How much does memory affect gaming?? Tested

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We tested multiple configurations of memory on three different titles to see how memory affects gaming. These results may surprise you.
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Pete Raybon
Pete Raybon 15 horas atrás
So I have I7 8086K OC to 5.3 32G of Ram at 3600, 1080TI in SLI.. I play at 4K.. Am I getting extra benefit from the extra memory and speed?
nezu Dia atrás
Can i do 4/8 ram sticks on my laptop?
Aadhi SP
Aadhi SP Dia atrás
Hey Jay, I hope u see this comment; My Laptop has only 2 ram slots. But task manager shows 4 slots! Is there a hidden slot or something or is it just an error in the TM?
Akshay Anthony
Akshay Anthony Dia atrás
What if you use one 8gb stick and one 4gb sticks. So dual 12gb?
Cast Iron Gym
Cast Iron Gym Dia atrás
Jay, I frequently hear the comparison made between 1080p and 1440p with reference to different graphics cards, but what about multi monitor setups? It would be great to see some more info on standard resolutions vs triples. (5760x1080 etc.).
Marc Dave Del Socorro
Marc Dave Del Socorro 3 dias atrás
6:26 If you try and focus on the back you'll see jay flying.
Si Hola
Si Hola 3 dias atrás
What is better 16gb 3200 cl16 or 16 3600 c18
jean velho
jean velho 4 dias atrás
I read those
Wonderduck234 4 dias atrás
8 gigs is great. Unless you have chrome open which uses 6gigs by itself.
TheKWags 6 dias atrás
Battlefield 5 sees a computer performance increase from dual to quad-channel ram
wctwctwctwct 6 dias atrás
Bannerlord. Super CPU dependent game
Tales Grimm
Tales Grimm 6 dias atrás
This is like watching sports to me
Trev 6 dias atrás
You didn't really account dual rank.
TowerO'Power 6 dias atrás
8 gb is definitely not enough for some of the more memory heavy games out there but i guess they should be playable with 8gb but 16gb would be way better
S1D3winder017 4 dias atrás
As much as I love Jay, I agree. I've noticed a good portion of heavy games run around 10gb at times. 16gb is the sweet spot for builds. 2 8gb sticks. Personally I have 32gb (4×8) of G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3600 16cas. Only because I built myself a beast rig for a celebration I surpassed.
ILikeGuns1992 6 dias atrás
What is dual channel? 2 sticks of ram?
proj3ktil 6 dias atrás
yeah we still read those
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 7 dias atrás
Latin Legend
Latin Legend 7 dias atrás
Dumb question: if I have 16gb of RAM on my pc with two sticks, does that mean I have two 8gb sticks or two 16gb sticks?
bilabout22 7 dias atrás
Does it matter if im using all 4 slots at 4gb each?
Jeric Teves
Jeric Teves 9 dias atrás
A human eye can only see 4gb of ram
Sandeep Panchal
Sandeep Panchal 10 dias atrás
0_o enjoy 16 channel at 5:52
Baz 10 dias atrás
I still read it!
Ricky LeBlanc
Ricky LeBlanc 12 dias atrás
Would have really liked to see dual channel 4GB 2x2GB to see if that still gets a measurable difference just for fun. (And yes, we still read those.)
Karimo lifestyle
Karimo lifestyle 14 dias atrás
I have 16 gigs 4 x 4gb 3200 mhz is that better or should i buy other ram?
Randomnick123 15 dias atrás
Just saying, if you go 32Gb RAM its never a bad idea. 4x8Gb with fast RAM and you wont be unhappy.
Adriaan Scheepers
Adriaan Scheepers 15 dias atrás
Hi Jay. I am experiencing some bad stuttering playing Ark : Survival Evolved online. I have a 8th Gen I3 at 3.6ghz, with 4gb ram. And a Gtx 1650 4GB GPU. Will an additional 4gb ram in my 2nd dimm slot, help with that??
C X 16 dias atrás
Nkosinathi Motloung
Nkosinathi Motloung 16 dias atrás
From my experience, i find that you can have expensive 8gb of ram overclocked as i did, and gtx 1080 8gig also overclocked, but the results are way more in favor to the amount of ram you have, Ghost Recon Breakpoint at 8gb of ram froze for few seconds during game-play, when i added another 8gb of ram pushing it to 16gb of ram, as a result the game opened faster, loaded faster and it did not freeze as to load components within the game its smooth, even navigating through windows apps was faster, and yes opening google chrome its a huge difference too!
