How China May Soon Lead the Bio-Revolution 

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Beijing has poured billions of dollars into biotechnology as the sector undergoes a momentous expansion. AI, gene editing and synthetic biology may be the cornerstones of the next great industrial revolution, and China may lead it.
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3 Jun 2023



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Jin Leaf
Jin Leaf Anos atrás
In my opinion, it is more difficult to master in the field of biotechnology than other fields of hi-tech. In the field of biotechnology, it actually comprised of different fields such as biology, physics, mathematics and engineering.
redmanticore 6 meses atrás
and programming, artificial intelligence, nanotech... but thats really no different from other high tech fields. they are results of co-operation of different fields.
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta 4 meses atrás
@redmanticore yeah, the OP sounds like someone who doesn't know much about even biotechnology, leave aside other hi-tech industries. Almost all cutting edge tech research in the world is a collaboration of 4-5 different "traditional fields" if not more.
J 2 meses atrás
advanced human uap radiation hazard, advanced non human uap lightning hazard & 2023 global war, global depression & global plague
唐景麒 Anos atrás
In China, biology is one of the least favored university majors because of the difficulty in finding employment. On the other hand, it shows that biology has a large number of scientific researchers and a competitive environment, which will promote the development of biotechnology.
aryan chauhan
aryan chauhan Anos atrás
it is basically AI
CCP Troll
CCP Troll Anos atrás
唐景麒 Anos atrás
hshdhd jdydnb 现在没有生化环材四大天坑这种说法了吗?
gypgypgypgai Anos atrás
welcom to 2022, just look at the valuation of biotech company on STAR Market and HKSE, you can imagine how much VC industry is pouring to biotech company in china
DoctorT Anos atrás
While bio safety is an issue, it is not as pronounced as the video claims. A computer program gives out feedback and diagnostic much faster than a biological system. While a computer can generate candidate toxins and viruses, it is much harder to synthesize and validate them in actual biological systems. Each biological assay studies a tiny aspect of a cell or an organism and takes days months or even years to acquire results. I do believe 21st century is the era of biology, that was why I acquired a PhD in pharmacology studying cell biology, the boom will take much longer to happen than internet simply because the turn around time is way longer for biology.
Stoonookw Anos atrás
This makes me feel safe, thank youuuu
Heva Naisdey
Heva Naisdey Anos atrás
True. Findings are always based on a very isolated part Iof the entire a system, which then used to make generalizations and assumptions that, more often than not, inaccurate. It's hard to have a meaningful finding without testing on an actual human object. This is the part that will separate China from the race as time goes on, as China has no problem with unethical, questionable practices.
surfer Anos atrás
Thank you for your input. This could work two-ways. Amateurs making drugs for healing fast and then discovering long-term devastating viral effects on population.
Andre Ilyas
Andre Ilyas Anos atrás
@Heva Naisdey Nor does the west
Krz Heph
Krz Heph 10 meses atrás
@Heva Naisdey I would be very surprised if industrial scale genetic modification is not being carried out in China with no public overview.
Tevin Theunis
Tevin Theunis 9 meses atrás
I must say that it will be really awesome to create things biologically.
Alessio Vicario
Alessio Vicario Anos atrás
Super interesting video! How can I invest directly in synthetic biology? The more I hear about it the more I see its potential in the future coming.
Freddy T
Freddy T Anos atrás
not to be rude but, if you need to ask strangers on youtube how to invest in something, you probably shouldnt invest in it
budeiri123 Anos atrás
J S Anos atrás
Imagine a company or country that builds lots of safe nuclear power stations with automatic factories attached to them that make H2 fuels and starch from the air (CO2)and water super cheaply and massively. A lot of farms can be restored back into forests.
Mee Anos atrás
Sure if you want food to cost 100 times the price that it currently does. The main hurdle for these things is keeping the cost of the product down so people will buy it.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Anos atrás
So that they CAN buy it.. Ever notice how food is the cheapest need? Coincidence or design??
Mee Anos atrás
There is still a "will" aspect as well, since countries compete on price. Why buy from you if your competitor sells cheaper. etc.
