How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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After surviving toxic shock syndrome and the loss of both legs, Lauren Wasser talks rediscovering her style and finding new ways to engage with fashion.

Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue

Director: Georgia Stockwell
Sound: Kara Johnson, Lily van Leeuwen
Hair: Rebekah Calo, Bibb Dickey, Nancilee Santos
Makeup: Elie Maalouf, Yuui Ogawan
Producer: Chloe Mina
Filmed at The Assemblage, Arlo Soho, Café Select
Editor: Maximillian Stenstrom
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How Lauren Wasser, the Model With Golden Legs, Made a Triumphant Return | Vogue

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14 Set 2018

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Comentários 2 619
INFJaded Hora atrás
Incredible and inspirational!
Lehlabile Brighten
Lehlabile Brighten 2 dias atrás
So much confidence i love here she cant change how she looks but she can embrace it 😍😍
DJScratkherzOriginal No.925
Jack Stone
Jack Stone 9 dias atrás
Never give up on life u don't no what around the corner that great u are a fighter stay strong bles
vandaoo9 9 dias atrás
Wow you're amazing ,inspired, beautiful soul, talents, positively love the way u r💜
Michael Berbner
Michael Berbner 10 dias atrás
Very cool,Lady👍👍🙏
Orlando Muyu
Orlando Muyu 10 dias atrás
Hermosa y linda sonrisa
Friagia Como
Friagia Como 11 dias atrás
Your beautiful 💗😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lulu GemNsk8
Lulu GemNsk8 11 dias atrás
I effing loved it
Renier Dingcong
Renier Dingcong 12 dias atrás
Amazing. I love you lady.
Abdul Hibshy
Abdul Hibshy 12 dias atrás
I like her..
Luke Marshall Marshall
Luke Marshall Marshall 12 dias atrás
Like ur shoes. .
Huang Xian Wei
Huang Xian Wei 13 dias atrás
I admire her. She's actually living her life and being pretty optimistic
xkeepersvk 16 dias atrás
Are those some special prosthetic legs ? Cause most of the time you cant even tell based on her walking.
Kubus Pichatek
Kubus Pichatek 17 dias atrás
Boska jesteś
Jonathan Ackerman Shinzou Wo Sasageyo !
Angel Hernand
Angel Hernand 17 dias atrás
La patas de Fierro a ella no le pueden desir dele Fierro pariente por que ya tiene jajaja
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 17 dias atrás
Great great attitude ✌️❤️
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 17 dias atrás
Great great attitude ✌️❤️
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 17 dias atrás
Jeeeeeze TSS this scares me with my daughter it used to scare me as a teenagee ,iam glad my daughter don't use tampons
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 17 dias atrás
Super stunning ✌️❤️
DJScratkherzOriginal No.925
P Light ได้ 10,000% เพราะว่าตอนต่ออรองแรกๆแทบไม่ได้อะไรเลย นี่จัดกันใหม่หมด
Spear Shaker
Spear Shaker 18 dias atrás
Man vaginas are dangerous. Lose your legs if not carful.
bilal bouharoud
bilal bouharoud 18 dias atrás
I hope you to be a Muslim girl
DJScratkherzOriginal No.925
DJScratkherzOriginal No.925
มาเปืนHead คุม Modeling ให้หน่อยค่ะ 3ค่าย อังกฤษ กับ อเมริกา
Merry Mary
Merry Mary 19 dias atrás
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 20 dias atrás
mαe 20 dias atrás
Reminds me of billie eilish
Leonardo Alvarez
Leonardo Alvarez 20 dias atrás
Eres hermosa y una gran mujer, más personas como tú
JUAN GUILLERMO 20 dias atrás
Edsel 0201
Edsel 0201 20 dias atrás
I can't watch this, too sad...
