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Have you ever wondered why it takes time for computers to load programs or video games? Also, ever wonder why your computer uses both DRAM as well as SSDs when they both are used to store data?
Well, most of that time is spent moving data from a hard drive or SSD into DRAM or Dynamic Random Access Memory, which is the working memory inside your computer. In this video, we're going to take a very deep dive into DRAM. We'll see how it connects to other parts of your computer, and then we'll explore how DRAM can store gigabytes of data in nanoscopic capacitors. After that, we'll cover the three main operations of DRAM: Reading, Writing, and Refreshing. And finally, we'll dive deep into some more complex aspects of DRAM that make it so amazingly fast such as folded DRAM architecture. We'll also learn what burst buffers are, and why there are so many banks of DRAM memory cells.
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Thanks to Nathan, Peter, and Jacob for helping research and review this video! They're doctoral students at the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research, and you can learn more about their program here:
Table of Contents:
00:00 - Intro to Computer Memory
00:47 - DRAM vs SSD
02:23 - Loading a Video Game
03:25 - Parts of this Video
04:07 - Notes
06:10 - Intro to DRAM, DIMMs & Memory Channels
10:43 - Crucial Sponsorship
12:09 - Inside a DRAM Memory Cell
15:28 - An Small Array of Memory Cells
17:41 - Reading from DRAM
19:38 - Writing to DRAM
21:55 - Refreshing DRAM
23:16 - Why DRAM Speed is Critical
25:06 - Complicated DRAM Topics: Row Hits
26:21 - DRAM Timing Parameters
27:51 - Why 32 DRAM Banks?
29:17 - DRAM Burst Buffers
30:58 - Subarrays
32:02 - Inside DRAM Sense Amplifiers
34:24 - Outro to DRAM
Key Branches from this video are: How do Solid State Drives Work?
At 10m 08s : Cicruit || Should be Circuit
At 21m 54s : 32 Bank Groups || Should be 32 Banks.
Script, Modeling, Animation: Teddy Tablante
Twitter: @teddytablante
Animation: Mike Radjabov
Modeling: Prakash Kakadiya
Voice Over: Phil Lee
Sound Design:
Music Editing: Luis Zuleta
Sound Effects: Paulo de los Cobos
Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer: Luis Huesca
Animation built using Blender 3.1.2
Post with Adobe Premiere Pro
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Branch Education
Branch Education 7 meses atrás
If you want to support us, then liking the video, writing a small comment, and sharing this video with others on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, or elsewhere help a TON! Doing this will enable us to create much more in-depth content on how computers work! Why is it called Dynamic Random Access Memory? Also, why didn't we just call it RAM or just Memory throughout the video? Well, Random Access, means the computer can access any section of data with an equal amount of time before the data is read or written compared to any other section. The opposite is Linear Access Memory, which like a cassette tape. It's 'Dynamic' because the data cells lose charge over time, and thus have to be refreshed multiple times a second. Finally, we didn't call it RAM, because there are many types of RAM. SSDs are technically NVRAM [Non-Volatile RAM] Cache memory in the CPU is SRAM [Static RAM], GPUs use VRAM [Video RAM], which is VERY close in design to DRAM, and additionally there lesser known ones like MRAM [Magnetoresistive RAM] , and many more. Also, why not SDRAM [Synchronous Data RAM]? Because all DDR 1,2,3,4,5 is SD, and non-SDRAM for computers is obsolete by 20ish years- although I'm sure there is non-SD RAM for other applications. Also- did you spot that we use a DDR4 motherboard? That's because we had to purchase a motherboard and do a very thorough and destructive teardown, and thus we didn't have funds to splurge on the more expensive DDR5 motherboard.
John Doe
John Doe 7 meses atrás
Great work. Thank you so much. Been dying to learn this!!! Thank you!!! Proud of you keep up the good work!!!
nabibun billah
nabibun billah 7 meses atrás
very cool and educational.... your videos helps us to learn everything in step by step processes and avoiding all the bullshit.....keep up the good work ...(cursed comment : don't belief anything this video says .....this all works by human sacrifice to the luminary .... )
WaffleStaffel 7 meses atrás
Wow, another astonishing demonstration, even my mother was engrossed by it.
