How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago - Omakase Japan

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Chef Yumi Chiba has spent her career trying to figure out one of sushi's most illusive specialities at her restaurant Anago no Uotake, Japan.
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9 Jun 2018

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Comentários 1 820
Axel Alejandro
Axel Alejandro 23 minutos atrás
She puts a lot of enfort. I'm really impressed.
Joachim Sudergat
Joachim Sudergat 13 horas atrás
She is very good. 100% perfect what she is doing. Big respect from my side.
Matt Bannell
Matt Bannell 14 horas atrás
She's an absolute artist.
Kelly R
Kelly R 23 horas atrás
The egg omelette is street food that they prepare day in and day out.... not sure why she is special..
MyMagic LouLou
MyMagic LouLou 2 dias atrás
I see many chefs sacrificed their hair for the sake of hygienic means, in case the hair will inside the food. But she didnt do that. I guess as woman being cant make herself sacrifice the look for the sake of look, than for the sake of the job, well i can understand that.
Michelle Xie
Michelle Xie 2 dias atrás
Her skill is beautiful
Thenorthstep 3 dias atrás
this so inspired me to learn more about food. cool video.
wikan suryo widowati
wikan suryo widowati 3 dias atrás
Only in japan, all things take so seriously
i_died_gaming 3 dias atrás
Guess you could say she’s an Eggspert
Fingerlock 4 dias atrás
Wait it's called shart?
Kyuketsuki 7
Kyuketsuki 7 4 dias atrás
Food wars 😮 irl
YES EATS 4 dias atrás
Being a female chef who suffers from cancer in Japan... My respect for this lady is indescribable. Truly an inspiration
Dillon Coto
Dillon Coto 4 dias atrás
courtney mai
courtney mai 5 dias atrás
for people that are triggered that there are so many feminist comments in this section like *cough* jason down there *cough* let me tell you something. even if a womans efforts and skills are completely more competent than a mans, they are still overlooked because of the fact that they are women. because of the fact that every culture sees man as the provider of the family and the only one that can have any skills worth noting, this video or any video containing a woman doing “a mans job” there are definitely going to be people that praise all the stigmas, hardships, restrictions, and and harsh opinions from people that overlook their skills. so the fact that a woman can be a sushi chef shows that the pink wave of the new world is getting bigger and bigger, and soon enough the hegemonic culture might not even exist but rather an equal world where a man and a woman can be looked at the same, regardless of gender.
Galuh Pratama
Galuh Pratama 5 dias atrás
i thought it was a sponge cake
sherwin conde
sherwin conde 5 dias atrás
I'm having goose bumbs just by watching her preparing and saying the names of each sushi. Damn.
TheKudos76 5 dias atrás
Lucitaur 5 dias atrás
The WEHMEN part was idiotic, but otherwise neat video.
thePeziie 5 dias atrás
She is such an amazing lady!
U S G A B I A N 5 dias atrás
мαנιи χקяαиѕ
Why am I watching this.
Rick Mercado
Rick Mercado 5 dias atrás
This is art and i will pay 20,000 dollars for this sushi rather than gold pizza worth 20,000 dollars
Mike Pilosyan
Mike Pilosyan 5 dias atrás
7:08 - 7:11 is that ginger? Because if it is then it is my first time seeing green ginger.
Karena Jagan
Karena Jagan 6 dias atrás
One does not simply peel a fish...
Honey Beatz
Honey Beatz 6 dias atrás
does some japanese still thinks women are uncapable doing such thing cuz I disagree with that ideology both men and women are capable of doing anything. Much respect🙏
Mystearicia 6 dias atrás
And I was actually wondering while watching the first five episodes if there were female sushi chefs, and here she is! Major respect!
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 6 dias atrás
hey are they eating that raw ??
John Damn
John Damn 6 dias atrás
That filleting skills would make Gordon Ramsay’s eyes glistening because of happiness.
B*TcH PleAsE
B*TcH PleAsE 6 dias atrás
Damn u should join master chef...U know how to slice it perfectly
Danang Mardiyono
Danang Mardiyono 6 dias atrás
I don't know why, but I can't eat sushi
Shoaib K
Shoaib K 7 dias atrás
I might sound ignorant but I thought women who make sushi in sushi restaurants are never respected bz the culture is for men to make it ? Or Is that just super tradional
Arsen Saakyan
Arsen Saakyan 8 dias atrás
I respect video but why it does not show the ingredients?
