Housekeeper is GIVEN the house she is sent to clean 

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A cleaning lady got the surprise of her lifetime, forcing her to put down her mop and pick up a glass of champagne instead. Cara Simmons, a single mother-of-three from Cleveland, Ohio, recently received a surprise visit from Prank It Forward - an organization dedicated to doing 'pranks for good'. She was secretly filmed as she was sent to a house to clean it, before being told the four-bedroom property, pictured bottom right, was hers to keep 'forever', pictured left. She was nominated for the honor after family members paid tribute to her hard work raising four children, pictured with her top right.
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8 Mar 2018



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@hexputicious7056 2 anos atrás
the part when she was eating and said "I wish somebody else can experience this with me" proved she deserved everything she got.
@isidorogarcia4803 Anos atrás
I don't know her but in my heart I know she completely deserves this. Congratulations Cara.
This brought tears to this man's eyes. You DESERVE everything you got, Cara!!
@sonnetquinn5318 Anos atrás
For a child to describe their mom as “steadfast” is such an incredible testament to her character!
@SammyLeau Anos atrás
When Ms. Cara was taste-testing the food and said, "I wish somebody else can experience this with me", I would have been that somebody lol. I'm so happy for her and her family. I'm all about helping people who deserve it, and she DESERVED everything! And her energy was EVERYTHING, and you can feel it too.
@robertng135 Anos atrás
That lady is absolutely amazing. She may be a single mom doing everything on her own. But she is absolutely killing it. When she is eating and says I wish there was someone else here to share this with. I absolutely lost it 😭. What character. Totally unselfish. Her kids have no idea what an absolutely amazing mother they have. I wish I had a mother like that. And I’ll bet that is the cleanest house in that neighborhood.
@trashtvtreasures 4 anos atrás
“I wish somebody else could experience with me.”
@Laboy898gmail Anos atrás
When she tasted the food and said.... "I wish I could share this with somebody" That is a genuine soul. Fighting exhaustion.
@megancooper4555 Anos atrás
This had me a mother I can relate. No days off... strong even when ur down. I'm so happy for this family. Just to have people around that see her efforts, and recognized the bigger picture. Blessings hope your enjoying your new home for years to come!!!
@antoyawhite319 Anos atrás
Oh, guys. I have a confession. I saw this video as a suggestion for over a year and never watched it until now. I smiled the whole time while watching. It brought tears to my eyes. Also as a single mom of three, one biological and two adopted, I know what it is like to work hard to provide for my family. I too at one point experienced health issues. I am thankful health and life are better now. Congratulations to Cara for being given a house. The "I wish someone else can experience this with me." shows how thoughtful she is of others. I hope she and her lovely children have enjoyed their home. Godspeed with everything else.
@enakelly9974 Anos atrás
I have watched this video several times. Can't get enough of Cara and her reactions. She is so deserving.
@lissakaye610 Anos atrás
Her reactions were so cute! The way she said she wished someone was there to experience it with her shows how selfless she must be.
@realmusic962 3 anos atrás
Highlight for me is from her son: "You can have our ol' house" Shows the generous spirit instilled in her children from a beautiful Mom in every sense of the world.
@girlhappy6442 Anos atrás
Let’s speak about the host who made this happen ❤️ thank you dear people involved in this and who bought the house
One of my favorite 'surprise' videos ever!! I love it when hard working, people who do not expect surprises are gifted like this!!! So wonderful and generous
Watching this for the first time in 2023 and I'm dabbing my eyes. Cara seems more than deserving of such a gift. Amazing! :)
@TheNinjutsuAlchemist 21 dia atrás
This woman is a gem. Every response and expression she makes just shows how honest, kind and warm she is. Such a lovely prank!
I absolutely love this woman ❤ and to those who gave her what she so deserves, may you all be blessed with all you have ever dreamed. 🌹
@steven.h0629 2 anos atrás
To all the haters and naysayers, I just spoke with Cara.. she's living responsibly and prosperous in the same home featured here since 2014. Cheers Cara 🥂
Her face as she was eating was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen a grown human do.