Paxton Cargill
Paxton Cargill Anos atrás
@Mee we can synthesize chemicals much better than plants can. that's why we don't use plants for citric acid anymore. carbohydrates are pretty simple, along with oils. the main issue comes from trying to create the other nutrients that we need. however that would allow for alot of land currently allocated for sugarcane, corn and possibly even wheat to be repurposed for other crops. we could also possibly create synthetic animal feed too. in the end, we need to invest in detaching food production from the land
Zhang san
Zhang san Anos atrás
Chinese scientist already done it in test. TRUE! I am Chinese.I konw it from national media.
roro 10 meses atrás
I am Indian who lived in China for 3 years 2015-18, I really liked the people, their system and everything. But ofcourse there is some propaganda and minor restrictions but nothing that affects everyday life. When I see news these days they criticize China so much I can't believe it. Trust me if you visit China yourself you will know that it is a wonderful country with amazing people. For its worth what you are are seeing in western news is not actually real or blown out of proportion. Hopefully China will rise!
Rumplenutskin 7 meses atrás
If they have your family hostage just blink twice.
דניאל מחצ'קילביץ'
Thank you for this video, I was thinking to leave my Biotech studies, but you gave me a boost to continue studying 🤓👍
Ruoyu Li
Ruoyu Li Anos atrás
don't forget to learn Chinese also
דניאל מחצ'קילביץ'
@Ruoyu Li I won't, it's on my TO-DO list
Hasan Pasha
Hasan Pasha 9 meses atrás
@Ruoyu Li It would be Great if I could learn Chinese.. china is the future.
OhYeahOhRight 9 meses atrás
@Hasan Pasha i want to learn turkish lol
ONLY PAY 9 meses atrás
it better to continue rn may be u dont have demand but in future there is....
CharlieNg Anos atrás
Somewhat understandable. Those that studied STEM in university would very soon recognize a problem, we have too many things that needed to be learned to become effective at research, however our capacity is limited and sooner or later, progress will come to a halt as technology becomes magic to non-understanding minds. We are going to need a biology revolution that can enhance our individual capacity before continue on solving problems.
𓆏 Anos atrás
We'll never outpace AI with meat computer technology, either we learn to use AI to our benefit, we outlaw AI(probably not possible), we become AI or we die. The thing is, computers still could still squeeze out 500,000x more efficiency within the laws of physics. But computers are reaching the energy efficiency of the brain in the next 10 years or so, after that they still have a few decades of efficiency gains before. By the end of the century at latest, computers will have reached max efficiency. We will never be able to reach the energy efficiency of a computer operating at the limits of physics with biology. You can't contribute anything to research when all the researchers think 10000 times faster than you, while using about as much power as a smart phone. You can't compete with someone who is orders of magnitude better than you in every way and only needs a couple of bucks worth of electricity to survive.
CharlieNg Anos atrás
@𓆏 That could also be one possibility. Who says intelligence has to be organic at all.
Nedwin Lembar Hermavian
would be a paradox
CharlieNg Anos atrás
@Nedwin Lembar Hermavian I am curious, what would be the paradox here?
Wiczus 9 meses atrás
I have a hard time believing that considering how hard it is to land a job in bio/med research and how little of the tech we hear about is actually being implemented. It's more like a bio-stagnation tbh.
# EthanStacyTravel
# EthanStacyTravel Anos atrás
Wow guys! Amazing job doing all these videos about future/today’s tech! Keep it up!
Artemis Block | Crypto x Culture
We covered China vs US in another light (not bio related), curious what you think
Deyvis Mejia
Deyvis Mejia 10 meses atrás
it was meh
Noire Kuroraigami
Noire Kuroraigami Anos atrás
They are strengthening themselves against Sanctions. That’s why they are beginning to internalize the most important Markets
Monkey Man
Monkey Man Anos atrás
Bing Chilling market now skyrocketing
Which is wise considering what they tried to do to Russia.
JustKeith Anos atrás
You cannot compare nuclear proliferation with biological dangers. It takes a nation state to build nuclear materials, bio, like video said, will be in the domain of the individual. Scary AF
Skyler827 Anos atrás
that's true, but you also need a nation state to defend against nuclear weapons, and bio threats face a defense in all of us: the immune system. Biosecurity, therefore, depends not on the threat of global nuclear retaliation, but on the reliable augmentation of our immune system against any possible new disease.