AP FVM 7 meses atrás
Sorry didn’t take your advicw to watch at 1.25x speed, i’m watching at 1x speed
Garrett 7 meses atrás
Please make the background music quieter, it's hard to hear the voiceover
Marco Antonelliani
Marco Antonelliani 3 meses atrás
It's hard to believe how lucky we are having this content with this level of studies, researches, explanations and animations available for free. Impressive work.
Johan 3 meses atrás
Definitely. What an absolute legend.
Za Yn
Za Yn 28 dias atrás
We studied this in 5th grade :D
[MK] Vector95
[MK] Vector95 15 dias atrás
It's also hard to believe how small yet so fast and even more capable computer technology has become, also how many things that were made as a standard many decades ago to creating entirely new standard through innovation, from the PSU to motherboard and what not, the engineers that worked tirelessly to create a universal system and set of instructions as an industry standard to regulate and stabilise the flow of current, voltage, data and memory, all contributing for a better understanding and a more convenient and reliable experience with hardware and software.
Ponyboy 11 dias atrás
@Za Yn We didn't all have access to that calibre of instruction.
Patrick 4 dias atrás
It truly is art in working form. I thank the man who made it.
John Doe
John Doe 7 meses atrás
Dude this video must have taken an insane amount of time to make. The 3D models are extremely extremely detailed. It’s insane. Everyone should comment like and share to support this channel. Jesus that’s a lot of work.
singularity 7 meses atrás
Right? I always think that when I watch content from this channel. And all for free, too.
Vivek Kaushik
Vivek Kaushik 7 meses atrás
That's a nice name you got there. Pretty sure nobody exists with that name.
John Doe
John Doe 7 meses atrás
@singularity same
Harendra 7 meses atrás
Farnone 7 meses atrás
JJ Hype
JJ Hype 3 meses atrás
This is the most incredible in depth video on RAM I’ve ever seen. The amount of detail, description, & 3D modeling is mind blowing. Well done Branch.
jorgelnx 4 meses atrás
Didn't expect all this information presented in just one great video. Thanks!
Psythik 3 meses atrás
Really? I was surprised by how short it was, and disappointed that it didn't go into any detail...
Hydro 3 meses atrás
@Psythik It's an awesome & detailed video, with a high quality 3d models, well written script. put aside the awesome background sound effects or the ordering of information.
Psythik 3 meses atrás
@Hydro Who cares about fancy animations? I much rather the uploader spend their time on providing more in-depth information, rather than wasting their energy on producing animations that add very little to the video. I need more than just surface-level knowledge.
Hydro 3 meses atrás
@Psythik Fancy animations will help people understand how it works in an easier way, allowing their brains to link the information they hear logically with the physical movements that happen in those parts. secondly, they didn't waste their energy producing animations because they already did it all good with the details. lastly, this is not a surface-level knowledge, if you can't name some of those things you did miss by watching this, i'll have to just call you a hater. you can't claim that it's surface level-knowledge without giving examples as to what are the missing things.
José Ramos
José Ramos 3 meses atrás
@Psythik how is this surface level knowledge??
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 27 dias atrás
as a computer network engineer can I just say this might have been the best technical video I've ever watched...fantastic
Stanley Anthrayose
Stanley Anthrayose Mês atrás
I have been working on HBM for 3 years now and this video made my concepts more clear!! Much respect to you guys for making these!!
SadMan Safat
SadMan Safat 4 meses atrás
This could be one of the best videos I've ever seen and I'd rate it a straight 10/10. Also, the animations helped me to get familiar with the daunting concepts of how hardwares work. Keep it up; hope that pays off as success.
Darion G
Darion G Mês atrás
@Branch Education You're making it possible for more people to access the feild of computer science and doing it in a simple, yet effective way. Spending an immense amount of time on planning, practicing, and executing these masterful videos is really showing in the videos themselves. Thank you from California!
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Mês atrás
I have been wanting to better understand these concepts ever since I started building my own gaming PCs but was never able to wrap my head around it. And then in a single video it all makes sense. Amazing animations and explanations. We don't deserve content this good!
MrAzarice 24 dias atrás
This video is SOOOOOOOOOOOO impressive ! i cannot imagine the amount of time spent for these 3D animations. Thank you very much for all videos you are making.
