How Coronavirus Quarantines Lead To A Drop In Air Pollution

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As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, the virus is forcing people to stay put. People aren’t driving or flying, leading to a massive reduction in air pollution, most notably in China, but also in Italy, the U.S. and other hard-hit areas that have implemented directives to stay home.
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How Coronavirus Quarantines Lead To A Drop In Air Pollution

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29 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Albion Hasanramaj
Albion Hasanramaj 18 horas atrás
who sees this from Global
Zelnik999 4 dias atrás
Now the riots are putting smoke back into the air. Great.
FRISHR 9 dias atrás
“We need to be more energy sufficient and sustainable” Humans: Nah... Coronavirus: Fine, I’ll do it myself.
ali asgar
ali asgar 15 dias atrás
Not just clean air, the virus has made the summers cooler this year. Here is a study about global temperature change during the corona pandemic lockdown
Enclave 1
Enclave 1 15 dias atrás
Solar and wind power are not as clean as you think. Nuclear is much cleaner and safer.
Chew Solo
Chew Solo 17 dias atrás
Idiotic comments on here are blatant American mentalities
C MW 18 dias atrás
So maybe God’s rule about everyone taking one day off a week would not only reduce our stress but help our environment?!
Rebel 4 Life
Rebel 4 Life 18 dias atrás
Lucid dreamers, Astral travelers, energy workers, anyone who wants to Heal Earth...Let's go for it from our beds!
Rebel 4 Life
Rebel 4 Life 18 dias atrás
udayangarba 19 dias atrás
Ahmet 987
Ahmet 987 20 dias atrás
Please cnbc the gas is the most bad thing in the world the electric can be better
Ahmet 987
Ahmet 987 20 dias atrás
All things can be electric
Palamirtam Marimuthu
Palamirtam Marimuthu 20 dias atrás
the great news is cleaner air....cleaner should be cleaner food(plant based).......cleaner environment.....simpler lifestyles.....congratulations.......16/5/20.......
Emmi F
Emmi F 22 dias atrás
The flu killed more people than the corona virus!
latin dude
latin dude 25 dias atrás
And yet they're not talking about the wildfires and volcanoes that poured massive amount of particulates in our atmosphere during 2019 Breathing pm10 gives similar symptoms to covid If we don't decreaee pollution we'll have a pandemic every year i'm afraid
Lafu75 26 dias atrás
They send me this for homework but i am too busy reading the comments
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar 26 dias atrás
Working from home is a good idea....
Lux Bot
Lux Bot 28 dias atrás
Earth: too much air pollution Corona: I got you fam Earth: but your bad for the humans and will make them suffer's not my problem I suddenly popped up by their own doing Earth: you trying to blame them? Corona: I would not exist if they never made a mistake Earth:this is not about you, it's about me Corona:at least I helped somehow with the environment Earth:this is not over
joskemom 29 dias atrás
This Einstein said this is not a cost benefit calculation, oh damn, that's nice to know.
The Wandering Aristotle
Mother earth is happy now.
toshibamary Mês atrás
‪Due to less pollution jhon cena is now visible ‬
Sayed Anon
Sayed Anon Mês atrás
Dimension 5
Dimension 5 Mês atrás
I think we all know that, how many ever lives this economic shutdown might save, the coronavirus takes away twice as much.
D Z Mês atrás
Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. Or not caring about the results to date or being will to change.
Edgar Rosell
Edgar Rosell Mês atrás
That is not going to change after covid 19...People Are Morons...They like their starbucks, google, and snap chat...They don't like THINKING unless they are forced to think...Right now Morons, I mean people are protesting their safety because they believe their freedom is being taken away from them...Like I said People Are Morons...
herman susanto
herman susanto Mês atrás
so corona did save life
Hades 3945
Hades 3945 Mês atrás
In fact, Thanos was right
DarkGhost_ Gamer
DarkGhost_ Gamer Mês atrás
At least we still have Wi-Fi. But I know right the effects of the quarantine on the pollution is simply amazing.
Kumar K
Kumar K Mês atrás
Nature heals it self...
Paul Priore
Paul Priore Mês atrás
One thing that great about the Corona virus situation is that the air quality has improved. Has anyone gone outside noticed that you can breathe better without all the smog. People aren't driving around like before.
David Anthony
David Anthony Mês atrás
Looks like Donald Trump got strong armed by nature, since he decided to get out of the climate change agreement. Eventually a price has to be paid.