Fouad Mas
Fouad Mas Anos atrás
Synthetic Biology/ MRNA technology can be weaponized why did 3 comments just disappear?? AI working well
carlo joselito Chua
carlo joselito Chua 9 meses atrás
I sincerely hope that it will serve as a prelude for "Anti-Aging/Senescence Treatment/Therapies" that are vastly more advanced and superior compared to existing Stem Cell Therapies & Cosmetic Products. What I really want is, reversing the senescence/aging and rolling back the biological age of human body to teenager/youthful years/state.
Scam Centre Bomber
Scam Centre Bomber Anos atrás
I hope as global citizens, we win together.
Luscious Lucius
Luscious Lucius Anos atrás
kenter Shackle
kenter Shackle Anos atrás
For a country to understand the needs of future AND most importantly able to create and support that framework ; bank ,investors support ,etc efficiently and what separates China then rest of us
Jacob Olness
Jacob Olness Anos atrás
A lack of transparency is... concerning.
Eleeth Tahgra
Eleeth Tahgra Anos atrás
@Jacob Olness As if you could do anything against big corpo
Eleeth Tahgra
Eleeth Tahgra Anos atrás
Its like playing civilization game.
Did you missed me gobar eaters!kumars
@Jacob Olness like America Shows the world whaf they are doing lol
Awesome video , thanks Bloomberg for this amazing journalistic work
dipro001 Anos atrás
This was excellent journalism. Thank you for making this public.
wmchan44 10 meses atrás
If enough R &D financial resources are put behind this new biotechnology field, tremendous progress can be made. However the new discoveries can be abused and militarized, leading to destruction of the human species. A stringent control need to be set up to monitor this messing around with the genetic code by humans.
TARUN TEJA Kurmala 4 meses atrás
Yes , I have worry in it
Nova Amin
Nova Amin 9 meses atrás
It says China and I am already not sure how to take that. Recent developments in geopolitics are biased towards tech capitalists, but that is less worrying than the rate at which these companies are able to propagate into people's lives. I am not skeptic about the information age, rather the impact of information on civilization as we know it. I am naturally inclined to believe that things will take care of themselves. But in a submerged reality, it is quite difficult to keep track of your people, who are they❗️
Ray Lee
Ray Lee Anos atrás
I thought on the web, India has been touting her strength in biotech and pharma, and yet this video completely neglected India's role, potentials, perils, etc.
Len Berman
Len Berman 11 meses atrás
If we are to live in +3C environment, our biology will be needing a lot of help.
Timothy Sands
Timothy Sands Anos atrás
fantastic video, keep em' coming!
Sunny King
Sunny King 10 meses atrás
Human beings need both evolution and revolution
HY Anos atrás
You got to give credit if due! America currently only can think about sabotaging others n have no consistent policies itself
Brisk Anos atrás
CASEY PEPAN Anos atrás
Nonsense, America has an advanced transgender policy, which is very important.
Kingsview Anos atrás
HJW 11 meses atrás
Yankee is only doing all the bad things but wanting to own all the benefits.
greg h
greg h 10 meses atrás
@HJW don't you have some baby genes to splice? what is your purpose here?
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog 11 meses atrás
It's better to try and maybe fail than not to try and absolutely fail. We also have to be careful of the way we handle ethics, to make sure it doesn't prevent or delay technological innovation and scientific advances. AND next time an American makes a claim about China, if he can
D K Anos atrás
This century actually belongs to Artificial Intelligence.
MC Neurol
MC Neurol Anos atrás
Youre missing a point here
Nieważne Nieważne
Resurgent of the analog computing/neural networks; It is more like coming back to the technology from the 1900s because it is more efficient at some calculations; Of course the discovery was "let's add layers in between the input and output layer";
carlrod alegrado
carlrod alegrado Anos atrás
combine A.I. with mergence on Humans or Biology things are going to be very interesting we are creating our successors in the next line of evolution.
Rick Charly
Rick Charly Anos atrás
@Nieważne Nieważne to
Rick Charly
Rick Charly Anos atrás
@MC Neurol to
Abe campbell
Abe campbell 7 meses atrás
AI, Robotics, biotechnology and Energy will shape our future.
Sundar Bala
Sundar Bala 7 meses atrás
Thank you. very nice programme. Nicely concluded too.
77 388
77 388 Anos atrás
This is great for healthcare. More companies being involved with expensive and high-risk innovation will only lead to greater leaps being made in medicine.
