How 1 Boat Just Caused a $400 Million an Hour Traffic Jam

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2 Abr 2021



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Comentários 6 652
RealLifeLore 8 meses atrás
Comment down below what your preferred method of blocking the Suez Canal in the future would be
MrShark14 22 dias atrás
Put your mom in the middle
ChatBruh Luu
ChatBruh Luu Mês atrás
14:17 *perhaps u have ur own Challanges to solve* Me:yes Its the Challange of Studying every subject I learnt in school in one day
Pengii Mês atrás
Become the Suez Canal
Skidaddle Mês atrás
Drink all the water
Ziad Turkistani
Ziad Turkistani 2 meses atrás
Empire state building burj Khalifa and the twin towers Wait my dad was able to go through the twin towers scratch the last one
minecrafter9000 2 horas atrás
This was 7 months ago???
Sir BrayBray
Sir BrayBray 10 horas atrás
Reallifelore, you make my day always. I've been suffering with anxiety so you really help. Keep making these videos!
Toon Link Studios
How to Solve This: 1: Evaporate the Water 2: Send 50,000 people from the Roman Empire to push the boat to it's original state 3: Grab all hoses in the world and fill the canal back 4: Boom
Theatricult 4 dias atrás
at some point youve got to stop being mortified at the scale of your fuck up and youve just gotta be impressed
EY 6 dias atrás
People: struggling to pull one of the biggest ships in the world Mother Nature: *Fine, I'll do it myself.*
ujustgotpwned2008 7 dias atrás
I love the absolute mad lads who turned around and went all the fucking way round Africa instead of waiting for the Suez traffic to clear up,. Reject modernity. Embrace tradition.
SteelerBoy 1933
SteelerBoy 1933 7 dias atrás
5:50 bookmark
NIKI gams
NIKI gams 9 dias atrás
Yes my country Croatia was spoken of
Julius Jr Gasataya
Julius Jr Gasataya 17 dias atrás
From no where land to mediterranian *-10000 social credits*
Waffle Snek
Waffle Snek 18 dias atrás
"Summoned a fleet of tug boats" A yes, sorcery
HappyWhite 24 dias atrás
POV you are a ship that went around Africa and half way through until 2 hours later evergreen gets free
Maitre JX
Maitre JX 29 dias atrás
Plino bbuy evorgreen
Mm that’s some beef
Aries season am I right
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Mês atrás
The Ouch Guy
The Ouch Guy Mês atrás
evergiven is the name of the ship evergreen is the name of the company
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Mês atrás
I'm normally not a stickler for details but what you've got there is definitely a ship, not a boat, regardless of the point you're trying to make
Isak Monka
Isak Monka Mês atrás
Hey man, love your video! I´m actually using this for a school project and I'm keen to know the sources that you have used to create this video! Is there any way you could share thoose with me? Thanks from sweden.
Isak Monka
Isak Monka Mês atrás
also you made this video on my 18th birthday :)
Destiny Idlette
Destiny Idlette Mês atrás
He keeps calling it the EVER GIVEN, but the name EVERGREEN is painted in the side of the boat. What’s with that?
The Ouch Guy
The Ouch Guy Mês atrás
evergiven is the name of the ship evergreen is the name of the company
Jaden Bishop
Jaden Bishop Mês atrás
This same thing happened in the show Tugs in 1989
Gytoser Mês atrás
How 1 Boat Just Caused a $375 Million an Hour Traffic Jam
МИЛОШ Mês atrás
TheModer8ter Mês atrás
Jesus says in John 6:47 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life." Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven.
The Author
The Author Mês atrás
And, thus, globalism receives yet another nail in its coffin.
souffleigh Mês atrás
my dad who's a marine engineer was so relieved that this all happened while they were still at port HAHAHAH
Sammy George
Sammy George Mês atrás
So this is why everything is out of stock at ikea?
The Sebâs
The Sebâs Mês atrás
It literally took sun and moon to move the frickin ship
zew 1
zew 1 2 meses atrás
"Demand in Europe and North America for consumer goods made in China has skyrocketed"! ...Umm I doubt that, I've never heard of someone clamoring for cheap Chinese knock offs. Maybe I'm wrong but I think that statement is a little exaggerated.
zew 1
zew 1 2 meses atrás
Now on October 2 2021, there are hundreds of ship anchored off Los Angeles, California, Galvaston and off ports in China as well...
MV02YT 2 meses atrás
Did anyone noticed that when he said that the goods were from china he pointed out taiwan?
Garfie489 Mês atrás
Taiwan does technically think of itself as China, and likes to be referred to as such. China also thinks of Taiwan as China, but does not like them to be referred to as such.
Der Salzkönig
Der Salzkönig 2 meses atrás
long winded ad holy fuck
SCOTTY SANTANA 2 meses atrás
That fact this was months ago it’s crazy already 😂
skihat 2 meses atrás
chicago people appreictae you for saying sears tower
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 meses atrás
No way this was 5 months ago. This feels way to recent
Richard Berry
Richard Berry 2 meses atrás
This is the reason everything is up now. Even used cars skyrocketed.