Legendary Entertainment
People:2020 is going to be the best God:hell no to the no no no
HisRoyalFatness Mês atrás
In order for more permanent beneficial changes in air quality (and the environment in general) to occur, more people need to either work from home (obviously not all jobs can do this, but many office jobs or non-retail/medical could make use of the “work-from-home” model) or commuters need to use more public transportation or walk/bike. Driving a personal vehicle should be reserved for situations where you couldn’t reasonably accomplish the same goal via less harmful methods (grocery shopping for example). Installing climate control systems into ones house could also lower one’s impact on the environment. AI that adjusts temperature to be comfortable but not excessively outside the outdoors temperature saves the owner on heating bills and lowers therefore the impact on the environment.
Montana Michael
Montana Michael Mês atrás
We are the virus and earth is using its immune system to save itself. The earth is FIXING itself...its balanced. The more we use up our "host", shelves in the arctic melt releasing microscpoic things frozen for hundreds of thousands of years and this corrects the problem as you can see with pollution. Finding a new "host" like mars is similar to a virus mutating and becoming airborne to spread and infect its new host. Think about it. Are WE not a virus....wouldnt earth call us a virus?
green bird
green bird Mês atrás
One of the things I've been trying to do to cope with all this is look for and think about how much we can learn from all this, and how many theories about how to solve some of our worst problems are being proven to be true. I agree that a pandemic is one of the worst possible ways to learn what we're learning, but what it's revealing IS astonishing, hopeful, even beautiful. Not everything it's revealing is pretty and hopeful, but a lot of it is.
Leira Hernandez
Leira Hernandez Mês atrás
Am so happy for the animals & the planet, I can cry. I never thought the whole world will have a noticeable health increase in about a month after decreasing pollution & all kinds of harmful stuff. Soon God will act in defense of the Planet and the animals to restore Paradise conditions in Earth.
Jourell NOVA
Jourell NOVA Mês atrás
Has any one thought that maybe the Earth is giving us this virus? The Amazon rain forest was burned down just last year. Apparently it takes on the load of giving the earth a major percentage of clean air roughly 20%. Often called the “lungs of the Earth” With it being damaged because of the burn, maybe the earth is trying to balance itself out??
Ali P
Ali P Mês atrás
Why are they not talking about how livestock is the mayor cause of pollution ?
Aditya Dewan
Aditya Dewan Mês atrás
Aq crooses 600 in India during winters
uopdon Mês atrás
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Aishwarya Sharma
Aishwarya Sharma Mês atrás
who else is being forced to watch this for assignments
Owen Fitzgerald
Owen Fitzgerald Mês atrás
Well Gernot you can't deny the facts. Since the lock down there has been a huge reduction in pollution, and that has had a huge positive impact. it seems like Mr. Wagner wants to be able to carry on as normal and have an almost magic wand to make it all disappear.
Mike Bieman
Mike Bieman Mês atrás
IN BIG CITIES!!!! Why do you (NBC) love to leave out certain parts when creating a headline??? Oh...wait, you’re trying to make a claim about climate change. It’s a BIG CITY problem, the air quality just 5 miles outside a big city is already a greater quality and 15 miles out its damn near perfect. You’re misguiding with your headlines because you want to brainwash people to think that it’s the entire environment. When you want to pack yourselves in a city like fuk’n sardines, then complain about the air quality, it’s common fuk’n sense that it’s not going to be good. But anyone that chooses not to live in the city, they have to listen to all the damn nagging about the environment.
reynlord garzen
reynlord garzen Mês atrás
Siapa yang kesini karena tugas ep2 like
Elizabeth Trammell
Elizabeth Trammell Mês atrás
Maybe this will serve as an example for climate change deniers. You can literally see it reverse. It's just devastating that it had to be proven like this.
Eucis93 Mês atrás
There are many simple, non-invasive ways to combat this. Slowly introducing laws that shut down all traffic and factories one day per year, half year, month and then one day per week. This would most likely make a drastic change for not only the environment but peoples mental and physical health. More companies making it possible for employees to work from home, basically no employer around me offer possibilities to work from home. Lowering the price on electric cars to make them accessible to everyone and also funding research and manufacturing for electric airplanes and boats. Forcing big coorporations and factories to run on renewable energy, and also making renewable energy solutions more affordable for civilians. Researching ways to make factory machinery with electric motors. Forcing large coorporations to offset their carbon footprints. There are so many easy ways to combat this, but there are no laws in place to make it happen.
Nas Hughes
Nas Hughes Mês atrás
The government should make a 3 day holiday each month to stay home
Tbone Touch Hadebe
Tbone Touch Hadebe Mês atrás
Don't worry humans will continue ten fold where we left off soon as the quarantine is over.
Allosaurus Mês atrás
Next video: Dinosaurs have reclaim the land
Alvin Omar
Alvin Omar Mês atrás
there wont be "economies if there isnt a world . i say we stay in our caves for a bit longer . , its the least we can do. we should do more.
