How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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After surviving toxic shock syndrome and the loss of both legs, Lauren Wasser talks rediscovering her style and finding new ways to engage with fashion.

Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue

Director: Georgia Stockwell
Sound: Kara Johnson, Lily van Leeuwen
Hair: Rebekah Calo, Bibb Dickey, Nancilee Santos
Makeup: Elie Maalouf, Yuui Ogawan
Producer: Chloe Mina
Filmed at The Assemblage, Arlo Soho, Café Select
Editor: Maximillian Stenstrom
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How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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14 Set 2018

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Comentários 4 620
ellioshie m
ellioshie m 4 horas atrás
Amazing beautiful person. So inspiring. Beautiful inside and out
justin vandergriff
justin vandergriff 5 horas atrás
Dan Real
Dan Real 6 horas atrás
Careful there girl.. youre going to have all the ladies wanting golden legs.. either way youre a badass, keep your head up always..!
Cory Rees
Cory Rees 7 horas atrás
She's so beautiful inside and out and so inspiring
Richard Foran
Richard Foran 11 horas atrás
A great new bond villain 😬
Josianliko 13 horas atrás
Cyberpunk 2077
Mike Paul
Mike Paul 13 horas atrás
Are you married?❤
Simon 'Two Questions' Randall
Lauren Deshawn.
Gireesh Sreedharan
Gireesh Sreedharan 16 horas atrás
I love you my dear
M 22 horas atrás
Сильна людина
kim andrew
kim andrew 23 horas atrás
sorry for ur loss
Lin Shin
Lin Shin Dia atrás
I love her golden legs - it makes her unique
Shawny Johnson
Shawny Johnson Dia atrás
I got sick once on my period a few years ago, I was using tampons. I knew about TSS and I said nope, no more tampons for me. And I havent used them since.
nia durant
nia durant Dia atrás
Her mom though !😫
Shane Jones
Shane Jones Dia atrás
What a beautiful woman!!!!!!!
Luigi Mazzucchelli
Kami LYya
Kami LYya Dia atrás
Christian A. White
Big ❤️
Архангел Камергерский
She is so beaty )
xBassel92x Dia atrás
Ok, medicine has reached a lot !!!!!
Gill Saab Boom
Gill Saab Boom Dia atrás
Love u dear
Alexxxxandra 2 dias atrás
Just to remind you guys. She was already a model, she had a lovely career, she was financialy stable. Now, after the amputation, she still has her career, and now she has more advantage due, she is the only model without legs, she makes more money, she is more important to be different to the rest of the models. This is why now is she being famous to another level.
Anita Patwal
Anita Patwal 2 dias atrás
The fact that she doesn't have to be afraid of having leg fat (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)
Abreden 2 dias atrás
Anita Patwal i think thats the least of her concerns u freak
Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia 2 dias atrás
Guerreira linda!!!
jmatyasik1 2 dias atrás
Why doesn't she have her own Reality Show? She's inspiring.
Paul Love
Paul Love 2 dias atrás
Vijendra Rawat
Vijendra Rawat 2 dias atrás
Mustafa Catlakcan
Mustafa Catlakcan 2 dias atrás
Irene I
Irene I 2 dias atrás
She's so cute
Nicholas Kalitsis
Nicholas Kalitsis 3 dias atrás
Just amazing
Philip Hughes
Philip Hughes 3 dias atrás
What an amazing confident beautiful person who seems happy in her life x love it
Philip Hughes
Philip Hughes 2 dias atrás
N if I was n am honest I fell of a cliff 60 feet n I spent almost a year in hospital I now speak several languages train keep fit everyday I did karate for a long time I now swim 1 hour every day Believe in yourself your strength confidence make u very though very different n beautiful x
Philip Hughes
Philip Hughes 2 dias atrás
Still she is confident strong n is in my thoughts Every day x
Alexxxxandra 2 dias atrás
Just to remind you. She was already a model, she had the connections in her job. Now, after the amputation, she still has her career, but now she has more advantage, due she is the only model without legs. She makes more money, she is more important due the fact she is more "unique". She has a different market all by herself. She is now famous.
SimpleCrazyBOCs 3 dias atrás
M4RF 3 dias atrás
she will never have cold feets an ask for a spare of socks. love
KevinSchantalle 3 dias atrás
Why her parents didn’t abort she🤣🤣🤣🤣
KevinSchantalle 3 dias atrás
Crueal world that u hab to be Handicappet to get famous🤣🤣🤣
IMONEIN MILLION 3 dias atrás
Still amazing looking woman
Higher Mind
Higher Mind 4 dias atrás
Masa 4 dias atrás
Goooo girl.
Congrats Gorgeous
Vladimir Valverde
Vladimir Valverde 4 dias atrás
God bless u 🙏🙏
patrick jensen
patrick jensen 4 dias atrás
I don't know if I told you this my grandpa had polio very debilitating but I always saw him as one of the strongest people I knew
Adiel Beltran
