House Flipper Mod in Among Us

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We play a House Flipper Mod in Among Us!
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18 Mai 2022



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Comentários 5 390
Another Recommendation is a morbius mod, that would be cool to see, as well as an adventurous "the lost city" theme where you have to go find the gem and unlock through the obstacles to beat the final boss. There are many other ideas in mind, but those are two ideas!
Wilson W
do a tank mod so basicially you have to upgrade your tank and the impostor has camouflage which makes him invisible, 2 additional grenade launchers which at the end would make it easier to kill the boss And there is a timer when the boss battle happens so players only have a limited amount of time. Upgrades need money and money can be obtained through custom tasks just like this one. The impostor can also destroy other peoples tanks or make them part of his squad.
NS2 Phillop
When ever I am having a bad day I come and watch your videos ssundee and you always make my day a whole lot better. Thank you for that
Screenshot Poland
I love the face that ssundee makes when he gets imposter
Kids Greeley
do a backrooms mod.the crewmates have to try to escape while the imposter can turn in to the monster who can jumpscare,go invisible and send out other entities like smilers,child facelings and party goers
Bre 21 dia atrás
Love how he just says out loud “ I am the impost, hold on… make sure I’m muted.” Lol
erick lagunas
ssundee i love you’re content ive been watching you for 10 years and i realized that there is a 60 seconds sequel and i would love to watch a play through of you playing it
SSundee makes the best content, Appreciate him!
Just saying SSundee You should tell Lookamz and Loaf to make a Star Wars mod where you build your own lightsaber then you can fight someone like General Grievious once you have the best lightsaber. Idk I think it would be quite cool. :)
Shani Blake
I love all your among us mods. This one was one of the best. My fav is the McDonald's and overfeeding them nuggets. Lol keep it up
Katie Corrigan
Please start doing crewmate rounds again!
Lubez YT
With you the fun never ends
Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints! ❤
Tristan Smit
You should do a rust mod where you all spawn In different areas of the map and have to build bases. You can raid others but if your base falls your out. Did I mention there should be a small grace period for building! Keep up the good work!
Keerthan Kumar
This has to be one of the sickest animations. Great video btw. Had a great laugh ❤️ keep entertaining us like this ❤️❤️
Hannah Holt
He might still play among us but he makes it intresting
I haven't watched this man in so long, bros Killin it tho
Great job getting 2# on trending for gaming ssundee
I love how he is one of the people that still play among us and make them interesting
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