Rain Hunter
Rain Hunter 2 meses atrás
Hi, there! It's me, Rain hunter! I just want to say, that looks like one of the best ships ever to play hide and go seek in! Oh my gosh, I chould just lose someone all day! Lol! I really hope they brought plenty of books and stuff to look at, cause they were waiting a long time! I whould have read a few books, wandered around the ship, found a container that had refrigerated goods and layed my head on it, dreaming of the ice land to pass the time! Lol! Rain.
Vitalidontcare 2 meses atrás
I think the suez Canal's most best contender is the panama canal
Larry Woodruff
Larry Woodruff 2 meses atrás
Hope they don't make a stupid movie about this.
Teamgeist 2 meses atrás
It's not a boat it's a ship.
Jude Hospedales
Jude Hospedales 2 meses atrás
Just like what the old saying 1 small mistake can cost you're life and destruction
Mike 2 meses atrás
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 2 meses atrás
The uttermost transaction booly wonder because egypt microcephaly smoke notwithstanding a outstanding humidity. fixed, absorbed october
Link Lee
Link Lee 2 meses atrás
If superman was there
chunnin33 2 meses atrás
People often try to figure out how to destroy the world. And yet herein lieth the answer.
ilyas uzun
ilyas uzun 2 meses atrás
Evergreen company should banned to use suveyz again
NoMercyInc 2 meses atrás
that one article said it ran around lol
The Kombinator
The Kombinator 2 meses atrás
It says Evergreen on the side of the ship. I'm confused.
The Kombinator
The Kombinator 2 meses atrás
@Alastair Oxby My confusion abates.
Alastair Oxby
Alastair Oxby 2 meses atrás
Ever green is the company that owns the ship Ever given in the name of the ship
J 2 meses atrás
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid 2 meses atrás
why is it everytime my country is mentioned its usually a bad thing?
I Forgot
I Forgot 2 meses atrás
Wasn’t there another ship that got stuck in the canal? Only for a few minutes though, because I guess they learned their lesson.
The Christian Gamer
The Christian Gamer 2 meses atrás
Keep up the good work
Wicked Scott
Wicked Scott 2 meses atrás
You could have saved some time and just pointed out that it was a woman driver.
DaHm 2 meses atrás
The ship behind the evergreen missed his chance to the funniest shit ever lol
Sho 2 meses atrás
It's even funnier the second time
omartuwd628 2 meses atrás
Iam from Egypt اهلا
Payton Ryan
Payton Ryan 2 meses atrás
Blame the weather 🙄
H 2 meses atrás
Because this ship got stuck, our imported containers were stuck for months on end and costed us much more than usual 😤
Aiden Griffith
Aiden Griffith 2 meses atrás
This is not 5 months ago. It was like two weeks
Jackie Barfield
Jackie Barfield 2 meses atrás
Alastair Oxby
Alastair Oxby 2 meses atrás
Evergreen is the company that owns the ship. Evergiven is the name of the ship
jaketus 2 meses atrás
Wait a second... This isn't about aircrafts. Also this isn't Wendover.
Antony Golayda
Antony Golayda 2 meses atrás
bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro, bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro, bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro, bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro, bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro, bakhshīsh Marlboro, bakhshīdan Marlboro... Excellent smoked Cigarettes Malboro Corruption of the Suez Canal!
Bradley Pollack
Bradley Pollack 2 meses atrás
It was planned in order to cause mega inflation so the rich could get richer at the middle classes expense!
J Mendoza
J Mendoza 2 meses atrás
Why not widen the canal on both sides and add new routes? Every country should pitch in since they all use it
Khalsa 1699
Khalsa 1699 2 meses atrás
To be clear. All that happened because of a sand storm. Not because of evergiven. Any ship in the same situation would have faced the same issue.
Thierry Parte
Thierry Parte 2 meses atrás
Can we talk about the fact there's 400 million worth of product moving through this canal every hour.... Insane
Merlin 2 meses atrás
I ordered a weighted blanket a few days before this happened. Turned out it was on that very boat 😬 it arrived eventually but I was just surprised
abir chunara
abir chunara Mês atrás
I wonder if it could be considered a piece of history like could you go to the museum and be like "this very blanket that I ordered from Amazon was on the ship that caused the biggest traffic jam in the world" I just wanna see the look in the peoples faces like 💀
Zdawg1029 2 meses atrás
Not calling you a liar but how would you even find that out?
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid 2 meses atrás
@Jackie Barfield lmaooo bye
Jackie Barfield
Jackie Barfield 2 meses atrás
Then I guess it should be called a " Waited" blanket.🤔😂😂
Broly500 Jotaro
Broly500 Jotaro 2 meses atrás
Pog: you realize this was 5 months ago... Damn so fast huh..
just a random guy
just a random guy 2 meses atrás
This happened 5 months ago already? 🤯 Time flies too fast..
RaccoonsLeek 2 meses atrás
Wait this was already half a year ago?