Adiel Beltran 5 dias atrás
K linda
MN MNPP 5 dias atrás
Wow, your mind is beautiful and so cheers me up...thanks and you are my hero heart!
SamStunner Saxzo
SamStunner Saxzo 5 dias atrás
Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 5 dias atrás
That’s why I only wear pads ☹️☹️
Regitze Camara
Regitze Camara 5 horas atrás
@Julia M seriously?
ChichiMike777 Dia atrás
I tried tampons when I was 26 (I'm 38now) I used it for 2 hours tops and never tried it again till today . It's sooo uncomfortable
Julia M
Julia M 2 dias atrás
It can also happen with pads
Georgi Kickbox
Georgi Kickbox 5 dias atrás
great woman 💪
Lisa 6 dias atrás
You look beautiful, model, but your behavior is special, like a sportswomen. Hm, I’m impressed.
Денис Гулевич
я бы с ней жил
Certified Model
Certified Model 7 dias atrás
You remind me of the Cleveland victim.
Violet Sam
Violet Sam 7 dias atrás
Love herrrr ICON we need more people that are as brave as her
Терентий Савраскин
Золотые ноги , вот технологии запада , деньги есть можно хоть из платины, и не только ноги, вы покажите наших инвалидов 50 годов с деревянной культёй
Cynthia Williams
Cynthia Williams 8 dias atrás
U are strong 💪💪💪
Няф Нифнафка
Прикольные, красивые протезы. Молодец, умница, живёт полной жизнью!
Света Огороднійчук
Красивая с наружи и Сильная в нутри. Молодец!
andre focke
andre focke 11 dias atrás
Wow super woman
Matt Simon
Matt Simon 11 dias atrás
She didn't carry a purse or handbag at the party, what a strong woman!
Kaklotar Kishor
Kaklotar Kishor 13 dias atrás
Great you, love you
dario zanette filho
dario zanette filho 14 dias atrás
Simon 14 dias atrás
ام يحيى أم يحيى
فيناهوما العرب ،🤔
Nadia Naadia
Nadia Naadia 14 dias atrás
Ha hama hh
sandblanket 19 dias atrás
FOR THE LADIES THAT WEAR TAMPONS AND ARE SCARED OF TSS, look up menstrual cups, they are so much better and DONT give u TSS.
Minnie Rogers
Minnie Rogers 19 dias atrás
What is TSS
Itskevin Martin
Itskevin Martin 19 dias atrás
Wait toxic shock syndrome can do that??????
nour islam
nour islam 20 dias atrás
اعاقة اعاقة. العقل. اماانتي ماشاء الله عليك 👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌👌👍🏻🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷
nour islam
nour islam 20 dias atrás
الحمد الله وشكر الله ماشاء الله عليك. 👌👌👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌹🌷🌹🌷
Mr 20 dias atrás
Your videos motivate me
Mr 20 dias atrás
Nice miss
Dwight Wiltz
Dwight Wiltz 21 dia atrás
You truly are beautiful ! And you sound like a cool chick !
brenda serna
brenda serna 21 dia atrás
No se inglés pero alguien me puede decir por que ella no tiene sus dos piernas
Shubham Shukla
Shubham Shukla 21 dia atrás
I love uoy
Александр Попов
Дай бог тебе здоровья милашка
Oscar mario Oses Carrillo
Hermosa chica muy talentosa
дима погорелов
Сильная девочка - Дай Бог тебе : Сил и Здоровья !
die.zhenja Eugenie
die.zhenja Eugenie 9 dias atrás
Да правда
Vijay kumar
Vijay kumar 22 dias atrás
I help you ok with your country
Geoffrey Bock
Geoffrey Bock 22 dias atrás
She is one very strong and gutsy woman to have gone through all that she has. Power to her and what she is trying to achieve.
Яна Мир
Яна Мир 22 dias atrás
Че то я не поняла,то она без одной ноги,то без двух..
imane amouna
imane amouna 22 dias atrás
عربي فات من هون؟؟؟؟
Frakkas FlyingChicken
Frakkas FlyingChicken 22 dias atrás
Why golden?
John Smith
John Smith 24 dias atrás
She's kick = die
Е Р 24 dias atrás
Where are you lost bunny? (((
Maty Diallo
Maty Diallo 25 dias atrás
You are amazing 😍😍😘😘
Carlos Maurcio
Carlos Maurcio 25 dias atrás
Hola amor eres tan bella y hermosa como el cielo si tu estas soltera Avísame estoy soltero te quiero tal como eres
Rustandi Aditya
Rustandi Aditya 25 dias atrás
Aslamualaikum semoga keselamatan untukmu
Азамат Аманов
тёрка в деле
тёрка в деле 26 dias atrás
You sexi i russia Men
Rahul Cho Rahul Cho
Rahul Cho Rahul Cho 27 dias atrás
I like you baby
sherali sayyed
sherali sayyed 28 dias atrás
I love America
Jaddy chong
Jaddy chong 29 dias atrás
So beautiful Beautiful sister
Ajaypal singh Parmar
Ajaypal singh Parmar 29 dias atrás
she look like a gerox copy of her mom.
Nam Clup Xì Bo
Nam Clup Xì Bo 29 dias atrás
Zoro Karime
Zoro Karime Mês atrás
Zoro Karime
Zoro Karime Mês atrás
Yo mariaj pour toi
Mohammed Saleh
Mohammed Saleh Mês atrás
Julio Astudillo
Julio Astudillo Mês atrás
El marijuanero he di
You are bella
Fbi Marley
Fbi Marley Mês atrás
I like you Girl
i hid the divorce papers
Well, time to switch to pads
francoise augusta
francoise augusta Mês atrás
Bravo pour votre courage de très belles chaussures
Madam you are hard working so nice....iam proud of you.,.. Keep it up.....
ez lol
ez lol Mês atrás
A God's angel showing an amputie can still be cool and fruitfull...respect....
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