How Big Hit staff and BTS love each other

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How Big Hit staff and BTS love each other
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10 Jan 2019

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Comentários 793
안녕하슙 50 minutos atrás
Oh, please foreign fans are really this thumbnail is also proof of another victim, but also the fans think so. Oh, my God, deep in thought and the image I want you to create. You so don't want to see a thumbnail ㅠㅠ true fan gave it up, please.
Choi Yu Ra
Choi Yu Ra Hora atrás
Seeing this makes me so happy :,,))
동치미 2 horas atrás
뒤질라고 썸넬똑바로하세요;;;^^
월와핸김석찌 3 horas atrás
왜 울고지랄이녜 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
띠응 7 horas atrás
엮지 말아주실래요? 엮는게 그렇게 좋아요? 썸넬 남준오빠는 합성이고 지민오빠는 메이크업 받고있는사진이에요 제발 엮지 말아주세요 Would you please not weave? Is it that good to weave? Thumbel Nam Jun is a composite. Jimin is getting makeup. Please don't tie me up.
mylittlestar mychingu
mylittlestar mychingu 7 horas atrás
10:22 what is the show title I forgot
mylittlestar mychingu
mylittlestar mychingu 8 horas atrás
1:55 i remember when I was in elementary school I used to watch that clips ㅋㅋㅋ still funny even I already watch it so many time
Mirza Norizan
Mirza Norizan 9 horas atrás
0:14 tu knp ye..?
hobi’s hat
hobi’s hat 13 horas atrás
the staff baby them especially Jungkook 😂😂
Babyboo 15 horas atrás
people are worrying about bighit's new group as if its gonna affect BTS. I mean, if you love them, you will support them non stop. How many idols have we love in one company? Have we ever have any problem with that? No. So if you think the new group will ruin your bias or you don't know if you're gonna support them or not just because of BTS, then i have no words to say. Are you even real army tho? Just support both group. Damn.
Minsung Is superior
Minsung Is superior 21 hora atrás
Awww this is so cute
Katia Ruh
Katia Ruh 23 horas atrás
Ирина Пащанина
Что за шоу или интервью на 2 44 минуте??Как найти?
Mrs. Doram
Mrs. Doram Dia atrás
what kind of transmission at 0:17
Hasnah Hamzah
Hasnah Hamzah Dia atrás
Jungkook is gonna be hyung...😭😭😭 TXT new boy band from bighit
Imelda Asaleo
Imelda Asaleo Dia atrás
All army's wish is to be BTS staff
시발:::: Dia atrás
합성오지네 시발
뽀짝지민 Dia atrás
Jed Carolino
Jed Carolino Dia atrás
Wooooo money lmao
Nur Azrina Binti Abdul Rahman Ina
0:19 tu apa tajuk mvnya
Regyta Marshanda
Regyta Marshanda Dia atrás
can you tell me what is the variety show in 4.40
Athena Prom
Athena Prom Dia atrás
I wonder how they handle them when they are upset
Carmen Gilbert
Carmen Gilbert Dia atrás
6:22 ain’t no fish inside
Ciel And Sebastian
Aww I love that staff so much, they make this happen. 🥰🥰💗👏
Igot7 Dia atrás
SM cant relate
TiredScribbles 20 horas atrás
Igot7 cube too lmao
Jeon Jungkook9xd
Jeon Jungkook9xd Dia atrás
I wanna be a makeup artist for a kpop group when I grow up
아미 Dia atrás
썸네일..개 미뗬네..어그로 오졌다,,조회수 얻을라곸ㅋ 솔직히 나도 썸네일때문에 들어오긴 했는데 저건 어그로가 너무 심하잖아,,;
Indah Tan
Indah Tan Dia atrás
hi hello
hi hello Dia atrás
wait isnt the girl posing with namjoon in the thumbnail his sister or smth...? or is it edited??
M Alia
M Alia Dia atrás
I am so happy to see them surrounded by such great people that helped them to be what they are now , so proud of them 😻💜💜💜
장진석 Dia atrás
와 썸넬 첫번째는 메이크업이고 두번째는 합성인데 이걸로 어그로를 끄네
Anduena 2 dias atrás
Seungmin’s Hot Cheetos
What was the video of them ranting?
뉸기해 윤기
뉸기해 윤기 2 dias atrás
썸낼 합성 하지마세요;; 다른사람들 오해 해서 좋은일있어요?올릴거면 제대로 올리세요.......
Seungmin’s Hot Cheetos
The relationship between BTS and their staff is too cute
P P 2 dias atrás
Where can I find video 2:14 ?
Chica anime yaoi ;P
Chica anime yaoi ;P 2 dias atrás
《lyn 》
《lyn 》 2 dias atrás
8:39 this always kills me 😂
눈누난나 2 dias atrás
썸넬이 합성이었으면 그딴 짓 그만하라고 하고 싶지만 합성이 아니고 뭐 방탄분들이 여친이 있다고 해도 우리가 뭐라할(욕할) 자격은 없습니당 팬심으로써 좋아해야죠 안그럽니깡? 방탄이 다른 분과 사겨도 너무 집착하진 맙시다ㅎㅎ 개념있는 팬(아미)가 되자구욧!!
Sumi Singh
Sumi Singh 2 dias atrás
Omg!! The picture in the thumbnail had me shook😅 I dunno why!! Ahhh....
다소으미 2 dias atrás
Kate Montero
Kate Montero 2 dias atrás
Now i want to work there as a staff😜
2 dias atrás
제목 이해를 못한 한국인1명
NitroGAME 2 dias atrás
We all know that the managers works hard as bts did when they cried during their 1st win
방탄사랑해 2 dias atrás
Thumbnails The second picture is a combination.
예진정 2 dias atrás
What is second video?
TaeTae KookieUwu
TaeTae KookieUwu 2 dias atrás
I am changing my dream job to a staff member in bighit
행복한서형 2 dias atrás
진짜 훈훈하고 좋다. 가족같고ㅠㅠ 다들 행복하시길❤️
Anzel gurung
Anzel gurung 2 dias atrás
Blinkeu Love
Blinkeu Love 2 dias atrás
So there was a BTS ad before i watched this video ‘just sharing’
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