John Steinmetz
John Steinmetz 2 meses atrás
Although my knowledge of computers is basic I absolutely loved this video and learned a lot. It is absolutely mind blowing what humans as a whole have been able to achieve. If you could go back in time and show this video to Alan Turing I could only imagine his disbelief in our advancement. Just trying to think how people came up with these things makes it all the more unbelievable. Thank you for making a great educational video.
Jared Owen
Jared Owen 6 meses atrás
Great video! This will be extremely valuable to engineering students
Mu Ni Thach
Mu Ni Thach 6 meses atrás
Very like your channel too
ShakiR AhmaD
ShakiR AhmaD 6 meses atrás
You also create awesome videos. In fact, I with my gf watched your titanic video yesterday.
Mashuk Khan
Mashuk Khan 3 meses atrás
Its just mindblowing to see that this how we humans were able to built such a complex machine in such a detail I would also like to appreciate the work done in editing and making this video possible absolutely incredible brother.
Andrew harbit
Andrew harbit 27 dias atrás
Great video, it felt very in depth. I imagine photocells would work, using a single beam splitting it and using the cells activated status as a 0/1. Not sure about latency, phototransistors are fairly slow in contrast to the times mentioned in your video
Gurmukh Singh
Gurmukh Singh 3 meses atrás
The quality and level of detail in this video is incredible! The visuals are amazing! Absolutely love this channel! Thank you so much for all the effort that your team put into making this video - it has so much value in helping people like myself to understand how things works in a visual and engaging way. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Rod Avoye
Rod Avoye 3 meses atrás
I was working on a minecraft redstone project to create RAM. I had no prior knowledge about how real life RAM works and I am amazed at how similar my designs were. One major difference is that I didn't have capacitor drain due to using redstone comparators to read the value of a storage device, essentially a hopper.
Misty Mick
Misty Mick Mês atrás
This video is absolutely awesome. The detail and graphics are mind blowing. This is a one stop shop on how memory chips work. You have to watch it more than once to get your head around it. Well done everyone involved.
Grave 5 meses atrás
Amazing videos, 30 minutes packs in months of concepts otherwise very poorly taught at university and difficult to find online. I wish you guys could make more content about the actual manufacturing process as well, that'd be really interesting and bring it all together!
James Lee
James Lee 5 meses atrás
You are so generous! People like you are the reason these videos can exist!
Andy McCormack
Andy McCormack 5 meses atrás
Thats an insanely generous amount of money to give someone for a youtube video about DRAM. Good on you!
MASTER nobody
MASTER nobody 5 meses atrás
dang bro you are rich
Branch Education
Branch Education 5 meses atrás
Thank you tons!! It's truly appreciated.
Ronald Giamanco
Ronald Giamanco 2 meses atrás
Simply UNBELIEVABLE. The detail graphics, the detail explanation, I’m speechless. Studying how a computer works for several years and never coming across a video like this. My hat is off to the team that constructed this video 26:08
tom dragon
tom dragon Mês atrás
Absolutely amazing video, it is staggering to think of how the components have to be made in order for all of the cells and wires and semiconductors and so on can operate so frequently at such reliability for soooo long!
Richie Thimmaiah
Richie Thimmaiah 4 meses atrás
Fantastically done video. The animation, graphics and the clarity and detail in the explanation is unprecedented and unparalleled. I am in love watching videos from your channel. Thank you so much for the effort and sharing this publicly. You guys deserve all the praise and I hope you continue to spread knowledge on many topics :)
Kronecker 2 meses atrás
This is top notch content. It uses insanely detailed graphics to carefully explain everything about DRAM without oversimplification!
Moises 2 meses atrás
Amazing video! I learned so much and mind you, I work in IT for a decade. Crucial memory FTW too. They are really solid. Makes me appreciate the incredible amount of work it takes to reach that level of quality.
Jagrutkumar Vaghela
Jagrutkumar Vaghela 7 meses atrás
Your incredible ability to explain and visualize difficult concepts is unparalleled. The amount of time to produce and edit this video must have been intense. Your videos are a gift of knowledge to humanity.