Anastasia Korolёva
Anastasia Korolёva 21 dia atrás
Я иногда думаю о таком, а что,если со мной произойдет несчастный случай и я буду инвалидом? Для меня это сравнимо смерти. Может где то заграницей можно продолжать достойно жить, но не в России. Увы(
Clemens Bogner
Clemens Bogner 21 dia atrás
Misses Goldleg-er....
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 21 dia atrás
Macha a lah
Александр Овсянников
Are you married? You are so cute.
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 22 dias atrás
All hail the menstrual cup
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 23 dias atrás
Its always easier when you're rich and good looking asf
Pedro C
Pedro C 23 dias atrás
Klinger F
Klinger F 25 dias atrás
I’m fookin felt in love awesome girl
Mian Shaham
Mian Shaham 25 dias atrás
Shaham Ali I love you mare gan Plz Mare Sath Marriagebweau
Neil Howes
Neil Howes 27 dias atrás
Yes! Absolutely wonderful to see her strength and struggle. Empower woman continually bkuz they have birthed our children/humanity!!!
Jorge Delgado Cancer survivor
Good vídeo, Im amputee, pleasse follow my youtube 🙂
Bilal Bilal
Bilal Bilal Mês atrás
Chamary stigers
Chamary stigers Mês atrás
Paint gold on fake leg and foot
Choo Choo Rooter Bean
My son is 11 He caught Bacterial Meningitis when he was 15 months old He does not have any hands or feet But he can do anything
Josh Bleezy
Josh Bleezy Mês atrás
“You just gotta keep the fire alive” true that. Great woman.
รุ่งกานต์ ช่ําชอง
Your face is very chic.You are different which the world needed this type ,be strong &respect yourself. Glad to see this clip :)
Faraj Alissa
Faraj Alissa Mês atrás
Talbi Tec
Talbi Tec Mês atrás
No legs but she lives as a princess. She feels good she said. Great to see!
Hoài Ngọc
Hoài Ngọc Mês atrás
Inspire me ❤❤❤
Walter K Bauer
Walter K Bauer Mês atrás
As the father of a daughter. What do I need to know? I don't think anyone would want this to happen to their daughter.
Dmitriy Bro
Dmitriy Bro Mês atrás
Ты крутая, я верю в тебя, сильные люди выше всех предрассудков!!
Jon Li
Jon Li Mês atrás
te felicito. ere una mujer muy luchona y muy muy hermosa. mis respetos y toda mi admiración eres grande muy grande. cuidate y sigue adelante que tienes todo, una belleza impresionante, un corazón muy grande, una autoestima muy grande y unas ganas de salir adelante tan grande como el mundo.. dichoso el hombre que camine de tu lado y tome tu mano para caminar con tigo..
Josemaria Carlos Rey Magsajo
Dang ur hot
Marrylin Jane
Marrylin Jane Mês atrás
ok wow.
inaaya eno
inaaya eno Mês atrás
You are very lucky girl
inaaya eno
inaaya eno Mês atrás
Iam also this types of girls but iam not walk
lorena rivera perez
Que padre que pueda hacer su vida normal
Блог гурмана / Gourmet Vlog
Lauren is brave. I admire her power of will.
Lily Pink
Lily Pink Mês atrás
Восхищаюсь ее духом и красотой!!!
Yasin Yanku
Yasin Yanku Mês atrás
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper Mês atrás
Suction socket👉👌
sali slimani
sali slimani Mês atrás
Sonam Gurung
Sonam Gurung Mês atrás
Thnx for it bcz of it we can do anything n go ahead also be strong in life.
#LoveIceCream Mês atrás
This all happened because of a tampon?
I V A N Mês atrás
Tengo entendido que perdió las piernas por los componentes transgénicos de Monsanto de los tampones, es cierto?
Eva Unterberg
Eva Unterberg Mês atrás
Sie ist so Schön und hat viel ähnlichkeit mit ihrer mutter
kubra khan
kubra khan Mês atrás
Wawww nice beauty
nasiri 19701970
nasiri 19701970 Mês atrás
Emanuele Cala
Emanuele Cala Mês atrás
lyon chawki
lyon chawki Mês atrás
You are a strong person👏👏👏
lyon chawki
lyon chawki Mês atrás
+Incognito Yo ?????