In our research we found numbers that speak a very clear language: Yes, Corona might have some short term positive effects through pollution reductions, but the real scandal is how much destruction and death environmental pollution is already causing! 9 million die every year because of air pollution (Greenpeace) - it is highly unlikely that as many will die because of Corona in total. Global warming heat waves already burn up the amount of work (The LANCET report) that Corona-caused job losses could cause in the worst case estimations (Bloomberg). If anything, there is nothing positive about Corona, but there is a clear and stark comparison to show how bad climate change and environmental pollution really is.​
Fakeray Davies
Fakeray Davies Mês atrás
You mean I get to spend more time with my family, finish projects at home, AND help the environment? WINWINWIN! The power to love is everywhere!
Irene PESARO Mês atrás
What do you care about China?USA sent RECENTLY orange agent from the blue sky of Colombia!
Anne Healy
Anne Healy Mês atrás
Next in the greenie series how mass burials pollute the ground and decomposition makes methane levels skyrocket, whilst suicide rates increase out of sight...
Anne Healy
Anne Healy Mês atrás
So what????? Less CO2 emission means less greening of the earth and less production of clean oxygen nincompoops! Emotional claptrap without data to support. Oh of course this is your anecdotal proof right? Right!
까마 Mês atrás
*CORONA EFFECT* Air clean. Sea clean. Animal lives. Who is the virus? Human or Corona. New knowledge by the virus. It's a Terrible thing but.. *Invisible True*
Rick Pritchett
Rick Pritchett Mês atrás
I had to put a hose in my tail pipe through the living room window. I was getting withdrawals. I AM CARBON. I WANT MY FOOTPRINT.
Lee CK_철규 Anderson
Coronavirus kills people, but show us that we can improve our environment by ourselves.
M s Dhoni
M s Dhoni Mês atrás
Man has ruined the nature in the most cruel way. Covid -19 is a healing method of nature.
the world economy needs to survive from this corona virus,and make people not worry about their lives.
L Nguyen
L Nguyen Mês atrás
- "You know I saw a pod of whales when I was coming over the bridge." - "In the Hudson?" - "There's fewer ships, cleaner water."
Kitty Laflamme
Kitty Laflamme Mês atrás
ITS a "POD' you wrote pot...damn spellcheck
Kitty Laflamme
Kitty Laflamme Mês atrás
OMG THATS AMAZING!..I am in Vancouver, I didnt know or think we had a lot of pollution. It is like walking through EDEN now...
tima298 Mês atrás
Baby boomers Millennials Covidians
tima298 Mês atrás
Good time to fix damn roads
Alfred Bautista
Alfred Bautista Mês atrás
Human is more dangerous virus in the Earth...
Cybdiver Underwater
Maybe we need to turn the world off more often
Ana-Maria Voica
Ana-Maria Voica Mês atrás
Thhis corona virus seems to benefit alot the chinese people smh ... what a coincidence 😊
Arizona Sky
Arizona Sky Mês atrás
Hero Acer
Hero Acer Mês atrás
Dancing pallbearers job increase drastically
Andito Lalamafu
Andito Lalamafu Mês atrás
That's because the people is the virus and Covid-19 is the anti-virus.
Jesse S
Jesse S Mês atrás
So lets do some math: If nothing changes for one year and so far globally coronavirus killed 102,000 people in a month. That’s 1.2 million people a year. The average death rate per year from pollution is 4.3 million. So that means coronavirus actually may save 3.1 million lives if we continue with pollution dropping. 😂
apple juice
apple juice Mês atrás
i dont know if the one who made corona is good or bad anymore
Baha Mousa
Baha Mousa Mês atrás
We caused pneumonia to this planet. Coronavirus is the vaccine
Domen H
Domen H Mês atrás
I'm surprised you didn't address the link between the existing pollution and immunity to covid because of respiratory health. China, North Italy... covid spread...
Princess Amirah
Princess Amirah Mês atrás
I’m kinda waiting to go outside again . I want to smell the air . The reason I say this is because yesterday I went outside for the first time in 3 weeks. It was so beautiful....and smelled great? No bugs (surprise) and no one. I went to get the mail amazing ride...
Brice Macaluso
Brice Macaluso Mês atrás
If you really needed a study for that one, you might be a moron
Anthony White
Anthony White Mês atrás
And how long do you think it's going to last? As we're off lock down it will go back to high again..
maximumrisk2004 Mês atrás
May I just point out, Miss Greta Tunbergs voyage has become useless compared to all this.
maximumrisk2004 Mês atrás
I really hope the majority of People learn something from all this. So far knowing about all this and trying to think of solutions was up to a minority. Now the whole World sees the difference for the first time in Generations. Not just the air, but animals are reclaiming their territory. This has to have an effect.
Bartosz Wisniewski
Bartosz Wisniewski Mês atrás
This may be Gods way to slow down air pollution
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