How I Went from College Professor to Deli Worker

Rick Beato
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On today’s live stream I discuss my journey that took me from being a College Professor to Deli Worker.

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24 Set 2021



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Comentários 2 766
Pentium Anos atrás
Great story. The moral of this tale: there are few things in life as reliable as a Honda Civic.
Rico Fama
Rico Fama 9 dias atrás
Yes..... I have a Honda Civic and a few guitars
David Fleuchaus
David Fleuchaus 13 dias atrás
Best option these days is a Honda Insight from 2000-2006. 45-75 mpg, big enough for the minimums, cheap, lasts forever (300,000 - 500,000 miles). Hybrid battery is optional. NYC to LA = 3000 miles/60mpg x $3.50/gal = $175. Driving Rick's 5500 mile trip would cost $320 in gas.
David Fleuchaus
David Fleuchaus 13 dias atrás
@Jath 2112 It's the journey with shifting destinations along the way. But the main aim is to hold on to who you are, to be honest and put it out there. Adapt. Do stuff. Listen to that voice inside that knows you have more. Rick said, "This CAN'T be my life" probably 6 times in this story, each time when it just wasn't enough or it didn't fit.
Les Flynn
Les Flynn 29 dias atrás
Icouldn't agree more. Especially if it's a manual.
Jath 2112
Jath 2112 Mês atrás
@Pentium I turned 40 a few months ago, and this video was hitting me hard. Seeing this Philip Glass comment kinda felt like seeing a sunrise in Spring. ... life is absolutely terrifying. It's pretty awesome too
Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith Anos atrás
The two things I really got from this are that: 1. It pays to have skills. 2. It seriously pays to have real friends.
Lux Caeca
Lux Caeca Mês atrás
All the skill in the world will get you nowhere if you don't know how to network. As is always said; "It's not about *what* you know. It's about *who* you know."
This Bird Has Flown
I have neither of those.
Boromir Of Middle Earth
js290 11 meses atrás
soft skillz are often times more important than the hard skillz
Istana Angin
Istana Angin Anos atrás
I have one of those
samgod Anos atrás
All the talent and skill in the world won't get you far without charm and amiability. Rick talks to us with a smile, like we're all buds. What I love about him is how he rattles off names, chords, and gear like he's talking shop with a fellow music industry veteran. It's rare to find BRvid comment sections filled with only gratitude, admiration and praise. "The story can't end here."
Gx2 Mês atrás
Buddy Rich might have been the exception to that rule
Jonathan Braithwaite
Can we take a moment to appreciate this man's networking skills. Seems to me to be the baseline of this story.
Kat Sullivan
Kat Sullivan Mês atrás
“Baseline” hehehe, get it? Good one!
Chevy 4x4
Chevy 4x4 Mês atrás
Uh, did u guys listen to this story. All his friends and networking just created a coup,e decades of misery for him. He never made money to support himself. Music is important in my house, but I am educating my kids that it is a hobby. I don’t want my kids growing up working at a music store teaching piano and always being broke
This Bird Has Flown
Incredibly likeable personality and he's good looking. That helps massively. I'm the opposite and have no idea how to interact with people.
HNX Media
HNX Media 4 meses atrás
It's not what you know, but who you know. That will open more doors than anything.
Donna di Lode
Donna di Lode 9 meses atrás
Biggest asset: he's good-looking. Doors open. Let's be real.
J Hartley
J Hartley Anos atrás
Rick, I'm a non-musician which mean i understand 10% of your regular vids...but i adore your presentation style. And this story tops anything i've seen in a long, long time. Kudos to you for not giving up.
Chromatic Nomadic
Chromatic Nomadic Anos atrás
Another moral of the story: don't give up or complain that your life isn't happening, just keep working and don't be ashamed to do whatever you have to do for success.
Michael Anos atrás
And have a lot of friends or wind up homeless.
2RROC Anos atrás
It's what I call the "curse of near great talent"... maybe "undiscovered talent" too. Glad I took the other path, cuz Rick, you are so very talented and like many others, you followed your dream. Much respect!
