How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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After surviving toxic shock syndrome and the loss of both legs, Lauren Wasser talks rediscovering her style and finding new ways to engage with fashion.

Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue

Director: Georgia Stockwell
Sound: Kara Johnson, Lily van Leeuwen
Hair: Rebekah Calo, Bibb Dickey, Nancilee Santos
Makeup: Elie Maalouf, Yuui Ogawan
Producer: Chloe Mina
Filmed at The Assemblage, Arlo Soho, Café Select
Editor: Maximillian Stenstrom
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How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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14 Set 2018

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Comentários 2 596
W A 3 horas atrás
who else was only thinking about how to steal and sell that gold lol
Media Funda
Media Funda 8 horas atrás
Like This
guts dragonslayer
guts dragonslayer 9 horas atrás
Wow You so beautiful Ok Merry me
Michael wanson
Michael wanson 20 horas atrás
T es magnifique, pauvre choux :3
wewinx10 Dia atrás
I don’t want to be rude, but before Lauren, it was Viktoria Modesta
giselle joseph
giselle joseph Dia atrás
Gregory Miranda
Gregory Miranda Dia atrás
This girl is a legend
WTF_ENIGMA Dia atrás
Kind of cheating she can be any height she want kinda jealous
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Dia atrás
I'm in love
Marylee Macpherson
Marylee Macpherson 2 dias atrás
Congratulations Lauren ,🙏🏻😇❤️
Demetrius Smith
Demetrius Smith 2 dias atrás
warrior princess
Marina K
Marina K 2 dias atrás
Она лесбиянка?
Ameeka Nazreen Mah7een
heard her story few years back... also heard abt her second leg getting amputated.. so happy to see that she's doing good..❤❤
adam kolendorski
adam kolendorski 3 dias atrás
You are so awesome
Xenia Varipaty
Xenia Varipaty 3 dias atrás
Such a beautiful model.Gold model
Cafe house
Cafe house 3 dias atrás
Que Hermosa mujer!!..que valoorr!!! una guerrera de la vida!!!....Es admirable...y in ejemplo de vida!!.Dios te bendiga!!!!...mi Nina Hermosa!!....por tu valor a la vida!!!
Sheetu Khanna
Sheetu Khanna 3 dias atrás
Love you
Copper Cassie Campbell
She has a wonderful attitude, I'm so sorry you went through this, but you are truely an inspiration!
Kiki Dejean
Kiki Dejean 3 dias atrás
Chris Rock once said no poor white person would ever want to trade their life with his own and he’s rich. A white model with no legs would never want to trade their life for that of an able bodied dark skinned model. 🤣🤣🤣. Her story is hella inspiring though. I can only feel blessed that I have all my limbs and that I should use them as much as I can and evolve past desk jobs.
Gabriela Poplawski
Gabriela Poplawski 4 dias atrás
her style is the coolest thing ever
Yung Winter
Yung Winter 5 dias atrás
Yo this is badass
lalala rara
lalala rara 6 dias atrás
Claudia Sofia Guerrero Ortega
Tu eres una mujer súper fuerte, e inspiradora, por que nosotros cuando tenemos un problema pequeño no sabemos cómo enfrentarlo, tú eres inspiradora, sigue adelante un fuerte abrazo 🤗 tu historia me conmovió 🙋🏻‍♀️😘👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻
Aaron Owens
Aaron Owens 7 dias atrás
One good thing she got to pick her height. I'm sure you could add a few inches or take away with fake legs. Shes the perfect model hight
Incognito Yo
Incognito Yo 6 dias atrás
maschia son of man can .... You know about👑 ETERNAL FATHER KING👑 Book of Enoch 60:7 Immolation !!!
Олександр Дехтяренко
Языка не знаю. Но сила воли супер. Удачи .
MK markoTV
MK markoTV 7 dias atrás
I love you soo much!
Incognito Yo
Incognito Yo 7 dias atrás
Book of Enoch chapter 60:7 Not a Tale !!!
