looks like a flat price of dog poop on paper What they expect:normal roof like animal crossing Me: flatness galore
Lily 2 anos atrás
Paper_Head 2 anos atrás
Even though this video was recommended 5 years later, but thanks for the tips Grian this really helped me in my builds.
LM JK7 Anos atrás
To be honest ,I think the over detailing is what I lack and since u showed me my mistakes ,I thank u very much and I hope more people subscribe to u.
Medic Gaming
Medic Gaming Anos atrás
If you want to overdetail i would recommend making it very clean otherwise on the roof and other less detailed areas.
WolfxHybrid Anos atrás
Exqueeze me, but that 5x5 house in the thumbnail is one of the most basic and easiest houses. It is so cute, cozy, and efficient because you need less materials, especially when you do survival. It is my fave house! Come on man!
Ketchard 4 meses atrás
This was my first grian vid and it’s basically the foundation of everything ik about building today. The deepest rabbit hole I’ve been in for sure
CornB0b 3 anos atrás
Grian: “Don’t defy physics.” Says while flying
CornB0b 3 anos atrás
Theif for what?
Anushka Roseheart
Anushka Roseheart 3 anos atrás
😂😂haha, TRUE!
ikzii 3 anos atrás
golden207cube 3 anos atrás
😂 😂
Think you’d ever consider redoing older tutorials with the knowledge you’ve learnt from being on Hermitcraft?
Hesus Anos atrás
Over detailing looks good if you have an old shack looking house with a lot of different types of wood.
First sin is perfect for horror maps. (for example, when you want to create a long corridor in an abandoned ruins.)
TaytoCheesaTeese 😼
Me: *breathes* Grian: "oh no no no you're doing it wrong."
Scarlet_Aster Anos atrás
I do make some mistakes in building, and they are stated in here, including straight up rectangular and perfect square houses, I'll put this to note and improve my building with these tips, thanks!!!
KeitieKalopsia 2 anos atrás
“This house has very little detail.” House: has more detail than I’ve ever put into all my builds combined
Mark Swan
Mark Swan 2 anos atrás
I have a tip for you in building: just add a trapdoors on both sides of your windows and add pillars in line with the frame! Also use white or light grey glass for windows and add some AMAZING detail by replacing some of your wall with staircases in some sort of pattern or even make cracks!
KeitieKalopsia 2 anos atrás
@Mark Swan I've started adding detailed stuff like this, and it works a charm. All windows for me now have to either be stained glass or no glass at all. Currently experimenting with a decorative wall/fence made of stairs and slabs.
twana beedle
twana beedle 2 anos atrás
Miles McKean
Miles McKean 2 anos atrás
blissfulmoth Anos atrás
@KeitieKalopsia for me it always has to be glass panes, or fences lol
Me after mining 3 oak logs: *Yeah that'll do it.*
TonyKhang Anos atrás
thank you, i used to struggle with overdetailing alot and not figuring out why my builds looks messy, after seeing this video, my builds improved a ton
94D33M 4 meses atrás
3:49 This rectangular house is better than most people's non-rectangular builds.
Itz Been Dakav Gaming
I think this may well actually help me build better buildings in Survival settings. Thanks for assist, G.
MyNameIsDark 10 meses atrás
Just a quick note about roof overhangs: Skeletons and Zombies can hide under the roof or frame when the night ends to avoid burning. Just something to keep in mind for survival players
Grimm 4 meses atrás
Not if I hit them away
CurrentlyVince 12 dias atrás
A well-lit and fenced off perimeter is one of my priorities. I never want to step out the front door and suddenly be face-to-face with a hostile mob -- especially a creeper!
Samantha Reighard
Samantha Reighard 3 anos atrás
I'm going to make a house that does everything that Grian tells me not to do.
no name
no name 3 anos atrás
That's a pointless task considering that all the things he points out are all things that novice builder do. Finding a house with those features is the norm not the exeption.
GlitchAria 3 anos atrás
That will be interesting, since he'll have to over- and under-detail it at the same time.
SomePerson 37
SomePerson 37 3 anos atrás
Oh, so basically my houses.
The gaming girls !
The gaming girls ! 3 anos atrás
Aria SpookFMS Over detail the inside and severally under detail the outside
Isabela Aguilar
Isabela Aguilar 3 anos atrás
So.... the norm?
MossisAlive 11 meses atrás
Honestly, I haven't streamed in a while but I have been practicing building, especially in the SMP I'm in... I feel like I've gotten away from most of these mistakes. My biggest one is the very boxy-shaped builds. Other than that comparing my recent builds to my very first build... me being a noob used brick wall blacks... for the walls.
WhiteAce_T.K.O 8 meses atrás
I’ve been proudly building square roofed houses for seven + years now I’m now working as a contractor in a village 😎
Brittany Rothgeb
Brittany Rothgeb 9 meses atrás
Hey Grian, I absolutely love your videos and they really do help, but I have a slight time consuming problem. I am trying to make a Fantasy world in creative but by doing so I am manually replacing all grass blocks with Warped Hyphne ( or how ever you spell that). I was wondering if you knew of an easier much faster and efficient way of doing so?