Blue Bagoo - English Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes
The real story within the story is about Rick's parents and his family. He spends 60 seconds on it. They pay for his car, get him back on his feet, and happily send him back out to follow his dream - an extreme longshot. Very rare.
jacques Cousteau
jacques Cousteau 15 dias atrás
@10000Mistakes your absolutely right of course . The city used to nurture certain musicians. Music is subjective, what I think is irrelevant. I lived in Palo Alto, California at the time of the “Friends of Love” breakout - Do I have the name correct - ? I remember watching Carson one night, and saw Chuck on - I don’t know him - talking about this concert he had developed . I was blown away as was my gf who sad “ You know two guys involved in this “ ? Sadly Rochester as I knew is no longer . Be well J
10000Mistakes 15 dias atrás
@jacques Cousteau Honestly, I'm not qualified to say what position they'd take in the grand scheme of things (I'm far from a jazz historian, haha). Just pointing out that they're yet another widely appreciated couple of artists nurtured by the Rochester music ecosystem... so more of an endorsement of Rochester than of any particular musicians.
jacques Cousteau
jacques Cousteau 15 dias atrás
@10000Mistakes I always saw both brothers as middle of the road, like Mitch Miller ( another Rochester alum ) not really jazzers . I had two close friends that played with Chuck in the “ Friends of Love Concert “ Bat McGrath RIP ,and Don Potter were the draw - I think - it wasn’t my cup of tea but apparently many others loved it . Very middle of the road … But you’re right, the brothers are from Rochester .
10000Mistakes 15 dias atrás
​​@jacques CousteauOther greats from Rochester, Chuck Mangione and his brother, too.
Decadesofsegregation 22 dias atrás
Oh rich parents… cute.
JDog 11 meses atrás
The most amazing thing about this story is how many people just let Rick crash on their couch. Not only would my friends not let me crash on their couch but I dont even have friends.
Fuzzybunny 5150
Fuzzybunny 5150 21 dia atrás
Did you type. "the most amazing thing about this story"... is people letting Rick crash on their couch. "Amazing"???
Les Flynn
Les Flynn 29 dias atrás
Things were a little different back then.
cae sharp
cae sharp Mês atrás
As my friends always says, "who the fuck are you?!"
Eric S.
Eric S. Mês atrás
I don't even like reading your comments!
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Mês atrás
I thought that my brother was my only friend until he kicked me off his couch.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Anos atrás
Not much impresses me after the life I've lived, but this guy's depth of knowledge impresses me immensely. And the story of your transformation from wage slave to hacking away at your dream until it finally came true is nothing short of awesome. Well played sir.
dmeyerbcp Anos atrás
Love this... thinking back... every job I ever had taught me something. At the time its not where you want to end up but it's an integral part of the journey. Rick could have just went back to being a college professor but something made him keep going in another direction. This guy is not only entertaining, skilled, and humble... he has balls. Attributes for making and keeping friends like he does.... sure Rick, you can crash on my couch anytime.
Kevin McPartland
Kevin McPartland Anos atrás
This is a fabulous story: I was amused and spellbound simultaneously. I am going to send this video to my 28-year-old son as a way of demonstrating that you can navigate through uncertainty and ultimately fulfill your dreams. Thank you Rick!
spencer ellison
spencer ellison Anos atrás
I love this story. Success means a lot of things. It comes with effort and persistence though. I remember my first year in engineering school. After two months I came across an art major and it was there I found out there was a such thing as a Graphic Artist. The fact that you could draw for a living was amazing to me. I went home and told my mother and she was not having it. Finally she said, "you're gonna need something to fall back on in case that "dream" doesn't pan out. I told her, I also know how to play the drums. Through her anger and disbelief she said, "dammit!! your fall back needs a fall back!" I was determined and found what I really could commit matter what. This isn't a story about how I became rich and famous cause i followed my dream... it's a story about how, even after thirty years, I'm still rocking and drawing, I live on my own and I have never hit the snooze button. Money is great... Happiness is better. If you can, make money doing what makes you happy.
Jesse Claus
Jesse Claus 28 dias atrás
Important lesson: I never hit the snooze button. It’s the opportunity clock, not the alarm clock.
Art Kane
Art Kane Anos atrás
Your kids will value this story when they see it again in 50 years. Well told, Rick.
Gregory Roth
Gregory Roth 8 dias atrás
This is a story that showcases the good side of humanity; and the fact that Rick can recount all these events without missing a beat - live - shows how smart he is!
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo 7 dias atrás
Not only is Mr.Beato's never-ending story deeply inspiring, it is a truly emotional tribute about his life and his unwavering commitment to music. His masterful craft of making music resonates by listening, playing, and teaching in such a delightful and delicious way is profusely appreciated by 'aficionados.' THANK YOU.
Bruce Trappleton
Bruce Trappleton Anos atrás
I love that the most repeated sentence in the story is “I can’t do this anymore, I quit!!”. LOVE IT. That sense of freedom and uneasiness, all combined, and suddenly decide to change direction. Man, love that!!
lars2112 Anos atrás
Apart from being a really skilled musician and educator, you are an amazing storyteller. Which, I guess, is what teaching is about.
