How Apple Just Changed the Entire Industry (M1 Chip) 

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A quick note - The A14 comparison vs Intel i9 was normalised for single core performance.
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Interview with ARM founder: • ARM Processor - Sowing...
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24 Fev 2024



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@paras6TEEN 3 anos atrás
I remember you saying like 2 years ago, that Apple should include ARM processor, and now here we are, it happened
@campkira 3 anos atrás
we alway know it will happen since x86 used too much power.... and unlike 10 years ago.. more dev are now doing arm design app...
@shrin210 3 anos atrás
What about RISC V processor?? Is it better than ARM Risc
@ikemreacts 3 anos atrás
Many of us predicted this years ago. I thought it might happen the moment is saw the iPhone 4S which was maybe 2014? The jump in processor speed was so significant, I knew this day would come.
@aanthanyj 3 anos atrás
@@shrin210 any update on this?
@sundaymorning5145 3 anos atrás
amd and intel are counting their final years. unless they rejoin the arm club. and nvidia is a smart, yet greedy guy.he owns arm now.
@MaxTechOfficial 3 anos atrás
Thank you for including some clips from our channel. We are witnessing a computing revolution!
@bullymaguire6388 3 anos atrás
Is this Vadim or Max?(sorry if I spelt any name wrong,)
@Zetsuke4 3 anos atrás
you’re welcome, no problem. any time. :)
@armroj51 2 anos atrás
And he didn't give you credit for it
@willarias 2 anos atrás
Your channel rock, guys, Vadim and Max !!! ✊🏼
@fieryshadow123 2 anos atrás
@Coldfusion y u no give credit?
@brn2bwild2001 Anos atrás
Though I retired from the semiconductor industry 20 years ago, I still follow the technology and when I first got my hands on an M1 white paper, I must admit I didn't believe Apple could pull it off. Kudos to the ASIC Engineers who did this...absolutely unbelievable!!!
@13thChip Anos atrás
What would have been the most challenging hurdle they would have faced in desigining the M1 chip?
@duffsdevice Anos atrás
Would love to hear more of your thoughts on this!
@akashgarg9776 2 anos atrás
In my computer architecture class, a common question was, which is more recent, CISC or RISC, and almost everyone got that one wrong. People naturally assume whatevers more complicated must be more "advanced" or newer, when no, it turns out the innovation isn't making it more complicated, but doing more things with less instructions. Thats what the innovation is. That lesson ought to be applied to lots of things :)
@eurosonly Anos atrás
Yes yes and yes. I always say, the true wise man knows how to take complicated and abstract concepts and simplifies them to the point where others can understand them.
@MrBesmir7 Anos atrás
It was first when RISC Instructions were simple than cisc.. it's like with few instructions you do same job..but to be done the job..the job. Itself is fragments in many instructions that with few commands it be inverse with cisc instructions...they do job step by step with to much commands to the processor that overload and consum much power.. .... In paradox nowadays RISC Instructions are too.much complicated to fragments a Job to done with fewest commands to processor it's possible
@Xevos701 Anos atrás
RISC vs CISC is irrelevant now
@rogerknights857 Anos atrás
IOW, “Less Is More”!
@user-yg4kj2mf1p 11 meses atrás
CISC made sense back when compiler optimization was primitive and it was assumed that all complex programs and OSes would be written in assembly,. Back in those days, an advanced CPU was expected to minimize the "semantic gap" between human programmers and assembly. So, the designers of the day weren't dumb or lacking in innovation, they were designing for a different goal.
@SS-qu9nn Anos atrás
Very late to the party. Only found this channel a month ago. Such great work. I’ve almost finished all content and look forward to what’s coming next. Amazing channel, describing amazing people and events.
@sdias5313 11 meses atrás
This channel has been consistently at the top of tech news for such a long time ! Cheers!
@UnusualAttitudes Anos atrás
That was a REALLY well put together video! Great job, & thanks for teaching me a few of the “in the weeds” details.
@isssma0 3 anos atrás
You can say that Apple took the RISC.