Innocent Goitseone
Innocent Goitseone Anos atrás
Neil Peters certain countries u don't collaborate with them, because they still IPs like China
Innocent Goitseone
Innocent Goitseone Anos atrás
@Tex AJP IP can't be abolished because you will be stating to the world. That those who are intellectual should not be rewarded but degrade themselves to be the same level as the rest. IPs foster innovation since everyone will be competing to be better than the other by creating a better invention
Pietro Jenkins
Pietro Jenkins Anos atrás
The key words are "high-risk" and the Chinese are not known to care much about any industry ethics.Ponder on that .
Francis Davis
Francis Davis Anos atrás
Does anyone recall an old Gegory Peck movie called "The Chairman"? 1960's if I recall; China had come up with genetic engineering which allowed plants to be altered.. they had banana trees growing on a snowy mountain. A espionage/thriller film
zpdrmn Anos atrás
No need to refer to some fiction. Without using modern genetic engineering technology, the Chinese now can grow rice in deserts and on salinized lands, and a Chinese farmer has found and grown a kind of banana other than the kind we usually eat. They've been doing a lot in fighting desertification, including reclaiming some land from deserts. Just a sample of what they have been doing. Their scientists and engineers are doing different research, including but not limited to genetic engineering, in which they are not yet the leader; (maybe one day they will be, who knows).
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan Anos atrás
if only this video was released a few days earlier, I would have taken Bio technology instead of cloud computing in my CS degree
Remi Claeys
Remi Claeys Anos atrás
never to late to change bro
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan Anos atrás
@Remi Claeys well I would love to, but sadly our university don't let us change after first 2 to 3 weeks lol.
016. Kazi Nakib Afjal
You choose right... Keep going
嘿嘿 11 meses atrás
这两个领域 都是中国未来大力发展的,如果有可能 可以考虑来中国。
TARUN TEJA Kurmala 4 meses atrás
Bro choose cyber security field that is equal to that.
Caty 10 meses atrás
I was born too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the universe. I am very sad now. I wish I was being conceived rn so I can experience these nascent technologies that are evidently going to change the world and what it means to be a human
Alberto Tamez
Alberto Tamez 10 meses atrás
I think being a part of the creation of these revolutionary new industries is just as exciting
Krz Heph
Krz Heph 10 meses atrás
@Alberto Tamez A lot of people are part of this but dont realize it. We may be the last truly human species.
Michael Kelough
Michael Kelough Anos atrás
Ginkgo bio works is named DNA on the stock exchange. Very promising in my opinion 👌
Bleuemoone Anos atrás
Lol gotta love chemistry lab stock footage . Cleaning an Erlenmeyer flask with acetone = doing biology apparently
longdog33 Anos atrás
Drugs are chemicals.
J D Anos atrás
coming from BloomBerg Lie TV everything is a lie on Bloomberg totally lie lie lie
Y T Anos atrás
@longdog33 you clearly are clueless about what he was talking about
Jacob Claypool
Jacob Claypool Anos atrás
Lol great 1 buddy lol. I get it lol
hyla cinerea
hyla cinerea Anos atrás
russia specifically firms out in siberia used to do a lot of experimental (but safe) direct to consumer supplements & supportative treatments, i hope china can fill that gap and deliver new, effective medicine because ICE stopped importation of a lot of treatments years ago- however the ethics will need to be transparent as always
shivbaba Anos atrás
Cancer is mainly due to pollution and, changing diet and anti-oxidant polyphenols are the best way to reduce cancer. And for people who are adicted to meat eating and fried food and backery food and coca cola alchol and smoking sure do need biotechnology. But biotechnology can only make your life 40 percentage better with huge price. Where as meditation and anti oxident diet with supliments and vegan food can make your life 60 to 80 percentage better.
Yul Wu
Yul Wu Anos atrás
are you talking about soviet style sanatoriums or is it something else I need to know?
Rayhan S
Rayhan S Anos atrás
@shivbaba Wrong
BCSTS 8 meses atrás
This biotech stuff is not talking about TCM.....but synthetic biology....more & more poisons masquerading as something that actually heals!
Johann Wu
Johann Wu Anos atrás
Self sufficiency is the best defense 👍
Shock Cat
Shock Cat Anos atrás
So in layman‘s terms the worry about democratization of this technology is essentially the fear that you’ll have another Unabomber only with biotech?
