How I Tricked My Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine detox)

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You probably don't have a problem playing video games or browsing social media on your phone. In fact I have no doubt you could sit in front of a screen and do both of those activities for 2 hours, or even longer without breaking your concentration.
But what about half an hour of studying? That might be too hard.
How about working on your side business for another hour? Doesn't sound too appealing.
Even though you logically know that studying, exercising, building a business or something equally productive, will bring you more benefits in the long run, you still prefer watching TV, playing video games and scrolling through social media.
One might argue that it's obvious why.
One activity is easy and doesn't require much effort, while the other activity is difficult and it requires you to apply yourself.
But some people seem to have no problem studying, exercising, or working on their side projects, regularly.
Which begs the question: Why are some people more motivated to tackle difficult things?
And is there a way to make doing difficult things, easy?

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24 Fev 2020



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Comentários 80
Surbhi Singh
Surbhi Singh 7 horas atrás
9:36 LOL XD
Harikrishnan G
Harikrishnan G 7 horas atrás
Can we play physical games??
Aidan Paws
Aidan Paws 8 horas atrás
This video helps a ton. Even though this was my first video I watched of you I've saved to my watch later to watch again (a first for me), liked, and subscribe, this is a very helpful video thankyou!! :)
Despite fabian
Despite fabian 8 horas atrás
Idk but thanks for info AAAAPRRIIICIIAAATEDD
Le Prisonnier
Le Prisonnier 8 horas atrás
Where does this theory comes from ?
Sahit 11 horas atrás
Thanks man you really helped alot
Juan Carlos Da Silva
Juan Carlos Da Silva 12 horas atrás
Everytime I have to go to the Hospital I know what I had. I had good food and something to do. Instead of 24/7 hanging on my phone watching shit or just sleep 16/24 hours.
Joey Maxon
Joey Maxon 14 horas atrás
Lol. This is dead ass like jail. Major detoxing in the joint.
Adolf Borje
Adolf Borje 14 horas atrás
The opposite of connection to society.
denis ayse
denis ayse 14 horas atrás
Can we appreciate the fact that they put subtitles on various languages? Great video guys!
Lana Lena
Lana Lena 15 horas atrás
Thank you so much
T Nguyen
T Nguyen 15 horas atrás
Thank you. I learn a new thing today.
Cyberyash11 15 horas atrás
From this video I learned that I might be a rat. Nice
Faze Alberta
Faze Alberta 16 horas atrás
it is not that easy to just put off high dopamine things because of school and things of that nature.
Jeff He
Jeff He 17 horas atrás
Hello, someone please repsond to me. Does doing work on your computer count as the one day where you do only no dopamine? Someone please please respond. Thanks
Mr Sanders
Mr Sanders 18 horas atrás
Sometimes it's not just that the passive activities are "easy", they're also highly addictive by design to exploit your finances/insecurities/free time.
Flor Picón
Flor Picón 18 horas atrás
Same guilty pleasure here! Really interesting video..
Ze 18 horas atrás
what a weirdo
Milena Jelic - Ikioi
Milena Jelic - Ikioi 19 horas atrás
Now I understand my behaviour! This is good. Thanx.
Alvin James M
Alvin James M 20 horas atrás
man im glad i watched this. time to change for the better. thank you
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 21 hora atrás
Henrique Lopes
Henrique Lopes 21 hora atrás
omg i finally found a good explanation for my motivation problems, and now i'm realizing that i've been doing this my entire life....thanks so much
Financial SuperWoman
Financial SuperWoman 21 hora atrás
This video is life-changing
Enzo 5407
Enzo 5407 21 hora atrás
Man, anime sure realease gigantic amounts of dopamine then
Adeeb shaikh
Adeeb shaikh 21 hora atrás
video starts from 7:30
Martin Klíma
Martin Klíma 21 hora atrás
I have a small question, I really love gym, its like big part of my life, is it worth to stop doin it for some days? Cause i get really a lot dopamine tho so is it fun or work? Or both
George Naidanov
George Naidanov 22 horas atrás
I’m too lazy to watch this video
Anna Helena
Anna Helena 22 horas atrás
This is so fucking helpful! Thank you so much 🙏🏻
Sergey Debelyi
Sergey Debelyi 23 horas atrás
Thx for video. It's sounds like truth. I will try to isolate myself from addicted things. I could add that we need to understand one thing, that success is hard work and nothing doesn't come easy)
Баба в доте
Баба в доте 23 horas atrás
When I watched or was lost in Russian BRvid only, it was bad habit. Now there're English videos in my recommendations so it became a good habit, that makes me learn English (^o^)
Mohan Prabhu
Mohan Prabhu Dia atrás
For the kingdom of heaven is within you!!!
mchlle Dia atrás
Every time I want to focus on productive things like reading or painting, I always jump online to find motivation. How do I paint xyz? What are the reviews on this book? What book should I read next? What are the best water colors? Why can’t I just DO what I want without having to go down an internet rabbit hole for 4 hours? I need to detox for sure...
Prateechee Nayak 8d
Who else is phone addict like me