Adv3nture 6 meses atrás
I think Minecraft builders should also work on the landscape around the build and theme.
tGOM Anos atrás
Honestly Grian should still make these types of building videos (along with the others of course)
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson 3 anos atrás
I present to you, minecraft Gordon Ramsey.
ArcPlayz 3 anos atrás
Clay Platt
Clay Platt 3 anos atrás
Grain Ramsey
Steph Williams
Steph Williams 3 anos atrás
Legiana Havilliard
Legiana Havilliard 3 anos atrás
As you can clearly see, I am Person
Bro seeing the ore blocks on the rich people's house just brings back memories. Remember when ore blocks used to look like that? Good times.
armasandoval52 Anos atrás
Tip: if your just starting fresh on minecraft and started you need to get a lot of wood so you can build a four block wall and then fill in the open space with the rest and you have a easy house.
K!ng Anos atrás
I actually think that the over detailing looks great
Arn Ze Barn
Arn Ze Barn Anos atrás
I like these building videos Grian, thank you so much I took your advice to make a pretty and decent house on a superflat world.
Kangaroo McKenna
Kangaroo McKenna Anos atrás
This is a GINORMOUS help ive done the over hangs but 0 of the fancy roofs (that look amazing) and the house shapes.Ive always done squares and rectangles thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Alex Korman
Alex Korman 3 anos atrás
I think your definition of minimalistic is very different from mine.
Winter and Friends
Winter and Friends 3 anos atrás
Igoreuss 3 anos atrás
Mine too
goreflux 3 anos atrás
dirt box
Anshsgh Anos atrás
When it comes to my building palette, i mostly use wood and cobblestone type and i make a simple staircase roof
Alvina S
Alvina S 6 meses atrás
What if you build a modern building with 1 overhang? Would you add support to that overhang? No! You're building a modern building!
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green Anos atrás
Here’s my process: Step 1: Acquire map of spawn. Step 2: Raze block within map chunk above river/sea level. Step 3: Place torch in NW corner and place torches in a 5x5 pattern across chunk. Step 4: Create dirt path along perimeter and through the middle, separating the 4 quadrants. Step 5: Place foundation in the crossroads in a 9x9. Here’s my problem: I want my house to be omni-symmetrical. I want the shape to be the same shape from the 4 corners. I’m willing to unbox the 9x9 in the 4 directions and rounding the corners. But when I start to build up, I find issues. My base pallet is Stone brick 🧱 and the 3 polished stones (1 for each direction). Can you help me? It’s turning into a 3-story tower. My warehouse will be in the basement, bed on the 2nd floor, and enchanting in the 3rd. Maybe the 1st will be a workshop?
All motion studios
All motion studios 8 meses atrás
I think everything in this video is absolutely accurate. All the bad builds represent my little sister when she builds, especially the rectangular shape, the lack of depth, BUT WHAT REALY ANNOYS ME IS HOW SHE ONCE BUILT A SQUARE HOUSE WITH JUST EMERALD BLOCKS!!!!!!!! AND ALSO NEXT TO MY PERFECTLY GOOD MODERN HOUSE, that I used smooth quartz, oak planks and spruce planks material to give it a nice texture, AND COMPLETLY RUINED THE WORLD!!!!!!!
Jåÿã Anos atrás
Some people leave there water flowing because they want their pond to be more than one block deep. If you want to do that, the make the pond,then put water in it, the make it more deep. Just a little tip for some people.
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan 2 anos atrás
Grian: "It's so easy to avoid overdetailing, just don't overdetail it." Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes
Ray Alkhudari
Ray Alkhudari 2 anos atrás
Lmao I love this😂
• •
• • 2 anos atrás
@Distendedmist58 sToP iT٫ gEt SoMe HelP
GacktheZyborg 2 anos atrás
XD I hear this all the time, but nvr gets old
GacktheZyborg 2 anos atrás
XD I hear this all the time, but nvr gets old
Mr. Lazyness
Mr. Lazyness 2 anos atrás
Every 1 hour in my class is just 5 minutes in the clock
Jodi MacKay
Jodi MacKay Anos atrás
This video was so much help after watching it I built two houses that almost look the same as Grians :)
Walt. Jr
Walt. Jr 16 dias atrás
this is channel is where i learnt everything to get good at building
KayRen Anos atrás
I feel soo grateful about how sensitive I am with water flow after watching this vid.. like literally, 1 block of flowing water and I tried hard as hell to fix it
ThatRandomAnimator Anos atrás
I forced my sister to watch this to improve her building skills lol
GoldSkorp Mês atrás
Thank you. This video taught me a lot. This is gonna help me make cool builds
Bigslam1993 4 anos atrás
"He detailed it very minimalistically" *Builds epic house of doom*
emalinu 4 anos atrás
Isso man ): bin jz sad
twila starns
twila starns 4 anos atrás
Jason StJohn
Jason StJohn 4 anos atrás
@emalinu Du weißt schon dass er Englisch ist?
emalinu 4 anos atrás
@Jason StJohn nein nein der is deutscher guck sein kanal an
Liam_mage 4 anos atrás
Still chill still chilll epiccccccc
{void of nothing}
{void of nothing} Anos atrás
overdetailing is fine for cave things, their kind of messy.but regular houses?not so much
BigBossAdidoss 6 meses atrás
I remember watching this years ago, it improved me so much. It still applies today and maybe this refresher will push me to new heights!
