How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago - Omakase Japan

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Chef Yumi Chiba has spent her career trying to figure out one of sushi's most illusive specialities at her restaurant Anago no Uotake, Japan.
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9 Jun 2018

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Comentários 1 931
Nicole Quah
Nicole Quah 5 horas atrás
Man the way she skinned that fluke. My god 😳
HeadShot Gaming
HeadShot Gaming 10 horas atrás
Watching this while downloading tamago in play store
jason barbarosa
jason barbarosa 10 horas atrás
I feel inspired to become a sushi chef now
Mary Montilla
Mary Montilla Dia atrás
I am impressed with the passion for tradition and humility that comes from this woman. She has earned her title. Very honorable.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Dia atrás
Gavin Burns
Gavin Burns Dia atrás
She’s in the kitchen! She’s doing her part
Moritz Hambach
Moritz Hambach Dia atrás
Filippo Pellegrini
Filippo Pellegrini 2 dias atrás
She said they get whats fresh but i thought to make sushi u have to flash freeze it for 30 days for it to be safe
TheGamingCousins Friendly Likers
I wonder why japaneese likes eating RAW Foods, I can't even survive eathing raw.
Meanz 2 dias atrás
What's the name of that song in the beginning?
BYMENZ 2 dias atrás
a beautiful human being
june loh
june loh 3 dias atrás
Is it me or does the tamago looks like an fluffy cake
The G Mesh
The G Mesh 3 dias atrás
I wanna learn sushi making.
Fendi Rohmawan
Fendi Rohmawan 4 dias atrás
saya kagum dengan orang2 jepang dari segi ketekunan, bagaimana mereka begitu menghargai budaya mereka hingga ke taraf yang ga terbayangkan..., kangen sama master2 budaya Jawa yang tekun seperti mereka..., ditempat asal saya solo, para master itu menyerahkan seumur hidupnya demi dedikasi tanpa batas, love Java....
to p
to p 5 dias atrás
Viewers! what is this back ground music name ???
HARDCORE JORO 6 dias atrás
KP Mendoza
KP Mendoza 6 dias atrás
Never mind lol I found most of the songs in the video. For anyone wondering, a couple of them are as follows: Beautifully Determined - Tim Clarke Boyhood - François Rousselot The Stuff of Wonder - Paul Pritchard Vivace - Tom Hillock & Nicolas Boscovic
KP Mendoza
KP Mendoza 6 dias atrás
Does anyone know the names of the various classical/instrumental music pieces used in the background?
Felicya Hong
Felicya Hong 8 dias atrás
Mentah hi....jijik aku maaf ya gak doyam
Gathering Nostalgic Stupid Anime Songs Playlist
CMDR Hells x Pyro
CMDR Hells x Pyro 10 dias atrás
Imagine being cut up and eaten raw for the pleasure of weeaboos.
MR•lєє 10 dias atrás
Is that tadokoro megumi in real life? :O
ちゃーちゃむ 10 dias atrás
Parvathi Gopinath
Parvathi Gopinath 11 dias atrás
Great camera work! Amazing story! :)
Ahivalaostia88 12 dias atrás
Can someone tell me the name of the very first classic theme name please?
CaptainHorn 12 dias atrás
"Cancer Survivor" is likely the reason for making it aboard the show, unless she was scouted for content ahead of time. If she was scouted, its likely it was about her having won an award to gain her notoriety. I won't discount the fact that her work looks impeccable, but that is what Bushido teaches in the Japanese old ways. I admire her fierce determination to stay rigid with old traditions, instead of seeking new ways!
Capt Biddy
Capt Biddy 13 dias atrás
so she left because her father said she would have to take over the business one day but she runs her own shop? Sounds like a nice way of saying i cant stand to be here anymore.