Green Seed
Green Seed Anos atrás
Except, people have been doing this since a long time ago, just read your history book, read it until you cant sleep and get a crippling depression like me.
John Taylor
John Taylor Anos atrás
Bio Terrorism is ths issue, in partular in relation, targeting gentic sequencing that may target a racial type. Crispr and the 3d copying of drugs/pathogens needs to be seriously controled as a potential weapon of mass destruction.
Fouad Mas
Fouad Mas Anos atrás
@John Taylor yep , Synthetic Biology/ MRNA technology can be weaponized
Necrotic Poison
Necrotic Poison Anos atrás
It could be countered by the same increasing prevalence of biotech. A lot of these kinds of things have equilibriums: when a new technology emerges, it brings multiple pathways with it. It could be the same tech that counteracts any negative consequences or it could be another tech that comes out within the same period as the problem one.
tentimetex Anos atrás
Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Picard in star-Trek was asked on a chat show (in the 90's): that in the Star Trek fictional future, technology has advanced to such an extent that anything is possible, (replicators which can create objects and resources from thin air, interstellar galactic travel, instant healing, etc), why was it that the captain remains bald? (the actor is bald and in the nineties he got a lot of criticism for it). He replied, that in a society with that kind of advanced simply didnt matter any more. If we can inject ourselves to have bigger muscles, then why bother? the attraction of having bigger muscles is precisely because it is hard to get and takes time, effort and dedication..... @20:25
𓆏 Anos atrás
The attraction of muscles is that it triggers ancient programming in your brain that says this person is strong and hot. Your brain doesn't care how they got there, it is hardcoded. Unless we change our brains, and we had the technology to change our bodies however we want, everyone would just be equally athletic and attractive. People would instead compete on other features, blue skin, peacock feathers, glow in the dark eyes or whatever, but all in the bounds of conventional attractiveness. It'll probably be like fashion, changing every season, with people choosing different styles and some would go the haute couture route and look completely ridiculous and alien.
[Cush4free ]
[Cush4free ] Anos atrás
@𓆏 if what you said was true, then wouldnt we be no better than animals? because at the end of the day we unlike animals are in control of our desires, its there but we as humans can think, if we see a musclular person, there might be remenants of our old brain that thinks its attractive, but our newer evolutionized brain will be able to doubt those desires that stems from the older parts, that have yet to evolve, this higher level of concioussness would be able to decide if they want to entertain those primitive desires, so those who understand why physical appearences attract them would also have that deciding factor to act on the desires that may stem from it. So we as humans dont act on the hard coded things, instead we have harder code to tell us which hard code to act upon, as long as we understand the hard code, which would be us acknowledging those desires, knowing how they work, and why, just understanding
Golden Khanate
Golden Khanate Anos atrás
Uh no offense but steroids exist 💉💪
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog 11 meses atrás
Eventually, instead of parents choosing physical and mental improvements for their babies, we will start choosing the little defects that will give each of us our own distinct personality, appearance and unicity. Oh, never mind, I was just thinking out loud! : )
Corn Crop
Corn Crop 5 meses atrás
Amazing technology but I'm more worried about the side effect of all this in the first adopter phase. Best of luck.
Terrence Mosaic
Terrence Mosaic Anos atrás
the importance is what they will use the biotech for rather than if they can effectively generate it.
bigheadrhino Anos atrás
The cool thing about China and tech is they’re willing yolo untested ideas en masse, the scary thing about China and tech is they’re willing to yolo untested ideas en masse.
Hhydar Anos atrás
Such an informative video. Thankyou for sharing
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 10 meses atrás
Not just biology but science is the future. Biology, Asteroid mining and turning around the climate catastrophe are going to be key for our very survival. Also making war obsolete would be highly recommended. 🙏
A Person
A Person Anos atrás
Excellent. Very informative.
Valerian Pereira
Valerian Pereira 5 meses atrás
Hope India can be the Leader in Biotechnology: Integration of Technologies with AI.. Intense Research..and innovation.
Antony 9 meses atrás
Glad to be a part of this
DZ 8 meses atrás
Brilliant documentary piece
Negash (Author & Scientist)
We need that to solve Ageing and Cryonics.