Griffin Wahl
Griffin Wahl Anos atrás
That was powerfully inspiring, Rick. I've just picked back up the viola after 3 years of it staying in its case, moving all the way from Denver to New Orleans about a year ago. Being a musician had been my only identity for 14 years of my life. I stopped playing because I was feeling bad about myself for where I wasn't with music, how I screwed away my shot at a tuition-free music school education right out of high school, and the list goes on. I chose other responsibilities and found a new identity for myself that wasn't music, and I learned my integrity and self-worth was more than just one thing. After being lovingly pressured by wonderful new friends here to get back into my art in a music city that cherishes that above all else, I am freaking loving it. All the music I listened to in the past 3 years has given me phrasing abilities that I can't wait to regain the technique to properly execute. "My story doesn't stop here."
Col Oaten
Col Oaten Anos atrás
Rick, please don't ever apologise for telling us a great story that goes on for 30 minutes. If it had lasted 60 minutes I still would've been here, listening, nodding along as you mention people/events that you've previously mentioned. You're a great storyteller who has great stories to tell and we WANT to hear them :)
peanutbutterisfu Anos atrás
I absolutely love when he tells his life stories I watch them a bunch of times it’s super interesting. I wish I had the same mindset, the drive he had to keep going and not give up when I was in bands! I just don’t know how he kept going. In my opinion the hardest part about trying to make a band work is finding the right musicians people that put music first before everything who take it very seriously can actually play show up willing to tour move out of state be broke out everything they have into the music and everyone musically gets along! If you get the right musicians and make good music you can play shows, you can tour there are garbage bands that tour you can get a certain level of success that doesn’t mean you will be rich or famous but a decent band can make some good noise, can play shows with bigger bands you really can do some really cool stuff even if ur not getting famous in any way it’s really not out of the question but getting the right musicians is just the hardest thing to do idk how he mentally could deal with being in so many bands over and over again. It’s like trying to find that perfect employee they almost never exist you either get an employee that does absolutely great work but doesn’t show up half the time or an employee that shows up but sucks lol
Rusty Wood music
Rusty Wood music Anos atrás
Totally agree, Col Carter!
John C
John C Anos atrás
Set me up with a drink and I'll listen for three hours!
Catmama Meow’s Dew Drop Inn
For many reasons, this may be my favorite broadcast of yours. There is tremendous value in sharing your story. Very much appreciated, Rick.
Pete Sorensen
Pete Sorensen 19 dias atrás
Hearing Rick get to the part where he's 32 and living with his parents hit home for me. I turn 33 in a little under a year and I'm looking at the music industry thinking "is this even what I want?" All I know is when I get home from work and play my guitar I know it's what I should be doing. Glad that you ended up doing what you're doing, Rick.
Dan Reed
Dan Reed Anos atrás
You know Rick, by telling us your life's stories, by opening up to us, you make us feel like your friend. That means, that whether you want us or not, you have a whole bunch of friends that you've never met. I for one, am glad to be included in that group.
John Munro
John Munro Anos atrás
You definitely feel like this is how he would tell you his story in person. It does feel very honest and quite intimate. Makes him endlessly watchable.
Bear-Head Studios
Bear-Head Studios Anos atrás
I've Installed windows & doors, cooked in fine dining restaurants, installed wireless AP systems... but nothing has given me more satisfaction than creating music. Great story rick.
Dude Abides
Dude Abides Anos atrás
Terrific story told from the honest perspective of the one who lived it. The pursuit of your dream reminds me of that quote from Woody Allen who stated back in 1977: "I have learned one thing. ‘Showing up is 80 percent of life.’ Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed. I’ve done both." And what a great supportive family and parents to assist you in your pursuit. Keep on keeping on brother.
bigscaryindian Anos atrás
It's very important for musicians to hear stories like this. Some might think it's madness that drives this behavior, but it's really love. Love for music and the freedom that can be found within it.
George A. Barry
George A. Barry Anos atrás
@jake london I couldnt have said it better. I have been in the game for..lets say more than a decade...NOONE DOES IT ALONE. Every kindness shown. Every tip in the tip jar. It's what keeps me going. Lets be clear: The bizness is really in a bad way. It has never been harder,in some ways. But Music is divine...and is its own reward.