Dave Scheer
Dave Scheer 13 dias atrás
They say you never reach perfection , but you my dear have set the standards very,very high for others to attain , your father has taught you you and your family ,health,wealth and happiness .
muhamad harith
muhamad harith 15 dias atrás
Should I come to your shop or I gonna pay 10 times more for you to come at my house..?
Tatia Irwinn
Tatia Irwinn 17 dias atrás
I’m more interested with her sushi rather than the tamago because to be honest, it doesn’t look like a typical layered square and smooth tamago that i love so much. But her sushi making skills👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
airin linlin
airin linlin 17 dias atrás
expert 😊😚
Hamza Alwajih Akiva
Hamza Alwajih Akiva 17 dias atrás
Adut Rohmat
Adut Rohmat 18 dias atrás
The only sushi restaurant i went when i was in Japan was G**** Sushi and Kaitenz**** lmao
Karma Pakhrin
Karma Pakhrin 19 dias atrás
Meanwhile Ramsey's yelling like he's got the burden of the whole universe on his shoulder 😝😝😝😝😝
FoolserWisely 19 dias atrás
So, is array suggesting that all Japanese people are sexist?
Craig Fuhr - FLIPClub
Craig Fuhr - FLIPClub 19 dias atrás
Breath taking. The delicate artistry and deliberate accuracy all coming together to form these sumptuous bites is just awesome.
ChristophGangrel 23 dias atrás
> Makes one of the most beautiful sushi 've ever seen > Says that she's not qualified enough Just japanese people things ;)
Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen 24 dias atrás
I love how much humility Asian chefs have, as opposed to their Western counterparts.
Md. Saiful Islam Faisal
Is that raw fishes are going to be eaten?
Travelass 26 dias atrás
half of her entire day is spend in the kitchen. What an amazing woman, I hope I can taste that Tamago, It looks delicious
De Efemerum
De Efemerum 26 dias atrás
what an honor it would be to eat something with such soul. this is how we respect food and the animals that died to feed us.
n4gauge 28 dias atrás
but its fcking raw
Farhins Paradise & Kitchen
Reymond Vergara
Reymond Vergara 29 dias atrás
put blurred lines in 4:05 coz it's japan
Sam Phachansiri
Sam Phachansiri Mês atrás
Just literally AMAZING❤
The Creative One
The Creative One Mês atrás
I love Japan Lots of love from INDIA
Casheng Gaming
Casheng Gaming Mês atrás
she got real wassabi
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano Mês atrás
I like her way of cooking, very sophisticated and meticulously done.
Surftons official
Surftons official Mês atrás
It also takes hard work to make the McDonald's Big Mac.
Denos Mês atrás
Hmm, the feeling of you possibly going to die really makes a person want to do whatever they can to make it satisfying
flsp tcch
flsp tcch Mês atrás
A woman sushi chef! 🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Beer Brother's
Beer Brother's Mês atrás
Respect 🙏🙏❤️
Tilotma Kannouje
Tilotma Kannouje Mês atrás
She is perfect like her sushi.
Pez Mês atrás
*Been cooking for 20 years and still not "qualified enough", wth?*
Mn Mahmud
Mn Mahmud Mês atrás
Vegetarians are really idiots...
Manu B
Manu B Mês atrás
Amazing! I love to see people passionate about what they do and are ultra professional about it .
hehehe hohoho
hehehe hohoho Mês atrás
personally i don't like any Japanese cuisine because it tastes nothing on my tongue,, but this video makes me cry (literally).... she's a survivor of cancer
tall tina
tall tina Mês atrás
Amazing video 😍 I feel so immensely cultured now
John Ferranco
John Ferranco Mês atrás
I don’t even eat sushi but watching how she does it makes me feel like I want to gobble all what she had prepared.😅
Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha Mês atrás
Why Japanese food are not cooked most of things are eaten Raw
Kal El
Kal El Mês atrás
So Dhahri
So Dhahri Mês atrás
Wonderful video, great music too
Javier Lastarria
Javier Lastarria Mês atrás
What a wonderful woman and sushi master
Darren Sung
Darren Sung Mês atrás
Preparing the sushi materials and meats its not easy damn its looks tough.