@jorge091167 3 anos atrás
They ARMed themselves.
@inmortal009 3 anos atrás
@RR-uc1wb 3 anos atrás
@@jorge091167 Damn you guys. Haha
@chandrasekharmakka 3 anos atrás
INTELligent move
@phubbing6648 3 anos atrás
nice pun :)) it happens #2020 ( #applesilicon )
@flintwestwood5920 2 anos atrás
Very enlightening. Simply by upgrading my phone a couple of times, I had a subconscious awareness that mobile processors were catching up to desktop performance at a surprising speed. But I had no idea they had come this far.
@williamyoung9401 Anos atrás
So, an Apple product is better Apple product? Yeah, amazing innovation there.
@szuperrosszarcu Anos atrás
@@williamyoung9401 what
@CrowClouds Anos atrás
Do you really need that much power on your phone
@AlexMkd1984 Anos atrás
@@williamyoung9401 its Foxconn products with apple logo and dumb customers will buy it 😂
@luigiweegee7152 Anos atrás
@@AlexMkd1984 I don’t think apple products are “dumb”, also isn’t apple products literally outperforming every android phone out there, and the fact it last over 5 years vs 1 or even 2 years, i’m not defending apple but just saying the advantages of iphone over android.
@wwjjss33 2 anos atrás
Dagogo, Thank You for your content & consistently high production values. I always feel that time spent watching one of your videos was time well spent. Keep up your superior work 👍🏼
@juneabe2076 2 anos atrás
Thank you for ceating such information and high quality content videos each time.
@khalidabdulghani 2 anos atrás
23:43 that is absolutely incredibly. Not just that, the accuracy is spot on.
@thisismyalias 2 anos atrás
Absolutely mind blowing!
@sbibbity_bobbity_bup 2 anos atrás
you keep popping up in my autoplay. your videos are good for listening to while im at work. thanks for the upload. also, subbed
The M1 is colored black because it just came back from Intel’s funeral
@TECHNOSNAP 3 anos atrás
God this cracked me up
@Itachi-nc8wf 3 anos atrás
@ivy3420 3 anos atrás
@tally.klecko 3 anos atrás
lol. tear downs show silver. IDK why they show black in the promo material
@Driesketeer 3 anos atrás
@likhithkvvr 2 anos atrás
They did it again with M1 max and pro chips. Insanely powerful and efficient in power management.
@Phantogram2 Anos atrás
Not really. Once they reach the same voltage as x86 and try to perform as well as x86 in gaming or other fields where ARM does not play well (basically anything else besides media), they're actually worse at power management. Minecraft recently dropped full ARM support, fastest M chip performs just as good as a 10 year old PC.
@osiris7945 10 meses atrás
@@Phantogram2 thanks for the info prof
@alex_lll Anos atrás
Compatibility: to be fair, there are _some_ apps that have trouble running on M1. But their number is very limited and it's very specialized software (e.g. some images for docker)
@ceasarsalad2055 Anos atrás
Not anymore, I have everything I need installed right now
@Tech-geeky 8 meses atrás
developer issue..... they exist on Windows too, its not just Apple. If anyone played Mahjong on PC, you'll know there are graphic issues if you don't change the resolution,. Experienced that when we upgraded to Windows 7 back in the day. It IS a XP game after all, so probably expected.
@ChristianKalusky Anos atrás
This video is so great and detailed. Thank you so much! :) Great value!
@jaimerojas6578 Anos atrás
It is really cool to be able to witness this kind of development in the industry, I'm exited to see what comes next
@testwithchris4994 2 anos atrás
Great production telling the story of these chips. I'm excited about M1!
@misaalanshori 3 anos atrás
I feel like every Processor manufacturers is just killing Intel right now
@misaalanshori 3 anos atrás
But i kinda have this fear that with the transition for computers from x86 to ARM, that everything would become very locked down and we would have less control of our devices... Especially how Apple is now leading the transition, and they are well known to love locking down hardware and make it difficult for their users to do whatever they want with their hardware.