Incognito Yo
Incognito Yo Mês atrás
Angel Moonstone
Angel Moonstone Mês atrás
មិនយល់មិនយល់ទេ! គាត់ទើបតែពិការរឺគាត់បានបាត់បង់ជើងដោយសាអ្វី? សរសើរដែលគាត់នៅតែដើរបានល្អជាមួយជើងពណ៌មាសមិនដូចមនុស្សពិការបន្តិចសោះ ហើយមើលទៅជីវិតគាត់ក្នុងវីដេអូនេះឡូយផង
Renas slemane
Renas slemane Mês atrás
الله يحميكي 🤲
Tjay Ng
Tjay Ng Mês atrás
Wow she is so beautiful 😍
Eozyna Mês atrás
She looks like a Anja Rubik
Mara Felix
Mara Felix Mês atrás
Mulher Guerreira exemplo de pessoa linda
Andres Juarez
Andres Juarez 2 meses atrás
오짹짹 2 meses atrás
와 ㅣㄴ짜 간지난다 .. 밝게 잘 이겨내신 모습이 너무 감동적이네요
Taina Delgado
Taina Delgado 2 meses atrás
Now I want golden legs She rocks it so much better then I do. U go gurl
Александр Li-ion
Мужества у нее не отнять, молодец, вот у кого стальные яйца.
maroco Jaime la vie
maroco Jaime la vie 2 meses atrás
Gros bisou
Emma Sadtler
Emma Sadtler 2 meses atrás
Prosthetic limbs have come so far, she walks so gracefully with hers. I’m sure it took her much time and patience to do so, but she looks amazing.
Hawry Qader
Hawry Qader 2 meses atrás
She doesn't seems to be happy sorry😔😔😔
Meag 2 meses atrás
But Why? If she had a very heavy flow isn’t it ok to use heavy flow tampons?
Vlad Maria
Vlad Maria 2 meses atrás
looks like Billie Eilish:)
Miguel Obreque
Miguel Obreque 2 meses atrás
Pero es tan linda yo me enamore........
Dasha Zhivolup
Dasha Zhivolup 2 meses atrás
У нее же только один протез был по моему?
luminor007 2 meses atrás
Shes so awesome.. her gold legs just make her even more unique and she walks so good just as you normally would.. super inspiring!
luminor007 2 meses atrás
ps I wasn't aware anything like that could happen... that's crazy not enough is being done about it
Zalikha Ousou
Zalikha Ousou 2 meses atrás
Hi guys 👋 What happened with her?
Zalikha Ousou
Zalikha Ousou 2 meses atrás
She looks 100 💯 like her mom
Zalikha Ousou
Zalikha Ousou 2 meses atrás
I am not gonna lie, she gets actually those golden leg 🦵 look stylish:)
Aanchal Baryah
Aanchal Baryah 2 meses atrás
Wow true inspiration to many... God bless.😊
Noos Channel
Noos Channel 2 meses atrás
such an inspiring
Elvira Ramos
Elvira Ramos 2 meses atrás
Fashion industry requires more Fearless women and to break standards!!
Koehli _
Koehli _ 2 meses atrás
something off about her and the whole story. and i don't just mean the legs.
Cookie Doll
Cookie Doll 2 meses atrás
God bless you only thing I can say
M'Majin Vegeta
M'Majin Vegeta 2 meses atrás
Encuentro tonto correr con piernas metálicas, no te harás más rápida, no ganarás resistencia, no te saldrán músculos, none
Hero Faithful
Hero Faithful 2 meses atrás
Joachim Geiger
Joachim Geiger 2 meses atrás
Hi Like your Video You are a very nice and strong woman LG jo Wish you the best ☺☺☺☺☺
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