TheWhizard h
TheWhizard h Mês atrás
She has cancer 😢 I wish her a fulfilled life and quick recovery.
Halia Lengkuas
Halia Lengkuas Mês atrás
Raw?? hmmmm...
QuasarPsychosis Mês atrás
I see a chef. Others seem to see a woman. This is the problem with anti-sexists. They focus on the gender, when it should be unimportant.
Elle Kim
Elle Kim Mês atrás
I completely agree. I'm a woman but I'd rather be called my profession without the "lady" or "woman" tag.
고혈압환자 Mês atrás
한국도 해줘요
Yamai Kim
Yamai Kim Mês atrás
I saw her on Bearhug channel!
Lotus Sutra
Lotus Sutra Mês atrás
I like Japanese food but I have to say that they waste a lot, Vietnamese culinary wastes nothing.
Lotus Sutra
Lotus Sutra Mês atrás
What being woman has to do with success?
BlueFoxGaming Mês atrás
Who eats it ?
samuil marshak
samuil marshak Mês atrás
Please eat this sushi, help the parasites find a home in your body ))))
Sociedade Etilista
Sociedade Etilista Mês atrás
I'll never eat a sushi the same way again. For me it was just putting it in my mouth, chewing (most of the time) and swallowing. I never thought about the whole making process, and how skillful a person must be in order to accomplish such a piece of art. Congratulations, Yumi San.
lol Mês atrás
only in Japan
a Marsmallow
a Marsmallow Mês atrás
i cried when she said she had cancer
Scooterboi Mês atrás
There is just something very beautiful about making sushi and making food in general
Martian Argonaut
Martian Argonaut Mês atrás
Yumi Carlos
Yumi Carlos Mês atrás
Wun Wun
Wun Wun Mês atrás
Eater, your content is always amazing but we need more of this type
夢Music State
夢Music State Mês atrás
I thought Tomato.
Can we get 1000 subscribers without videos?
Wish I wasn't allergic to fish
SkyStrikeGames #Yolo
If my class were to hear about his name. Yumi Chiba will be changed into Yum Chibai
fabio pagalan
fabio pagalan Mês atrás
would do anything for egg dishes :3 myam
Ms Zavala
Ms Zavala Mês atrás
*Konichiwa! Seria una Bendicion y Privilegio de conocerla y comer el Sushi 🍣 que Usted Prepara con Calidad, Querida Chef! It would be both a Blessing and a Privilege to meet you & eat the Sushi 🍱 you so Artistically Prepare Dear Chef! Arigato, from California!* ✌
Daniele Eustáquio
Daniele Eustáquio Mês atrás
this is just pure art. she's an artist. wow.
Monyet Mês atrás
이연희 Mês atrás
You are just master of chef. Not woman sushi chef. Everybody don't devide sex. We are just human. I respect you.
Nakia Greene
Nakia Greene Mês atrás
that is one fluffy ass omelette
Yumi Adilah Channel
Phương Vũ
Phương Vũ Mês atrás
she got cancer? how sad
weirdos creation
weirdos creation Mês atrás
i like it!
sand castle
sand castle Mês atrás
is it me or does the leaf at 0:34 look like endeavor?
FluffyPuppyBlue Mês atrás
She looks like a sister of the rich mom in crazy rich asians?. 😂
小町苑 Mês atrás
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nafslee Mês atrás
Sushi chefs slicing meat off the bone so finely and skillfully is so satisfying to watch :)
TED -dy
TED -dy Mês atrás
She's my role model 😍
Gez3 67
Gez3 67 Mês atrás
I want to be rolled in Sushi now 😪
akidin06 Mês atrás
even if i dont eat sushi... i'll definitely eat those tamagoyaki... respect
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh Mês atrás
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