@JellyLancelot 3 anos atrás
I love it! They got complacent and put the bean counters in charge. Its time for the engineers to lead the charge again. Any competition is a win for the consumer, I'm hoping they come back swinging, because it just means that AMD's utter domination and Apple's next round of silicone will have to compete even harder, giving all us nerds the wonderful excitement of having nice leaps and innovations again!
@jrv_chaos4329 3 anos atrás
True Intel is getting trampled right now
@danang5 3 anos atrás
honestly they kinda had it coming
@MrDileepkoppu 3 anos atrás
Lack of adaptation kills even the mightiest of the companies.. It's unfortunate that companies that have risen to the stars drop like flies as quick.
@yamashinzu1193 2 anos atrás
I remember watching cold fusion back in freshman year 2012 happy to still the channels growth and success!!! Keep it up de gogó
@kevinborg8069 Anos atrás
Hey Dagogo, I am thoroughly enjoying yr channel, I love the new knowledge you are giving me, and in such an enjoyable and captivating way, thank you Dagogo. Cheers Kev
@vijaykanth2009 Anos atrás
Top class research, after watching the full video I truly felt that this should be a lesson in electronics class
@Cat-kp7rl 2 anos atrás
This is one of the best explainers out there. Now here we are with their new set of processors. The M1 Max has been a game changer for me. I've been able to use CAD in a VM, while using Xcode, all on battery without my legs melting off.
@PlateletRichGel 2 anos atrás
I think this will make VM take off.
@chrisroberts1633 2 anos atrás
Where do you source all your research from? You level of detail in your video's is awesome!! Thanks, and keep up the great work!!
@iamash6967 3 anos atrás
Apple: *Launches M1* Intel: Dead Inside
@garjisengra 3 anos atrás
This is too underrated.
@dmomcilovic9185 3 anos atrás
I am sure others are about to launch new chips too
@terrobert 3 anos atrás
apple morons believe this ridiculous video: PC Builders:
@frosty1865 3 anos atrás
@@terrobert u arent some sort of smartass to know how to build a pc its nothing hard it just takes u know time
@SandeepChauhan-pl5kb 3 anos atrás
first amd and now apple
@markschwartz9905 2 anos atrás
The M1 is amazing, and it's only going to get better from here (and at a faster pace than intel/amd). However, I think it is a sickening trend to have memory and ssd built into the motherboard. Not only can you not upgrade your storage, but you can't customize anything about it. And when the RAM or SSD breaks, not only can you not buy something to replace it, but it can also cause the entire system to become unstable. Apple doesn't want you to have the ability to fix your own computer if it breaks, they want to sell you a new computer. And considering Apple's impact on other tech companies, this should be reason to worry.
@nick5422 Anos atrás
We’ve already seen it, with the death of the headphone jack (which I admittedly don’t miss but it would be nice for people who do), and the lack of micro sd slots on some newer phones
@Rokmononov 10 meses atrás
On the one hand, I agree with you. On the other hand, this is very "stuck in the present" thinking. Do you stress about not being able to replace the south bridge fan in your laptop? Probably not, because it doesn't have a south bridge. Are you upset that it doesn't have replaceable fuses? Are you upset that you can't hot-swap the display backlight? At a certain point - and we're not quite there - RAM and storage are likely to be plentiful and cheap enough that it simply doesn't matter for the vast majority of users whether they can upgrade them or not. Just like I'm sure you're not bothered by the fact that your TV doesn't have a hundred calibration pots for you to fiddle with. It also neglects that there can be inherent advantages to getting all of those things as close together as possible. All I'd really ask is that they tone down the incremental pricing for some of the options, but c'est la vie.
@MrLoipurz 8 meses atrás
one of the reasons attributed to the M1 phenomenal performance is because the RAM and SSD are integrated. Contrary to popular believe, the ability to upgrade RAM and SSD in a Laptop is not a major selling point for majority of users.
@rubbish9231 7 meses atrás
ARM is just more efficient, cheap and better than fancy upgrading dreams. You can have better cheap options it's just not apple.