Sean Kula
Sean Kula Anos atrás
yes please
Belly Button
Belly Button Anos atrás
I think countries like Germany, Switzerland France & USA still dominates the area of biotech. There is no need to be no. 1. I am not sure why everything has to be measured in 1, 2 3 .... Just concentrate of what is most relevant to the country. For example some countries are better in some thing because they have prevalent problems in that country .. countries with lack of water resource will be best in coming up with solutions on water. Countries with prevalent disease say like obesity are likely to come up with better solutions.
Calvin Blue
Calvin Blue Anos atrás
Markt N
Markt N Anos atrás
There is why some problems like obesity is allowed to prosper to harness RnD.
Talib Jalloh
Talib Jalloh Anos atrás
Because of China massive population, they are having a big advantage in anything they compete in.
qjtvaddict Anos atrás
Fenimore Jhno soon soon brother
HJW 11 meses atrás
Then India can do likewise.
Zhou Bai Dinh
Zhou Bai Dinh Anos atrás
Imagine melding synthetic biology with national defense, creating human ape type warriors with inhuman strength and Will Smith type animalistic ego driven destructiveness ....
Eben335 Anos atrás
Expensive to feed for nations relying on agricultural imports.
Zhou Bai Dinh
Zhou Bai Dinh Anos atrás
@Eben335 Collard greens are easy to grow
Eben335 Anos atrás
@Zhou Bai Dinh The ape type warriors might demand meats by all means...
October 10, 2135
October 10, 2135 7 meses atrás
Hopefully biotechnology won't be used to harm us..... However if everyone in the planet has biotechnology subjects in Highschool then I guess we will be okay....
Antonnio Rosas
Antonnio Rosas Anos atrás
AWESOME video, thank you!
R D 3 meses atrás
I really liked their COVID-19 biotechnology.
TA L Anos atrás
Well isn't it funny. China was forced to buy a lot of wheat due to US trade agreement with Trump. Now it is the only country with more than enough food these days. I don't think China cares about dominating any industry but there is a need for its 1.4 billion people. This was why China had to develop their own nuclear, solar, gps, space program, etc. US would simply do everything it can to stop China development like they did against Huawei. It is simply life and death choice for China so they don't need US supply chain.
Cassie L
Cassie L Anos atrás
exactly; samething with belt and road. From the current military conflict we can also see that many countries (Indonesia, India, Saudi, etc) want to have a more balanced power structure in the world
JustKeith Anos atrás
Another issue affecting research is that Americans are demanding cheap medicine after the company spent billions to make it. It is a murky/sensitive issue.
GreyCatGamer Anos atrás
That's definitely not the whole issue at ALL. Look at insulin. It costs literal pennies to make, and they charge hundreds of dollars per vial. Same with antiphilactic drugs for allergy patients. There is a side of ethics and value of human life that needs to regulate pricing of American drugs. It's not a patent on a car that a person doesn't need. It's a lifesaving medication that's often reducing the quality of life for whole families who can barely pay. The EU regulates medical pricing to just a few dollars, same as most of Asia. And there's still aggressive innovation there. If any big bio company is saying they can't fund more research because people want to pay less, then they're lying
Wilson Edwards
Wilson Edwards 10 meses atrás
Sure; the ability to merge bat virus with SARS demonstrates the superiority in bio-tech.
Don L
Don L 11 meses atrás
Great content.
Mike 7 meses atrás
Im not very optimistic about bio in China. unlike CS and physics, biology require a lot of creativity and risk taking
redmanticore 6 meses atrás
im far more worried that western and eastern world scientific communities insulate each other from co-operation, because of politicians
Google User
Google User Anos atrás
I wanted to learn more on how china will overtake the west in new med R&D manufacturing and supply chains, but the documentary diverted to talk about bio security 😮‍💨
Dutch Anarchist
Dutch Anarchist Anos atrás
What I find craziest is that we don't know how the universe started and there is no intelligent governing agent. 😁
Omar Kabanda
Omar Kabanda 11 meses atrás
Would you like to engage with me as a Muslim in a respectful dialogue on this issue
Harun Muhia
Harun Muhia Anos atrás
This is the best Tech Documentary.
Faith Hope
Faith Hope Anos atrás
fascinating how China is consistently leaping forward with innovations in all facets, made possible by having an effective and efficient government who cares about the well being of its people.
GothicGolem29 Anos atrás
….. you e seen what they do to the uighurs right. And Hong Kong?