Melony Grant
Melony Grant 9 meses atrás
Well I have always used to like build rectangular or square houses and I have got to say when I tried tieferen shapes they looked much better.
Hahaha Anos atrás
Btw at 3:00, if you make a house like that, you have a variety of room sizes for the interior
Coreine_crow 6 meses atrás
6 years later and I'm still waiting on a do's and don't of building in a mountain
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 3 anos atrás
"It's not that hard to do" *accidentally makes a mansion*
Austin Banaszynski
Austin Banaszynski 3 anos atrás
Yeah... not that hard... *nervously laughs in survival*
Jessica Bellamy
Jessica Bellamy 3 anos atrás
Almost the same I'm building with a song on thinking I would not build I house to big and then uuuuummm... I make a mistake
Jasper Harvey
Jasper Harvey 3 anos atrás
Well dat blew up fast
jello 3 anos atrás
*suffering from success*
TheLeenieBaby Anos atrás
I use depth and different blocks and everything else, but my house HAS to be a box, otherwise i just cannot figure out the roof. The roof is the bane of my life, even on box shapes it takes me so long to do, i hate doing them :(
Chez Pup
Chez Pup Anos atrás
I built my first survival house in a mushroom and its honestly perfect
Itsspookymonth 9 meses atrás
Thanks to this video im now better at building. Thank you so so much
Oryx The Mad God
Oryx The Mad God 2 anos atrás
the over detailing bit i feel but when i build theres always that one spot that looks too plain so you try to fill it in and get carried away
LTU tacos
LTU tacos Anos atrás
The thing I struggle with the most are circular roofs for example I want to build a cool wizard tower with a circular roof and I mostly fail.... I try to make it taller with some normal sized blocks but then it feels too tall and then I panic I don't know what to do and then I just ,,go for a break" and by that I mean never finishing it and move to a new build................... and I also don't know how to decorate big house walls.....................
Kermit Universe
Kermit Universe 3 anos atrás
Me: wow my house is beautiful Grian: Its a square, you didn't add detail Me: Finally i added detail Grian: You over detailed
isaac 😟
isaac 😟 3 anos atrás
Cularis 3 anos atrás
your pfp is what ur gonna do next
Kermit Universe
Kermit Universe 3 anos atrás
AJ the Snake Kid
AJ the Snake Kid 3 anos atrás
ace ♦️
ace ♦️ 3 anos atrás
Life is hard
『Zalfa Oriana』
『Zalfa Oriana』 Anos atrás
To be honest, that's a prettiest diamond house I've ever seen
leppy 9 meses atrás
I'm guilty of doing the box house lol But I already changed my house similar to villager houses, only that it's made of stone bricks and quartz...coz I burned the box house when I placed my cobblestone generator near it 🤦🏻‍♀️
Happy_girlbff1 Anos atrás
I remember myself 3 years ago playing a craftsman game and making a house with diamonds. Aahhhh the pain!!!!!! I wish i could go back to this world and literally blow up the house and make a new one.
Clapatron2013 Anos atrás
I used to only use oak planks for my house so just a oak plank square BUT IM WAY BETTER NOW now I use wool for my roof pillars to make it look sturdy
Some Random Dude You Found On The Internet
I don’t know why. Only wooden oak planks, with windows. With an overhang without something holding it. Feels nostalgic.
Qkai 2 anos atrás
Why does Grian sound like a really tired teacher that just can't be mad?
The Queertelope
The Queertelope 2 anos atrás
exactly why id listen to him
AABattery123 2 anos atrás
@GMJ#7320🏳️‍⚧️⃠ sus
MENACE 2 anos atrás
@AABattery123 me when the red sus 😠😠🤣🤣!!1!1!1!1!1!1
AABattery123 2 anos atrás
@MENACE sus😳😳1!1!1!1!!11!!1!!!
Beep boop
Beep boop Anos atrás
There are definitely a few of these I'm doing. No custom trees, often square houses (but with simple roofs), little things like that. But that's because I'm not very good at working with custom trees (can't get them to look good) and more complex room layouts. I have been trying to get better at it, but the custom trees is just a nightmare for me 😅
Crumbs 9 meses atrás
6+ years later and I’m still learning stuff from this video bruh 💀
Saturn 5 meses atrás
This really helped because I am not a experienced builder in Minecraft I’m not that good of a builder in general but I am trying to improve so this helped me a lot.
saturn 4 meses atrás
i like your account name
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