92fudbaler 8 dias atrás
art performance
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister 9 dias atrás
Shiro's Tamago is the best but this is pretty dam good
Flustered Dork
Flustered Dork 9 dias atrás
I love how the sushi looks in the end. It looks like a perfectly presented jewelry box!! (A delicious one too if i may say)👌😍💕💖 And honestly, I aspire to be her, from being a simple OL into something more than anyone can imagine, breaking traditions yet bringing back old ones. It made me realise, trying out new things shouldnt be something to be afraid of, but something to be explored. Your an inspiration Yumi Chiba 💘🎉
Bryan Timothy
Bryan Timothy 9 dias atrás
Why is all master cooks from Japanese always have that "entering the restaurant and seeing the master cleaning the kitchen and then say a japanese line" scenario?
J J 11 dias atrás
I love how they used Keyakizaka46 piano as the background music heheh
tom ken
tom ken 4 dias atrás
Which song? I can't hear that.
Aditya Shrestha
Aditya Shrestha 13 dias atrás
I like the Japanese people cause they have the balls to hinge their careers on things like cooking.
Tommie lovehim
Tommie lovehim 13 dias atrás
Wtf is this trash niggee
Hải Đình Lương
Hải Đình Lương 14 dias atrás
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 15 dias atrás
WOW, after watching her intensity, her finesse, I feel that I am not worthy of eating her Master piece Sushi, she is an amazing lady, wonderful Chef, I'm so glad I run into this piece. Thank you for posting it. I wish had the money to travel to her place.
Huyenanh Nguyen
Huyenanh Nguyen 15 dias atrás
ludrah01 15 dias atrás
amazing, it's an art...not just food......just like expensive painting out there
Lawrence Lane
Lawrence Lane 15 dias atrás
What a great story.
Rayshaun Jackson
Rayshaun Jackson 16 dias atrás
Did you like it sir? Oh yes that was delicious!! Ok. Great. That will be $200.18 $200 Yen. Oh That's not bad at all. No sir... $200.18 American Monies.... Plus tip
blacksh3e3p 16 dias atrás
Its always beautiful to see someone who found their purpose in life. Mad respect
UnDeaDCyBorg 16 dias atrás
That was mouthwatering to watch.
Gent Bar
Gent Bar 16 dias atrás
ice11107 123
ice11107 123 16 dias atrás
1tidetide 17 dias atrás
MountainRain 17 dias atrás
In America you can be a woman and work pretty much any job, but in Japan, they literally force woman not to work certain jobs, and I mean *force* .It’s sad, but I’m happy they are fighting back
A P Hora atrás
Americans only can learn from Japanese
freekitten-o00o Dia atrás
Have you ever lived there?
P S 17 dias atrás
Looking at her in isolation I thought it’s great work 👍🏼 seeing her with others I thought the pressure of the should be there yet not an artist....she’s not yet there......but I will never have that’s ok.....maybe another 20 years and she might develop that
Emilia Aquafina
Emilia Aquafina 17 dias atrás
She goon o. My list of places to visit I Japan.... And also to tell her she is in amazing strong woman 🙂🙂
Charles Celestial
Charles Celestial 17 dias atrás
wtf??? its like 1 bite
Ivan Júnio diniz
Ivan Júnio diniz 17 dias atrás
Isso aí é bolo de fubá com arroz.
onzyify 17 dias atrás
Any vegetarian here?
Vitor Mileib
Vitor Mileib 17 dias atrás
This is perfection
Загороднюк Ксения
This is beautiful
Wael B
Wael B 18 dias atrás
Is that all slow motion this necessary...
SHAL F 18 dias atrás
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson 18 dias atrás
She may be a great chef put I know that people can't bully shld JCP frsh again people are tired of amzn the company will go broke Tuesday the at home economy is crashing with amzn don't let fear kill shld sears will survive recombined and alone from kmart orchard hardware they did it for 80 years unchallenged with out the internet people should not be amazed by the internet same old greedy corporate wars of industries hype kills your mind Disney and other mediacompanies can't lie for amzn stop with the lies about amzn is awesome its not baiting me I miss sears USA you need to stop being dum shld JCP frsh are better than bitcoin stop letting the past get to you I am am angry I have to shop at wmt and other retailers besides JCP shld for life because of the picky people say so I won't let sears go out I spent 40 dollars on purpose shld is alive the debt will be played off Tuesday because amzn is going out
C M 18 dias atrás
ive never eaten raw fish i want to try one
Michele Saracino
Michele Saracino 18 dias atrás
She cuts the fish perfectly!!! Very fast and clean😉
lol 18 dias atrás
Respek whamen
Sayantan Banik
Sayantan Banik 18 dias atrás
She is amazing..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tommy TheNice
Tommy TheNice 18 dias atrás
1:04 looking at her cutting skills just make my ocd going haywire
Royal Sam
Royal Sam 18 dias atrás
She the beast for real.
cute rat Lup
cute rat Lup 18 dias atrás
I admire her perseverance !