@shapelessed 4 meses atrás
@@MrLoipurz Why are you calling it the "ability to upgrade"? Yeah, most do not care about it. What they do care about is whether they can fix their machine for $30 and continue using it for the next 5 years or buy a new one for $1500...
@matthewstott3493 2 anos atrás
Apple is not actually using ARM designs except for the ARM Instruction Sets. Apple licensed the rights to create ARM clones that can run the same instructions as ARM64 but everything else can be completely unique to Apple's designs. This is why Apple's mobile SoC processors are dominating over Snapdragon and other ARM mobile processors. They can manage power at each section of the System on Chip (SoC) but also right down to individual transistors.
@ramandeepsingh132 Anos atrás
That was like a movie. I really enjoyed every second of it including the Brew ad. Wow.
@SOF006 Anos atrás
Its the future, I say this with confidence. Especially now we've got the M2 chip. I can't wait to see the day we get native chips from AMD and Intel which are ARM based, perhaps even custom chips direct from Microsoft and other companies who have also licensed from ARM.
@bronyaenjoyer 2 anos atrás
*and here's extremly smooth* proceeds to only zoom in and out a bit
@wepranaga 3 anos atrás
I love how in the 80s. they're talking mad tech in the news/television.
@anzaralim3616 3 anos atrás
But now its all politics
@abbydigital 3 anos atrás
Those were clips from Tech News shows. That's all they talked about. Do a search for "Computer Chronicles."
@thavashgovender4345 3 anos atrás
A more advanced society in some ways
@BeachLookingGuy 3 anos atrás
Mad tech? What’s that
@mr.cryptord7723 3 anos atrás
@@BeachLookingGuy a language millennial wouldn’t understand.
@islamul802 2 anos atrás
I have learned so much for this video, thank you so much for putting great effort.
@cukuwaekele Anos atrás
This is very insightful. What a brilliant video. 👍.
@MRSketch09 10 meses atrás
Thanks for doing this vid. Very interesting tech/history lesson.
@bikepacker9850 Anos atrás
You are awesome at what you do. Thank you for these videos.
@sarwaralam3977 Anos atrás
Very interesting and informative. Thanks 👍
@davidnewbaum6346 3 anos atrás
The quality of this and other similar channels makes you wonder about the future of classic TV programs.
@ashkanarabi3785 3 anos atrás
@paulstubbs2778 3 anos atrás
The production of this blows away a lot of the crap on free to are lately
@badgerlife9541 3 anos atrás
TV is dead. There are so many world-class documentary-style channels on BRvid! I just recently discovered a new Channel, History of Earth. The production quality is as good as TV!
@jean-lucpicard581 3 anos atrás
what is a "TV program" lol? Seriously, the last time, I have watched a tv program was in 2015... I cant even watch it if I want to, excluded it from my cable ISP to save money...
@EddyMetal60 3 anos atrás
"regular TV" has been dead to me for several years now. If I do need one of the major networks for sports, that is free over the air. I only pay for internet now.
@RJGO-mv9yc Anos atrás
Well made content. Thanks for making this
@_uncle_bob_ Mês atrás
Got my m3 pro MBP couple of weeks ago, but still in love with m1 air, going to keep it as long as it possible
@melodypodsapp 2 anos atrás
such quality documentation well done
@mordecaiepsilon 2 anos atrás
I love the use of Computer Chronicles clips👍
@Hollowdude15 3 meses atrás
Incredible video coldfusion :]
@larrygldn9245 2 anos atrás
Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
awesome work, once again
@perish2007 2 anos atrás
Dear ColdFusion, Thank you for the wonderful content always. May I request you to do a video on Qualcomm.
@frankkevy Anos atrás
How incredibly well explained is this
@parthadey2415 3 anos atrás
I can imagine the very tense high level meetings that are happening at Intel right now 😂
@thelonelyowl2654 3 anos atrás
Nah they pretty chill for some reason. They still acting like they’re on top.
@@thelonelyowl2654 Fake it until you make it
@todddammit4628 3 anos atrás
I think most of them are polishing their resume's right now.
