How I Built the 4th Dimension in Minecraft 

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After 3 months of constant work I can finally rest and watch the sunrise over a grateful universe! (Thanos reference) Seriously though these builds are insane, I gave away my entire life to make these for you guys so I really hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for watching, it means the world to me!
INSTAGRAM - chr1sdac0w
TWITTER - Chr1sDaC0w
Other Things I Used
- BSL Shaders
- Replay Mod
- OptiFine
- WorldEdit
- Increase World Height to 1024 Data Pack (super easy to find online)
- Custom black & white skies (available on Patreon!)
- All of my Brain Power
- Melodysheep's Life Beyond 1: Grains of Sand
Melodysheep's Life Beyond and their other series
- Clips were also used from their channel as B-roll in this video.
- Go check out their work it's incredible!
Interstellar (the movie)

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15 Jan 2023



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ChrisDaCow is the new Doctor Strange
This man probably enjoys his own videos more than we do 😂
It isn't 50% of the shape that is in 4D, it's an infinitely thin slice of the shape that is visible to you while the rest is in 4D. That's because you're a 3D being, and trying to view the 4th dimension for you is like a 2D guy on a piece of paper trying to look at a 3D object by making the object pass through the piece of paper
The amount of work and effort that went into this is amazing. The art is beautiful and well, I'm mostly speechless. I really look forward to your next videos.
As a minecraft player, designer and a developer with an interest in physics this is seriously impressive on a creative level! Bravo
Wow this is nuts, excellent work again!
You deserved so much respect for what you’ve built, it looks amazing. Seriously, it seem like you’ve been going through a lot of work, but let’s put things in its place, it is not a forth dimension.
I think there needs to be a massive disclaimer that the 4th dimension doesn't quite work like this, and that it's just an abstract concept of a 4th orthogonal direction to the three we live with anyway
Fun fact: the dodechahedron is one of the hardest things to build in general, I tried making a rubix cube out of it and it took 4 months to make
Someone should definetly make a mod out of this and create an actual new dimension built upon this. It's just aweomse, i hope someone will
I will never understand how people like this have this much patience and dedication. Props to this legend.
Respect this man he spends weeks to make us happy
This is essentially just us steadily becoming more and more eldritch as time goes on, the more we understand our universe and its laws the closer we get to shit that goes borderline unimaginable due to its complexity. It's like if someone in a Lovecraft story started to scientifically explain the elder gods. It's probably not fully possible, but goddamnit we might as well get as close as we can.
@klenhattMate 28 dias atrás
The amount of creativity, and time this takes is incredible. This takes time to master. I'm not great at building, heck I don't even have a house in my survival world, but I want to build this stuff.
You have come so far. From building castles and even participating in mr. beast's building competiton to making the universe and the fourth dimension. You are possibly the greatest minecraft youtuber. I envy you.
The build looks absolutely beautiful, such awesome work!
The fact that you could have made a video on any of these shapes or concepts, but went all the way and made it into the ultimate video is amazing