jake london
jake london Anos atrás
@physics2112My takeaway is that talent, craft skill, plus luck, hard work, and community support were deciding factors. Nobody does it alone. Like most people, without the support of family and friends, Rick might have had to abandon the dream. But in addition to musical talent and good luck, Rick also had the training to be able to jump into a lot of different kinds of situations and use his musical talent. So if the gig required reading music or picking stuff up really fast, he had the training to do that. Same goes for teaching guitar lessons or bass. He wasn't just a good player. He had the skills to teach, some of which he no doubt learned in music school. There are many great players who don't have that kind of training. So they are not as well situated to make money doing the less sexy music-related stuff, like teaching guitar, picking up a cover band gig at the last minute, or playing 3 hours of solo chord melody on a classical guitar. To the extent that there's a middle class of musicians, a lot of them are doing those less sexy things. And they're doing them because they acquired those skills at some point. This story is a good reminder of that. I appreciated Rick's candor here. On the one hand, he was brave enough to give up something secure (the teaching job) to pursue something more speculative. Many people can't or won't do that. On the other hand, he got a lot of help, he wasn't too proud to do what was required, and his skills helped him to a good outcome.
bigscaryindian Anos atrás
@physics2112 well my comment isn’t so much about the outcome. More about what drives the behavior.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez Anos atrás
And so many of the people you find in a life of music are really lovely and giving
Matt Gilbert
Matt Gilbert Anos atrás
@physics2112 It's mostly luck
stnacld 17 dias atrás
What a fantastic journey you’ve been on, having friends that shared your sense of adventure and curiosity. It may have looked alike rambling and dead ends and that you didn’t know what was next, but you stayed focused on making music oh that we live a thousand times and find one like yours: a talented and generous soul.
violin buff
violin buff Anos atrás
From one musician to another. Very honest and human story devoid of BS. Genuine and someone with a good soul. Realizing riches in life are vast experiences and though money is necessary it is not everything.
shane jett
shane jett Anos atrás
Great story, by a great story teller. I'm not a muso, just a fan of music and personal journeys. Love to read an autobiography from Rick.
Hannah Botanica
Hannah Botanica Mês atrás
That's a great story & just goes to show there is no shame in doing what you have to to follow your dreams. It's better than to wake up one day with regrets wondering what could have been. You are naturally inspiring & I've so enjoyed binging your content even though I came to it late. The reason you have so many friends through your journey is because you're authentic & people can see that & admire it.
Cesar Marolla
Cesar Marolla Anos atrás
Interesting and enriching Rick. I sent an email to Al Dimeola (known him for decades) and opened in one of his concerts in '95) about the great interview you did. . I relate to your story because at 18 met and played for Paco de Lucia in Argentina then went to Spain and facing deportation Paco sponsored me and stayed with him. Recordedbwith Bebu Silvetti-latin grammy winner. Came to the States got a deal with Columbia Records and then broke working at MacDonalds. In 2004 played for our US troops in the Middle East and Northeast Africa came back to LA. Unemployed then got a job minimum wage made another record with producer Larry Goetz (Maroon 5, Demi Lovato) and work selling cell phones. Became a professor after my master’s at Harvard wrote 2 environmental science books and lectures at the United Nations, World Bank, etc. Collaborated with Nobel Laureates, and others. Now making a new album in this "new musici ndustry reality." totally different than the onenwe experienced. The journey never ends and in my humble view as your life experience says it follow your passion with determination. I finish my peer-reviewed books saying: Inspire, Lead and Empower Change. Thank you!
thatmountain Anos atrás
Rick as a guy that just turned 40 myself I'm going to start saying out loud "this is not where my story ends. " Fucking thank you.
Hats Anos atrás
@Eddie Neal haha
J Guenther
J Guenther Anos atrás
@Craig Usselman Think of it as thirty-eleven.
Rob Vaughn
Rob Vaughn Anos atrás
Prison time for you? Change isn't always for the better.
Eddie Neal
Eddie Neal Anos atrás
59, story over.
tomcoryell Anos atrás
I’m 65, “This is not where my story ends.”
richard jamison
richard jamison 7 meses atrás
this is inspiring....its 2022, I'm in Sydney, always been into music but never practiced.....maybe now is the time as the story doesn't end here.... thank you Rick..
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh Anos atrás
Rick, you’re humble and epic. We all love what you’ve brought to BRvid. God bless and Merry Christmas! Brian
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh Anos atrás
God bless all the beautiful souls who lit your way and shared their homes with you! “I’ve seen all good people…
Kyle Lanning
Kyle Lanning Anos atrás
I'm a 33 year old high school teacher who is in the process of following his dream to open a small music studio in rural NC. My wife is in full support and already found a building for us to look into purchasing. This story was inspiring and couldn't have come at a better time! I appreciate the fantastic content you publish but this is just real life. I just hate I didn't catch it live.
Amigo Kandu
Amigo Kandu Anos atrás
One of the best videos ever on YT. Your built-in gifts of storytelling, interpersonal connecting, the politics of couchsurfing, and your musical intuition... only needed 1 thing: elbow grease! You did good, you did You.
