Hong Kong Knockoff Market Bonanza!

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Today, we run around Hong Kong discovering all the hidden (and unhidden) markets. We bargain for the best products such as Burberry, Hermes, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, JBL Audio and much more! So come along!
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Comentários 80
julp g
julp g Anos atrás
It made me happy that he didn’t try to haggle the watchmaker guy.
AsmodaiTheRicer 21 dia atrás
Honestly those watches looked really cool.. I'd love to have one.
Marcello Baczkiewicz
Same it was heartwarming
pollo 4546
pollo 4546 2 meses atrás
Honestly, I would cop one of those so fast they look nice
Nom 2 meses atrás
He didn't have the time to argue.
Chris 2 meses atrás
GhosT sheLLz 75
GhosT sheLLz 75 Dia atrás
Salute from TORONTO CANADA REGENT PARK SOUTHSIDE Big Homie! Your videos are helping so much with the self isolation and such... makes me feel like i am out on an adventure! 🤝💪🙏✌😎⛽💨💨
Wolf Male
Wolf Male 5 dias atrás
8:15 for the melons.
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia 5 dias atrás
I just clicked for the girls boobs
Trish Bermingham
Trish Bermingham 7 dias atrás
Why did u refuse 3.20 for the supreme that’s a gud price
Davi Wong
Davi Wong 8 dias atrás
3:10 song please?
Youtuber Star
Youtuber Star 9 dias atrás
ქართველები დამენახეთ !
Roxanna Vazquez
Roxanna Vazquez 10 dias atrás
BandzzB 7
BandzzB 7 15 dias atrás
How is 3 bucks too much for u even if it is for fake supreme??!?!?!
peter ion
peter ion 18 dias atrás
That left nipple arrives at around 8:29 . It departs about 45 seconds later. The rest of the video , meh !
Marissa R
Marissa R 18 dias atrás
Why would you choose that as the thumbnail . Just wondering what was going through your mind
Deadly CR7SEAL7
Deadly CR7SEAL7 20 dias atrás
I’m from NJ and I went to Hong Kong and it was amazing
WRLD Douwen
WRLD Douwen 21 dia atrás
If i have to being honest... I am phillipino(tagalog)
Uwontknow Me
Uwontknow Me 22 dias atrás
Doctor: Collin... I’m sorry but you can live for only 2 more days Collin: maybe 5 hours? Ok.. 6 hours last
Bob Chea
Bob Chea 22 dias atrás
College: 50k. Collin: how about 50 dollars?
Shane 24 dias atrás
that girl at 8:30 is freaking hot as fck!!.. damn...
What's the best bargain you've gotten for a hooker
Super fun gamer Chan
Super fun gamer Chan 25 dias atrás
The sign at the watches said “Life needs wooden watches “
MR. CHAN 26 dias atrás
Can you tell us where the market is
max edmondson
max edmondson 26 dias atrás
you should try mon kok in the city of the mtr
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 26 dias atrás
its like they’re begging u to buy it istg
Soccer90 Tem
Soccer90 Tem 27 dias atrás
Has 1 mil subscribers and so stingy 😒
Curtis FC
Curtis FC 27 dias atrás
Bro I’m from Hong Kong The wooden watch means ‘life has purpose’ He said that but apparently in Hong Kong accent it sounded like ‘nice as peppers’ no it’s not🤣🤣🤣
Spjuthinator 27 dias atrás
8:24 Sheesh 🔥🔥🔥
Brandon Sanders
Brandon Sanders 27 dias atrás
king Knites
king Knites 27 dias atrás
8:32 wow
Mia Enciso
Mia Enciso 28 dias atrás
I love those handmade wooden watches 😍
vincent turner-jacobs
vincent turner-jacobs 28 dias atrás
That girl in the wig is super sexy man. You should take her for lunch
George Jetson
George Jetson 28 dias atrás
Cool watch👍
Shammem Miah
Shammem Miah 28 dias atrás
Stop saying holy shit you prink!!!
Michael Morcos
Michael Morcos 29 dias atrás
17:12 That's what she said
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 29 dias atrás
19:19 Lady is tweeking off the bean
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 29 dias atrás
"I handmade all these watches in here" *Opens empty closet
Ugly Dino
Ugly Dino 29 dias atrás
Collin said ,” I walk and saw people selling out of their suit case but couldn’t bargen because there were only lady stuff but as I walk I saw watches I didn’t dare to bargen for that cheap ass watch that has no brand so I felt bad and didn’t bargen . Me ,”ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!🤬🤬😡 THE MAN SELLING THE WATCHES WAS SO GOD DANG NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤯
Ugly Dino
Ugly Dino 29 dias atrás
The person selling the hand made watches was so nice so a bargen like 25 dollers for a watch that’s sweet and he said out of the bat 10% or 20% of not like other people that says no can no can then say sir please jut 5 more
Edward Nolasco
Edward Nolasco 29 dias atrás
You could of has a gf if you would of talked to that girl with the wig
ISellSigals 29 dias atrás
RIP Hong Kong
Mike Tauro
Mike Tauro Mês atrás
Ice Candy😂😂😂
Sam Lipsit
Sam Lipsit Mês atrás
4:54 ....What is the name of the watch maker in English ????