Bilal Jawed
Bilal Jawed 16 dias atrás
Hey, my i5 7200U has a dedicated 2gb 920m with builtin 4gb RAM (nonremoveable). will I get more fps with a 4+4gb (dual channel) or with 4+8 or even 4+12 gb config (since these will be single channel) Basically, should I go for high memory or dual channel here? I've heard dGPU doesnt benefit much from dual channel ram since it has it's own vRam. So i should go for more memory? Only asking for gaming/fps.
Muhd Ezzam
Muhd Ezzam 17 dias atrás
Warzone eats ram
ShadowTheLight 18 dias atrás
DOOM just wants ram, doesn't care how much, as long as you got some.
Fuwa Fuwa
Fuwa Fuwa 19 dias atrás
Other people's intros: "Whats up guys welcome to this week's PC video today we're going to be-" This intro: "RAM."
TheWobblyEmily 20 dias atrás
It affects the gaming a lot. I can't play games ever since I started having dementia
Bolverk 20 dias atrás
I don't know if this has been tested, but have ya'll thought about utilizing smaller memory sticks across all four channels of a motherboard? AE: 4 sticks of 4GB would definitely open another variable yet a surprising outcome.....can i contemplate another video maybe?
Aaron Manning
Aaron Manning 21 dia atrás
So if I wanted 16gb of ram, would using 4, 4gb sticks make it a lot faster? Or does it not matter beyond dual channel
Lliam Thrumble
Lliam Thrumble 21 dia atrás
Proof ram gives you fps
ThatSalesGuy 21 dia atrás
F in the comments for ogremar I know orgrimmar but not ogremar
Swaffle 21 dia atrás
You can random access my memory any day
manzar ali
manzar ali 21 dia atrás
I swear your a legend I’m only making a gaming pc just because of you Thnks for your help
Tequila And Tacos
Tequila And Tacos 22 dias atrás
I upgraded a “Gaming PC” I was not able to return from Best , Sucks, Anyway I upgraded from 1stock 8gb slow ram To 3200 _32gb corsair and Noticed a big difference with warzone I really have almost zero knowledge with computers, Im learning. Thank you for the videos
NicnacNet 22 dias atrás
Reccomend that Prepar3D be used as a RAM/CPU heavy testing title
furqan khan
furqan khan 23 dias atrás
meanwhile in 2020 COD warzone be like Hold my beer 8g ram :P
Steven Smiley
Steven Smiley 23 dias atrás
try guild wars2 on max settings
Justin Sowerby
Justin Sowerby 24 dias atrás
What about processing photos on PS or LR or other editing programs like that?
Game Thogic
Game Thogic 24 dias atrás
My games will run over 60 fps no problem ...gtx 1060 /i5-7400...but many games are starting to freeze up for a split second every now and then....but it will never go below 60 ....but me having 8gb ram doesnt help....apex is really the only demanding game that doesnt freeze consistently it might here and there but it so rare
Oğul KÖKER 25 dias atrás
Yes we do.
BluntSmokeTrauma 26 dias atrás
Laughs at 32gb @ 3200Mhz
Dyendil 27 dias atrás
Rust . Very RAM intensive
Realistic optomystic
Realistic optomystic 27 dias atrás
So I wanna assume that this is also true for quad channel? 4 x 8 is better than 2 x 16?
Nick Caldwell
Nick Caldwell 28 dias atrás
I heard this after I bought my RAM...thankfully I bought dual channels.
Steve J. Park
Steve J. Park 28 dias atrás
Call of Duty: Warzone I had to upgrade from 8gb (8gbx1) to 16gb (8gbx2) in order to even play
Rogue Captor
Rogue Captor 28 dias atrás
"130 dollar headphones to not break the bank"😂🤦‍♂️ me over here with my 40 dollar x12s I've had for over a year and they work great haha
Humech 29 dias atrás
Tuna no crust! :D
Peter Hlatki
Peter Hlatki 29 dias atrás
Cities: Skylines: Modded into the ground!!!