Brynn Iarussi
Brynn Iarussi 8 dias atrás
She is so beautiful!!!
Error Comment
Error Comment 8 dias atrás
Fatou Bintou Sarr
Fatou Bintou Sarr 8 dias atrás
Stop talking about prothestics but... look at the girl just one minute, she's just beautiful. A wonderful woman with a strong mental and I love her joie de vivre. A nice person really.
Michael Maniago
Michael Maniago 8 dias atrás
I want the same legs as hers 😖
Sunilsahota Sahota
Sunilsahota Sahota 9 dias atrás
Sunilsahota Sahota
Sunilsahota Sahota 9 dias atrás
You are so sweet plz will you be mery me
lck7923 9 dias atrás
당신은 최고입니다.
Mtn Mtn
Mtn Mtn 11 dias atrás
Wow Beautiful💖💖
Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith 12 dias atrás
You go girl ... Amazing as you are, inspirational one word for you.
Jan ZA
Jan ZA 12 dias atrás
Whats the song used in the video?
Josep María Espinoza
Josep María Espinoza 13 dias atrás
A mí hermano no ace mucho que también le cortaron la pierna un poco más abajo de su rodilla desto ace más menos un mes Imedio fuí a verlo a el ospitar Sotero del río donde fue su operación por las arterias tapadas nada sé pudo Acer así también su otro pies corría el mismo riesgo pero lograron salvar su pies con incesto de venas a hora el sigue su recuperación con terapia para tener un buen movimiento en su muñón pero no podrá caminar devido a un tumor serca de su columna que le impide moverse para caminar bien así está de por vida ligado a una silla de ruedas chao
John Leonard Vivar
John Leonard Vivar 13 dias atrás
This girl rocks!
Đỗ Quốc Tài
Đỗ Quốc Tài 13 dias atrás
Pedro Caballero
Pedro Caballero 13 dias atrás
Not trying to stir the pot but if she was black would the same thing had happened? Just asking
Starlight Fevoura
Starlight Fevoura 14 dias atrás
Why I do not want to use tampons!
Sirina Hamido
Sirina Hamido 15 dias atrás
الحمد لله الذي عافانا مما ابتلاهم به وفضلنا عن كثير مما خلق تفضيلا
Phyllis P
Phyllis P 15 dias atrás
Amazing woman and empowering all of us !
Grabbles 15 dias atrás
how do they move so fluidly like a real leg?
Garrett Clayton
Garrett Clayton 16 dias atrás
Doesn’t anyone else want to see her in a bikini?
Sofía A
Sofía A 16 dias atrás
Wow idk why but I just wanna hug her and say THANK YOU
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez 16 dias atrás
God bless
Riot Squad
Riot Squad 16 dias atrás
My god. Shes beautiful!
i Love House Music
i Love House Music 17 dias atrás
She had 1 leg before and now she has two amputated legs wtf happen to the other one ?
solymar kati
solymar kati 17 dias atrás
Bean // Art, Tutorials, And More!
For a second I thought she was Billie Eilish 😆
10 M
10 M 17 dias atrás
She's beautiful
Sravan Durgam
Sravan Durgam 17 dias atrás
neighbor goods
neighbor goods 17 dias atrás
Those 5s tho
Frank Morris
Frank Morris 17 dias atrás
She's a good baller🏀
Eu11 Gaming
Eu11 Gaming 17 dias atrás
Golden Frieza Sama
Joe Gonzales
Joe Gonzales 17 dias atrás
Gold legs beautiful face lovely
Aysha Alajam
Aysha Alajam 18 dias atrás
So strong♥️
Bry Homes
Bry Homes 18 dias atrás
I’d still smash
Charles Brossett
Charles Brossett 18 dias atrás
She so angelic. I wanna give her a big hug but I might motor boat her on acedent....I'm to short
Guardian of Justice
Guardian of Justice 19 dias atrás
Beautiful just beautiful inspiring and wonderful video thank you for doing it wish you much much success You truly are a warrior
Nero Murf
Nero Murf 19 dias atrás
she is the coolest
DEAD POOL 19 dias atrás
Her mom so beautiful like daughter.