@thomgt4 3 anos atrás
They have MBAs running the show, that's usually a disaster for anyone other than themselves
@iau 3 anos atrás
I bought an AMD CPU for the first time this week 😂
@weeue 2 anos atrás
An important bit of history was left out: ARM was founded in November 1990 as Advanced RISC Machines Ltd and structured as a joint venture between Acorn Computers, Apple, and VLSI Technology.
@frankkevy Anos atrás
You just made my entire week
@NK-iw6rq 10 meses atrás
Amazing video Dagogo !
@RishirajAgarwal Anos atrás
I love your storytelling. Have recommended this video to so many of my friends. How about making a follow up video on intel’s new strategy in lakefield chips and the future? In competition to m1?
Intel hasn't really launched a direct competitor to the M1 yet in the lower power categories, so we wont know until their later chips come out they said that are supposed to be more of a direct competitor.
@mikemcmike6427 Anos atrás
@@quantuminfinity4260 they just released, you guessed it, an incredibly power hungry hot chip! Big surprise! Barely beating the m1 while drawing 130 watts: they just won’t learn
@MrTimdtoolman1 2 anos atrás
Very good video as always
@md.mostafakhan4529 3 anos atrás
I bet "Intel's inside" is now on fire.
@phubbing6648 3 anos atrás
lol :)
@Deguile 3 anos atrás
intel is attacked 360 degrees.. 2020 is the worst for them. AMD stabbed them, now AAPL killed them.. dang... 😅
yup, I have an intel distributor code and they give us "points" if the importer sells more (for years now) their new strategy? they duplicated the points. lmao what are they thinking?
@BurningZa 3 anos atrás
More like Intel Outside
@KaiSizzlink 3 anos atrás
intel has been AMD's punching bag for the last couple of years. Now it's Apple's turn :D
@Bianchi77 2 anos atrás
Keep it up, nice video, thank you for sharing it :)
@Groot797 Anos atrás
Awesome vid. Kudos! 👏🏻
@devotiongeo 2 anos atrás
I don't press the SUBSCRIBE button often, and almost never click the bell icon. Before this video was ended, it made me click both of them. An engaging full of research video. 👍
@mdturnerinoz 2 anos atrás
Being as I was in The Valley in the late 80s and early 90s, I have to add you omitted SGI (Silicon Graphics) MIPS chips which were used to create the likes of Jurassic Park. ARM is NOT the only successful RISC architecture.
@michaelbaines Anos atrás
This feels like BRvid premium, always the best quality videos
@cyb3r1 2 anos atrás
I am taking a moment to appreciate the free knowledge that exists on the Internet
@dwyk321 2 anos atrás
It isn’t really free.
@OT-vh4hu 2 anos atrás
@@dwyk321 you pay with your soul?
@carso1500 2 anos atrás
@@dwyk321 you only need to pay for the internet service and maybe view some adds every now and then, the amount of value you gain in exchange is mind blowing
@Macheako 2 anos atrás
@@OT-vh4hu your time is free? wanan come over later and bag up my leaves? ;)
@Shrouded_reaper 2 anos atrás
@@OT-vh4hu If the product is free, YOU are the product.
@fbifido2 2 anos atrás
Can't wait for your next Apple Silicon video with the new M1 Pro & Max
@Frankaupolis 2 anos atrás
this (just in itself) is a great YT video
@faolan652 2 anos atrás
I was surprised no mention of Apple's Newton came u, and the importance of ARM in the PDA market of the 90s.
@julianperry4767 Anos atrás
Fantastic video explaining M1 chips, thank you
@paulconnelly9206 2 anos atrás
Great presentation. Very excited for new toys..
@rajbirsingh1171 3 anos atrás
Intel CPU would make a great heater during winter seasons
@walnut9472 3 anos atrás
@TeamRocketHQR 3 anos atrás
*Puts hands near my 9900k and rubs hands together*
@qualtrox7137 3 anos atrás
I'm dying, how the turntables eh
@TheMack 3 anos atrás
@@qualtrox7137 Yes, vinyl records are making a comeback though... ;)
@tomhekker 3 anos atrás
I would use a AMD Bulldozer cpu for that to be honest. Way more heat.