Joanne Cunliffe
Joanne Cunliffe 7 meses atrás
What a wonderful story! I was absolutely entranced (apart from cursing BRvid over the adverts they put in every few minutes!). You are an amazing person, Rick. It shows how even with amazing talents (being the multi-instrumentalist you are - my jaw dropped when I saw you playing double bass!) it's HARD to success in the music industry (in any capacity). It also shows (unfortunately) that real talent doesn't matter. What matters is what's trending at any particular time and will produce the greatest sales (whatever the current format is).
Simon Refalo Guitarist
Rick appears to have always respected and treated people well and valued relationships and in turn people have looked out for him and wanted him to do well. It all started from his tight and supportive parents and siblings!! God bless you Rick and his family.
Ross Thompson
Ross Thompson Anos atrás
Simon, I was trying to work out how to express the same thoughts but you have put it perfectly there.
Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson Anos atrás
Loved that. A man who is willing to sleep on couches for three years can't be stopped. Just started my musical journey at 62.
Marc Rivera
Marc Rivera 10 meses atrás
You were ahead of your time sir. Thank you for inspiring so many people along the way. Godspeed sir
Mark Ponn
Mark Ponn Anos atrás
Rick is a great guy. He loves music and people and we love him.
L. A. Boyko
L. A. Boyko 2 meses atrás
Family helped you when you needed it; friends all over the country helped you when you needed it; total strangers helped you when you needed it. Life is about the relationships you make with other people. It is about the people you help and the people that help you.
P. A.
P. A. Anos atrás
Rick...what a story. You are an extremely brave man and such an engaging storyteller! Keep doing that. We adore you
Cammy Goodall - Scotia's Celebrant
A girl I gig with was asking one night, “how do you become a professional musician?”. When we pointed out to her that she got paid six nights a week to sing, she rejoindered, “Yeah, but how do you become a full-time professional musician?” I told her the answer was real simple: stop taking money for anything else. Chances are you’ll starve, but that’s all there is to it.
Joel Spaulding
Joel Spaulding Anos atrás
Rhett has the motivation for this: There IS no Plan B. While having that is wise for most of us; how many of us would have worked much harder had we nothing on which to fall back?
md54 Anos atrás
@aakkoin Heavy but true.
aakkoin Anos atrás
Norman  Sykes
Norman Sykes 10 meses atrás
Great story Rick. You should write a book and call it “The Musical Couch Potato” the story of a passionate blue collar music lover. Your life story. You definitely hung in there and followed your dreams. This video has definitely inspired me.
Steven Harp
Steven Harp Anos atrás
This is a great story actually I worked as a school district Plant Manager Custodian for 31 years until I got hurt and retired when I was 52 with a damaged Cervical Spine but music and playing guitar has always been my first choice and that’s what I’m doing now only thing is I’m 58 years old. I can say that over the years I’ve met and hung out with most rock stars and have had a great life that without the job I had I wouldn’t had been able to do anything of things that I’ve done.
LGW27 Anos atrás
Rick, why would you block this out of your mind? This is an enviable life path. You went with the flow. You didn't let fear of the future keep you from putting yourself out there. Who cares what kind of employment kept you afloat. My father always said that there was no shame in honest work. Fact is, I moved across the country from Ohio to central California and washed dishes in a nursing home after graduating from college. I worked with some great people. Fear of change did not stop me. Life was good. I later moved to the mountain region of Northern California where I met my husband. I'm now back in my hometown. I would not exchange those 20 years in California for anything. It made me the person I am. Your experience made you the person you are. I bet 10 to 1 that you are a kinder person to service employees than you were before you started your journey. Life is what you make of it and you have given it your greatest effort. Now you're out teaching all of us on BRvid which is so cool. We all love you and what you do!
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 5 meses atrás
Rick I respect the fact that you shared your story of doing whatever it took to get you by to chase your dream. I also think it took courage to be so open about your days when you were struggling on the way to where you are today. Thank you for sharing many people when they are succesfull hide their hardships because they are embarrassed. You were sincere enough to share. God bless you...
joseph bertola
joseph bertola 25 dias atrás
You are a great story teller Rick. And it is great to see it all working out for you!
Rick is as authentic and genuine as it gets. An inspiration because he's just a real dude that made it his own way, ..thru all the ordained randomness of possibilities, closed doors, & opened windows. More successful each day.
ViciousPandaDrumming 21 dia atrás
You have a huge amount of grit, sir! It’s admirable. I’ve done my own version of this over the last 4 years, although not involving all those moves. I decided I would finally get over my fear of playing guitar in front of people (weird since I’ve played classical piano and cello in recitals and orchestras since I was a kid). I went out to an open jam. Now I run three open jams and have gigged with a bunch of bands. Nothing huge, but it goes to show that if you want something, just go for it. Won’t always work, but many times something good will come out of it.