Jade 2 meses atrás
Well that's one way to advertise your company.
Som PANHASITH 6H 3 meses atrás
The Egyptian gov “SUMMON” a group of tug boat, how do they summon boats
Amazing 3 meses atrás
That ship was controlled by Indian captain We know they are habitual of creating mess
TGAC mapper
TGAC mapper 3 meses atrás
1:02 nice
Tipsor 3 meses atrás
Good thing it hasn’t happened in the Panama 🇵🇦 canal
Z shorts
Z shorts 3 meses atrás
Nobody: Literally nobody: Meanwhile RealLifeLore: “One of the massive shortcut” ~RealLifeLore 2021
Squared 3 meses atrás
Dank L0rdzzz
Dank L0rdzzz 3 meses atrás
People say that the United States will start ww3 or China or Iran or Russia or anything of that well a sand storm can cause the world to freak out
Screeny 3 meses atrás
the moment I saw the thumbnail, I thought of the Suez Canal memes And I was right.
Karl Bekai
Karl Bekai 3 meses atrás
Here in lebanon we are fucking dying, literally, there is nothing here, help
Abrar Asif
Abrar Asif 3 meses atrás
9:19 no I’m don’t think I’ve heard about this, can you make a video about it?
Ryan 3 meses atrás
4:15 "Boat? That's not a boat. It's a ship man"
sima bachratá
sima bachratá 3 meses atrás
You said: Ever given For real: Evergreen
Lemon 3 meses atrás
Ship name: Ever Given Company Name: Evergreen In the first pic he shows of the ship you can real "Ever given" at the backside
Just a Jackalope
Just a Jackalope 3 meses atrás
Up where.
Jermm218 3 meses atrás
“Step boat I’m stuck”
civil_tof0 3 meses atrás
hahaha 😂😐
Le Xuss Lemon
Le Xuss Lemon 3 meses atrás
At least the memes were good
Vitandus EBK
Vitandus EBK 3 meses atrás
This is exactly why I had 40 absences and 115 tardies
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 3 meses atrás
Some say the captian is still banging his head againtsed the wall to this day
The Dawner
The Dawner 3 meses atrás
Iraq: has two rivers, that could've solved the problem at least for small Cargo ships, and Trains that aren't used since the Dictatorship time. Government: I'm gonna pretend they don't exist.
ChrispyTheBot 3 meses atrás
Wow I live in Chicago and trust me, it’s a tall and heavy building so it’s impressive that it’s carrying so much weight
KaasKipnugget 3 meses atrás
Wait, it went to Rotterdam? *G E K O L O N I S E E R D*
SlimmingBoy 3 meses atrás
I feel so bad for the captain of the ship who couldn’t do a thing on the accident and probably gets fired anyways
larry Mês atrás
@brewcha look at emily's channel, they really are as embarrassing as we think which is pretty impressive
brewcha Mês atrás
@Emily Ganguly and you shouldn't be allowed on the internet. go touch some grass emily.
larry Mês atrás
@Emily Ganguly okay sexist, it wasnt the captains fault, as they said the weather situation was the reason they crashed, but unfortunately you have dementia
Emily Ganguly
Emily Ganguly 2 meses atrás
that man captain better pay for his mistake in full. Don't play soft ball with men. What an embarrassing captain. Men shouldn't be allowed to drive boats obviosly.
Zdawg1029 2 meses atrás
If you heard, while in the canal, two, essentially “canal captains” go aboard. They work for the canal and go aboard ships crossing it. They tell the ships crew basically what to do in terms of navigation. It’s usually their say over the normal captain while in the canal. Anyways, they were the ones on the ship that day. I doubt the ships regular captain was fired.
joeshmo 3 meses atrás
all those graphics cards, xboxs and ps5s were on those boats
ym j
ym j 4 meses atrás
Taiwan no1
Simran Singh
Simran Singh 4 meses atrás
moral of the story: water is good sand is evil also why the fuck are there 6666 comments
Komic 098
Komic 098 4 meses atrás
1 question? Why is the ship called cargo and by car it's called a shipment ?
Simone Noli
Simone Noli 2 meses atrás
Cargoship (one word) is a ship that transport cargo. Shipment is commonly used for all transports of goods because back in the days when the english vocabulary was developed the ship was the only viable way to transport cargo.
Ryder Schmidt
Ryder Schmidt 3 meses atrás
the ship is called evergreen not cargo. im not sure what you're getting at
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno 4 meses atrás
Because the term of words
RatatRatR 4 meses atrás
serves the global economy right
pluto 4 meses atrás
oh wow im the 70.001th like
Lenny carey
Lenny carey 4 meses atrás
Isn't it the Evergreen
Logan 4 meses atrás
I cant belive that was 3 months ago
Ali Labeeb Alkoka
Ali Labeeb Alkoka 4 meses atrás
In short do not Anger Egypt otherwise they will just plug the canal and you will not get your stuff!!!
Simone Noli
Simone Noli 2 meses atrás
Lol they close the canal they get bombed the day after.
Freefall 4 meses atrás
What are you doing step bro?
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