Nectolyt Mês atrás
6:32 wait what the
Nmccarville Mês atrás
Hearts of Iron 4 is a memory leach its one of those games looks simple enough but late game you will start lagging like hell because of all the calculations made in the back ground this is not a graphic intense game but a CPU an Ram taxing game
Neon Clouds
Neon Clouds Mês atrás
Is it okay if I build my PC before I get my SSD? Its the only part I'm missing and I'm impatient haha
Neon Clouds
Neon Clouds 29 dias atrás
@Izzy-21 I've paid for everything but my SSD is just late on delivering
Izzy-21 29 dias atrás
i suggest you wait until you get your ssd so you can boot your windows and drives onto there. i feel you though bro , i’m building mine soon and i just want to buy everything i can even though i don’t have all the money right now lol
Kyle Matlock
Kyle Matlock Mês atrás
MFS 2020 is recomending 32 GB of ram
Kyle Matlock
Kyle Matlock Mês atrás
Actually: 8 minimum, 16 recomended, 32 prefered
Doc Martin
Doc Martin Mês atrás
I need to build a (budget) PC to play cities skylines with mega load of mods. Suggestions?
BradyT918 Mês atrás
I'm still using 4 sticks of 4GB DDR3 that I've had since 2011 and rarely run into issues with ram even when running MasterCam and SolidWorks.
patriotpaul Mês atrás
OK Now do CAS Latency vs Mhz speed
Michael Minter
Michael Minter Mês atrás
No Jay. In world of Warcraft the slowdowns start when more than three people cast spells in the same vicinity
Aquele Inconveniente
this video made me cry, cause i play with 6/8 fps :'( just standing in dalaran (intel core 2 duo 2.1ghz, geforce g105m, 4g ram) HELP pls
ZuRriX Mês atrás
What we've concluded is that Doom doesn't give a fuck.
blech Mês atrás
Doom be like "nope, fuck you guys, Imma kill some demons"
Meowgi波紋Mr. Mês atrás
i7 960 3.2ghz (4 core), gtx 1660 XC, 16gb 1333mhz (6 channel), asus p6t6 ws mobo..... bottlenecking @ 1080p?
Wyatt Moyer
Wyatt Moyer Mês atrás
He’s wearing a floatplane shirt Linus and Luke fanboy
ReconGhost Mês atrás
I was expecting a Joke after he said RAM 🤷‍♂️
Bagger Jax
Bagger Jax Mês atrás
Hey Jay, I tool the same 2400 mem 2x4gig on 2600x and over clocked it too 3200 stable lick that i would like to see your bench marks for that if your up for the task
Neo Cloud
Neo Cloud Mês atrás
Still the funniest opening to a JayzTwoCents video, he looks so stupid faced when he says RAM lol, hey @JayztwoCents , whats the opening song to this video?
Avery A
Avery A Mês atrás
test Rust it kills pc's
Human SVD
Human SVD Mês atrás
I've been probably running the same budget Gaming PC since 2010. I5 650 dual core 3.2ghz Radeon HD 5770 ASUS P7P55D 2.0 PCIe slots. And only ran 4gb GSkill Ram in 2x2 config. FHD 500gb from WD. Cooler Master Power supply that's kinda loud but works in a cooler master case. It ran for years on all the games I wanted to play like EVE, Battlefield 2 and 3, TF2, War Thunder, HF2 etc. I only now updated it with a 2TB WD FHD, with win 10 plus a ZTC AC1900 Wireless card, and up to 16gb RAM of 1333mhz Ripjaws in 4x4 config. Wow, simple updates make all the difference. I'll save up and get a 2TB SSD. No reason to change the whole setup until my i5 dies. Very happy with my budget build.
Planet Hearth
Planet Hearth Mês atrás
भारतीय गेमिंग !
I just use this for more FPS:
Franklin Collin Tamboto
*R A M*
Bill Pii
Bill Pii Mês atrás
8 gb is not enough in today's PC. IMO 16gb is the min and I actually just got an error that said 16gb wasn't enough and to lower my memory use for the first time ever while playing the new banner lords
super mario
super mario Mês atrás
Dude 16gb know it's around 80$ or less I've seen it down to 60$ BTW this is 16gb 3600mhz But Corona got it up a little bit
Major Remp
Major Remp Mês atrás
I have 4 8gb sticks @3666 mhz cl14 Just to be save u know....😅
CubanMafia Mês atrás
what about 32gb
Mocanu Octavian43
Mocanu Octavian43 Mês atrás
The eye can't even see more than 8gb
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