Yish Pimentel
Yish Pimentel Dia atrás
Thank you sir..
iop erty
iop erty Dia atrás
8:49 is the list
BOOMING Dia atrás
I have a dopamine addiction to these interesting video's
natasha bhesania
natasha bhesania Dia atrás
I finally drank some water after watching this. Thanks 😲
Ketchup Dia atrás
There‘s not much science behind these dopamine detoxes lmao
Abisha Manuel
Abisha Manuel Dia atrás
Thanks for your video.
Lamassumilo Dia atrás
”How I tricked my brain” Brain is tricking itself. There is no self separate from the brain that is doing the tricking.
Angela B
Angela B Dia atrás
The best youtube recomendation
Myosotis Dia atrás
Hello, I would like to know if it is sufficient to stop all sources of dopamine too high for one day a month. I mean I have doubts about the efficiency, will one day a month change anything? Because after this day, we can resume these activities that release us from dopamine, and resume as before, is a day sufficient and really effective? Ps: I'm sorry if my English is bad, I'm French, thank you :)
Chetan Waghade
Chetan Waghade Dia atrás
I gently tapped like, subscribe and bell icon.
WATCH& TALK Dia atrás
Can I know what editor using
k Lk
k Lk Dia atrás
Nice video bro
Bas Schrijnemakers
conclusion: to be less addicted to anything really, you have to do it less XD. (I still get your story and I can imagine that it works that way.)
GK Learner Point
GK Learner Point Dia atrás
YOU ARE A LEGEND 😍♥️🔥👏🤩💪😎😘🤗😂🤗🤤☺
Umar Maddadka
Umar Maddadka Dia atrás
Oh god, I can't understand science..🤦‍♂️🤔
Nikolo Dia atrás
Actually very helpful !
Atreyee Mallick
Atreyee Mallick Dia atrás
I love reading English literature but not enjoy doings maths, has it got something to do with dopamine?
Ryan Lainez
Ryan Lainez Dia atrás
Thank you for this, I'll subscribe now :)
xX Elizabeth Xx
xX Elizabeth Xx Dia atrás
oo oo
oo oo Dia atrás
am i allow to sleep the whole day though?
přèťtÿ łîťtlę pšÿçhø
So basically youtube recommended this video to me just cz ut got sooo bored of me , im 24/7 here scrolling up n down , even tho i have final exam next month (yes we study at home cz its the last year of high school) my phone has a mind better than mine 😂
Prasad Reddy
Prasad Reddy Dia atrás
He's generally saying"If you can't feel happy for doing low dopamine Activities,you will end up your life in the state of miserable"
Kumol Kumel
Kumol Kumel Dia atrás
So basically just don't do bad stuff but explained in fancy way, okay
Peeyush Chamaria
Peeyush Chamaria Dia atrás
Now I realize that I've been doing this unknowingly/subconsciously for some time. It works.
Jatin Pathi
Jatin Pathi Dia atrás
I saw this video a week ago but for some similar reason I was not able to watch it but I managed to find this video again thanks a lot man! ( The BRvid algorithm and like this video made me write this comment to help you out xD )
Time Scribe
Time Scribe Dia atrás
I tricked my brain into watching this
Time Scribe
Time Scribe Dia atrás
I tricked my brain into watching this
Catapillargirl 20
Holy crap! This is something everyone should see! Thanks!!!
Taha Axe
Taha Axe Dia atrás
thanks man I'm more motivated because of this video i was having rough time studying thank you
Jamse Colin
Jamse Colin Dia atrás
extreme Dopamine detox can be found in islame in ramadan just look for it !!
iCE Ben
iCE Ben Dia atrás
First time I liked a video and subscribed to the channel and put it to watch later in the same time from the first video i watched , this was so informative .
Haley Morn
Haley Morn Dia atrás
Actually this worked for me. On first week you're gonna be super bored, feel sleepy, and not so motivated but as you keep going you'll get results. I do yoga, workout, drawing for 7 hours which i don't do before. I also made some schedule very specific on the first weeks, this may sound too much for ordinary people but it really works. Great way to change your routine.
Jeff Lin
Jeff Lin Dia atrás
Because of this video, I quit some bad addiction but in the same time, I also have a new addiction of these series videos🤣
Fiona Dia atrás
Brilliant video! Thankyou
Ankush Raj
Ankush Raj Dia atrás
8hrs work then 2hrs fun is soo good.
Prince Akilesh
Prince Akilesh Dia atrás
More motivating videos plz
Samuel Vargas Díaz
Hey look at me i read im smart :)
Kevin kevo
Kevin kevo Dia atrás
the better video for my actual situación thanks
Alex B
Alex B Dia atrás
2 hour of drugs
lienu Dia atrás
Your videos are amazing! What do you use to make it?
Foxxy Dia atrás
video: the rat didn't have the motivation to get up and get food, but they still ate when it was placed in their mouth me: finally some relatable quarantine content
Jennifer Noctan
Jennifer Noctan Dia atrás
I like a video in 1000 videos U deserved it😄
Halil Caliskan
Halil Caliskan Dia atrás
settings: playback speed: 1.25
Lana Daw
Lana Daw Dia atrás
reading books is like 10000000000 more dopamine than my phone😂😂😂 I know that's not normal but yeah... That's me
Celina Asartzi
Celina Asartzi Dia atrás
It is a little but hard,cause in quarantine i have all my assignments on my phone or computer so......😅😅 but let's try to do a detox in quarantine
Altered Beast
Altered Beast Dia atrás
So walking is a low dopamine activity, but running or biking gives you more dopamine. Does that mean that you couldnt go for a run during a dopamine detox??
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