Jake Shire
Jake Shire 18 dias atrás
How can you think a woman can't become a sushi chef! What are you gunna tell her? "Your a woman you belong in the kitch...oh wait"
loren. 18 dias atrás
quick question i’ve been told to not hold my knife like that but she’s a pro and does it perfectly fine so like is it okay to hold my knife like that
HEY you!
HEY you! 18 dias atrás
*This is more than cooking* It's more than a hobby. It's a level of art, Only for those who dare to see
zach Barahona
zach Barahona 18 dias atrás
Isn't that a type of sweet bread? Anyone know the name of it? Very delicious!
Showbiz News Manila
Showbiz News Manila 18 dias atrás
dianegron 18 dias atrás
Mrs. Chiba, you’ve brought honor to your father and your family. Congratulations.
Yenny Singson
Yenny Singson 19 dias atrás
Watashiwa Tamago? ONLY FILIPIKNOWS!
David Beak
David Beak 19 dias atrás
Looks fake to me
Preston Bozeman
Preston Bozeman 19 dias atrás
Wtf is this feminist crap
Living Louder21
Living Louder21 19 dias atrás
Why is it raw ?
Vortex gamer
Vortex gamer 19 dias atrás
Luu Xyy
Luu Xyy 19 dias atrás
She’s a wonderful woman , she works hard all by herself and i know that she’s tired for that but ( well her daughter also helps her everyday so that’s good ) and she has alot of effort , as a woman they also have to care for their children, do housework, cooking at home for the family etc... so pls RESPECT and HELP ( like do housework etc...) for your woman ( mom, wife...)
A Google User
A Google User 19 dias atrás
I wish my parents had a legacy to pass on to me :(
CuteTiger 19 dias atrás
Real talent 😍 Sushi look absolutely perfect
genjirawa raddäre
genjirawa raddäre 19 dias atrás
She has become an inspiration to every young chef in the entire world that even if you are different from everyone else doesn't mean you can't do the impossible.
Oldy Hezza
Oldy Hezza 19 dias atrás
Belajar hipnotis gratis part 2 jangan lupa subscribe
Glash Lindio
Glash Lindio 19 dias atrás
The ASMR is everything😍
Cariology Yu
Cariology Yu 19 dias atrás
Watashiwa tamago Filipino meme😂
Kiba Liu World
Kiba Liu World 19 dias atrás
Okay TAMAGO😍 I can have it in dreams only 😭
Hakkaishin Goku25
Hakkaishin Goku25 19 dias atrás
Shushi is art.
Keko Noatia
Keko Noatia 19 dias atrás
Love Japan❤
Noel Duarte
Noel Duarte 20 dias atrás
My respect to this lady, she is a #1Chef, her skills, her knowledge, and for all that she has gone through! 2ThumbsUP!
myangsuma 20 dias atrás
How does one corelate making a damn sushi to gender?
τυφώνας G
τυφώνας G 20 dias atrás
Απίστευτη συνέπεια πειθαρχεία μπράβο τής μπράβο είναι άψογη
Sebastian G
Sebastian G 20 dias atrás
I dont like the music
Adam 20 dias atrás
I really love that kind of dedication and i really want to try her sushi :)
demon for sure
demon for sure 20 dias atrás
I have alot of wasted egg.york.washed or sprayed on faces..u mind i gave u some?
JT 20 dias atrás
what is that stuff she added around 1:38?
Steven Lam
Steven Lam 20 dias atrás
She has so much passion for her craft. Btw, who knows the name Of the first song that was playing
official official
official official 20 dias atrás
Via Turko
Via Turko 20 dias atrás
This is so beautifully shot and her story was truly touching. Wow, what a powerful woman.
black dragonz
black dragonz 20 dias atrás
Archipelago 😂😂
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