​@GothicGolem29 What did china do to hong kong? hong kong had a protest. did you see the protest in u.s where many died? not a single person died in hong kong as a result of police response!
J K Anos atrás
Yes talk about efficiency… when all the decision is made by one person, obviously things go fast. But it could go very wrong.
@J K when decisions was made by a coalition like the United States. Not only did it go wrong. In the case of Iraq and Afghanistan. It also took 20 years to correct. In other area like healthcare education and infrastructure. United States couldn’t even make a decision. It’s stuck in limbo
Jack Sun
Jack Sun Anos atrás
The United States has 336 biological laboratories overseas China : 0
redmanticore 6 meses atrás
why would they need to place them overseas?
John 6 meses atrás
@redmanticore dna sample
Edward Martin
Edward Martin 11 meses atrás
It seems this is the new instrument of control.
LibertyMatrix Anos atrás
A future biotech pandemic? I'm still dealing with the current biotech pandemic.
WiseGuy Anos atrás
Competition leads to innovation.
Artemis Block | Crypto x Culture
Agreed! We covered China vs US in another light (not bio related), curious what you think!
Areal Person
Areal Person Anos atrás
War, in particular. Sad as it is.
HJW 11 meses atrás
Only in theory. Look at how Yankee and the West did and are doing to China progress. Chips is only one example.
rajesh mallik
rajesh mallik Anos atrás
Eagerly awaiting China intervention in pharma. Cost of medical care is too high and this industry badly needs more competition to drive down prices.
Zhang san
Zhang san Anos atrás
Louis D
Louis D Anos atrás
A chinese policy maker woman drove a cancer drug down from 100.000 dollar to 5000 dollar from a US company
qjtvaddict Anos atrás
You need universal healthcare china is not fast enough
George Samaras
George Samaras 4 meses atrás
You can very easily edit a computer program to be resistant in X malware but you have no idea for the implications on the rest of the systems
Peety Mcfly
Peety Mcfly 6 meses atrás
They are forced to dominate all sectors due to sinophobia. What they dont have, they will create what ever they can to survive.
TheMusiclover500 Anos atrás
Boston has been the hub of this industry for decades and it’s going to be the San Francisco of the next decade. The housing is not holding up 😂😬
starDust Anos atrás
China is able to lead it well.
Johnny Jiang
Johnny Jiang Anos atrás
Why is everything a race, or a competition. It's just science, and science does not exist without building on existing knowledge. So scientists are working together
Dale Baker
Dale Baker Anos atrás
because the financial reward typically comes to whoever created it first, duhh.
ThE Anos atrás
Thats humans and that's why we are successful We always want to be better than other humans
Redakteur Anos atrás
You won the race when U got the 1st place, not other 2 million or how much spermatozoon. Were in competiton from the conception
Dwart55 Anos atrás
In nature it’s also a competition. The strong win and the weak die out. Who says we have to help the poor people or be nice to each other?
Eleeth Tahgra
Eleeth Tahgra Anos atrás
@Dwart55 altruism. Also, competition is one thing. Pushing down others or preventing others from competing is a different beast. Alas, to maximize profit, some groups tend to choose the later.
Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth Tan 6 meses atrás
China is the only country in the world over thousand of years of civilization with its own indigenous system of medicine: from acupunture to a cure for common daily ailments. Its philosophy is different from Western medicine . Chinese medicine builds the resistance of the body to combat the illness; western medicine attacks the illness directly. the former is slower to bear fruits while the latter is faster athough the former has lesses secondary effects. There is so much cumulative knowledge that can be used to create new medicines.
6Meilin 9 meses atrás
Well I'm kinda excited for what these advancements can bring but then also.. cyberpunk🙊
Cryptic Anos atrás
12:03 Google protein structure 12:59 Synthetic biology
YouMockMe Anos atrás
There are tutorials for all of this on BRvid.... i taught myself chemistry, going into BIO soon
오후의 홍차
오후의 홍차 5 meses atrás
there must be a huge advantage of clinical tests in china
The Thinking Mans Game
The Thinking Mans Game 9 meses atrás
I'm china collapsing or becoming the #1 Country in the world along with being the world reserve currency ???
Alan.C Anos atrás
With millions of STEM graduates every year, they have a statistical advantage.