Dave Bartley
Dave Bartley Anos atrás
So enjoyed the story, my take away from it is very simple. Rick is obviously a talented resourceful and energetic guy but he has to also be one hell of a nice guy. Someone that others want to have around, someone that you want to help in any way you can because the return you get, is having this great person as part of your life even if only briefly.
Zefferman K
Zefferman K Mês atrás
So inspirational...I really needed your story today Rick! Thank you for all you do. You are a national treasure
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez Anos atrás
I listened and enjoyed your story. I don’t know who you are as I just happened upon your channel. I think the universe wanted me to hear this. I’m retired RN and still trying to figure out my life purpose. I’m 64 not 32. There is a lesson here for me. I’m still digesting your story. Your a great story teller with a great journey. Thank you
Stephen Bone
Stephen Bone Anos atrás
You are one of the bravist people I know. You had the courage to go for it. I'm 61, played guitar on and off since I was six but, was never good enough to make a living at it. At 21 I played my own weedding with my brother that I taught how to play bass at 16. I dropped out out playing in bands to get married work more and start a family. I got back into playing at 29 after I got devorced. I dropped out of playing with bands and playing all together again at 33 to get married, go back to night school to complete my BS degree and start a second family. My brother never stopped playing and got better and better (awesome) and ended up playing at all of the big bars in town that I only dreamed of playing in the day. He even sings half of their songs. I retired in May want to start playing again and wish I would have never stopped. Moral to the Story: When you stop playing the music stops.
Sprite Anos atrás
Rick! This is a beautiful story! It made me cry because you so humbly and authentically shared your journey with us, which many of us have experienced the same such character-building situations. I was so broke in 2010, trying to keep the house for my 3 kids while changing careers due to the recession I once found a bag of fresh broccoli on the sidewalk outside a produce store while on a walk and I took it home and we had it for dinner (with some chicken.) So much happened to me that year that could’ve broke me, but in the end it made me realize I’m so much more than a job, a house, and what the world rewards as successful. You’re awesome, thank you! ♥️
LGW27 Anos atrás
Did you ever listen to "Me" by Paula Cole? "I am not my house, my job, my songs. They are only stops along my way." This song inspires me.
JC Garcia
JC Garcia Mês atrás
Fantastic origin story. There's nothing more precious to an aspiring adventurer than a "friend's couch". Good for you buddy.
Joan Dixon
Joan Dixon Anos atrás
Your story is so inspiring. I am a singer here in JA and I am out of a job and don't even know when I will get gigs. I am looking around for other jobs and it is not easy here. I feel trap. I cannot even find money to buy food sometimes you know. I still live at parents home at 50 something. I feel bad. The pandemic really threw me down. Hoping and trusting something good will happen so I can start working again. Thank you for you posting here
Stephen Walsh
Stephen Walsh Anos atrás
Terrific story Rick. All that is who you are and lead to what you have achieved.
Keke Boj
Keke Boj 10 meses atrás
Love listening to Rick, the stories, the interviews and his love for music. It’s heart-warming and brings a smile on my face.
DTMGroupMarketing Anos atrás
Your story moved me believe it or not. I understand the passion. We are the same age. The journey is indeed the adventure. Best to you my friend.
Tony Ledbetter
Tony Ledbetter Anos atrás
"...Do stuff and figure out your path." What a great saying, no wonder Rick is such a success!
psychlos21 Anos atrás
Thank you Rick for sharing your story. Everyone has a story that shapes who they are. The important thing is to find joy everyday in pursuing our dreams.
Naoki Sonoda
Naoki Sonoda Mês atrás
This story is so helpful from a human and spiritual point of view--the idea that you keep going and trust that things will work out, even after things keep falling apart.
Jim Morelli
Jim Morelli Anos atrás
You are a great storyteller. Honestly... I was riveted by your journey and your wholesome account. I was thinking... as you were departing Chapel Hill for another odyssey, this time to Austin... maybe this guy will end up in my old hometown. Heck, it's just a few hours down the road. And that poor old Honda sure could use a break. And hot damn... you did.
Composing Wellness Music
Fantastic story Rick. Great message to just give things a go and not settle when you feel you have more to offer/experience in life.
Rock Record Report
Rock Record Report Anos atrás
Very inspirational - the journey is as important as the destination as the saying goes. It's hard to see that sometimes when you are struggling for rent and gas money.