@CARTALKUK Anos atrás
Windows and Android user hear and the M1 chip is on a different level but bought my wife a I pad air M1 chip and I was so impressed I bought myself one it's amazing having a tablet that has the performances of a £2k pc for £900 and its the best for cheap video editing... And it was only after watching this video it got me interested and it genuinely works I can't believe how fast the M1 chip is ...
@LordMack_0959 2 anos atrás
I love your videos I love everything about it we need more
@SauvikRoy Anos atrás
ARM hasn't been much favourite for server or enterprise architecture. Maybe with it's RISC set, it gets fast and all in some consumer applications, but I am not sure how it might stack up to classes of instruction sets on the x86s. Maybe there's a full overhaul of x86 based systems but it wouldn't happen in a day. Why doesn't apple make servers?
@christopherlooby8856 2 anos atrás
A few factual nitpicks here- ARM was not the first RISC: Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard & Digital Equipment Corp all brought out RISC platforms around the same time as Acorn. They all cameout of MIPS and the Berkeley uni RISC project. Secondly, The Apple A12 etc aren't really ARM any more, they are optimised for phone/tablet use, hence why they outperform ARM which remains a general purpose processor that can function in IoT, Automotive, Industrial etc embedded systems not just Android. Apple has developed a bespoke ARM which is optimised for iPhone/iPad not much else. Not sure if taking the same route with M1 for computational use is going to yield the expected result everywhere. Definitely appreciate that it is much less power-hungry but Intel is still on 10nm SOS. When they get to 5nm like M1 (and SOS will always mean they are a process node behind TSMC and their bulk CMOS) then there will be a like-for-like (almost said apples vs apples :) ) comparison.
@MrPDTaylor Anos atrás
Oh yeah well android has a cute little green robot running their phones
yes and some programs require cisc. apple gets raped that that happens this apple m1 -m2 is marketing bullshit
There are so many problems with this comment. "The Apple A12 etc aren't really ARM any more" - There are no true "ARM" chips. ARM only licenses out the IP and doesn't fabricate, nor design any chips, and all 3rd party manufactures make there own version, with their own additional enhanced add on instructions sets. Thus A12 is as much an ARM chip as anyother chip claiming to be "ARM". "ARM which remains a general purpose processor that can function in IoT," - Again there are NO "general purpose" ARM chips. Every single manufacturer of "ARM" chips is making their own custom version. "ARM which is optimised for iPhone/iPad " - As written is not correct. More correctly said It is optimized for the iOS and the OSX software. This is exactly the same with Microsoft Windows and the drivers made for Windows systems because of closed door agreements. And why much hardware is better supported and works with less gitches on Windows than on Linux. This statement applies to all of the IT industry, and really says nothing new. "When they get to 5nm like M1...then there will be a like-for-like comparison" - Actually it does not even matter now. Intel is so far behind everyone, they alreadly lost. Even in the CISC architecture AMD is killing Intel. And in RISC, Intel is in the stone age with absolutely nothing to compete with any ARM, let alone an Apple M1 chip.
@higgsocn Anos atrás
Unfortunately, this video really misinterprets the history of computer chips designs by starting it with Intel and ARM =(
@higgsocn Anos atrás
@@deckard5pegasus673 > Actually it does not even matter now. Intel is so far behind everyone, they alreadly lost. Even in the CISC architecture AMD is killing Intel. And in RISC, Intel is in the stone age with absolutely nothing to compete with any ARM, let alone an Apple M1 chip. Try to educate yourself at least a little bit before posting nonsense. Learning the differences between CISC, RISC and ARM, e.g. hardware memory models, would be a good start. Learning the history of Intel would be a good start too before claiming them dead. Read "Only the Paranoid Survive" by Andy Grove.