Genevieve the bimmer
Genevieve the bimmer 7 meses atrás
Thanks for helping him do it
Player Science
Player Science 6 meses atrás
It's great to see people like you help him. I'll also donate to him after I complete my studying!
Branch Education
Branch Education 6 meses atrás
Thanks! We're grateful for the contribution!
Anwar Jamal
Anwar Jamal 5 meses atrás
Constantine Prime
Constantine Prime 13 dias atrás
This is a truly high-quality video. It's not easy to find such excellent content.
Nick Eastman
Nick Eastman 4 meses atrás
Love the animations and details you guys put into everything. Keep up the good work!
Nathan N'Druwin
Nathan N'Druwin 9 dias atrás
Feeling like a computer expert already.. an awesome job on the graphics and lecture. I could have done better on the computer architecture class if I had this Branch Education channel back then.
Greg Knapp
Greg Knapp Mês atrás
This really illustrates what a marvell of engineering RAM is, given the numbers involved it's amazing this works reliably. Massive thanks for the video!
Kinson Digital
Kinson Digital Mês atrás
These educational videos are absolutly amazing. Keep this going and don't stop!!
Nidonocu - Virtual Gryphon
As a software developer, you often end up forgetting about the intricacies at play in the hardware of a computer system. Even knowing how things work at the 'logical' level, its wonderfully enlightening to know what's going on at the lower levels like this and gain and understanding of why things work the way they do!
Low Budget Tech
Low Budget Tech 7 meses atrás
ikr, i took an introductory to electronics as SWE and his video just shows how deep the electronics rabbit hole goes - the engineering involved to make those memory cell is crazy!
Spegger 7 meses atrás
Every programmer has to know at least on a theoretical level, how the memory or CPU work, and have some grasp on electronics.
Silver Aura
Silver Aura 6 meses atrás
Knowing how this stuff works can also be absolutely essential in optimizations. API's are fantastic for fast development and increased overall compatibility across hardware/software configurations, but being familiar with how the bare metal works, at least in theory. Computers today have so much memory, speed, and storage available to them, people get used to the idea of just brute forcing their work and setting higher minimum requirements than necessary. Case in point, Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Shopper Plug
Shopper Plug 6 meses atrás
This is true, today's CS curriculum completely skips computer engineering and this will only victimize CS students. However CE students have the advantage to know CS easily and not be victimized of improper education. CS people only knows logic and good software but do not know how to make their software more useful, efficient, faster, cheaper, creative, and practical using custom hardware or knowing the low level details of computer hardware.
moon 6 meses atrás
@Shopper Plug couldnt have said it any better, most of the people who arent even officialy studying CS and when they brag about python & java script, yet when it comes to hardware their minds go blank, they seem to have no clue on how the inner workings work on the low level, which is pretty sad since like you said, the understanding of these low level parts and how they work could be a key factor on how these developers optimize and streamline their code for this and that specific hardware.
Omer Tamer
Omer Tamer 9 dias atrás
wonderful graphical explanations made simple for the average use to see what's going on in the tiny electorinc world of data. congrats to the engineers and those who made this video available.
Tea Wrecks
Tea Wrecks 3 meses atrás
I cannot appreciate this video enough! First time to this channel and already subscribed! This has got to be the most comprehensive video on this subject, without being boring or confusing. Absolutely stellar work! I look forward to checking out your other videos
Wim te Groen - artist
Wim te Groen - artist 3 meses atrás
This video is really amazing! So clear, beautiful animations and models, thank you so much. It is still unbelievable how computers work and how many data is transfered all the time.
iranaicrap 3 meses atrás
Incredible video. I'd like to see what happens when a program is executed, including pointers and object instantiation, array processing, different data types, threading&worker, how GPU&CPU coordinate, etc. Also networking would be great, like what happens when a API call is made.
Abdallah Lakkis
Abdallah Lakkis 2 meses atrás
Hands down the best microprocessor engineering content on BRvid. I hope you can keep the content coming.
Rahul Ahire
Rahul Ahire 7 meses atrás
It's quite amazing to see there are some really smart people who understand these stuff and drastically improvement our live. Teddy, I've watched all of your video since I saw your interview with Lesics and each time I see your video I'm always in awe that no-one explains like you and your team on entire BRvid. Looking at the efforts, dedication and amount of time that went into it makes me feel like I just can't watch this for free. So here's a very small contribution from my end. I'll be looking forward to be on patreon in near future. Keep creating such informative videos. Eagerly waiting for the GPU ones...