Ian Stawarz
Ian Stawarz Anos atrás
I love this story Rick. It reminds me that life can be whatever we want and the typical formula for success isn't the only way
Douglas Hill
Douglas Hill Anos atrás
Rick, that was a great story, and you're a great storyteller! You seem to attract great people, like all the one's who have written comments here. Life is full of wonders! Keep the love flowing!
Peter Dhanes
Peter Dhanes 3 meses atrás
I know I am a bit late to the dance but wonderful story. It seems to me that we all suffer a bit for our dreams but eventually we all find our way if we don't give up trying. I worked in a Deli too when I was younger - epic lunch breaks!
claudia fahey
claudia fahey Anos atrás
Great story.. I recently voluntarily went from RN in a school setting to pet care attendant at a shelter, which is basically an animal janitor lol, but I couldn't love my job more
Steve M
Steve M Anos atrás
Your brand of happy is what I want my kids and grandkids to realize 24/7. Oh, myself included. Without BRvid I’d have never had the blessing of you Mr. Beato!
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 3 meses atrás
Great story! It blew my mind you played with Ivy-- I got their record Long Distance back in college in the 2010s and loved it so much. I also have a guitar I was given by a former student of yours, and similarly play a Mexican strat. So this story definitely struck a few chords with me. Good motivation to keep going through hard times when they arise!
Kelly P
Kelly P Anos atrás
You have to go on Wikipedia and add “couch surfer” next to “producer, engineer” This was such an amazing story Rick. Can I just say that I enjoyed listening to this as much as anything else you’ve done here on BRvid and would love to hear more stories…please. You’re a really good story teller
Wil RockQ
Wil RockQ Anos atrás
This is really great to hear a story like this. Interesting and I bet all can relate. And now you took a chance and this BRvid channel has become quite phenomenal. One thing more as the icing on the cake: get Elton John on for an interview!!
C Davis
C Davis 9 meses atrás
Rick you are pretty amazing , no, a totally amazing person and musician. Thank you for sharing your life and music and soul with so many.
Tunemxr Anos atrás
The cool thing Rick, is that landed on your feet doin the Lord’s work! You’ve brought infinite joy to us guitarists by unlocking the hidden secrets of riffs and theories so many of us were searching for…
Billy Kohler
Billy Kohler Mês atrás
Great story fer sure. Such a strong work ethic which I would guess came from a strong Italian family bond of respect for self and others. So huge respect to you Rick for always stepping out in faith of making it happen.
Be Forgiven
Be Forgiven Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing the unvarnished truth of your quest to write your own music and how you got to where you are.
RuthlessMojo Anos atrás
Being part of Gen X, the 90's was a formative time for me. I was the lead singer in a band, writing my own songs and gigging every week. It started a life long love of music. Now I teach songwriting, guitar and vocals and I have just started building guitars and effect pedals. Rick is my kind of person.
RuthlessMojo Anos atrás
@Back Off The 90's music scene was really cool. Even those who hadn't had formal training could pick up a guitar and start playing with a few power chords. When I started I knew nothing. No theory. Put in that situation you learn quick though. It doesn't matter what you do. If you truly love it, It's infectious and it flows through to all parts of your life. I can understand where Rick's passion comes from.
Back Off
Back Off Anos atrás
Was that a comment or a plug, ha,ha!!!
RNS Anos atrás
@RuthlessMojo Yep I realised that! Part of the potential fun of public comments is you can never be sure what people will pick up on! What I put was just a little bit of Latin meant in good fun.
RuthlessMojo Anos atrás
@RNS Corrected. I was referring to being part of a collective group but could have worded it better.
RNS Anos atrás
Alumni is masculine plural in the nominative case in Latin 🧐. Alumnae is the feminine equivalent. However in English the accusative plurals of alumnos and alumnas are not used - just again alumni and alumnae. 'Graduates' was far less problematic.
Harold Deschenes
Harold Deschenes Anos atrás
Rick, this is one of the most humbling stories I have ever heard. You are making me appreciate what I have even more. GBY
tedskandy 16 dias atrás
It is truly inspiring to hear someone's career story and learn about the obstacles they faced to get where they are today. It takes a lot of courage and determination to overcome challenges and pursue one's dreams. By sharing their struggles, they provide valuable insights and motivate others to keep pushing forward, even when faced with adversity. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear these stories and appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving success. It serves as a reminder that anything is possible with perseverance and a positive attitude.