@lucasmurad4496 2 anos atrás
Best cost benefit in terms of computers at least for me. 100% Approved. Nice design, fast, smooth use, battery lasts more than 15 hours working. So practical as a phone. You take it from the bag and just start using from where you were, with absolutely no lag. It's really open and use. Nice nice nice
@daniel_960_ 3 anos atrás
TSMC also deserves some credit. Without them the ARM and AMD chips couldn’t dominate as much.
@pjoh7 3 anos atrás
And ASML deserves credit in turn, for their EUV lithography tools. Without that, TSMC couldn't manufacture at 5 nm. 3 anos atrás
What's TSMC?
@anikaitsingh1731 3 anos atrás TSMC Is a manufacturer
@raptornomad1221 3 anos atrás The world's largest pure-play semiconductor manufacturer. It's no exaggeration to say that they are one of the major driving forces behind computation of the modern world. They don't design products themselves, but instead take orders from fabless companies and make it for them. Throughout the process, TSMC's engineers provide their input on the designs of their clients' products. You can imagine it as a back and forth group project.
@pjoh7 3 anos atrás TSMC is the Taiwanese Foundry that manufactures the M1 & A-series chips for Apple using the 5 nm process. They are essentially a contract manufacturer that makes chips, and account for nearly 50% of the global chip-making market share at the moment. Along with Samsung, they are the only other manufacturer capable of producing 5 nm chips commercially today.
@gulfstream72 2 anos atrás
An excellent video presented in a captivating format; brilliantly explained. I'm instantly a subscriber and now know why I'm such an apple nut! Well researched, well explained; Everyone with any interest in computers and mobile technology can stands to gain from your vids. Thanks
Just ordered the MacBook Air. I’m so excited to get it soon. 🤩
Man you make amazing videos
@AudioBoi234 6 meses atrás
I was shocked to see how good Apple chips are. That's why I went searching for this video. Thank you
@alexdenton6586 Anos atrás
Because of my work I still can't do without a real PC but I recognize and that's what has changed a lot compared to the beginning of smartphones and tablets is that I use more and more both devices to replace my Windows computers Mobile systems are fast, reliable, simple to use and moreover they are used with the fingers, they are portable and I can take my tablet or my smartphone everywhere whereas for my PC it's a little more complicated and as he says very rightly in the video they are more energy efficient, my tablet and my smartphone can easily last a day on the battery And it seems to evolve very quickly so I can't wait to see what the future holds for mobile systems in general Thank you Dagogo
@chesskaboomgustz3755 3 anos atrás
Not investing on R&D is investing on self-destruction
@rickzabala6020 Anos atrás
I used to view the Discovery Channel and such a lot. Then no more Dish and such. Due to COVID I rediscovered BRvid. There are so many channels, programs, shows, and documentaries on BRvid. I don't know how such great programs can be produced to view without being connected to the big cords. How nice!
@paulsenjohannes 2 anos atrás
Amazing presentation. 💖
@Haroldp72 Anos atrás
Yup, I always wanted, and lusted for, a 486DX100. Wound up skipping it altogether, but sometimes I think I might hunt around and see if I can scrounge one up somewhere. Nostalgia.
@TheGothGaming Anos atrás
I got an M1 Pro and im very impressed. never going back
@Underprecedentd 3 anos atrás
I’ve removed my intel i7 sticker off my laptop out of shame.
@aaaaea9268 3 anos atrás
@sherlys8022 3 anos atrás
hahaha nice one
@mario6563 3 anos atrás
lol noice
@MrBledi 3 anos atrás
Hahahahaha 🤣🤣
@luissemedo3597 3 anos atrás
**hides in a hole with my i3**
@mustangroadracer 2 anos atrás
This entire video. Is a stunning example of the Dunning/ Krueger effect.
@user-yg4kj2mf1p 11 meses atrás
What the video got wrong is that CISC wasn't intended to give the computer more features, it was intended to minimize the "semantic gap" between human programmers and assembly back when compiler optimization was primitive and it was assumed all complex programs and OSes would be written in assembly. Now that this isn't the case, those complex instructions just take a lot of time to decode to the operations the transistors implement. RISC also needs decoding but less.