Steven Chow
Steven Chow Anos atrás
OutLyfe Anos atrás
@GodSlayer 😀
Eleeth Tahgra
Eleeth Tahgra Anos atrás
And some of them graduates became member of politburo.
环球观中国 Anos atrás
I can't agree. If it is a mature industry, what you said may have a great impact, but for an immature industry, the US is more creative. China need to spend years to simply catch up.
Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Anos atrás
Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $200,000. keep it up!
jay pritchett
jay pritchett Anos atrás
how where you able to make that much?
Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Anos atrás
@jay pritchett Despite the fact that I take glory for the achievement, I honestly have to tell you, i was guided by DMITRY GOLDIN i found through a news blog. he aided me achieve that.
jay pritchett
jay pritchett Anos atrás
@Jack Whittaker How can i reach this broker ?
Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Anos atrás
@jay pritchett I just looked his name up on the internet and i got everything i need to know about him.
New York Crop
New York Crop 4 meses atrás
Great content!
James Schmames
James Schmames Anos atrás
This feels like an infomercial designed to drum up investment.
Barry Hough
Barry Hough Anos atrás
To develop medicine you have to have compassion and cooperation. Does this exist in the dog-eat-dog world of decayed, decadent corporate America?
Jack Wang
Jack Wang Anos atrás
please see what USA did to Huawei. Who can feel safe if we have dependencies on USA products.
qjtvaddict Anos atrás
Nobody should depend fully on others period
Chinedum Nnamdi
Chinedum Nnamdi Anos atrás
Jennifer Doudna is focused on making Crispr about women and feminists while China is focused on merit and science
Shah Zad
Shah Zad Anos atrás
Chinese kids aspire to be engineers and scientists. Western kids aspire to be Tiktok famous. This shows the direction of the future of the 2 superpowers
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming Anos atrás
China should remove TikTok
redmanticore 6 meses atrás
considering china invented tik tok, i am pretty certain their kids use social media, too. and as anyone around the world, they have their own problems.
Zenpai Anos atrás
They talk about this lead getting smaller and smaller yet they face a demographic crisis and real estate debt crisis..
V C Anos atrás
It's a hit piece.
Kamaalii Show
Kamaalii Show 5 meses atrás
...... but the US and Europe may not lead the field for much longer. Well said.
Harshvardhan Jha
Harshvardhan Jha Anos atrás
I wonder how shady this will turn out to be
Dhanush Gowda
Dhanush Gowda Anos atrás
Interesting we need jugad to compete with these two☺
2GunsUpZ Anos atrás
So basically more tech transfer to China with the hope that the Stock Market will continue to reward it.
Adrienne Fried
Adrienne Fried 5 meses atrás
They already developed human life in a laboratory.
Anupam Sircar
Anupam Sircar 8 meses atrás
We have seen the lack of efficacy of drugs that the western countries develop; let us hope China's drugs will be different.
Hubrey David
Hubrey David 9 meses atrás
China and Africa with all the herbal medicine products available can you imagine what these two countries can come up with in the medical drugs industry.
Africa is a continent, not a country
GoldEQ Anos atrás
Thank you ! Focus on invention to benefit mankind not weapons and wars!
Artemis Block | Crypto x Culture
We covered China vs US in another light (not bio related), curious what you think
Zhang san
Zhang san Anos atrás
Thank you for this video, Last year Innovent team communicaed with my company
AcidBot66 Anos atrás
This is the sort or world leader humanity urgently needs... Congrats to the Chinese government for its non interventionist global leadership.
Nehco Oahnait
Nehco Oahnait Anos atrás
The air that got intervened by China: 😐 help, the Chinese are breathing me into their lungs 🫁 for their own interests
AcidBot66 Anos atrás
@Nehco Oahnait Nonsense talk has little chance to change reality!
Steven Greidinger
Steven Greidinger 3 meses atrás
We need to focus on opening the Chinese market to Western medicine. China suffered untold unnecessary deaths because the government didn't use Western biologics. It's a loss of human life and economic benefit, too. If they spend money to invent a drug, great. Sell it to us. However, they have so many more people it's more economically important that we can export to them.
3nien 10 meses atrás
336 bio weapons research labs including Fort Detrick around the world.
Raymond Hodkinson
Raymond Hodkinson 8 meses atrás
The balance of power from one evil to another.