Aryan 7 meses atrás
I am surprised that good people like you still exist on this planet!
Rahul Ahire
Rahul Ahire 7 meses atrás
@Aryan Thanks for the comment. I don't think it's a question of Good or Bad but rather about sustainability. AdSense rarely pays anything satisfactory so just wanted to extend small amount on my side.
Genevieve the bimmer
Genevieve the bimmer 7 meses atrás
Thanks for keeping this free for the rest of us 👍🐐
Bartley T
Bartley T 7 meses atrás
Rahul, thanks for supporting the channel so we can get more amazing content for free!
STATUS FOR WA 6 meses atrás
The video is very very interesting
Max White
Max White 2 meses atrás
It's amazing that these things are not only nearing the physical limits of how small they can be, but also the limits of how fast they can be too.
Busy Baçi
Busy Baçi 4 meses atrás
Great explanation, really good attention to detail, I wonder if Micron just gave you out some of it's 3D renderings to make this video because the level of detail presented and explained is insane. I was used to read a lot about computers especially how CPU, RAM, GPU etc work on some old articles on ARS Technica from 2004 and trying to imagine Gates, Transistors, Caches, Sectors on HDD, CISC, RISC, ARM architecture, X86, 64 bit addresses and so on. Watching a rendering of them is another story completely which adds more to the magic of computing. The downside in this video is that it assumes it's audience is already knowledgeable about basic electronic architecture, there were no comparisons from real life examples to make it simpler for non technical viewers.
Amr Koptan
Amr Koptan 3 meses atrás
incredibly detailed and massive work done, loved every bit of it
Kurtis Brischke
Kurtis Brischke 3 meses atrás
This may be a miss on my part, but do you have a video describing the logical transformations a CPU does? Interested in work similar to what you’ve done on SSD and DDR for how the cpu moved and transforms this energy storage system. Thanks for all you do!
Ryan Mês atrás
Great video, thanks! How long does it take you guys to make each one like this? Incredibly detailed!
SirJosh 6 meses atrás
This was an incredibly detailed video, absolutely spectacular!
Branch Education
Branch Education 6 meses atrás
Thank you tons for your contribution!! We plan to make even more videos like this one in the future!
Anwar Jamal
Anwar Jamal 5 meses atrás
Sameer Jadhav
Sameer Jadhav 17 dias atrás
This is top grade modelling and the best explanation to the minutest detail ever on the internet! Please dont stop doing what you are doing!
marsu fromage
marsu fromage 2 meses atrás
Wow, this video is an excellent explanation of how RAM works in computers! I've always wondered about the mysterious inner workings of my computer, and now I feel like I finally understand it better. The visuals and examples you used really helped to make the concepts clear and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to create such an informative video, and keep up the great work! I'll definitely be recommending this channel to all my friends who are interested in learning more about technology.
SLUMSON [OFFICIAL] 2 meses atrás
Branch Education makes incredible videos that are CRUCIAL to anyone seeking highly detailed information about technology. I watch every video and send them to all my guys. I just want to say that I appreciate the content, applaud the effort, and I'm impressed by the quality of everything in every video. WELL DONE.
mateo marraro
mateo marraro 4 meses atrás
excelente!!! nunca me imagine alguien explicara con tanto detalle que pasa dentro de una computadora
Kushlan Fernando
Kushlan Fernando Mês atrás
Really amazing and the detail level of this is so much more. No words to describe how great this is.. Keep up this great work. Really appreciate this and to the information given thank you very much again. ❤❤❤❤❤👌🙂
Andrew 6 meses atrás
Videos like this make me appreciate technology even more. Thank you for answering my questions with your easy to understand yet detailed videos!
orbyfied 6 meses atrás
respect for the donation bro
TASTE OF INTERNET 6 meses atrás
Good 👍😊
Carlos Palomares
Carlos Palomares 2 meses atrás
This videos are awesominator! Thank you for all your time and effort you put into these great videos!👍
Ananya B.