The Tutt1
The Tutt1 Mês atrás
Lerotholi Molapo
Lerotholi Molapo Mês atrás
Im happy he didnt haggle that old man because thats pure craftsmanship right there. Talent needs to be rewarded
Harin nn
Harin nn Mês atrás
She she said ice candy I thought she was saying “ I scan thee”
Christian Serna
Christian Serna Mês atrás
Girl trying the wigs, in dark blue shit... wow!!! Nice titties
Motivated Mindset
Motivated Mindset Mês atrás
Dude asks for 80 and you were about to say 77 lmao
Motivated Mindset
Motivated Mindset Mês atrás
That’s right❤️👍🏽support your local artists. That wooden watch was dope
droidzgamez ph
droidzgamez ph Mês atrás
The ice candy candy girl for sure she's from the philippines..😂😂
Emir Ismail
Emir Ismail Mês atrás
Kristof Alexy
Kristof Alexy Mês atrás
Anyone know where to wooden watch dude is? Those look dope!
Agario Plays
Agario Plays Mês atrás
I love that u respected the wooden watch man he seems like a nice person ❤️
Reml8877 نيسان
Did any one else noticed the black guy in honk Kong.... and you didn’t say hi to him ?
Lazerbeam Mês atrás
Wassup Collin 👌
Hernan Leal
Hernan Leal Mês atrás
@ 8:35 🔥
Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia all say good quality
In uk has market like this in cheap price about clothes??
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades Mês atrás
Watch dude didn’t make shit. He only sells shit. He’s a con man lol
Boy KALKULA Mês atrás
I thought the thumbnail girl is worth $20.
Swarit Popli
Swarit Popli Mês atrás
11:05 that's what she said..
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Mês atrás
Now go strap all that shit all over yourself and walk around looking like a big fucking commercial for all of these trendy labels
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Mês atrás
Why is your hat all fucked up cockeyed? Is you a gangster G? You sho is yo. You sho is G
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams 2 meses atrás
The wooden watch was cool! I would buy one! 👏🏼
someone whocares
someone whocares 2 meses atrás
One word why I came here :👇 Nipples
illegit 2 meses atrás
Man was about to drop to 77 then he realised how petty he was being 🤣
Natan Kim
Natan Kim 2 meses atrás
He’s so good at bargain but I mostly think he is stingy 😑
Aakansha Bhalotia
Aakansha Bhalotia 2 meses atrás
Where is the place where you got the handmade watch ??????
Sebas_ Coq
Sebas_ Coq 2 meses atrás
8:37 for those bigs
Eric Knowles
Eric Knowles 2 meses atrás
Damn shes hot
Daniel Castaneda
Daniel Castaneda 2 meses atrás
5:08 made me happy a bratha was around!!!
Maya Felder
Maya Felder 2 meses atrás
Can you make an electronics video? Like a cheap pc build or something in China. Because I can’t find any video of that on BRvid
Bryce Samuel
Bryce Samuel 2 meses atrás
haha "ICE CAANDY" from philippines.
Joshua Puertos
Joshua Puertos 2 meses atrás
She had no Bra on omg 8:34
TreyooPL 2 meses atrás
8:36 for nipples
keepfaithbaby 2 meses atrás
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 2 meses atrás
8:16 got the tit chick on the thumbnail lol
pollo 4546
pollo 4546 2 meses atrás
Any one got her insta? 🤣🤣
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig 2 meses atrás
he went really soft on those people though
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig 2 meses atrás
BRvid: You got 1.3 Million subscribers Collin: How about 2 million? BRvid: 1.4 Million and 2 play buttons Collin: Cant do that, final offer: 1.9 million and 3 buttons?
Richard Yu
Richard Yu 2 meses atrás
Where are those markets?
Kansas Jayhawker
Kansas Jayhawker 2 meses atrás
I wish you would say the name of the street
baltazar garcia
baltazar garcia 2 meses atrás
I would fly out that girl from @ 8:27 to California and marry her so she can become a citizen
RahmatChiky 、
RahmatChiky 、 2 meses atrás
dude, you must try this in indonesia
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