2muchtvisbad Anos atrás
I really like stories such as this; one day at a time things have a way of working out. Keep up your hope and courage, treat people with love and respect, achieve your goals and your dreams will become your reality. It's difficult to chart this things, but a loose, flexible, somewhat structured vision driven by passion for something you love is nearly impossible to beat(o).
pdpatdeschamps29 9 dias atrás
Your amazing story is a great lesson of how the passion for music makes us strong for all the struggles we go through , on our path . I am also a musician, totally empathize . Just wish more and more ,lots lots lots of success because you deserve all 🎼🎵🎶❤️👏👏
Thomas Hardey
Thomas Hardey Anos atrás
My sense from Rick in this video is that this was not an easy story to tell. There is great reward in surviving and persevering difficult times on the journey toward success. But, that doesn't change the pain and sacrifice that occurred along the way. Kudos to Rick for telling the story, despite painful memories, in order to inspire others never to give up on their dreams. Well done, Mr. Beato!
Jim Neill
Jim Neill Anos atrás
Rick, seriously, if you worked on the nuance and details, this would be a fantastic one man show (Spalding Gray, Mike Birbiglia, etc.) This period of time, and what you experienced, really resonates. I'm about your age and it was a joy listening to your journey and especially digging your wanderlust. And your teaching, your gift, ended up teaching you so much. I bet you sliced a mean turkey loaf too.
Fabio Caetano Figueiredo
I think it could easily become a book
Dude Man
Dude Man Anos atrás
The Hustle is not mainly the name of a frightening style of music from the 1970s. The Hustle is mainly everything driven people like Beato do to reach success in life.
Jean-Michel de Senneville
A very entertaining and invigorating story! Thank you for you honesty and attitude. It's a gift!
PaperCup Anos atrás
Rick's story reminds me of the epic novel 'Outside the Gates of Eden' by Lewis Shiner about a guy trying to make it in the music world, based in part on his own experiences as a struggling musician. Glad it worked out well for you in the end.
Mês atrás
Great story! Thank you for sharing. I had to start over again at around age 30 when the housing market crashed. I’m so glad to hear your story. Very encouraging!
American Citizen
American Citizen Anos atrás
Great story. You’ve really been around the block, literally.
David Baldwin
David Baldwin Anos atrás
Damn. I chose an arbitrary age, 28, to end my music career. I thought if I didn't have a regular paying gig by 28 I was too old. I quit. Spent the next 20 years not playing music. Now I'm back in my own band having a great time. I wish I had stayed with it Rick.
john gillon
john gillon Anos atrás
if i hadn't dropped out of cowboy school back in 1972, at least i would have a horse by now.
plutoplatters Anos atrás
many seem to end their music careers at " 27 " !
jorgearauz 11 meses atrás
Thank you, Rick, for sharing your story. I enjoyed it a lot. I only recently discovered your channel, which I like very much, and learning something about you personally seems to help me connect more personally also to the content you publish.
Sm B
Sm B Anos atrás
Respect, big time, Rick. From Hairnet to Internet, notwithstanding your academic career. Thank you for such a wonderful narrative around your journey, but what a karma you have nurtured. The signature strand in those early 1990's when folk still survived with a phone book or a helpful human phone operator to put you through to old friends. Bless you.
Jekku 11 meses atrás
Rick, *loved* your story! I started out laughing at your roster of misadventures, but by the end, I was in tears! I'm your age, and like you, I have done a lot of things (dull office jobs mostly) in the 30-odd years I've been stuck in Dallas. But...I don't want that to be the end of my story. Lately, my creative side is _screaming_ to get out, but in what capacity, I just don't know. Feels like my years of desk jobs have squelched those small flickering embers of any real creativity I once had years ago. _However,_ YOU GIVE ME HOPE! Hope that I can somehow fan those embers into a roaring bonfire before too much longer. After all, 60 is the new 40, so they say. Plus, I already have a Honda. 👍😉
Fraliu Music
Fraliu Music Anos atrás
Thank you Rick for sharing your story.More entertaining than anything I've seen on Netflix lately.✌️😎
Fast Eddy Love-Muffin
College Professor to deli worker AND a extremely insightful musician. I appreciate your videos Rick.
MarkBarna1 Anos atrás
I have a similar tale, as in my 30s I was managing a Berkeley apartment building while writing for regional and national magazines. Things don't always work out even if you give it your all, but you learn a lot about life and yourself along the way. You see the possibilities AND the limits. Rick became a success and it appears content, even though he did not become the next big thing solo artist. Rick also has an enthusiasm that many 59-year-olds simply don't have. Congrats.
Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips Anos atrás
You look like a very wealthy man now Rick, things must have really improved for you in a very short space of time. Loved you story on how you chased your dreams of being in a band.
lifelongfan07 Anos atrás
The story that defines me is the music I’ve listened to throughout my life and the dedication I’ve devoted to it on the instrument.
Richard Dunne
Richard Dunne Anos atrás
What a brilliant story. Inspiring and fascinating. What a journey.
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