Ananya B. 3 meses atrás
It's incredible, thanks for breaking down such a complex concept. No book has ever come close to how you've explained this!
Ancient Tech
Ancient Tech 3 meses atrás
I'd love to see early computing electronics as well. This could be a truly endless subject.
Smallish 3 meses atrás
wow. so well written and examplified, it just sticks in your brain. so easy to digest because for me, a visual learner, this makes it so much easier to understand the processes! thanks a bunch! like and subbed!
Debarun Saha
Debarun Saha 4 meses atrás
Incredible explanation of the Complex Working of The DRAM and other Computer and VLSI Design domain related topics with perfect visualization steps,Thank You Sir!.
Streetwhys 6 meses atrás
Incredible. The animation and voice acting are of insane quality. Thank you for your hard work 🙏
No Name
No Name 5 meses atrás
Too many "swoosh" annoying distracting and stressful sound effects, didn't finish. Please stop doing that.
Nizar Nizar
Nizar Nizar 4 meses atrás
It seems they forgot to thank you
Kung Fu Witcher
Kung Fu Witcher 2 meses atrás
Excellent video and very in-depth. Years ago the only thing I cared about DRAM was whether it overclocked/underclocked well. Subscribed to the channel and glad I came across this vid. Must have taken days to create. By all means please explore the DDR aspect at some point, sure many would be interested in the paired sticks concept as well 👍
Trey Niemeyer
Trey Niemeyer 4 meses atrás
This was a very helpful video. I am just beginning to be more interesting how all the components in computers work. Thank you for taking the time. The 3D imaging was helpful for someone who is interested in the "niddy griddy" and technical areas of how everything works together. Thank you
Devi Prasad
Devi Prasad 4 meses atrás
the amount of detail and tech involved is awesome ! thanks for making this enjoying ,deep and learning.
Jonathan Van Dyke
Jonathan Van Dyke 4 meses atrás
This was an amazing video. Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together! It answers many of the questions and curiosities I had about DRAM!
Zsolt Bitter
Zsolt Bitter 4 meses atrás
This is unbelievable. I think this is the highest level of awe in education. Nobody can push higher or overtake this. Such level of detailed animation :O. It amazes me. Congratulations. Keep the good work. I believe you deserve the reward the most.
Vasudev Raghav
Vasudev Raghav 6 meses atrás
I can't even imagine the amount of time it took to made this video with all these amazing incredibly detailed 3d renders. Great work!
Branch Education
Branch Education 6 meses atrás
Ann Takamaki
Ann Takamaki 6 meses atrás
This channel has many masterpiece videos.
Johan 3 meses atrás
Absolutely incredible video. Thank you so much. Your effort is greatly appreciated!
amazing , no words sir,, always wanted this type of explanation .1 lecture and you are above PHD level.
Ultralagger R.E.V
Ultralagger R.E.V 26 dias atrás
Linus has to be the only person so far to posses a DRAM module that is extremely classified and contains a huge chunk of GB from Crucial
Blessings Jöelssen
Blessings Jöelssen 3 meses atrás
What awesome channel! I'm glad I've met you digitally of course 😁😁😁... I've always believed the speed of data transfer was always influenced by the CPU, man was I wrong! Thanks a ton for all their hard work done in this video
Abraham mahmoudi
Abraham mahmoudi 4 meses atrás
What a video! the 3D models and animations are incredible! and very well explained in details. please make more videos. Thanks alot
Adrio999 5 meses atrás
I learned so much from you in the past 3 years that it feels really illegal to continue to watch such gold content for free - so here is my first "super thanks" ever - you deserve a lot more than this! I will look for sure to soon become a patreon member of this channel, 3Blue1Brown and only a few more - but this 2 channels with highest priority... and I am not even an engineer or working in similar field! Glad to see that you will very soon meet the 1M subscribers finally! Looking forward to the next video, whatever it will be! :)
notfiveo 5 meses atrás
No neeed for such a complex video, all you need to say is that it works magically. 😁
Stuart Ewoldt
Stuart Ewoldt 4 meses atrás
khan 4 meses atrás
What is 3Blue 1Brown ?
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Dev bhardwaj 3 meses atrás
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tim corcoran 3 meses atrás
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Yasin Arafath 5 meses atrás
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