Bens Dusty
Bens Dusty 20 dias atrás
She still got shoe game fr
chivink tatto 18
chivink tatto 18 20 dias atrás
She is perfect
John Bernard
John Bernard 20 dias atrás
Peachy.Heart1 20 dias atrás
I'm watching this in my period..
9.9 млн просмотра
Ну че педики,присунули бы промеж двух металических кочерыг?
Big Jay
Big Jay 20 dias atrás
Who else came here purposely to see those Golden legs ? c'mon it cant be only me
Just a thought
Just a thought 21 dia atrás
She rocks
genadiy rool
genadiy rool 21 dia atrás
Wow, technology come a long way. Movement looks so natural
Vindow Maker
Vindow Maker 21 dia atrás
Victoria secret needs to puts her in their angel runway show and silence the crazed feminazis
Woah Random
Woah Random 22 dias atrás
God bless 🙏
imSaiCat 22 dias atrás
Dedication & Determination!!
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins 22 dias atrás
God bless you beautiful sister. Stay strong!
s. Alexander
s. Alexander 22 dias atrás
Miracle Moga
Miracle Moga 22 dias atrás
First I thought this was Jeffry star
M A R I O L A 22 dias atrás
Wow,am I the only one who kinda wants a prosthetic limb?the heaviest my period ever was,well it's leaked a bit on my sheets,I never had a "heavy day" my heaviest would be considered the usual,I don't know why,maybe my period is based off my diet or the age I started my period,now here I am talking about bloody vaginas,reply and guess what age I started my period because you may be surprised about my journey
scott pot
scott pot 22 dias atrás
im sry :( but ur stilll fine
ghuddy7445 22 dias atrás
Very inspirational but she’s hot
HikingWorm 22 dias atrás
She's incredibly lucky that she still has working knees. If not for that, she'd be suffering far more.
Khine tun Tun
Khine tun Tun 23 dias atrás
She just looks like she has normal legs...those legs must be really good..!
Jorge Janson
Jorge Janson 23 dias atrás
Beautiful woman! !!
Ferd The Terd
Ferd The Terd 23 dias atrás
She still cute tho.
DOUCOURE Ismail Dramé
DOUCOURE Ismail Dramé 24 dias atrás
You are brave and so beautiful
Chipless Cookie
Chipless Cookie 24 dias atrás
Now I’m scared to use tampons
Constantin RS
Constantin RS 24 dias atrás
Эти протезы интересно вписываются в стиль девушки. Интересное видео. Очень красивая девушка. Любопытно было посмотреть.
Mughees Ahmed
Mughees Ahmed 24 dias atrás
Wait... Why did you have your other leg cut again?!
Laraiche Abou bakeur Sadik
Hi my EX-WIFE VEVO's i know baby mom's bad boys for life thugs mission NYC ESSA king😉👦🙏🙅😭🙌😍💍💐💒👄🅿🔢🔠💋❤💙💕👐😯2831@@@@
Bert Tyson
Bert Tyson 24 dias atrás
Her mom is soo gorg
po lo
po lo 24 dias atrás
You did go thru crazy stuff and survive ..... Much respect !!!!!
Mimou kouidri
Mimou kouidri 24 dias atrás
I got a shoe ad before this, F
Gabcrz 08
Gabcrz 08 24 dias atrás
She's sooooooo gorgeous 😍
GoFuck Yourself
GoFuck Yourself 24 dias atrás
tittle says golden legs.......................
Nux Lego Studios
Nux Lego Studios 24 dias atrás
I want those.
Ky nguyen
Ky nguyen 24 dias atrás
She’s so cool
ShAcKo B.
ShAcKo B. 24 dias atrás
Magic legsssss.. liutenant
bob connell
bob connell 25 dias atrás
So much Leg space
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