@f1livenews2023 Anos atrás
Great analysis! It is cristal clear that RISC is the future. I can´t wait to build my first ARM based desktop PC
@ebentee 2 anos atrás
This channel is one of a million
@adityasanthosh702 3 anos atrás
Intel : We don't think it's worth putting our chips in Iphones Apple : So, you have chosen death.
@phubbing6648 3 anos atrás
ha ha ;)
@havu2236 3 anos atrás
Yes because they rather put it in servers and super computers.
@ArunG273 3 anos atrás
There are some Intel based android smartphones.
@jeffreymedeiros6253 3 anos atrás
@@ArunG273 - I’m sure all 600 android users are happy.
@muffdriver69 3 anos atrás
Made in China XD
@zohaibsiddiqui1227 2 anos atrás
You know channels like yours, Jake Tran, Sidenote etc are putting so much valuable content and information out there. These are the videos that is keeping BRvid alive. Its a shame that this generation is sucking on to influencers and tiktokers whereas the real info is out here.. thank you.
@melvin16 Anos atrás
Excellent Story. Loved it.
@rushiljohar4206 Anos atrás
Great video
@vervetech9395 2 anos atrás
Though Snapdragon 8CX was one of the first mainstream ARM chips in a laptop, it had issues with some X86 specific apps because Qualcomm didn't create a dedicated X86 processing core within the SoC like Apple did with their M1 SoC a year after.
@jwilliams5857 10 meses atrás
The M1 contains a dedicated x86 processing core?
@lucianistoc1264 8 meses atrás
⁠it’s fully arm, but has a dedicated chip to translate x86 instructions, therefore having almost native performance
@manavlakhani4612 2 anos atrás
The issue with cold fusion is that every video topic is so damn amazing, I waste most of my time deciding which one to watch 1st
@Think_Inc 2 anos atrás
And I thought I was the only one like that.
@user-wf7ic9hu4r 2 anos atrás
@cmasterson 2 anos atrás
Exactly. I try to do 3 videos I like and end up seeing more I want to see before the other 2
@AnoNymInvestor 2 anos atrás
@whatispizza Anos atrás
This made me subscribe
@petermuller2583 Anos atrás
learning about this was actually extremly interesting
@usmc_retired 2 anos atrás
This has convinced me to look at the ARM (vs. x86) for my next laptop.
@ktbikefun 7 meses atrás
Great video, now I am running my Davinci on iPad
@geraldpasion3378 2 anos atrás
Watching this on iphone 13PM.. i remember back in the the day you were pushing note 2 as a pc and i was pretty convinced it was the most awesome thing! Now ive been editing/rescaling 4k 60fps in this very device at ease.. :) m1 and A15 are crazy!!!
@rezume3123 2 anos atrás
High quality content = cold fusion
@joeybassbass 3 anos atrás
This feels like the first actual big innovation from Apple in a long time. I want one
@well7885 3 anos atrás
Apple has been making industry-leading chips for quite some time now. The only thing is, they were in iPhones so far where you can only do so much on the small screen limited by iOS. Now that they are on laptops, the full potential is finally being unleashed.
@judichristopher4604 3 anos atrás
I agree... I am PURE APPLE.... and I keep watch on it...
@vinodpanjwani988 3 anos atrás
Pretty sure airpods and apple watch were also revolutionary and changed the entire market
@ag3ntorange164 3 anos atrás
@@well7885 but they can never reach the power of a desktop chip. X86 will continue to rule the roost because of the graphics card rollercoaster it rides upon. Windows PC's will continue to crush Macs for the foreseeable future because they are the cutting edge. Not ARM, which is only good for mobile applications.
@well7885 3 anos atrás
@@ag3ntorange164 this comment is gonna age so bad. Go check out the reviews of M1 Chip which are the lowest end laptop chips and already has the best single-core score ever. I request you just one thing, come back to see this comment in 2 years and you will realize how awe-fully wrong you were.
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